his. eyes. are. unreal

Mr. and Mrs. Dixon

Daryl Dixon Imagine

Based on a request. I hope you’ll like it. :D

You and Daryl are enjoying a nice day in Alexandria when suddenly Daryl asks you to marry him.

word count: 1346

“It’s been so quiet lately.” I was lying in the green grass on a perfect yawn in front of the house I now called my own. Knowing that we were living in a world where corpses came back to live to devour all living creatures this scenario I was living now seemed more than just unreal.
“mmhmm”, Daryl murmured next to me his eyes closed. He had his arms wrapped around me and now as if to make sure I was really there with him he pulled me closer, tightened the grip around my shoulders ever so slightly.
“I mean it. You remember back at the prison? I thought it was quiet there, I mean knowing that we were rather safe and all that helped a lot with ignoring the walkers that were roaming outside the fences, but here…” I listened for a while. “You can only here the birds singing in the trees. It really is as if the outside world doesn’t exist when you’re in here.” I closed my eyes and snuggled up closer to Daryl burying my face against his neck.
“mmhmm”, Daryl mumbled in response sounding like he was about to drift off into a peaceful nap. Something we haven’t been able to do comfortably in a long time.
“We should enjoy it while it lasts”, he added.
“I know. I hope it’ll take some time until this place goes to hell. Maybe it can last even longer than the prison did.”
“You think so?” 

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Nate had been visiting the cemetery more and more lately, mainly to try and get a better handle on his abilities, but also because he oddly found it comforting. He walked around the tombstones and took a deep breath, then closed his eyes and pictured the bodies rising from the ground. All that he managed to do was make the ground rumble, along with crack a few tombstones. But the power that surged through him was unreal as he opened his eyes again and breathed out, a small smile forming on his lips before he looked up and saw someone standing there, watching.

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sora frowned laying his chin ontop of his folded arms blowing a strand of hair out of his eyes. He was so bored it was unreal, Donald and goofy were off helping the king on a mission and riku and kairi were off people all…coupley. taking a sip of his milkshake he looked around the comic book store, a slight pout on his lips… this was no fun with no one to fangirl too…

Closeup of Sid.  There are two words to use when describing him - “absolutely gorgeous.”  He’s breathtaking.  His face, his eyes, his smile, his voice, the way he moves - just unreal.  Every time I’ve met him, my hands shake to the point where it’s obvious even on videos.  Many more photos to come, and he’s gorgeous in every one.

Bondy Rant (not even a rant just trying to express some love)

uggghhhh can I blabber about Bondy for a second because he is literally the light of my life right now. I’m a newly converted bondy girl and oh my jesus, I have been missing out like Bondy is blessed angel sent by god himself. Not only is he an phenomenal guitarist, he is downright hilarious and weird as shit which makes him so intriguing. Like his instagram is all over the place, its a strange jungle of everything and can we talk about his hashtags i.e. #decomposedbeachbody #cameltoenail #fatherinlawsoup #throwupthursday #brexitattiffanys seriously go check them out they’re unreal. And he is soo attractive, HIS EYES, the greatest blue to ever blue, HIS SMILE, I will die for his smile okay. His smile warms my little heart, clears cloudy skies, causes the flowers to bloom in the spring, it’s fact, HIS HANDS. I also love when Catb is performing and Bondy and Van just look at each with some kind of inside joke and they both laugh (fyi they are kinda of in love and no one can tell me otherwise) but THE LAUGH, THE JOY. Honestly the meaning of life. Anyway, he just seems like the best guy to be around, y’know to laugh with, talk about anything and everything, watch obscure films, listen to music of his picking because his taste is wayyy better than mine, cook/bake, create quirky videos, go scarf shopping, impromptu singing sessions, visit beaches, forests, hidden shops/diners, etc., honestly JUST DO EVERYTHING WITH BONDY! I genuinely love Johnny Bond to pieces, and sometimes I feel creepy or out of line feeling so deeply for a person I don’t know personally or completely unattainable who is basically loved by so many people that feel the exact same way as I do. But goddamnit I can’t help it and I love everything about Johnny Bond, from the hat on his tousled hair to the buckled boots on his feet. Bondy is an amazing individual and I wish him the best of everything!

Here’s My Take on the Season Finale

I’ve marinated in the emotion spawned from TWD S6 finale for a little under a week. 6.16 won’t be an episode I will watch again. It got to me. Honestly I felt like I was with TF the entire time. Let’s not even talk about the POV shots from the van. Maybe I am being over the top. Maybe I am being a baby. I just felt like I was kneeling on the ground waiting for Negan’s bat like everyone else. 

The entire cast deserves an emmy nomination for best ensemble cast. I didn’t see weakness from any of the actors. In fact I forgot that they were acting. We know that the nomination won’t happen, however. Andrew Lincoln needs an emmy nod. He is easily THE most underrated actor on television today. The way he was able to convey those emotions of fear and defeat throughout the finale was unreal. His eyes scared me. He went to another place. His face transformed right before my eyes and I am hard-pressed to find an actor who can take it to the next level like that. I can’t look at the pictures of Rick in the lineup. It’s just too disturbing. 

Now onto that ball of twine that is the cliffhanger. 

DAMN YOU SCOTT GIMPLE!!! I am so annoyed with you right now! I HATE YOU! But not for the reason you think. You see, I’m a child of the 1980s. I grew up in the decade that made the cliffhanger what it is today. I sat through the original Red Wedding that was the royal wedding on the nighttime drama “Dynasty”.

For those of you who weren’t around back then Dynasty was a drama that chronicled the life of oil tycoon Blake Carrington and his family. They lived the lavish life in Colorado. When Blake wasn’t making billions of dollars, there were cat fights in pools, shoulder pads gallore, and of course sex, sex, sex. 

Blake’s youngest daughter, Amanda marries a Moldavian prince. There is a junta during their wedding and everyone is sprayed with bullets. The audience has to wait until the fall to see who survived.  When the show returned later that year, only two or three minor characters were killed. 


Next up of course was the century’s most important question:


I cannot tell you guys how crazy the summer of 1980 was with this cliffhanger. When my mom took me to the playground that’s all the parents were talking about. Even the fathers had lost their minds. I remember people almost cussing each other out because of disagreements over who actually tried to murder Mr. Ewing. In Kindergarten my classmates and played out this storyline in our dramatic play area. 

So getting back to why I hate Scott Gimple. I don’t hate him for the cliffhanger. Hell, it may not have been his decision. AMC probably pulled this trigger on this one. I am sure TPTB were thinking back to the infamous Dallas cliffhanger and the hoopla surrounding it. To say that the first episode of the following season was a ratings bonanza is an understatement. You have ComicCon coming up during the summer which would have been insane anyway. Then there are the TWD marathons, promotional interviews, etc. On paper this strategy looks perfect. 


Now we have to endure oodles of crazy conspiracy theories and diagrams THE ENTIRE SUMMER! That’s why I hate Gimple! Map out Negan’s order and prove to us the genius that you are. Guess what? It doesn’t make a difference! The show runners can do whatever they want! Screw your diagram! Think that the POV shot in the van reveals who the victim is (Btw- I think that this is the best theory and IT’S NOT Michonne, Richonne haters)? That could be a red herring too. The point is these people are already driving me crazy and we haven’t made it one week! 

Gimple I’m looking at you!

I get the logic behind all of this. I do. The show doesn’t owe me anything. I’m a veteran of this nonsense. I was fully prepared. Don’t think I’m kissing ass here because if Aaron is revealed to be Negan’s victim when the show returns in October I will flip my lid.