BTS as boyfriends - Namjoon
  • admin d’s bday special let’s gO
  • ok first of all i think he’d be very nervous abt asking u out
  • like he can overthink things sometimes so he’d be freaking tf out
  • the maknaes would tease him and the hyungs would try to help
  • he chooses a crowded place to take u, so there’s no awkward silence
  • maybe the cinema or the park
  • anyways
  • v shy abt skinship at first, turns into the king of skinship once you’re actually dating
  • always has an arm around ur waist, or ur hand in his
  • p much shows u off all the time
  • “they made me a pizza where’s their michelin star”
  • “hyung it was a microwave pizza”
  • big spoon bc he’s a tol
  • maybe if you’re taller he’ll let u be the big spoon?? idk
  • but i think he likes the feeling of holding u
  • studio dates
  • he gives u a studio tour
  • once u tried to reorganize it and he freaked out
  • but then he realized it was nice & tidy??
  • the type of guy to always have his eyes on u
  • like you’re at some party and you’re like “yo brb i saw some friends"
  • but he’s constantly checking up on u
  • so if someone’s making u uncomfortable he’ll come to the rescue asap
  • everyone in the group would love u bc u make him happy
  • he’d have some breakdowns sometimes
  • but u would be there to help him through them
  • i think that after every crisis he would get extra cheesy
  • like after solving a problem he would call u “love of my life” or “my sunshine” for a few days
  • the members are tired
  • couple kim daily pics
  • obviously he’d write songs abt u
  • a ton of them
  • v protective
  • like if there was hate or sth he’d be rlly sad
  • probably pissed too lmao
  • when he says he loves u he rlly means it
  • you’re his fav thing in the world
  • being with kim namjoon would be a privilege

~ admin h

lucky for you two, i’m gonna do this last one before I go to bed

who’s the cuddler?

Inigo at first, but once Gerome gets more comfortable with physical contact, he tends to hold onto Inigo a lot longer than Inigo had planned (which he’s more than happy with)

who makes the bed?

Gero. When he pesters Inigo to do it, he throws some covers over with an exasperated sigh about how it’s a waste of time… then prob pulls Gero onto the bed to kiss and maybe mess it all back up :p

who wakes up first?

Minerva, who then wakes both with a threatening burst of flame to remind Gerome to give her breakfast

who has the weird taste in music?

Gerome still unironically enjoys Linkin Park in 2017. Help him.

who is more protective?

Gerome. As much as he may act like he’d rather be anywhere else, he sticks by Inigo’s side no matter what until he’s sure Inigo’s safe

who sings in the shower?

Inigo, surprisingly not that terribly. Like, he’s still bad, but not as bad as most

who cries during movies?

i,,niig o ccan’t’’ hh elelp hisp asssion…….

who spends the most while out shopping?

Inigo is easily distracted by shiny objects. also at the supermarket he’ll get a box of ice cream bars from the freezer and eat them with gerome as they shop and just pay for the empty box at checkout

who kisses more roughly?

Gero. I think I’ve said this a trillion times by now but he can get bitey when he’s excited

my rating of the ship from 1-10?


Summer reading
  • me: UGGGGHHHH I hate summer reading so much. You're so lucky you never had to do it.
  • Mom: We didn't even have college prep programs when I was in school.
  • Me: That's because general education actually prepared you for college!!!!
  • Me: *goes to room to cry about the failures in the modern American education system*