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ID #25443

Name: Melina
Age: 18
Country: Austria

Hi! I’m Melina, 18 and from Austria. Although it’s so generic, a quote that I live by is for sure “Live and let live”, because despite me not labelling myself in any way and not being religous, I’m very open-minded about labels, religion etc. and also really interested and always curious!
I love reading all sorts of books from classics like Jane Eyre to dystopian novels, watching TV shows like Sherlock, Outlander, DW, Victoria, Pll, Tvd etc. and listening to music such as Daughter, Kodaline, The 1975, Good Charlotte, Blink and the Chainsmokers.
I’m currently a senior at a science high school and in the middle of doing my A-levels. Hopefully I’ll start studying pharmacy in October!
Personally, I’m more introverted and shy, but once I get to know someone a bit better, I totally open up. Open-mindedness is also very important to me, which is why I love learning new things and getting to know other people from around the world, no matter their background, sexuality or skin colour!
I’ve had two or three penpals in the past, but unfortunately all of them stopped answering my letters after some time, which I think is awful.
So, all I want to find on here is an honest penpal to talk about basically everything with, who won’t stop sending me letters!
I’m definitely up for exchanging photos, videos, postcards, books, little gifts or whatever, so if you’re interested, hmu :)

Preferences: Gender/sexuality doesn’t really matter, maybe between 17-21 but if you’re younger/older it’s fine too! Country-wise I’d prefer someone from an English-speaking country, but it’s not a necessity. I basically don’t have any set preferences, because I truly believe that a good personality matters most!