Happy 6th Anniversary, SHINee!

wow, shinee, 6 years… i can’t believe this, time flew and i didn’t even notice it. it has been six freaking years of joy!! in real life, when you’re a kid and you have your first 6th anniversary, it usually is the very beginning of your story, it’s the beginning of an adventure and, it is usually known as a door with treasures and fortune. but shinee, your baby stage definitely wasn’t like the common on of a kid. you guys behaved like grown up men since the very first day! but, the 6th year will be the same for you as the one of a little kid, you tried, worked and succeed and after this long ass road, you’ll be rewarded by the simple laws of nature, it is all the fruits of your work. you will now forever be loved and we will always and forever be proud of you. be proud too, you guys deserve the world, you are the only ones to enlighten it.

We love you ♡

Tsukishima: *blocks a nationally famous quick that no one has ever blocked yes you heard me EVER in the whole history of japanese highschool volleyball like really and has his largest development as a character over the entire anime and FINALLY is passionate about what used be “just a club” to him, overcomng the cool megane trope that he has been labeled with since the entire show started*

Haikyuu fandom: oH MY gOD OIKawA IS WEARIGN fukign G L A SS ES 💯 SOMEonE bettER call THE FirE BRIgade BecaUSE He IS SMOKIN!!

important domestic avengers headcanons to be aware of
  • The Avengers (plus Sam and Bucky) can no longer watch crime shows together in the common room because Natasha and Bucky always spoil the endings, and then high five because the best ex-Russian assassins in history.
  • Clint Barton eats Froot Loops and cold pizza for breakfast every morning. Bruce will never understand, and he always makes scrambled eggs and bacon for the rest of the normal people in the tower.
  • Sam Wilson consistently shows up at the door step of the Avengers Tower with homemade cookies. They’re his mom’s recipe, and everyone is willing to fight to the death to secure their fair share. (Eventually, Tony just gives Sam his own key and entrance codes. He and Steve share the same floor.)
  • Pepper will NOT allow Tony to install a Wii (or an Xbox, or a Playstation, for that matter,) in the common room. Until Sharon has to go and give Steve Just Dance 3 for his birthday, and then she has to say yes. 
  • It’s just as incredibly painful and hilarious to watch as you think it is.
  • Everyone finds out Tony Stark loves to cuddle. No one ever lets it go. Especially Steve.
  • Clint falls asleep in random places, including but definitely not limited to; the kitchen isle, Natasha’s bed, the couch, on Steve’s shoulder, and while eating in front of the TV while Top Chef reruns play on the screen.
  • No one talks about that last one, but Clint can feel their judgement from a mile away.
another favourite Darcy scene

(there are many)

Darcy, reluctantly attending a party (as one does), is sulking in a corner (as one does)

Darcy: so the 198053908th reason I hate dancing is that there’s so much noise and moving around and shit that you can’t talk to anyone

Darcy: not that I WANT to talk anyone

Darcy: but if I did

Sir William Lucas *pops up*: HI THERE!

Darcy: …

Sir William: isn’t dancing the GREATEST THING EVER?

Darcy: …you’re getting dumbass cooties on me

Sir William: it’s what shows we’re really CIVILIZED amirite

Darcy: literally every fucking society on the face of the planet has dancing

Sir William: um anyway, DO YOU DANCE???

Darcy: You’ve seen me dance before, because I succumbed to peer pressure that one time.

Sir William: I did! And you were so graceful, wow. I nearly swooned

Darcy: …

Sir William: anyway. tell me about your house

Darcy: I have one.


so in france, before any movie at the cinema, they show some ads and trailers and there’s this one where kids are wasted and about to get in the car and you see black widow tell steve “they’re about to drive” and steve appears out of nowhere and the guy gives him his keys and i just gotta say if i have to get drunk to have captain america fall from the sky to rescue me then i’ll have a tequila please

i wanna see Stiles give Derek his key back, and warn him the loft aint the same and it’d be good for him to find somewhere new. and then for Derek to find somewhere new, and give Stiles a key to that place, too, and then leap out the window so as not to have too much of an emotional moment (▰˘◡˘▰)

reminder of just a few things kibum a.k.a key does/did for shinee:

- spending time thinkin’ about designing clothes for the concerts. and concepts. tokyo dome concerts + shinee world concerts

- asks around about it and feels bad when boss tells him they can’t use x thing 

- then starts thinkin’ about other concept(s)

- links 5 rings together for tokyo dome to show how shinee is a strong unit

-  to commemorate their 5th year anniversary, kibum bought different handmade scented candles for each member including himself.

- during the speech for melon daesang award kibum said he wanted to thank the members the most