Happy 6th Anniversary, SHINee!

wow, shinee, 6 years… i can’t believe this, time flew and i didn’t even notice it. it has been six freaking years of joy!! in real life, when you’re a kid and you have your first 6th anniversary, it usually is the very beginning of your story, it’s the beginning of an adventure and, it is usually known as a door with treasures and fortune. but shinee, your baby stage definitely wasn’t like the common on of a kid. you guys behaved like grown up men since the very first day! but, the 6th year will be the same for you as the one of a little kid, you tried, worked and succeed and after this long ass road, you’ll be rewarded by the simple laws of nature, it is all the fruits of your work. you will now forever be loved and we will always and forever be proud of you. be proud too, you guys deserve the world, you are the only ones to enlighten it.

We love you ♡

another favourite Darcy scene

(there are many)

Darcy, reluctantly attending a party (as one does), is sulking in a corner (as one does)

Darcy: so the 198053908th reason I hate dancing is that there’s so much noise and moving around and shit that you can’t talk to anyone

Darcy: not that I WANT to talk anyone

Darcy: but if I did

Sir William Lucas *pops up*: HI THERE!

Darcy: …

Sir William: isn’t dancing the GREATEST THING EVER?

Darcy: …you’re getting dumbass cooties on me

Sir William: it’s what shows we’re really CIVILIZED amirite

Darcy: literally every fucking society on the face of the planet has dancing

Sir William: um anyway, DO YOU DANCE???

Darcy: You’ve seen me dance before, because I succumbed to peer pressure that one time.

Sir William: I did! And you were so graceful, wow. I nearly swooned

Darcy: …

Sir William: anyway. tell me about your house

Darcy: I have one.


Headcanon: Yamaguchi’s family weren’t the richest so a lot of his clothes when he was younger were all bought from the charity shop and usually way too big for him so that he could grow into them (thus less shopping).

Tsukishima’s clothes are mostly hand-me-downs from his older brother but because Akiteru kept his clothes moderately good, Tsukki clothes seemed almost brand new.

I have a lot of Yamaguchi headcanons and this is only one of them.

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Just to play devil's advocate it's entirely possible that Jess is lyin in the police rpt. Nate wasn't on the scene when they arrived&they noted that though Jess said she was severely choked there were no marks on her neck&there was no forced entry&Jess said Nate didn't have keys. Don't get me wrong Nathan is a shit person but there hasn't been any proof provided that he committed this crime. It could be a jealous ex revenge scheme cuz she knows he has a record. At the very least it's very fishy.

I agree that things sound fishy, but given Nathan’s history, I’m inclined to believe Jess. The police report said something about photos, so it’s possible that she didn’t bruise until later. It’s also possible that Nathan made a copy of his keys to the place before giving his original key back. Maybe Jess had a habit of forgetting to lock the door and Nathan knew that and that’s how he was able to get in. I guess this is one of those situations where we’ll just have to wait until more details come out. Jess isn’t very active/public on social media, so we’ll probably only hear Nathan’s side of the story from Josh and Mariah and we won’t know more until it goes to trial if it ever does.

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I had this weird dream with Kwangmin (boyfriend) came to my family's hotel and i was the receptionist and he already had a room,i only needed to give him his key,and he leaned on the counter and said in a low tone 'come to my room later' IM FUCKING CRYYINGGG 😭😭😭😭

he is so cute!!!

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The Key by 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for

Rating: Mature        Words: 12k

Six months after the tarmac scene, John gives his key to 221B Baker Street back to Sherlock, deciding he needs a clean start – but there’s too much left unresolved for that to easily happen.

Johnlock, Victorlock and Jolto in one fic!! brilliant

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