Dating jhope/Hoseok

here is what we think what dating Hobi would be like, enjoy~

-family is very important to him/talks a lot about family

-so expect them to be like your second family

-in public he’s very affectionate and loud

-”HYUNG! Look how pretty!!!”

-”We’ve known them for 2 years, Hobi, we get it…”


-but in private he shows a more mature side

-making small gestures counts more than big hugs

-cuddling in comfortable silence

-includes you stroking his hair until he falls asleep

-needs the reassurance that you love him just as much as he loves you

-whether it’s through gestures or just random ‘I love you’s

-going to sleep in a comfortable cuddly position

-but waking up with his arms and legs entangled in yours

-also: that glorious bedhair

-him teaching you his favourite girlgroup dances 

-and cute slow dancing without music

-lots of nose and forehead kisses 

-but sickeningly sweet gestures in general

-him using all the aegyo whenever you are mad

-and you giving in immediately

-”I knew you couldn’t be mad at me for long.”

-”It’s because of you and your stupid cute face…”

-when he’s jealous he gets all pouty

-tugging at your sweater whenever you don’t pay attention to him

-you scaring him randomly

-resulting in a slightly annoyed boyfriend

-but you make it all better by showing him lots of affection

-cheesy nicknames

-”Hey, buttercup!”

-”How was your day, Cuddle Cakes?”

-”It’s great now that I’ve seen you, Georgia Peach.”

-proud boyfriend Hobi

-because he supports you in everything you want to achieve

-your relationship is built on trust

-having deep conversations when one of you can’t sleep

-even if the other is dead tired

-he knows about forhead Hobi and teases you with snaps/selcas

-or he straight up just comes out of the shower, flipping his hair back

-”Oh, Jagi-yah~~~”

-”I’m NOT falling for it again, Hobi!”

-you trying new things together

-even if it scares him to death

-being in an equally silly, sweet but mature and emotionally deep relationship with the angel that is Hoseok~

-the Admins

A Little Birdie

Group: BTS


Summary:  You forget to tell Hoseok you are a professional idol choreographer and end up challenged to a dance off.

Genre: fluff

Length: 1k

A/N: thank you for letting me write something based on your texts!

Inspired by: @textmejimin  ‘s texts!

Originally posted by berry852

The music came to a stop, as you bent over panting, limbs aching in the way the only did after an intensive dance session. Today you had been trying to figure out some new choreography for a girl group which involved you listening to their song on a loop as at first you had just warmed up before you started working on the choreography having already sketched a basic outline for the shapes the band would make.

You slumped against a mirror, picking up your jumper to wipe your forehead as you chugged water. Having finally caught your breath you looked over at your phone, the screen lighting up with constant texts from your boyfriend.

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Missed you Princess (Jack Request)

“Ready Anna?” You call as you finish setting up the last of your equipment for filming.
“Coming now” She replies and soon she comes into her bedroom where you were going to record.
You had been a YouTuber for 2 years now and had been dating Jack for both of those years, living with him for one. However, he was over in Dubai with some of his friends at the minute and you weren’t going to lie by saying you hadn’t missed him. Only one more week.
“Alright” You clap before you begin, “Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a brilliant day and for this video, I am joined by Anna Maynard. If you ask me, she’s the best Maynard but we won’t tell the boys that”
“Hello!” She waves.
“We’re going to be doing a version of Say It or Scoff It with all of the items in front of us” You explain, “I’m sure you guys know how this works by now, let’s go”
“Okay, (y/n), what annoys you about Jack the most?” Anna asks you to start.
“Oh where do I begin?” You joke, “Probably that he wakes up at like 8am and then can’t sleep so decides to wake me up as well”
“Fair enough” She smiles as you push the dog food in front of her.
“Okay which of the boys is your favourite brother?” You laugh.
“Jesus Christ how do I answer that?” She chuckles, “Okay I know”
“Oooh we’ve got an answer” You grin to the camera.
“Conor. Because Jack cant sing,” She giggles and moves the chilli in front of you, “Do you miss them much?”
You look down and smile into your hands, “Of course I bloody do”
You don’t notice the people creeping up behind you.
“I feel like they’ve been gone for years” You laugh and suddenly feel a pair of arms instantly jump round you.
You let out a squeal of shock until you know that its Conor and Jack who had arrived.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” You exclaim, jumping up to greet them both.
“We figured you’d miss us too much so we came back a bit early” Conor chuckles and gives you a big hug.
“You’re such dickheads” You shake your head and see your boyfriend stood behind him.
“Go on, you’ve missed him much more than me” Conor rolls his eyes and goes over to say hello to his sister.
Jack comes up to you and wraps you in his two strong arms, nuzzling his head into your neck.
“I missed you princess” He mumbles, pulling away just enough to press his lips to yours.
“Are you-” Conor starts quietly before Anna cuts in.
“Camera’s still rolling” She responds and high fives her brother. They knew they could use this against the pair of you later. And the fans would go crazy.
“Why did you come back early?” You ask the pair of them, pulling away from Jack though he makes sure to not lose his arm from around your waist.
“We may have just been lying before so we could surprise you when we actually got back” Conor smirks.
“You’re honestly such twats” You scoff and Jack chuckles beside you.
It seemed ridiculous but you even missed his laugh. The way his eyes creases slightly and his chest shook with the movement.
Had it really gotten to the point where you missed him this much after only a few weeks. In all honesty, it had. You missed having midnight cuddles that lasted until 2am when you realised you should go to bed. You missed waking him up with his favourite breakfast or dancing around and singing to your favourite songs. You missed the person you could be completely yourself around. The only person. Sure you had your best friends, Conor and Anna, and all of the other boys. Your family. But Jack was your home. You could do the most random of things and look your complete worst and he’d still find you incredible. You were his princess. And he was back.

A Dance With The Devil

You dance with Darkiplier Image/mini story.

Slowly, you pushed the large door that led into a large dark room. You knew this had to be a ballroom considering the size of the room and very faintly you could tell the details around the room, white stone climbing up the corners of the room, like pillars that stood tall. Faintly in the darkness you noticed a beautiful chandelier that hung from the high ceiling above you. With each step into the room, you could feel the cold marble hit your bare feet, your steps slow, dragging slightly.

A bright spotlight shone, causing you to cover your eyes as they adjusted to the bright light. In the center of the room, you saw him, his suit black this time instead of grey, his hair still in place. Everything was in place, neat. His tie still red, tightened right up to the collar of his white shirt that made his hair look more black and his facial features more sharp. He rolled his neck, like he always did, in the seducing way he always did. When he did it, it always brought a heat up your neck and to your cheeks.

You began to walk over to him, your footsteps light and soundless as your bare feet continued to touch the marble flooring. You walked until you also stood in the spotlight, a few feat away from him. You watched his eyes look you up and down, admiring the way you looked in your dress. He smirked when he noticed your feet, he always loved it when you did little things like this and he knew you always did this because you couldn’t walk or dance in high heels. He also enjoyed the long blue dress you wore, blue always suited you.

He took a step forward, as did you, until the two of you were closer.

“(Y/N)” He spoke, his voice deep and raspy as he slowly took one of your hands in his, his fingers intertwining with your own as both kept your hands raised.

“Dark.” You said back, placing a hand on his shoulder as he placed his other hand on your waist gently. You watched him smile, a rare thing that you would see. It would always be a smirk or a grin but this time, he smiled and it was something that showed a different side to Dark, the side of fell in love with.

It was the same dance as always, the waltz. But the pair of you always found a way to spice things up.

You both began with light steps, your feet moving well with Dark’s lead. He always took the lead, no matter what. When you first started to come, you would argue, making him angry for the rest of the night. But now, you found it better to follow his lead. He was an excellent dancer, especially when it came to the waltz, his favourite dance. You kept you balance as he quickly spun you three times in a fast pace as you both continued to move around the ballroom gracefully. You enjoyed these moments, listening to the soft piano music as the both of you danced the night away, no words needed. The way Dark looked at you made you consider that he wasn’t always a monster, almost a human.

The spotlight continued to follow you two as Dark dipped your upper body back, pulling you back up and spinning you fast before placing his hand back on your waist, your hand on his shoulder. He placed one foot forward, while you placed on backwards, repeating this a few more times, you sometimes moving forward and him moving back.

Eventually the piano stopped, the spotlight still on as you both stopped dancing. You began to pull away from Dark, like you did every other night, but this time it didn’t happen. Dark didn’t let your hand go, keeping his fingers intertwined with yours as he sharply pulled you back in, your eyes widened as your nose brushed against his, your face so close to his you could feel his hot breath hit off your cheeks and nose.

“Stay.” He said in a low deep voice as he looked into your eyes.

“I wish I could, but you know I can’t.”

Dark growled under his breath before speaking, “I will find you, one day I will.” He was determined, you could tell by the tone of his voice. You nodded, ready to pull away and go, but you didn’t.

This time, Dark placed a soft kiss on your lips, pulling away as he whispered. “Until next time, my dear.”

You didn’t know what to do, you pulled away from him, your lips tingling as you ran for the large door, sunlight beginning to pour out of the large windows in the ballroom. You easily reached the door, your hand placed on the handle as you turned to see Dark one last time for the night. He smirked, knowing that tomorrow night would be interesting. He was back to his normal self, meaning you knew the night was over.

You opened the door, stepping out in the sunlight.

And that’s when you woke up.

anonymous asked:

Can I request NDRV3 boys and fem s/o dressing up as superheros/villains? Thanks!

Yes! I love superheroes <3

NDRV3 Boys and Fem S/O dressing up as heroes/villains

Shuuichi Saihara:

- Of course he’s going to dress up as Batman

- And you’re his Catwoman ;)

- “Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! Isn’t this purrfect?”

- You make him do the cool back to back pose

- Good thing he has a mask, otherwise you’d see him blushing majorly

Kaito Momota:

- Guess who’s dressing up as Star Lord

- Complete with his Awesome Mix Vol. 1

- And his favourite Gamora

- “Dance with me S/O!”

- You roll your eyes as he pulls to dance with him to this amazing song


- You told him all about your favourite superheros which caused him to read all the comics

- “Come on Kiibo - kun! Show me what you look like!”

- You see him shuffle into the room, his armour is painted red and gold complete with a mask. Your very own Iron Man

- “You look beautiful Kiibo - kun!”

- “S-So do you… Miss Potts…” He then puts on the mask to hide his blush

Rantaro Amami: 

- “Come on S/O - san! We’re going to be late!”

- “Ahhh sorry sorry! Coming!”

- You walk into the room adjusting the horns on your helmet

- “Wow, Loki never looked so attractive before” he says with a wink

- “Same goes for you, Thor”

Kokichi Ouma:

- Do we really have to ask who he’s going to dress up as?

- The Joker of course!

- And you’re his Harley Quinn

- It takes him a while to readjust his laugh but eventually he gets there

- You even recreate that famous picture (You know the one)

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He wasn’t that much into superheros…

- But then you told him about Ant Man

- So you of course you became his Wasp

- The two of you spent ages creating your outfits, he made sure your wings were 100% accurate

- When you finally out the outfits on he was grinning so much. Cute :’)

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- It took you ages, and I mean absolute ages to convince him to dress up with you

- But he finally agreed…

- To dress up as Deadpool

- He then helped you with your Mistress Death make up

- “Maybe I’ll start reading comic books more…”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- Just like Shinguji it takes you ages but you manage to convince him to dress up with you

- “Look look Hoshi - kun!”

- You come out in a stunning Starfire costume

- He’s literally speechless and then you begin to giggle

- “You’re so cute… Robin” More blushing follows

fatimaville  asked:

Band members teaching their s/o how to dance. Thanks dear

(you’re welcome!)

2D: Teaching him proves a struggle considering he has absolutely no coordination. His limbs seems to flail everywhere and he has no sense of rhythm. He enjoys it though and he never fails to make you smile

Murdoc: His only move is the pelvic thrust and trying to teach him anything else is a struggle. You eventually persuade him to try the tango and he somewhat likes it, even if he is constantly stepping on your toes

Noodle: She takes to dancing like a duck takes to water. She’s a natural and its a sure fire way to destress her. She likes spending time with you and being able to test out new dance styles

Russel: He used to dance a bit in the past but he’s a bit rusty now. His favourite dance styles are break dance and contemporary, he likes ballet but he likes watching it more than actually doing it 

Headcanon: Mirkwood Parties
  • Thranduil sitting on his throne being all kingly and dignified, and overseeing the party while drinking his favourite wine
  • Thranduil refusing to dance at his parties because he’s the king and kings do not dance like a common elf - aka drunken dancing, because they are all sloshed from the Dorwinion wine.
  • Legolas, always mingling with the crowd, is always found dancing in the middle of the dance floor
  • Thranduil swears he does not stare at the way his son moves. He does not.
  • Legolas making it his mission to drag Thranduil onto the dance floor every single party
  • Legolas achieving it by 1) getting all close and intimate with other elves and making Thranduil jealous so Thranduil cannot stop himself from stomping up to Legolas and pulling him into his arms and staying with him through the rest of the party because Legolas is his and he has to make sure no one touches what is his. Thranduil is then stuck on the dance floor because Legolas likes/wants to dance and eventually Thranduil starts swaying to the beat and oops, is that his hand down his son’s pants now? 2) threatening Thranduil that he won’t sleep with him for a year or something if Thranduil doesn’t get on that dance floor now 3) being so friggin’ awesome at dancing and intentionally/unintentionally seducing Thranduil, who is all the way on his throne, and Thranduil just has to get to Legolas right now and then Thranduil finds himself dancing with Legolas for hours after and wondering when he can pull Legolas into their chambers and ravish him senseless
  • Thranduil always organising these parties because he really loves to watch Legolas dance and the private ‘after party’ is always a plus
Dancing To Their Song (BTS)

(my name is jeena if you wanna use but I don’t mind if you don’t and I love your blog❤) can I get a reaction of bts when they find you dancing to their songs? Thank you so much!” 

(gif credits to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
He would stop in his tracks, being careful to not knock anything over, and stare at you in complete adoration. He’d be a lil’ embarrassed that it was his song which you dancing around to like no tomorrow - but happy to see you happy. He’d apologise profusely when he made you jump (from not noticing him there before). He’d just be a stunned cutie.

This is why I love you.”

Originally posted by baebsaes

(i want a sign that says “fite me if u think kim namjoon is ugly”)

It would take no time for a massive grin to form on his face. He’d have to hold back a chuckle as he watched you jive around like a fool to your favourite songs of his. Then, he’d swoop in and surprise you. His arms would pull you in so tight, iterating how adorable you actually are and that you are his favourite human in the planet. He’d sway you from side to side from behind and would nuzzle his face in your neck.

You never fail to make me smile jagi!”

Originally posted by minseokked

(do u ever cri bc ur sharing the same oxygen as a literal flawless person: bc that’s me @ jin)

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Exo’s Reaction - Their Gf (You) Dancing To Girl Group Songs Saying She Doesn’t Know How To Be Sexy

Hey! Thank you so much! Hehe I’m glad they do ^0^ Here you go my sweet anon <3


Xiumin - *He’d give you the ‘look’, signing you that your words were nonsense and would show you a few of his favourite girl group dance moves and would basically get you grinding on him*

Lay - *He’d be so confused on why you’d think such things about yourself in that way and would dance with you and give you tips on dancing and in the end, you’d be better than expected*

Kai - *Gif*

Suho - *He’d get all blushed when you start dancing because he didn’t expect you to be as sexy and would remind you that your words were nothing and they were lies* You really shouldn’t lie to me… Your dancing is so sexy…

Kyungsoo - *He’d never let you finish your sentence when it was about how ugly you looked dancing and would make sure that you understood that you’re sexy when you dance*

Tao - *He’d shower you with kisses before you try proving to him that you can’t dance sexily for you life but that would soon change when you dance to AoA’s ‘Like A Cat’, he’d be all over you, asking you to dance more often for him*

Chen - * He’d make sure you got the message that you shouldn’t put yourself down on your dancing and would prove to you that you’re way sexier than him at dancing even though he’s ‘Chenxing Machine’*

Kris - *He’d start betting with you that you’re actually sexy at dancing and he’d end up winning and he’d ask you to do whatever for him… Even if it meant lap dances*

Chanyeol - *He’d giggle like a little shit knowing he was right the whole time that you were sexy at dancing aswell as being visually sexy and when you scold him for laughing at you, he’d take you to the bedroom* Show me more moves

Baekhyun - *He’d be super surprised when you started off a bit messy with the dance but after you really got into dancing to EXID’s ‘Up and Down’, you were better than EXID doing it* I can show you more moves like that in the bedroom

Sehun - *He’d get annoyed at your constant whining about how you ain’t sexy when you dance but proving your owns wrong when you try prove it to him and he’s sass you on how you were all wrong*

Luhan - *You’d start dancing along to as many girl groups as you can to prove your point but he’d still disagree with you and be really into your dancing, wouldn’t be able to get his eyes off you*


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Tensions (J-Hope Smut)

You felt like you were where you belong. In a crowd of ARMYs like yours. You and your friend scored pretty good tickets, close enough that one of them could notice you but you doubted it.

You watched each boy, their movements were hitting every beat, but your eyes kept wondering back to J-Hope. He’s always been your favourite, his dancing was something that made you believe he was too good to be considered just “a great dancer” and his rapping always left you speechless.

But even from where you were, you wouldn’t catch one eye, let alone J-Hope

Wrong. You locked eyes with J-Hope and neither of you could look away. In what felt like a sea of people, you didn’t think he was looking directly at you. That’s impossible, right?

Wrong again. He was looking at you, in fact you and your friend were called backstage by one of the guards. Only then was when you lost eye contact with him.

You watched from backstage, people rushing in and out of rooms. Someone directed you to a empty room with mirrors and your friend checked herself.

“Y/N, I think J-Hope likes you.”

“F/N, I’m just another fan in a crowd of other fans. I doubt he likes me..” You trailed off.

Why would he call you back here? Did he want to warn you to stay away? Maybe he didn’t like the way you were looking at him. Your thoughts began to taunt you, thinking how someone as simple as yourself could get someone like J-Hope to notice you.



“I-I-I-It’s them.” She stuttered and sure enough, 7 sweaty boys walked into the room you were in.

“Hyung, who are this girls?”

“I called them here.” J-Hope looked at you again, this time looking into his eyes seemed more dangerous.

He looked tense and angry, making you worried about him and what might happen to you.

“What are your names?”

“I’m F/N, but you could call me anytime. And this is Y/N.” She was always flirtatious and you could tell her bias was from that alone.

“Y/N, huh? You have such a pretty name..” J-Hope said, the way your name rolled off his tongue was better than you ever imagined.

The room was filled with chatter, your friend easily fitting with the other boys but never forgetting to flirt with Jimin a little. He clearly noticed her, making small attempts to see if she would just notice him.

You on the other hand, was just sittin next to J-Hope, his hand on your leg. You didn’t take the gesture into account. He just left it there, so it didn’t mean much to you.

You mentally cursed yourself for being so shy, maybe then you would stand a chance of at least being memorable to J-Hope. At least being someone he remembers.

“You know, Y/N I haven’t told you why I brought you here?”

“Yeah, you haven’t.”

“I could tell you somewhere quiet. Come with me?” He handed his hand out to you and you took it carefully. He led you out the room and in a empty dimly lit up room.

“J-Hope? This room looks pretty abandoned..”

“Call me Hoseok, and it’s at least quiet, right?”

“I-I guess.”

“You caught my eye, Y/N.”

“Me?” Your friend was right, maybe he did like you. But something felt off about him, like there’s more to just catching his eye.

“Yes, you Y/N. Can you help me?”

“What happened? Is something wrong? Are you in pain? Are-”

He pinned you against the wall and kissed you feverishly. You kissed back, knowing you would never resist him.

“I need you, Y/N.”

He pulled off your shirt and watched you devoutly.

“Seeing your beautiful face made me want you. Give yourself to me, Y/N.”

“H-Hoseok.” You kissed him, your back still pressed against the wall. You unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his chest drenched in sweat. You touched him, and he moved from your lips to your neck.

He took no time leaving hickeys on you, moving down to your collarbone. You never knew how sensitive you were there. He grabbed your breasts, squeezing and massaging them. He stopped planting kisses on you and just kept massage your breasts.

He just watched your face, caught up in arousal and he wanted to relieve both of your tensions. But you had other plans in mind. You took off his pants, letting them drop to the floor.

You got on your knees, looking at his boxers then back at him. He watched your hands take off his boxers. You were face to face with his cock, something you’ve only imagined as well.

He wasn’t lacking at all, he seemed more than you thought and you touched him.

“Mm, Y/N.”

Hearing this made you more eager to hear more of his moans. You pumped him, precum accumulated on the tip. You licked it off, still looking at him.

“Fuck, Y/N. Don’t tease me.” You finished licking the precum away and began to blow him. He moaned loudly, music to your ears and your name was constant in each.

“Mmm.” He pushed your head further on his cock, needing more of your mouth around. He face fucked you, enjoying your saliva accumulating on his dick.

“You’re so good, babe.” Amidst this, you still blushed at his sweet compliment. He pulled you up off your knees and turned you around.

“Arc your back for me. I want to return the favour, sweetheart.” You arched your back with your legs spread. He stripped off your underwear, joining the pile of clothes you two tossed. He slid a finger over your exposed clit.

“You’re so wet, Y/N. Did you always imagine seeing my cock?” He slid another finger over you, making you bit your lip.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. Nobody can hear you being fucked by me, it’s just you and me.”

He got done on his knees in front of your clit and blew on it.


“Good girl, just keep moaning like that for me.”


“I want to hear more of your pretty moans.” He inserted his finger inside you, and licked you. He kept going at a slow pace, making you shake your ass to plead for more.

Rather, he slapped it but gave you what you wanted. He added two more and began to go faster. His fingers were curling inside you and you didn’t think you could take it anymore.

“Your legs are trembling, baby. Do you want to cum?”


“I’ll let you cum since you’re such a good girl but not yet, darling.”

He pulled out of you to replace it with something much better.

“A-ah Hoseok.” He pounded you, your skin slapping against him. You couldn’t see him, just the barely lit walls.

He was ruthless inside you, making sure his cock filled every inch of you. Your body was sensitive, your orgasm being denied and now being fucked by against a wall.

You no longer knew other words but his name and curses. He mumbled abut how good it felt inside you, how nobody could fuck you like this.

“S-shit. Baby, I’m close.” He went in deeper, pressing against your g-spot. Playing with your clit in an effort to make you cum, it had worked for him.

You came, letting out a little screechy moan. Your body was filled with exhaustion but he came inside you after.

He pulled out, your body sinking to the floor.

“Baby, are you okay? Let me get you something to drink.” You grabbed his hand and he stopped.


“Just stay with me.”

“Of course.”


While most people had some kind of phase you’d expect it to be Naruto, Emo or something like that. Ennoshita though had a full on BollyWood phase that sparked his initial interest in film making. He loves the choreography and he can actually do the WHOLE DANCE if he knows the song. For some reason, he keeps his BollyWood thing a secret.

One day when Akaashi’s visiting Ennoshita has a playlist playing in the background. One of the songs come on and it’s a blast to the past for Ennoshita. He really really wants to dance, but he has to keep it in. The next song is a BollyWood one too, and the next one, and the one after that. He’s fidgeting and clicking his pen, dog-earing his notebook.

Akaashi’s slightly concerned because Ennoshita seems restless and agitated. “If you’re feeling tired we can call it a day, Chikara.”

“No, I’m fine.” It’s not everyday Akaashi comes up to Miyagi.

Finally, Ennoshita snaps. With a frustrated growl he just bursts into song and dance. Half-mumbled lyrics and off-key singing are a feature, but his dance moves are so sharp they can kill a man. Specifically Akaashi, who’s sitting there gawking at Ennoshita.

By the time Ennoshita’s finished he’s exhausted and lying face-down on the floor. He’s so embarrassed he can’t look at Akaashi.

Akaashi nudges Ennoshita’s side with his foot. “Hey.”

“Don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t tell anyone about your singing, of course. Nobody should go through that kind of torture.”


Akaashi nudges him again, “Hey, dance with me.”

Ennoshita is so thrilled that Akaashi doesn’t mind. He teaches Akaashi some of his favourite dances. He later tells Akaashi all about his favourite actors and actresses. His all time favourite is Shah Rukh Khan. He doesn’t really have a favourite actress but he likes Priyanka Chopra.

date with seventeen [2/2]

// Seokmin / DK

Seokmin’s a fun guy, so he’ll probably take you for laser tag or to the new archery tag place that opened up downtown. You’re wondering if it will be okay with just the two of you, but you already have everything you need to have a great time if you’re with Seokmin. The two of you pair up to duke it out against other pairs and turns out that you guys are the dynamic duo. Sure, Seokmin misses a few hits and takes a few, too, but you cover his silly mistakes, and he’s both impressed but also knew you’d be the perfect partner. After a few hours there, you’re left breathing heavily while Seokmin gives out a huff and says, “Let’s go!” You’re not surprised that Seokmin now has karaoke planned for the two of you where he can be cheesy and serenade you with his favourite ballads, but also dance wildly when you sing a few feel good favourites. When Seokmin starts to run out of energy himself, he suggests the two of you get out of there and head back home. Before you hop on the subway, he buys some street food for the both of you. Seokmin steals a bite of your food, but he says he’ll repay you on your next date.

// Mingyu

Mingyu asks you to meet him at the park at noon because he has something prepared for you. When you show up at the park a bit sleepy, you’re surprised to see Mingyu dressed up in a blazer and dress pants (but Mingyu enjoys dressing up a lot) and holding what looks to be a picnic basket. “Are you serious, Mingyu?” He laughs and just guides you to an empty spot in the park where the two of you can lie down and enjoy the food he made. “Ah, wait,” he says, pulling something else out of the basket and it’s his polaroid camera. He takes a picture of you and a picture of the both of you. He also gets up every time a dog passes by to give it a good pat and rub on the stomach. He asks how you’re liking the food and you says, “It’s really good, Mingyu!” When you finish eating, the two of you just sort of lie on the blanket, staring at the sky and talking. He sits up and suggests the two of you go to the library and check out some books because Mingyu’s kind of actually a nerd sometimes. He’s a bit loud, laughing at some of the books he sees, saying the characters look like you, but he finally settles on some books and you sit down with him. You watch Mingyu read his book, but he says, “You’re probably thinking, ‘Wow, he’s so handsome,’ right now, right?” The rest of the day is just kind of spent talking to Mingyu, telling him to shut up every now and then and eating some more of the food.

// Minghao / The8

First date with Minghao takes place at the…… aquarium! Yay, you suggested the aquarium because Minghao has never been to one, but he loves fishies hehehehe (and he loves you). Anyway, so maybe you grab a light lunch before meeting Minghao in front of the aquarium. When you show up, Minghao is in front of the aquarium, amazed at just how big it is already. You two go in and start looking at the fishies yay. You touch the starfish and the stingray to which Minghao is surprised and giggles. You walk through a tunnel, and the two of you are surrounded by sharks and fish. Minghao…. is a m a z e d. Wowe, Minghao loves this so much he ain’t even trying to hide it. “Hey, this one looks like you!” Minghao remarks when his face is right up against the glass, and you’re starin at him. “What?” Minghao looks at you. “I like you.” “What?” “This fish looks like you.” “Wat” Minghao laughs because you’re all flustered, and he keeps walking. And yeah. That’s it. That’s the big confession.

// Seungkwan

Seunggwan, much to your surprise, is really good and fond of skating! You might not be as good on the ice as he is, but this is why he’s bringing you out on this date. He meets you at the bus stop and says he’s taking you somewhere “cool,” but he literally means some place cool: a skating rink. The two of you skate around and although Seunggwan may hold back some laughter when you fall, he’ll help you get back up and hold your hand tightly. He’ll skate in front of you, showing off how he can skate backwards. When “Adore U” is played overhead, Seunggwan lets go of your hand and puts on a whole performance on the ice, and it’s really cute and silly. Once the two of you are done skating, he brings you to his favourite restaurant and laughs, “Pick anything you want! It’s on me tonight!” You just have a great night talking to him, and he takes you home, but before you go inside your home, he asks for quick kiss on the cheek to which you roll your eyes but do so anyway (but sneaky Seunggwan turns his head so you kiss his lips).

// Hansol / Vernon

So, maybe you’re not used to the shy Vernon, but here he is, awkwardly standing at your door to pick you up. He scratches the back of his head, asking if you’re ready to go, “I mean, yeah you are, because you look really pretty and have everything on you and…” What Vernon has in mind for you two is just a day of hanging out. Maybe walking around the park so the two of you can discuss the latest episode an anime, or so he can share some lyrics he’s been working on. You’ll spend some time walking around the fashion district so you two can try on clothes and see what you like. Finally, the evening is spent at Vernon’s favourite restaurant that has both great entrees and dessert. More conversations are held here, and then he walks you home. He’ll gather up the courage and maybe sneak in a smooth, “So, I’m hoping we can talk over more food next time,” or “You have a great sense in fashion, maybe you can give me more pointers next time?” before the night ends.  

// Chan / Dino

Dino is a really playful, but shy boy, so it’s only appropriate that he takes you out to the lively streets of Seoul where you can go from playing at the arcade to sitting in a cafe. The two of you sit down in a restaurant where you have a few talks and store up your energy to spend with Dino. After filling your stomach, Dino challenges you to a Dance Dance Revolution battle at the arcade you passed by. You know you could get smoked (a very likely chance), but you don’t let the opportunity to see Dino get excited pass. You go first, just to get past the embarrassment now, but Dino is really impressed by how well you did. He goes up next, and the level of difficulty he chooses is wayyy up there (not sure how DDR works exactly, but hey Dino would kill it anyway). Dino attracts a crowd as he busts out some moves while hitting every step accurately, and Dino is shining right in front of your eyes. He hops off the DDR pad and turns to you. He huffs, “How did I do?” After crowning him the winner, the two of you play more games then get some ice cream from the shop right across and sit down, for more talks. He likes asking you a lot of questions to the point when he forgets about his ice cream and you have to remind him to eat. After the ice cream, he decides he’s still hungry and buys the two of you some ddeokbokki from the nearby street vendor. Now, he just wants to walk around the street with you and talk with you more because “you have a really different life from mine, I like hearing about what you did and do.” He takes you home after and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before running away back to the bus stop, but later you receive a text from him saying, “I hope you enjoyed today~ can’t wait to beat you at DDR next time!”

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☆ 山田涼介 birthday post ☆

Characteristics - Because I have a cat allergy (really), I can’t be close to other cats. In addition to „nyan“ I also speak the human language.

Favourite food - Cat food. Because I like to settle down, it’s okay for my owner to not waste time on me. I can be a good cat.

Likes - Females. My owner can only be a girl, so at home I want you to always wear a skirt. This is definitely my wish!

Dislikes - Males. When my owner’s boyfriend comes to her house, I’ll become angry and start walking on two legs to quickly run away from home!

Happy 23rd birthday Yama-chan!

I wanted to not just post this small translation but also say a few words about the guy who has brought me to the Johnny’s fandom.

I think it was in 2009 when I came across “Scrap Teacher” and since I was/am quite addicted to dramas I decided to give it a try. I like those kind of dramas anyways but baby-Yama has caught my eyes back then and I wanted to know more about him. Back then I wasn’t as big of an internet person as I am today (also I was still very young and I didn’t own my own computer), but I used my spare time to research facts and interviews about Yama, and one thing led to another and I found out about Hey!Say!JUMP and Johnny’s. I checked out other Johnny’s groups as well and I was always up to date with mostly everything, but no group did I like as much as I liked HSJ (and they’re still my favourite until this day even though I know this blog makes it seem like it’s Sexy Zone :D). 

So, I owe a lot of things to Yama. Not only did he and HSJ bring me a lot of joy, they encouraged me and made me happy with their songs and videos, and also thanks to them I was able to meet many people and great friends. There were ups and downs of course but I always enjoyed this fandom.

I have always been fascinated with Yama’s story and life. He’s such a generous, happy, down-to-earth guy who still sparkles and radiates that typical idol-aura. I can only imagine how hard it must have been in this industry, always being pressured to do his best especially after becoming the centre, always being looked up to, always having to be a good role model. I know, that is what this industry is about and if you’re one of the company’s top idols, it’s just natural to have to deal with all those hardships.

But people often forget that idols too are just human beings. They have emotions, needs and wishes. I’m happy that Yama managed to make his dream come true but I often have the feeling that he’s taking everything too serious (not that this is a bad thing) but I feel like he’s pushing himself to that extent where he suffers physically and mentally. Remember when Yama talked about the filming of “Okaa-san, ore wa daijoubu”? He said he didn’t eat nor sleep for days just so that he could portray his character of a boy with a tremendous uncurable illness. I know Yama is passionate about his acting career but I really don’t want him to do things like that in the future. I think he isn’t really aware of how these actions can affect his body and his mind later on. 

And I think he worries too much about his height and weight issues. He’s so perfect the way he is, may he be a little chubby or a little too short in the eyes of some people, to me he is perfect. And that is not because of his outward appearance. I love the character he portrays in the public and to the fans. I especially love the times when we catch a glimpse of Yama’s true character, how he’s in private and how he’s just the normal boy next door who also has insecurities and fears. He shouldn’t battle his fear of heights on a daily basis just to please us fans, I don’t want to see him cry when I know his fear is genuine and I certainly don’t want him to go to work thinking that today he will feel anxious and scared and will not enjoy what he’s going to do. 

I want to see more of the Yama who plays with puppies, who takes care of little children, who sings and dances his favourite songs and enjoys his performances and concerts. I want him to go to coffee shops without people harassing him. I want him to be able to google himself without finding negative comments about his weight, the way he behaves, people who tell him he’s “too overrated” and “he doesn’t deserve the fame he has now”. He does. freaking. deserve it. He worked so hard to achieve what he has now, if people are too blind to see that it’s their fault. But even I read those comments on a daily basis and I don’t understand them when Yama is such a beautiful human being and does nothing to harm others (on the opposite: he helps them, he’s here for his fans through his music). He loves his band members dearly (remember the making of “Mystery virgin” and how Yama constantly mentioned he misses JUMP, and how sad he looked like?) and he’s kind to staff people, to fans and basically everyone around him, even when he doesn’t need to be.

Challenges are always good and important to improve yourself, but Yama-chan you already do so much for your fans and you should think about your own well-being from time to time too. Or at least that’s what I personally want you to do. In the end this is just my opinion and my point of view of being a fan for about 7 years. I love this guy so much and I want him to be happy with the people he chooses to be with in his life and the choices he decides to make. You’re a big idol and role model not just in Japan but for people all over the world and you have achieved great things. I am proud of you and that is why I wish you a happy, happy birthday from the bottom of my heart ♡ 

You just turned 23 and that’s still so young, you have your whole life ahead of you and whatever you decide to do, I’ll be here to support you. Celebrate your birthday with your friends and family and have a good time, there’s nothing wrong with doing that and I really hope you continue to do your best, but don’t forget to always take care of yourself. I love you!

/this was my super cheesy birthday letter brb gotta write this in Japanese now to send it to Yama :P