i’ll never understand those tumblr users who don’t like benedict and are proud of it and of not reblogging his things on their blogs (always calling him an alien and making fun of his name, of course), as if it would make them better than others

like wow

you don’t like an actor

you don’t reblog his things


wowowowow what an accomplishment

here is your nobel for not liking benedict cumberbatch

Text to: all contacts
  • Elijah:guess who got a new phone :DDD
  • Elijah:my Mum kinda made me so... like REALLY made me
  • Elijah:did you virtually miss me?
  • Elijah:cause I virtually missed you
  • Elijah:and my lame pick up line for the day is
  • Elijah:you can call me Nemo, cause I'm never afraid to touch the butt ;)
  • Elijah:It's Elijah pls im so bored :|

i love the tmi fandom bc at the end of the day, we’re all united. malec? we love it. cassie? is a rare precious beauty that needs to be protected. old tmi cast? we miss them but we’re letting them go. sebastian? our innocent child. tv show? we can’t wait. camille belcourt? needs to be murdered again asap


throwback to the talent that bergevin traded for no reason other than therrien not liking him hahahahanevergoingtogetoverithahahaha

dereks middle name is probably samuel or something and hes like “no, i dont think so” and he goes and legally gets his name changed to derek scott hale