Wow, I can’t even believe it–100+ of you amazing individuals tolerate me and my muse enough to allow us to grace your dash’s presence? Y'all are incredible.

The Last of Us is nothing short of a life-changer for me and I think it goes without saying that I absolutely adore Ellie as a character. She means so much to me I’ve never portrayed a character that I’ve been able to form such an intense connection with as I have with Ellie. I’m so grateful that I can portray a character like this, but for other people to like my portrayal as well? It’s amazing to me and I am so honored to be able to portray this character for you all to enjoy.

Truthfully, I had no idea that when I made this blog a few months ago that I would end up having as much fun as I am, nor did I anticipate meeting some of the most lovely individuals out there. Y'all are what have made this such an amazing experience for me so far and I will never be able to thank you enough.

I appreciate you all so immensely and I want to take the time now to thank each and every one of you. I’ve split y'all up into three categories. Hover over the headings for each individual description. =]

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Aftermath || hisbrokenwatch

It’s not the first time that she wonders if this is a dream. She wondered the first time when Joel fell back out of sight, pulling one of the hunters down with him into the floor below of that university. She wondered the second time when she woke up like an animal quarantined for slaughter. She did for the third time when Joel pulled her away from her victim –  the man she’d subconsciously guaranteed as dead, the man who should be a ghost., the man who pulled her away and caught her face in his hands and held her as she sobbed. Look, look at me, He had said. Look at me, Ellie, it’s okay. 

This was the fourth time. Ellie wondered if she’d ever wake up – but, of course, the bite of the wind told the both of them differently. Her ribs stung and so did her throat, provoking her into coughing every few steps. The girl’s hand had come up to capture Joel’s wrist as his arm slung across her shoulders, keeping her close to his side. The snow was deep, but the flurries above would cover their tracks within the hour. The quicker they got away from the wail of the siren and the now-inaudible shouts of men, the better.

Her shaking was not all due to the temperature. Ellie can feel it – the shock of events, grabbing at her and beckoning her to drop to her knees and give in. Teeth chatter as she pulls up her hood, not wanting Joel to see her distress. She couldn’t deal with this; not now, not when Joel’s well being had been risked to rescue her. However, one thing rose within her mind to help alleviate some of her guilt, and she found herself capable of saying it. For now. Her voice shakes with vulnerability, but she forces her words to be loud enough for him to hear over the hiss of the wind.

“…I’m sorry, Joel.”

                   [ A snort leaves her, rather abruptly. ]

     "Okay, you gotta hear this one.“

                   [ Bright eyes lifted from the small book
                   in her hands, and mischief lifted her lips
                   into a smirk as she looked to her
                   companion. ]

              "Did you hear about the guy
                            whose entire left side got cut off?”


                      “—-Well this is awkward.”

     Without paying the unexpected visitor much more mind, he turned his attention back to the door he crouched in front of, continuing to pick away at the stainless steel lock. Of course, he didn’t have much business being there, either. At least not the kind of business the establishment was expecting during their usual working hours.

     Pawn shops were easy pickings. After all, who ever expected someone to break into a building full of assumed junk?

                      “I’ll be gone before the cops get
                       here, so you might as well just
                       move on.”

The Long Road Home || hisbrokenwatch

            It was always a rule that was meant to be upheld. Apprentices were forbidden from going into the lower chambers without either a Templar or higher ranking mage escorting them. Especially if that Apprentice was naught but a mageling. The phylacteries were safe from prying eyes should anyone manage to make it past the first door, but there are magics locked away within the depths of the Circle of Magi for a reason, meant to be kept away from curious eyes and wandering hands.

            For some, however, the more mischevious-minded and wanderers at heart were hardly dissuaded by such warnings. Nanna Amell could be identified as one of these curious souls. Wide hazel eyes twinkled with childlike mirth as she trailed silently after 

            First Enchanter Irving would be so upset when he found out. ’If’ he found out. Nanna was quiet and sneaky after all, and she was such a big girl it shouldn’t matter if she got caught or not. She was ten…Well, almost. Close enough to it. Certainly she was old enough by now to be trusted with all sorts of secrets and super special magical things that only grown ups saw. Irving may not be happy, but surely he would be impressed.

            And besides, it was a super double dare. And everyone knows you cannot break the rules of such binding oaths once the challenge is accepted.

            The Templar was paranoid. Almost like he felt a little pair of eyes following him in the darkened hallways of the Circle basement, but that didn’t matter. Nanna was small, still and quiet. She knew how to hide. And all she had to do was stay hidden long enough for the Chantry soldier to bring food to one of the imprisoned mages kept below. And as soon as she knew his back was turned, she slipped behind him and through the door…

                                                And she was in.

            Oh she was good. So so so good, in fact, she could probably be the best sneak-er in the whole wide world if they ever let her outside again.

             Once the heavy, metallic footsteps faded away back to the outside, Nanna took the time to look around. The repository was a lot bigger than she had originally thought. Looking about in wonder, the mageling took in all the strange and entrancing artifacts scattered about the forbidden room with a growing level of excitement. It was time to explore.

            One thing she noticed were that there were many statues, most of which she didn’t recognize except for the one that was very clearly a Mabari. Ferelden did love their Mabari. Figurines and a giant glass orb, a staff that seemed very very dark in energy, all such interesting things that piqued a young mind’s curiosity. There was even a statue of a strange woman, which would have been unremarkable were it not that she could have sworn she heard it make some sort of noise of amusement as she passed. But the sound was not heard again, so it was dismissed as part of her wandering imagination.

            But being here simply wasn’t enough. Nanna had to have proof. How else would her fellow magelings know that she didn’t just chicken out? That just wouldn’t do. That’s where the real search would begin. Figurings that would react when she touched them. Too noticeable. An actual statue, as cool as it’d be, was definitely out of the question. Something smaller would have to do. Something small. Something…shiny. Such a thing reflected out of the corner of her eye.

            … A piece of glass? It went unremarkable in comparison to the rest of the wonders in this room, but that might have been why it caught her attention. Why have just a random piece of glass lying around without throwing it away? Wasn’t that dangerous? Curiously, and careful with the edges, tiny hands picked it up from its place on the table–only to realize it wasn’t just a piece of glass at all, but a mirror. One that was reflecting far more than just the room around her.

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                            she’s not used to seeing 
                            people out this far. It's probably
                            nothing personal.

                                             You might’ve just STARTLED her.