Castiel’s palms are sweating so profusely, he’s ninety-five percent sure he’s going to sweat through his mittens and the wrapped gifts they’re clutching. He watches with wide eyes and a racing heart as Dean rings the doorbell and walks inside, tugging him along by his coat sleeve.

“What if they hate me?”

“Won’t happen.”

“Mom? Dad? We’re home!”



“Unca Dean!”

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How to woo your crush(Andrew edition):
  • Buy him clothes and upgrade his wardrobe
  • Make a deal with him to have his back
  • Give him a key to your home
  • Trade secrets with him
  • Get him a matching phone but in his favorite color
  • Make sure that you have matching ringtones
  • Indulge him when he asks something of you
  • Give him the keys to your car
  • Smoke with him on the rooftop
  • Fight the feds for him
  • Tell him you hate him but wouldn’t mind blowing him
  • Actually blow him in the shower but not before gently washing his hair
  • Wear his clothes
  • Getting him matching armbands
  • Choose him over your brother
  • and most importantly:
  • Be an immovable force in his life that keeps him from running

honestly tho Tsukishima is so fucking #extra when it comes to Hinata???

Tsukki: *does something Good*

Tsukki: *immediately side-eyes Hinata as if saying “I did awesome too”*

this reminded me of That One Panel:

so in france, before any movie at the cinema, they show some ads and trailers and there’s this one where kids are wasted and about to get in the car and you see black widow tell steve “they’re about to drive” and steve appears out of nowhere and the guy gives him his keys and i just gotta say if i have to get drunk to have captain america fall from the sky to rescue me then i’ll have a tequila please

so I have this headcanon about Sirius and Remus moving in with eachother as soon as they get out of Hogwarts and I think some things would look like this:

  • -they invite lily and james and peter to dinner to celebrate moving in to their new apartment, but when the guests arrive the couple is in the middle of an argument, remus wants to paint their room blue and sirius red
  • after a talk with lily they finally agree on purple, because it’s made from blue and red and they think it’s kind of romantic
  • peter is always there to hang out because he doesn’t know what else to do with his time
  • they give him a key, so he can just come whenever he wants to
  • when he’s feeling lonely or sad he visits them and they marathon movies together (peter is like the biggest movie freak)
  • one time peter walks in on sirius and remus, just taking their clothes off
  • peter gives them his keys back
  • also he now calls when he wants to come over
  • remus cooks because you shouldn’t let sirius near a kitchen, he can’t even make a sandwich for himself
  • when remus is busy reading or watching telly sirius always whispers dirty stuff into his ear
  • remus acts annoyed but secretly likes it
  • sirius knows that
  • they practically did it everywher: in their bedroom, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the balcony…
  • they once got a call from their neighbours because they were too loud
  • sirius sometimes throws parties without remus knowing 
  • so on friday when he comes home there are suddenly random wizards remus vaguely knows apparating to their doorstep 
  • remus gets angry but still gets drunk and flirts with everyone he sees
  • sirius gets jealous and ends the party a bit sooner than planned to get remus to bed
  • james and lily visit them every wednesday for couples night
  • they eat dinner and play everyone’s favourite muggle boardgames
  • lily picks monopoly, remus wants to play cluedo, james chooses jenga and sirius takes scrabble
  • monopoly ends with james throwing his money into their air singing ‘I’m a rich bitch’
  • cluedo ends with sirius suspecting the wrong person and not wanting to accept that the other one was really the murderer
  • jenga results in sirius and james throwing the pieces of wood at eachother
  • and at scrabble lily only lays down only dirty words and remus only writing complicated words noone understands
  • boardgame nights usually end with both couples being in a minor fight and remus and sirius having sex as soon as lily and james are gone

Tsukishima: *blocks a nationally famous quick that no one has ever blocked yes you heard me EVER in the whole history of japanese highschool volleyball like really and has his largest development as a character over the entire anime and FINALLY is passionate about what used be “just a club” to him, overcomng the cool megane trope that he has been labeled with since the entire show started*

Haikyuu fandom: oH MY gOD OIKawA IS WEARIGN fukign G L A SS ES 💯 SOMEonE bettER call THE FirE BRIgade BecaUSE He IS SMOKIN!!

reminder of just a few things kibum a.k.a key does/did for shinee:

- spending time thinkin’ about designing clothes for the concerts. and concepts. tokyo dome concerts + shinee world concerts

- asks around about it and feels bad when boss tells him they can’t use x thing 

- then starts thinkin’ about other concept(s)

- links 5 rings together for tokyo dome to show how shinee is a strong unit

-  to commemorate their 5th year anniversary, kibum bought different handmade scented candles for each member including himself.

- during the speech for melon daesang award kibum said he wanted to thank the members the most

I'll Be Home For Christmas || Jimmy & Angel

Retroville, Texas. For some reason it felt even smaller than the last time he visited after his junior year of college. Then again it was no smaller than the rental car had felt with Sheen and Carl in the backseat singing Christmas carols off key on the way from the airport. If not for the fact that their loud singing covered the moans from what Angel was doing to him from the passenger seat ( to get it out of her system she claimed ) he’d have complained. When they pulled into the driveway the two grabbed their bags and headed for their houses to see their families.

Leaving Jimmy and Angel all by there lonesome. “My mom isn’t here I don’t see her car,” he commented as he fumbled around his pocket for his spar keys. “Gives me time to give this place a little bit more of a Christmas flare.” From the looks of it he hadn’t had much if any snowfall. Luckily the resident genius knew that he could fix that.

Moving the luggage into the living room he took Angel’s hand to lead her into the backyard where the shed was still standing. Would need a paint job but otherwise was just how he remembered it.

“This used to be my lab.” Reaching up into his hair he pulled out a strand and put it before he scanned beside the door to do a DNA scan. Once confirmed the door opened and he led her inside.

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OPM Vol. 2 DVD really gives us more in-sight into Saitama's character aka...

I feel like in the past 24 hours since the One Punch Man Vol. 2 DVD release, Saitama has gone from being kinda gay for Genos to being REALLY GAY FOR GENOS lol. Taking baths with him, practicing “voice pitch training” with him, giving him his house keys, worrying he will catch a cold, worrying that he would run into trouble, preparing dinner for him, eating happily with him, going to watch fireworks with him, paying for him to have fun, buying food for him, waiting for him to come back, wanting Genos to live a normal life, JUST PROPOSE TO HIM ALREADY GDI UGH I CAN’T EVEN…