So this photo just popped up on facebook and I simply adore it.

Sunday of Expo was so ridiculously chill, and after we all got changed out of our Payday Specials (too hot like goddamn) we threw on some odd cosplays to relax in for the rest of the day. So yeah, Clover, Ezreal and Marik. What a bunch!

We met our mate Big Guy Slim (pls check out his photos they are absolutely incredible, seriously just awesome) and then ALL THE SELFIES <3 (The one on the right is my current profile pic because fuck yeah, despite the fact I always forgot to turn so you could see the purple bits in my hair!).

Totally gonna have to put all the con selfies with this guy in one post at some point. Hopefully we’ll have new ones to add soon *mad cackling*

EDIT: Oops, I did the thing where I was excited and forgot to mention stuff.

Ezreal (aka best Ezreal eveeer~) : peredhil
Marik: jupiterlightning