[The last sentence says “Claude refused to have Snake give him such a passive response.”]

Snake was bewildered. It was almost as if the pain from the thorns piercing through his clothes wasn’t there. He began to wrap his free arm around the butler, but stopped himself at his arm, waiting a moment before giving it a squeeze. “You don’t have to keep saying that anymore, says Keats. I know you’re under the gray-face’s spell, says Bronte.” he murmured in monotone, trying to pull away. He wanted to believe those words, know they were true, but he couldn’t knowing that it was all due to a gray-face.

Alois looked down at his butler’s dead body. “You didn’t have to do that…” He whispered to the corpse. He placed a hand over Claude and closed the butler’s eyes. “See? Now it looks like your sleeping…” And that’s when it hit him. Claude was gone. Dead. Never to be seen again. Alois’ face went pale and his stomach churned. He slapped Claude across the face. “Wake up! That’s an order.” No answer. “Listen to your master!” He slapped Claude again. “Y-you can’t be leaving me… y-your my highness…” He kneeled over the butler, tears spilling from his eyes. “Y-you promised…. you said you’d always be there for me….” He laid his head on Claude’s chest. “I love you, you know. But you hated me, right?” Alois wiped at his eyes and stood up, starting to walk away from the sight. “Master…” Alois turned back, but all it was was the wind. Or so he thought…

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#BedSinging - #FallAsleepAtNight by #AbandonedInterstate (also known as #BrandonCramer). He’s incredibly talented and I discovered him when I was a teenager writing about #Twilight at #HisGoldenEyes. :) He inspired me to start singing! #Music #Karaoke #Singing #Vocals

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⊰ σƒ ∂ємσηѕ αη∂ ℓα∂ιєѕ ⊱

She was not comfortable. Not comfortable in the slightest. Such large gatherings made her uneasy, for she did not like being around a hoard of people she was unfamiliar with. However, it was her duty to attend such events in place of her father. As the daughter of a noble, she was expected to leave her home and mingle with others for the sake of her family’s image.

Absinthe hues burned languidly like light passing through crystal-clear water as she scanned the crowd, her attention passing from one joyous bunch of nobles to the next. A sigh escaped her rose colored lips and she moved from her spot against one of the far walls, making her way through the vigorous crowd to the open doors of the balcony. She crashed into someone, and looking up, her eyes met with those of golden color. “—I apologize sir. Do extend to me your forgiveness.” she murmured in a soft spoken tone, eyes lowering as porcelain features were stained with a pink hue in her embarrassment.

She felt vulnerable in this crowd of unknowm faces and hoped the man would give a murmur of reply so that she could continue on her way. Tiny fingers began to fiddle with the fabric of her gown as she glanced nervously up, her eyes meeting his once more. Those beautiful golden eyes that seemed to pierced the darkest part of her soul.