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HC of Nesta being a doctor in Velaris and Cassian purposely getting wounded so that his ladylove can treat him and that he has an excuse to go to her place.

ok i see young, no control at all Cassian and fae Nesta.

He just got out of the mountain and got his tattoos and became the commander of the Night Court armies, got his siphons and feels like he can conquer the world.

He hears the rumor of a new healer, but doesnt give it much thought, if they can do their work every healer is good to him; that is until he gets wounded and has to see this healer.

When he sees Nesta, he nearly falls on his ass: shes the most beautiful female he has ever seen and her scent is intoxicating to say the least. Nesta just raises her eyebrow, gesturing at him to actually walk in the room and not stand on the door.

He moves, just bc he wants to get near her; he cant even speak to her, he just wants to touch her or bed her already.

“How can I help you?” she asks, and her voice is low and travels through his body and hes already hard.

He has more than one way in which she could help him in mind.

“Oh, its just a scratch, sweetheart.” it isnt just a scratch, he got fucking stabbed,  but he wants to impress her and as he lifts his shirt to let her inspect the wound, there’s no trace of her emotion on her face and he cant help but feel utterly frustrated by that.

She cleans his wounds and patches him up, telling him to not do sudden movements and to stay in bed as much as he can, and dismisses him.

Hes never ben more turned on and frustrated in his whole life.

Its three days, and hes in again.

He cant let people win in fights or to make them wound him, bc the illyrians would eat him alive, so he says that he has a terrible pain in his stomach.

Little does she know that Cassian can eat everything and be as fresh as a rose.

She gives him a tonic, but the feel of her cold fingers on his stomach make for interesting solo activities under the shower.

Two days later, he has the biggest headache. Between one encounter and the other, they bicker and rile each other up and he can’t help but get closer everytime.

One time e actually falls to his knees. He blames it on a very old wound.

The wound does not exist.

Nesta, on her way, needs a very, very cold shower everytime he goes away. And even if she thinks and tells him that he is a careless idiot, she starts to care for him, to wait for him to enter her study with one of those childish excuses of his.

One day sh is reading one of her anatomy books when she hears a soft knock onthe door, and she can’t help the smile that spreads on her face before she schools her features into a neutral expression, but something is wrong, something is very, very wrong.

is the scent


She runs to the door and Cassian is there, covered in blood and holding his side, but with a smirk on his face.

“Hello, sweetheart.”

She would slap him if she wasnt completely blind with panic.

She calls for other healers (screams) and Cassian, bleeding on the bed of her studio, takes her hand.

She does her best not to cry.

But Nesta takes a deep breath; this isnt the time to panic.

She looks at him and starts to give orders at the healers, taking the situation in her owns hands. She gives Cassian a tonic to make him sleep while they close the wound and when she makes sure that he is and will be alright(and she works until she is damn sure of it) and then she falls asleep on the chair near the bed, for reasons(shes a healer and she has to be sure her patience is alright ok). She wakes up before he does, making sure everything is the way is supposed to be when he opens his eyes

“If it takes nearly dying to have you as first thing that I see when I wake up, I should do it more often”

She seriously thinks of slapping him for how scared she was for him, but instead she grabs his face, as gently as she can given the situation, and kisses him.

Cassian cant breathe, he just opens his mouth because he wants to taste her but she moves away, her face an endearing shade of red.

He takes her hand, his thumb scraping the soft skin of her wrist.

“You wouldn’t deny a poor wounded male another kiss, woud you?” and for how much he tries to be cool, he is panting and his voice trembles.

She looks at him and just gives him a quick peck and it inevitably becomes more and its a mix between kisses and Nesta telling Cassian to calm down, he is wouded for the Mothers sake.

He doesn’t calm down.

(they get together and Cassian is jealous of every male she has to visit, but he makes his peace with it, eventually. He still goes to hisher studio out of the bue crying about his imminent death and doom and that only a kiss with his favorite healer can save him. It happens almost everyday and even if Nesta does a big show of rolling her eyes, it’s always the best part of her day)

Breathe. Play some music that makes you feel strong. Close your eyes and don’t even dare cry. Everything is going great and you’re just in a tough spot at the moment. I promise that it will go away soon. Drift off to sleep babygirl…it’ll be okay… I love you.