Thoughts on Chapter 24

I think in chapter 24, people are mistaking Sangwoo’s competitiveness with his feelings for Bum or him being protective?! It’s true that he’s treating Bum better than before and doesn’t abuse him physically anymore and such but I feel like when he’s giving Bum his car keys or wants to have the cake, he is more focused on Yoonjae than Bum. Yoonbum and Sangwoo are on the same side and the moment Sangwoo realizes Yoonjae is trying to tease/bully Bum, he is determined to get that cake for 2 reasons. One, because suddenly everything turns into a competition for him and he can’t lose, and two…

…he does not like this guy! Yoonjae is kind of a bully and an opportunist who’s trying to take advantage of Bum’s quiet nature and clumsy attitude. Sangwoo knows people like him very well and you can’t bully Sangwoo! He wants his damn cake and he doesn’t take shit from anyone. So this is more about ‘proving this asshole wrong’ than ‘protecting Yoonbum’. He gave his car keys to Bum to prove Yoonjae wrong. It’s all about winning. He even starts to tease Yoonjae back about their anniversary.

Actually I must add I think he’s angry with Yoonbum the whole time. He’s blaming him for this. When Yoonjae suggests they go to the arcade, it looks like Sangwoo is talking to Bum and Bum is extra nervous because he knows Sangwoo and his expressions pretty well.

‘That’s unnecessary and it’s all your fault, Yoonbum!’

I do want to stress on how well Yoonbum knows Sangwoo now.

To me this looks like a neutral/expressionless face and he even laughs after this, showing how ‘calm’ he is but this is what Yoonbum sees,

So he is angry. He is annoyed with Yoonbum who is clumsy and can never do anything for himself and he is angry with this guy and his childish, sarcastic attitude and he also states how angry he is once they get home so yes, don’t be fooled by his expressionless face and I still don’t believe he was doing any of this solely for Yoonbum.

But he is indeed being nicer to Bum. I think the ‘hit your head on my fist’ scene at the end was a really great scene. It’s not that hard for Sangwoo to beat the shit out of Bum and take out his anger on him and yet he chooses a gentler way to make himself feel better/calmer and at the same time not hurt Bum. That’s a really big development/improvement.

Another thing I want to point out is when he suggested, “If we’re all playing, let’s play something else, something a girl can play too.” I believe he was thinking about Yoonbum, although of course a big part of it was because he wanted them to win.

How to woo your crush(Andrew edition):
  • Buy him clothes and upgrade his wardrobe
  • Make a deal with him to have his back
  • Give him a key to your home
  • Trade secrets with him
  • Get him a matching phone but in his favorite color
  • Make sure that you have matching ringtones
  • Indulge him when he asks something of you
  • Give him the keys to your car
  • Smoke with him on the rooftop
  • Fight the feds for him
  • Tell him you hate him but wouldn’t mind blowing him
  • Actually blow him in the shower but not before gently washing his hair
  • Wear his clothes
  • Getting him matching armbands
  • Choose him over your brother
  • and most importantly:
  • Be an immovable force in his life that keeps him from running

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x19:

  • Oh snap. This is some trigger warning shit up in here. 
  • YAAASSSSSSS to Cas being honest about where he was and what he was doing. YASSSSSS TO HONESTY. 
  • Ok ok ok I know I have shipper goggles on. I’ll own that. But this Dean being mad at Cas scene… this is like every fanfic I’ve ever read. And it is giving me life. 
  • Dean admitted he was worried about Cas. Legit said that it was not okay for Cas to just go missing because he wAS WORRIED. IT HAS BEEN TEN MINUTES. THE EPISODE COULD JUST END HERE AND I’D BE COOL WITH THAT. 
  • “You, me, and Sam. We’re just better together… so let’s go Team Free Will.” YASSSSSS DEAN. THIS IS ALL I’VE EVER WANTED.
  • Are you frickin’ KIDDING ME!? Cas left??? And stole the colt??? And is going rogue??? After that heartfelt talk???? UUUUGHHHHHHH why writers why??? THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.
  • I’m mad as hell. Answer your damn phone Cas.
  • Ok, Cas, you have the girl. You’re having second thoughts about murdering her. WHY haven’t you called Dean or Sam yet??
  • Welp. Guess I was wrong about the whole honesty and trust thing between the Winchesters and Cas thing. 
  • LOLLLLLL Dean saying, “It’s like herding cats” when referring to Cas is the best. 
  • WHHHYYYYYYY would Dean just give up his keys? Like. Come on man. 
  • Is Cas being… manipulated by an unborn baby? Yeeeeeah no thanks. 
  • Aw I miss Joshua’s other vessel :( 
  • Nooooo not the colt *cries tears of endless sadness* 
  • I love Cas being badass. I love Cas healing Dean. 
  • I do NOT love Cas being weird as hell and just abandoning the Winchesters. NOT A FAN. NOT. A. FAN. 

In conclusion: The mixtape scene was everything. EVERYTHING. 

neil has been a runaway for the last eight years and in all that time he’s never had a home and the first time he trusts and feels safe enough to call somewhere ‘home’ it’s with andrew and, even more so, it is andrew because andrew is the one thing that grounds him and that can make him stay and andrew, the foster kid that never had a home of his own, gives him a key and tells him ‘welcome home’ without thinking twice can you hear me sobbing

Eren’s Full Transformation List - Documentation

Ever since the reveal in Chapter 88, as well as the common knowledge that the more a Shifter uses their powers, the more of an effect it has on their body, I’ve been meaning to talk about this but never got around to it. But now, it’s here!

We’ll be taking a look at a full list of all of Eren’s canon titan transformations/titan shifts and will keep a counter in order to estimate the total at the end. Keep in mind there have been off-screen shifts, for instance in the training with Hange, so we can estimate the minimum amount of transformations. Here we go!

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Zach Imagine #5

Slight trigger warning at the end, regarding car crashes.


“I love you,” he said. 

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you.”

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.” Now let me tell you the story of everything that lead up to this point.


Zach had been dating this girl for months, her name was Carrie. She was the perfect girl in Zach’s eyes. She was a cheerleader, she had blonde hair, she was short, she knew how to put on make up, all the good things. So when she broke up with him. He was devastated. So devastated that he took me, his best friend who is so deeply in love with him, to a party. 

I have been in love with Zach for the longest time. He was the best friend I could ever have, and somehow with all his generosity, his jokes, his laugh, his smile, just him in general, I fell in love with my best friend. Who am I kidding though, he’s my best friend.

Anyways, we’re at this party, and Carrie is all over Montgomery. Zach sees and takes the first shot. 

Then Mont is telling her something and she laughs and leans forward. That’s when Zach takes shot #2.

Then they’re at the couch, in the corner. At this point they’re getting pretty touchy. Mont’s hand is on her thigh, and she’s smiling. That’s shot #3.

It just gets so much better from there. Mont is on the couch, and Carrie is on him, his lap more specifically. They’re eating each others’ faces. That’s shot #4, #5, and #6.

Then they’re gone, so Zach takes more shots, his #7 and #8.

The only reason I came was because he asked, and I knew he needed a distraction, but mainly because he was going to do something stupid and reckless. I just didn’t think it’d be with me. 

So we’re here, in this private room. 

“I love you,” he said.

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you.”

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.”

“I love you,” he said.

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you,” he says it so hurt, he sounds fragile and vulnerable right now, like he needs me to say I love him.

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.” 

“Y/N, I love you.”

“Can you stop saying it?!” You yell and he flinches. “I know. You’re very hurt, you loved Carrie, but you can’t do this to me, Zach. I’m your best friend,” at this point I’m crying a little, but cut me some slack. I just heard the person I’ve been in love with say the thing I’ve wanted to hear for the longest time. Except he’s drunk, and his perfect girlfriend broke up with him, and he’s sad.

“What’s wrong?” He asks quietly.

“Zach, you’re a good person, but you can be such an asshole. You’re so selfish!”

“Y/N What did I do?”

“What did you do?” I laugh, he is so ridiculous sometimes. “I have been in love with you for the longest time and you use that to feel better because Carrie left and you’re upset, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be another one of your rebound girls,” I say and I go out the door and pass all the drunk teens. You’re ready to walk home when you think to yourself.

He’s drunk Y/N. He needs a ride home, you sigh. Stupid thoughts. Stupid Zach. You walk back in the room.

“You’re back?”

“I need to drive you home,” you make it obvious that if he weren’t really drunk, you’d have left already.


The car ride is silent. Soon enough you’re at his house and you give him his keys. 

“How are you going to get home?” He asks.

“I’m going to walk.”

“Y/N.. Take they keys, I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning.”

“I can walk,” you really don’t want to see him anytime after tonight.

“Please. Y/N,” he’s begging, and you sigh. You grab the keys from his hand and get into his car. He watches you pull out of the driveway. While you’re on your way home, you cry. 

It’s not fair, he loves a girl who doesn’t love him when I’m right here. You’re driving when another car smashes into your car, turning your world into nothing, pitch black. 

The lack of a stop sign causes the person in the other car to run right into your side.

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Soul key-AU where a person receives their soul key on their sixteenth birthday. It is a known fact that people keep their necklaces close to their person or somewhere safe.

Steve always wondered why his key ring was very…American in design. Bucky always made fun of him that maybe it was because he shared the same birthday as their country. Still, he found it perfect. Even more so when he adorned the Captain America uniform for the first time.

When Steve met Peggy he wanted to give it to her. But he never got the chance. When the plane went down into the ocean he held his key tight in his right hand.

When Steve woke up in the twenty first century and met Tony Stark for the first time, he knew then Stark was the man who he would give his key to. He did not know how he knew but at that moment he was glad that he had not given his key to Peggy. It would not have been fair to her. Not really.

Steve always seemed to screw it up whenever he encountered Tony. They always ended their interactions with fights and accusations. Steve hated it because he never meant anything he ever says. Tony just makes him so angry.

It took them awhile but they finally found their footing. And Steve asked Tony out on a date. On that date, Steve held his key in his hand ready to hand it to Tony before they ended their date.

So as Steve reached for his partner’s hand, Tony reached out for the opposite one. So now both their hands wear grasping each other’s lightly. Tony opened his palm and Steve felt something in it. In shock, Steve loosened his hold on his key when Tony saw what was his in his hand. They both just sat there staring at the other’s hand to see each other’s key.

They truly were made for one another after all.

Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

A/N: Gah, I feel like this is a lame chapter. I spent hours writing, wanting to put this story out. So further apologies if it’s bland. 😔

Chapter Summary: You, Jeff, Troy, and Mallory go to Jessica’s party. For some reason, Jeff isn’t his normal, happy self.

WARNING: cursing

03. Jessica’s Party

Y/N P.O.V.

You praised the day Friday came. Your classes had been taking its toll on you and working part-time at Rosie’s 3 days that week was hectic; but you managed to pull through it all.

You stood in front of your long-length mirror, hanged behind your bedroom door, and examined your outfit. You tried on 3 other outfits before settling for this one, yet, you still weren’t satisfied.

You would have changed again if it weren’t for a car honking for you.

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so in france, before any movie at the cinema, they show some ads and trailers and there’s this one where kids are wasted and about to get in the car and you see black widow tell steve “they’re about to drive” and steve appears out of nowhere and the guy gives him his keys and i just gotta say if i have to get drunk to have captain america fall from the sky to rescue me then i’ll have a tequila please

The Art of Remembering (5/?)

Summary: Killian hasn’t seen Emma in months, not since she ran off in the middle of the night. But when he receives a call from the hospital informing him that she’s been in an accident he rushes to be by her side. Nervous and anxious to see her again he’s not sure what to expect—but he definitely doesn’t anticipate that upon waking she would have no idea who he is. Modern au

Word Count: ~4,000

Rating: T

Also on: ff.net, ao3

Catch up: one, two, three, four

a/n: Thank you so much for all the love I’ve gotten for this fic. I really love this chapter and I’m really excited to share it, so I hope you all enjoy it too! 

It’s been over an hour since their disaster of a morning and Killian left Emma alone. He’s strategically been keeping himself as busy and as far away from the living room as possible. Taking turns wandering between his room and his office, and resisting every desperate urge inside him to check on her.

She’d said she’d needed space and he’s respecting that—no matter how hard that may be, and no matter how badly he aches to be there beside her to comfort her. Because he knows she’s hurting in ways that go beyond just the physical, and it’s like a sharp knife in his heart knowing that she’s suffering just a few rooms away from him.

Especially since he’s sitting in front of his computer and doing absolutely nothing to alleviate that pain.

With a long sigh he pushes himself away from his desk and stands. Reaching up, he runs his fingers through his already disheveled hair for what probably makes the thousandth time that day, and contemplates what to do.

He’s given her over an hour—that’s enough time to breathe and collect oneself isn’t it? And all he wants to do is check on her. Make sure everything’s alright, even if it’s just for a moment. He’ll go under the guise of needing a glass of water from the kitchen or something, just enough of a reason to go in and see what she’s doing and see if she needs anything.

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I’d like to imagine that Dirk Gently keeps forgetting/losing/giving away his apartment key and having to climb through the fire escape window, so “Todd panics and throws things before realising it’s just his boyfriend” is actually a pretty regular occurrence.

here’s a smol thing (only above one k words), I really need to get back into proper writing agh. 

jason todd x fem!reader, inspired by childish gambino’s heartbeat

He didn’t know what he expected to be honest, it’s been five years so of course she’s moved on. Hell, five years of knowing that the love of your life is dead — there’s no other thing to do if you want to survive, only to move on. But it did ache, even angered him. Especially that there was another one touching her.

They were so damn in love, she was the only who could leave Jason so breathless. Now too, she was so damn beautiful, aged so gracefully, they weren’t kids anymore, he barely got out a few words when he last saw her. But they decided against it — well, she did, he immediately regretted ever pushing himself back into her life, he should’ve known better. But Jesus, he loved her so much, he needed to see how she’s doing.

And he is, without her knowing. He’s groaning to himself quietly, he really did reach a new low. He was currently in the opposite apartment building where Y/N lived, having broken into some poor assholes flat, who was currently passed out on his couch, as Jason watched the girl of his dreams from the window. It was early morning, the bloke she was dating was sat by the kitchen table, fancy suit and tie still not done. She was completely naked, placing a plate of eggs and bacon in front of the business man before straddling his lap. Jason growls without even knowing, God he hated seeing him touch her, but she’s doing his tie now and his hands slide down her ass. She’s beautiful, glowing purely just because she’s being herself. The outlaw looks away then, he can’t watch them interlock lips.

Moments pass and he leaves, expensive watch checked as he picks up his suitcase, leaving the girl sat alone by the table. And Jason is getting to leave then too, but he stops when the door of Y/N’s apartment closes, the smile she had for her boyfriend vanishes of her face, her shoulders begin to shake. She breaks down, her head buried in her hands as she starts to sob. He watches in horror, his heart beating so fast, it feels like it could burst out of his chest at any moment, but there’s nothing he can do. He watches her wipe her eyes lazily as she stands up, picking up what seems to be a phone. Seconds later Jason’s pocket is vibrating and he’s quickly grabbing his own mobile so the drunk on the sofa wouldn’t wake up.

“I want to see you.” She says before he can even speak up, and he bites down a smile.

He comes around later, he just poked around the broken in apartment to pass time, not to come over too quick as if he’s desperate, or the fact that he was already here, stalking her. But when he does his heart is beating so fast again, and he can’t help but melt into her scent as she engulfs him into a hug, her legs wrapping around her waist as he carries her down the kitchen.

“Words cannot explain how much I missed you, Jason Todd.”

“Why don’t you show me then?”

After the tangled limbs they agree that this is a one time thing, that it’s not going to repeat. He’s hurt but he bows his head, he’s a ghost, he’s not supposed to be here anyway. So he heads for a bar, a girl hitting him up as he tries to forget Y/N’s soft skin.

Weeks pass before there’s a knock on his door and he finds an angel stood at his doorstep. They fuck again, but this time it’s slower, they’re making love, they’re not animals. She’s asleep after, and he has patrol, but he doesn’t have the heart to go, this is familiar, she’d sleep over all the time back then and he missed it, he missed her a lot. Gotham survives a night without Red Hood, and Jason does too. In the morning there’s yelling, the girl he chatted with at the bar is at his place, unlocking his door with a pair of spare keys. And he’s thinking, examining the girl closely while she’s yelling at him — at him cheating just in the first weeks of them dating. But he can’t recall ever giving her his keys, he’s paranoid now, maybe she’s working for someone. But then he hears laughing from the bedroom and he smiles, that love sick cheesy grin and that makes the girl in front of him even angrier, she’s slamming the door as Jason returns back to bed to Y/N.

“What’s so funny?”

“We’re both pathetic cheating assholes.”

“For you? I’m the worst of the worst.”

And then after another go she leaves again, without establishing what the hell they are. He’s stalking her again, not on foot this time, but the way every other person does it. He’s checking social media, scoffing at her dude’s posts. He’s angry again, thinking of how she’s home with him now, filthy hands all over what belonged to Jason.

But then there’s knocking on his door again and yet the same angel is stood in front of him again. She’s smiling up at him, drenched from the rain outside. He steps away to let her in and she’s taking off her boots, taking them into the kitchen as she flips one over, rain water pooling down the sink from her shoe. He watches her, waiting to be explained why she’s back. He’s regretting it again, regretting coming back into her life, even more so just fucking her. But Jesus does she say the nastiest shit when he’s between her thighs, and she’s so God damned beautiful he can’t help but wonder how did a piece of scum like him end up with someone like her.

When she turns to him her smile only widens. “He was cheating too.” She exclaims and he immediately feels relief and anger all at once. How dare he not treasure Y/N is beyond Jason, but he knew she jumped to the first guy she met after he died, wanting to move on faster, to ignore the ache of his loss. “Karma man, cheater getting cheated on.”

“We’re match made in heaven, baby.” He’s in front of her then and he’s kissing her, and he can’t stop smiling.

“That we are.”


I wrote a fuckin’ fic in honor of this occasion, giving myself the prompt of working through the first birthday she would have had with Mulder — her 30th, which was also right after her father died. 

Includes: rambling answering machine messages, mention of Scully’s sex drive, day drinking, menstruation, astrolabes, EZ OFF, light notes of Fox Mulder’s Tragic Backstory, a depressing salad, Scully’s Living Will, a U2 song, Fiestaware, and a quote from Ulysses. 

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(Y/N): Hey Stilinski! What ti- Wasn’t your locker on the other side of the school?
Thomas: What do you mea- Who are you?
(Y/N): Very funny, Stiles! (Y/N)? We have English together? Does that ring a bell?
Thomas: Ohhhhh… Yes, just kidding.
(Y/N): What time shall I come to your place for the group task?
Thomas: Uhm… I have lacrosse practice af-
(Y/N): Great! I’ll watch you… that sounds weird… I mean… uhm…
Thomas: It’s okay. See ya!
After your leaving Thomas takes his phone and sends a message to Stuart.

(Y/N): Stiles, I thought- I didn’t know you wear glasses.
Stuart: Hey (Y/N)! Uh… yes, sometimes.
(Y/N): Okay… Uhm… I thought you have practice now… What the-?
You see Thomas, who disappears around the next corner immediately as he sees you. You blink your eyes a few times.
Stuart leans against the locker to block your view.
Stuart: Uhm… no! I’m not in the mood.
(Y/N): Okay… Do you still want to work or should we-
Stuart: No no! Come, we drive right now.
He pushes you to the exit, so you don’t realize Thomas, who hides behind lockers and gives his brother Stiles’ keys of the jeep he had stolen as you pass him.
You drive to his house. During the drive you didn’t talk much because he always changed the topic. As you enter his house you see the Sheriff.
Sheriff Stilinski: Hey, I need to go to the station. Can you tell your br-
Stuart: Hey Dad! That’s (Y/N). (Y/N), my Dad, the Sheriff. We really need to work, so…
He pushes you upstairs slowly.
(Y/N): Hello, Mr. Stilinski. Nice to meet… met you.
Sheriff Stilinski: Hello… Wait, St-
Stuart: Bye Dad!
He pushes you to a door.
Stuart: I need to go to the bathroom. You can go to my room. It’s this one.
You nod and go to the room, while he enters the bathroom. You enter his room and see him sitting on his bed.
(Y/N): Stiles? But- I- you- I mean- you…
Thomas: (Y/N), you okay?
(Y/N): The bathroom…
Thomas: Oh, my room also has a door to the bathroom.
(Y/N): Where?
Thomas: Come, we go to the living room!
(Y/N): But we-
Thomas: I changed my mind.
(Y/N): Just like you changed your clothes? And where are your glasses?
Thomas: You’re alright? You should go to a doctor. That doesn’t sound good.
(Y/N): What?!
Stuart enters the room. He changed his clothes and doesn’t wear his glasses now, so he looks like Thomas.
(Y/N): Oh god! What the- I think I’m going crazy…
Stuart: What’s wrong?
(Y/N): I- I think…
Thomas: I think I know what it is. I read about it. Do you see me twice?
(Y/N): Stop that! Please!
Stuart: Hey, it’s okay! Everything’s alright!
Stiles: Ey, dumbasses! Who took my jeep?! You know I had practice and I just wanted- (Y/N)?
(Y/N): Oh god oh god oh god oh god…
Stiles: What’s going on here? And why you wear my clothes? And where are you gla- Oh, you didn’t…
Stuart: Hey Stiles!
Thomas: What’s up, bro?
Stiles glares at his brothers before he goes to you and put his hands on your shoulders.
Stiles: (Y/N), hey… everything’s okay. You’re not going crazy.
(Y/N): But- but- but…
Stiles: We’re triplets.
(Y/N): You’re…
Stiles: Triplets. These are my really stupid brothers Thomas and Stuart. You’re not crazy. I’m sorry, I never told you…
Stuart&Thomas: Hey (Y/N)!
Stiles: What have these idiots done to you?
(Y/N): They acted like they were you… and said I should go to a doctor… because I’m going crazy…
Stiles: Wha- You’re gonna die! I thought we’re to old for that!
Stuart: Calm down, Stiles! We only wanted to know who she is.
Thomas: We wanted to find out why you have a crush on her.
Stiles: THOMAS! Really?!
Stuart: Idiot…
Thomas: Oh…
(Y/N): You have a crush on me?
Stiles: No! … I mean… yes… No… What I want to say is… maybe?
Stuart: Uhm… bye (Y/N)! It was nice to meet you!
Thomas: Bye!
Stiles: I’m gonna kill you!
(Y/N): Stiles?
Stiles: Yes?
(Y/N): Maybe I like you, too…
Stiles: Maybe?
He comes closer.
Stiles: Maybe I don’t like you maybe… but for real…
(Y/N): Maybe me, too…
He puts his hands on your cheeks and kisses you.
Stiles: I like you.
(Y/N): I like you, too.
Stuart&Thomas: You’re welcome!
Stiles: Shut up!



The cliche story of a love that is forbidden.

Pairing - Taehyung x Reader

Genre - High school Au

Word Count - 3000

Part 2/?

She lived in a world full of money and riches.
Where as he lived in a world where he sometimes didn’t have enough money to eat.

Part one


Taehyung’s POV

The boy who came out of his shell

Taehyung wouldn’t exactly call himself a loner but he did enjoy spending time alone, so that’s what he did the majority of the time. He wasn’t much of a party go-er. As a matter of fact his last party had to have been his ninth birthday party. It was a disaster, he had eaten too much cake prematurely and when it was time to put on a blindfolded and spin around trying to hit a pinata saying that it didn’t end well was an understatement.

Sure Taehyung had been invited to parties, his friends had thrown a couple but he never had went. Being honest with himself he didn’t really want to go to y/n’s party. He knew the kind of people that tried to hang around her and he didn’t want to be in their company. He could’ve turned down her offer, made some type of excuse when she asked if he wanted to go but he didn’t. He knew when she asked that he would definitely be attending her party.

He didn’t ever associate with her friends, neither did she with his and he thought that it would be awkward to invite them so he decided to go alone. But when he arrived at y/n’s party he didn’t quite know exactly what to expect. When he pulled up he felt awkward having his motorcycle vale parked next to all of the luxurious cars that kids of rich patents who went to his school drove. Unsurprisingly, her party was at a really nice venue. As Taehyung entered he immediately looked to the roof and was overwhelmed by the outrageous chandelier. He examined the decor and the people dressed around him and he was extremely proud of his choice to wear one of his nicest suits.

The place was packed. A lot more people than he had anticipated, even for y/n. Surely she couldn’t have this many friends right? He wondered.

Walking around the dance floor, he spotted the table that was supposed to be for gifts. It already had a great amount of gifts in large boxes on it and Taehyung looked down at his measly gift and wondered if he should even leave it for her. He pondered over it for a moment and remembered that he had used some of the money he had been saving and decided to leave it.

He then looked around for y/ but had yet to see her so he decided to grab a drink and chill. There was a wide assortment of refreshments so Taehyung opted for the punch. He was on his second drink when he felt someone poke his back from behind.

“Hey there stranger.” Y/n said as she approached Taehyung. He was frozen when he saw her, she had worn the dress that she had tried on for him when they were studying. When he saw her in the dress the other day, he didn’t think she could get any more beautiful. But he was pleasantly surprised when he saw how breathtakingly beautiful she looked now.

“You wore the dress.” Taehyung stated continuing to examine her.

“Well yes you told me to.” She said and neither of them spoke for a moment, just staring silently until y/n broke the silence.

“What are you drinking?” She asked pointing to his cup.

“It’s punch and it’s actually really good.” He said taking another sip of the delicious drink. Even rich people punch taste better then the kind he was used to, he thought.

“Is it really?” She asked.

“Yes, here.” Taehyung said offering the cup up to y/n.

Y/n smiled at him before taking the cup in her hand and taking a drink of it before handing it back to him. “This is definitely spiked Tae.” She said.

“Really?” Taehyung asked taking another sip of the drink. He did notice that it was a bit tart but thought maybe someone added lemonade or something.

“Yes, can’t you tell?” She asked laughing at the boy.

“No, I’ve actually never had alcohol before.” He said slightly embarrassed by the confession, considering the fact that y/n clearly had and he hadn’t yet.

“How cute. Bad boy Kim Taehyung has never had a drink before?” She asked.

Taehyung blushed a bit at the compliment but then wondered why she thought he was a bad boy. “Bad boy? Is that what everyone at school thinks of me?” He asked.

“Well I mean yeah you kind of give off that vibe. Like you’re secretive you don’t talk much and you skip class sometimes. Plus there are rumors about things that happened at your old school.” She said.

“Do you believe those rumors?” He asked. Taehyung had heard the rumors as well and he wondered where people got things like that from. If her answer was going to be yes, then it made sense why she had been so distant. Why she never really tried to get to know him.

“Hmm, well I believe that lies spread more quickly than the actual truth. But I don’t know, I don’t really know you yet.” She stated.

“Well If you’d like, I’d allow you to get to know me.” Taehyung stated.

“So, I have to have an invitation to get close to you?” Y/n asked with a curious look on her face.

“I don’t really open myself up to people y/n, so yes. I am extending you an invitation to get to know me.“

“And what happens if I accept that invitation.” She asked.

“Well, I can’t really speak for the future, but for right now, I’d like to dance with you.”

Y/n’s POV

The girl who ran away from her own party

I shouldn’t have been as nervous as I was. I had danced with several guys before, but something about this time was different. Was it the way he held me? Was it the fact that I could smell his cologne and it was the sweetest fragrance I had ever smelled. I could feel his heart beat as my head laid on his chest and it surely wasn’t beating as fast as mine.

The DJ picked the perfect moment to to play a slow song. I thought.

He couldn’t have been honest when he said that he wasn’t much of a dancer. No I didn’t believe him for a moment. From the moment that he put his arms around my waist and pulled me in I knew that he was a great dancer. The way he held me against his strong chest and moved elegantly to the rhythm had me in a state of awe and I never wanted this moment to end.

And then it did.

“Come open your presents!” My friend Jessica called. I did my best to ignore her to focus on Taehyung until she practically dragged me off of the dance floor. I motioned for Taehyung to join me. They brought me a chair to sit at, it was similar a queen’s throne and I sat there as I started to open gifts.

Most of the gifts were as I anticipated money, gift cards, bags and things like that. But the next gift I opened was different. The box caught my attention it was a simple black jewelry box with tulips on it.

I opened the box revealing the gift. I found myself speechless as I examined the gift. It was a necklace with a tulip shaped pendant on it.

“What is it?” Everyone started to ask.

“It’s a necklace.” I said smiling as I stared at it for a while until Andi, one of the most popular guys in our school approached me also examining the necklace and then scoffing.

“Who gave her this cheap piece of crap? “He asked taking the necklace out of my hand and holding it up for everyone to see. "It’s not even real, what a joke.”

“Give it back.” I said snatching it out of his hand.

“Y/n my gift cost thousands of dollars, it’s a real diamond necklace. Who’d be foolish enough to give you this?” Andi asked again.

“I saw Taehyung put the box on the table.” Someone from the crowd yelled.

All of the eyes at my party shifted to Taehyung and so did mine. Chuckles started to ensue as people started to whisper about him.

“Of course, Mr. I can’t afford a new jacket so I wear the same one everyday gave you this. Pathetic.” Andi laughed along with his friend next to him.

Andy’s cruel words caused the laughter to spread, all around me everyone was laughing at Taehyung and I began to get more and more upset. My heart stung with irritation as I watched him shake his head and walk away. I couldn’t believe how rude the guys were being to Taehyung. They had no right to treat him like that and especially at my own party.

“You guys are assholes.” I said before turning around to follow him. Andi grabbed my arm in an attempt to stop my to which I yanked free from his grasp.

I pushed through the crowd almost at the exit before Jessica stopped me. “Hey you aren’t going to follow him are you?”

“Of course Im going to follow him did you see that stunt Andy just pulled?” I asked.

“Yes but come on, Andy is right he could have at least gotten you a gift from somewhere other than the dollar store.” She laughed.

I scoffed disappointed in the immaturity of my friends. “I don’t have time from this right now.” I said pushing pass her and taking my exit. I ran outside holding up my dress so that I didn’t step on it. When I made it outside the Vale attendant was giving Taehyung his keys.

“Tae, wait!” I said catching up to Taehyung to try and stop him before he left. He was already putting on the helmet to his motorcycle. “Please don’t leave.” I said.

He smiled softly as if to hide the apparent embarrassment he was feeling. “I don’t really think I’m wanted here.” Taehyung said sitting down his helmet.

“I want you here.” I said placing my hand on his and surprisingly he didn’t pull away. I was being genuine when I said that I wanted him to stay I was really enjoying his company.

“I don’t know y/n this really isn’t my scene.” He replied back.

“Well if you aren’t going to stay, why don’t you take me with you?” I asked because I desperately wanted to be with him and not at this party anymore.

“You can’t leave your own party.” He laughed as if I wasn’t serious.

“Who says I can’t? Are you my father?” I replied reaching for the helmet and placing it on top of my head. “You said that this isn’t really your scene, show me what is.”

“Fine. But you’re wearing it wrong dork.” He said removing the helmet and stepping closer to me so that he was towering over me to fix the helmet. “Let’s go.”

We drove for a while and the scenery was starting to get less and less familiar. “Where are we going?”

“Oh, now you wanna ask questions. Don’t worry its a ride but it’ll be worth it.”

“I never said I was worried.” I replied snuggling up as close as I could to Taehyung. The weather wasn’t too chilly but it was windy and I needed his warmth considering the fact that my dress was sleeveless.

“You know I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before.” I slightly yelled in Taehyung’s ear so that he could me.

“Really? None of your rich friends own motorcycles?” He asked finally slowing down and coming to a stop.

“They do, I’ve just never been interested in riding with them.” I said.

Taehyung got off of the motorcycle before carefully lifting me off and placing me down.

“Well this is the first time I’ve let anyone ride on my motorcycle with me.” He said bringing his face daringly close to mine before taking off my helmet.

“I have a feeling im going to be experiencing a lot of firsts with you.” I said biting my lip to cover up my over eager smile.

“I second that thought.” He said before taking my hand in his. “Come on.” He said as he guided me down the wooden stairs. I had been so consumed with my thoughts of Taehyung that I hadn’t even realized where we were.

“Wow.” I said looking at the absolutely breathtaking view in front of me. The sun was setting on the beach and I was dazzled by the way the water glisten from the sun and the sand sparkled.

Taehyung just smiled as he continued to guide me closer to the shore. I was trying to walk in my stilettos but struggling because they kept getting stuck in the sand. He noticed chuckling softly  before bending down in front of me and allowing my hand to balance on his shoulder as he removed my shoes.

We sat on the beach our bodies touching each other as we sat close. I was truly impressed by the stars and how they not only lit up the sky but the ocean and I thought it was one of the most beautiful sights. I stole quick glances at Taehyung and he seemed impressed as well, although I’m sure he had seen this sight before.

“I can’t believe that no one is here right now.” I said looking around at the seemingly desolate beach.

“It’s normally this way around this time. I guess everyone else is busy partying he said.” I couldn’t read his expression but I could tell that he was feeling a little upset from the party still.

“Tae, I just want to let you know that I love your gift.” I said looking at him.

“You don’t have to say that y/n, I know its not expensive like the gifts you expected.” He said refusing to look at me.

“Tae.” I said grabbing his hand and waiting for him to make eye contact with me. He finally got the hint and looked me in the eye.

“This necklace is the best gift I received in a really long time.” I said and it was. I don’t think people really put much effort into gifts these days. They don’t make it personal, especially in my group of friends. But Tae’s gift was special, because he actually got me something that I wanted. I love tulips, they were my favorite flower and I wasn’t sure how Taehyung knew or if it was just a lucky guess but regardless I was impressed.

“I’m glad you like it.” He said smiling at me before his eyes drifted down to the goosebumps on my naked arms and finally realizing that I was shivering.

“Shit, I didnt even notice how cold you were.” He said as he removed his leather jacket and placed it over my shoulders. I linked my arm around his for extra warmth and laid my head on his shoulder. His jacket smelled so good, just like him. I was then reminded of the comment Andi had made about his jacket and how that was the only one he owned. I hope that that wasn’t the case,  I mean I had only ever seem him wear this jacket but maybe it was his favorite. I could imagine what it would feel like for anyone to not be able to afford new clothes.

I tried to clear those negative thoughts out of my mind redirecting my attention to the view above me. “I have never seen anything this beautiful and my entire life.” I said still staring at the stars.

“I agree.” He said and it only became apparent to me that he was talking about me as he placed his hand under my chin guiding me to look at him. I lifted my head from his shoulder and looked up at him.

I felt a sense of intoxication as he stared at me. It could have been from the beauty of the night or the chill I felt when the cold breeze blew. But I was certain it was because of Taehyung. The way he looked was enough to melt my heart. His hair was pushed back his lips were lightly parted as he looked down at me and his scent. It was the sweetest smell.

He tilted my head up and lowered his lips on mine. I closed my eyes and melted as my whole body was consumed in his kiss. I felt weak and I felt powerful. I felt a fire burning inside of the pit of my stomach but at the same time I felt chills throughout my body. His hand continued to caress my face his lips, God his lips felt amazing. They were warmer and softer than anything I could have imagined, yet strong and powerful at the same time. And although Taehyung wasn’t my first kiss he was the first kiss that mattered, the first kiss with someone who mattered.

He finally separated his lips from mine resting his forehead on my as we both took in air because the kiss had taken both of our breaths away.

A Dauntless Warrior And His Amity Weakness Part 1

Hi, my name is Isabella Rayne Sanchez. I work at a diner on the Dauntless compound called “The Leaders Hub” the reason why it’s called that is while it is welcomed to anyone, there’s a rumor that the founding leaders of Dauntless founded the building to hold meetings here but one day a leader by the name of Derrick who I was initiation with had cooked a bacon loaded cheeseburger with cheese sauce and everyone thought it was so good they decided it could help with profits but rumors here in Dauntless spread faster than the common cold. So after that day, it became a diner with him as the owner and all of the leaders have reserved seating. Speaking of leaders I am serving one of them his name is Eric and while I know of his reputation but I won’t be intimidated. I walk to his table and go to give him his drink when suddenly I am tripped by a group of people who always bully me and who are now laughing and telling me to go back home to Amity and because of my weight I have soda poured over my head and food smashed in my face.
As I get up to my knees I go to wash my face I see a pair of Dauntless issued boots, and as I look up I see Eric and he picks me up from the ground like I weigh nothing and spins me around his face a mask of indifference and I can’t help but losing myself in his handsome features I reached his eyes and am left breathless as I see the storm brewing in them. I’m pulled out of my reverie when I hear him chuckling a worried feeling floods my stomach till I hear him ask

“What are your positions in Dauntless?” he pins the hecklers with his bright blue eyes.
One of the head guys answers with “We work in the control room and train with Four and Lauren”
I see Eric give a nod of understanding and then he asks me “How long has this been going on?”
I glance at them and see they have offended looks on their faces so I quickly turn back around and go to start to speak as I lower my head and try to block out their conversation and I realize that I’m still surprised his question so I stutter and clear my throat before answering with
“ I uh uh don’t know Sir but really it was my fault I wasn’t looking where I was going”
he squeezes my arm with reassurance and says “Go to my truck I’ll meet you there and I’ll inform Derrick that I’ll be taking care of you”

My mouth gapes open momentarily before I close it with a nod of my head before I turn to go get my stuff from my locker.
I had just reached the door when he gives me his keys and says “I’ll be there In a second I’m just paying the bill”

I sit in his truck like he told me to but I cannot hold the jolt of alarm that passes through me when he jumps In and starts up his truck. He asks me where I live I say with the sassiest answer I can
“In a cave same as you except it’s furnished with furniture” he gives me an annoyed look and then he changes gives off a look of what can only be a remembrance.

We’re a couple minutes from my apartment when I see my cat Luna on my windowsill sunning herself.
Eric looks up and says “As many times that cat is just laying there on that windowsill it’s a wonder it’s not sunburnt.” I respond with “I’ve wondered the same thing myself but my silly cat just loves to tan herself” and he still looks at me as if he knows me but can’t quite put his finger on it.

Once we reach my apartment building Eric gets out and opens my door and I ask if he would like to come up he nods. We get in my apartment and I go get Luna to close the door she snuggles up to me. He starts to scratch her behind her ears when he asks
“What breed of cat is she”?
I say “ Egyptian Sphinx” she starts purring when he continues petting her so I give him Luna so I can shower and get cleaned up.

When I get out of the shower I see he has curled up on the couch watching the news and Luna sleeping on his lap when I walk over in my oversized t-shirt and thank him for defending me. I offer him some dinner and he just smiles and I look at how his eyebrow piercings glint when he arches his brow. Later that night after I’ve washed the dishes I lie in bed and dream of Eric as I held Luna in my arms.