—Still, if you experience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.


You are the “tragedy”, Jon.

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Imagine Steve teaching Wanda how to drive a car (and hot wire it, just in case;).

“You know I can move thing with my mind, right?”

“You can’t count on that.  You might not always have it and an enemy would try to stop you from using your power if they could.  You need to be able to function without it.” 

“But I already know how to drive.”

“Then drive.”  Steve smiled.

“…I need the keys.”

“Oh!  I forgot to mention.  No keys.”

“Then…-you want me to hot wire it?”

“-Well, once you get us in.  Yes.”

Wanda narrowed her eyes.  “Is this your car, or are we stealing it?” 

“Open the door and start the car.”  Steve was still smiling, patient and small and infuriating.   

And he kept smiling like that as he walked her through it.  Eight times.  

“Great! I think you’ve got the hang of it.”

“So…we’re done?”

Steve pulled a stopwatch out of his pocket.  “Now we time you.”

She sighed, but approached the next car in the lot.  She still had no idea whose cars they were and suspected that either Tony had provided them all, or Steve was hoping no one caught them. She would put her money on the latter.

“What do you make Sam do?”  

Steve’s grin turned wicked, then.  “Push ups.”


Ushiwaka’s spike just now… There wasn’t a moment to spare in his run or his jump. But the toss was probably a bit close to the net and low… Tsukishima didn’t let that escape him.

Or… Was he waiting for that?