Bear Hug

Based On: http://imaginexhobbit.tumblr.com/post/124148587268/imagine-waking-up-to-dwalin-cuddling-you-in-his

Notes: Posting so that there is something going up; all my other one-shots are under construction :(

You lay across your bedroll, the loud snores rumbling in your ear as you laid beside the hulk of a dwarf. Dwalin was so loud he sounded as if he were a wild beast being killed in a very slow and painful manner. You stared angrily at his back, crossing your arms as you furrowed your brow darkly at his broad shoulders. How could he sleep through his own roars?

Something hard smashed the back of your head and you brought your hand up, turning to look at Kili’s legs. He had decided to take the other side of you and he was laying with his feet at your head so that he could chatter with his brother whose own head was just above his own. They had stopped a while ago so you figured he must be sleeping.

“Mahal, Kili,” You rubbed the sore spot, turning back so you did not get another to the face and sidled closer to Dwalin.

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