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So I just watched Game Theory's latest video. While I don't like it too much, he pointed out something that I thought would interest you. The Bendy monster that chases us in the game has a limp.

That’s something we’ve known for some time.  The whole “Bendy = Joey” theory is nothing new, and the same applies to all the evidence he came up with.

I watched it too, and was actually rather impressed by what he had to say in support of the “Boris = Wally” theory – the simple fact that Boris is so capable with tools.  I didn’t even think about it, but when you get right down to it, Boris has been surviving in his little safe house for who knows how long?  He’s made himself an oven out of a furnace, he’s commandeered a washroom and jury-rigged it to work with ink rather than water, he’s set up a bedroom, he’s got his clothes hanging out to dry which means he’s been washing them…  Boris isn’t just surviving, he’s doing a damn good job of it.  He’s even got a radio, playing cards, and a little table set up to be comfortable.

Not to mention, he’s also the one to open up the jammed door for you.  There’s no purpose for that scene aside from aesthetic and narrative – there’s no gameplay; you’re just meant to stand there for a few moments while Boris does his thing.

Now, Wally is the purported janitor, but like the Game Theorist said in his video, Wally is also the one responsible for installing the Ink Machine.  He may not be the repairman, but the blueprints say “attn. Wally Franks,” and his first audio recording in chapter 1 is about the machine.  Wally has to be pretty handy with a wrench to do his job.

Now, I don’t mean to say I fully believe that Wally has become the Boris we encounter, but… it’s not completely implausible.  I won’t be surprised if that’s where the story takes us.

The only thing I have to say as far as negatives go with this theory is that I really don’t like the “Bendy = Joey” theory.  It’s too obvious for my tastes.  Like… I’m almost expecting the game to pull one over on us and go “PSYCHE you thought it’d be Joey but it’s NOT!”  But there’s so, so much evidence stacking up in favor of it.  The only piece that’s missing is anything indicating that Joey is the one who was in the wheelchair.  If we get anything that hints towards that, then the puzzle of who “Bendy” is gets solved straight away, and I’m a little disappointed that the mystery is so easily solved.

I dunno.

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do you think the losers would all get hot chocolate and wear big fluffy jumpers all together in autumn or winter


-bill and stan are tending to the fire in the fireplace with their matching fluffy jumpers and earmuffs. they’re sharing a bowl of popcorn that they are careful not to let richie or ben steal some

-bill and stan cuddle by the fire casually talking about where the losers christmas tree is going to be. bill votes his house since he has a big house and plus his parents didn’t celebrate christmas all that much the year before since georgie disappeared

-just bill and stan being all cute and exchanging small touches and kisses

-then you got richie and eddie arguing from all the way in the dining room in matching jumpers of their own. there are pumpkin peelings and seeds everywhere. eddie and richie even got some in their hair due to richie putting seeds in eddie’s hair, starting a small war

-richie’s chin is on eddie’s head as he watches eddie pull the rest of the guck out and then shave it a little. eddie pretends to be focused but his face is red as a tomato as richie lightly rubs at his sides

-they argue over what kind of face is going to be on the pumpkin. richie wants to carve a werewolf while eddie just wants to carve a general scary face since he knows that they both have never carved a pumpkin their life. they end up carving a vomiting expression and place the seeds in front of it to make it look like it was throwing up the seeds

-beverly, ben, and mike are all in the kitchen trying to string instructions together in order to make pumpkin pie. beverly brought over candles that smelled like autumn and pumpkins, so it’s extra autumny in this room. 

-beverly and ben have matching fluffy brown jumpers with pumpkins on them, while mike has one on that beverly bought him that had snowflakes all across it, and he loves it so much

-they all have their separate whipped cream can to spray into their mouths because they fucking love whipped cream

-then of course beverly squirts some whipped cream on ben’s face and mike’s cheek and now they’re at it and having a whipped cream war that bill will happily worry about later


It’s nearly 2.30 am, Britney warbling from the stereo: Every time I try to fly
I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess I need you baby… 

Roy stares at his watch through sleep-crusted eyelids and then at Damo lying on the floor at his feet, whose violent snoring probably woke him up. And every time I see you in my dreams I see your face, you’re haunting me… I guess I need you baby… The lyrics of the song force him off the couch and propel him towards the open garage door, past the front of his parents’ house, dark and silent, past the silvery pond where the tractor gently slumbers in the moonlight, past the barn to Saoirse’s bedroom window, rapping on it with his knuckles until he hears her muffled cursing. He dashes round the side of the guesthouse to the front door, peering through the glass, rattling the door handle.

Finally she opens it, his goddess in purple satin pyjamas. He takes a deep breath.

Roy: I see you in my dreams, Saoirse. Your face….actually, that’s bullshit. It’s your boobs that haunt my dreams. But yeah…I need you, baby.
Saoirse: What have you been smoking, Roy?
Roy: I dunno. Ask Damo. Anyway, you need to listen. Saoirse? I just came here to say…I love you. I do. That’s the real me talking. I really, really do. I. LOVE. YOU.

Then he turns and races back to the house.

Because I need a break from writing smut...

domestic sebaciel, sfw 

My current master is a spoiled little thing. He weaves a path of chaos as he makes his way through the house, tracking dirt over the recently vacuumed carpets like some kind of heathen. I struggle to keep up with him, my arms cradling toys I hope will distract him long enough for me to scoop him up.

I shake one of the colorful trinkets at him, a little rubber building block that I know is nothing to him, but I do not have much in my arms that would interest the little monster. I hold out a bear, freshly cleaned and smelling of lavender. His father had insisted it be washed and cleaned, so I had obeyed. Now, I gingerly dangle the stuffed animal in front of him, hoping his muddy hands will reach for it.

He doesn’t give it one look. Those tiny, grubby fingers grab at curtains instead, pulling not hard enough to disrupt the fabrics but enough to make me drop my armful of offerings and dash forward. My own fingers brush against the wetness of his yellow raincoat. He slips away.

I do not remember tiny humans ever being so fast, nor do I understand how such little legs and hands can cause such a mess. He is so small and light that it should be easy for me to catch him, but he’s quick minded and slippery from the rain.

There is a corner just by his father’s office, a room where the master of the house currently dwells. I hide in the shadows there and let my eyes burn scarlet. The tiny monster trots forward on his unsteady legs, arms flailing wildly in the air. He searches for me with wide blue eyes.

My horns have stretched from where they were tucked, tips spiraling out as I crouch and let my darkness fill the quiet hallway. My fangs elongate, darting pass my bottom lip and making my grin malicious.

He sees me now, still wide-eyed. The yellow raincoat hangs off his shoulders and his dirty boots had been kicked off at some point. His pudgy cheeks are a rosy color, so pinchable that it makes me want to coddle him.

I hold up a finger to my lips when he hesitantly steps forward. Water drips from his slate color hair onto the carpet in a steady rhythm so loud to my ears that I wonder if his father could hear.

My little master is only a foot away now. He reaches out and motions towards my horns. Nothing about my appearance scares him. He tugs at the appendages when I scoop him up into my arms, dirty hands digging into my hair.

“Daddy,” he coos, as if he hadn’t just spent the better half of an hour tormenting me. I sweep wet hair out his eyes and adjust the way he sits in my arms. He’s so small sometimes I’m afraid I might drop him, but I never do.  

He babbles to me, knowing full and well that the language of a one year old is the only one I can not understand. I stare at his grubby face and bear my fangs, which makes him laugh as if I had just performed the world’s best trick.

“How about a bath?” I will not admit that he had managed to sneak up on me, but he did. Ciel stands leaning against the propped open door of his office, amused at the scene in front of him. I let my features relax into my usual human composure.

“Would you like to help?” I ask him. Ciel comes to us, bags under his eyes from the amount of paperwork on his desk. He wiggles his finger at our son and the boy resumes his babbling.

“Of course,” my husband says, coos, in that way humans like to talk to their young. I mimic him, much to the pleasure of our giggling son.

Two sets of bright blue eyes are on me when I finish filling up the bathtub. I bend down to press a kiss on the nose of my littlest master, then Ciel places a finger under my chin and tilts my head his way. He’s grinning in that devilish way that makes my skin feel hot.

“I love you,” he says, and those are the words that make me want to kiss him as many times as he would let me. I love him too. I love both of them, my spoiled little masters.

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I love the idea of fairies/fae. There are so many things you could build onto this. Since Thor is the owner of the cabin I think it would be interesting to have him as the adopted sibling for once (he can be human or something else entirely). Maybe he rents to people with Loki in mind. Only people he who have interesting stories to tell or something else that might entertain (or perhaps feed?) his brother.

Exactly this. 

Thor has owned the little cabin in the woods for years, his own larger house is closer to town, but he keeps the small cabin for when he needs a break. It is available for rental of course, but he screens the occupants very carefully. 

It wouldn’t do, after all, to have someone there whose noise would disrupt the fairies, or who would perhaps catch a glimpse of Loki and panic and try to hurt him. Or worse, spread the word and have the woods overrun by over zealous fairy hunters. Annoying people, those types are. 

So there is maybe one or two visitors a season, usually women, who are happy to sit in the rocking chair and listen to the birds, and who would be interested in Loki, but not terrified. Like Jane, who was sweet and studious and needed a break after her final semester of school. Loki hadnt liked her much, but had tolerated her, and when she had been in danger of falling once, he appeared just briefly enough to shove her back away from the edge and then disappeared. 

Thor had appreciated Loki not letting her fall to her death, but had scolded him lightly about ignoring her otherwise. 

Usually Thor didnt rent to men, but there was something about Tony, something world weary and exhausted and resigned that made him reconsider. 

Tony spent weeks without coming out of the woods, and Thor hiked out there several times to make sure the man was in fact alright. 

It was one of these times that he came upon Tony sitting out on a stump, and saw Loki on his lap, straddling Tonys legs, their foreheads pushed together. 

Loki was asking questions as fast as he could, and Tony was laughing and answering as best he could, his hands resting lightly on Lokis bare waist. 

It wasnt sexual, and Thor knew Loki well enough to know the creature had no idea of personal space and boundaries, and simply wanted to be close because he was fascinated with the human, but even as he watched he saw the shift in their behavior. 

Loki moved slightly, just enough that Tony sort of yelped, and then Loki laughed low in his throat, and those translucent wings unfurled from his shoulders, glittering in the light and waving enticingly in a clear invitation. 

Tony sat up though, and pushed Loki lightly from his lap, before picking up the hatchet and grabbing some wood to split into kindling. 

Thor nodded in approval and left the property. 

His tenant was fine, and more importantly, Loki was safe with him. 

Phone (Nolan Holloway prompt ft Liam)

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Request: Prompt #122 and #104 with Nolan Holloway please 😊

104) “can you please move your phone” “that’s not my phone”
122) Person 1: “why are you guys out of breath?” Person 2: “uh no reason…” Person 3: “we just had sex” Person 2: “do you not know how to shut up”

Warning(s): fluff and hint at sex

Nolan decided he wanted to sleep at my house tonight to see if he could get some sleep, since he’s having trouble sleeping at his own house and wanted company.

I laid in bed and Nolan soon followed.

“Goodnight Nolan” I whispered, “Good night (Y/N)” He whispered back.

I closed my eyes as he wrapped his arms around my waist and back was facing him.

I opened my eyes when I felt something poke me.

“Nolan?” I called out lightly, wanting to make sure if he was sleeping I wasn’t being loud.

“Yeah?” He asked.

He sounds like he hasn’t even tried to sleep yet.

“Can you please move your phone” I stated.

It was silent for a few seconds until he whispered back, “That’s not my phone”.

One thing led to another and now Nolan and I were laying in bed panting.

Nolan looked at me and smiled, to which I smiled back.

He pulled me into him, but we both jumped when the door opened.

I looked to see my brother Liam.

Liam looked at us confused, “Mom and dad wanted me to make sure you guys were okay” he informed.

Just as Liam was about to walk away he turned around to face us.

“Why are you guys out of breath?” He asked, “Uh no reason…” I dragged and of course Nolan had to speak at the same time as me, “We just had sex”. I groaned, “Do you not know how to shut up”.

“You know what? I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that or see any of this” Liam pointed out and closed the door.

As soon as he closed the door, we heard him say, “I knew it”.

Bill: Hi, I’m B-Bill and I’m afraid o-of the idea t-that my brother’s death m-might be my fault.

Eddie: I’m Eddie and I’m afraid of the leper that lives in the Neibot house.

Stan: Hi, I’m Stanley and I’m afraid of abandonment and the woman in the painting. No, Richie! She’s still not hot, you fucking walnut!

Ben: Hey, I’m Ben and I’m afraid of the headless corpse child I read in a book who died years ago.

Mike: I’m Mike and I’m afraid of the guilt of my parents dying in the burning room next to mine as they hit the door until their hands melted to the bone as they tried to get to me.

Beverly: I’m Beverly and I’m afraid of womanhood because I was sexually abused by my father until I knocked his lights out with the lid of the tank on the toilet in our bathroom. Then I was kidnapped by a clown, but I’m not afraid of It so that part isn’t important.

Richie: Ay! It’s your boy Richie and I’m afraid of clowns but more specifically, a murderous clown who feeds off the fear of children before killing them.

Counselor:Jesus Christ

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Kristanna, 14 x

Prompt: “You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

Kristoff had a smirk on his face when Anna got into bed. She studied him for a second before giving him a small punch to the arm.

“Ouch! What was that for?”

“Whatever you’re looking at me like that for.”

“I was just remembering the first time we shared a bed together.”

They’d been at a work party and Anna had gotten drunker than she’d intended too. Kristoff had brought her back to his house and put her in his spare bedroom as he didn’t want her to be going home alone.

Just as he’d gone to bed himself, Anna had burst into the room slurring phrases such as ‘need a hug’ and 'is so cold" and slipped herself under the covers of Kristoff’s bed. She draped an arm over his stomach and fell asleep almost immediately.

She woke up the next morning hugging him like he was a giant teddy bear and was confused to say the least. They’d laughed it off and started dating a few weeks later but Kristoff had never let her live it down.

“You’re never going to let that go are you?”

“I just get deja vu every time you crawl into bed.”

Anna pulled a face. “Well at least now it’s normal for me to get into bed with you. Unless you don’t wanna sleep with me? I’ll sleep on the couch.”

Kristoff tried to control his laughter but failed miserably. “No I’m sorry. I don’t want you to sleep anywhere else.”

“Good.” She buried herself under the covers and faced away from him. “Because I don’t wanna sleep on the couch.”

Kristoff lay beside her and wrapped an arm around her waist, letting her snuggle into him. He pressed a kiss to her shoulder.

“Love you.”

“Love you, when you’re not making fun of drunk Anna.”

“I happen to love her. She keeps me entertained.” Anna elbowed him in the ribs. “Ouch! Not necessary.”

“Love you,” she giggled.


a/n: i know this is crap but i was bored. i would love to write some more blurbs, please send me some request!!


i dragged out his name across the house. after not getting a response, i got up from the couch in the living room, where i was watching house hunters, and walked slowly through the house to the studio room.

i lightly knocked on the door, but when i didn’t get a response i slowly opened the door to find him sitting on a chair, shirtless, with head phones on. he seemed very focused. i walked into the room, and placed my hand on his back. he turned around and took off the head phones, with a huge grin on his face.

“hi” he said.

“hi” i replied.

shawn wrapped his arms around my waist and laid his head on my stomach. one of my hands ran through his hair while the other rubbed his back.

“what’s up babe” i asked.

“i’m writing a song about you” he looked up at me.

“oh really” i smiled wide.

“yeah but you can’t hear yet”.

“mkay” i giggled, “why don’t we go to bed, it’s pretty late..”

he inhaled deeply and looked back at his work.

“i would love some sleep” he smiled.

“ok let’s go” i grinned widely…..

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I Know I Love You (Liam Dunbar prompt)

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Request: Hey it’s me again!! can you please do prompts 94,99,28 and 67 with Liam Dunbar? where liam and reader are bffs and they have a sleepover. liam then starts to realize he has feelings for y/n? something like that… love your blog! x

28) “I’m missing some shirts, do you know where they are?” “they may or may not be in my closet”
67) “can I kiss you?”
94) “you were talking in your sleep last night and you don’t understand how much I wanted to murder you”
99) “you know you love me”

Warning(s): fluff

I rang the doorbell and patiently waited for Liam to open the door.

Once he did, I stepped inside his house and he closed the front door.

“Ready for our sleepover?” Liam questioned.

“Obviously” I smiled.

Liam and I are best friends, we have known each other longer than we have known Mason.

A lot of people have mistaken us for a couple and if I am going to be completely honest, I wish we were.

In my opinion, it was bound for one of us to catch feelings for the other.

We walked up the stairs and into Liam’s room where I set my bag down and looked at the set up of his room.

He had blankets on the bed, snacks in his room, and his video games set out.

I opened my bag to change into pajamas since it was already dark out but I can’t find a shirt.

I sighed, “I forgot a shirt”.

“You can wear one of mine, you know where they are” Liam smiled.

“Thank you” and I went to grab a shirt and quickly changed.

“Speaking of, I’m missing some shirts, do you know where they are?” Liam asked. “They may or may not be in my closet, they’re comfy” I admitted.

Liam laughed, “It’s totally fine, you can keep them”.

Throughout the rest of the night, we played some video games and watched some movies while munching on snacks.

We eventually got tired and climbed into bed, I rested my head on Liam’s shoulder, “Goodnight Liam” I yawned.

“Good night (Y/N)” Liam returned and I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to see Liam already awake, “Sleeping beauty is finally awake!” He exclaimed.

“In my defense I couldn’t sleep properly” I spoke.

“Why?” Liam questioned.

“You were talking in your sleep last night and you don’t understand how much I wanted to murder you” I answered and Liam turned red.

“You’re so violent” Liam pointed out.

“Only cause I need my sleep and I love my sleep, but you know you love me” I grinned.

“I know I love you” Liam spoke.

“What?” I asked.

“I don’t want to ruin this friendship if you don’t feel the same but I really do love you. As in more than friends way, I’m in love with you and I didn’t fully register it until last night when I looked at you in awe when you were kicking my butt in the game last night. I realized, I want to spend the rest of time and maybe life, with you, and I’m terrified of what the outcome of this will be” Liam admitted.

“Wait, really? You feel that way?” I asked and Liam nodded.

I looked at Liam and hugged him, “I’m so glad you do, because that’s how I feel about you. I’ve liked you for so long and you don’t understand how happy this makes me” I smiled.

Liam looks down at me, “Can I kiss you?”.

“Hell yes” I confirmed.


Request: For the Jason Demers one can it be about like maybe you’re best friends and you have to stay at his house because its thunder storming really bad. And he tries to make you comfortable because he knows you’re scared of storms and one of you confesses your love for the other? This is really specific sorry lol. ❤️❤️

A/N: I am so sorry. Real life has been hell. Also, I am so disappointed in myself with this one. Very likely, will come back to edit it. (So there will be a version 1 and a version 2) Writer’s block is real. 

I do hope you like it. I feel like is more of a blurb than anything else. 

Also, he got traded? Again? Like what the heck. I swear when I started writing it he was with Florida and now he’s with Arizona? Someone clarify for me. 

Word Count: 861

The worst part about moving to Florida? The thunderstorms. It wasn’t the rain, or the wind, or even the lightning that scared you. It was the thunder. Something about the noise, how it could make the house shake terrified you. There isn’t any reasoning behind it, no traumatic childhood event, nothing.

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After being released from a mental health institute in 1977,  Richard Chase went to his mother’s house with a dead cat. When she opened the door, he proceeded to brandish the cat in her face and rip it open with his bare hands. He then put it on the floor and smeared it’s blood on his face. By this point, his mother was used to his schizophrenic behaviour and simply shut the door and walked away

Source: Anti- You 2.0

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Gundham Tanaka x S/O? Anything with this boy <3

Gundham X S/O Headcannons

  • Boy be prepared for animal hair to get everyone once you two start dating, and I mean everywhere
  • He gets so blushy when you show him any bit of affection, no matter how small it is
  • (Even holding his hand will cause him to blush darkly)
  • Be prepared to deal with all sort of animals with him
  • (Like don’t be surprise if you see a crocodile in his bathtub one day)
  • He has no idea what to do for a date or about romance in general so your most likely going to have to plan the dates
  • He is absolutely nervous the first time he meets your presents, like he tries his best to look normal and act like it
  • Always check your bag before you leave his house, since some of his animals like to hid
  • (One time you went home to find a bearded dragon sleeping in your backpack.. that was fun)
  • He will absolutely m e l t if you make him a home cooked meal
  • He won’t admit it but he thinks you look very cute in his scarf 

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May I please ask how the 2p allies would react to when walking in a party, an angry little bee comes up to them and starts to bang the self into the allies’d cheeks because the 2ps allies accidentally stepped on a flower?

Sorry it took so long to get to this! -Admin Jay!

2p Canada: *looks at the bee and raises an eyebrow before looking down* “Shit…sorry…I’ll plant another.”
Matt isn’t one for parties unless he gets dragged to one by Allen (mostly to be DD or his wing-man), so if he had a reason to ditch before dealing with people, he would. He would take the bee back to his house and would guide it to a small garden as he finds some seeds and plants some new flowers for the bee as an apology. He wouldn’t mind, he was going to get to it eventually anyways, he just had a reason to do it sooner. 

2p America: “Ha, I’m trying to get buzzed, but not this way.”
Allen would shake the bee off and roll his eyes. He wouldn’t care about a little bee if he was at a party. His vegan nature loving side takes a backseat when alcohol and hot people are nearby. He would probably do something to make it up to nature eventually…but his mind would be occupied by a 101 things if he is at a party. 

2p France: *ignores the bee and heads start for the alcohol* 
Francois would ignore the bee completely as he heads for the alcohol. Even on a normal day he wouldn’t care too much about stepping on a flower, he is hardly outside as is. He would probably lose the bee in the crowd. Poor bee.

2p England: *gasps and quickly heads home to show the bee his garden* “I’m so sorry!”
Oliver would take any reason to be away from a party. If he stepped on a flower and hurt a bee’s feelings he would bring the bee home to see his garden and live there. He would see it as a win-win, he made it up to the bee and he got away from that awful party. Though just to make up for the flower crushing, he would plant a few new ones. 

2p China: *blows the bee away in smoke* “Sorry beedrill! Not today!”
Zhao is at home at a party, just like Allen. If he had a bee pestering him, he would just turn and blow a little smoke at it as he laughs. He would feel bad for it in the morning, but at a party, he is the shit. Nothing gets in his way, or gets him down. If he remembered why the bee was mad, he would have Oliver plant a flower or two for him, but he knows for a fact any flower he touches would die. It’s mostly because he forgets when he watered it…

2p Russia: *looks down and sighs* “Now you will harass me?”
Viktor would look at the bee and shake his head. The little bee was messing with the wrong man. But he did want a reason to get away from the party…maybe he would try to find the bee another flower. It would be a good enough reason to leave this den of annoyance and stale piss. 

Mike + Music HCs

((Mikes playlist on Spotify INSPIRED ME))

- Mike went out and bought an old Walkman (at this time I think they’d be around 5 years old) with the money he got for his 16th birthday

- He got a blank cassette to put his favourite songs on

- All the songs he picks, he heard at the other losers’ houses

- Songs include: Material Girl which he heard at Eddie’s house on his radio, Thriller which Richie showed him, Man in the Mirror, Kiss which he heard at Bill’s house, Under Pressure which was another one from Richie, Take on Me from Stan, Africa, Footloose, and so many more.

- Mike listens to his new music while he’s doing work around the farm

- His grandfather hates it, he says it’s a distraction and gets mad when he tries to talk to mike but he can’t hear

- He apologizes a lot every time his grandpa gets mad and he’s somewhat excused

- The bike ride from the Farm into town is pretty long but now that Mike has something to listen to, the ride is a lot more bearable

- The others already have their own music devices but they’re still really interested in Mike’s

- They’re always giving mike new songs that they like and giving him mixtapes to listen to since he has the most listening time out of all of them

- Sometimes when mike is in his room he will turn up the music and just dance and sing in his room

- One time ben caught him singing and was completely blown away by how good he was

- After that day, Ben always brings up how good Mike is at singing and the other losers beg him to show them but he’s too shy

- The only other loser that heard him sing is Stan when they were studying together (which includes review for Stan and also showing Mike a few things)

- Finally after like 3 months of begging, Mike finally sang for them

- It was Dont Stop Believin’ And mike went all out. Motioning with the song, swaying, he just let loose

- Of course the other losers were so supportive and they loved it so much. After he was done Beverly went up and hugged him for being so brave to finally do it

- After that, he was more comfortable and would sing more often

- Bill had a stereo at his house so when the losers had sleepovers there they would turn on the radio and all sing together. Mike and Richie always seemed to know all the words and would do some pretty sick performances together

- Mike would have such a big beautiful smile whenever he sang and danced

- It became somewhat of a hobby of his and everyone loved it

Natza Drabble - Pretty Man
  • Lucy: ... Erza? Are you okay?
  • Erza: *blushing profusely: abruptly looks away from what she was staring at* Y-Y-Yes, Lucy. I'm fine. ;;;>___>
  • Lucy: *didn't fail to notice what she was looking at* Yeah, he looks like a slob, huh? I tried to have Cancer cut his hair, but oddly enough he wanted to keep it as it is...
  • Erza: YOU TAKE THAT BACK! Natsu is NOT a slob!!
  • Lucy: ^^; He kinda is, though! The way he keeps his house....
  • Erza: ... Okay, so he is untidy... But it's not all bad!
  • Lucy: I guess it is a part of his charm, huh? *looks at the Dragon Slayer admiringly* I guess that long-haired wildman style will grow on me~
  • Erza: *narrows eyes* Don't you have Gray to catch up with? Or Wendy?
  • Lucy: Can't I just admire my best friend a little longer??
  • Erza: *growls* No. My Pretty Man. You go away now.
  • Lucy: I thought you said he doesn't have to be a Pretty Man??? >.<
  • Erza: He doesn't. But he is one now, and he is MINE.
  • Lucy: Don't you have Jellal to contact or whatever? :P
  • Erza: I can always shoot something off later. I haven't seen Natsu in forever~ n___n
  • Lucy: *deadpan* It's been a year.
  • Erza: Right. Forever.

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Pardon me, but can I get a scenario where Gillen sneaks up to his crush's house for some late night stalking only to find them to have just out of the shower, meaning that their in their birthday suit. Not inly this, but they just lay down and chill on the bed for a short time period.

Gilen was so excited to see them again. Yes he saw his crush at school only a few hours ago,  but his heart couldn’t bear to wait a whole night to see them. He climbed up the ladder and   stayed in position, waiting to see them. That’s when they walked out….completely naked. The poor boy’s face flushed red and he blinked several eyes after confirming the sight to be true. He stared intensely, getting lost in their beauty. So lost that he even started to swoon over how perfect they were. S/O stayed still on their bed and looked over at the window where Gilen was. They squineted, trying to figure out what was there.  Gilen froze. They unknowingly locked a look together. He covered his face with his hand and ran away immediately. He ran away in the nick of time, keeping that imagine in his mind to fuel him.

So @silverpunchsamurai and I were talking and we came up with a fashion AU where Josuke is amateur model working for a teen’s magazine agency and his main photographer none other than Rohan Kishibe.

Some other things included were:

❖ Jonathan Joestar and Erina Joestar would be the founders of the modeling agency, selling their publication on a global scale and hiring a variety of people from different ethnicities.

❖ Josuke was recruited one day after assisting an elderly woman named Erina at Deux Magots when she couldn’t afford to pay for her meal. He offered the last of his change for her and she viewed this as an act of kindness. The following day she sent over a representative to his house to discuss the offer.

❖ Giorno, Jolyne, Gappy, and Johnny becoming some of the new models alongside Josuke. Giorno would be being a natural at this having mentor Bruno by his side; Jolyne would be in it for the sake of her parents (since her father Jotaro is a CEO to a line of clothing brand and wanted his daughter to branch out and join the company- otherwise she would have avoided this “girly crap”);

Gappy similar to Josuke was recruited except he was heavily against the offer since it meant leaving his hometown and Yasuho. Yasuho would be the one to push him into it, having the full support from the Higashikata Family (well most of the them- Joshu would be like “there’s no way they would choose a gapped tooth like Josuke.”); And Johnny would join to get in touch with Gyro Zeppeli, a famous horse racer he admired and since the Zeppili family were acquainted with the Joestars he decided this was the best approach.

❖ Josuke still lived in Morioh with his friends Koichi and Okuyasu before he took up the modeling gig and still doesn’t know about his father Joseph Joestar who was a previous model back in the day. Lisa would look fondly at Josuke being reminded of her idiot son whom she groomed to become a perfect model as well. She serves as a supervisor and mentor to the young talents.

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Happy for you! If you don't mind me asking, why haven't you had a "permanent" home, is it a money thing? Either way I'm glad you're sorted now. :-)

well sort of, when me and Ryan split up I was a bit fucked because all my plans were dependant on us moving in together when my lease ended - I hadn’t been working for a few months already at that point bc I didn’t think I’d need any extra savings etc, we were going to live in his uncle’s house. anyway, very luckily for me, my good friends offered me to stay in their flat but obviously that’s not sustainable bc it’s subletting which isn’t really legal, plus it was like a goodwill thing rather than “come and live with us forever” plus it’s gone on for longer than I’d have liked for various reasons.. it’s just a massive weight off my mind that I’m finally moving into my own place. thanks tho !