I saw that the reaper76 tag was lacking a BikerAU (or maybe I didn’t search well enough I dunno) and I was like: “WTF where is the BikerAU at?!?!” So having not seen any fanart of that I decided to make some practice drawings. Heavily used google images as reference xD There’s more sketches and even tiny pieces of fics I’m working on. I’m seriously in love with this AU. Also, go listen to Hands by Barns Courtney.

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I buried this point in a reblog of one of my other GotG posts, but I wanted to pull it out into its own post because I think it’s important.

I think this movie contains one of the most accurate and sympathetic depictions of the fannish way of thinking that I’ve ever seen in mainstream media. This is not a movie about fandom, but I think it is actually more sympathetic to, and understanding of, the way people in fandom think and behave than 99% of TV or movies’ attempts to depict more classically fandom-associated things like fan conventions, fanfic, or cosplay. 

These are movies about a guy who uses music and pop culture to process his emotions and provide a framework for thinking about the world, and while there are times when it’s played somewhat for laughs (e.g. trying to explain David Hasselhoff to Gamora), most of the time the movies are as sincere about it as Peter is. Even in the David Hasselhoff scene, Gamora doesn’t laugh; she might not fully understand, but she recognizes how important that fantasy was to Peter and just tells him that she thinks it’s sweet – I mean, if you think about it, what happened here is that the main protagonist in an action movie described a self-insert fantasy to a “cool” friend and got a sympathetic and understanding response. When does that EVER happen?

(In a reblog addition to the original version of this post, katiekeysburg contributed a link to an article with James Gunn that suggests there’s a certain amount of autobiography in Peter’s use of fantasy as a way of coping with reality, so a lot of this is intentional.)

And it’s also a movie in which the action-hero main character carries around a completely nonfunctional (in practical terms) comfort object with him, and the other characters are totally supportive of that. (The practically-nonfunctional part is important, I think, because I can think of other movies in which the protagonist has something like a weapon given to them by a dead loved one, but I can’t think of anything else I’ve ever seen in mainstream genre fiction in which the protagonist carries an object which is only used to comfort them and calm them down, and is actively shown being used that way on a regular basis.) In the first movie, Peter’s friends don’t really get it yet, but even there, the only actual semi-derogatory reference to it that I can remember is Drax’s “You’re an imbecile” when he realizes Peter went back to the Kyln in the middle of a firefight to retrieve the Walkman, and given how little interaction they’ve had so far and the fact that everyone’s lives were in jeopardy because of waiting for him, that’s a reasonable reaction under the circumstances.

But no one ever makes fun of him for needing it, and I’m pretty sure that by the time we get around to the second movie, when they’ve started to recognize how important it is to him, his friends would be the ones going through hell and high water to get it back for him (as evidenced by the fact that Rocket apparently retrieved Yondu’s broken arrow from Ego’s planet while the planet was literally blowing up around him – I’m sure any of them would do the same in a heartbeat for Peter’s music player).

Even Yondu seems to have been supportive of it, because Peter’s confidence with the Walkman, and with playing his music out loud in general, suggests that Yondu never used it as a punishment – that is, he could easily have withheld it to control Peter (surely it must have been obvious that if he’d wanted to control and break the kid, taking away his music would’ve been the way to do that), but he doesn’t seem to have done that; Peter never behaves like he grew up under the threat of having his music taken away from him. In fact, we find out in the second movie that Yondu actually made copies of the music on Peter’s tape and kept it on the ship, presumably in case the original was lost.

In both movies, trying to take away Peter’s music/comfort object is shown as something that only really bad people do (like the Kyln prison guard, or Ego crushing his Walkman), and people show their love for him by giving him more music, or by letting him share his music with them, or just making sure that he has it.

I just. These movies, you guys. ❤ ❤ ❤

BTS Saying they love you for the first time

Request: Could you please do one where BTS say I love you for the first time?

Hope you like it! :) 


You were on one of your first dates which was in an unknown little cafe that Jin knew no one really knew about so you could freely enjoy yourselves there without being scared of saesangs. As you were talking Jin would notice how cute and attractive you were when just talking about mundane things such as how your day went. In that moment Jin would softly smile to himself before speaking his mind aloud.

“I love you.” 

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You and Namjoon were in his room and he was showing you some of the songs he was working on. As you were quietly listening and admiring his work Namjoon was admiring you. Seeing you appreciate his music and music in general made him realise how much of a perfect match you two were. Namjoon was examining you when you suddenly began bobbing your head to the music without realising which made Namjoon chuckle to himself.

“Moments like these make me realise why I love you.”

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It would take him ages before he is able to finally say the words to you since he finds it so difficult to share his feelings so openly. He’d say it at the most random time. Like when you were cuddling on the sofa as a boring show played on the TV. He would notice you slowly become sleepy as you snuggle in deeper into his neck. He would see all of your features and he would feel his stomach erupting in butterflies, something that doesn’t happen very often and before he knew it a smile crawled onto his face.

“…I love you so damn much.” 

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You were hanging out together just talking and joking around as usual. He would say some random joke and you would erupt in laughter because seeing him smile alone would make you happy. He would on the other hand just stare at your smile and would realise that all it took for him to be happy was seeing you happy, in that moment he wanted you to know what a big impact you make on him since he wanted you to know how important you were to him.

“Loving you is all I need.” 

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Jimin would tell you how much he loves you all the time, almost everything you did made him fall for you even more and he wasn’t embarrassed to tell you how much he loved you. The first time he ever said it was when he dropped you off near your house, as you were beginning to walk away he felt a sudden urge to let you know how much you mean to him.

“You know I love you right?”

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Since he is still young he’d find it quiet embarrassing to tell you. He’d have pretty bad timing as he would over think it too much. When you two were spending the day together all he would be thinking about is how to tell you and when and how because he knew it was time. He would zone out a lot more than usual and he’d randomly become red. As you were talking he’d just blurt it out interrupting you unintentionally as he just wanted it out of his system. 

“I love you!”

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You were visiting the dorms and decided to both cook for the others together. As you were cooking you would occasionally scold him as he is very hopeless when it comes to cooking. However you would also keep on praising him as it was so easy to notice how hard and sincerely he was trying to help. As you were getting one of the ingredients his face would light up as he admired how you tolerated his randomness and playfulness. He could just see how well you worked together. With a huge grin on his face he would let you know exactly what he was thinking.

“You make it so easy to love you.”

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RIP Chester. This is the first celebrity death that actually hit me personally. I grew up loving Linkin Park, unironically, like a lot of people I’m sure. A fan since junior high school, and I still listen to them to this day. I remember showing clips from their Live In Texas DVD to my mom because I thought it was so cool and emotive. And it was. You could tell he cared about what he did.

I am saddened to hear that he has taken his own life, but I am reminded of how much his music, and music in general, has affected my life. I’m a writer because of people like Chester, and that’s why I leave you guys now with the prompt to write about music. Write about Chester, write about your favorite song, write about Linkin Park, write about this song. Write about music. Just write.

You can consider this an unofficial pop-up prompt. Not because Chester died, but because we are alive. And our words matter. From the small bit that I have learned as a fan of Chester’s, I feel like he would have appreciated it. 

And so could someone else.
Much love,

“You try to take the best of me, go away.”

Dating One (Jaewon) would include

•  ngl overall he’d be such a dork despite his looks
•  like him getting your attention would involve lots of staring and hoping that you’d realize he liked you
•  which ofc didn’t go past you lmao he was so obvious
•  you’d compliment him on his songs and he’d basically melt, barely being able to ask you to hang out some time
•  bc he’s all *.*  *.*  *.*  SHOOK “wow y/n and I actually had a conversation and I didn’t feel my knees buckling”
•  it’d be that typical romantic movie kinda love w/ him like……..
•  talking really late at night
•  your friends will become his friends and vice versa
•  getting into trouble together sometimes bc yolo
•  never being able to think about anything else when you’re not with him
•  him finally confessing over some cheesy pizza and beer
•  it all happened out of nowhere bc it hasn’t hit him that he’s become so attached to you and grown so fond of every little thing that you do
•  jaewon would never be afraid of talking about his feelings w/ you, esp if yall are having a petty fight
•  and they’re useless tbh bc they always end up in heavy makeout sessions but hey I wouldn’t mind
•  yall would literally makeout anywhere tho tbh
•  there’s just something about his lips that’s so intoxicating and you find yourself daydreaming about them often
•  not even being ashamed to tell him bc he lives for that shit
•  also the little sounds he makes against your mouth when he can’t control himself anymore HOly
•  taking you out on rides around the city bc he loves your amused expressions every time you find something interesting and point it out
•  also he gets inspired just by watching you being in love w/ anything and everything
•  he’d be really gentle w/ you
•  but not in a ‘treating you like a piece of glass’ kind of gentle
•  he just never gets mad
•  and always sees your point when you’re trying to make one
•  and also just being gentle physically
•  ahhhh it hurts my head just thinking about this but his touches are literally feather-like
•  tracing his thumbs over your skin ever so softly, esp during early morning when he’s halfway between sleep and consciousness
•  and hugs would consist of lots of back rubbing and neck nuzzling
•  also him just playing with the strands of your hair and sighing every couple seconds bc this feels so good
•  trips to museums would happen often
•  also lots of dates to his private studio where he shows you some things no one’s seen before
•  pun may be intended wink wonk
•  playing with his long hair and hearing him hum in satisfaction “mmmmm you’re gonna make me fall asleep when I wanna keep talking to you ;(((”
•  having long talks about his music and just music in general
•  plenty of inside jokes that no one else would understand
•  him just being really cheesy and cute sometimes when on a date
•  esp if it’s raining and he’s like trying to act out every single Korean drama “oh my gosh, water is falling from the sky??? well good thing I have my umbrella, so my y/n wouldn’t get wet ://///” oh my GOD
•  like I know he’d probably blush if you asked him to sing for you, but you don’t even gotta ask twice
•  bc he’ll totally do it and be extra af about it if he made you flustered
•  “damn lmao if my voice could do that then……………;);;;;););”
•  jaewon just literally grabbing your face and kissing you in front of your friends if they’d tease you
•  somehow still always getting in trouble w/ him bc yall can never seem to control each other jfc
•  but he’s a complete dork and will love you forever 🌷

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ISpy By Kyle Feat Lil Yachty

“Ispy” is one of the latest singles by California rapper/ singer and producer Kyle. The song was originally released back in December, but the animated lyric video was released about a couple weeks ago. Summery, lighthearted and fun in nature it’s tracks like these I think hip-hop had been missing for a minute

Kyle’s an artist unlike Yachty, who’s been writing and creating music for years now with two LP’s under his belt. He’s shown an ability to create boisterous rap while also singing introspectively about his experiences. His music, in general, has a breezy, nonchalant feel to it. He’s also got a slight lisp. I liken him to a less somber Drake. “Ispy” in particularly finds him mixing boisterousness with insouciance to a nicely. The tracks muse is a cute girl that takes him mind off being bummed kids are making fun of him. Bars about finding a girl with not so many likes and shading rappers who don’t write their albums and having a pad like Six Flags.

Lil Yachty’s verse comes after that, and things go from lighthearted to flat out goofy. As polarizing as he is and as long as it took for me to warm up to him once I did the appeal was simple and obvious. Yachty’s got a unique voice and off-kilter flow and a whimsical happy-go-lucky attitude that only youth could buy. “Ispy” finds Yachty raising the energy of the song to another level as he both raps and sings and references hickeys and scooby doo (“Raggy!”). Songs this jovial weren’t super easy to come across just a few years ago, then there weren’t rappers with the youthful innocence of Lil Yachty infiltrating the mainstream either.

The production on the track is handled by Ayo and Kyle. A track that features a nice bass drop, cute piano keys, and your using skittering trap percussion. The whole thing equal’s to a bouncy beat that sounds perfect for a young Yachty to hop on.

It all adds up to a fun and somewhat innocent rap song I’ve loved since I heard it. The non-serious party atmosphere quickly recalls music from Kid N Play or Biz Markie of course, the music is cruder than that ever was but this isn’t that exactly it’s a trap version of it, and I’m all the way here for it.    

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why do u think ppl get obsessed w Brendon and panic? this is such a dumb question but Im high AF and I have been sitting here for an hour thinking about it. like why do I sit here for 8 hrs a day n look at his dumb face wtf

Idk he’s a very sweet dude and people get obsessed with everything but he does have an air of more personal comfort when it comes to interacting with him. It doesn’t feel like you’re necessarily talking to a celebrity even if you look up to him extremely, it’s more like you’re talking to a friend he’s just. There. And I think it’s easier for people to head towards a place of comfort which he tends to supply with his music and his whole general Vibe. Also he’s pretty and makes dick jokes.

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What do YOU think though? Didn't you think this would happen eventually? That [haylor & hendall] they would be mentioned- because he's not free entirely and he's still closeted?

yeah i did. as soon as we found out he was signed with columbia i was like ‘okay so when does the het stuff start?’

so yeah i was expecting this to happen (not haylor and hendall in rolling stone per se but press that frequently relies on harry’s former pr relationships and lingering womanizer image to sell his music to the general public and to rally the het and anti and neutral side of the fandom and keep them as engaged a possible).

like yes, obviously he’s still in the closet and i’ve been very frank about the fact that i don’t expect him to come out alone (and especially not while louis is so trapped). so i didn’t expect him to start knocking on the closet door or anything (especially not where the gp would see it) but i didn’t think they were going to be so blatant and so in your face with the haylor and hendall stuff (and i don’t think i’m alone in that). i am also prepared for harry and kendall to be spotted out again together during album promo or something of the sort (though i’d love  to be wrong about that).

i still think that sony is deliberately going to keep louis bogged down in het stunts for the duration of harry’s promo (at least until the album drops). i think that was the primary purpose of bringing eleanor back and i think that’s why babygate is still happening.

SO. @hateinfinite @patienceiero choke on one another appreciation post.

first of all the studio version is so good ……. i’m not even gonna try and decipher the lyrics but the sound ?? is so good ?? i love the video game sounds after “staring down makes you forget there’s sky” and the groan after “superficial noisefuuuuuck” for some reason sdijfkhksd (also when you download it using the card that came with the vinyl the song is titled ‘choke wednesday’ and honestly…. same)

SECOND OF ALL hearing it live must have been a fucking RAVE i’m so pissed i didn’t go to one of their shows,,,,, everyone jsut fuckings yells in unison its such a Good Time n the crowd is so into it. but also the way he sings in (screams it??) live is so fuckgin good he is a Passionate little man…… and i guess this applies to all of his music in general but how does he fit so much anger into his little body tbh what the hell and fuck

the way he screams the hypnotizing, paralyzing, awe inspiring, sterilizing, annihilation of our lies part makes my heart nut its so good he seems so into it…. god bless…… also can we talk about how That One Show was a fuckign year ago tomorrow what the FCUK, anyway i think thats all i have to say for now feel free to add on to this post 

Uduki Arata (C.V. Hosoya Yoshimasa)

Kimi, Mai Oriru…  (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*

I’m still sad it’s not ChouchouP’s piano or his music in general but the guitar and bass sounds awesome!! And the lyrics are so sad!! Beautifully sad!! It’s like the sequel for his first song, Sakaru to Tomo ni Kimi dake wo. And it’s Hosoyan singing. I just love his singing. I am happy.  ヾ(^∇^)

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I bet Shawn loves when people ask questions about his music or music in general like that one vid from today he got sooooooo happy like I feel like if you ask a music related question he'll probably actually remember you since he's so used to "do you miss magcon?" "Will you marry me?" "What's your favorite snack?"

Someone legit asked him for a date again. Boy is getting good at curving them too. But honestly I don’t understand what satisfaction a person gets by asking him for a date or to marry him. Like you 100% know that’s first uncomfortable for everyone and second that he will say no. I just really don’t understand. Okay fine whatever ask his favourite snack at least it’s a question he can give a genuine answer to.

I finally decided what I was gonna do with Darcy. I have been throwing him at random dateables forever now but i’ve finally decided who he’s gonna be my scholar for!!!

He’s in love with Axel. The little classy dancer boy and his guilty pleasure big time pop star crush. 

He listens to his music secretly and dances to it when no one is around. One of his dreams is to be in a music video of his someday. 

He never keeps secrets from his sister, Vivi, but since he knows her opinion on Axel and his music in general he basically is screaming internally trying to keep it low key so she doesn’t silently judge him (she will, but she’ll deny that she is because she’s too polite to judge him directly). 

He buys all the songs or albums on his iPod. Heck, his iPod’s passcode is ‘AXEL’. 

He’s a giant fan but he also respects Axel’s privacy and hates how the media picks on him or crazed fans who stalk him. He really has a thing or two to say about those kinds of fans, but just like his sister, he prefers to silently judge instead of trying to pick fights.

When he first ran into Axel at Arlington he was singing one of his songs in the shower. 

He finishes the first verse and chorus of the song, and then from the other shower stall he hears an EXTREMELY specific voice say, “damn you sing that better than I do,” 

He drops his shampoo bottle and freezes not knowing what to do. 

“uh, you okay buddy?” the other voice asks, a little concerned at the awkward silence. 

yeah-i’m-okay-thanks-it’s-okay” he manages to get out of his mouth in a rush.

They continue in silence. 

Darcy rushes to get out of the bathrooms before Axel gets out and sees his face. 

(i’m envisioning the bathrooms to be like the boarding school my high school friend moved to, so this may change later when we find out how the bathrooms are actually constructed) 

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I'm really excited for Louis' interview with Matt Edmondson airing tomorrow because supposedly Louis shared some untold stories with him. Also I think it's pre-recorded from the London week of promo, and I'm curious if he'll mention any stunts, and see if there's any pattern. The UK promo has some minor mention of the 'baby' and 'girlfriend', but the American promo has been obsessed with the 'girlfriend' and her influence on his new music.

Oh fun!!  I hope he brings up the tweets and seeing a precious drunk Baby Louis haha.  As long as I can hear Louis talk about his songwriting process and music in general…sign me the fuck up

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How long will H's 1D fans stick around? HSHQ still seems to be doing everything to appeal to that "30+hipster men crowd" H said he wanted as fans in RS & taking his 1D fans for granted by putting them down or not acknowledging them. A lot of the 1D fans could care less about Stevie or Nikki Stixx & the songwriter H worked with emphasized his "former" fanbase several times in the latest interview. Too bad it's the 1D fans who bought his album, not those cool men fans he's trying so hard to gain.

yeah it’s funny cuz I came into 1D as a fan of Harry precisely because of his old school taste in music and his general vibe. It was organic and seemed to really be the direction he was going so I come in as a fan of Fleetwood Mac and the Who and many others, so I get that a lot of his younger fan base doesn’t know or care about Stevie Nicks, but I’m on the flip side and I do and even to me the entire set up is bizarre. He lost that organic, natural interest he had in favour of this glammed up, hipster try hard 70’s rock star image. Like dude, you already had a vibe that was natural and personable and still fit into your interests, why you pushing so hard now?

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You have become one of my favorite blogs in this site. The way you talk about Niall and his music, and music in general (i think I'm finally learning) the way how you also share about things you like and that way it feels like I know you in a way? And also I just realized that we have the same age but you seem so wise, like a person who really enjoys life, a person who has lived so many things. I dont know, I really felt like telling you this.

AWWWW THIS IS SO SWEET !! i’m so happy to be able to bring some nice things to your dash!! it’s really and truly an honor to be part of your life and i’m so happy it’s a good thing!! and thank u so much..tbh i’m very much just taking my best guess and hoping it all works out, but i’m always here if u need me!! thank u for telling me!! <3 <3 

Insecurity brings insecurity (Luke Hemmings imagine)

You and your husband of 8 years had a 6 year old daughter. You, Luke and y/d/n had been invited to Luke’s parents’ house for Christmas this year. It was a massive family gathering, everyone was there. You loved his family as much as you loved your own, they always made you feel loved.

“Y/N, Y/D/N, We’re going to be late If we don’t get going,” Luke yells from the bottom of the stairs. You finished putting on your makeup and brushed your hair. When you walk down the stairs, you’re greeted to the beautiful sight of Luke helping y/d/n get her shoes and coat on. She was wearing the cutest emerald green dress that you and Luke had picked out for her a few weeks back. She hadn’t shut up about wearing it to the Christmas gathering. Her skin was considerably darker than Luke’s, just like yours was, but they looked so adorable together. You could easily tell she was Luke’s daughter, the tall skinny figure, the way she laughed, her facial features…just everything screamed mini Luke.

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prompt:  Youtuber!Wirt and Youtuber!Dipper do a collab and everyone starts shipping them.

For: @wild-foxkin

i had a lot of writing this, i hope you enjoy this as much as i did! when i started, i honestly had no idea this would turn out as long as it did, haha.

“Alright, internet. I’m sure you all remember my revelation that a friend of mine happens to be another youtuber you know and love.”

Dipper clapped his hands together, his bright eyes gleaming. “And of course, you remember my promise to collab with him, right? I’m sure you’re all excited for that.” He paused for dramatic effect. “But it seems that I’ve forgotten to mention his name all this time! Oops.”

He gave a grandiose shrug, his sideways grin only growing with anticipation.

“After all your speculation, today you’ll finally hear the end of this mystery! Say hello, GnomePrince!” Wirt’s head popped into view from the left corner of the screen as he scooted into the camera’s angle. He gave a small wave, a broad grin accompanying it.

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Roy Buchanan
Hey Joe

If you’ve never heard Roy, please take this chance. 

This version of Hey Joe is transcendental, and his music in general is pretty amazing. 

75% Speed The Majestic Tale (of a madman in a box)
Original artist: Murray Gold
75% Speed The Majestic Tale (of a madman in a box)

As a soundtrack enthusiast, Time of the Doctor was a bit of a let down. 

Sometimes I imagine what I’d say if I met celebrities. If I ever got to meet Murray Gold, the composer of the Doctor Who soundtracks since 2005, I would have told him that I thought he was one of the greatest soundtrack composers ever and that Vale Decem, the song he composed as the soundtrack to the 10th Doctor’s regeneration into the 11th, was one of the best done pieces of soundtrack I’ve ever heard. 

I would have also told him that I had no idea how he could possibly come up with anything nearly as incredible for when Matt Smith regenerated, but if anyone could, it was him. 

The soundtrack used in Matt Smith’s regeneration in the Time of the Doctor was a track called ‘Infinite Potential.’ It was reused music, first heard in 'The Rings of Akhaten.’ Yes, it’s beautiful music, one of my favourite tracks. Yes it fit the scene.

But. It just. Wasn’t 11. Wasn’t Matt. 

Even in the original scene, Infinite Potential is what plays to Clara’s speech, after The Long Song. It’s not even a 11th Doctor moment. 

Vale Decem is one of my favourite pieces of music primarily because it captures incredibly well the feelings of grief and sorrow we feel at 10’s departure, but at the same time captures the sheer majesty and glory of David Tennant’s Doctor. And the climax is basically a glorified version of 10’s theme, just with lyrics added. 

And Matt Smith bloody well deserved that. 

When David left we all thought he was the greatest Doctor there ever was, and no one could ever possibly replace him and who the hell did this young upstart of a Smith thing he was. 

But Matt came in and was his own quirky version of the Doctor and we fell in love with his bow ties and dancing around the TARDIS and general goofiness, and in short, he became an incredible Doctor, as great or more great than any of the actors who came before him. 

He deserved his theme at the end of his era.

Preferably an epic glorified version.

Which is basically what I’ve done here. I took “The Majestic Tale (of a madman in a box)” which builds on the “I am the Doctor” theme and though from the Season 6 album, is heard in variations throughout Matt’s entire era. It’s as Matt as you can get, so far as his epic music is concerned.

This is the latter part of it, slowed down  to 75%, for general glorifying and sorrow inducing purposes. 

[Obviously I do no not own the original soundtrack that’s Murray Gold’s or the BBC’s or whoever’s, and I still think Murray Gold and his music in general is beyond incredible, I just wish this could have happened]

“I can’t believe Bryana and Ashton-”