Federal and state agents raided the Indiana home of Subway pitchman Jared Fogle Tuesday morning in connection with a child pornography investigation. The 37-year-old multi-millionaire was detained outside of his Zionsville house, according to WTHR, where a special taskforce proceeded to inspect all electronics in his possession in a mobile forensics vehicle.

This investigation follows the April arrest of the Jared Foundation executive director’s arrest for child pornography

This man’s life was ruined because federal drug agents stormed his house unannounced

Joel Robinson of Orangeburg, South Carolina, was home alone one morning in October of 2014. It was 6 a.m.—still dark out—when suddenly a group of men burst onto the property, armed and yelling. Alarmed and assuming he was experiencing a home invasion, Robinson grabbed his gun and fled out the back door. As he ran to safety, he shot one of the men he thought was a burglar in the arm.

It was then that Robinson realized that the home invaders were actually federal agents, officers of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) who were executing a search warrant on his home on the suspicion that he’d been manufacturing the drug PCP. Robinson, who had never shot anyone before, immediately dropped his weapon and was arrested.

Seems like a simple case of self-defense, right? Robinson had no way to initially know that the men storming his house were federal agents; he didn’t kill anyone; and as soon as he understood what was happening, he gave up his gun.

Unfortunately, the DEA and the local justice system thought otherwise: Because even accidentally shooting a federal agent counts as assault, Robinson was hit with a whole host of charges—enough to get him a life sentence if convicted for all of them.

His charges included manufacturing and intending to distribute illegal drugs, but no drugs were ever found in his house.

And the DEA officers who ran unannounced into Robinson’s home at 6 a.m.? They weren’t even following their own protocol. “There’s a statute that requires you to knock and announce, and give the person an opportunity to come to the door and answer, and they didn’t do that,” explained one of Robinson’s defense attorneys. If they had, it’s not hard to imagine Robinson’s response would have been very different indeed.

Ultimately, to escape 30 or more years in prison, Robinson accepted a deal in which he plead guilty to the shooting, was sentenced to eight years in prison, and agreed to pay the officer’s $82,000 medical bills (despite the fact that they’d already been covered by insurance).

Joel Robinson’s life is effectively ruined.

How any of this can be said to remotely resemble justice is beyond me.

Robinson’s house was raided on the suspicion that he was manufacturing PCP—but when no drugs were found he was still charged with drug production.

And the agents who invaded his house didn’t follow their own rules to identify themselves—but Robinson was still charged with assault for not realizing who they were.

It goes almost without saying that Robinson is black. While it is impossible to say what kind of role race may or may not have played in his case, there is significant evidence that institutional racism remains a real problem in our justice system. This is particularly true where the drug war is concerned, as black people are more likely than white people to be arrested, convicted, jailed, and given long sentences for the exact same drug crimes.

But perhaps the saddest part of this whole story is that Robinson expressed gratitude that the DEA agents didn’t shoot and kill him on sight. Though that certainly is a mercy, it is appalling that a man who was caught doing nothing wrong would expect that armed government agents could murder him in his home.

Friendly reminder: that Neville’s uncle dangled him outside of a window as a child just to see if he has magic in him because he showed signs later as a child and the family he had left thought he was a squib. 

The basic premise for the fire at the science fair as a way to steal the micro bots in Big Hero 6 is based on an episode of the 1980’s TV show Murder, She Wrote where in a criminal causes a fire in a science fair to aid the theft of a hi-tech house robot.


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“Oh, I’m sorry; I wasn’t paying attention - wait, (y/n)?” He asked you, “You okay?”

You shook your head, “No, I’m not okay.” You sniffed.

“Hey, come on,” He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in for a warm hug, “Why don’t we go back to mine? I’ll make a cup of coffee or something and we can talk?”

You nodded as you pulled away, “Thanks, Jason.” You whispered with a smile as you wiped under your eyes.

He shook his head, “Always.” He murmured before taking your hand and walking you to his house.

@_amatsuki_ スタプラのリハ終わりからそらるさんと夏代くんとTくんとご飯を食べてからそのまま僕だけTくんの家に来てゴロゴロしてます

Amatsuki: After the rehearsals for Stars on Planet ended, Soraru-san, Natsushiro-san, T-kun and I went to eat. From there, i went to T-kun’s house and am slacking currently

@ZimuinG:@_amatsuki_ T君の家どう?どんなかんじ?

ZimuinG: How’s T-kun’s house? How does it feel?

@komankoman:@ZimuinG @_amatsuki_ ポテトチップを絨毯の上で粉々にしにいきたいな

Koman: I wanna go to his house and drop potato chip crumbs all over his carpet

She’d been wanting to give up by the end of her third year. They could try all they liked in the matches, but Potter would win and gain another two hundred points for his house with the win of the Quidditch Cup, and then inevitably be given another mountain of points by Dumbledore at the end of the year, and they would get nothing.

Nothing, though they tried so hard.

Snape, yes, gave them points for nothing, and deprived the other houses of many, but there wasn’t much they could do to stop him, he was a professor. And yes, many of their parents had fought the wrong side of the war, raised them in beliefs ill-favoured in the post-war climate, but that was not their fault.

They should not be blamed for the sins of their parents.

They should not be blamed for the sins of their professor.

So she stopped. Stopped playing, stopped trying. She plunged deep into depression when the war started anew and her parents become thing she did not know, when they were captured as Death Eaters, escaped and fought for Voldemort.

It was a long, long time after the war that she touched her broom again.

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in the heat.

Here’s a little thing I wrote following on from the horrific heat-wave that we’ve had in the UK lately. This is my first time posting anything I’ve written so please be nicee😁


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One thing Niall would never have believed in after the formation of the band in 2010 is that he would be lying in bed five years later, in the summer of 2015 during the hottest heat wave in a decade, next to a long-haired, sexy, yet very sweaty and very naked, sleeping Harry Styles. He just would never have pictured it, being at his own large London house, in a king-size bed on a two week break after the end of their second World Tour’s European leg before heading off to the States, he just couldn’t have. For starters he thought he liked girls - hell, he still does like girls, but Harry is Harry and there was always something special about him. Something special about himself with Harry, and everyone could see it; even his father, always dubbing harry as his “special friend”. And yes, it took some time for him to embrace his feelings, admit them to himself, let alone Harry, and yes, it’s been difficult what with the rising stardom and the band’s global success - but it’s all worth it, especially in moments like this when nothing in the world matters but them. And with that thought he begins to smile, subconsciously pulling Harry closer and, unbeknownst to him, the curly-haired lad was very much awake and admiring his side profile.

"What are you thinking about?” He hears Harry speak up, the younger lad having risen up on his elbow, now staring down at the blond, eyebrows furrowed and wondering what his blond-haired, blue-eyed beauty was thinking about.

Niall tilts his head and looks up towards him, his hand reaching up to gently cup his boyfriend’s prickly jaw – he needs to shave, he thinks, voicing it whilst smiling and staring into the depths of his lovers eyes.

“Hm, just you, us, this,” he smiles again, nudging his head deeper into the pillow as he moves his hand off of Harry’s jaw and gestures around the room.

“Yeah?” Harry settles back against the bed, still on his side facing Niall, “What about it?”

“Just how lucky I am to have you… How lucky we are to have this…” He sighs, taking a deep breath, the heat starting to affect him now, pushing the crisp sheets off of his torso.
“Of how fortunate we are, and how all of this shit - the hiding, the publicity girls and what comes with that - it’s worth it, especially when it comes to moments like this, with you, where it’s just us and no-one else. Nothing else matters because it’s me and you, its NiallandHarry, HarryandNiall and we’re us. We are in the most popular band of the world, but here we are, lying in bed on this bloody hot day,” he says, chuckling and licking his lips. “And yet nothing else matters because you’re here, you’re here with me and not on the other side of the world, not standing on the opposite side of the stage, you’re here next to me and it’s just.. You’re worth it, this is worth it, Harry, no matter what the struggles are that we have to go through to get this, it’s worth it and I love you,” Niall finishes, not knowing where that all came from. A sense of relief overcomes him, as if he just had needed to voice it. He glances up at Harry, his eyes having drifted to Harry’s travel bag in the corner, the pressing reality that he’s leaving in the late afternoon, traveling down to visit his cousins before jetting off tomorrow to LA, leaving Niall behind, deflating him.

Harry is smiling, grinning even and lets out a low chuckle, rolling over on top of him, settling between his legs and blocking Niall’s head with his elbows -  and just by looking at the glistening of Harry’s eyes he knows that they’re going to be okay, he knows that Harry feels exactly the same way.

Leaning down so that their faces are inches apart and looking into his eye, Harry begins to speak softly, "First of all, I love you too… And of course this is worth it. Everything is worth it when you’re involved, Niall, everything.“ He smiles softly, leaning down to press a small kiss beside the corner of his mouth, before finally kissing his slightly chapped lips. He quickly pulls away, trying to not fall into the traps of Niall’s lips once again and smirks, the moment quickly broken as he pushes himself up higher and prods Niall’s cheek, "And secondly… Are you sure this is my Niall?! Where is this sappy, sensitive side coming from?!” Harry’s grinning as he finishes, chuckling as Niall pushes at his chest, pushing him off.

“You’re such a fucking prick,” Niall grins breathlessly, “I am sensitive! And can be soppy! You make me be soppy!” Niall sits up fully now, the covers slipping down to his waist, frowning as his phone buzzes. It’s a text from Laura; the LIC are meeting up tonight after Harry’s left and she’s just confirming the plans for later. He slowly types out a reply, sends it and goes to pull up Twitter.

Harry finds himself draping over Niall’s side and kissing his neck, reading Niall’s tweets as he does so. “I know you are, I’m sorry.” Harry smirks, letting Niall know that he’s not really sorry and goes back to laying down against the bed, Niall standing up as he does so, fully naked with only his arse on show.

“Hey, Niall?” Harry questions, smirking to himself at what he’s about to say.

Niall huffs, turning around having walked halfway to the bathroom.


“I think I know why this is the hottest day in a decade.”

Niall sighs, knowing that what Harry is about to say is going to be another one of his stupid jokes where he thinks he’s funny and that he will just have to laugh out of common decency and because when has he ever not laughed at one of Harry’s jokes? – ‘I’m only laughing because of how stupid that was, Haz. I’m sorry but you literally come up with the most random stuff!’

“Yeah? What is it then?” He looks directly at Harry, raising his eyebrows and crosses his arms, distracting Harry momentarily. “Well?” He probes, catching Harry’s attention once again.

“It’s because of you, Niall! Obviously!”

Niall snorts. “Right. Obviously. Please do remind me why that is though, Harry.”

“Have you seen yourself, Niall?! You’re hot stuff – you radiate heat, babe.”

Niall chuckles, shaking his head and looking at Harry fondly. “You’re such an idiot.”

“I’m your idiot.”

Niall smiles and says softly, scratching at his chest when he steps into the bathroom, Harry burying himself back into the covers despite it being so hot, “Yeah. You are.”


Niall hits the shower first because it’s too hot to shower together and Niall absolutely refuses to take cold showers, even when it’s hot - ‘Harry I am not fucking having a cold shower with you. I don’t care if it’s good for your hair and you believe it has some stupid, mucked up health benefits. – It doesn’t. They are completely stupid. It’s not going to happen. You can take as many cold showers alone as you want, but when you shower with me it’s going to be with warm water’ so Harry follows swiftly after.


The bedroom begins to get too hot around lunchtime, so Niall vacates to the living room and Harry follows promptly after. They part ways at the bottom of the stairs, Niall heading into the kitchen because he’s dying for a beer and is desperate for food whereas Harry’s not and so heads to the living room and begins to search for Niall’s huge stand-up fan. He finds it under the cupboard under the stairs and heaves it into the living room, setting it up by the coffee table and plugs it into the socket in the corner by Niall’s shelves. Niall has already found his way back to the sofa by the time Harry has done all of that and is leisurely leaning against the far arm in just his boxers, legs spread and a beer in his hand. He sets some vegetable crisps in a bowl on the table alongside some bananas, a water bottle and a few more beers.

“Come on,” he says softly, raising that arm that isn’t occupied by holding the beer and raises it in the air, allowing Harry to slip in between his legs and lay back against his chest. Harry is adorned in just boxers, himself and intertwines their legs together. Niall’s hand finds its way to Harry’s hair, runs through it as he looks down.

 “Wimbledon?” Niall questions and the younger boy nods, picking up the remote control and turns the TV on. He switches the channel quickly to BBC 2 and settles back against Niall’s chest, turning his head to watch the game, one hand on resting under his head on Niall’s chest and the other reaches for his water bottle.

They end up laying like that for the rest of the match, occasional comments being made between soft kisses. Niall’s hand never leaves Harry’s sweaty hair and Harry’s hand never leaves Niall’s chest, not caring that they are hot and sticky and that it’s uncomfortable. It’s them together, and it’s the only chance they’re going to get to do this until they’re back on tour so it doesn’t matter.


The match finishes at half past four and reluctantly they both get up and begin tidying the room. Crisps and bananas long gone and a collection of empty beer bottles and caps littering the table. Working as a team, it’s soon tidied up and Harry’s departure is getting closer.

Together they head up the stairs, Niall taking a seat on the bed as Harry finds some jeans and a white top to change into, tying his hair up into a bun as he goes. Niall watches him as he goes, watching the way his shoulders move under his t-shirt as he bends down to reach for his bag and collects discarded clothes across the room and the way he carefully folds each one to fit into the bag. His rings clink together as he zips up the bag and places it over his shoulder.

Harry heads over to his side of the bed (always the left) and unplugs his phone charger, slipping it into the side pocket of his bag and takes his phone off of the bedside, looking at Niall who’s looking back at him. “I guess it’s time, then.” He pronounces slowly.

“Yeah,” Niall replies softly, neither of them making an effort to move. His eyes dart to the bedside clock and he reads off the time. “It’s 4:50… The car is coming at 5?” Harry nods and Niall sighs - and at that Harry speaks up.

“It’s only for just under a week this time… It isn’t one of my long LA trips, Ni. Its – it’s do-able yeah? And you’ve got a pretty great week planned, don’t you – starting with tonight-”

Niall cuts in. “It still doesn’t make it easier Harry.”

“No. I know, I just. God it’s so hard to leave you, I have to assure myself that this is what needs to happen and that you’re going to have a good time otherwise I can’t- ” He pauses, sighing as he kneels down onto the bed opposite Niall. “Otherwise I can’t leave you. But I have to and that fucking sucks.”

It’s clear that Harry’s going to keep working himself up over this, and Niall can’t help but be frustrated at himself because of course he had to ruin their goodbye by working Harry up into feeling guilty and so he reaches out to him. (He was going to beforehand anyway, but he needs to now.)

Harry looks at him sadly and moves into his awaiting arms, burying his head into Niall’s shoulder, mumbling, “I’m Sorry.”

Niall shakes his head. “Harry, look. It’s not… It sucks, yeah? Of course it does but it needs to happen. We- It’s nice that it’s just us, and our friends and families, yeah? It’s good that we don’t have to voice this to the world and have to deal with all the problems that came along with that. It’s good that this is just us and all about us. And for us to do this we have to arrive separately and we have to try and throw people off. Soon we’ll be in the States and we’ll be touring and we can get away with hanging out together all the time. We can go golfing again!” He chuckles, remembering how last time Harry completely thrashed him but with his recent activities he’s gradually getting there and thinks he can give Harry a good run for his money, despite that bloody shot at The Masters with Rory, he is actually alright now.

“It’ll be okay.”

He’s unsure whether or not the last bit was for him or for Harry but by the looks of things, of how Harry has finally lifted his head from his shoulder and doesn’t look as if he’s going to breakdown any minute, he counts it as a success on both of their behalves.

Harry sniffs and smiles at him.

“I love you.”

Niall smiles back at him, leaning forward,

“I love you too,” he says softly, leaning in to give him a “proper” goodbye kiss.

Soon, it reaches 5 o’clock, and they keep kissing and ignoring the text message that Harry’s car has arrived. Harry needs this. Niall needs this – they both need this, so the chauffeur can wait.  

Harry ends up arriving and hour later than he was supposed to with his lips still slightly swollen. He stands there in a creased t-shirt, and with the looks that his family all give him, he’s pretty sure they all know why.

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My bf's family don't like me because I'm black (he's white) and so once I went to his house and he wanted us all to have dinner together and his parents we're being super rude to me so halfway through dinner he kind of dragged me out the room, yanked his pants down and said "suck me off". At first I was confused but then I understood that he just wanted to moan really loud to annoy his parents and yeah I love him he's great


At first i read this and was like “boooooooy you best bet have not pressured my child into sucking you off or else I’ll come down there and rip you a new one”

Then I read the rest and was like “….BOYFRIEND GOALS!”

Haha I’m happy that he did it to show your parents that really race doesn’t matter if you truly love the person. Congrats to you both xx

(Reaction) D.O, Luhan, Chanyeol, & Kai: How they would spend time with you

I sure do! ^-^ I try not to be entertainment-biased, but I’m pretty SM biased tbh, ahem. 

Enjoy! ^^



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D.O is more of a laid-back person. I think he’d take you out to dinner, out to drink, in the cinema, for instance, and then just back to his or your house. I don’t think D.O would want anything big - on his days off he’d probably want to relax with his favourite person in the world. Nothing big, just relaxed and cosy. 


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Luhan would bring you to his home in China. He’d want you to spend time with his family, because they mean a lot to him. His culture is also very important to him, so he’d show you China and all it has to offer. He might take you to all the sights, but I think he’d prefer just to keep it small and around his family/all the small things he’s fond of.   


Originally posted by ethereal-baek

For Chanyeol it’d be go big or go home. He’d take you overseas, probably to a tropical country. Everything would be luxurious and expensive, nothing would be imperfect (maybe to the point where you’d be overwhelmed). It might seem a bit too much for some, but that’s simply Chanyeol’s way to show his girlfriend how much he loves her. Now that he has the money, why not use them on spoiling you and your relationship? 


Originally posted by kai-tastrophe

I think Kai would travel with you as well, but it would be more down to earth. Maybe a small hotel somewhere near the beach in Korea, where everything would be quiet and peaceful. He’d treasure you and make sure you enjoy every single second of your break together. What you’d be doing would be up to you; he’d do anything you wanted to do. 

Open RP

Kenny bounced as he ran around his house. “Yes! Finally!” He pulled out a box from his mailbox, quickly changing into the outfit inside. The blond had ordered a new dress since he’d planned to have someone slowly fall for who he called ‘Kenzie’.

The dress was high waisted, the top was white and the bottom was jean like. He also had a brown belt around the waist, white thigh highs, and black heels. The dress went down to his upper thighs and he did have lingerie on so someone might have been lucky to get a peak. He put on some makeup, fake eyelashes, and a hairband with a white bow on it.

Kenny left the house and walked to a nearby coffee shop, leaning on the counter as he started to order. “Can I please get a hot chocolate and a chocolate donut?” He asked in a very feminine voice, knowing it’d be easy to get away with this. “Maybe your number too?” He asked and slowly stood up again.


“Primrose what are you doing here? It’s three in the morning.”

“WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?! WHY! WHY CAN YOU LOVE THEM” Prim pointed towards the inside of his house, “BUT NOT ME?!” She broke down crying and became incoherent.

“Primrose, please calm down. Would you like to come inside and talk?”

Prim sniffled and replied, “Yes.”

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Aerow sighed as he and Hades came to his house. He hasn't let go of the others hand. "Come inside." He said softly, glancing at the other. "I don't want you to go- no, not yet."

Hades made a soft noise, but gave a light smile and followed contentedly. “Alright.” He murmured softly, leaning into Aerow slightly; he’d been happy to hold his hand the whole way.

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Recently adopted the idea that Vene is afraid/hates rats. Germany's visiting his house and then Germany's hears this shriek followed by "GERMANY! GERMANY!" Goes in, sees Vene standing up on a chair and there's a little mouse looking around like "wtf is his problem"

Probably. Germany’s like “Fuckin. Italy it’s small, you like small animals look at it’s face. You think Crabs are cute, this is cute too. Oh…Oh what the fuck am I even saying holy shit I’m gonna get this outta here” 

He’s been together with Italy for so long he tried to convince Italy thats rats were cute. Italy has rubbed off on him too much there 


Uncle & Nephew

Jason walked into his Uncle’s house and slung his back off his shoulder and put it in the hallway. ‘I’m sorry about this.’ he told his uncle. ‘I told Mum and Dad I was only enough to stay at the house on my own while they’re away but ..’ he smirked. ‘You know, after last time they won’t let me. Apparently having a huge party while they’re away pissed them off.’