Summer reading
  • me: UGGGGHHHH I hate summer reading so much. You're so lucky you never had to do it.
  • Mom: We didn't even have college prep programs when I was in school.
  • Me: That's because general education actually prepared you for college!!!!
  • Me: *goes to room to cry about the failures in the modern American education system*

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Diamonds droog and stitch from the intermission- If you. Remember the characters well, then this almost needs no explanation. Or look up the ship art or fanfics, they say it all. Basically cool, gay, masculine men who have an affinity for clothes.

i love droog but i nevr relally got into the felt fandom ubt ive ben meanng to chagen that sghi
also im sorry for the poop replies but you deserve one in general so
also no never stop i love sihps