Hey, you want to know who Scorpius Malfoy reminds me of? 

Luna Lovegood. 

And I don’t just mean in the sense of blond, dead mum, dad’s trying his best, bullied, unpopular, odd. 

I mean that Luna Lovegood is a beautiful character because despite the hardship she faces, despite the ridicule she endures, she’s wise, and gentle, and thoughtful, and kind, and she never changes who she really is. 

Scorpius? He’s very much the same. Scorpius is unbearably sunny and nerdy and wonderful, even when he has no reason to be.

And it really makes me happy. You know why? Because Luna Lovegood was one of the most important characters in the series. She became the perfect role model for children everywhere in that she showed how important it was to be yourself, how valuable the smallest of actions could be, and that you could keep smiling and keep giving to others and keep being the kindest and most beautiful of souls even when the world was determined to beat you down. 

And the world could always do with more characters like that. 

Avpol week 2016

Day 1: Stands

So okay I had a hard time drawing chariot and magician so I was like SHIT time to bring back these babes. 
So yeah surprise its stand Pol (Vie en Rose) and stand Avdol (Killing Me Softly) from the last standswap week ayy
@dailyavdol was away for the week so it was a shame we didnt get to see more <3


He’s going to be a great dad. He’s already got the “dad jokes” part down pat. He just has to work on not making his kid cry when they see him. 😂😂

meow. do not repost without my permission meow.