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“There’s a storm rolling in. You scared?” and “Don’t do that.”

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a/n: hmu w some short prompts and i’ll write you smt

aaa im so out of practice…..i hope this is ok but i wrote it while half day-dreaming(?) so it may b boring lmao

in his short life, jungkook always heard of two beliefs people have about men from busan: they have really cool satoori, and they love the beach more than anything else.

he’ll admit to the first one - because he does think his satoori to be pretty handsome and really damn attractive, mind you - but he’s a little less than enthusiastic about the second. he’s not sure who started the belief, but it sure as hell doesn’t apply to him -  he’s been to the beach five times in his time at most, and he’s never liked it, much less loved it. he hates the way sand gets everywhere, the way the water is always ice cold, the way the sun is either too bright when it’s there or is just completely nonexistent, the way he’s supposed to love it but can’t. jungkook hates the beach.

on the other hand, park jimin is a whole new story, and jungkook figures that  jimin must be supernatural if he can make jungkook live along his storylines.

busan’s beach is nowhere near how jungkook remembers it, though this is probably because he’s never been here during the calm before the storm. usually he would hate the way the sun is gone instead of out and about, but sitting besides jimin in the sand with his bright smile and candy laughs and starry eyes, jungkook can’t really find a way to complain.

instead he busies himself with a twig he found along the way, thin and about the length of his forearm. he does tricks with it in his hand as if it’s a pencil, and when jimin sees him, he snorts. “show-off,” he mumbles, jokingly.

jungkook replies by doing a fancy trick to switch the stick from his right to left, and back again. jimin smacks him on the arm, though not affecting his stick trick performance abilities.

jungkook smiles and pauses his antics to watch jimin turn to face the sky, his profile breathtaking. it’s amazing how glows even under the grey clouds and the supposed gloom - his individual magic may even be amplified by the fact that nobody’s here to try to chllanege it (nobody can outshine jimin, jungkook knows).

“there’s a storm rolling in,” remarks jimin, his voice almost carried off by the loud slaps of the breeze, hair wild. he turns to jungkook again, his new smile practically challenging, beautiful under the looming clouds. “you scared?”

jungkook thinks about it for a second, and then shrugs. “nah,” he says. his words almost get lost in the wind as well, but they catch themselves and wind their way back to jimin, per usual. jungkook suddenly stops twirling the twig, feeling jimin’s eyes on him the entire time he writes in the sand: not if i’m with you.

he catches jimin grin, full-mouthed and effervescent, even though jimin tries to hide it when he throws his weight against jungkook’s body, leaning on him, and pounds his fist against jungkook’s shoulder weakly.

jimin whines, “don’t do that.” there’s no real annoyance in his voice.

do what? jungkook smiles, his grin bubbling into a laugh when jimin shoves him away.

jimin shoots to his feet, hugging himself as the breeze hits him hard, and a need to hold him so tightly that he’ll never have to endure the cold again strikes jungkook’s with so much force he has to resist clutching his skipping heart. jimin’s clothes are rippling around him as he chatters his teeth and yells, “i’m going back to the car!” he turns on his heel, calling over his shoulder, “have fun in the storm!”

jungkook laughs again, watching jimin shiver and trot away, some sand stuck to his clothes. jungkook calls back, “i will!”

but he won’t, of course. he doesn’t like dark clouds or rain or thunder or lightning, but he does like holding jimin in his arms, does like holding jimin’s hand, so jungkook draws a little heart in the sand before dropping the stick and jumping to his feet to chase jimin to the car.

(and maybe to the end of the world, too, if jimin wants to go as far.)

harry: [updates his profiles]
me: amazing! award winning! beautiful! brilliant! era defining! electrifying! earth shattering! groundbreaking! fantastic! legendary! life changing! influencing! iconic! inventive! out of this world! show stopping!

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His nose is a big part of why his side profile looks so amazing! Last year when he had long hair I could imagine him in one of those silhouette portraits from 18th/19th century.

Yes definitely, his profile is gorgeous, mainly because of the perfect prominent nose and I really love silhouette photos so that would look amazing!!

Whatever | Jimin, You

How to kiss in english?

Note: Bold is what is said in English 

Jimin had been learning English earnestly for four months now, with the help of Namjoon, and the up and coming English master Jungkook. He had learnt many phrases and words which would be able to help him go through everyday life in an English speaking country.

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I adored issue 23 of The Wicked + The Divine. Full disclaimer, I did my degree in editorial photography (with a lot of emphasis on fashion) so this issue is right in my wheelhouse but that’s not all that spoke to me in this issue. 

I also happen to be a fan of the conceit of comic issue as magazine. It changes the frame of reference for the audience. In traditional sequential art you are the audience at one remove from the world, observing through the fourth wall. Much the same way as in film or theatre. In traditional prose you are either in the head of a protagonist or in the ether of a world. But a magazine, that’s ingenious. Magazines are consumed by people who share the world with both the creators and the subjects of the publication. Issue 23 stops being a narrative told to us about a world and becomes a set of narratives that include us. Much the same way people were induced into repeating ‘fucking Tara’ and becoming part of the meta but in a subtler (and kinder) way we are now a part of the Wic Div world as readers. We are consumers of Pantheon Monthly, self identifying as fans and consuming news about them as if they were part of our world. Add to that the inspiration to have real world writers contribute. Putting their recognisable and wholly authentic voices as part of the narrative makes the world feel that bit more tangible. Reading Laurie Penny’s account of meeting Woden and her account of travelling with Milo recently are not that different and that makes it ‘truer’. 

As an experiment with the form of comic books, it’s a success. 

The art, though. Here I come back to my degree. The art, the fashion photography. I swoon. Firstly it’s spot on. A1, bullseye, hit the target. From the attention getter publicist shots of a young Eleanor ‘you don’t know her but you will’ Rigby to the montage of getting-to-know-him Baal shots they’re beautiful. Lucifer isn’t there yet, her photos are a bit raw and rote. Morrigan wants to build her myth so she’s surrounded by the visual language of theatre, masquerade and burlesque. Amerterasu is the peacemaker and optimist, sunshine and beauty. Woden is Woden, whether he’s spread legged or in ‘challenge my mascuilinity’ pink. Or whether he’s done up as a cyber pimp. He doesn’t give a shit and he’s quite happy to have those images put on him. Baal is desperate for profile. His shots are amazing, the ego and charisma channeled in the full face portrait and the different sides of his personality in the montage shot are a man who wants to be admired, respected and feel if not approachable then appreciable. He’s the one who wants to send a very clear message ‘we are in control’. 

Yet while every bit of 'photography’ in this piece is excellent at cutting into the character of the subjects it all sends another, visceral and I think very key message. There’s something you can achieve with the magazine format that speaks to the heart of ‘Gods as celebrity’ in a way that no other issue has. While Baal’s interview message is very clearly ‘we are in control’ every single ‘photo’ in the magazine tells us something. They were styled, art directed, lit, posed. A team of people set up every image to convey the Gods at their best. And the Gods at their best are just that. Styled, directed and controlled. For all their power if they want to be relevant to us, the audience, they need us, the writers, the makeup artists, the art directors, the photographers. They shine brightest when we polish them. 

Update: I forgot to add. There’s something perversely brilliant about Persephone, our heroine and the motive force for the most recent arc, being reduced to a reference and a back-page ad. And that there’s something that really speaks to my point about the Gods being controlled and manipulated about both she and Baal appearing in advertising. Gods as celebrities, all-powerful objects for consumerism’s betterment. 

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Okay but I also look at ears a little, especially yoongi because now he has that cute ear scar and I really wanna trace it...

I really just love yoongi’s ears a lot like the way his helix has that sharp curve on the side and I think it’s that sharp curve that makes his whole side profile look amazing because it really compliments his sharp jawline and then add in his piercings and it’s just so completely beautiful 

I would love to nibble on his ears and definitely trace that lil scar which really does add to the overall appeal of them. I could spend so much time loving on yoongi’s ears ;-; 

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Hey I was wondering how it took you to learn all of Seventeen names. Because personally I'm trying to get into them and finding it very difficult except for Vernon, Woozi and Jeonghan

*I am so sorry it took me this long to answer OTL* 

Helllllo and welcome to the carat life! Luckily (or rather unluckily) I got it into Seventeen when I went on winter break so I had a whole month to get to know them with zero distractions. (Also my friend kinda got me into them but that’s a completely different story). So for me, the best way to get to know people is usually through watching shows and luckily, seventeen has seventeen project! if you haven’t watched it yet, go here for all the episodes with subs! I would also recommend watching weekly idol if you don’t have the time to watch the entirety of seventeen project.

Ok so I’m just gonna give a small run down of each of the members and how i recognized them.

S Coups aka Seungcheol is pretty easily recognizable because of his droopy puppy dog eyes  ©

But don’t be mistaken because he is also the thickest out of all them and holy fuck he is hot af, especially when he is sweaty :))))))   ©

(don’t worry that’s not all sweat :)))))) its mostly water)

Moving on to seventeen’s self proclaimed angel Jeonghan. If you don’t know, Jeonghan was born on 10.04.95 and in Korean, 1004 (cheonsa) means angel. Since you can already recognize him I’ll just leave this here and move on :D 

Next up we have Joshua aka Hong Jisoo aka dangerous church oppa. This kid is very easily recognizable because of dat aegyosal (the gigantic bags under his eyes) and kitten lips. He also has a very soft looking nose :3  ©

Isn’t he just the cutest???? and his side profile is fucking amazing like holy shit look at this perfection  ©

Also reasons why he is dangerous (at least one of my number reasons) is when he wears earrings. OMFG he used to wear earrings all the time predebut and those just get me but he has worn earrings (I’m not counting his cartilage which he wears all the time btw) twice so far since predebut and that was during DK’s graduation and their Andromeda/V app broadcast. I will now proceed to spam you with Joshua wearing earrings and killing us all because of it.

Lol so if you are still alive after seeing all that, next up is Jun, who is one of the two Chinese members. A lot of times, people say that Jun looks similar to Super Junior’s Heechul which I can kinda see but you can judge for yourself.

But besides that, I’d say Jun has sharper features. (tbh he kinda reminds me of a mouse…idk why) He is very handsome © :))))))) 

So when I first watched weekly idol the first (and only person) that really stuck to me was Hoshi because of his “what time is it?” “10:10!” introduction LOL

look at how cute he is!!! this was the moment that dragged me into seventeen OTL. but yeah Hoshi is really easy because of his eyes. if you see someone with 10:10 eyes, that’s Hoshi (btw if you didn’t know, 10:10 because his eyes are like the angle of 10:10 on an analog clock) but do not be fooled, when this kid performs, holy shit he is hot as hell

Next up we have Wonwoo who is a gorgeous being and was the second person who caught my eye within Seventeen. He kinda looks like a fox and his eyes are kinda small but at the same time not and he is just walking perfection.  ©

The worst part is, you think he looks cute here, but the minute he puts on eyeliner, say good bye to everything you hold dear because holy jesus christ he looks hella fine with smokey eyeliner.  ©

This was the day where Jeon Wonwoo made everyone and their grandmas swerve lanes

Hopefully you haven’t died yet because trust me..it doesn’t get better :))))

After that hot mess comes Woozi, Seventeen’s self proclaimed producer. Isn’t he so smol and cute??

But do not let his looks deceive you because he can and will fuck you up if needed. He is really the devil’s incarnate tbh.  ©

Lol just kidding he’s still cute when he is angry ahahaha…or am I??? I guess you will find out once you get deeper into the fandom :DDDD

Next up we have DK or Dokyum who is a literal ball of sunshine. He lights up my world like nobody else!~ LOL but actually though have you seen this kid smile? There is no other smile that is this bright so it’ll be super easy for you to remember him.  ©

Do you see how bright he is? Let’s watch it in gif format now!!

But be warned, this kid can go from sunshine to sexyshine in .01 seconds. Just look at him here, you would never believe he is the bright sunshine shown above.  ©

omfg Seokmin plzzzzzz. but yeah i hope you can recognize him at least by smile if not anything :)))))

Next up we have Kim fucking Mingyu who’s looks and personalities do not match at fucking all. While he seems to look like a tall hot model…

He’s actually just a gigantic wolf puppy (please observe his teeth, they are kinda pointy like a wolf hehehe)

Tbqh, I actually had the hardest time trying to remember his face out of everyone. In fact I only started remembering him after I learned everyone else and his face was the only one I couldn’t identify..so if you have issues trying to remember, it’s okay! You aren’t the only one haha~ Here, have some slightly sweaty Mingyu, maybe it’ll help you remember more :))))))  ©

Okay moving on to china line part 2~ The8 or Minghao looks like an actual puppy because his eyes are so big and for the most part he is a quiet kid. But be warned, he knows martial arts and is savage af. I’m not sure what the best way to describe him is though…I guess he has large almond eyes and cute round nose.  ©

he is so precious omfg  ©

Okay final three! First of the maknae line is Seventeen’s resident diva from Jeju, Boo Seungkwan! He is very easy to remember because he has a rounder kind of face (but he’s not fat, it’s just the shape of his face) Just look at this cutie ©

he is so beautiful, just look at him! (those moles omfg)  ©

diva boo judging you~  ©

Since you already know what Vernon looks like, I’ll just let you know a few things you should know about him.. As you might already know, Vernon is a halfie. His mom is white and his dad is Korean. He was born in NYC, but he moved to Korea when he was 5 so he’s actually very Korean if that makes sense. Most people expect him to be more American because he does appear more Caucasian and are very surprised when they see how cultured in Korean he is. Well that’s cause he pretty much grew up in Korea so despite his appearance, he’s about as Korean as the rest of the Korean members who were born and raised there. So yeahhhh, I’ll just leave some very nice pictures of him for you to appreciate :D  ©  ©

Okay last but not least is our precious maknae Dino~~~ (Be warned I have lots of feels for him that I shouldn’t be having considering our age gap but I can’t help it because he is so fucking talented and not enough people appreciate him and I should probably stop ranting now)

Dino has a very strong facial structure and if you see him during mansae era, he’s the one with the terrible fringe hair cut OTL But now that his hair has grown back, he looks much better (cuter and hotter gg me)  ©

just look at how strong his jawline is (i’d say its kinda squarish)

even tho Hoshi is the performance unit leader, I would have to say that Dino is the best dancer because boi he can dance so well and his facials are amazing like holy shit. this video is what made me realize how talented he is and made him my bias wrecker OTL

omfg he just wrecks my list so hard i’m crying. here have some more dancing dino

just to make you feel better, have some cutie chan~

Okay well I really I hope this helps anon! (Again I’m sorry this took so long, finding the right pictures was a longer process than I had expected OTL) If you are looking to find videos to watch, I am going to subtly link my playlist which I have added a bunch of my favorite videos of them :D

Also, Seventeen does have an ongoing reality show, so go here to watch it subbed! (Only four episodes are out right now and only three are subbed)

Please let me know if you have any more questions and thanks again for asking!!

Personal Imagine For Justine
justinexoxo1012 asked: Could I please have a dirty Harry imagine where we have been best friends, who tell each other EVERYTHING, for the longest time even while he’s famous and when we finally hang out he thinks I got a boob job but really didn’t. Finally I just put his hands on my chest and it escalates from there? Lol could it also have visuals? Sorry this is long and absolutely no rush at all!!


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Artist AU where Levi is a self-publishing indie comic artist. He doesn’t like being recognised, so he never brings his books to stores himself, and instead lets Hanji do it for him. He goes to a local comic shop after Hanji publishes her own comic to show his support, and when he’s buying the comic, the cute guy working at the register keeps flashing him bright smiles, so he decides to come back again a week later under the pretences of seeing what new indie comics have come in. He’s a little disappointed when he sees there’s a different person behind the till, but goes to browse through the new comics anyway. While he’s looking through them, the kid shows up behind him and asks if he can help, and when Levi turns around he recognises him and asks how he liked Hanji’s book. Levi asks for a recommendation and the kid starts going on and on about his favourite indie comics written by some friend of the artist Levi’d bought a book by last week, and how he bugs her every time she’s in to tell him about the guy but she just keeps telling him he likes to keep a low profile, but his work is amazing and he’d kill to meet the guy. And Levi just stares at him.