Starting this off, by explaining why I want to do this page. It is to clear up with some rumours. Because folks - seriously now - do your damn homework. You get out there and spread rumours about our legend, our royalty Prince. Shame on you. That guy you’re talking shit about did change music business when he started, not only music business, he was revolutionary in his looks, the way he saw woman and wanted them to be proud and outgoing with class and style. He did support several woman in their careers. Prince did not take anything, he stood up for himself, he did fight for musicians and fight for a free fun world. He was everything he wanted to be and allowed us by doing that, to be whatever and whoever we want to be. You’re talking Ruby Rose and Co. today? Well go ahead and look at the 80’s, 90’s Prince. … But not only was he all that, he was a very humble, down to earth, very big hearted and social man. Do you guys even know anything about him before spreading rumours he did do drugs? Nah right, you don’t. That is what made me make the decision to do this blog about Prince. And again I sure don’t know the exact circumstances, why he had to go so early from us, but I want to be here to clear things up a bit, I informed myself, I read a lot, believe me, actually reading every day, informing myself about it all. And all I want is to bring light into this and that the people stop putting a picture out there of Prince that was not at all him. Spread the word. If just you, that is reading this right now - thank you, I appreciate you taking your time - are standing up for Prince when you hear someone saying things, that are based on rumours, and clearing things up a bit, then that is all this note is for. Then you made my day. Prince gave us a better life, a better music life - he made all of this, what is today normal, this sexuality in music and all, he made that possible. He was the brave one to do it in times, where it was forbidden to act that way. This is just examples, you gotta go ahead and get to know him for yourself - make your impressions and memories - and that is what that blog here is for also. So let’s do this for a man, that changed a whole lot for us to the better, that did wreck his body for us and I do believe, had to go that early from us, exactly because of this, the passion for music and performing for us. This man was scared of medics, drugs, hospitals. This was a fear he carried with him through his childhood, taught by his parents. That’s a psychological problem, that isn’t easy to take. I know what I am talking about because my mother actually has the same struggles. He didn’t even drink alcohol, there was no alcohol at his partys and he didn’t drink when he was at partys. So let’s do this step by step. Did you ever watch a live show with him? No. Well then this will open up a whole new world for you, new look on shows today and maybe be a bit sceptical about music business today. Prince did do shows twice a day. One show up to 3 hours. Full on performing and live singing, not the stuff you know. This playback 1 hour fun. He did dare to provoke in the extremest ways, he did dance, he played live instruments, he did outdo himself. And you know what happened after the show? He went to a tiny club in the same city, when you knew about it you could go and join, because then he did do some private intimate jamming until the morning hours. He did l i v e music, not just create. He is music. I will share some live shows here and you better get your ass right up and watch it, get yourself some drinking, because it is about to get hot in wherever you are. And when you have seen this, you can imagine, all this performing, dancing, doing his sexy spread and coming up again without using his hands, everything he did do, and guys, that he did do all in heels - and boy he could were them heels better than any woman could, you know, not in a gay way, Prince wasn’t gay at all, he had it going on with the ladies, he wore them in his Prince way - did take a toll on his body. In 2005 he had some massive hip problems. The doctors said he needed an operation. But Prince, he was scared to get operated, so the decision was made, no hip operation - until 2010 the pain was so massive so unbearable, he couldn’t live on with it. So he got operated, but the operation didn’t have the expected success. So that he still was in that massive pain and doctors told him to use a wheel chair, Prince being Prince - he didn’t want a wheel chair, so he used that stick you all sure did see on him the past years. Classy rockin it. But, and here the misery starts. He did get prescribed Percocet. So as we learned he was scared of medics and hospitals. You think he ate them just so? Nah. He tried several times to come off it, by himself, but the pain came back. And, I learned from a doctor that told me, yes, this medics have bad side effects, but, some people have pain, that just other medics don’t work anymore. It was his only choice, okay? He didn’t have any choice, otherwise he couldn’t live a normal life. So he took them, from 2010. And now I read a lot about Percocet. Let’s look back, what did we learn, Prince has had flu symptoms at his last shows of the Piano and a Microphone tour. Well then, go ahead and read about withdrawal symptoms from Percocet. You. have. Flu. Symptomps. So all of you that go out now and be like, ah Prince, damn this dude, the damn drugs he took them, he overdosed. Shame on you. Yes. He tried to get off of those pills, that he needed, to basically live on a normal life, or being able to at all come along. You and me, we can not understand what pain it is, to have this pain he had. You ever had real massive pain? You’ve been taking pain pills right. We all do. Me also, but his pain, this was a entire new level of pain. His body was destroyed, he gave it all, for us, his entire him, he didn’t hold back, and this over several years - so all of us could have his all on stage and in music. So shame on everyone of you, for saying now, he was taking drugs and overdosed. It is not that simple. Maybe it’s all media wishes for. Legends dying of drug overdose, but make up your own mind before following some rumours, try to bring things that actually happened in perspective and make your own picture. He tried to get off. And then he had new shows coming up, for music being his life, for Fans being his love, he for sure did take one or two Percocet before a show. To be able to give them all he can give. So, I learned about Percocet, that it is sadly very easy to overdose. You can overdose by just taking one more pill. One more pill. If that was with my pain pills, I’d had a serious problem also. Hey, what does overdose even mean? It is not meant that you’re a damn junkie when you overdose on medics. It means that your body couldn’t take that one more pill you took. So moving on, you can easily overdose on Percocet, that’s the danger in this medics. You don’t realise you overdose, first symptoms show after 12 hours. In those 12 hours, it already happened tho. So when after 12 hours you get symptoms, like belly ache, hey - what did we read, he had belly problems? Couldn’t eat? Yeah right. I mean, what the hell are people around him doing? Did they ever care? Like, did anyone know how easy it is to poison the body on this medics? Come on, you and me, know how it is when we have pain. When I have pain, I take a painkiller, if it doesnt help, I take another one. If you do so with Percocet, you can overdose. Easy as that. So this man was trying to come off, did do shows and had to take them. Permanent struggle. And I wasn’t there when it happened, but sure he had his last show 6 days before he died, then the Paisley Park Party, where he invited people into his home, to thank for the beautiful weather and the love and support - guys, this man was a living legend, someone that this world doesn’t have another time - he sure wanted to give his fans, his guests, what they deserved in his opinion, the Prince experience, he took one of the pain pills. Or two, or how many one is allowed to take over the day. And you and me, we know the rest of the story. You know when you try ro get off and then take another of those pills, you think in your mind, this can’t be that bad, I didn’t take so many of them lately. That is a big danger. I am just so sad and mad, because he would have deserved to be acknowledged, now, in the now. All of him. Not now that he is gone. He would have deserved to see our love for him with his eyes and take it all in. And oh boy believe me he would have needed and enjoyed it to the maximum. Now it is too late. And one that gives everything he had, one that did destroy his body, to make the world happy and to change music, that lived to create, deserved to be everywhere on the music channels and be just acknowledged and praised. He was and is worthy of so much more. I have so much respect for this loving man, for this beautiful unique kind soul, that did change so much and I wish so hard for that he would’ve been acknowledged when he was alive, when he was poppin it off. He did create every day folks. Yes, every day. Music was his life. Not just dropping one pre-written album, and then do 2 months tour rehearsal, do a tour and rest of the damn year give a shit. No, he did do it like a job. From morning to late night. So please, before you judge, before you talk about someone so legendary, so giving and big hearted ( I will show you on here, what I am talking about - you’re invited to go down the Purple Road with me) I am begging you, inform yourself. He deserves better, he deserves our love and acknowledgemnt, his music deserves to be celebrated. He unites people and makes us feel good and motivates us to be more, to be better, to be you. I won’t stop doing this page, because he is the greatest. And when you let me introduce you to him, you will go out there and will feel and know the same. You will be hooked guys, I can guarantee you this. You’ll be like “ Hey man, I gotta go into a record store and get me some Prince LP or CD.” Bet ya wanna have the LP’s just like me ;) So, if you never were into Prince, WELCOME. I am glad you found me here. Prince is a real musician. He is pure music. He plays more instruments than you may even know existed. His albums, next time you’re in a record store, grab a record of him and read what the backside says. Let the magic happen. Because, It’s all him, everything, recorded, produced, played in, all the vocals, all the instruments by his Egoness himself. He does it all himself. This - you don’t want to miss out on. The world needs to see and know what he is like - I want to keep pushing his stuff out there, because the Purple One needs to be heard - Prince needs to be recognized over again. And for all of you that are with Prince for a longer time, or even just short, let’s do this together. Let’s light it up. Let’s get it on and keep on celebrating him - guys 39 studio albums. Many more live albums and and and - Prince physical body is not here anymore and it takes it all from me every day to realise this, believe me, I am a mess since the 21st April - but, he, his spirit, what he was, this all is still here with us, we just have to be brave enough to live and celebrate it. Doing this blog right now, is hopefully gonna help me a bit too - I just want to stand up for him, since he always stood up for himself and can’t do it anymore. I want us, you and me, also to in exchange - write me. Let us do this together, okay? ARE WE GONNA LET DE ELEVATOR BREAK US DOWN? OH NO LETS GO !! And now go ahead and spread this. Let the people understand it is time to wake up and don’t just let media decide over what you know and believe. And follow me, I will update this blog daily. Videos, Live Shows, Pictures, Interviews, News. I promise it will make you’re life bloom and richer. You don’t want to miss out on his Royal Badness !

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I was very angry a lot of the time back then,” he continues, “and that was reflected in that album [ The Black Album]. I suddenly realized that we can die at any moment, and we’d be judged by the last thing we left behind. I didn’t want that angry, bitter thing to be the last thing. I learned from that album, but I don’t want to go back.”

By the time of the album Lovesexy, Prince says, he was a certifiably nicer human being — and a happier creator. “I feel good most of the time, and I like to express that by writing from joy,” he says. “I still do write from anger sometimes, like in ‘Thieves in the Temple.’ But I don’t like to. It’s not a place to live.”
Lovesexy, Prince says, was “a mind trip, like a psychedelic movie. Either you went with it and had a mind-blowing experience or you didn’t. All that album cover was, was a picture. If you looked at that picture and some ill come out of your mouth, then that’s what you are — it’s looking right back at you in the mirror.”

—  “Prince Talks”, Rolling Stone, 1990