Steve: Years ago we lost our dear husband Tony. 

Tony: *hitting a locked door a distance away* Get me out of here or I swear I’m torching all your asses! 

Bucky: *hides the keys away* Sometimes we can still hear his voice. 

Tony: Open this damn door!

T’Challa: If you’ll excuse us we have a promised commitment that will keep us occupied and we eagerly wish to get to. Happy bedding. 

Partner of the silver knuckled dude I posted the other day. Together they keep the spirit world in check.

ok. taz fandom. where is the fic where magnus gives kravitz, an actual grim reaper, the shovel talk?

Fourth Estate Failure

The media is already praising Trump’s “tone”.  They are focusing on his discipline and performance, and ignoring substance. 

He CAN READ from a speech, and he’s an entertainment professional, and they are eating from his hand.  This doesn’t change anything, but the media is falling for the facade.  

“We’ve been waiting for the pivot!”


There’s a lot of emotion behind their skating outfits/// ❤️️