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Hirose Tomoki 200517 Ameblo

9th day of performance

Good work!
The 2 performances have ended without problems today!
Thank you very much for coming to the venue and to the theatre m(_ _)m

It has been really fast but tomorrow is the final day of performance for Tokyo.
I’m going to live properly till the end on Tokyo soil.
Kawasaki-san willl be doing his best~!

I wanted to take a photo with Kouno-san who plays the character of Isomura-sensei and Satou Hisanori followed up nicely.
He came to our dressing room and asked if he could take a photo with the 2 coaches (laughs).

Hisanori really came at an unexpected time to take the photo, I didn’t think he was this type of person so I found it funny.
If you’re together with someone for a long time, you start learning new things about them~
About Hisanori, it could be that because we are from the same company, or even if we are not from the same company, I do care about him~ (laughs)
Seriously, I wonder if this is how it would feel if I had a younger brother~

And then, Ren (laughs).
The circumstances are different but I care about him too~ (laughs)
Seriously, I wonder if this is how it would feel if I had a younger brother~

I borrowed Taira’s jacket.
I made a thumbs up pose so that I could cover Taira’s name.

Now then, I’m going to be as I am tomorrow.
I’m not going to forget my roots and live on the stage.

I will text again ♡


Pure x Gentle Angel
Vincent van Gogh
VA: Yoshihiko Aramaki
“No matter how I painted it –– there’s nothing that can match your beauty in front of my eyes”
Painted the famous painting titled ‘Sunflower’, he’s a genius painter that loves the sun.
He’s the older of the Gogh brothers, and is called as the ‘Gentle Angel’ because of his gentle personality. For he who didn’t know the concept of anger and envy, a big change is coming when he knows about love…?

Ambitious x Sadist Devil
Theodorus van Gogh
VA: Hisanori Satou
“––Follow me, prey. Assist me in my job. I’ll just say this beforehand, but you got no right to refuse”
The younger of the Gogh brothers, he’s a resourceful painting dealer who sells the paintings he himself approves of its quality. Because he’ll use any way if it means he’ll accomplish his ambition, he’s called as the ‘Devil’. To him, there’s a ‘past he wants to forget’ that he even kept secret from his older brother who he respects…?

Hirose Tomoki 170517 Ameblo (extract)

6th day of performance


I took a lot of photos today (^^)
It really seems like the problem was my timing (°▽°) 

I may have said some harsh things in the drama but there are times when Taki’s reactions really helped me. Satou Hisanori boy.

Before I realized it, I felt like I was speaking to a girl on stage~ With Tomorunrun and the man from yesterday (laughs).

Ota Motohiro with Satou Hisanori after “Amesuta Cross Talk Live! ”

@motohiro0119: ありがとうございました!
Thank you ! Also thanks to Sato.
I call him the savior Lol

@motohiro0119: 楽しかったから、酔っちゃったなぁ。笑
Because it was fun, I’ve got drunk Lol
I was sweaty and I am sorry Lol