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Hellborn - Chapter 1

Genre: Smut; Angst; Demon!AU, Dom!Jimin, Sex Slave!AU

Word count: 6282

“The things I’m going to do to you are going to be the opposite of sweet and gentle. I’ll hit, bite, slap and scratch. You’ll be begging me for mercy. Begging me to give you your sweet release. Begging me to stop…Begging me to let you go…” He smirked a devilish, evil smirk. “But I won’t. Because from now on, you are my property…” You saw him snap his fingers before everything turned black.

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The first time Neil shows Andrew his scars, Andrew traces every inch of them.

They’re in the bathroom of Matt and Neil’s dorm and Neil looks like he’s about to bolt if the panic on his face is any indication (Andrew catches a glimpse of silver in the mirror and the burn of curiosity he feels is unknown and unfamiliar and he buries it to think about/figure out later because he’s finally got Neil fucking Josten right where he wants him).

He’s wearing a peculiar kind of harness under his baggy t-shirt and Andrew is just glaring at him quite pointedly because he wants to see everything. He wants every little bit of truth and Neil finally gets the hint to “take it off, Josten” and so he does, and it’s the first time Andrew’s face registers any sort of visible surprise (how his eyes widen, his throat works itself, his mouth―).

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Of Stitches and Broken Bones

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Summary: Bucky works as a nurse in the ER and you keep getting hurt. You fall in love.

Warning: minor injury, major injury

Main masterlist

A/N: This is based on that prompt, but it changed quite a bit along the way. I hope you like it anyway! P.S.: my medical knowledge is nonexistent, sorry for the inaccuracies.

1. The one with the wine glass

You fell for the first time immediately after coming out of your mother’s womb. The doctor’s hands had slipped and you’d been dropped on the cold hospital floor. That first incident had only been the premise of what would become your entire life.

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Auston Matthews Part 1: January

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Warnings: one slightly bad word

Word Count: 1839

It has been nearly 3 years since you were last face-to-face with Auston Matthews. 3 years ago, he was the love of your life. When graduating high school together you thought you’d both make it. Your relationship had a strong foundation built on years of friendship. Once he began traveling for hockey it became too much emotionally/mentally/physically for both of you. The split was a mutual decision and it didn’t hurt as much as you expected it to. There was still communication and support in your relationship. As soon as you found out you were a few months pregnant is when you became distant and he eventually stopped trying.

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criticaldrive  asked:

Valentine's Day is coming, what would the chocobros do for their S/O? :D

I had to get this typed up today! Happy valentines guys! (If you’ve read this you’re now my valentine, no take backs! Muhahaha, ily!) ❤ Anyway, read on and spend your valentines with your favourite chocobro! (Or if you’re like me, all of them…)


- Hey shall we go check out that dungeon for valentines? Just kidding. Kinda.
- Noctis would give you your card and you’d give him his, but before you can open yours he’d make an excuse to leave the room.
- Little do you know he literally just lingers outside of the door, out of view.
- Anyway, you open your card waiting for him to get back, but something falls out of it.
- A slip of paper lands in your lap, but you pick it up to see it’s a poem.
- Handwritten. In Noctis’ loopy scrawl.
- He’s written you a poem.
- And what’s more, it’s really good.
- About how you met, how much he cares about you, the way he adores how you look and just how you are.
- It’s all sappy and mushy and it’s just everything he wishes he could say to your face without it sounding muddled and a hell of a lot less eloquent.
- And then from the corner of your eye you spot the little bin he has in his room, filled to the brim with crumpled up paper that was extremely similar to yours.
- How long had he spent on it? Getting frustrated and no doubt worked up into an angry defiant ball as he so usually did. But he persevered because he just so badly wanted to tell you exactly how he felt but he sucks at speaking face to face about that kind of stuff.
- You’re emotional just thinking about how much work he had to have put into this one slip of paper.
- “Shit, are you crying?”
- His voice startles you, and you look up to see him walking over to you hurriedly.
- “I’m sorry if it’s not great, I tried.”
- “No silly, it’s… it’s wonderful, thank you.”
- “Oh… oh well, I’m glad you like it.”
- He’d go into bashful mode at your gratitude, which is why he left the room in the first place because he didn’t want to be all awkward for you.
- But his pulse is racing and his heart is singing because holy shit they like it.
- And all those hours he put in didn’t matter, because he’s just happy to know that you know how he really feels, and that you’re happy.


- You’d go over to see Prompto in the morning, but find he doesn’t seem to actually be in his house. He doesn’t answer when you call him. Instead, you find a picture taped to his bedroom door.
- It’s a picture of… the kitchen?
- You head on over to the kitchen holding the photograph, and look exactly where he took the picture to see another photo with a heart shaped chocolate next to it.
- This is a scavenger hunt!
- This picture shows the sofa in the living room area, so you hurry on over to it.
- Just as expected, there’s another photo and yet another heart shaped chocolate.
- So cute.
- This time this was a photo of the table behind you, but in the corner there were words written in the hand you recognised so well.
- ‘Getting warmer!’
- You turn to the table to see yet another photograph and of course, a heart shaped chocolate to accompany it.
- Lifting the photo you recognise that it’s a picture of Prompto’s bedroom. There is more writing on the photo in the same scrawl.
- ‘Nearly there now!’
- You rush to the bedroom, wondering what you might find, and open the door.
- There, right in the middle of the bed is your adorable boyfriend, looking really pleased with himself.
- On his lap is a huge teddy bear – so cliché but so adorable.
- “You found me!” He’s so excited, his blue eyes bright with excitement.
- “I did!” You’d go to join him on the bed, and he hands over the teddy bear to you.
- “Happy valentines! Oh and I also got you this…” His voice trails off a little at the end and you can tell he is suddenly nervous.
- He hands you something in a small brown paper bag. Curious, you slide the object out of the bad and into your palm.
- It’s an adorable photo of the two of you, looking incredibly happy together. The photo itself is in a silver frame, decorated with cutesy hearts.
- “I… I hope it’s alright. It’s my favourite photo.” He’s fiddling with the bed covers, barely able to keep contact cause damn it he’s just so nervous.
- Your heart could burst, this boy is the cutest!
- He beams as you tell him you love it.
- Best valentines ever.


- Gladio would act like normal for the morning.
- He’d give you a card of course, but say he has nothing planned.
- You’d be a bit disappointed, but what can you do?
- He’d even go off to do his usual workout routine. Maybe valentines just wasn’t his thing?
- So you’d go on about your day as normal, until the night fell.
- Suddenly Gladio’s face has lit up, he’s all smiles as he asks you to come outside with him.
- “Wha- but it’s night time?”
- “Come on!” He’d urge so you’d get up to follow him.
- Outside there are… candles? There’s a large candle every so often in the road, and you can see the trail lead off into the distance with a soft glow. You look back at Gladio in bewilderment.
- “You didn’t think I’d forget did you?” He is grinning, folding his arms and looking rather pleased with himself.
- “You did all that?” You gesture incredulously.
- “Well, I only set them out earlier, I enlisted the help of three friends to light them all.” He remembered how much complaining Noctis had done. It’s okay, my lover is worth it.
- Gladio took your hand and you set off walking under the blanket of the night sky, walking past one of the candles every now and then.
- “Here, I also got you this.”
- “Oh, what is it – Gladio.”
- He’s handed you a small survival tool kit.
- “It pays to be prepared. And it will put my mind at ease.” He insisted.
- You roll your eyes at him but you have to stifle a giggle. Typical Gladio.
- Finally you get to the end of the candle lit path, where a lovely bunch of roses are waiting for you.
- Gladio would wrap his warm jacket around you suddenly, taking you into his big strong arms.
- “Did I fool you then?”
- “You certainly did.” You told him, pulling him down for a kiss.
- He pulls away with that cheeky smirk in place, a glint in his eye.
- “What…?” You ask wearily.
- “I always wondered what it would be like to go… al fresco.”
- “Gladio!”
- His laugh is infectious and soon you join in.
- But hey, if you’re down with the idea he definitely is.


- This guy will play to his strength and cook you the most amazing meal you’ve ever had, and that’s saying something since you eat his cooking a lot.
- He’d have it all ready for you by the time you arrive, the table beautifully set and – of course – candle lit.
- He’d spoil you rotten the entire day as well, massages, food and drink, you name it.
- He’d also really love the gift you got him, and chuckle at the very soppy card (which by the way, he’d never get rid of).
- When he hands you his card, you realise he has hand made it. It’s lovely and elegant and so Iggy, but so you at the same time.
- When you finish the meal, he’d come round to your side and offer you his hand to dance with him.
- Even if you protest that you suck, he’ll let you stand on his toes and he’d guide you.
- All he wants is to be close and intimate with you damn it.
- He’d press you against him as you danced, needing to feel you close.
- He’s also really good.
- It would be slow and sensual, you’d be hyper aware of the way his fingertips drifted over your arms, rested at the small of your back, trailed over your jawline with feather light touches…
- “I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this at all… but you are truly beautiful.”
- “You may have mentioned it once or twice.” You’d tease him, to which he’d smile fondly.
- “It never hurts just to be sure.”
- Near the end of the song he’d dip you down in a classic move so smooth with his hands steadying you, your thigh round his hip.
- And he’d give you a little smirk before bending down to kiss you hard.
- When you’re finally up right, you’re giving him such bedroom eyes it unreal.
- You know he understands as his smirk turns into a full blown grin.
- “Shall we?” And with that he’d lead you to the bedroom.

Imagine Seth phasing in front of his imprint for the first time.

[This is more like a continuation from Seth meeting his imprint story]

Surprisingly things with Seth were going great after the initial disaster which shall not be mentioned ever again. Emily was in her honeymoon phase, the wedding was a success. Sure you set a mini fire, accidentally of course but nobody was harmed… apart from Jacob’s hair when he was putting out the fire. He had been furious, just as ungrateful as ever despite you giving him a helpful makeover. A little hair cut had fixed it easily and yet every time you were in the same room as him now, he would cringe and back away from you like you were the plague. Pretty sure you weren’t that bad, Seth was still here and that too by his own free will! Astonishing. 

You had spent two weeks at Clearwater’s home. Two weeks with Seth by your side every day. Two weeks of Leah giving you death glares and brandishing a sharp knife on the pretence of cutting vegetables whenever Seth wasn’t looking. Scary. You would take Jacob over her any time. 

Once you were back to living at Emily’s place, it had felt absolutely lonely without Seth and it even made you wonder if things would change now that he didn’t have you hovering near him 24/7. However, it had the opposite effect. Seth was with you whenever possible, it could be as simple as watching a movie in the living room to pretty romantic dates around the neighbourhood. 

Today the weather had taken a turn for the worst, Sam and Emily were going to be late and the rest of the guys were all coming over for lunch. This was something that happened very often so she had prepared food well in advance, all you had to do was place it on the table. Everyone loved Emily’s cooking and she was always happy to feed any of Sam’s friends that turned up at her doorstep. Even Seth was a big foodie. For that reason you took a big brave step towards the kitchen and made an apple pie successfully without burning the whole house down. 

You had just placed it on the counter when Paul walked in. “I wasn’t aware it was a pie day today.” And as if he couldn’t help himself his big grubby hands moved towards the pie. 

“It’s not! This isn’t for you” You shifted the plate farther away from his reach.

“For Seth then? Well he isn’t here, it’s mine now” He made a move for it and this time you smacked his hand to warn him off. 

“There is enough food on the table, Paul. Leave this pie alone” You glared at him ready to defend the pie till your last breath.

“You don’t want to get in between this Y/N, trust me” He was breathing hard now, his hand was shaking slightly.

“I’m not letting you touch this, get over it” It was a silent stand off between Paul and you with the pie in between. Nobody was backing down. 

“Fine, just one slice then” His hand was fast almost a blur but you snatched the plate back at the right time. 

“Like I haven’t heard that one before, I know you guys enough by now” You muttered as you placed the pie on the opposite counter unaware of Paul trembling behind you. 

Just then you heard a whoosh with the door banging open loudly and suddenly Seth was there pushing Paul aside. It was a weird struggle with both of them shaking and trembling so much. 

“Get a hold over yourself Paul” Seth shouted, his voice was almost a growl. He looked at your frozen body before dragging Paul through the door taking him outside. 

All this over a freaking pie. Just your luck. You ran outside worried about what was happening. You were worried for Seth actually, Paul was bigger than him and definitely a whole lot meaner. In the scuffle Seth elbowed Paul in the face and it was like the last straw before all hell broke loose. Both of them literally vibrated before there was something different in their place. Something that you couldn’t quite believe. Wolves. You could still see their ripped clothes scattered around. There was lots of growling and snapping, their movements too fast and rough. 

Just then Jared and Quil arrived running towards the wolves before becoming wolves themselves. Oh my god. Were you in the twilight zone? The newcomers pushed the others towards the forest cover and then they were gone. It was silent except for the rain like you just hadn’t witnessed people turning into wolves. 

You went back inside closing the door and grabbed the first thing you could see, a pan. No way were you facing anyone without a weapon. You were shaking as badly as Paul when there was a knock on the door. 

“Go away” The doorknob was turned a few times before there was a click and with that click you readied your pan rushing to whoever or whatever was opening the door. There a satisfying sound as your weapon found your target before the cursing started.

“damn it why do I have to deal with this” Jacob was annoyed rather than hurt, you had thrown all your force in that hit and yet he wasn’t affected. 

“Stay back! I said stay back” You flailed the pan around not doubting one bit he was one of the wolf guys too. Just look at him. 

“Y/N relax, nobody is going to hurt you. Give me the pan” He dodged your pan this time and grabbed it from you. 

“Seth will explain everything, just calm down” Jacob was crazy if he thinks you are going to stick around for any of that. “As if there is a sane explanation for magically becoming a wolf!” You shouted half crazed at his calm demeanour. 

“There is. He will be back any time now.” You pushed him aside, or at least tried to but he stood there blocking your exit. Just then you heard other voices, one of those you knew well. Seth. 

“Jake? Y/N? What’s going on here?” Seth pushed Jacob aside to stand beside you before you backed away from him. 

“I stopped her from leaving and my job here is done.” He shook his head and walked towards the table where all the food was kept. Paul walked right past you and so did Jared and Quil like you were invisible. 

“Y/N please listen-” Seth looked absolutely crushed when you moved away from him again. Since the doorway was now clear, you walked out not caring about the rain. Seth was right behind you. “I was going to tell you about this, I swear. It’s not bad as it looks”

“You become a wolf with a tail and all, Seth and there is not even a full moon!” You remembered silver bullets and full moon when it came to what you knew about werewolves. 

“That’s a myth. I can change whenever I want” 

“Oh! That makes it soooo much better” You said sarcastically. He tried to take your hand but you moved it away. 

“Stop pulling away Y/N, that shit hurts” It did, it felt unnatural. From warm cuddles and passionate kisses to this was a harsh blow. But so was his secret. 

“You kept this from me, something so profound and bizarre. I trusted you with everything but you couldn’t do the same” You stopped and looked away from him. You hadn’t made yourself this vulnerable ever. 

“I planned on telling you all of this. Ease you into this and not shock you but Paul” He sighed. “Just come back inside please, I will tell you everything from the start.” He extended his hand towards you and unlike before you couldn’t ignore it, you placed your hand in his and he seemed to relax from his tensed up state. 


Seth had stayed with you all day yesterday, telling you about the Quileute legends and how they were actually true. Things that set it in motion and everything that followed. Who all were just like him and even why everything seemed so intense when it came to your relationship. It was a lot to think over. He had stayed past midnight and only left when he was sure you weren’t going to run away after he left. 

It was still early in the morning when you were up and all dressed. You followed a trail through the forest that led towards one of the cliffs that bordered around the beach. Previously you had been here with Seth, happy to take in the breathtaking view and enjoy his warm presence. Today you were here alone with nothing but your thoughts. 

Emily had been devastated by your silent treatment, you would forgive her eventually. Paul had apologised for his behaviour and for eating the pie as well when you weren’t aware. Seth had left you with choices, to either take this further or not. It was all on you. 

Leaving his furry ass was not an option for you.  Wolf or not, he was still your Seth. The same guy who literally glowed when you had decided to stay here and not go back to the city after Emily’s wedding. The same guy who was thoughtful about everything when it came to you without expecting anything in return. 

Just then you heard a rustling sound before a wolf emerged from the forest. Since you weren’t scared out of your mind this time, you could see beyond the imposing size and scary teeth. The wind ruffled his sandy coat as he approached you slowly. 

On noticing your calm reaction, he walked in a circle brushing up against you lightly. You reached out towards him hesitantly running your fingers through his coat. He closed his eyes and made a slight humming noise. It was absolutely unreal, standing so close to something so magical and being able to touch it. Seth looked at you once and ran back in the forest before walking back out on two legs, without a t-shirt of course. 

“Emily said you left. I wasn’t sure what exactly left meant here. I panicked and followed you.. not creepily” He looked remorseful like he had done something wrong. 

“It’s fine. I wasn’t going anywhere. This seemed like a good place to think” You looked out towards the sea, it wasn’t raining yet but you could see the clouds approaching. 

“If you don’t want this.. don’t want me you only have to say it” His face was serious like he will suffer in pain readily if it meant you were happy. Just like that your decision was made. 

“Are you kidding? I have a personal wolf and a boyfriend all in one. No way am I giving that up” You smiled at him as he struggled to control his emotions. 

“On the note of not keeping any more secrets..” 

“What more? Oh my god do you become king kong next??” 

He laughed the carefree laugh you hadn’t heard since yesterday. “No Y/N. I’m in love with you.” 

“And I’m in love with you” you said all too happily before Seth had you in his arms placing a sweet kiss filled with love and yearning.

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Shannon Leto

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Shannon had been practicing nonstop for practically two days, I wasn’t sure if it was because of a show coming up or stress but it always felt unreal watching him play this hard. His eyes close and his arms swing as he hits the drums on perfect tempo, his arms seem to be permanently flexed as he plays, his legs constantly moving. I pressed my thighs together trying to hold myself together but I was bursting at the seams watching him.

“Shan, you wanna take a break for a minute?” I smile at him and bite my lip hoping he gets the hint.

“Sorry babe, I’ve got to finish this session and then meet Jared at the studio. I’ll take you out tomorrow, I promise.” He barley stops playing to talk to me, still tapping the sticks.

I can’t wait for tomorrow though, I sit and watch him and shift in my seat giving myself some relief but not enough. I can feel myself sweating just from watching him, just from thinking of him, needing him.

“Fuck it.” I whisper to myself, knowing he wouldn’t even hear me if I said it out loud.

I get up from my seat and walk over to the drum set, Shannon looks up at me for a second and smiles but doesn’t stop. I come around the backside of the set where he’s sitting and he stops and gives me a confused look. I don’t say a word, I straddle one of his legs and rest my hands on his sweaty shoulders, my pussy throbbing as I barley touch him. I lean my head back and work my hips on his thigh giving me instant relief, I let out a moan.

“What, what’s goin…” He lets out a slight laugh but as I look at him he’s biting his lower lip.

He drops the sticks and grabs onto my waist, he lifts his leg up and back down just like he would if he was drumming, his leg almost giving off a vibration feeling.
My moans grow louder and my nails dig into his shoulders as I work my hips harder against his thigh, my entire body moving with his movements.
Leaning forward a little more his leg hits my clit and I scream his name, he moans back and I look at him his other hand is stroking himself.

“Fuck!” I groan out watching him.

His leg still moving with me as I press harder against him, my mind goes into a haze as I hit my climax, my feet curl around his shin and my hands move to the back of his neck where my nails dig into him.

“That was fucking hot.” Shannon whispers into my ear as I rest my forehead against his shoulder.

I kiss his cheek and stand up, my legs barley holding me, “Thanks for the ride, babe.” I smirk at him as I walk out of the room.

I hear him laugh followed by a “Fuck you.” And the sound of the drums being hit much harder than before.


Missing scene for these tweets.

Bitty hates violence. Or, apparently I love writing people calming down other people after a time of stress. On AO3

TW for triggering language during a fight with a LAX bro and a gay slur (not fully typed out); Bitty has a very brief panic attack, not intense and over quickly

As always, thanks to @wrathofthestag for the beta!

Bitty groans and tugs his earbuds out. They’re no use against the din across the road.

He stomps across his room and flings open the door, hearing Ransom and Holster groaning to much the same purpose.

“Please tell me this volume level won’t become a regular thing?”

He nearly jumps in surprise when Jack’s bedroom door flies open.

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aWritten for: Ravengirl’s 1.5K Challenge & SPN HWC - Week 9

Words: 5418

Relationship: Dean x Reader, Reader x Mike (OMC)

Warnings: Angst, Abusive Relationship, TW – Domestic Violence, TW – Non-Con, language, fluff

A/N: So I’ve been working on this one for a bit and then this week’s SPN HWC challenge I thought would work quite well, which made this a long fic. The prompts are bolded in the fic for the respective challenges. If there are any warnings I’ve missed please let me know. I tried to not go into too much detail but there is some nastiness in here. Also the Lafayette mentioned in the fic is exactly the Lafayette from True Blood as my own little memorium to Nelsan Ellis. <3 Feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you for reading.

Summary: You are trapped in an abusive relationship that you see no escape from until two flannel wearing strangers show up to hustle your boyfriend at the bar one night. What follows is a chance at salvation and hope for a better future.


     Mike’s large hand on your lower back stirred you toward the bar that he and his friends frequented every Friday night. Tonight was no exception and you knew you were simply here to be the quiet arm candy while he drank and played pool. As the door opened people seemed to part for you and Michael, which wasn’t unusual. Being the hero sheriff of your county a lot of people looked up to Mike. Unfortunately, you were not one of those people if only because you knew how he really was, but you keep your smile bright and allowed him to lead you to where his friends sat near the pool table.

     “Mikey!” his friend called out. “We didn’t think you were coming, man.”

     You slipped into the chair Mike held out for you as his hands came to rest on your shoulders, “You know my lady takes her own time. I’m here now let’s play.” He squeezes your shoulders hard, “Babe, why don’t you go to the bar and order drinks for the boys and me.”

     “Okay,” you slip from his grasp and make your way to the bar climbing into a seat waving at your friend Lafayette the bartender.

     “Sugar, you look exhausted. Where’s the jackass?”

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Written by: @titaniasfics

Rating: T

Prompt 27: Katniss’s father is an undocumented worker, Peeta is a sympathetic federal agent sent to investigate or an employer willing to do anything to help. [submitted by @567inpanem]

Author’s Note: I’m late (as usual) but I went for the second option on this one. I jumped at this prompt because of my own feeling about this whole situation. Hope I didn’t hijack a lovely prompt by being politically didactic. I relied on my experiences with my family regarding picking fruit and the migration of workers as they follow the different harvest, together with the research on how the ICE conducts raids in this current political climate. It’s a different world from when my grandfather was a migrant worker.

A million thanks to @eala-musings for betaing this piece for me, @567inpanem for the amazing prompt and to @everlarkficexchange for hosting this challenge!

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Soldier 76

  • Prompt: “First kisses on your favourite ow characters”

Soldier 76 would be too reserved and cautious on the regular basis to let a lick of romantic contact happen. The man has a damn visor on majority of the time anyways. But in general, he believes involving others in his life is a horrible idea. He has a personal mission to achieve, a past that can’t exactly be forgotten. If there were any developing, feelings, he would stamp out the flame and shove the ashes to the back of his mind, hoping they will blow away in time. So when he kisses his S/O for the first time, it is a primal, animalistic- instinct driven kiss.

The moment when the danger passes, he goes up to them, shoulders tense, hands clenched tightly. He looks like he’s one second from lifting his pulse rifle up and shooting them in the chest himself. Once he’s in front of them, he grabs them by the wrist and pulls them roughly away from everyone who’s gathered around them. Even if his S/O tries to break his hold, he barely notices. His mind replays the scene over and over again, like a never-ending nightmare. Every time his mind plays the moment when the bullets hit the wall inches away from them, his breath catches, barely able to force air into his lungs.

When they’re in a secluded area, he releases their wrist as he was burned, and brings both hands to grip his hair tightly. He lets out a frustrated growl, as he paces a few steps back and forth, until he abruptly stops and stares at his S/O. Instantly he reaches up, presses the button which opens the latch on his visor with a hiss, and lets it fall to the ground. He doesn’t care that this is the first time his S/O saw him without his visor. He ignores the wide eyes that are frantically trying to take in this revelation all at once. He’ll reach up, thread his fingers into their hair, gripping almost too tightly and pulls them forward.

They’ll both breathe one sharp breath at the same time, whether it was from the contact between skin, the shock of the situation or adrenaline running through their veins. But as if the kiss was a starting gun, they both jumped passed the first hurdle and didn’t look back. He kisses them as if he is drinking them in, as if he is dehydrated to the brink of death. It becomes a disarray of messy kisses, breathy moans, hands grabbing onto everything and nothing at the same time. It was tongues fighting for dominance, painful moments when teeth met flesh and gasping breaths. It was only when the soldier himself started slowing down, directing the panicked hunger into a pleasant ache, that the kisses became gradual and heavy– sweet and passionate. His grip turns into a caress, trailing from the back of his S/O’s head, to their hips. He breaks the string of small pecks, resting his forehead against theirs, breathing deeply. Finally, he allows the sense of relief wash over his body. He tightens his grip on their hips, as miniscule tremors affect his muscles, his body winding down from the adrenaline rush. He leans back reluctantly, his brow slightly furrowing as he kept his eyes closed. He lingers in this unreal moment because he knows that once he opens his eyes, reality will slap him in the face and he will see the unrepairable damage he made.

The silence between them almost breaks his resolve, but it was the lightest touch on his brow that makes him open his eyes. His S/O stares at him, glassy- eyed with the gentlest smile on their face. They smooth the lines between his brow, tracing their fingertips down the side and cups his cheek. He leans into their touch subconsciously, barely believing that the world is still okay, that reality was merciful and gracious. He tries to speak, but his words catches in his throat as it seems to tighten. His S/O beats him to the words he wanted to say.

“I’m sorry, I should have known better.”

He shakes his head once, clearing his throat. “I overreacted. I’m sorry.” He manages to say, as he takes their hand that cupped his cheek with his own, weaving his fingers between theirs. He is pleasantly surprised on how well they fit together, letting a shy smile grace his lips. In turn, his S/O grins, that teasing expression he knows all too well. Soldier 76 raises an eyebrow, challenging them to say anything. His S/O laughs, bringing their hands down so they settle more comfortably between them.

“Come on, the rest of them will be worried.”

He grunts and doesn’t move for a long moment, staring at their clasped hands. It is only when his S/O releases one hand and bends to pick up the forgotten visor, that he brings his eyes up to meet theirs. They lean in, placing a sweet kiss on his bristly cheek and then brings their clasped hands up so they can place another peck on his weathered hands.

“You shouldn’t have taken your visor off. Now I know what’s underneath that emotionless mask and I won’t settle for the fowl thing anymore,” they tease, trying to lift the heavy moment between them. Solider made an amused noise, reciprocating their previous action and kisses their hand. They feel the smile on their skin as his lips press against their hand.

“Can’t start spoiling you now,” he murmurs, smile still plastered on his face as he placed his visor back on, much to his S/O’s displeasure. He never lets their hand go, even when they leave their hidden haven and joined the others, ignoring the curious gazes.

“Back to the rendezvous point,” he barks out, authority back into his tone.

“Let’s go home.”


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Request: Hey~ I see you accept AU requests but I guess no one requested before. So may I request a Vampire AU with Jun? The genre is up to you! Love your blog and also you~ 💕

Genre: vampire! au, angst

Pairing: Jun x Reader

You sighed deeply when your alarm rang. You wish you didn’t wake up today, because it was the first day of school.

You slowly got up and opened the curtains, so more light could come into the room and help you wake up. Being really tired, you assumed that you were about to yawn all day.

When the sun hit your face, you smiled. Not wanting to waste too much time, you hurried to the bathroom to wash. You remembered that your best friend Junhui never really liked the sun; he hated going out and prefered staying home, so you often went to his place to eat food and watch movies.

You decided what to wear yesterday, so you didn’t wonder too much in front of the closet. It was just a shirt and jeans, you liked to keep it simple, besides you were sure nobody was gonna stare at you with these crowds of people.

Your phone rang when you were still doing your hair, and by doing it, you were just tying it up in a bun. Grabbing the phone, you picked up immediately.

“Hello?” You heard a giggle from the other side, and you, of course, recognized it. “Jun?”

“Are you ready? I’m waiting for you, but you’re still not here” He said, pretending to be offended by you being late which made you chuckle.

“I’m actually leaving right now~” You said into the phone and tried to put your shoes on while holding it.

“Okay, I’m waiting outside” He hung up and sighed as he fixed his backpack. You were almost about to forget yours, but you fortunately didn’t, and you rushed outside as soon as you could.

Your best friend was waiting for you. You ran up to him and greeted him with a smile.

“Good morning, are you ready for school?” He said happily; how could he always be so energized in the morning?

“I am so not ready for it,” You yawned as you walked beside him. “I just want it to be over quickly.”

He frowned when he heard you say that and swung his arm around your neck.

“Come on, who doesn’t like school?” He asked sarcastically, because he loved seeing your confused face.

“Me, obviously” You shook your head when he laughed out loudly.

You noticed you already reached the school and when you saw how crowded it was outside, you hissed under your nose. You hated crowded places and people in general, excluding Jun-he was your best friend since you remembered yourself.

You sighed and leaned against Jun’s shoulder.

“Why do I have to be here now?” He giggled and pulled away, grabbing your wrist as he pulled you to the entrance.

“We have to go to the library to get our books.”

You barely got up the stairs; there were too many people. Some stepped on your foot, others grabbed and pushed you while trying to reach the library first. If it wasn’t Jun holding you firmly and making his way infront, you would be smashed until now.

You sighed loudly as you entered the library. There weren’t too many people there.. yet. Looking up to him, you were about to thank him, but you noticed how the sun made his skin seem more pale than it already was, and his big ring he never took off was shining on his finger.

He seemed so mysterious like that. If it wasn’t him holding your wrist and dragging you somewhere, you wouldn’t get out of your thoughts.

You looked around and you noticed he got you into the private section. You thought he just wanted to be somewhere alone, because there were people everywhere.

“We’ll take our books later, I have to tell you something important first.” He leaned against the table and crossed his arms; his face features were so sharp yet so beautiful.

“What is it?” You looked at him, wondering what he was about to tell you. Actually, he never really shared that much with you. You didn’t know anything about his family; he was just living alone. Neither he told you something about his past.

You never realized that you were the one who always talked. He always listened, you always shared, he never told you something. You wanted to slap yourself for being so selfish and never thinking about him. He stood up and got closer to you.

“I’m actually.. not the guy you think I am.” He said as he put a strand of hair behind your ear, staring at you. No, not at you. At your neck. You saw red sparkles in his eyes; it never happened before, but it seemed so unreal.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I can’t hold it back anymore.” And with these words, something sharp, his fangs, sank into your delicate skin, making you scream.


“Dr. Killian Jones is handsome,” she speaks into her dictaphone later that night, an unfamiliar vibrato of excitement painting her words, “there’s no point in denying it. I won’t have my young, impressionable female listeners hanging on his every lovely, accented word thinking this guy isn’t as good looking as he sounds.”

She considers the, frankly, unreal color of his stupidly blue eyes and continues, “But I don’t want there to be any kind of confusion. Dr. Killian Jones is a real dick.”

⤀ “The Spooky Truth with Dr. Jones,” by @hencethebravery​. | Emma Swan is a podcaster looking for a semi-interesting story. Dr. Killian Jones is a paranormal investigator who doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Emma Swan absolutely does not want to write this story—but it seems to be writing itself. A CS Black Tapes AU. | Read the finished work on Ao3 or on Tumblr.

Thorns (Part 1)

Eric X Rose

Part 2, part 3, Part 4


Cheers and screams fill the air as another Erudite girl lets her blood drip into the water. My breathing hitches as I wipe my sweaty palms on my brown pants. As the girl takes her seat with her family, my name is called.

“Rose Kane.” Blood pounds in my ears as my shaky legs carry me to the hardest decision I will ever make.

The knife is cold and heavy in my hand. I stand in middle of all the bowls, not daring to look back at my friends and family, afraid I will change my mind if I see their smiling faces.

Pressing the sharp tip of the knife to the center of my palm, I press down. Slowly I drag the knife across my palm, not caring about the pain; its nothing in comparison to the anxiety and adrenalin pumping through my system. Taking the knife away I stare at my palm, watching the blood pool against my pale skin. I know I’m spending more time then normal to do this, but I can’t bring myself to choose.

Someone clears his or her throat, trying to tell me to hurry up. I don’t breathe, I don’t close my eyes; I just stand there and watch as my blood drips onto the sizzling coal.

The left side of the room that holds the Dauntless faction erupts. Its not often Amity transfer to them; they are complete opposite factions and hold values that differ vastly.

Walk over to my new family, I am afraid to turn around and see my old one. Taking a seat, I avoid looking across the room; instead I stare at my hand, rubbing the cut on my palm, wondering what initiation would be like.

Surprisingly a girl named Beatrice transfers from Abnegation, which is not as rare as someone transferring from Amity, but she might get more hate for it. Abnegation has been talked about a lot recently; mostly saying that they are unfit to be the government for everyone. There was even a rumor circulating for a while that the leader of abnegation used to beat his son, Tobias. 

I remember Tobias from school. I was younger than him, but I always had a giant crush on him. One day he bent down to grab something, and his shirt rode up, showing a large bruise on his lower back. I always believed the rumors were true since that day, but I never told anyone what I saw. As I got older and the rumors continued I always felt guilty for not helping him, for not telling anyone. I feel I could have saved him, but didn’t. I know he transferred to dauntless, I over heard my parents talk about, since they are leader of Amity, they know a lot about other factions as well. It’s not reason I decided Dauntless was right for me, but I hope I see him and get to apologize for not doing anything.

The ceremony was over, and we were all dismissed. The Dauntless born of course took off running to the trains, while us transfers try and keep up. Suddenly they all slow down, they don’t come to a complete stop, but they start launching themselves at a metal post. Climbing as they whoop and howl in laughter. Beatrice and I stand together at the bottom. I have climbed trees all my life on the farms; this was easy for me. What keeps me at the bottom is Beatrice’s face. She looks scared and unsure.

“Look, climbing isn’t that hard. Don’t think about the ground, focus on moving up.” She just nods clearly still unsure. “I’ll go first, just copy what I do step for step.” I don’t give her time to chicken out; I place my hand on the first run, and pulled my self up. Step after step I make it half way up. Glancing down I see Beatrice following just below me. “You’re doing great!” I shout down at her. She looks up at me, grinning. We make it the rest of the way up, and I lend her my hand, pulling her to the platform.

Just as Beatrice gets to her feet, the platform starts to rattle. The train is coming. The Dauntless born starting running as the train comes around the corner, faster than it looked when I would watch it at school. Beatrice looks at me for guidance. “I have never jumped on I a moving train before.” having to yell over the wind, I decided to follow what the Dauntless born are doing, and motion for Beatrice to follow me.

My feet pound the metal runway, adrenalin once again flows through my veins as wrap my fingers around the door handle. Throwing my body into the train, I land on my right side, sending a shooting pain down my arm. Looking at the door I realize Beatrice isn’t on the train yet. Scrambling to my feet, I see she is just a step or two away from being able to grab the handle. Grabbing the handle on the inside wall. I extend my left arm out for her to grab. Her hand wraps tightly around my forearm.

Using all my strength I pull Beatrice into the cart with me. Lying on my back, I grab my right shoulder. I have only felt this kind of pain once. When I was about five I fell out of an apple tree and dislocated my shoulder. Thankfully there was some adrenalin still in my system, otherwise I would be crying in front of all the other initiates.

“Thank you.” Beatrice sits up. Taking another breath I a sit up with her, and place my back on the train wall to stabilize myself. “I’m Beatrice.” She holds her hand out. I grasp it limply, mostly because I was in pain and could barley raise my arm.

“Hi, I’m Rose.” We both start laughing at the absurdity of the last ten minutes. I hold my shoulder as we sit and talk. A condor girl named Christina joins us as well. I think I just made my first friends.

  It’s not long before people start to move around. We hear someone shout about jumping, and the three of us go to see what the commotion is all about. Sure enough, a little further up people are launching themselves onto a roof. Some of them are graceful while they rolled, some are even so good they just land on their feet and walk it off. While Beatrice and Christina contemplate the fact that they will have to jump, I am trying to figure out the best way to land as to do the least amount of damage to my shoulder.

Christina and Beatrice grab each other hands, planning to jump together. Beatrice extends her hand to me, and I just shake my head. I don’t have time to explain that I couldn’t, I can’t move my arm. Beatrice looks a little hurt at my refusal.

Taking a few steps back I start running and leap over the large gap. My feet hit first. I tried to make it so I could stay on my feet and just run it off, but the impact caught me off guard and I summersaulted forward.

Lying on my back, I hear Christina and Beatrice land behind me, laughing. My breath was caught in my throat, and I brought my hand over my shoulder. The pain was white hot down my arm, I might even pass out its so bad.

Christina and Beatrice walk over to me, Crouching down they ask if I was all right. The wind was still nocked out of me, so I could not speak. Worried looks took over their faces, as they looked at each other, unsure what to do.

“Initiates, gather around.” I can’t see the person the voice belongs to, but it sounds strong and demands everyone to follow its instructions.

Everyone does what the voice says, murmuring a little, until falling silent under what I would assume is the gaze of a terrifying man.

“You two, what are you doing? Come over here now!” The voice barked; causing Beatrice and Christina to part, showing me to person the voice was coming from.

I try to sit up. I have a feeling the person attached to the voice would cause me more pain than my shoulder if I didn’t.

Struggling, the girls step aside as a tall, well built man walked over to us. Looking down at me, I make eye contact with his striking blue eyes. The blue looked almost unreal, but the look behind them brought me back to reality, as they looked ready to murder.

“Get up initiate.” He commands at me. Trying my hardest I make it to my knees, when his patience runs out. Grabbing me by my shoulder, I let out a scream I didn’t even know I had in me. He immediately releases me, leaving me on my knees.

Crouching down he inspects me shoulder, then without a word, snaps my shoulder back into place. My forehead hit the ground as I gasp in a breath, trying to breath through the pain.

“Stand up.” He commands at me again. This time I hold my shoulder and stand. Lifting my head I look him in the eyes once again, glad I haven’t cried yet.

He places his large hand on the middle of my back, and leads me to front of the pack. Standing next to a raised ledge. He begins to speak, while I stood by his side.

“Initiates, my name is Eric and I am a leader here at Dauntless. Behind me is the way in.” He gestures behind us to the giant black hole in a roof.

“Is there water at the bottom or something?” A tall Erudite boy speaks up.

“Maybe, maybe not.” Eric smirks, enjoying everyone’s discomfort. “Now, luckily for everyone there has already been a volunteer to jump first.” Everyone starts looking around at each other, wondering who is going to step up.

Eric turns towards me, a wicked glint in his eye. “Your up Amity.” He nods to the ledge. I don’t argue, I don’t speak, I just step up onto the ledge.

Looking down I don’t feel any fear, surprising even myself. Taking a step off I start falling. Despite the pain in my shoulder I start to smile. It feels so freeing to fall like this.

Landing on something that absorbs my impact, my smile is gone as my shoulder screams in protest. Staring at the sky above me, a noise makes me turn my head, seeing I’m on a giant net; suddenly it dips, and someone is pulling me off it.
Once my feet are on the ground I look up at the hands that pulled me off it.

“Name?” Tobias stares at me waiting for my answer. Shocked at seeing him, I don’t say anything. “Come on name? And choose wisely, you can’t change it after.” Looking at the ground I consider his question. I don’t want to be anyone new. I am still me, which will never change.  

“Rose.” I say strongly. Tobias’s head turns slightly, maybe he recognizes me.

“First jumper, Rose!” He shouts out, and cheers erupt around me, revealing people I never knew were there.

Beatrice comes down next. She changes her name to Tris, but  I am too busy staring at Tobias to care. Tris and Christina talk, while I am thinking of how I am going to talk to Tobias, when Eric jumps down, landing on the net. He rolls off himself, refusing help from Tobias, who barley offers any to begin with.

“Okay, new transfers go with four.” He points to Tobias. That must be his new name down here. I’ll have to remember that.

“Dauntless born your with Lauren.” Everyone starts to follow their leader when Eric wraps his hand around my right arm, holding me back. Four notices this and stops, turning to Eric with an annoyed look on his face.

“She is coming with me.” Eric says with no explanation as to why. Four looks like he is about to argue with him, and then decides against it.

Turning around everyone follows him once again, leaving me alone in the dark with the terrifying Dauntless leader.