Youngjae’s favourite dance move

I want to like P&P&Z, but every time I see its staggeringly beautiful Elizabeth Bennet against yet another weird-looking Darcy, I’m pissed off all over again.

Exo’s Reaction - Their Gf (You) Dancing To Girl Group Songs Saying She Doesn’t Know How To Be Sexy

Hey! Thank you so much! Hehe I’m glad they do ^0^ Here you go my sweet anon <3


Xiumin - *He’d give you the ‘look’, signing you that your words were nonsense and would show you a few of his favourite girl group dance moves and would basically get you grinding on him*

Lay - *He’d be so confused on why you’d think such things about yourself in that way and would dance with you and give you tips on dancing and in the end, you’d be better than expected*

Kai - *Gif*

Suho - *He’d get all blushed when you start dancing because he didn’t expect you to be as sexy and would remind you that your words were nothing and they were lies* You really shouldn’t lie to me… Your dancing is so sexy…

Kyungsoo - *He’d never let you finish your sentence when it was about how ugly you looked dancing and would make sure that you understood that you’re sexy when you dance*

Tao - *He’d shower you with kisses before you try proving to him that you can’t dance sexily for you life but that would soon change when you dance to AoA’s ‘Like A Cat’, he’d be all over you, asking you to dance more often for him*

Chen - * He’d make sure you got the message that you shouldn’t put yourself down on your dancing and would prove to you that you’re way sexier than him at dancing even though he’s ‘Chenxing Machine’*

Kris - *He’d start betting with you that you’re actually sexy at dancing and he’d end up winning and he’d ask you to do whatever for him… Even if it meant lap dances*

Chanyeol - *He’d giggle like a little shit knowing he was right the whole time that you were sexy at dancing aswell as being visually sexy and when you scold him for laughing at you, he’d take you to the bedroom* Show me more moves

Baekhyun - *He’d be super surprised when you started off a bit messy with the dance but after you really got into dancing to EXID’s ‘Up and Down’, you were better than EXID doing it* I can show you more moves like that in the bedroom

Sehun - *He’d get annoyed at your constant whining about how you ain’t sexy when you dance but proving your owns wrong when you try prove it to him and he’s sass you on how you were all wrong*

Luhan - *You’d start dancing along to as many girl groups as you can to prove your point but he’d still disagree with you and be really into your dancing, wouldn’t be able to get his eyes off you*


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A pocket-sized Bambam doing his favourite dance move of all, the dab. He dabs at every moment where it may seem relevant (ex: sneezing). He certainly dabs every morning when he wakes up AND when he his about to sleep at the end of the day. For this boy, dabbing is part of his lifestyle.

Tensions (J-Hope Smut)

You felt like you were where you belong. In a crowd of ARMYs like yours. You and your friend scored pretty good tickets, close enough that one of them could notice you but you doubted it.

You watched each boy, their movements were hitting every beat, but your eyes kept wondering back to J-Hope. He’s always been your favourite, his dancing was something that made you believe he was too good to be considered just “a great dancer” and his rapping always left you speechless.

But even from where you were, you wouldn’t catch one eye, let alone J-Hope

Wrong. You locked eyes with J-Hope and neither of you could look away. In what felt like a sea of people, you didn’t think he was looking directly at you. That’s impossible, right?

Wrong again. He was looking at you, in fact you and your friend were called backstage by one of the guards. Only then was when you lost eye contact with him.

You watched from backstage, people rushing in and out of rooms. Someone directed you to a empty room with mirrors and your friend checked herself.

“Y/N, I think J-Hope likes you.”

“F/N, I’m just another fan in a crowd of other fans. I doubt he likes me..” You trailed off.

Why would he call you back here? Did he want to warn you to stay away? Maybe he didn’t like the way you were looking at him. Your thoughts began to taunt you, thinking how someone as simple as yourself could get someone like J-Hope to notice you.



“I-I-I-It’s them.” She stuttered and sure enough, 7 sweaty boys walked into the room you were in.

“Hyung, who are this girls?”

“I called them here.” J-Hope looked at you again, this time looking into his eyes seemed more dangerous.

He looked tense and angry, making you worried about him and what might happen to you.

“What are your names?”

“I’m F/N, but you could call me anytime. And this is Y/N.” She was always flirtatious and you could tell her bias was from that alone.

“Y/N, huh? You have such a pretty name..” J-Hope said, the way your name rolled off his tongue was better than you ever imagined.

The room was filled with chatter, your friend easily fitting with the other boys but never forgetting to flirt with Jimin a little. He clearly noticed her, making small attempts to see if she would just notice him.

You on the other hand, was just sittin next to J-Hope, his hand on your leg. You didn’t take the gesture into account. He just left it there, so it didn’t mean much to you.

You mentally cursed yourself for being so shy, maybe then you would stand a chance of at least being memorable to J-Hope. At least being someone he remembers.

“You know, Y/N I haven’t told you why I brought you here?”

“Yeah, you haven’t.”

“I could tell you somewhere quiet. Come with me?” He handed his hand out to you and you took it carefully. He led you out the room and in a empty dimly lit up room.

“J-Hope? This room looks pretty abandoned..”

“Call me Hoseok, and it’s at least quiet, right?”

“I-I guess.”

“You caught my eye, Y/N.”

“Me?” Your friend was right, maybe he did like you. But something felt off about him, like there’s more to just catching his eye.

“Yes, you Y/N. Can you help me?”

“What happened? Is something wrong? Are you in pain? Are-”

He pinned you against the wall and kissed you feverishly. You kissed back, knowing you would never resist him.

“I need you, Y/N.”

He pulled off your shirt and watched you devoutly.

“Seeing your beautiful face made me want you. Give yourself to me, Y/N.”

“H-Hoseok.” You kissed him, your back still pressed against the wall. You unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his chest drenched in sweat. You touched him, and he moved from your lips to your neck.

He took no time leaving hickeys on you, moving down to your collarbone. You never knew how sensitive you were there. He grabbed your breasts, squeezing and massaging them. He stopped planting kisses on you and just kept massage your breasts.

He just watched your face, caught up in arousal and he wanted to relieve both of your tensions. But you had other plans in mind. You took off his pants, letting them drop to the floor.

You got on your knees, looking at his boxers then back at him. He watched your hands take off his boxers. You were face to face with his cock, something you’ve only imagined as well.

He wasn’t lacking at all, he seemed more than you thought and you touched him.

“Mm, Y/N.”

Hearing this made you more eager to hear more of his moans. You pumped him, precum accumulated on the tip. You licked it off, still looking at him.

“Fuck, Y/N. Don’t tease me.” You finished licking the precum away and began to blow him. He moaned loudly, music to your ears and your name was constant in each.

“Mmm.” He pushed your head further on his cock, needing more of your mouth around. He face fucked you, enjoying your saliva accumulating on his dick.

“You’re so good, babe.” Amidst this, you still blushed at his sweet compliment. He pulled you up off your knees and turned you around.

“Arc your back for me. I want to return the favour, sweetheart.” You arched your back with your legs spread. He stripped off your underwear, joining the pile of clothes you two tossed. He slid a finger over your exposed clit.

“You’re so wet, Y/N. Did you always imagine seeing my cock?” He slid another finger over you, making you bit your lip.

“Don’t worry, Y/N. Nobody can hear you being fucked by me, it’s just you and me.”

He got done on his knees in front of your clit and blew on it.


“Good girl, just keep moaning like that for me.”


“I want to hear more of your pretty moans.” He inserted his finger inside you, and licked you. He kept going at a slow pace, making you shake your ass to plead for more.

Rather, he slapped it but gave you what you wanted. He added two more and began to go faster. His fingers were curling inside you and you didn’t think you could take it anymore.

“Your legs are trembling, baby. Do you want to cum?”


“I’ll let you cum since you’re such a good girl but not yet, darling.”

He pulled out of you to replace it with something much better.

“A-ah Hoseok.” He pounded you, your skin slapping against him. You couldn’t see him, just the barely lit walls.

He was ruthless inside you, making sure his cock filled every inch of you. Your body was sensitive, your orgasm being denied and now being fucked by against a wall.

You no longer knew other words but his name and curses. He mumbled abut how good it felt inside you, how nobody could fuck you like this.

“S-shit. Baby, I’m close.” He went in deeper, pressing against your g-spot. Playing with your clit in an effort to make you cum, it had worked for him.

You came, letting out a little screechy moan. Your body was filled with exhaustion but he came inside you after.

He pulled out, your body sinking to the floor.

“Baby, are you okay? Let me get you something to drink.” You grabbed his hand and he stopped.


“Just stay with me.”

“Of course.”