Why Zayn Malik is more Justin Timberlake than Robbie Williams: 'Pillowtalk' first single review

Zayn Malik - who, from now on wants to be known only as ZAYN, thank you very much - broke hearts in every nation when he left One Direction last March. The boyband were at their peak, playing massive shows in Australia when he just upped and left.

“There was never any room for me to experiment creatively in the band,” he later explained in his Fader interview. “I wasn’t 100% behind the music. It wasn’t me.” The 23-year-old’s musical tastes fell more in line with hip-hop and R&B from the ‘90s - rather than the cheeky boy pop of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’.

But coming from one of the most famous boybands on the planet, Zayn has a lot to prove as an artist releasing #realmusic. There’s a general expectation that his solo music will be more of the “same old pop shit” that anyone over the age of 16 side-eyed One Direction’s albums with. To escape this assumption he needs to be bold, daring and offer up a little bit of vulnerability that a manufactured artist is never usually allowed to reveal.

Basically, he needs to head in the opposite direction. It’s lucky, then, that his debut single 'Pillowtalk’, to all intents and purposes, hits the final nail in the coffin of his 1D past. Plastic dolls and all.

“Climb on board, we’ll go slow.” There’s a skittling beat, some deep woozy bass, and it all sounds like The Weeknd has invited his more appealing younger cousin to the party. “I’m seeing the pain, I’m seeing the pleasure,” he continues.

There’s no pretense here: this is seductive R&B that belongs between the bedsheets, with plenty of “reckless behaviour”. And with a title like 'Pillowtalk’ (yes, that’s one word), it comes as little surprise. A hunky 23-year-old superstar is hardly going to talk about Julie from next door’s new convertible Beamer before bed, is he?

But boy, does Zayn really go for it. “In bed all day, f**king and fighting, I’m in paradise.” There’s no need for metaphors, it’s pure unadulterated sex talk. “A place that is so pure, dirty and raw,” he adds. It should feel voyeuristic and seedy. But Zayn’s clear vocal tone - at its very best on this, may we add - along with a big chorus and brain-niggling melody, keeps it sexy and fun without being sordid​.

And it’s more impressive when you consider that the Bradford-born singer co-wrote and co-produced it with Malay. Just the two of them. None of this “eight songwriters on a single track” nonsense.

The final result is more Justin Timberlake than Robbie Williams. There’s a sophistication that will keep young fans listening, while pulling in a new, more style-conscious audience. And that’s on both sides of the Atlantic, and everywhere else in between.

This isn’t some “same old pop shit” - this is the new British male superstar you hadn’t realised you’ve been waiting for. Update your records accordingly.



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Mutsuki is restless and can't sleep whenever it rains at night. During stormy weather, Sasaki usually stays up to make Mutsuki his cup of coffee when he comes into the kitchen at 3 am looking for a hot drink and a snack to try and help soothe his nerves. They sit down and talk about books and music and general stuff together in a father-son way. Half the time Mutsuki falls asleep on the couch and Sasaki carries him up to bed to tuck him in. -F


Sasaki takes such good care of his kids. They would probably have extra book club time during rainy weather or sasaki will read to him quietly! 

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ok but i need an hour at least to listen to zayn talking about how he writes songs? and just music in general? and his thoughts on his fanbase? gah that was such a good interview!

right, i love listening to him talking about the process bc i agree with the interviewer that everything about this era seems extremely personal and intimate for zayn. i actually really loved that bit where he said that he had an idea in mind for what he thought the mv for pillow talk was specifically about but he didn’t want to share it bc he didn’t want to accidentally impress his own perception of it onto his fans and keep them from making their own judgements, which i really appreciate as [douche voice] An Artist™ bc sometimes i feel, especially when it comes to pop music, that everything has to be very on the nose and representational in order to grab people’s attention or coincide with their perceptions of the music and (even tho i honestly don’t care much for the vid) i think its nice that he’s just casually letting it rock and allowing the visuals to resonate with the viewer as they will.

also idk why i’ve been thinking about this a lot, but i’m so excited to see what he writes in the little credits section of the album. like i’m dying to read his actual words and see who he thanks and what places/things helped to inspire him on this crazy roller coaster we call life 8)

It’s sort of a “cheat” but I always thought New York City was the most important supporting character for Pete/Spidey. He is the quintessential character/superhero in just about every way—in no small part because a pretty NY guy created the character and wrote his best stories. Peter/Spidey embodied all that is NYC: anxiety, insecurities, sarcasm, humor as a defense mechanism, thoughtlessness in everyday life but always there when the chips are down. Those qualities aside, his power set is perfectly suited for the concrete canyons of NYC but all of the above is part of why I feel the current run is falling a bit flat for me—-and also why I think Ross Andru is possibly the most underrated Spidey artist ever: no one drew NYC quite like him; a quick glance at just about anyone of his issues has richly detailed and accurate renderings of the Statue of Liberty, Brookyn Navy Yard, Radio City Music Hall or any of a dozen more landmarks. His cityscapes in general were also incredible. For me, there simply is no Spidey without New York City.
—  oldschool

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Maybe Ciel isn't influeced by the music and the general atmosphere because of his ties with Sebastian? Most of the people there are normal humans, with human problems, Ciel on the other hand is part of a much darker world, that few know about. And also, Ciel doesn't want/look for a happy future, his goal isn't to be happy, but to win a game, where the end means death anyway, he already knows about his future, the question is only when it's gonna happen.

Hello Anon. You might be absolutely right. Ciel doesn’t seem influenced now, and there could be multiple reasons. His ties to Sebastian could definitely be why he remains ‘immune.’ He doesn’t want to be happy, but I think he’s still human enough to be tempted to give up his anguish. I don’t think he’d do it, but he might be tempted. It’s curious that Bravat never even tells Ciel his future at all - not even the generic ones he told Lizzy and the other woman. He simply said Ciel was being stalked by a darkness that was trying to steal his light. I do think Ciel might want to hear his future to the extent of whether he’s ever successful in his revenge. That’s the only part that’s really still in question. You bring up some good points, Anon.

The Void Monsters

    Once upon a time, somewhere that existed and did not exist, there was a set of 7 major and 12 minor islands.
In these islands, lived the Void Monsters, a set of various people that had somehow fallen into the Void and found their way to safe and inviting havens that these odd locations turned out to be.
Such was the same for quite an odd bunch that was more united than any family one had ever seen…

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I think Miike Snow just has great taste in general when it comes to directors for his music videos. This one for his song “Heart is Full” also has an arresting narrative with interesting characters.

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name: Bill Kaulitz
nicknames: Billy, Bibi, Queen B.
species: human


morality: lawful / neutral / chaotic / good / grey / evil
religious belief: christian

sins: lust / greed / gluttony / sloth / pride / envy / wrath
virtues: chastity / charity / diligence / humility / kindness / patience / justice
primary goals in life: to make music, find his true love
languages: German, English
secrets: transparent in general but not as self-confident as he seems to be
quirks: eccentric, dramatic, always listens to his heart, sometimes quick-tempered
savvies: singing, writing


build: slender / scrawny / bony / fit / athletic / curvy / herculean / babyfat / pudgy / obese / other
height: 1,92 m
weight: 75 kg
scars/birthmarks: some birthmarks
abilities: always gets what he wants and finds it easy to convince others, is always able to make his friends laugh
restrictions: it’s hard to win his trust


favorite food: curly fries, pizza, pasta
favorite drink: wine,champagne
favorite pizza topping: mushrooms
favorite color: none
favorite music genre: almost everything
favorite book genre: doesn’t read too much
favorite movie genre: all kinds, as long as they’re well made
favorite season: summer
favorite curse words: shit, fuck, Scheiße
favorite scent: cologne, rain

Fun stuff:

bottom or top: changes, mostly top with women, bottom with men
loud burper or soft burper: loud or not at all
sings in the shower: and everywhere else

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Premiere of Verdi’s “Don Carlo” at Duesseldorf Opera House February 13, 2016

Premiere of Verdi’s “Don Carlo” at Düsseldorf Opera House February 13, 2016

Another of Guiseppe Verdi’s major operas will premiere in Düsseldorf, directed by renowned Flemish director Guy Jooten and conducted by Andriy Yurkevych.  Saturday February 13, 2016, with performances through April 2, 2016.

Düsseldorf, Germany – On Saturday, February 13, another of Giuseppe Verdi’s major operas will premiere at the opera house in Düsseldorf with a new production of “Don Carlo.”  It is directed by the internationally renowned Flemish director  Guy Joosten, who has already created two highly successful productions for the Deutsche Oper am Rhein with Strauss’ “Die Frau ohne Schatten” and Poulenc’s “Dialogues des Carmélites.” The conductor is Andriy Yurkevych, who alongside his role as General Music Director at the Warsaw Opera, regularly conducts at the great opera houses in Vienna, Zurich and Madrid. Alfons Flores, who recently created considerable excitement at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein with his evocative canopy of glasses for Donizetti’s “L’Elisir d’Amore,” is the stage designer, and Eva Krämer is the costume designer. Manfred Voss is the lighting designer.

Just like Schiller’s play “Don Carlos,” Verdi’s opera reflects the inhumanity of a totalitarian power system. Young people are caught between individual liberty and public pressure, finding themselves under constant surveillance and intimidation from both church and state. They try to behave appropriately and achieve personal happiness while negotiating an elaborate web of mutual distrust. This is why, according to Guy Joosten, “Don Carlo” derives most of its power from the intimate encounters between its characters, their elegant dialogue and emotions communicated by the music in between the lines.

Several young soloists make their role debuts in leading parts: Gianluca Terranova, who has achieved international success with the great tenor roles of the Italian repertoire, makes his debut at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein as Don Carlo. Following her appearances as Gilda, Luisa Miller and Violetta, Olesya Golovneva will make her debut as Elisabetta in Düsseldorf, as will Laimonas Pautienius as Rodrigo di Posa and Ramona Zaharia as Eboli. Adrian Sâmpetrean will appear as King Filippo II, Sami Luttinen as the Grand Inquisitor and Torben Jürgens as the Monk alongside other soloists and both the Chorus and Additional Chorus of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. The orchestra is the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker.

For more information on “Don Carlo,” please visit: www.operamrhein.de.

Düsseldorf’s tourism office is offering hotel and city specials for music and art-related stays and other visits in 2016.  Packages can be booked right from the tourism office’s website at www.visitduesseldorf.de/hotelpackages. Prices start at €70.00 per night per person based on double-occupancy for a 2-3-star hotel in the city center. The packages include breakfast, one DüsseldorfCard (free public transportation within city limits plus 30 free or reduced admissions to city attractions), and a museum admission ticket. Please check the website for current information.

Düsseldorf’s tourism office also offers guided tours for art enthusiasts.  Please visit www.visitduesseldorf.de for more information.

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The Bones Of Houdini Radio Episode #9: A J.Dilla Tribute

In honor of the 10 year anniversary of his passing, I compiled my favorite selection of tracks produced by James Dewitt Yancey also known as Jay Dee also known as J. Dilla. As one of the most prolific producers in hip-hop and music in general, his catalog speaks for itself. Born and bred in the city of Detroit, the producer’s musical offerings ranged from hip-hop & R&B to soul and even synth pop. He remains one of my favorite producers simply because he bridged the gap between analog and digital from the 90s as sample based production in hip-hop was starting to fall to the wayside to synth led production due to the legalities that would arise with the territory. His introduction to the music world on a commercial level would appear in the mid 90s with The Pharcyde and Busta Rhymes. Later on he would join Q-Tip and Ali Shaheed Muhammed of A Tribe Called Quest to form the production outfit known as The Ummah. With this mix I hope to keep his valued legacy alive and well.

J.Dilla’s full discography on Discogs

The J.Dilla Foundation


J.Dilla/J.Rocc- Beat (Rappcats/Stones Throw)(2006)

J.Dilla- Dillatronic #7 (Vintage Vibez Music Group)(2015)

The Roots- Dynamite! (MCA) (1999)

Da Bush Babees feat. Q-Tip- 3 MCs (Warner Bros)(1996)

Slum Village- The Look Of Love (Donut Boy Recordings)(1996)

A Tribe Called Quest- The Love (Jive)(1998)

Lucy Pearl- Without You (Jay Dee Remix)(Virgin)(2001)

The Pharcyde- Y? (Delicious Vinyl)(1995)

Que D- Cash Flow (Royal Flyness Records)(2000)

Keith Murray- The Rhyme (Jay Dee Remix)(Jive)(1996)

The Brand New Heavies feat. Q-Tip- Sometimes (The Ummah Remix)(Delicious Vinyl)(1996)

Jaylib- The Official (Stones Throw)(2003)

Common feat. Mos Def- The Questions (MCA)(2000)

J.Dilla feat. Bo Bo Lamb- Lucy (OX: Operation Unknown)(2007)

J.Dilla- Trashy (Bling47 Recordings)(2004)

Mos Def feat. Talib Kweli- History(Instrumental)(Downtown Music)(2009)

J.Dilla- On The One (Bling47 Recordings)(2004)

Jay Electronica- Renaissance Man (WeDoItRight)(2009)

Busta Rhymes- Step Up (Not On Label)(2007)

Ghostface Killah- Whip You With A Strap (Def Jam)(2006)

Erykah Badu- Didn’t Cha Know (Motown)(2000)

This mix is dedicated to the memory of James “J.Dilla/Jay Dee” Yancey

February 7, 1974- February 10, 2006

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I seriously love Stump. Like I love him no matter the time and he's really just got me more into music with soul punk. His career in general has helped me and I'm just in love w/ him??? like wth who gave him the right to be so amazing??

And extremely talented, can’t forget that either. But yeah I get that, I’m so in love with him I swear. I just wanna meet him,,

/talk to me about Patrick?/

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Dude I fricken love Eminem and people on tumblr always talk about the shitty stuff he did (which I know is a lot) but honestly his music is rlly good and I hate getting shit for liking him bc apparently if ur a teenage girl you can't be a "real" fan

listen i spent five years in the eminem fandom, on twitter too which is, psh, twitter fandoms suck ass. but i feel, bein a teenage girl (and a white one at that, like i am) sucks bc u get shit for liking hip hop in general. ugh. his music’s so good, he’s so talented and he’s a brilliant lyricist and an overall incredible musician and person at that. shitty things he’s done aside. although nobody on tumblr seems to know the whole story. but whatever. im not gonna start shit.

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tyler ;)

Full Name: Tyler Scarborough
Gender and Sexuality: Transgender and Pansexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Lion/Bat Hybrid
Birthplace and Birthdate: Sacramento, California February 8th, 1985
Guilty Pleasures: Netflix Marathons, Comfort foods and Alcohol
Phobias: N/A
What They Would Be Famous For: His Music and general Music/Dance performances
What They Would Get Arrested For: Drunk Driving
OC You Ship Them With: Melody
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Nori
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Comedy
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Anything consisting of ridiculous Love Triangles or predictable plots
Talents and/or Powers: Music and Dancing
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s very hyperactive and bubbly and sweet.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Very annoying and tends to not want to leave people alone
How They Change: When one of their loved ones get hurt or attacked
Why You Love Them: I love him because he’s always so happy and full of life

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<NEVERMIND. Make it a Favorite!>

The Xaela thought for a moment. Art was clearly not something he was versed in. He couldn’t read nor write, and was limited to the oral tradition of the Iriq and Xaela in general, and the music of his people. Other than that, the translation in his mind into the common tongue was forced.

“My people create very appealing music with the horsehead fiddle. Your singing is not like ours. It’s rumbling and inspiring, comes from the throat and the chest, and you paint melodies with two tones at once. Some are simple stories. The Tavan Hasag is a song that speaks of life in the steppe. It brings fond memories.”

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Full Name: its just “laurel” atm,,, i havent come up w/ a last name for him yet lmao. but hes a prince so it would be something fancy
Gender and Sexuality: transboy and graysexual 
Pronouns: he/him
Ethnicity/Species: white/human
Birthplace and Birthdate: he was born and raised in this fictional kingdom i made but it doesnt have a name either,,,, but lets just say austria. his birthday is november 12th 
Guilty Pleasures: violin music and classical music in general,,, he listens to mozart on a daily basis 
Phobias: he has a massive fear of blood,,, and also heights 
What They Would Be Famous For: well he’s a prince so he’s already pretty famous,,, in his country at least. i can see him being famous as a violinist 
What They Would Get Arrested For: well considering that he’s secretly apart of this infamous villainous group,,,,probably that 
OC You Ship Them With: ruvik,,,
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: ???? he hasn’t rly made enemies w/ anyone so uh no one atm 
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: he likes classic literature and old-fashioned black and white movies 
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: ehhh the typical love scenario w/ a guy and girl and they meet one day and fall in love. he doesnt care much for the romance genre in general tbh 
Talents and/or Powers: he can play the violin pretty well and somehow stand living with ruvik. i consider that a talent 
Why Someone Might Love Them: he may seem insensitive and cynical on the outside, but on the inside he’s a lot, er, nicer. yeah 
Why Someone Might Hate Them: ^^^ and bc hes apart of a major villainous organization but you know 
How They Change: he becomes a lot more open thanks to ruvik, and starts getting more friends but that also means more friends he has to betray eventually :) 
Why You Love Them: he has a very interesting character and i just love him in general???? @ god let him rest hes been through enough already

Eddie Bullen -No Hat. Pianist, composer, arranger and producer. A Man with many hats. by toro500 Many musicians from Caribbean islands ended up in Toronto, probably to escape the constant sun, hot weather and the beaches…;-). Whatever the reason, Toronto is richer for this. Eddie Bullen, moved from Granada in 1980 and is well respected in his community and in the musical community in general. Eddie plays hot island flavoured jazz. His bands are a selection of the best from the Caribbean musicians . Neil Brathwaite on sax and percussionist Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo are frequent collaborators. His son Quincy joins him occasionally.