Im high asf and watching sterek videos and i dont even watch teen wolf. WhAT?

i thought that i was watching real previews to a real movie before i realized its fan made.

I would watch the shit outta this tho…
Noalath Dialogue, Episode 106

Hey all! Hope you enjoyed last night’s episode of The Shannara Chronicles. (I mean, “enjoyed” in a manner of speaking, as it was incredibly brutal. Like…wow.) Here’s the Noalath dialogue that I translated for “Pykon” (as you’ll see, not all of it was used):

“You were right to covet the boy, Druid. He is powerful…”
Hish sef foar iha veskol ü choap, e Leadriha. Hi thil fem…

/Were you right to covet the boy, O Druid. Is he powerful…/

“But your arrogance has delivered him to me.”
Bash hi yan enísa sa bethubilthar shil chi shi.

/But has delivered your arrogance him to me./

“His soul is mine!”
Tha koth uch!

/His soul (is) mine!/

“Resist him, boy. Come back to me.”
E yoyarod shil, e shoafa. E nüth ranosh chi shi.

/Resist him, O boy. Come back to-me./

“It’s too late! You have underestimated him. And me.”
Hi bair nen! Hi yan methukerod sef shil. Er shi.

/(It) is too late! Have underestimated you him. And me./

“Your lust for vengeance has made you blind.”
Hi boyeshara sa jelar an piyagadar shef.

/Has blinded your lust of vengeance you./

“It is the Elves who are blind. But I will open their eyes.”
Ten Shaili’thi hi veshari. Bash hi yu yochasa tha yeshith ba shi.

/It’s (the) Elves-who are blind. But will open their eyes I./


Now for a small bit of grammar: Adjectives. Adjectives in Noalath follow the nouns they modify. They also agree with the noun they modify in both case and number. There are only two classes of adjectives, and they differ solely based on whether the adjective ends with a consonant or a vowel. The initial consonant mutations are exactly as expected, but the endings are a little different. Here’s an example of a consonant-final adjective, tel “quick” (singular~plural):

  • Nominative: tel~teli
  • Objective: chel~cheli
  • Genitive: del~dela
  • Vocative: thela~theli

Next here’s a vowel-final adjective, dira “hot” (again, singular~plural):

  • Nominative: dira~dirazh
  • Objective: jira~jirazh
  • Genitive: nira~nira
  • Vocative: dhira~dhirazh

The only caveat is that in the nominative when the noun is preceded by the definite article, the adjectively generally also displays the same mutation, e.g.:

  • pert tel “quick arrow”
  • u fert thel “the quick arrow”

The reason is that the agreement here (at least the initial case agreement) is simply analogical, so the change carried over for the definite just as it did with the other case mutations.

There is also a comparative and superlative form for adjectives, again based on the termination of the adjective. I’m going to use two different adjectives to show these changes, since the two I used above are poor choices for random reasons (the use of a and l in both paradigms). Below are the forms for an adjective ending in a consonant, in this case fem “strong” (again, singular~plural; assume these decline the same way as other adjectives that end with a consonant or vowel):

  • Positive: fem~femi “strong”
  • Comparative: femaga~femagazh “stronger”
  • Superlative: femékra~femékrazh “strongest”

Now here’s the paradigm for an adjective that ends in a vowel, in this case rano, “new” (singular~plural):

  • Positive: rano~ranozh “new”
  • Comparative: ranoga~ranogazh “newer”
  • Superlative: ranolékra~ranolékrazh “newest”

And the last thing to note is that ba/b’- is used like “than” in comparative constructions, thus:

Hi Leadrik femaga b’ü choap. “The Druid is stronger than the boy.”

Word for word, hi is the copula; Leadrik is “Druid”, and it’s in the nominative; femaga is “stronger”, which is also in the nominative singular to agree with Leadrik; b’- is the contracted form of the preposition ba, which assigns the objective case; ü is the objective definite article; and choap is “boy” in the objective (it’s the same in the nominative).

All right, that’s it for this week! Next week, just one line of dialogue, so there will be a long grammar post explaining how verbs works in Noalath. I had a lot of fun with the verbal system. Hope you enjoy it!

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1. If you could put one city in a snow globe, which city would it be?
One city? could it be all of Normandy? So I could stare at it wistfully? I guess if I had to chose one, it would be Bayeux.

2. Favourite flower?
Pink carnations…they last the longest.

3. Favourite Youtube channel?
Danisnotonfire or HISHE animation

4. Do you have stuffed animals?  If so, do you still sleep with them and what are their names?
I have a ton of stuffed animals on display around my room

5. Describe one decoration you have in your room?
Ummmm…heehee, my giant signed Band of Brothers poster

6. If you could study whatever you wanted, what would it be?
Well, I’m done with school…mostly…I guess I want to study for my CommTech AQs so I can teach it.

7. Favourite historical period? Why?
The 1940s…love the aesthetic of the pop culture and the historical aspect of the time fascinates me.

8. What would you do with one billion dollars/pounds/your currency?
One billion? Move out into one of the tiny ww2 vet houses I am in love with; buy plane tickets for all my tumblr people to go to Bastogne with me and rent a castle for all of us to stay in; donate a ton of money to museums, alzheimer’s research, arts programs, and the heart & stroke fund; buy cute dresses from ModCloth; buy tons of movies and books; travel the world during my summer vacation months.

9. If you could permanently fix one issue in society, what would it be?
Only one? ONLY ONE??? Ummmmmmmmmmm darn it…there’s too many….hate…hate in the form of racism, antisemitism, sexism,..all the -isms and hate of people because of *insert reason here* just get rid of all the hate.

10. Where would you want to live if you didn’t live in your country?
Normandy, France….or Disneyland

11. What is one thing you have always wanted to do?
Stand at the top of a canyon and scream my lungs out.


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