How to woo your crush(Andrew edition):
  • Buy him clothes and upgrade his wardrobe
  • Make a deal with him to have his back
  • Give him a key to your home
  • Trade secrets with him
  • Get him a matching phone but in his favorite color
  • Make sure that you have matching ringtones
  • Indulge him when he asks something of you
  • Give him the keys to your car
  • Smoke with him on the rooftop
  • Fight the feds for him
  • Tell him you hate him but wouldn’t mind blowing him
  • Actually blow him in the shower but not before gently washing his hair
  • Wear his clothes
  • Getting him matching armbands
  • Choose him over your brother
  • and most importantly:
  • Be an immovable force in his life that keeps him from running

Andrew + quitting smoking:

  • Andrew only tells Neil and Renee that he’s doing it, but the others figure it out eventually
  • Andrew goes through Nicotine patches like crazy
  • And he is the most short-tempered and irritable even Aaron and Nicky have seen him
  • He gives his knives to Neil to lock in Neil’s safe, so he won’t snap and use them when he shouldn’t
  • But he feels so naked without them, even though he keeps his armbands
  • Andrew is having trouble sleeping and he nearly goes to buy cigarettes at three in the morning one night
  • So, he gives his keys to Renee because he trusts her to not use his car when he doesn’t need her to and to not give him his keys back until he can have them without buying cigarettes
  • Neil doesn’t have much of a problem quitting since he didn’t really smoke and just liked the smell and holding them
  • When they come back to the team bus after a break to use the washroom one time and find Wymack smoking next to the bus, Andrew stops and stares at the cigarette
  • He only keeps moving and gets on the bus when Neil says his name to draw his attention away from the cigarette
  • That’s the point when the rest of the team and Wymack figure out why Andrew has been particularly unbearable lately
  • Suddenly, Wymack stops pulling out cigarettes in front of his team and keeps his smoking away from them

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Are You Okay? - Harry Styles Imagine

You were grinning ear to ear, there was no doubt about that. Harry had finally gotten back from his trip to Jamaica and you couldn’t wait to actually see him face-to-face, not just through a phone screen. FaceTime could only give those swoon worthy dimples so much justice. You had been texting him since he woke this morning, planning to see him for breakfast this morning, and found yourself practically jumping in the drivers seat of your car as you drove to the small cafe you had agreed on. 

“Uh, I have someone waiting for me,” you address the waitress, the brunette’s mouth gapes open upon looking up and seeing you standing there. She nods and then points off towards the back, and you can’t miss that mop of hair in the booth - even with his back to you. 

“He’s back there,” the hostess manages to say. In which you thank her and stop yourself from running over to where Harry was sitting. 

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My thoughts on SPN episode 12x19:

  • Oh snap. This is some trigger warning shit up in here. 
  • YAAASSSSSSS to Cas being honest about where he was and what he was doing. YASSSSSS TO HONESTY. 
  • Ok ok ok I know I have shipper goggles on. I’ll own that. But this Dean being mad at Cas scene… this is like every fanfic I’ve ever read. And it is giving me life. 
  • Dean admitted he was worried about Cas. Legit said that it was not okay for Cas to just go missing because he wAS WORRIED. IT HAS BEEN TEN MINUTES. THE EPISODE COULD JUST END HERE AND I’D BE COOL WITH THAT. 
  • “You, me, and Sam. We’re just better together… so let’s go Team Free Will.” YASSSSSS DEAN. THIS IS ALL I’VE EVER WANTED.
  • Are you frickin’ KIDDING ME!? Cas left??? And stole the colt??? And is going rogue??? After that heartfelt talk???? UUUUGHHHHHHH why writers why??? THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.
  • I’m mad as hell. Answer your damn phone Cas.
  • Ok, Cas, you have the girl. You’re having second thoughts about murdering her. WHY haven’t you called Dean or Sam yet??
  • Welp. Guess I was wrong about the whole honesty and trust thing between the Winchesters and Cas thing. 
  • LOLLLLLL Dean saying, “It’s like herding cats” when referring to Cas is the best. 
  • WHHHYYYYYYY would Dean just give up his keys? Like. Come on man. 
  • Is Cas being… manipulated by an unborn baby? Yeeeeeah no thanks. 
  • Aw I miss Joshua’s other vessel :( 
  • Nooooo not the colt *cries tears of endless sadness* 
  • I love Cas being badass. I love Cas healing Dean. 
  • I do NOT love Cas being weird as hell and just abandoning the Winchesters. NOT A FAN. NOT. A. FAN. 

In conclusion: The mixtape scene was everything. EVERYTHING. 


Cheater Cheater

gifs are not mine

Pairing: Dean x Reader (also a little friendly Sam x Reader)

Word Count: 1,483

Warnings: Cheating, angst, hurt/comfort

A/N: This wasn’t requested by I had the urge to write this. Also thanks to the two friends who read it when I was unsure of it. I hope you guys like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

It wasn’t easy dating Dean Winchester.  You always worried whether he was looking back at the women that ogled at him twenty-four seven.  Every time you looked up, you would see another woman looking at Dean.  You knew the women who looked at Dean were more confident, and in your eyes, more attractive than you were.

You noticed that Dean was flirting with the female bartender, who seemed just as interested.  A knot formed in your stomach as you approached the bar.  You sat down next to Dean, getting a glare from the female bartender.

“Babe, we’re ready to go,” you said, taking the keys from his hand.  “I think I’ll be driving tonight.”

“How about I drive you home,” the bartender offered.  “I get off in a little bit.”

“That’s not necessary,” you replied flatly.  “He’s taken anyway.”  You grabbed Dean, pulling him towards the door.  Once you were outside, you tapped Dean’s arm lightly.  “What the hell was that?”

“I was getting free drinks,” Dean shrugged.  “More money in our pockets.”

Sam could see the hurt and frustration in your expression.  Something he had seen more of lately.  He didn’t want to get involved, but he didn’t want you and Dean to make a scene either.

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Home (Peter Parker x Reader)

You had a free period for 6th and you couldn’t be more thankful. School was always a pain in the ass for you and the less time spent there, the better. You walked into Mr. Delmar’s deli and you greeted the man with a smile and wave.

“There’s one of my favorite loyal customers!” He shouted smiling with his arms stretched out, “No Mr. Parker today?” You blushed at the mention of your boyfriend and Mr. Delmar’s evident notice in you both being attached at the hip.

“Free period today Mr. Delmar, but speaking of that dweeb would you mind-”

“A number 5 with pickles and smushed down real flat?” Mr. Delmar interrupted causing you to erupt into laughter while nodding your head. Mr. Delmar knew your orders like the back of his hand, he would argue that it was a natural talent but you knew it was because Peter stopped by almost every day after school to pick you both up some late lunch.

You smiled and waved bye to Mr. Delmar as he handed you your sandwiches and you were on your way again.

You didn’t want to head home knowing no one was there, so you decided on Peter’s apartment since you knew you’d end up there somehow anyways.

You trudged on to his apartment complex with your headphones in jamming to one of the playlists you made Peter, pulling out the spare key he had given you.

You softly smiled at the little web drawn on it, he drew it the day you found out he was Spider-Man.

~ flashback ~
“But what if you get hurt?! What if you don’t make it back to me?!” You cried, the tears threatening to spill as you struggled fighting them back.

“Baby, baby don’t think like that,” he soothed as his hand caressed you cheek, “You know I’d never leave you. But this isn’t a day job, I can’t quit and just stop when I have the ability to save people.”

You sighed and closed your eyes, leaning into his palm. You knew he was right, you actually secretly admired all the good Spider-Man has done for New York, but now that you know he’s your dorky boyfriend you couldn’t help from worrying. At least this confirmed why his natural clumsy self had amazing new reflexes and how he got this very new muscular body, although you’d always thought he was fit. For a while you had thought he was on drugs but then you remembered how he has to crush a medicine pill in order to swallow it- so drugs were ruled out.

He sensed your fear and pulled you into a tight embrace, softly holding your head against his shoulder.
“Hey hey hey, listen to me, i’m gunna be ok. I’m practically indestructible.” He chucked lightly, trying to ease the mood.

You rolled your eyes at his horrible timing to make a joke and softly pushed away. “Peter, we’ve been dating for 6 months and we’ve been best friends for years..I know when you’re bullshitting me.” You voiced trying not to sound as scared as you were.

Peter’s eyes softened as he saw just how concerned you actually were. He didn’t know how to ease your pain until an idea popped into his head.

“Give me your key.” He announced. “W-what? Why?” You asked as you noticed the hopeful gleam in his eye.
“Just trust me, let me see your key to the apartment.”

You curiously pulled your key out from your bag and handed it to him as he excitedly took it from your hand and looked in his desk drawers. “What are you-”

“Shhh just give me a sec.” he interrupted as he pulled out a red sharpie and started scribbling on it.

“Peter if you’re drawing a penis on my key I swear I will break up with you right now.” You said causing him to giggle and shh you once again. He finalized a few things on the key and then softly blew on it to dry the sharpie. Holding it up for him to further examine he smiled and handed it back to you with a shy smile. You gave him a questioning look as you took it from his hands and looked down at your key.

There you saw a little red web with a tiny “p” scribbled on the corner. You broke out in a smile as you ran your thumb across the sharpied web as he stood in front of you smiling wider at your reaction.

“This way you’ll always have a piece of me with you and it’ll always lead me home.”

You couldn’t help but let a few tears freely fall as you stood up on your tip toes to tightly wrap your arms around your boyfriends neck.

“I can’t stay mad at you” you sighed into his neck, “spider-man.” You whispered the last part causing him to smile into your shoulder and tighten his grip around you.
~ present ~

You sighed as your thumb caressed the web remembering how the very next day he stumbled into your bedroom window with a black eye and bruised lip. Entering his apartment you found Aunt May doing the dishes as the radio softly played in the background.

You tip toed behind her and whispered “Hi May!” by her ear causing her to jump and squeal as you giggled.

“Oh you little jerk you just about gave me a heart attack!” May heavily breathed holding a hand to her heart.

“Sorry May, I just couldn’t help myself!” You laughed as you raised your hands in defense. “Ugh huh sure you couldn’t, well for that you get to dry!” She said throwing you a kitchen towel.

You caught it with both hands and held a hand to your heart. “Well I’d be honored.” You joked as she laughed and you stood next to her drying the dishes.

“Wait what are you even doing here? Not that you aren’t always welcome and that I don’t love seeing your beautiful face but shouldn’t you be in school? I will not tolerate any ditching under this house.” May quirked an eyebrow as she finished using her “authoritative” tone that she strictly uses to make Peter clean his room.

You laughed and raised your arms in defense. “Free period May, no ditching has been done, I gotta say your lack of faith in me really hurts.” You fake pouted making May roll her eyes and bump you with her hip. You both laughed and then continued to wash the dishes side by side while singing along to whatever old 80s song was playing on the radio.

After the dishes were washed and dried, May gave you a quick kiss to the forehead as a thank you and headed to her room to watch her shows. May always thought of you like a daughter and when you and Peter were strictly just friends she had always secretly hoped you two would become more. I guess she saw right through all the teasing and late nights studying for tests although it took you both a little longer to realize.

You grabbed your bag from the door and headed into Peter’s room, throwing it on the floor somewhere. You took in the sight of your boyfriends small but welcoming room and although there was shirts out of place and the bed was unmade, it was still clean for a teenage boy.

You picked up around his room and made his bed only to plop down on his bottom bunk and wait till your boyfriend came home.

You knew he’d be home late today as he had “the stark internship” so you managed to get a little homework in before the moon accompanied you.

The day caught up with you and you felt your eyes get droopy so you decided to take a quick nap before he came home. Your current attire was too tight and uncomfortable for you to sleep in so you were on the search for something more suited.

Rummaging through his drawers, you pulled out his midtown long sleeve and quickly pulled it on. You noticed it still smelled like him and you smiled while you hugged it to yourself, the shirt reaching mid thigh on your noticeably smaller frame.

You threw your hair up in a messy bun and slipped your pants off grabbing a pair of Peter’s boxers to finish the look. You checked yourself out in the mirror and giggled at how big everything looked on you. You laid on his bed with your headphones in and fell asleep cuddling one of his pillows.

It was now 8:46 at night, you had been asleep for roughly two hours so you didn’t notice the window sliding up and a full suited Spider-man crawling on the roof. Due to your sleeping state, he hadn’t noticed you either.

Peter pulled his mask off and dropped it on his desk as he softly jumped down from the ceiling. He sighed once his feet hit the ground and let the suit fall off his body, quickly gathering it up and putting it away for safe keeping.

Peter went to grab a T-shirt from his dresser when he noticed his room didn’t look how he left it. Starting to panic, Peter went to reach for the suit again, that’s when he noticed a human formed lump on his bed.

Putting on the mask, he tip toed over to his bed ready to fight when he suddenly stopped as he recognized his blue midtown sweater.

Pulling the mask off once again, he saw that the lump in his bed was you and he smiled a sigh of relief.

His heart leaped out of his chest when he saw you sleeping but it soared when he noticed you were wearing his shirt. He looked around his room realizing that you must of cleaned it up and recognized the small white bag sitting atop his desk as a sandwich from Mr. Delmar’s.

He couldn’t really believe he had you, not only were you one of his best friends, but you didn’t freak out when he admitted he liked you and you actually liked him back, and you didn’t run away or make him stop being Spider-man when you found out. Not to mention he thought you were the most gorgeous person he’s ever laid eyes on.

He smiled to himself picturing you cleaning his room and grabbing him lunch, which he would never ask of you and not because he enjoyed you doing things for him, but the fact that you did it knowing his busy schedule and knowing he didn’t have the time to do it himself.

He leaned over you and pressed a gentle kiss to your temple, causing you to stir slightly and wake up.

You broke out in a yawn and stretched as you noticed your boyfriend leaning above you and your face lit up.

“Thank God, I was beginning to worry when you’d come home.” You smiled, your voice still tracing signs of sleep as it was barely audible.

Peter smiled and got into bed next to you, you moving aside and positioning yourself laying on his outstretched left arm staring up at him.

His arm wrapped around you, his fingers tracing random patterns on your arm as he kissed your forehead and muttered,

“I’ll always come home knowing I have you to greet me. No matter who I fight or what pain I feel, my only cure is evidently my only weakness; you.”

You didn’t reply, you didn’t need to. You lifted your hand to his cheek and leaned up to press your lips against his.

No words could ever compare to the meaning behind that kiss, it wasn’t only a proclamation of love, but a promise. A promise to always be his cure and his promise that he’d always come back to you, in any form shape or way.

He held you close as you pulled away, both of you wearing soft smiles on your lips as he looked into your eyes and whispered, “you are my home.”

Eren’s Full Transformation List - Documentation

Ever since the reveal in Chapter 88, as well as the common knowledge that the more a Shifter uses their powers, the more of an effect it has on their body, I’ve been meaning to talk about this but never got around to it. But now, it’s here!

We’ll be taking a look at a full list of all of Eren’s canon titan transformations/titan shifts and will keep a counter in order to estimate the total at the end. Keep in mind there have been off-screen shifts, for instance in the training with Hange, so we can estimate the minimum amount of transformations. Here we go!

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Youtube Series found »  {HERE}

Scenario: You’re a rising fashion/beauty YouTuber and your subscribers have been asking for you to start a vlog channel together with your boyfriend! 

*wanna one members speaking = “bold” / (y/n) speaking = “italicized” 

Yoon Jisung » [ grocery shopping ] 

  • “Afternoon everyone! So today, (y/n) and I are just getting some groceries for this week. My parents are in town and are planning to come over for dinner tomorrow and—What are you doing… babe we said no chocolate.”
  • Inspects fruits and vegetables together and bickers over which one is fresher.  Film your reaction when he makes food/brand puns. Laughs at his own jokes. 
  • Talks about trying to cook more at home instead of ordering take out all the time. Basically, trying to eat healthier and cutting back on the sweets. 
  • “Just got back home and finished putting the groceries away. We’re chilling now and looking up recipes because we both can’t cook to save our lives—especially (y/n)” 
  • “I’m going to literally stock the entire fridge with everything that has carrots inside. Don’t try me.” “Just kidding. I’m sorry. You’re the best and really pretty and I love you.” 

Ha Sungwoon » [ babysitting friend’s two-year-old child ] 

  • “So today I have a very special guest at the apartment… it’s Stella! We know how much you all loved her when she came to visit so of course, I said yes to looking after her. Stella’s parents are at an emergency business meeting and asked if we could watch over her for a couple of hours today. (Y/N) went on a food run and she adores this little one so she’s trying to rush and come back.” 
  • Is extremely active with Stella and is basically in love with her. Watches cartoons with the child and showers her with cuddles. Lets her play around with the camera and inserts clips of the uneven angles and cute baby smiles.
  • “Ah, (Y/N) is here! You went to Chipotle? You’re the best.” Gives you kisses and takes the food from your hands and places them on the counter. 
  • Films you playing with Stella and decides to have the child choose between you two and obviously he wins.
  • “Honestly, you somehow forced her to choose you. If I didn’t step out to get food, we all know who’d be the favorite.” “No need to be salty.” 

Hwang Minhyun » [ cleaning / arranging new apartment ] 

  • “Hey, everyone! (Y/N) and I are slowly but finally settling down in our new apartment. It’s been a really tedious process but we’re almost done. We’re going to do some cleaning around because you all probably know by now that I’m the clean freak out of the two of us.” 
  • Places the camera on the marble counter top and films himself mopping the floor and wiping down the windows.
  • Talks about how the adjusting process has been and gives tips on what you should do to make the “moving out process” easier. 
  • “(Y/N) just brought home more PR packages and keeps screaming from the other room about some huge collection… COME HELP ME WITH THE STOVE. WE’RE NOT COOKING TILL IT’S CLEAN!!!!” BABY I CAN’T!! LET ME OPEN ALL OF THESE FIRST.” 
  • Films the huge mess you made and watches you talk into the camera about the new products and how you’re going to film a huge first impression video at the end of the month
  • Ends up cleaning after you and becomes a little agitated, but you shower him with kisses and he instantly forgives you.

Ong Seongwu » [“car prank”]

  • “What’s up everyone. As you all have probably seen two vlogs ago, (Y/N) decided that it would be a great idea to cover every inch of my house with my old fuccboi photos when my friends from high school came to visit me. She decided to sleep over last night which gave me the perfect idea. Since she’s so in love with the photos, I decided to tape up her entire car with them this morning and she’s running late to work right now so you bet she’s not going to have time to take them off one by one.” 
  • Casually films you quickly putting on your make up. Asks you if you forgot set your alarm (he turned it off purposely to make you wake up 15 minutes later than usual lmao) Tries to play it off cool and offers to make you a quick breakfast on the go. 
  • Watches you grab the sandwich and waits for you to yell out his name. 
  • “I lost them. Sorry! Drive safe and have a good day at work! Love you!” (ends up giving you his car keys anyways later on) 

Kim Jaehwan » [  karaoke night at your parents’ house ]

  • “So tonight is going to be a really fun one. (Y/N)’s parents invited us over for dinner tonight and that’s not even the best part though. We’re going to have a karaoke party with her relatives and I already know it’s going to be wild”
  • Films your mother cooking and basically, everyone from your immediate family loves Jaehwan and his jokes. You’re like wtf but is actually really happy that he’s getting along with everyone. 
  • “Jaehwan’s currently going through the list of songs on the karaoke machine and my dad is super hyped now. They’re about to do a duet so let’s see—” “YAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! C’MON OKAY OKAY!!!!” 
  • You film him dancing hilariously with your dad and uncles. Cracks up from second-hand embarrassment on the side with your cousins. 
  • Chooses to sing Beautiful (Goblin OST yES) while holding your hand at the end. Everyone is screaming over you two and you’re hella flustered but low key loving it. 

Kang Daniel » [ GoT Night / Sleepover ] 

  • “Good evening everyone! So I’m heading and sleeping over at (Y/N)’s place for tonight. She’s been traveling a lot and having a great time meeting you all through T*RTE’s sponsored tour. But we haven’t seen each other for three weeks now and yes as you can tell from my tweets. I’m deprived of (Y/N) and I miss her a lot.” 
  • Vlogs on his way there and talks about what he’s been up to and talks about his trip to the vet that morning with Peter. Mentions about helping you edit a couple of clips for your next beauty related video.
  • “Alright! Brought her favorite snacks and we’re supposed to catch up on Game of Thrones tonight definitely can’t wait.” 
  • Rings the door bell and grins happily when you open the door. Takes you into his arms tightly and showers you with kisses.
  • Cuddles on the couch and props the camera up on a stack of books. Listens to some of your stories about your trip and inserts clips of both of your reactions to an ep of GoT. 
  • “Okay, everyone. I think the vlog is going to end here. As you can tell, (Y/N)’s passed out,” pans the camera over at you briefly “And she’s still struggling a bit because of the jet lag so we’ll see you in the next one! Goodnight!” 

Park Jihoon » [ picnic anniversary date ] 

  •  Today is the mark of your one year anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to go on a picnic date. 
  • Jihoon films you making the sandwiches and sides before going into detail with which park you guys were going to. 
  • “It’s honestly a really clean place and our usual little spot that we go to is kind of hidden but it has a really nice view of the city and it’s super quiet. We haven’t been there in months and our first date was actually a picnic one too so we just wanted to relive some memories.” 
  • Helps you finish packing the utensils and the juices before heading out. 
  • Ends up speeding up the some of the clips and replacing the audio between you two with music. 
  • Briefly, talks about how you guys first met and how shy he was when he asked you for your number. “He was super red and nervous! I thought that he so cute so I ended up giving it to him and look where we are today!”  
  • “Alright, that’s basically it for now. We’re going to end the vlog here and enjoy the rest of our day. Promise that the vlog next week will be longer. Bye everyone!” 

Park Woojin » [ Mukbang ] 

  • Does a bunch of retakes on the huge amount of food you both ordered. Didn’t feel like cooking at all today, so ordered a lot of korean food through Postmates. 
  • “We know you all have been requesting us to do a mukbang today so here it is! (Y/N) will basically run through the entire list of food that we ordered today.” 
  • Watches you list out the foods while holding your hand. Would lift the dish slightly to show it to the camera. Smacks his lips and tries to hold in his urge to eat as you keep talking about different ingredients. 
  • When you give the go, he basically digs in and scoops food onto your plate.Silent majority of the time as he chows down his food. 
  • Woojin.. we’re supposed to talk while eating” he blinks and smiles as he continues to chew quickly before speaking “Sorry. It’s still weird for me to talk and eat at the same time.”
  • You both talk about upcoming plans, new restaurants that you want to try, funny episodes between you two. 
  • Basically, you film him finishing every bit of rice and soup and gives him an applause. “I think I ate a bit too much…and I’m getting sleepy” 

Bae Jinyoung » [ Gaming at home ] 

  • “Hi, guys! Today, (Y/N) and I are just staying indoors today so the vlog’s not going to be too exciting. We’re not doing much and for the first time in history… (Y/N) has decided or more like I begged… her to play some games with me. A subscriber gifted us a couple of games for the Wii U so thank you!” 
  • Pulls you into the living room and “interviews” you with the camera on why you don’t like playing games. Promises that you’ll have fun!!!
  • “So she chose Mario Party—don’t worry we’ll read the instructions and stuff hon.”
  • Vlogs you screaming and punching the air and he is cracking up quietly in the back when you do the mini games. 
  • “WHAT THE HECK, I WAS SPINNING. THIS IS RIGGED. CAN WE REDO THIS GAME??” “Don’t hurt yourself please and don’t break the tv”
  • Tries to sit you down on his lap and calm you down but ends up getting elbowed in the face. “SORRY. HOLD ON BABE. I’LL RUB YOUR FACE IN A MINUTE!” 

Lee Daehwi » [ shopping for mutual friend’s big birthday bash ] 

  • Films you scanning around the mall from behind. Catches you whining about wanting to eat everything in the food court on camera.
  • “We’re getting some new clothes for our friend’s birthday bash that’s happening next week. The color scheme is pastel so we’re just shopping around. Not like she doesn’t have enough clothes in her closet to choose from already..” 
  • Follows you around with the camera and watches you pick out a lot of things THAT WEREN’T pastel.
  • “Uh no, you are not getting that. IT’S TOO SHORT. HECK NO!!”
  • Puts back more than half of the stuff you threw into the shopping bag because they were either too short or you had something extremely similar in your closet.
  • “What about this dress? It’s so cute and—” “SCANDALOUS AND SHORT NOPE.”
  • Finally, gives up and lets you buy it but will lets you know that he’s staying glued to you just in case any unknown single guy friends of your mutuals hit on you. 

Lai Guanlin » [ visiting animal shelter to adopt a dog ] 

  • Films a bunch of the dogs at the shelter. Inserts cute clips of you playing with the dogs. “If only we could adopt all of them..”
  • Describes the kind of dogs there and suggests going to your local animal shelter to adopt instead of shopping for one.
  • “Oh my god.. it’s a Shiba..” Films the black and white Shiba and instantly falls in love. Very calm and quiet. The dog slowly warms up to him but is still visibly shaken. Instantly knew at that very moment, that this was the dog for him. 
  • “So everyone.. I think we’ve made our decision. The workers were telling me how she was saved from the meat trade in Asia and she’s still kind of shaken up but I think she’s the one. She’s around four years old now and her name is Sylvie. We’ll probably change her name later on though.”
  • You begin to document the moments between the two. “Guess I’m going to be fighting for Guanlin’s attention later on.. Just kidding. Watch Sylvie end up loving me more.” 
  • “Babe, can you go fill out the paperwork? She’s sleeping on me and I don’t want to wake her up”   
Mine / Chapter 11 (M)

God damn it, it was happening again.

Baekhyun thought he had more time until the next mating season hit him but here it was, itching its way into his body at the worst of times. Fucking Jongdae thought it was an amazing idea for everyone to hit the club for the night but Baekhyun knew his wolf just wanted to dry hump against his mate in a skin-tight dress. Of course Junmyeon was going to go along with it when he had a mate of his own and it was bad enough he was going to pull those dumb dance moves on the dance floor to impress her. They would think Baekhyun was happy about it too but some wolves haven’t even marked their mates yet and he was going to die if he was going to go clubbing with you when he was acting like a bitch in heat.  

He survived watching you pick out something to wear for occasion, he survived hearing you in the shower as his imagination took him to the place of seeing your wet, naked body lathered in soap bubbles. This was too much for Baekhyun to handle, he wished he could go back to before when he would lock himself in his room and suffer through it. But this was torture when he was watching you out on the floor with the other mates dancing your heart away.

“Hey baby, you wanna dance?”

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Zach Imagine #5

Slight trigger warning at the end, regarding car crashes.


“I love you,” he said. 

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you.”

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.” Now let me tell you the story of everything that lead up to this point.


Zach had been dating this girl for months, her name was Carrie. She was the perfect girl in Zach’s eyes. She was a cheerleader, she had blonde hair, she was short, she knew how to put on make up, all the good things. So when she broke up with him. He was devastated. So devastated that he took me, his best friend who is so deeply in love with him, to a party. 

I have been in love with Zach for the longest time. He was the best friend I could ever have, and somehow with all his generosity, his jokes, his laugh, his smile, just him in general, I fell in love with my best friend. Who am I kidding though, he’s my best friend.

Anyways, we’re at this party, and Carrie is all over Montgomery. Zach sees and takes the first shot. 

Then Mont is telling her something and she laughs and leans forward. That’s when Zach takes shot #2.

Then they’re at the couch, in the corner. At this point they’re getting pretty touchy. Mont’s hand is on her thigh, and she’s smiling. That’s shot #3.

It just gets so much better from there. Mont is on the couch, and Carrie is on him, his lap more specifically. They’re eating each others’ faces. That’s shot #4, #5, and #6.

Then they’re gone, so Zach takes more shots, his #7 and #8.

The only reason I came was because he asked, and I knew he needed a distraction, but mainly because he was going to do something stupid and reckless. I just didn’t think it’d be with me. 

So we’re here, in this private room. 

“I love you,” he said.

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you.”

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.”

“I love you,” he said.

“You’re drunk,” I sighed.

“I love you,” he says it so hurt, he sounds fragile and vulnerable right now, like he needs me to say I love him.

“You don’t love me, you love the idea of me. There’s a difference.” 

“Y/N, I love you.”

“Can you stop saying it?!” You yell and he flinches. “I know. You’re very hurt, you loved Carrie, but you can’t do this to me, Zach. I’m your best friend,” at this point I’m crying a little, but cut me some slack. I just heard the person I’ve been in love with say the thing I’ve wanted to hear for the longest time. Except he’s drunk, and his perfect girlfriend broke up with him, and he’s sad.

“What’s wrong?” He asks quietly.

“Zach, you’re a good person, but you can be such an asshole. You’re so selfish!”

“Y/N What did I do?”

“What did you do?” I laugh, he is so ridiculous sometimes. “I have been in love with you for the longest time and you use that to feel better because Carrie left and you’re upset, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be another one of your rebound girls,” I say and I go out the door and pass all the drunk teens. You’re ready to walk home when you think to yourself.

He’s drunk Y/N. He needs a ride home, you sigh. Stupid thoughts. Stupid Zach. You walk back in the room.

“You’re back?”

“I need to drive you home,” you make it obvious that if he weren’t really drunk, you’d have left already.


The car ride is silent. Soon enough you’re at his house and you give him his keys. 

“How are you going to get home?” He asks.

“I’m going to walk.”

“Y/N.. Take they keys, I’ll pick it up tomorrow morning.”

“I can walk,” you really don’t want to see him anytime after tonight.

“Please. Y/N,” he’s begging, and you sigh. You grab the keys from his hand and get into his car. He watches you pull out of the driveway. While you’re on your way home, you cry. 

It’s not fair, he loves a girl who doesn’t love him when I’m right here. You’re driving when another car smashes into your car, turning your world into nothing, pitch black. 

The lack of a stop sign causes the person in the other car to run right into your side.

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Soul key-AU where a person receives their soul key on their sixteenth birthday. It is a known fact that people keep their necklaces close to their person or somewhere safe.

Steve always wondered why his key ring was very…American in design. Bucky always made fun of him that maybe it was because he shared the same birthday as their country. Still, he found it perfect. Even more so when he adorned the Captain America uniform for the first time.

When Steve met Peggy he wanted to give it to her. But he never got the chance. When the plane went down into the ocean he held his key tight in his right hand.

When Steve woke up in the twenty first century and met Tony Stark for the first time, he knew then Stark was the man who he would give his key to. He did not know how he knew but at that moment he was glad that he had not given his key to Peggy. It would not have been fair to her. Not really.

Steve always seemed to screw it up whenever he encountered Tony. They always ended their interactions with fights and accusations. Steve hated it because he never meant anything he ever says. Tony just makes him so angry.

It took them awhile but they finally found their footing. And Steve asked Tony out on a date. On that date, Steve held his key in his hand ready to hand it to Tony before they ended their date.

So as Steve reached for his partner’s hand, Tony reached out for the opposite one. So now both their hands wear grasping each other’s lightly. Tony opened his palm and Steve felt something in it. In shock, Steve loosened his hold on his key when Tony saw what was his in his hand. They both just sat there staring at the other’s hand to see each other’s key.

They truly were made for one another after all.

SHINee: types of kisses


•  those types of kisses where both of you get all serious and intense and are unable to look away from each other
•  he’ll grab your face all close, with his palm just barely ghosting over your cheeks
•  and while the rest of his body is pressed against yours, he’ll keep teasing by moving his face away after a few kisses just to get a reaction
•  it’s all slow and sensual and tbh he wouldn’t be the type to perfer desperate, hard kisses
•  all in all it would take your breath away bc it’s so unlike his jokester self


•  mischievous kisses that almost always turn into something more
•  it’s just a harmless intention, where he’s approaching you with the widest smirk on his face, his lips begging to be kissed
•  but then everything slows down and you both find yourselves against a wall or some sort of bed
•  he wouldn’t know what to do with his hands so they’d kinda just be roaming all over your body, lingering on the spots that got a reaction out of you
•  definitely the type to be intense and passionate when kissing you bc he gives it his all


•  fam…..get ready for a wild ride bc he’s a wildcard
•  things could switch up from vanilla and spice and everything nice……..to letting you pin him down on the couch, fingers wrapped tightly around his hair
•  you’d think that he’d be the silent and observant kind, but there’s no stopping his little breathy moans every time you inch closer to his jaw
•  much unlike jinki, those desperate and needy kisses are his favorite since he’s an endless tease and will continue to give you little pecks until you’ve had enough and take things into your own hand
•  is kinda lazy when it comes to makeout sessions tbh, so besides the moaning and heavy breathing, he’d pretty much sit back and let you do whatever you pleased


•  the ever romantic Minho is sensual to the bone and the smallest kiss lingers on your lips for what seems like forever
•  he’s the type to be really discreet about where he should kiss you, since PDA isn’t exactly his Forte
•  but once he’s got you all to himself, his hands are caressing your hips while his lips massage yours
•  I’d imagine he’d whisper little praises and sweetnothings in your ear every time he’d pull away, even when you’re not doing anything
•  like I can’t express this enough HE’S AGONIZINGLY SLOW not bc he wants to tease you, he just wants these moments to last as long as possible


•  the shy, nose-bumping, laughter inducing kinda kiss
•  sometimes he gets a little too carried away when you get him all excited and tug on his hair, that he’d actually bump foreheads and noses with you and turns into a tomato
•  will keep on kissing you tho he’s hella sorry and embarssed, so that you couldn’t see how red and shaky he was becoming
•  he’s like a schoolboy when shyness takes over, oml he’d hold your hand and giggle when you bite on his lips
•  his kisses are slow and gentle when he’s tried and doesn’t want to take things further, and that’s usually most of the time

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so in france, before any movie at the cinema, they show some ads and trailers and there’s this one where kids are wasted and about to get in the car and you see black widow tell steve “they’re about to drive” and steve appears out of nowhere and the guy gives him his keys and i just gotta say if i have to get drunk to have captain america fall from the sky to rescue me then i’ll have a tequila please

Nice Guys Finish Last (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

A/N: Gah, I feel like this is a lame chapter. I spent hours writing, wanting to put this story out. So further apologies if it’s bland. 😔

Chapter Summary: You, Jeff, Troy, and Mallory go to Jessica’s party. For some reason, Jeff isn’t his normal, happy self.

WARNING: cursing

03. Jessica’s Party

Y/N P.O.V.

You praised the day Friday came. Your classes had been taking its toll on you and working part-time at Rosie’s 3 days that week was hectic; but you managed to pull through it all.

You stood in front of your long-length mirror, hanged behind your bedroom door, and examined your outfit. You tried on 3 other outfits before settling for this one, yet, you still weren’t satisfied.

You would have changed again if it weren’t for a car honking for you.

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an underrated moment in face the raven is where twelve discovers that anah isn’t actually dead but is being held in a stasis chamber and the only way to free her is for him to sacrifice his tardis key, the whole scenario has been a ruse

he talks out exactly what he thinks ashildr’s plan is - that she’s after his tardis - and the only way to reunite anah with her daughter is to give it up

and he doesn’t hesitate for a single second

he gives up his tardis key and just says “this girl needs her mother”

god i bloody love twelve…

Imagine: Troy Otto x Reader

Request: I got a request that troyxreader. Where Troy is looking for his keys and the reader has them in her shirt. Troy realize she has them and try to get her to give them back but she will not. So he chase her around there cabin until backs her up against the wall and asks her why she doesn’t want to give him his keys. She goes I wanted to spend time with you and I knew you would do that to get your keys back then Troy feeling guilty gives her a piggyback ride around the ranch. When there done they cuddle.

Word Count: 918

Warnings: N/A.

Characters: Troy Otto; reader (Y/N); Jake Otto; Alicia Clark.

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[a/n: I made myself cry writing this cause Yoongs is my ult so like….pls don’t murder me. I swear this has a happy ending]




Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst

Words: 4.7k

“You gonna drop by the dorm later?” Yoongi asked, sounding hopeful.

I laughed and shook my head even though he couldn’t see it, “Well how else do you think Namjoonie is getting home?” I retorted teasingly.

“Yah! Whose ‘Namjoonie’?” Namjoon said reaching over to pull on my ear.

I whined and tried slapping his hand away but was unsuccessful as his grip around my ear tightened.

“NAMJOON!” I exclaimed, finally getting him to let me go.

I heard Yoongi laugh through the phone, amused by Namjoon and I’s antics, “Alright babe I gotta go, enjoy your date with your best friend.”

After saying our goodbyes I put my phone away, focusing on the ice cream in front of me. I heard Namjoon chuckle as I basically shoved the ice cream into my mouth.

“What does hyung not feed my baby sister enough?” Namjoon asked teasingly.

I kicked his shin under the table lightly and he laughed, raising his hands in a form of surrender. No matter who I dated Namjoon always went into over protective brother mode. He even got angry at that fact that Yoongi and I were dating when we first told him, he glared at Yoongi non stop for about three days. Now he knew how I felt whenever he would bring someone over to meet me. I never liked any of his past girlfriends, thinking he could do way better but I never meddled in their business.

“He takes great care of me thank you very much.” I retorted, pushing his shoulder lightly.

“It’s just himself he doesn’t take very good care of…” I added, losing my appetite as I thought of what Yoongi forgets to do whenever he’s working on new music.

The very basic things such as eating and sleeping come last to him when he’s composing new beats or writing lyrics. I’m always worried he’ll land himself in the hospital because of how little he takes care of himself. In the three years that we’ve been together I’ve seen him on the verge of passing out from exhaustion more times than I’d like.

“He’s eating isn’t he?” I asked Namjoon quietly,keeping my head down.

“Y/n…you know how stubborn he is…” Namjoon said with a sigh.

“Make sure he eats at least twice a day please? You’re with him for most of the day in the studio.”

“What kind of dongsaeng are you huh? You don’t care if your oppa is eating?” He questioned accusingly, somewhat teasingly.

I tsked, reaching forward and pushing his head to the side, “You attack food like it’s your last meal what are you talking about?”

He smiled his signature dimpled smile, nodding agreeing with me, “I’ll make sure he eats don’t worry now hurry up and eat that ice cream before it melts, I didn’t buy it for nothing.”

I laughed and did as he said, going back to joking with him about his dancing.


“When’s your next day off?” I asked him as I turned a corner to get to the dorm.

“I don’t know but I’ll let you know and we can all go out with the guys…it’s been awhile since we all did something together.”

I nodded and turned one last corner, stopping in front of the building. I was confused as I saw Jimin pacing outside, looking as if he was trying to get through to someone on the phone. I looked at Namjoon curiously before getting out of the car and walking towards him with Namjoon at my side.

“Jimin what’s wrong?” Namjoon asked, grabbing onto his shoulders to stop him.

“Hyung! Why-why haven’t you answered your phone? We’ve been t-trying to call and-and it just kept going straight to voicemail. I-I had to stay h-here and wait for you while the others went-”

“Chim, hey Jimin listen to me. Breathe okay breathe.” I cut him off, grabbing onto his shoulders to get him to look at me.

“I-I….Yoo-Yoongi hyung…h-he-” Jimin stuttered out stopping mid sentence, failing to fight back the tears that started streaming down his face.

My heart skipped a beat at the mention of Yoongi’s name. My breath hitched in my throat as I grabbed Jimin’s face in my hands, wiping the tears off his cheeks with my thumbs.

“Calm down okay? Just tell us what’s going on.” I told him in the softest voice I could manage.

“Yoongi hyung…he-he got in an accident on h-his way home.” He whispered through his tears.

I stared at him, hoping this was all a sick joke as I let my hands fall to my side. This–This can’t be happening, no way. I just talked to him less than an hour ago. I felt my breathing get heavier, slowly starting to hyperventilate as my body started shaking. I took a step back from Jimin, ignoring the way Namjoon called out to me as my eyes glossed over with tears. My knees buckled from under me but Namjoon was quick to react as he grabbed me, supporting my body with his own.

“What happened?” I asked in a whisper, afraid that if I talked too loud I would completely break down.

“T-They said some guy ran a red light and–and rammed straight i-into the side of hyung’s car…the car flipped o-over multiple times before finally stopping.”

“Where is he?”

Jimin stayed quiet for a second too long and that’s when the tears started falling freely down my face. I looked at Jimin desperately wanting answers as my heart felt like is was being crushed under a 1000 ton dumbbell.

“Where is he?!” I screamed, causing both Namjoon and Jimin to jump at the sudden change of volume.

“He’s at the National University Hospital.”

I untangled myself from Namjoon’s arms as quickly as I could and headed towards my car. Just as I was about to open the door I felt someone grab my wrist. I turned around quickly and tried shaking Namjoon off but failed as his grip tightened.

“Let me go. I n-need to get to him…I-I need to know t-that he’s all right.” I said full on sobbing now as Namjoon hugged me to his chest.

“Give me the keys.”  He said in a calm voice.


“There’s no way I’m letting you drive in your condition.”


“Just get in the back with Jimin.” He stated firmly, taking the keys out of my hands.

Jimin immediately came to my side and ushered me to the back seat, sitting next to me and closing the door behind him. Namjoon backed out of the driveway, driving as fast as he could to the hospital.

I had managed to calm down as much as possible, Jimin having a tight hold on my hand as he tried soothing me. I knew he wasn’t in any better condition than I was, the shaking of his whole body was a dead give away. I had no idea how Namjoon held it together but by how tight his grip was on the steering wheel I knew he was hanging on by a thread.


I felt my whole body pumping with adrenaline as I basically jumped out of the car, not wanting to wait for Namjoon to properly park it. I heard Jimin jump out after me, yelling for me to wait up as I ran inside the hospital. Immediately finding the front desk I ran to it with all the strength I had and spoke in the steadiest voice I could muster.

“I’m looking for a Min Yoongi.”

The nurse at the desk nodded, typing away at her computer, “He’s on the fifth floor but ma’am-”

I didn’t wait for her to finish and ran to the elevators, Jimin hot on my trail. When one opened up Namjoon had caught up, all three of us anxiously waiting to get to the right floor. As the doors to the elevators opened on the fifth floor I ran out, immediately heading to the waiting room they had on each floor. Once inside I saw the rest of the boys; Seokjin pacing around the room, Hoseok had his head down as his leg kept bouncing up and down anxiously, Taehyung was staring down at his hands and I could see his body was shaking slightly, and Jungkook just stared at the wall in front of him blankly, his face void of any emotion.

As soon as I walked into their line of sight they all noticed me, their heads shooting up in my direction. Namjoon walked over to Seokjin, wanting to calm his hyung down as Jimin went to Taehyung as he saw how shaken up he was. I stared at Hoseok as he got up and stood in front of me, silent tears rolling down his face. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out but a sob as we threw our arms over the other. We held onto each other tightly as my own tears fell from my eyes, the complete and utter despair I was feeling getting to be too overwhelming.

“Where is he?” I asked, voice loud enough for the others to hear.

“He’s in surgery right now but we’ve been here for two hours and no one’s told us anything yet.” Seokjin said, his voice slightly shaky.

At that Jungkook suddenly got up, startling all of us as he knocked over the chair he was sitting in when he got up. I went after him as he rounded the corner, stopping when I saw him slumped down on the floor with his back against the wall.


That was all I said as I sat down next to him, his shoulders started to shake as a sob went through him. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders, hugging him tightly, letting him cry on my shoulder as I felt tears of my own fall out of my eyes once again.

“What if–what if Yoongi hyung doesn’t make it? What if-”

I cut him off as I grabbed his face in both of my hands, “ Stop that. He’s gonna be fine, he has to be…” I told him my voice breaking at the possibility that I might be wrong and he might not make it back to us.

“He has to be okay.” I said through a sob as I thought of never being able to see him smile.

I might never be able to hear him laugh at the stupid things I said, I might never get to hear his voice; hear him say he loved me, hear him tell me to slow down when I was talking too fast because I was excited. I might never be able to hold him as close to me as Jungkook was right now and that broke something in me and my chest felt like it was caving in on itself. Worst of all he might never hear me tell him how much I love him, how he has changed me into the person I am today, how I thought I could never love another human being as much as I loved him.

Before I knew it Jungkook had brought me in for another hug, my face buried in his chest as I sobbed. I felt his own tears hit my shoulder as my body shook in his arms. I scrunched his shirt up in my hands, hearing multiple footsteps running towards us. I refused to look up at the boys, crying it all out as Jungkook rocked me back and forth in his arms.


Twenty minutes later and we were all back in the waiting room. I was laying across two chairs, my head on Namjoon’s lap and my feet on Seokjin’s lap. Jungkook and Taehyung were sitting on the floor in front of me and Hoseok and Jimin on either side of Namjoon and Seokjin. It’s like the boys had created a small wall around me with their bodies, in any other occasion I would’ve simply laughed but now I couldn’t find it in me to do it.

I managed a tiny smile as Namjoon kept running his hands through my hair. Being my best friend and all he knew exactly what to do to calm me down and to keep me calm. I knew that not only was he worried about Yoongi, he was also worried about me, knowing how much Yoongi meant to me. I combed my own fingers through Jungkook and Taehyung’s hair, alternating between the two every few minutes to help keep me distracted. They didn’t seem to mind as they both leaned their heads back.

We all stayed like that for another two or three hours before a doctor walked towards us.

My breath caught in my throat as I took in the look on his face, that was the one look you never wanted to see on a doctor after treating one of your loved ones. We all stood up once he was in front of us. It was a miracle we all still managed to remember to bow to him respectfully.

“He’s…gone through a lot. He had severe hemorrhaging in his abdominal region, a few broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. He also sustained a severe hit to the head with the impact causing internal bleeding but we stopped it before any permanent damage could be done. Any other non life threatening injuries such as a broken arm and a broken ankle were dealt with accordingly.” The doctor stated, filling us in on his condition.

As he spoke I felt like I couldn’t breathe properly. Everything he listed off had me gasping for air. I had started leaning further into Namjoon as the doctor’s list progressed. I grew worried as the doctor paused, avoiding eye contact for a few seconds before continuing.

“It’s hard to say at the moment but…we’re not to sure if he’ll make it through the night.”

At that I felt like everything collapsed around me as I sank to the floor, staring blankly at the floor as tears streamed down my face. In the back of my mind I heard the doctor say something else before leaving, his words from before echoing in my head. My whole body shook, a sob leaving my mouth. This couldn’t be happening, just a few hours ago I was on the phone with him, talking about the most unimportant things. Just yesterday we were sitting in my apartment, lounging around on the couch enjoying each other’s company.


“Yah hyung~” Jungkook whined, trying to take back the popsicle Taehyung had snatched out of his hand.

Taehyung however refused to give it back, running to the other side of the room. No one really payed the two of them any mind, too focused in their own things. Hoseok, Jimin, Namjoon, and Seokjin were too immersed in their own conversation that they didn’t even notice the two younger ones fighting.  I laughed as I followed the pair with my eyes, probably being the one looking at them.

“How’s school going?” Yoongi asked from beside me, tapping the side of my head lightly to get my attention.

“Mm as good as school can be. You know I don’t really like going.” I told him, grinning at seeing him roll his eyes at me.

“It’s not like I can become a famous idol like someone. I won’t say any names but I’m looking at him.”

At that Yoongi let out a mix of a scoff and a chuckle, a shy smile overtaking his features. I loved how soft he got whenever I said something about him being an idol.

“I’m not famous…” He mumbled, trying to avoid eye contact.

“Oh yeah?” I shot out, taking out my phone and opening up twitter, “Would someone that’s not famous have this many fan accounts dedicated to him? I think not.”

I showed him all the accounts that were as they liked to call themselves “Number 1 Yoongi stans”. I grinned at seeing his cheeks tinge with the slightest bit of red.

“Little do they know that I am the number one Yoongi stan.”

He rolled his eyes once more, pulling me closer to him as he planted a small kiss on my forehead. I laughed lightly, snuggling further into his side as humanly possible.

“Yah, lovebirds you in on this game or nah?” Jimin called out to us, waving the controller he had in his hands.

I smirked, grabbing it out of his hands, “Only if Guk agrees to not be a sore loser when I completely demolish him for the third time this week.”

“Please, I let you win.” He scoffed.

“Boi you are in for a world of hurt.” I shot back at him, choosing the guns and attachments I’d be using in the round.

~End of flashback~

I shook that memory out of my head, shakily walking over to him. I didn’t want to see how broken he looked, how fragile he’s become. The others had decided to let me have a few minutes alone with him, thinking it’d be best to wait outside. The closer I got to his bed the closer I felt to completely breaking down. I was shaking like a leaf on a windy day, afraid of what I’d see. Finally reaching him I let out a choked sob at seeing him.

His head was wrapped in bandages, a cast on his ankle and his arm, and bruises and scratches all over his body. I took shaky steps closer to him, reaching out a hand but quickly retracting it. I brought my hands up to cover my mouth, muffling my cries as I took in the mask on his face, the thing helping him to breath since he couldn’t do so on his own. The only thing that reassured me that he was alive was the constant beep of his heart monitor.

“W-why…”I said softly through a whimper, taking the hand that wasn’t in a cast in both of mine.

“Why you…of all people.” I cried out softly, reaching a tentative hand to gently skim over his cheek.

His pale skin seemed to have paled more, if that was even possible, the once snow white skin color of his turning a ghastly color almost to the point of translucency. I looked over his face, scared at the thought of never being able to look into the dark brown eyes I fell in love with. Even now I missed the way he looked at me, missing the soft and gentle look in his eyes. It’s only been a few hours but I already miss his voice. I miss how much lower his voice got when he just woke up or when he was feeling incredibly sleepy. I miss the way he would tease me about my unspoken and constant competition against Jungkook. I missed how he wordlessly intertwined his fingers with mine, bringing me closer into his side. I missed how he smiled every time I’d bicker playfully with Namjoon. I missed him. I just wanted him to open his eyes, at least that way I’d know that he was still with me.

“I…love you…please,” I whispered, bringing his hand up to my lips, “D-don’t leave, please I-I can’t do this o-on my own.”

“You know a blue jay can’t fly without her wings.” I added, referring to what he would call me, a nickname only he used.

I felt more tears stream down my face, quickly wiping them away at hearing someone knock on the door. I kept my head down, not wanting them to see me cry any more than they have. Only three people were allowed in the room so two of them made their way inside. I didn’t know who it was but by the way one of them wrapped their arms around my shoulders from behind, resting their chin on the top of my head I knew one of them was Seokjin. He always did this when I was upset, his warm embrace enough to calm me down. I raised one of my hands to tightly grab onto one of his arms, looking up to see that he had walked in with Hoseok.  

“Hyung…wake up…please.” Hoseok said softly, his voice breaking.

“Yah…you little punk why are you keeping us waiting, huh?” Seokjin shot out, trying to lighten the mood but even without looking at him I knew his was on the verge of tears.

They didn’t stay long, wanting to give the others a chance to see Yoongi. The next ones to come in where Taehyung, Namjoon, and Jungkook. I rose an eyebrow at the three of them, knowing we were going over the limit of people that could see him at a time.

“Jimin refuses to come in…maybe you could talk to him? If–if something happens he’ll…” Namjoon trailed off, not being able to finish his sentence.

He didn’t have to though because deep down I knew we had to be prepared even if I didn’t want to admit it. So with one last look at Yoongi I set off to find Jimin. I didn’t have to go very far, finding him on the balcony that connected to the waiting rooms in this ward of the hospital. He was sitting with his head in his hands, the slight shake of his shoulders telling me that he was crying. Quietly, I made my way over to him.

“Mini…” I called out softly when I was close enough.

He looked up at the nickname he only allowed me to call him. He tried giving me a smile but it ended up as more of a grimace, a sob leaving his lips. Immediately and without thinking I knelt down in front of him, bringing him in for a hug. With me kneeling in between his legs I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling him bury his face in the crook of my own neck and wrapping his own arms around my torso. He clung to me like a child would with his mother. I literally felt my heart breaking for what felt like the millionth time that day at hearing his sobs. His cries were so heartbreaking to hear, he was literally gasping for air in between each sob.

I had thought I had no tears left in me but I was proved wrong as a few slipped out of my eyes as I held Jimin tightly. I knew how much Jimin cared for his other members, literally going out of his way to comfort them if they were upset. So seeing one of his hyungs on the verge of practically dying must’ve really broken something inside him. His hold on me kept getting progressively tighter and tighter, his face never leaving the crook of my neck.

“He’s gonna be fine.” I said softly, running my fingers through his hair, trying to get him to calm down even a little.

“Jimin listen to me…” I trailed off, pulling back slightly to look him in the eye.

I placed my hands on his face, wiping his tears away with my thumbs, “Yoongi is going to wake up and he’s going to walk out of this hospital better than when he came in. He is going to go back to the dorm and get right back into producing and writing songs. In no time he will be back on that stage and singing along with the rest of you. He’ll be okay, do you understand? We’re going to have him back.” I said, speaking not only to him but myself.

I also needed to believe that he’d open his eyes, that he wouldn’t have any permanent damage and he’d be the same man I talked to no less than four hours ago. I had to believe that the man I loved would wake up.

“Jimin, Y/n!”

My thoughts were cut short as Taehyung ran over to us. Jimin and I immediately got up, thinking the worst as we took in Taehyung’s panting form.

“Yoongi hyung…he-”

I didn’t stay long enough to hear what Taehyung had to say, immediately taking off. I ran as fast as I could towards his room, ignoring the nurses and doctors that gave me weird looks for running in the hospital. I finally got to his room and without thinking I burst through the door, my heart getting caught in my throat at what I saw. I let out a whimper at seeing Namjoon holding onto Yoongi’s hand tightly but that’s not why I started crying again. No, what made me burst into tears was seeing Yoongi hold Namjoon’s hand just as tightly. Taking a few steps forward I saw his beautiful brown eyes already looking in my direction. The same pair of eyes I feared I’d never see again. Without thinking I ran the short distance over to him, Namjoon having moved away by then.

I sat down on the chair next to his bed, desperately holding onto his hand with both of mine. I clung onto his hand like my life depended on it.

“I hate you…so much” I managed to say, looking up at him to see his own eyes were filled with tears.

“I’m…sorry.” He said in a whisper, finding it a bit difficult to speak because of his injuries.

“I thought, I-I thought you–you were g-going to-” I cut myself off as another sob wracked through my body.

Yoongi moved his hand in mine, silently telling me to loosen my hold. As soon as he was able to move his hand he brought it up to my face, wiping the tears off my cheeks. I turned my head slightly to place a small kiss on his palm, my eyes never leaving his.

“Come here.”

I hesitated for a few seconds before doing as he said. I laid my head on his chest, draping my arm over his stomach gently. I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently stroking my hair. We stayed like that for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s company that is until I felt him shaking under me. Alarmed by this I went to sit up but was held down by Yoongi. He refused to let me go, his hold on me only tightening.

“I’m so s-sorry. I-I thought I’d never get t-to see you again.” He cried out softly, his voice hoarse.

By how his body was shaking I came to the conclusion that he was crying. I’ve only seen him cry about two times in the span of our three year relationship. He always told me he hated the idea of me seeing him crying, not because he thought it emasculated him but because he never wanted me to see him at his weakest. He never wanted me to witness him like that. Even if I told him seeing him like this only made me love him more he was as stubborn as ever.

“I-I’d never forgive myself if I left you here by yourself.” He continued, his tears having calmed down a bit.

I raised my head to look into his eyes. I reached forward to wipe the streaks his tears left behind on his face, “I’d bring you back and kill you myself if you left me,” I joked hoping to get him to smile, and it worked. He let out a chuckled but winced half way through it due to the strain the simple act put on his body.

“I love you.” He said, his voice barely above a whisper as he looked directly into my eyes.

As I stared back at him I saw the familiar twinkle in his eye, the soft and gentleness I knew he only reserved for me was still as present as ever. His mouth formed that gummy smile I have adored since the moment I met him. Him being near death made me realize that if he was no longer here I wouldn’t be able to handle it. I would go crazy with just the thought of him leaving. I’ve grown so attached, so in love with the man that is Min Yoongi I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if he wasn’t by my side.

“Min Yoongi don’t you ever leave me.” I stated, trying to play it off as a joke but the look in my eye must’ve given it away.

“I love you too much to ever leave you.” He said softly, a small smile on his face.

“I love you too…please don’t scare me like this again.”

“I won’t I promise.”