You know what, I really don’t say Alhamdullilah enough

Gerard Way

Gerard kills someone: Gerard slay

Gerard is turned into a statue: Gerard clay

Gerard stays at home: Gerard stay

Gerard in spring: Gerard May

Gerard joins a gaming website: Gerard play

Gerard is turned into potato chips: Gerard lays

Gerard cleans: Gerard spray

Gerard goes to the beach: Gerard bay

Gerard raises animals: Gerard hay

Gerard buys a ranch: Gerard neigh

Gerard when the sun is out: Gerard day

Gerard is a homosexual: Gerard gay

Pls Read V Important 3>

So uh. There’s not really a good way to start this, so I’m gonna go straight to the point.
Tom’s grandad is not in the best state, and he’s probably not gonna make it.
I know some of you don’t like Tom. At all. Some of you might hate him, I don’t know.
But I’m begging you, if you have a twitter, just tweet using the hashtag “#WeLoveTomBecause” and say one thing you like about him. There’s probably at least one thing you do like about him.
If you don’t have a twitter account, please open one. It takes like two seconds and it’s really useful.
So, yeah. Share the love. Make Tom happy, because I’m sure he isn’t so good atm.
Have a nice weekend everybody!


I Don’t Know His Name - Jessie Mueller and Heidi Kettenring in the 2010 Writers Theatre production of She Loves Me