Aiden x Fem!Reader x Lydia

Requested By Anon

Warnings: shower sex, sex, smut, fingering, swearing Alpha x Baby Beta Kink (Aiden x Reader), Mommy x Puppy kink (Lydia x Reader), threesome, fingering, oral, swearing, Dom!Aiden, Dom!Lydia, Sub!Reader

“Hey, Ethan said you were looking for me.” Aiden muttered as he walked Lydia into Coach’s office.


“Yeah we need to talk…” She was cut off by Aiden kissing her, his teeth grazing her bottom lip.

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Handmade Thranduil plushie from The Hobbit movies

Concept design and patterns created by me.

So here he is, at last finished! 

For the plushie itself used many different fabrics, the ones for the gown and cape were hard to find but I’m pleased with the choice I made. To come up with a way to make the crown to stay in place by itself has been a bit of a challange.

He can move the arms and legs easily although with his arms open looks like he’s always ready to hug hehe Also I’d like to emphasize how smooth he is, very elvish indeed lol

Hope you like him as much as I do :)

Oh, and thanks to all of you who have showed interest on buying him, I’m very flattered! I’m still considering the option to sell him if there’s enough people interested, let me know if that’s the case.

Please, don’t repost thanks :)


Summary: An unexpected hunt leads you to staying in a cabin. A run down one at that. One percent plot, well no plot. Mainly just smut, pure smut.

Word Count: 911

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, pure smut

A/N: Thank you @deanthomaswinchester

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The last thing you expected was to be in a cabin, with Dean hovering over you. It was supposed to be a simple salt and burn, but it turned out to be more. Sam told you about this place to stay in, until both of you figured out exactly what exactly was going on. Plus the last sign you seen said ‘Welcome To Indiana’. The bunker was obviously out of the question.

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I want to get Harry off man why is that too much to ask for

And boy, would he love it.

Long day, right?
Or maybe you’ve gotten into a fight. and he’s in the other room and you find him, padding in behind him while he’s messing with some vocals on his computer. he hears you, and turns in his chair, guitar pic between his lips and one slat of the guitar resting on his thigh.

“Hi”, you sniffle and he notices that you’re still crying and you’ve put on one of his jumpers.

“C’mere”, he pouts and puts his guitar down on the stand next to him, opening his arms and legs.

You walk over sheepishly and he pulls you in by his strong and protective arms, your head ducking under his chin as you trace the pattern on his shirt, taking a deep breath in. He smells like bed sheets and vanilla and some sort of his magic skin potion. And you’re lost in it.

“M’sorry”, your lip is trembling and he holds you tighter, one hand on your thigh, other around your waist and he kisses your temple.

“Doesn’t make me love yeh less. We’re gon’ fight, love” he rests his chin on your head and you wipe your eyes with the heel of your hand that’s covered by his jumper.

You look up at him and he peers down, the both of you searching each others eyes for a moment before he’s pressing his lips on yours. It’s slow and gentle, but you want more. You want to tell him how sorry you really are. Your breath quickens and you’re breathing hard through your nose, gripping his shirt just a bit.

He’s left stunned, his arms out in a weak surrender pose as you break the kiss.

You bite his bottom lip and he licks your tongue, eyes half shut.

“Let me show you how sorry”, you’re un-buttoning his pants as you stand up, kissing under his ear.

He lets out a slow groan and a hiss when your hand has found its way into his pants.Before he blacks out from pleasure he remembers he’s gotta remind you later that he’s sorry, too.

Censer stand

Late Classic Period

Object Place: Tabasco or Chiapas, Mexico

Incense burner stand portraying a human figure with attributes of the so-called jaguar god of the underworld, which symbolizes the underworld sun. The tubular protrusions of his headdress are broken, and serpents emerge from behind his waist and fall to each side of his legs, the serpents’ open mouths revealing their long fangs. The figure stands on a turtle shell from which emerges God N, a primary god of the underworld who also was one of the gods of Creation. Two profile beings with zoomorphic heads flank the main figure, each holding a long staff, and likely portraying bacabs, the supernatural beings who stand at the four corners of the cosmos and support the sky. Considered together, the imagery of this incense burner stand portrays the physical structure of the underworld.

The tall cylinder at the back of the sculpture originally supported a plate or low-walled dish filled with burning coals onto which incense would have been placed. The sculpture likely adorned the front of a ceremonial building.

Modeled incense-burner stands adorned the stairways and entrances of Maya temples. This support portrays the Maya universe; the main figure symbolizes the sun of the Underworld who stands on a turtle, embodying the earth. The profile figures recall “bacabs,” supernaturals who support the sky. A dish holding burning coals and incense would be placed atop the stand.


You’re Sick

Calum: You pulled the blanket over your head, groaning out quietly. Your stomach was twisted in knots, cramping up every time you ate or drank anything, including your medicine. “Babe, mum brought soup,” Calum said softly, sitting on the bed next to you. “I can’t…” you murmured, pulling the blanket down slightly so you could see him. “You’re not ready to try yet?” You shook your head against the pillow. “Alright love,” he nodded his head, putting his legs up on the bed. He laid next to you, opening his arm for you. You rolled over into him and buried your face against his chest, wanting to focus on anything else but the discomfort. He slid his hand back into your hair, breathing out quietly. “We’ll get you better soon love,” he murmured, kissing the top of your head. “I hate seeing you like this…”

Ashton: Your body lurched forwards, your stomach clenching and ejecting everything it possibly could. You whined out softly, Ashton frowning and keeping his hand firmly against your back. Dry heaving for almost three minutes, Ashton winced every time you hunched forwards. Your hands were shaking and all you wanted to do was be able to relax. When things started to slow down, Ashton got up for a moment, filling a glass with cool water before kneeling back down beside you. “Here,” he said quietly, helping you lean back into him before holding the glass up to your lips. Your hands still shook around his and with his help, you were able to get down a couple of sips. “There we go…” he murmured out, rubbing soft circles against your stomach. “Just go slow okay?” he said, tilting the glass away from you slightly. “It’ll be okay… we’ll get you back to bed, just go slow.”

Luke: “Okay, you took your medicine, you had your soup, you have Netflix and you have blankets. Is there anything else you need?” he asked, his eyes finally settling on you. You smiled softly at him, blowing your nose and shaking your head. “No, all I want are cuddles now please?” you asked, jutting out your bottom lip. “I can do that…” he bit his lip, pulling back the mountain of blankets and crawling under before pulling the blankets back down over the both of you, letting out a hum of content. You grabbed his arm and pulled it up, slipping yourself underneath before putting it down over you and curling up under him and against his chest. He crossed his forearm across your chest and pressed his lips to your feverish forehead. You smiled softly and pushed your cheek against his shoulder. “You’re the best doctor, you know that?” you hummed out, making him grin like an idiot. “I try babe, I try.”

Michael: “Alright… alright, I’ll be right there… yeah okay,” he hung up the phone, looking at the boys’ confused looks. “I gotta go, I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “What’s wrong mate?” Ashton asked. “My mum had to take (Y/N) to the hospital. She passed out,” he muttered. “I’m sorry,” he finished before slipping out of the recording studio and heading to you. When he got to the hospital, you were awake now, hooked up to an IV to feed you the fluids that you had been lacking. His mum explained to Michael what the doctor had explained to her. Considering you had been throwing up everything, dehydration had hit pretty severely. Michael nodded quickly, just wanting to be there with you. He pulled up a chair next to your bed, grabbing your hand. You looked over at him, smiling tiredly. “You gave me quiet the scare…” he murmured, kissing over your knuckles. “M’so glad mum was there… but I’m not leaving you now… I’m not going anywhere…”

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Oh my goodness I just thought of this reading the list of the top 10 most powerful Percy Jackson characters in the fans opinion and so Nico has a nightmare about his past and stuff since he is pretty much the most scarred character in the series and so he wakes up and immediately gets sick and will is there by his side right away and asks what happened and Nico starts to explain after he's sure he's done puking but ends up crying and so will cuddles him and comforts him they fall asleep together

This is actually kind of sad, but it was a good request to fill after having talked about Soldatino.

There was an intense heat that enveloped his body, as cruel and unforgiving as the flames of Tartarus, uncomfortable enough that he was left writhing as the harsh warmth licked up his arms, his legs, his whole body. He opened his mouth, but a burning air filled his lungs and he coughed, choking on his own silent scream.

And then he was falling. Falling, falling, falling into the darkness. Into an unimaginable nothingness, racing to the ground to meet unthinkable, nameless horrors, or falling forever into a bottomless black pit.

It was that notion that finally jolted him awake. He lied there, panting, his heart hammering against the wall of his chest, his eyes blown wide, taking in the view of the darkened ceiling above him. The overwhelming sense of his dream came back at him full force, closing in on him at an alarming rate. He struggled out of the tangled mess of blankets, clawing his way to the edge of the bed.

He heard Will sitting up behind him, woken by all the frantic movement. “Nico? What’s wrong?” he asked, his voice heavy with sleep.

Nico floundered over the side of the bed, gasping for air like he would never get enough of it. His stomach lurched and a heat spread along the back of his neck. He belched wetly and barely heard Will’s colorful expletive before he gagged, acrid watery vomit forcing its way up his throat and spilling from his lips, splattering on the rug where he usually put his feet after climbing out of bed.

He coughed up another mouthful, spitting disgustedly when he had nothing left in his stomach. He tried to catch his breath, gulping lungfuls of air now that his stomach was no longer roiling. Will’s arms found him then and pulled Nico back into a sitting position, smoothing back Nico’s damp hair from his face and wiping his mouth with a corner of the duvet.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Will asked gently, rubbing Nico’s arm.

They both suffered from regular nightmares, but either because of his time in Tartarus or possibly something else, Nico’s always seemed to take so much out of him. He had them more often than Will too, and they were always like this—ripping him from sleep, his body so riddled with fear that he usually woke up sick like this; the rug on the floor had been strategically placed there for that very reason.

Nico looked at him a long time before he spoke. “I—I just…” He swallowed around a growing tightness in his throat. “It was, um…”

His eyes stung, welling up with tears at an alarming rate, coming faster than he could blink them away. His vision goes immediately, overwhelmed tears leaking from his eyes, streaming down his cheeks as Will pulled him close and held him tight, the blond’s comforting words barely heard over Nico’s own distraught sobbing.

The crying was something Will was used to, though it pulled at his heartstrings every time. Nico’s nightmares didn’t always spawn tears, but when they did, Will knew it was a particularly bad one. Nico was not one for showing such vulnerability, but no amount of strength could block every breakdown, Will shuddered to think that Nico used to suffer like this alone.

By the time Will found himself yawning, Nico’s weeping had tapered off into gasping hiccups and long, desperate sniffles. He clung to Will’s pajama bottoms, quiet whimpers adding to the silence between them. Will could feel Nico trembling and he sighed tiredly, patting Nico’s hair and holding him tightly to show that he was safe.

“I’m tired, Will,” Nico said softly.

Will stroked him gently, knowing that Nico’s exhaustion stemmed from so many other reasons than a mere lack of sleep. It was impossible to know which he spoke of now.

“I know,” Will agreed, bending over to kiss Nico’s forehead. “Let’s get some sleep, yeah?”

Nico nodded into Will’s lap, pulling himself up with a shaky sigh. His eyes were bloodshot, bruised, his face accented with tear tracks running down his cheeks. Will wiped away the wetness with his thumbs, stealing a sweet kiss on Nico’s lips, confirmation of his love and loyalty to the son of Hades.

Nico, his cheeks now flushed, shimmied down into the sheets, smiling faintly as Will moved to join him.

“Thank you,” Nico breathed, his eyes already closed as he tucked his head under Will’s chin, snuggling close against the blond’s chest.

Will kissed his hair and wrapped his arms around him in a secure embrace. “Of course. I’ll always be here for you.”

The Signs as Stock Photo Descriptions of Men Standing
  • Aries:“Sad casual man standing with hands in pockets”
  • Taurus:“Casual man holds both hands in pockets and looks at you”
  • Gemini:“Happy man standing on one leg”
  • Cancer:“casual young man welcoming you with his arms opened and with a comforting smile.”
  • Leo:“Handsome confident relaxed handsome young man with a beard posing with his hands in his pockets in jeans and slip slops, isolated on white”
  • Virgo:“Unflattering standing.”
  • Libra:“Calm and relaxed middle age man posing casually, legs crossed.”
  • Scorpio:“Young serious Mexican man standing with hands in pockets”
  • Sagittarius:“casual young man standing with legs crossed and holding an elbow with his other hand while looking at the camera on white background”
  • Capricorn:“The man in a casual style poses”
  • Aquarius:“casual, stand, men”
  • Pisces:“His Arms”

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Hi Brontë! I asked this to another blog but they got unnecessarily aggressive so I hope you'll understand that I'm not implying anything than what I ask, also I trust your words. Why do we think sherlock is gay but not ace-homoromantic? Thank you! 😊

Mostly because there’s so much sexual coding to his character - e.g. opening his legs while sitting opposite John and lying face down with his arse in the air and then wiping vomit which looked much more like another bodily fluid from his mouth during the stag night - and because of the way other characters speak about his sexuality. There doesn’t seem to be much point on focusing so much on whether or not he’s a virgin unless we’re going to see him sexually involved with someone (John) later on. He also makes innuendos himself (e.g. “don’t you want me on the floor, too?”). Of course, that doesn’t necessarily equate to sexual attraction, but I don’t think that Moffat and Gatiss have an exceptionally nuanced understanding of asexuality, and they’ve said multiple times that Sherlock isn’t asexual, and while they do lie, I personally can’t see any reason why they might lie about that (plus the text supports it).

First Time (1907 words) by otokopus
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Junkrat/Roadhog, Roadrat
Characters: Jamison Fawkes (Junkrat), Mako Rutledge (Roadhog)
Additional Tags: porn with no plot, dirty talk, trans junkrat, oral sex, daddy kink mention, boot worship, protected sex, junkrat laughing during sex, breath play, gagging, consensual sex

NOTE: Scientific word used for Junkrat’s genitals. Only referred to as a ‘clit’.

(I’ll upload the fic to Ao3 when I get the chance– for now you can find it under the cut. Enjoy!)

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day 5 - yuucifer


“Mika,” the demon calls, head tilted to the side, as if taunting Mikaela to have a taste. From his perch on the floor, the demon squirms, legs spreading open just the slightest, hips rolling forward. Mika looks away. “It hurts,” it says, finally just leaving its legs wide open. Mika flips his pocket watch open, watching the seconds slowly tick by in an attempt to distract himself from the sounds the demon is making.

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friends with benefits (3/3)

summary; friends with benefits [one] [two] [three] - drama (???) M

genre; smut!! 

A/N; I found some inspiration finally, this is the sequel to finish the mini series!

“Let me make it up to you.“ Jiwon pushed you on his bed and spread your legs wide open. He needed to feel you again.
"Just getting right into it aren’t we?” You teased, rolling your hips up to greet his member.
“Only because I missed you so much.” Panting out his words, Jiwon reached to unzip your pants. His hands went under your underwear and lingered upon your clit; giving it a little rub. “Take them off for me babe.”
Not arguing with his words, you pulled your panties all the way down and threw them of the bed. Jiwon looked your body up and down, liking what he saw. “I think you’ve gotten more sexy since the last time I’ve had you in this position.”
You let out a loud moan as soon as Jiwon attached his mouth to your slit. Kissing your clit, Jiwon moved away and pulled down his pants. Leaning against the wall, Jiwon motioned for you, “come here.”
After crawling over to him, you lifted your body up, slid right over his cock and dropped down till you were full. “Babe, oh God. Please bounce.”
“I’ll think about it. Are you gonna be good?”
“I make no promises.”
You began to withdraw his member from you. “Oh really?” You lifted your bottom all the way up. His tip only left inside of you
Reaching to the side of the bed, you pulled open his nightstand and felt for the handcuffs that had been left behind for weeks.

You kissed him deeply to distract him from the sound of handcuffs jingling. Lifting his arms over his head you brought one handcuff to his wrist and pulled the chain through the bed railing and cuffed his other wrist. “What-”
“Think about it again. I’ll be right here.”  Sitting across from Jiwon, you decided to put on a little show. Trailing your hand down to your pussy, you rubbed circles onto your clit. “What do you me to do?”
“I want you to get on top of me.”
“Will you be good?”
“Yes.” Moving your body over his, you gave him exactly what he wanted; teasing was not only agonizing for him but for you too. Hovering over him, you took his member and guided it into your slit. You planted your hands firmly on his chest and started grinding him. He wasn’t inside of you just yet, you had to make sure he was prepped perfectly.
his penis with your clit if it feels good for you, you can kiss his chest, stick your butt up in the air, even go down and give him a bit of a suck if he’s not as hard as you’d like.
“Am I forgiven?” He whispered softly into your ear at the time of your climax.

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collar anon: *blushes deeply red and gets off his lap, then she undresses shyly.* Getting useful? I-I certainly can think of something, Master. *gets on her knees between his legs and opens his pants* I-Is that what you meant, Master? If yes I will make good use of my mouth. I will do everything to please Master as much as possible.

Ruki: -tugs at their collar a bit more as he hums and nods his head- Yes, Livestock. You should know that is how to do it. Maybe if you use that mouth of yours well, you may get a reward from me later. Although let’s see how it is. -hooks his finger again and pulls them up as he leans down slightly with a smirk- Or do I need to teach you how to use that dirty mouth again? I’m pretty sure that is unneeded as you have understood what I mean…

One of my favorite things about Finn (which I don’t capture very well because I’m a shit reviser) is how outwardly emotional and demonstrative he is. (I mean stars wars is hardly Adventurea of the Masters of Subtlety but still) Like every time I rewatch a Finn scene it’s just pure gold. The expressions and the commentary and everything- like I love reading him in fics as a super subtle spy badass as much as the next person and he is the super competent natural leader type, but I also love the side of him who would totally be in that sitcom situation where he’s like standing behind someone that you’re talking to and he’s trying to get your attention in increasingly ridiculous ways and then the other person turns around and he has like one leg up and his mouth open and one finger in his ear or whatever and then he has to play it off like “I had … an itch.”

I feel like that’s really specific but basically I want to be him in all ways as a person and also be his best friend