order of the phoenix au where dolores umbridge is replaced by undyingUmbrage

instead of giving harry detention and making him write on his hand, this happens:

[Gif description: Caliborn from Homestuck, a green goblin-like boy, hits John Egbert, a human boy, in the face with a golden sceptre so hard that his glasses and eyes fly off. John replaces them with an angry expression, and then proceeds to punch Caliborn in the gut three times. A rusted robot bunny dances in the background.]

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Cap, could you write flash team/Sara lance meeting Lena and not knowing she's dating Kara? Ft flirting sara

“Lena Luthor? Like, the Lena Luthor?” Cisco wants to know.

Caitlin and Iris nudge him in the ribs, because Lena is clearly uncomfortable. 

“Come on, man,” Barry mutters, and Sara just narrows her eyes with a slightly tilted head, watching Lena keep her chin up, her face composed.

“I think what Cisco is trying to say,” Iris steps forward, warm smile and hand extended, “is that it’s not every day we get to meet the woman who single-handedly revolutionized atmospheric technology to stem the impact of global warming.”

Caitlin nods eagerly, squinting slightly in her enthusiasm. “You’re… kind of a legend here. Like Sara, but a different kind.” Sara smirks, arms crossed over her chest, still observing. “Meeting a Luthor? Even one from a different Earth? Because I know you’re amazing there, too, Kara’s told us about you, your work, how brilliant you are, she just never mentioned your last name – I know we work with the Flash, but this is a real honor. No offense, Barry.”

“No, no, none uh… none taken,” he murmurs mildly, hand on the back of his head. Cisco grins and thumps him on the back, and Sara chuckles.

Kara – who’s been quiet this whole time – keeps her hand on the small of Lena’s back. The place where Lena’s emotions sink to. The place where her emotions explode from. The place where she feels them strongest when she can’t show them on her face.

Because her name, here, isn’t notorious. 

Her name, here, is legend.

In a good way. In an amazing way.

Kara keeps her hand quietly on the small of Lena’s back, because she knows her girlfriend.

And she knows she wants to cry. She knows she wants to laugh, and she knows she wants to rage.

She knows she doesn’t know what to think, what to feel.

So she just shakes their hands, and she exchanges compliments – “I’ve heard plenty of stories about all of your heroism, too; I’m the one who should be star-struck, truly” – with Team Flash, and she gulps at the intensity of Sara Lance’s eyes when she shakes her hand, when she has a surprisingly strong grip for such tiny hands, for such a small woman.

But then, Lena’s heard the stories about Sara. She sees the storms in her eyes.

So really, she shouldn’t be surprised at all.

“It’s a pleasure, Lena,” Sara tells her, and she lets her eyes travel up and down her body once. Pleasantly, not lewdly. Comfortably, not violating. “I’ve met your counterpart on this Earth.”

“And you didn’t tell us?” Cisco groans, and Sara smirks without turning around. 

“She’s not nearly as heroic as you seem. Or as beautiful,” Sara continues, and Kara adjusts her glasses as Lena blushes.

“Okay, yes, well, great, now you’ve all met, so um – “

“Wait,” Iris holds out her hand, a slow grin forming on her face, her eyes flickering between Kara’s hand on Lena’s back, Lena’s red face, Sara’s hand, still holding Lena’s in a prolonged handshake.

“Kara, you could have told us!”

“What? What, she could have told us what?” Barry wants to know, utterly confused and mildly wishing for his own glasses to adjust.

“That she’s dating Lena, obviously,” Caitlin fills in for Iris, and Sara looks between them and laughs. Hard.

“I knew it, Supergirl! I was wondering how much you two were gonna let me flirt until one of you cracked!”

“You knew?” Kara and Lena both splutter, and Sara grins.

She points to Iris. “Badass reporter.” 

She points to Caitlin. “Doctor with a creepily keen sense of other people’s emotions.”

She points to herself. “International assassin and time traveler. We’re kind of perceptive people. And you two practically have love songs pouring out of you whenever you try not to look at each other.”

“Are you saying we’re not perceptive?” Cisco wants to know.

“I’m a CSI!” Barry protests, a grin on his face as Iris teasingly comforts him.

Sara shrugs, grinning and turning back to Kara and Lena, both red, now holding hands, pleased beyond description with everyone’s approval, with everyone’s excitement, with everyone’s unblinking support.

“I don’t have to stop flirting,” she whispers with a playful glint in her eyes. Lena bites her lip and Kara adjusts her glasses, blushing harder, blushing pleased.

It’s going to be a very interesting trip to Earth-1, indeed.

Sacrifice (Ignis x Reader)

Here it is, as promised!

Wow. Ok. So I had to stop my devious brain from continuing onto the gory parts because SFW blog. But if anyone wants to add onto that, be my guest. I came pretty close. I need help LOL.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little twist from the Teaser Trailer for Iggy Pop aka my husband. 

I had to include @hypaalicious‘s speculations of how badass Ignis is during this battle with the intense wave of MT’s. THIS WAS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY. MWAHA 

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How did you end up here?

You could have sworn only moments ago you were spending your days in bliss, indulging in all the luxuries the City of Altissia had to offer. Food, dancing, gondola rides… wasting your hard earned gil with every passing moment.

You’d forgotten all about your quest in assisting the young Prince, your friend,  to Lady Lunafreya so they could be wed in efforts to end the war between Lucis and Niflheim. You truly came to believe you were only on a fun vacation with your best friends and your lover, Ignis Stupeo Scientia. Only a mere twenty four hours ago, you were strolling down the maze of the city of Altissia, arm in arm with the Royal advisor admiring the breathtaking scenery and architecture.

Of course, all good things must come to an end… just as well as your brief fantasy of a perfect world…

The sky was somber. Dark haunt clouds hung above the city, blocking out the sun entirely. 

The occasional echo of thunder sent nervous chills up your spine as you tried to struggled free from the Magitek Solider’s clawed grip. “Let go of me!” You said through gritted teeth, squirming your body back and forth. “Let go!”

Your eyes drifted over to you left to find Ignis being forced to the floor. He growled threateningly, attempting to continue his intense assault upon the enemy, but there were too many.

They finally stopped you both.

They finally stopped him.

No!” You yelped, watching two MT’s pin him to the ground, holding his hands behind his back. Without wasting a moment, several more standing Magitek Soldiers marched forward, guns in hand.

An assault rifle.

A submachine gun.

A revolver.

And countless others.

They were all being aimed at Ignis.

You halted your struggle to watch the scene unfold before you. Your lungs began to ache and burn causing you to realize you stopped breathing entirely. An intense dizziness washed over you as you watched the Magitek Troopers’ clawed fingers hover over the triggers over their weapons.

“No! No! PLEASE DON’T SHOOT!” You screamed a bloodcurdling cry, lunging forward, shaking free of your captor’s grip only momentarily. Your lunge lead you forward only a few inches before being pulled back into the harsh embrace of the solider, it’s claws digging into your stomach from behind. 

“If this young man doesn’t cause anymore trouble, there will be no need for his life to be lost, my dear,” the familiarity of such a rich, devious, voice caused you to halt your struggle once more. Out of the waves of MT’s that taken you and your lover out of commission, walked the crimson violet haired man you and your friends had… “coincidentally”… ran into several times over the course of your journey through the outskirts of Lucis.

Ardyn Izunia. Chancellor of Niflheim.

You always had your suspicions of the strange man ever since your first meeting at Galdin Quay weeks ago.

“Iggy,” you whispered breathlessly, staring down at the love of your life with fear in your eyes. His left cheek was pressed hard to the ground, allowing him only to glance at you in his peripheral vision.

His glasses were pushed only slightly off his nose, leading them askew from his eyes.

You wanted him to respond. You needed him to respond to you.

His display of combat he put on only minutes ago was astonishing. He destroyed MT’s like it was simple child’s play, switching from his daggers to his lance in the blink of an eye. He could have fared just fine without your help, but together you were unstoppable… or so it seemed. Seeing him so defeated and weak shattered your heart into pieces.

“You both have caused quite a lot of issues for my friends and I, and unfortunately, that mustn’t go overlooked,” he sighed before an wolfish smirk crossed over his features.

“Don’t you dare hurt him,” you threatened, feeling fear consume you. You wouldn’t dare to let it show through, however. 

Ardyn let out a low chuckle, gracefully pushing past his minions, walking toward you. He grabbed on to your arm tightly, dismissing the Magitek Trooper of his duty of restraining you. “Keep on eye on him,” he ordered the solider, gesturing him to take out his weapon and aim it onto the Royal Advisor once more.

Your heart sank.

“I”m doing you a kindness, dear. I promised you; as long as he doesn’t cause any more trouble, he will live to see tomorrow,” he paused. “You on the other hand…” he muttered into your ear as you felt the sharp, cold pressure of a knife gently press against your throat.

“No! Get your hands off them!” Ignis demanded, only being able to struggle slightly under the pressures of his countless restraints.

Ardyn spun the knife to push the flat side against your throat. “Hmm, perhaps we should make things a little bit more interesting Mr. Scientia. Would you care to play a game with me?”

Ignis didn’t respond. His breath began to sound labor as a unfamiliar fury rushed through his emerald eyes. He gritted his teeth, his star burning daggers into Ardyn.

Ardyn let out a breathy chuckle. “I’ll take that as a yes,” you could hear his evil smirk as he continued to restrain you from behind. “The game is quite simple, actually.  Though it will make our little predicament all the more… interesting.”

Your heart pounded hard against your rib cage feeling the knife against your skin shift only slightly.

“You, kind sir, get to pick who pays for your crimes. You… or this lovely thing,” Ardyn pushed you forward, forcing Ignis get a better view of the lock he had you in.  

You struggled only slightly, but was quickly stopped as Ardyn turned the sharp end to your neck once more.

“Answer fast. Your little sweetheart is wearing my patience thin…”

Just do it. Do whatever you want with me,” you said, unwavering. “Leave him alone.”

“Ah, ah, ah, I do believe the rules of our little game only allowed Mr. Scientia to pick,” he glance his devious amber eyes to Ignis. “Please, don’t let their noble attempt affect your answer.”

You whimpered, holding your breath. Your eyes began to sting with tears— not only for your own fate, but for Ignis’s. There was no way only one of you would come out of this situation unscathed or a live… No one would be winning this sickening game except for Ardyn.

You wanted it to be you.

You needed it to be you.

He had to chose you.

Whatever sickening torture Ardyn had planed had to happen to you. Ignis didn’t deserve the consideration of such an perilous, yet unknown fate.

“Do what you will with me. Release Y/N,” he spoke calmly, just as he always did.

No! Ignis! What are you doing?!”

He said nothing as you struggled in Ardyn’s arms as his sliver knife left your neck.

“IGNIS!” You repeated, suddenly seething at your boyfriend’s answer. “Just pick me, Six, damn you!” You cursed.

“You. Come here,” Ardyn ordered another Magitek solider to approach him. “Make sure this one sees it all. I want them to enjoy the game we’re playing,” he smiled, forcing you onto the ground beside Ignis. Swiftly, you reached your hand out to him, the tips of you fingers only hardly brushing the smooth skin on his cheek. You felt several pairs of metal claws dig into your back, holding your head to face Ignis, and restraining your wrists … keeping them only inches from your lover.

You dug your nails into the concrete, finally noticing the tiny droplets of rain colliding with your skin causing you to shiver. “Ignis,” you cried out in a breathy whisper, looking at him with pain in your eyes. His gritted teeth relaxed, his green eyes staring into yours lovingly.

“I love you,” he mouthed to you in silence.

“How sweet. Young love has always been a weakness of mine,” Ardyn chuckled sarcastically,  approaching Ignis, knife still in hand. He placed his booted foot on Ignis’s face, trailing it down to the bridge of his nose. With harsh force, he crushed Ignis’s nose, surely breaking it, earning a harsh scream of agony pass his perfect lips. You shut your eyes tight, unable to continue to see him in such pain.

The sound of his glasses shattering ran through your ears.  

“Open you’re eyes, dear,” Ardyn laughed, “You’re not going to want to miss this part.”

Petname Babygirl II pt.3

yoongi x reader

genre: filth..fluff? I don’t know except for the smut, dom!yoongi

this chapter contains a bit of everything, I guess

word count: 10.6k

Your business trip involved boring meetings, some time for yourself and you being naked and tied up underneath your boss.

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Request: hi! so yesterday i got a third degree burn and i’m suffering and need some fluffy bucky in my life. could you do a fic where the reader gets burned and bucky takes care of them? ps i love your writing and you

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: some burns, floof

A/N: Hey anon, I hope you’re doing okay and sorry for the wait! I hope you like this :)

You don’t know how it happened.

Okay, you did.

It was a stupid decision actually.

“What’re you doing Y/N?” Sam chuckled as he watched you.

“Being a ballerina.” you reply, spinning around in a circle with your hands laced together above your head.

Natasha smiled. “How graceful.”

“The elegance.” Wanda added.

You let out a laugh and stop spinning, immediately becoming dizzy and losing your balance.

“Watch out, the grill is on and it’s pretty hot so don’t-”

You let out a shout when your hand touches the grill.

“-touch it.” Tony finished.

Bucky jumps up from his chair and runs over to you. “Are you okay?!” he grabs your arm, inspecting your hand. “It’s already blistering up. Come on, I’ll take you to Bruce.”

Your friends watch Bucky guide you inside and Tony smirked. “Told ya. He’s whipped.”

“Bruce!” Bucky yelled as he ran down the hall, pulling you along with his arm around you. “Bruce it’s an emergency! She’s hurt! She’s dying!”

“I’m not dying Buck, I just – ow!” you clutch your hand closer to your chest.

Bucky’s eyes widen. “Bruce she’s gonna pass out any minute!”

The two of you stumble into the lab where Bruce was hunched over, looking through a microscope. He sat up and put his glasses on before walking over to you.

“What’s going on-”

“She’s dying!” Bucky shouted and Bruce’s eyes widen as he turned his gaze over to you.

You shake your head. “I’m not dying.”

“What happened?” he questioned, gesturing for you to take a seat.

“I was spinning around outside and lost my balance and reached out for something to steady myself which just so happened to be the grill that was on and I burned my hand.” you explain.

“Ouch.” Bruce says as he studies your burn. “I’m going to give you some antibiotic ointments for it and it should heal within two weeks.”

“Okay.” you nod, watching Bruce stand up and gather the antibiotics for you.

“I’ll advise you not to do anything with your right hand until it heals.”

“But it’s my dominant hand. I do everything with this hand. How am I supposed to-”

You’re cut off by Bucky. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Bucky stayed true to his words and was with you 24/7. He didn’t let you do things on your own, scared that you’d might hurt yourself even more.

“Alright I brought you some soup and crackers because I know you-” he looks up and sees you curled into a ball. “Are you doing okay?”

“I’m fine my hand just feels like it’s throbbing and the burning sensation is still there.” you respond.

“Is that bad? Do we need to go see Bruce? C’mon, I’ll carry you to his lab.” Bucky sets the bowl of soup down on your nightstand and turns to you.

“No, I’m fine Bucky.” you say.


“Can you just cuddle me? I want to be cuddled.”

Bucky smiles. “Yeah, I’ll cuddle you.” he climbs onto your bed and scoots over to you so that your back is pressed against his front. He drapes an arm around you, careful not to touch your hand before sighing.

“You don’t have to be with me all the time, you know. I’m sure you’d rather go out with everyone and have fun.” you say, eyes fluttering shut when you feel Bucky’s finger tracing your exposed skin.

“It wouldn’t be the same without you.” he shrugged. “I prefer your company over everyone else’s.”

You chuckle. “You’re something else, you know?”

“I know.” He grinned. “But you still love me.”

“That I do.” You nod. “That I do.”

A/N: uggghhhhh this was so horrible I’m sorry I’m a little rusty on the writing :\


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harry said he likes routines and i'm just imagining his and the missus' morning and night routines and him not leaving the bed without a kiss or going to bed without a kiss

Their morning routines are very much similar every single day; only ever changing if Harry had a free day and felt the need to stay in bed for longer in the mornings or if the missus was feeling particularly good and chose to wake up earlier than 7am.

They wake up under the sheets as soon as his alarm clock shrieks out that it’s 7am and it’s time to get up for the day, their legs tangled together with the missus’ arms wrapped around his torso as they lay with her chest pressed to his bare back; the both of them always finding a way to spoon through the middle of the night. He’s the first one out of bed. Roaming the bedroom and making his way towards the wardrobe where he rummages for an outfit to dress in, appropriate to the weather outside, and formal enough in case he had impromptu meetings with his management. And the missus is always the last one out of bed. Whining into her pillow about how she hated that he had to be such a morning person, and that he could stay in bed for longer because he was never out the house before nine thirty. When she does find a way to get out of bed, usually with a tickle to her foot as Harry passes the bed on his way to the bathroom or a kiss to her lips after she’d whined about him leaving her alone for the day, she joins him at the bathroom sink where they brush their teeth together and make their faces less oily and look much cleaner, bumping hips with one another, stepping playfully on one anothers toes, and smirking with froth-covered lips as they glance at one another in the mirror. (If they’re a good few months into being married, they go to the point of even going for a wee whilst the other stays in the room; but that’s only if they felt like they were soon to burst).

Breakfast is always a mess. Harry chooses to go for the simple porridge with a few sliced bananas and honey drizzled on the top, where the missus chooses to go for the greasiest breakfast possible; sometimes it’s a fried breakfast with everything that can be included and sometimes it’s bacon and sausages muffins or scrambled egg on toast. Something that requires more time and effort to be put into it, but, something that always makes Harry envious over - because it just looks so much better than his porridge and bananas. So she ends up feeding him forkfuls or bites of her food, regardless of having to do it everyday. But they never leave one another without a kiss - one that’s passionate, full of lust, breath-taking and enough to last the whole day, leaving tingles on the lips and excitement in their bellies to continue kissing when the night arrives - and a cuddle on the front door step. Promising to see one another at lunch and making plans to stay in and watch reality telly until they fall asleep.

But when it comes to the night-time, they’re very much different in regards to what they do in terms of a routine.

Dinner is just like normal. They slice the ingredients together, cook it together, dance around the room to the radio playing, and they liked to dish up the other’s plate, before taking it to the table and cracking open a bottle of wine. They spoke about their days, what they’d gotten up to once they left each other that morning, sharing stories, some funny and some sad, about what happened at specific times and to people around them, before reminding each other that they had a dinner in Cheshire to go to with his family on Thursday and a reunion in Surrey at the weekend to see her family.

And where Harry likes to sit down after dinner and relax, maybe having a quick after-dinner snooze, kicking his feet up on the sofa and slouching down as the telly played a random show that was playing as background noise, the missus likes to plan blog-posts ahead of schedule and make plans with people who were helping her; whether they be people she knew and asked to make an appearance in one of her recipe try-outs or whether they be people she’s heard about and asked to show their face to model in her photography. She’s typing away on her laptop and calling people on her phone whilst Harry lounges on the sofa, in a comfy outfit that he’d changed into as soon as he was done for the day, texting and sending himself an email about what he needed to do tomorrow so he knew what he day had entailed.

It’s when they go to sleep at night when their routines match up.

They take a shower one after the other, or sometimes they take a bath together but that only depends on how they feel and how tired they really are, before meeting at the vanity to wash their faces, and once every other night is when they would stick on a face-mask to cleanse their skin, and brush their teeth before changing into the pyjamas and climbing into bed. Fluffing up their pillows and removing any of the pillows used for show, setting them at the end of the bed, before cosying down and laying by lamplight. The missus doing her usual routine of watching him as he sticks his glasses on and reads a couple of Bukowski poems to her, their toes mingling under the comforter as she snickers at all the innuendos and nibbles on his ear when she’s feeling particularly riled up by one of the pieces of writing he loved to read. And they end the night kissing in the dark. Their lips moving together and the kiss-smacking sound being the only sound that could be heard before they whispered their goodnights to one another and fell asleep, noses almost touching and foreheads close. xx

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This idea has been on my mind all day, so I decided to write it to you as a prompt.Could you recreate a situation like the one in the inshallah clip?the new school year has started and one Saturday morning Sana finds herself in kitchen peeling carrots, Yousef enters and offers to help her, only that they start flirting in a very obvious way (because they stand in a different point in their relationship then in clip they're kinda together, or they're almost there).Let me know if you like the idea


Thanks for the prompt!! 

I don’t know if this is exactly what you had in mind but I really hope you like it :D 


Hi mom” Sana greeted her mother as she entered the kitchen on Saturday morning.

It was October, she had already started her last year of high school but she didn’t have much to study yet so she decided to go out of her room to spend some time with her mom. It also didn’t hurt the fact that Elias and the boys, including Yousef, were hanging in her living room in that exact moment.

“Hi love” Sana’s mom said with a smile

“What are you doing?” she said as she approached her mom.

Sana smiled when she realized what her mom was doing, she was peeling not other thing than a carrot.

“Just making lunch, I think the boys are staying”

“You know…” Sana said hesitantly as she smiled to herself remembering a previous Saturday morning “You’re actually peeling that carrot wrong”

“You’re telling me how I’m supposed to peel a carrot?” Mamma Bakkoush asked raising her eyebrows at her

“What? I’m just trying to help…”

“Well, since you’re so willingly to help maybe you can finish this for me while I go to the store to get some ingredients I need” Sana’s mom said as she passed the peeler to Sana

“Do I have to?” Sana whined

“This is what happens when you try to be smarter than your mom” she said kissing her daughter’s cheek tenderly before leaving the room

Sana shook her head and sighed. She took her phone and searched in her playlist for a song, if she had to peel some carrots she might as well do it while listening to some good music. She found the song she was looking for but before pressing play she thought about something first. She went to the kitchen’s door and looked at the living room where the boys were. They were just talking to each other and laughing and they hadn’t noticed Sana yet.

“Elias” she called her brother with the peeler in one hand and a carrot in the other one “Uh, mom let me in charge of the food while she’s at the store. I won’t bother you if I listen to some music while I’m at it, right?”

It wasn’t like she needed permission from her brother to play music. That comment was more like an excuse to show a certain boy what she was about to do.

“Sure sis, no problem” Elias said

Sana nodded. Her eyes found Yousef’s then, he was already looking at her with his eyebrows raised. Sana smirked at him and turned around to go back to the kitchen.

She then took her phone once again and this time she pressed play.

Ed Sheeran’s voice filled the room as Kiss me started to sound. She played it loud enough so it could be heard from the living room.

“Are you doing this on purpose?” she heard the voice she was waiting for saying no more than 10 seconds after she played the song

“Huh?” she said looking at Yousef faking confusion “Oh hi Yousef, are you here for a drink?”

“Yeah, I’m here exactly for that” he said biting his lip.

He took a glass from the cabinet and approached Sana on his way to the fridge. Just like he had done a few months ago he walked closely behind her, slower than it was normal.

“You do know that the kitchen is big enough for both of us, right?” Sana said in a low voice as she felt him a few inches from her back.

“Yeah, I do know that” he whispered standing right behind her.

Sana smiled to herself and turned around to face him, startled at first by the proximity. She knew he was close but not that close. Yousef noticed the surprise on her face and quickly took two steps back to give her space.

“I’m sorry, am I making you uncomfortable?” he said kind of panicking “I’m so sorry”

“No, no, Yousef, it’s alright.” She said as she took a step towards him “It’s just your extra side showing”

She shrugged and smiled at him to ease the tension. She then turned around and continued with her carrot peeling. She heard him chuckle behind her and walked to the fridge to finally get that drink he was supposed to want.

“So, your mom trusted you enough to peel a carrot all by yourself? Wow, brave” he teased her

“Well, I’ll let you know that I’m the master of peeling carrots now” she said looking at him while still peeling the carrot

That, of course, didn’t end well and before she could stop it she cut her finger with the peeler.

“Ouch!” she yelled as she tossed the peeler and the carrot on the counter and held her thumb with her other hand

“Are you okay?” Yousef asked taking a step towards her in concern

“Yeah, yeah, it’s just a small cut”

“Let me see” he said as he slowly took her hand into his to examine her thumb.

“See, it’s not even bleeding” she said looking up to him

Yousef was looking back at her while gently brushing her hand with his fingers. He was standing so close to her that if she wanted to she could count his eyelashes.

Eyelashes, Sana? What is wrong with you? Why does this dork have that effect on you?” she thought.

She shook her head at herself trying to focus. Yousef did the same as he too had been lost in Sana’s eyes and cleared his throat before letting go of her hand.

“Okay, Master of peeling carrots, how about you let me help you so you don’t lose any of your cute little fingers here?” Yousef said taking the peeler and the carrot and starting his task

“I was doing just fine before you came here and started to distract me”

“Do I make you nervous?” he said trying to put an interesting voice

Sana rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Come on you have to admit that I’m the real master of peeling carrots” he said as he threw a peel in her direction

“Eh, I guess you’re alright. At least the kids won’t starve with you, that’s a good thing”

Of course they won’t, our kids will be perfectly fed”

Sana widened her eyes at his sentence as Yousef closed his and lowered his head once he realized what he had just said.

“Our kids?” she said trying not to laugh at his embarrassment

“I meant…what I wanted to say was…I mean…you know…” he stuttered not daring to look at her

“It’s good to know that they will have a good meal every day.” She said “You’ll have to settle for six though, there’s no way I’m having 12”

Yousef looked up at her in shock at first but then his face lit up and he grinned widely at her as she did too.

“Six kids it is” he agreed.


I hope you’ve liked it!

I’m sorry it’s kind of short

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The Birthday Boy (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WC: 2116 

Warnings: Gets pretty steamy, insane awkwardness and fluff, Jared makes one or two innuendos 

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton 

 Summary: It’s Jared’s birthday and things escalate. Unfortunately, Mrs Kleinman sees a side of her son she wishes she hadn’t.

A/N: This is partially inspired by @sincerlyyme ’s Walnut Pt. 2 BC my god it was so good. Enjoy 

“You’re just salty that Valentina got eliminated that early, Kleinman.” I said, shoving my boyfriend’s shoulder.

“She didn’t deserve to leave that soon! And thanks to Nina Bonina whatever the hell she calls herself Brown. Speaking of which, at least Valentina got Miss Congeniality. Nina’s just a pessimist who thinks everyone’s out to get her.” Jared said, and I placed a hand on my chest in mock offence.

“I’m hurt Jared. Truly, that hurts me deeply.” I said and Jared snickered, pushing his glasses up nose.

“I hurt you deeply.” Jared muttered, and my eyes widened. I scoffed and smacked Jared’s chest lightly.

“It’s Friday afternoon, babe. Can the sex jokes start on Saturday? Please?” I said and Jared chuckled, kissing my forehead.

“Fine, but only because I love you.” He said and I smiled, bringing him into a kiss. I cupped his face, and I chuckled at the involuntary smile on his face when I pulled away.

“I love you too, my wonderful meme.” I said, and Jared snorted, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“Thanks babe. Well, here we are. Mom’s home, so I guess the sex can start on Saturday, as well.” Jared said and I rolled my eyes, trying to fight the blush spreading across my cheeks.

Jared opened the door and held it open for me. I kissed his cheek gratefully, and he went a dusty shade of pink.

“Hi mom.” Jared shouted, and Meredith turned around, a smile on her face.

“Hello birthday boy. Hello Y/N. How was school?” She asked, shutting the oven door.

“It was alright. This one here got an A plus on her English exam.” Jared said, wrapping his arm around my waist.

I went pink and Meredith cooed, walking over towards us. “Congratulations, Y/N. I bet you deserved it.” She said, and my blush deepened.

“Thanks you guys. Do you mind if I head upstairs and just put my stuff down?” I said and Meredith nodded.

“Of course. You know where everything is, honey.” Meredith said and I smiled at her.

“I’ll head up with you.” Jared said, and Meredith arched her eyebrows.

“Your door stays open, young man.” Meredith said, and the two of us went bright red.

“Thanks mom.” Jared muttered as we walked upstairs. I chuckled, shaking my head as we walked into Jared’s room.

I threw my backpack down on the ground, and sat down on Jared’s bed. “I’m closing the door.” Jared said, and I laughed, patting the space on the bed next to me.

“Sit down, you rebel.” I said. Jared chuckled and sat down next to me, resting his head on my shoulder.

“Happy birthday, babe.” I said after a period of silence. Jared lifted his head and kissed my cheek, his glasses pressing into my face.

“Thanks Y/N. You wanna play Cards Against Humanity?” Jared asked, resting his hand on my knee.

“I have another idea.” I said, smirking slightly. Jared arched his eyebrows, his glasses slipping down his nose.

“And what would that be, Y/L/N?” Jared asked, leaning back on his hands. I bit my lip, and I noticed Jared shift awkwardly.

I leaned forward and connected my lips with his, kissing him eagerly. Jared kissed me back with fervour, and he wrapped his arms around my waist, pushing me forward.

Jared hovered over me as I laid down on my back. He broke apart from the kiss, panting slightly.

“This is much more preferable than Cards Against Humanity.” He said and I chuckled, taking his glasses off his face.

I put them down on the dresser next to his bed, and resumed the kiss. I tangled my hands in his hair and tugged gently, eliciting a moan from Jared.

He broke away and I whined at the loss of his lips on mine. “Someone’s eager.” Jared teased and I glared at him, smacking his chest.

“Like you can talk, Kleinman.” I said, gesturing to the tent in his shorts. His cheeks went a bright pink and he chuckled sheepishly.

“Touché, babe.” Jared muttered, pressing a kiss or two to my neck. I took in a shaky breath as he found the most sensitive part of my neck.

“God you’re good at this.” I breathed out, and Jared smirked. His hands wandered up my shirt, and they situated on my breasts.

“I love you so much.” Jared said, and he tugged my shirt off. I smirked as his eyes widened, his jaw reaching the floor.

I recently bought a set of lingerie specifically for Jared’s birthday. The set was an emerald green colour, and was lacy and beautiful.

“Is, uh, is this new?” Jared said, still in shock. I nodded, pressing kisses along his jawline.

“Uh huh. For the birthday boy.” I whispered, throwing my legs on either side of Jared’s waist. I felt his erection pushing against me, and I moved my hips forward.

Jared let out a throaty moan, the friction driving the both of us crazy.

His eyes fluttered shut, but a smirk settled on his face. “Well then, happy birthday to me.” He muttered, and my smirk grew.

I ran my hands up under his shirt, and noticed him shudder as I trailed my fingers along his skin. I slowly pulled his shirt off, and I smiled at his bare chest.

“You are stunning, Jared. Absolutely stunning.” I said, pressing kisses down his chest. His breathing got heavier, and he inhaled sharply when I reached the top of his shorts.

“Y/N, please. I want you. Right now.” Jared said, his hands firmly gripping my waist.

“Consider this my present to you.” I said, winking at him as I unzipped his shorts. I went to tug them down, but I heard something that made my heart stop.

“Jared Robert Kleinman, I told you to keep your door… oh my god!” The two of us flew apart, and scrambled wildly for our shirts.

“Mom!” Jared shouted, sitting himself in front of me. Meredith’s jaw had dropped so low it was almost on the floor, and her eyes were the size of saucers.

“I, uh, Jared. You were, uh, oh my god.” Meredith sputtered, looking frantically between the two of us.

My face was about the temperature of the sun, and I wanted nothing more than to crawl up in a hole and die.

“Did you at least have a condom?” Meredith asked after a lengthy stretch of silence.

Jared nodded meekly, opening the top draw of his dresser. There was the half empty box of condoms Jared purchased a month ago when we first considered sleeping together.

“This… this is open. So this isn’t the first time?” Meredith asked and the two of us nodded awkwardly.

“Well, uh, I’m a little upset that my boy is growing up so fast but, I was a teenager too, once.” Meredith said, chuckling slightly.

Jared and I both laughed awkwardly, and Jared rested a hand on my knee.

Neither of us could look Meredith in the eye, so when she left we simply stared at the floor. She closed the door behind her, and the silence was deafening.

“Jesus Christ.” I muttered, running a hand through my hair. Jared nodded, lying down on his bed.

I flopped down next to him, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. “I thought I knew what awkward felt like. I was so wrong.” Jared said, resting his chin on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry that didn’t quite work out, babe. We’ve still got tomorrow.” I said and Jared chuckled, the vibrations from it hitting my back.

“At least we’ve got a story to tell, I guess.” Jared said, and I nodded, turning my head slightly to press a kiss to Jared’s cheek.

“Oh, that reminds me. I’ve got another present for you. One that doesn’t involve sex.” I said and Jared let out a melodramatic sigh.

“Damn. My favourite presents involve sex.” Jared said, and I rolled my eyes, pushing his arms off my waist.

He pouted at me and I shook my head, picking up my backpack. “Your present’s in here, so look away.” I said, shooing Jared away.

I pulled out his gift, and took in a deep breath. “Happy birthday, Jared.” I said, handing him the present.

I sat down next to him, and wrapped an arm around his waist. Jared was smiling brightly, and I felt my stomach flip at his happiness.

Jared kissed me softly, before turning his gaze to the object in his hands. He plucked the card off and opened the envelope, chuckling at the card’s front cover.

“Roses are red, violets are ew! Oh my god, babe, this is genius. You know how much I love Jimmy Fallon.” Jared said, kissing my cheek.

“I know. I picked up a pack of various Jimmy Fallon themed cards when I was at the NBC studios last summer.” I said and Jared nodded, opening up the card.

“My dearest Klein-meme. Really Y/N?” Jared said, raising an eyebrow.

“Keep reading! It gets better.” I said, gesturing for him to keep reading. He chuckled and nodded, resuming his reading.

“Today is your birthday! You are officially one year closer to death. My god, you’re so morbid.” Jared said, and I rolled my eyes.

“Just keep reading, you nerd.” I said, smacking Jared’s chest.

“I don’t care whether you don’t age well, or if you age really well (that would be preferable though). I will still love you for you. The crazy, adorable man I love with all my heart. You make my days brighter and my life more enjoyable. I will never stop loving you, Jared, even if you die before me (you old man). Sincerely, your adoring and devoted girlfriend, Y/N.”

Jared paused, setting down the card. He sniffled slightly before pulling me into a tight hug. I wrapped my arms around him tightly, running my hands up and down his back.

“I love you so much, Y/N. Thank you.” Jared whispered, squeezing me gently.

“You’re very welcome, Jared. Now open your present.” I said, kissing his temple.

Jared nodded, wiping away a stray tear as he picked up the present. He tore off the paper, and his jaw dropped when he saw it.

“How did you get this? Every book store I’ve been to has sold out of this.” Jared said, holding the book tightly in his hands.

It was a copy of As You Wish, which was written by Carey Elwes, who played Westley in The Princess Bride. It was a collection of behind the scenes stories from the movie, and I knew Jared would love it.

“Online shopping, babe. It took me a while to find it, but I know how much you love The Princess Bride, and I remembered you telling me you wanted this a while back.” I said, scratching the back of my neck.

“This… this is absolutely perfect. My god, I am so in love with you it isn’t funny.” Jared said, putting the book down next to him.

I felt my cheeks heat up, and Jared grasped my chin lightly. “I’m serious, Y/N. You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen, second to only Chris Pine because damn.”

I let out a giggle, and nodded in agreement. “For real, though, I love you so much, and I am so glad you came into my life.” Jared said, and I rested a hand on his face.

“Just kiss me, Jared.” I said, and Jared chuckled, running his free hand through his hair.

“With pleasure.” Jared said, and he captured my lips in a gentle kiss. My stomach filled with butterflies, and I rubbed circles on Jared’s cheek.

Jared pulled away slowly, and I noticed a few tears run down his face. “Hey, babe, don’t cry.” I said, wiping away his tears with my thumb.

“I’m just really happy. That’s all.” Jared said, chuckling slightly. I smiled at him and pecked his cheek, taking one of his hands in mine.

“You wanna turn on the TV, watch some Friends, and just cuddle with me?” I suggested and Jared’s smile widened.

“That sounds like the perfect birthday. The fact that I’m spending it with you is the cherry on top of the birthday cake.” I laughed at his joke and took in his appearance.

His eyes and cheeks were slightly pink from crying, his hair was ruffled, and his glasses were off.

“You look beautiful, Jared. Or handsome. Whatever works.” I muttered, and Jared’s cheeks darkened in colour.

“If I’m sure of one thing, it’s that you’re stunning, Y/N. I’d stake my life on it.”

well I’m a first time dad what did you expect

pairing:  klance
genre:  fluff ???? smth like that. domestic shit.
word count:  1765

right so I saw this post by @lancemccute and I decided to have some fun

Keith remembers the circumstances that led to them adopting Daniella.

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What are the egos' pet peeves? <3

Wilford–healthy food

Host–loud people who won’t leave him alone

Bim–when he loses his glasses and they’re just on top of his head

Doc–chewing noises


Silver–people mistaking him for Batman (it never actually happens, but he claims that it’s a common occurrence)


Dark–Wilford Warfstache’s stupid face

The thing about little brothers

It was far too late to be up on a school night, but even as Link fell asleep - looking peaceful and still wearing his glasses, Rhett couldn’t stop his nagging brain. 

He was far from a violent person. He didn’t start fights or watch them, and most of the time he kept to himself. So he’d never experienced the rage and protective instinct he felt when he caught sight of Link on the ground, with John Carson’s boot kicking into his side. 

That was the one and only time that Rhett realized he could punch someone. Or even beat the crap of them. For the most part, Link was fine now, but Rhett could still feel the anger when he closed his eyes and pictured the smug look on Carson’s face. He’d had to work to stop Link from joining in after he’d slammed a fist into John Carson’s gut, breaking that smug look as it sunk in. 

It took the lure of bacon bits to woo his friend into coming over afterward. Link was so sure he was fine and wasn’t keen to face mama Di’s fussing, which Rhett knew from experience could be worse than Sue’s. Unfortunately, the scraped knee and large bruise spoke for him, and Rhett managed to talk him down. 

Giving up on sleep, Rhett hopped out of bed when he saw his brother’s shadow passing by the door - bearing Cole’s broad shoulders.

“What are you doing up?” Rhett asked in surprise, stepping out of his room as he spoke.

Cole scratched his head sheepishly. “I uhh… just got home. Don’t tell mom.”

Out of curiosity he then peered into Rhett’s room at Link. “How’s Neal?” He deflected.

“Fine.” Rhett said, all too quickly. Unfortunately he could tell by his brother’s face that he didn’t believe it. 

“Some jerk he plays with got to him after soccer.” Rhett admitted.

Cole took another look at the sleeping boy in his brother’s room, clearly trying to hide how pissed and concerned his expression now was. “How’d he hold up?”

“I stepped in but he was complaining about not getting a punch in all night.” Rhett vented. 

Cole chuckled in amusement. “That’s the thing about little brothers. They don’t usually need help, but then they figure out you don’t give a shit if they do or not. You’re gonna be there anyway.”

“But what if he’s really annoying?” Rhett asked teasingly, his eyes resting fondly on Link as he leaned against his own door frame.

Cole shrugged. “You’d still be there. Hate to break it to ya.”

Rhett laughed quietly, allowing his brother a rare grin. Their smiles died the second they heard Link stir in his sleep and roll over, resulting in his shirt riding up high enough to reveal the bruise on his side.

“Did you beat the dudes head in?” Cole asked, gritting his teeth at the sight.

Rhett was surprised by the anger in the question, even more so when he looked at his older brother’s eyes and saw Cole staring at Link with the same protectiveness he’d only ever looked at him with. 

“I don’t think he’d do it again anytime soon,” Rhett assured him, lowering his voice when he heard Link make another noise. “I reckon if the rest of the team wasn’t there Link would’ve had a chance.”

“Still don’t give a shit.” Cole growled suddenly, making Rhett raise an eyebrow.

“Hey.” He said in mock defense. “He’s my brother back off.”

Cole snorted. “Oh please. I’ve got both of y’all on my hands.”

Rhett sighed but didn’t deny it as Cole clapped him on the back. “Good going Rhetty boy.”

The talk apparently over, Cole walked off without another word, heading for his room down the hall. Still too wired for sleep, Rhett figured he might as well try anyway, and slipped into his own room. 

Careful not to wake up his friend on the way to bed, Rhett reached his long arm down to gently take Link’s glasses off his face, placing them on a night stand.

“Welcome to the McLaughlin’s, little bro.” He whispered, before finally rolling over to sleep.

This is @wolfspirit00‘s fault because we were talking about brotherly rhink.


I saw a post yesterday (earlier today? Idk?) And I thought of my favorite OT3 Science Boyfriend’s cubed (also known as the sass musketeers) Tony/Rhodey/Bruce so have a ficbit.

It had taken a while to figure out how to fit three people into a healthy relationship, and even longer to agree to tell the public about it. Yet here they are, six months in and still dating. Finally they’ve agreed to come out to the public, they just have to decide how.

“I don’t want to make a big deal out of it.” Bruce says, pushing his glasses up. “We’re coming out, but we don’t have to do anything special, we could just be.”

“I like that idea. We can start posting pictures on Twitter instead of sending them to the group chat, and flirt in public, but we don’t need to make a statement.” Rhodey agrees. It’ll be fun to see how long it takes for the public to figure it out.

“Fine, I’ll put away the Poly flag, and We’re Dating dance number for now. But, I call dibs on posting the first picture.” Tony’s already pulling it up, a picture with him in the middle and Rhodey and Bruce kissing each cheek. He tags it # ScienceSquad and beams at them.

It’s reblogged with the tag friendship goals over a hundred times. So Tony ups the antic. They hold hands in public, go out on dates. Somehow they get dubbed the Science Bros. It’s infuriating.

Eventually even Bruce is getting annoyed with the public’s unwillingness to acknowledge their relationship. They can give each other roses, and French kiss in Central Park and nobody is figuring this out.

Tony’s birthday rolls around, their one year anniversary is in a month, and Rhodey is done. First thing in the morning he posts a picture of Tony slumped over his coffee.

Check out the Birthday Boyfriend.

Bruce sees it and follows suit, pulling a picture up of Tony in the lab and posting it.

Happy birthday to my amazing boyfriend.

They put their phones away and enjoy breakfast with Tony. None of them look at their phones until well past noon, cuddling on the couch. Tony decides to post a snuggle pic on Twitter, when he opens the app he’s got more notifications than normal.

@TonyStark how could you cheat on Bruce like this?

@TonyStark James Rhodes is your best friend, and you cheat on him.

@TonyStark @warmachine @Hulksalterego They both say they’re dating you.

“They used a what is the truth oprah meme to judge me.” He mumbles, a little surprised. Bruce raises an eyebrow at him. “Apparently I’m cheating on you with Rhodey.” Rhodey snorts a laugh snuggling closer.

“Dumbasses.” Rhodey grumbles.

“Everybody smile at the camera. I need to explain to this idiot that both of you were telling the truth.” He snaps the photo beaming at the camera.

“You reply to one, and then back to cuddling.” Rhodey says, Tony nods agreeably and quickly captions the photo.

This is the truth. #PolyamoryBitch

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#3 omega kylo pretty please?

3. “Are you…are you wearing lingerie?”

Hux feels immensely guilty for cancelling his dinner plans with Kylo but with High Command breathing down his neck for plans to regroup after the Starkiller disaster, he felt as though he was left with no other choice.

Kylo had sounded a little disappointed over their comlink channel but had understood his alpha’s work commitments with a sigh and signed off with a heartfelt ‘take it easy’ before cutting their chat short.

With his datapad in front of him and holograms of planets and ships hovering above his desk, Hux tries to keep himself focussed on his task, shoving his glasses back up his nose every time they slip, frustrated. But a sudden knock on his office door startles him to the point where his ass leaves his chair for a moment, before he composes himself and orders the disrupter to enter.

Through the blur of his hologram, Hux can see Kylo’s silhouette, and the arms on his hairs prickle at the omega’s glorious scent, filling the air like a flash flood.

“Ren,” Hux says, gasping. “I wasn’t expecting you. I said I’d be home in a few hours, I can’t afford to neglect this project. It’s just a few more pages and then I’ve got to review–are you…are you wearing lingerie?”

Hux stares through the hologram, eyes fixated on Kylo’s body. A triangle bra sits over his nipples, failing to cover most of his thick chest, but the dark lace garments contrast with his pale skin so well that Hux’s cock swells immediately. A piece of almost-transparent black silk hangs down from the bra, shielding his stomach as though his toned muscle is a privilege to see and not a right. Stocking and suspenders attach to his underwear, and Kylo’s own cock is tucked into a tight pair of panties, a thin string running around the width of his hips and turning into a thong around the back. Black lace adorned with red embellishments, Kylo looks breath-taking, ravishing, divine.

Hux wants to eat him right up.

The front section of one side of Kylo’s hair is clipped back with a red bow, and he saunters towards Hux’s desk with sashaying hips and wet lips.

“General,” Kylo hums. “I hear you’ve been working too hard.”

Hux swallows hard, mouth hanging open.

“Hard,” Hux mutters, twisting in his seat as his pants grow tighter. “Hard. Oh! Working hard. Yes, I–”

Kylo mounts the desk, climbing across it and through the holograms until he’s through and face-to-face with his speechless alpha, and he sits and drapes his legs either side of Hux’s chair, running his stocking-clad feet up Hux’s trembling thigh.

The alpha goes rigid in his seat.

“Are you going to deny me now, alpha, sweetheart?” Kylo smirks, biting his lip, rubbing at his cock, bringing it to full hardness so it strains against his satin panties.

“N-no, fuck. Kylo, if I’d known this is what you had in store for tonight–”

“Oh, this?” Kylo looks down at himself and shakes his head. “No, no. Dinner is what we had planned for tonight. This, all of this, is my secret weapon to get me what I want.”

Hux swallows hard, cheeks flushing, knowing that Kylo had his wrapped around his little finger.



An Anon requested Reylo Burlesque Drabble (song is You Know What I mean by Cults https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXeLGCxJwhw)


It’s not enough that Kylo made partner six months ago.

It’s not enough that he can’t remember the last weekend he had off.

Apparently, it’s not even enough that Kylo’s personally logged in over twenty hours this week on this client. No, obviously, none of that commitment matters because he’s been requested to provide the night’s entertainment for Mr. Snoke, to act like a first-year lemming. To sacrifice and serve as a powerful man’s personal concierge in a city that Kylo knows little to nothing about since he’s always laboring while so rarely enjoying any sort of fruiting.

Wedged under anybody else’s thumb was a position that didn’t suit Kylo Ren one bit, and he jerked his earpiece off with a groan.

Cursing under his breath, he yanked his tie loose to alleviate the pressure tightening around his jugular, but it was no good. It wasn’t his neck that he longed to lay his hands on, and so Kylo directed his fingers back through his hair. Messing up the perfectly gelled dark strands until a few hung over his brow, and even that upset him. No matter what he did, there wasn’t enough of him to pick and pull out that would calm the annoyance of being unable to even comfort himself by slamming down a phone after the order he’d received from Snoke’s assistant.

Why are phones too damn expensive to throw around these days?

Aggressively pressing down the intercom button on his desk, Kylo waited. Fingers tapping to time how many seconds it took his assistant Poe to respond as he craved an excuse to yell at anyone, but before he could get to two seconds the buzz came back. “Yes, sir.”

“Damn it,” Kylo growled under his breath.


“Two questions.”

“Shoot,” his capable assistant answered back.

“How much does it cost for an old-fashioned work phone?”

“Are you asking because you’re angry again that you can’t slam your cell?”

“No,” Kylo indifferently disputed, but the half second pause gave him away. Leaning back in his chair, he positively glared at his ocean view outside as he heard a faint snicker on the end of the line.

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I’ve never wanted to die more in my life like I’m honestly taking a hiatus to recuperate from looking at this photo he’s got no goddamn business being this cute in his smart little jacket and his cute grandpa glasses with his hair styled and that sweet little smile on his face and his eyes that are so warm and inviting like this look screams that he knows how to treat you right and take care of you and it’s not fair for him to exist and look like this if I can’t be there to shower him in love and remind him how truly beautiful he is every day

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Drabble number 47- it's not coming off. RafaelxReader he spills something on their baby and gets super frustrated. Congrats on 900❤!

bahahaha I love this… This’ll be the last one for today :). Three more to come tomorrow!! And THANK YOU so very much- you and everyone else!! <3.

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

“Rafael?” You tapped lightly against the glass of his door, moderately curious about why it would be locked. “Rafael, what’s going on in there, you said you’d meet me downstairs about ten minutes ago…”

He jumped, surprised so much time had already passed. Sincerely, he planned on this little jaunt being quick- all he had to do was grab his briefcase from behind his desk.

But, of course, the phone had rang.
So, naturally, he had placed Lillian in the middle of the tabletop, so she could sit up amidst the desk accessories and he could keep an eye on her.
Which, he had done, at least until he needed to dig some information out from his desk drawer for the District Attorney…

It had only been a few seconds, long enough for him to open the bottom drawer and flip through a couple papers- but he heard it all. The clink of glass, the toppling of a bottle, the coo of sweet Lillian, then your knocking at his door…

When he glanced up, however, he was horrified to find his adorable little white-lace-and-ribbon-clad princess… covered in blue ink.

Why the Hell did he have an inkwell? When did he get that?
How long had it been there, just waiting for the prime opportunity to ruin his day? 

Oh… Oh God… Oh God no…

“Shh, shh, Lillian- it’s okay…” It was, right? He was just trying to (so very delicately) wipe ink off of her feet- good Lord, it looked like the tiny appendage was suffering from a smurf-virus. And her little dress, the one you, his darling doting wife, had so carefully chosen for her to wear this evening…

Well; it was no longer an ivory dress.
And your daughter was no longer entirely pink and clean, as she had been when you brought her to his office.

The baby cried, Rafael thought he’d be doing the same soon, and you started knocking louder against the window. “Rafi, what’s going on? We’re going to be late.”

From the safety of his solitude, he rolled his eyes- he was actually very well aware the three of you may not make it in time for the gala to begin. Why had he agreed to bring the baby to a gala? Somewhere between Olivia’s insistence and your never-wavering confidence, he’d been convinced it was a grand idea…

But, now, he had a beautiful little ink-blot of a daughter, crying and only spreading the damning ink all over her skirt, staining more ruffles and skin.

New question- who the Hell dressed babies in white?
That’d be something you two would have to discuss in marriage counselling…

“Rafael,” your voice had lowered, both he and the baby froze when the Motherly tone signified trouble- “Rafael, if you don’t open this door by the count of three, I’m getting the key from Carmen’s desk… and you don’t want me to get to three.”

No, he considered when exchanging nervous glances with Lillian, he certainly did not want to know what would happen if you made it to three.

“… One.”

Shit- Rafael quickly snatched Lillian up from the desk, leaving the mess she’d made for tomorrow-Barba to worry about. He spun in a tight circle, trying to think- think- think- think… what his defense for this?

“… Two, Rafael…”

You were going to kill him, he knew it. This was the first ‘real’ gala he’d suggested you attend with him since the birth of Lillian; you had gone out and gotten your hair done earlier, had both your AND her dresses dry cleaned (again, he questioned the purpose of dry cleaning a baby dress, but he didn’t care enough to argue), and here he was… making you late and dealing with an easily avoidable mess.

When he heard your shoes coming back for the door, he snatched an old blazer from the bureau- thankfully, he kept extra clothes for emergencies such as this, but usually he was only making a mess of himself… For now, though, it would have to do.


Before he managed to even take another breath, you shouldered your way through the door, glaring and obviously annoyed… however, you hadn’t expected this sight…

There, your husband stood, holding beautiful Lillian out at arm’s length- with an oversized blazer wrapped around her. 

His prosecutor’s face was on, stoic and blank, as if there was absolutely nothing odd about a tiny girl wearing a multiple-hundred dollar suit jacket. “Are you ready to go?” Rafael simply cocked his head to the side, tried his best to keep her hidden as much as he could within his embrace. “We’re going to be late if we don’t hurry-”

If you had any less restraint, you would have likely began to shout or scream: thankfully, you could maintain your cool demeanor, even though you couldn’t help but notice an itsy-bitsy blue toe poking out beneath the cloth.

“Rafael… why is she,” before he had the opportunity to twist away, you lunged for them, gave the camouflage a sharp tug so it would open up… and reveal your beautiful little cerulean princess.

Your hands flew to cover your mouth, Rafael winced and bit hard on his bottom lip. “It… uh… it’s not coming off…” 

Tears sparked in your eyes, and your shoulders bounced- no, no, no; your poor husband crossed the room to you, left multiple apologetic kisses on your reddening cheeks. “Mi amor, I’m so sorry, it was seconds- I didn’t even know I had an inkwell, and it’s staining, and… I’m so so sorry…”

Instead of bursting into a crying fit, as he expected, he was assaulted with a royal roar of laughter… 

Oh God’, he thought to himself while clutching poor Lillian to his chest, ‘She’s finally lost it…

“Rafael, you’re horrible,” while still laughing, you brushed away the uncontainable tears of humor, and diligently left the room long enough to pluck new clothes from the diaper bag. “Do you really think I’d put our daughter in a white dress and not bring a backup outfit?”

… Okay, one less for the marriage counselor you two may not need anyway.

“You… You brought another dress?” Rafael let the blazer drop to the floor, unblushingly took another look at her chubby, blued legs. “But her feet, mi amor, she got it all over her legs-”

You paused, hiding your face behind the tiny crimson dress you had brought along in case a change would be needed. “Sweetheart, that’s why they make tights,” while he held her in the air, you slipped black leggings over her otherwise bare feet, left kisses on her forehead before taking her from him so you could unbutton the dirtied gown. “Nobody will ever know, we’ll just change her real quick and hurry there- nothing to worry about.”

… Nothing to worry about. Of course. Not like he had been worrying for the last five minutes, already…

Finally, Rafael let out a sigh of relief, and shamelessly lay his forehead against your shoulder. He should have known you’d be better prepared, would have been able to fix his mess-ups, just as you always were able to do. 

“I love you,” he whispered, like an apologetic child, with wide-eyes and a plumped bottom lip. “You’re a Miracle Mami, you know that?”

Now dressed and ready to be the belle of the ball, Lillian squealed, pat lovingly at his tired face with her palms. 

“Oh trust me,” you confirmed before gifting him a final kiss, “I’m well aware…”

Of course you were.

anonymous asked:

Headcanons for Todoroki, Denki, and Bakugou with a s/o who's really short, has bunches of freckles and glasses and plays Ukulele? (Ps: accidentally sent the other one in prematurely so disregard the one that's similar to this one if it even sent through at all :'v )

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it!


- He loves to listen to them when they play the Ukulele, they are good at it and he enjoys the way it often calms him down or brings him into a bit of a better mood. There can be days when he needs quiet, when things are too loud and he just lies beside them, either conversing quietly or resting in silence.

- When his partner stays over, he finds himself tracing their freckles, connecting them with light touches. Sometimes he presses a soft kiss against a few of them as well.

- Todoroki tends to hand his partner their glasses when they just woke up or return from a shower or a bath. He knows they need them to see well and he treats them with care when he gently gives them to his love.


- He finds himself tracing their freckles, especially if his partner is comfortable with it or likes it. It reminds him a little of the starry sky and sometimes he finds their freckles form shapes and he can’t help but wrap them up in a hug.

- Since Denki enjoys music, he loves to listen to his partner when they play. They often sit together in one of their rooms, forgotten or discarded school work beside them, while his partner plays.

- Kaminari learns a lot about how troublesome glasses can be through them. They can smudge easily and one wrong move leaves a fingerprint across the glass. Therefore, he makes sure there is some clear-glass spray in his room whenever they stay over.


- Bakugou doesn’t really say it out loud, but he enjoys it when they play the Ukulele. There are a lot of days when he’s more in the mood for stronger music, but the often upbeat or calm songs his partner plays are nice to listen to and he finds himself subconsciously relaxing along with it.

- He likes their freckles, likes the way they dot along his partner’s skin and he sometimes finds himself just looking at them, tracing them with his eyes or, if they are in private, with a hand.

- While Bakugou doesn’t do things like remember where their glasses are for them, he does pay attention to not knock them over or anything of the sort and whenever they get ready for school together in the bathroom, he subtly nudges their glasses towards them once they look for them.