Dating jhope/Hoseok

here is what we think what dating Hobi would be like, enjoy~

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- family is very important to him/talks a lot about family

- so expect them to be like your second family

- in public he’s very affectionate and loud

- ”HYUNG! Look how pretty!!!”

- ”We’ve known them for 2 years, Hobi, we get it…”


- but in private he shows a more mature side

- making small gestures counts more than big hugs

- cuddling in comfortable silence

- includes you stroking his hair until he falls asleep

- needs the reassurance that you love him just as much as he loves you

- whether it’s through gestures or just random ‘I love you’s

- going to sleep in a comfortable cuddly position

- but waking up with his arms and legs entangled in yours

- also: that glorious bedhair

- him teaching you his favourite girlgroup dances 

- and cute slow dancing without music

- lots of nose and forehead kisses 

- but sickeningly sweet gestures in general

- him using all the aegyo whenever you are mad

- and you giving in immediately

- ”I knew you couldn’t be mad at me for long.”

- ”It’s because of you and your stupid cute face…”

- when he’s jealous he gets all pouty

- tugging at your sweater whenever you don’t pay attention to him

- you scaring him randomly

- resulting in a slightly annoyed boyfriend

- but you make it all better by showing him lots of affection

- cheesy nicknames

- ”Hey, buttercup!”

- ”How was your day, Cuddle Cakes?”

- ”It’s great now that I’ve seen you, Georgia Peach.”

- proud boyfriend Hobi

- because he supports you in everything you want to achieve

- your relationship is built on trust

- having deep conversations when one of you can’t sleep

- even if the other is dead tired

- he knows about forhead Hobi and teases you with snaps/selcas

- or he straight up just comes out of the shower, flipping his hair back

- ”Oh, Jagi-yah~~~”

-”I’m NOT falling for it again, Hobi!”

- you trying new things together

- even if it scares him to death

- being in an equally silly, sweet but mature and emotionally deep relationship with the angel that is Hoseok~

-the Admins

A Little Birdie

Group: BTS


Summary:  You forget to tell Hoseok you are a professional idol choreographer and end up challenged to a dance off.

Genre: fluff

Length: 1k

A/N: thank you for letting me write something based on your texts!

Inspired by: @textmejimin  ‘s texts!

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The music came to a stop, as you bent over panting, limbs aching in the way the only did after an intensive dance session. Today you had been trying to figure out some new choreography for a girl group which involved you listening to their song on a loop as at first you had just warmed up before you started working on the choreography having already sketched a basic outline for the shapes the band would make.

You slumped against a mirror, picking up your jumper to wipe your forehead as you chugged water. Having finally caught your breath you looked over at your phone, the screen lighting up with constant texts from your boyfriend.

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Favourite/Theme Song Headcanon

(Batboys + Bruce)

Requested: yes, by lively anon

Request: If you don’t mind could j request batboys + Bruce and what they’re favorite band/singer/music genre is and what their favorite song or their theme song would be if that makes sense. Thank you!

Warning/s: probably dumb af

Tag list: @just-a-girl-maybe, @ms-crxne, @pinkwitch21


  • I feel like his favourite song is like one from the 90′s
  • He would never admit it but his favourite song is Will Smith’s Men In Black
  • He was caught listening to it a dozen times by all the Batfam
  • Dick, as a kid, declared that his theme song is MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This
  • He just went with it


  • Okay everyone knows that his favourite song is Abba’s Dancing Queen
  • He blasts that song anywhere, anytime
  • He asked the Batfam for Nightwing’s theme song
  • He was extremely offended by their choices
  • So he settled with a nice Disney song
  • And he choose Hercules I Can Go The Distance
  • All the Batfam groans


  • And I think we all know which song is his favourite song
  • Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do
  • He say he can relate to it
  • Sings it all the time
  • For his theme song he went with Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry


  • Okay Timmy likes old techno music
  • He puts his hands up for S3RL Pretty Rave Girl
  • It wasn’t his favourite at first but then he listened to it more and more and he liked it more and more
  • Didn’t want a theme song but Dick made him chose
  • He choose Rachel Platten’s Fight Song


  • Damian likes Arabic pop songs since it makes him feel like home
  • His favourite song is Elissa Maliket El Ehsas
  • Since his mom listened to it on repeat he have grown to like it himself
  • His theme song is like Dick’s, from a Disney movie (as requested by Dick)
  • So he choose The Lion King I Just Can’t Wait To Be King
  • He says it’s spot on

BTS Reactions - Your first date

You smile as your boyfriend of five years lets you climb on top of him so that you can cuddle him. He smiles down at your head resting on his chest, and runs his fingers through your hair. You’re talking to him about how you first met, and he gets the story spot on. You giggle as you think back to your first date - the start of five long and happy years with than man you intend to spend the rest of your life with.

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(ENG SUB )They’re so bloody EXTRA!!!😂😂😂

* Chanu acting silly(yeess!! I need him to act more like this😆)

* Hanbin with his favourite dance 🤣🤣

* June, iKON’s noise pollution

*Aaand Yoyo ended it perfectly with his Nivea (which he dropped when he was dancing)😁

iKON for NicoNico Japan 170815. Raw vid © alnikon_

Missed you Princess (Jack Request)

“Ready Anna?” You call as you finish setting up the last of your equipment for filming.
“Coming now” She replies and soon she comes into her bedroom where you were going to record.
You had been a YouTuber for 2 years now and had been dating Jack for both of those years, living with him for one. However, he was over in Dubai with some of his friends at the minute and you weren’t going to lie by saying you hadn’t missed him. Only one more week.
“Alright” You clap before you begin, “Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a brilliant day and for this video, I am joined by Anna Maynard. If you ask me, she’s the best Maynard but we won’t tell the boys that”
“Hello!” She waves.
“We’re going to be doing a version of Say It or Scoff It with all of the items in front of us” You explain, “I’m sure you guys know how this works by now, let’s go”
“Okay, (y/n), what annoys you about Jack the most?” Anna asks you to start.
“Oh where do I begin?” You joke, “Probably that he wakes up at like 8am and then can’t sleep so decides to wake me up as well”
“Fair enough” She smiles as you push the dog food in front of her.
“Okay which of the boys is your favourite brother?” You laugh.
“Jesus Christ how do I answer that?” She chuckles, “Okay I know”
“Oooh we’ve got an answer” You grin to the camera.
“Conor. Because Jack cant sing,” She giggles and moves the chilli in front of you, “Do you miss them much?”
You look down and smile into your hands, “Of course I bloody do”
You don’t notice the people creeping up behind you.
“I feel like they’ve been gone for years” You laugh and suddenly feel a pair of arms instantly jump round you.
You let out a squeal of shock until you know that its Conor and Jack who had arrived.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” You exclaim, jumping up to greet them both.
“We figured you’d miss us too much so we came back a bit early” Conor chuckles and gives you a big hug.
“You’re such dickheads” You shake your head and see your boyfriend stood behind him.
“Go on, you’ve missed him much more than me” Conor rolls his eyes and goes over to say hello to his sister.
Jack comes up to you and wraps you in his two strong arms, nuzzling his head into your neck.
“I missed you princess” He mumbles, pulling away just enough to press his lips to yours.
“Are you-” Conor starts quietly before Anna cuts in.
“Camera’s still rolling” She responds and high fives her brother. They knew they could use this against the pair of you later. And the fans would go crazy.
“Why did you come back early?” You ask the pair of them, pulling away from Jack though he makes sure to not lose his arm from around your waist.
“We may have just been lying before so we could surprise you when we actually got back” Conor smirks.
“You’re honestly such twats” You scoff and Jack chuckles beside you.
It seemed ridiculous but you even missed his laugh. The way his eyes creases slightly and his chest shook with the movement.
Had it really gotten to the point where you missed him this much after only a few weeks. In all honesty, it had. You missed having midnight cuddles that lasted until 2am when you realised you should go to bed. You missed waking him up with his favourite breakfast or dancing around and singing to your favourite songs. You missed the person you could be completely yourself around. The only person. Sure you had your best friends, Conor and Anna, and all of the other boys. Your family. But Jack was your home. You could do the most random of things and look your complete worst and he’d still find you incredible. You were his princess. And he was back.

Drake Feelings, Kanye Attitude (Calum Hood Imagine)

Originally posted by malumfeatures

Summary: “I’m cold as ice, but in the right hands, I’ll melt.”

Requested: yes

Warnings: swearing

A/N: so i wasn’t gonna post this just yet but i have a bit of free time to write something new so why not :’) also based on thisrequests are open and tell me what you think. this was terrible :’)!

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Sparkles and Tingles ~ Hoshi

Word count: 2.4k
Genre: Bestfriend!Hoshi, Highschool!au, fluff, romance, comedy, 
A/N: Kwon Soonyoung will always have a special place in my heart~ Enjoy reading!

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“What to do?”

Soonyoung was your best friend who was a boy. That’s right. Nothing special, nothing else. He was fun to be with, not to mention his sense of humor. There would never be a day where you’d go home not laughing. He was that funny.

“That’s the third time this week!” you groaned, your voice on the verge of screaming.

“Relax Y/N,” Soonyoung cooed. “You still have a full year to make him notice you. Whatever happens, I’m always here when you have nowhere to go.”

“Ugh, why would I run to someone like you?” you walked fast as you passed the library counter.

“Because you always do when you’re indirectly rejected by your crushes.” he stuck a tongue.

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could we please have sarchengsy + dancing? thank you x

Aw, this prompt is so cute!!! ♥ thank you! Enjoy!

this is the song that immediately popped into my mind (also, the singer is super cute)

read my whole prompt fill collection here on ao3

Upon returning home from a long and exhausting weekend with his parents, smiling for his mother’s campagne, making small talk and letting old people pinch his cheeks and tell him how handsome he is, Gansey notices two things when he enters Monmouth Manifacturing: there’s music on, and it smells like cake. 

He expected Blue to be here, but when he steps into the main rooms, he finds both Blue and Henry in the Bathroom Kitchen Laundry. Music is blaring, a cheery, happy pop song, upbeat and cute. Like Henry. Gansey is pretty sure this is his playlist.

Gansey takes a moment to hover in the doorway, and a smile makes its way on his lips as he watches. Neither of them have noticed him yet, busy with pottering around with two bowls and a muffin tin as well as singing along, loudly and enthusiastically. 

The next song starts, and it’s the same kind of happy and upbeat. 

“Oh! I love this song!”, Blue screams over the beat, and wiggles her butt a bit. Gansey, now grinning, watches as Henry reaches for Blue’s hips. 

“Come on then!” 

The muffin tin hits the sink loudly when Blue drops it and lets Henry spin her around. 

Gansey’s heart lights up violently when Henry and Blue start jumping around and dancing, Blue wriggly and adorable, Henry with real grace even though it’s just silly and fun. Blue giggles when Henry spins her, and then she spins Henry and has to stand on her tip toes so she can reach over his head. 

Laughing, Henry whirls around, and then spots Gansey. Gansey is almost a little sad, because that means he can’t keep standing here, letting the feeling of home and warmth enclose him as he watches his two favourite people dance and laugh. He grins and waves a hand. 

“Ganseyboy!”, Henry exclaims, at the same moment that Blue yelps “Gansey!”.

She whooshes by Henry, running into Gansey’s arms. It’s one of Gansey’s favourite thing in the world. She jumps, and he catches her, stumbling back a little as she wraps her arms around him and buries her face in his shoulder. 

“Hi.”, Gansey says softly. Her hair smells like cake batter and herbal shampoo. This is when he feels most alive. 

Henry comes over to them, sauntering slowly, giving them space, but Gansey smiles at him, and Henry’s face lights up. He’s still a little self-conscious about feeling like and intruder sometimes. Gansey wants to make him feel welcomed. 

Blue lets go and slides to her feet, arms still wrapped around Gansey’s neck. Gansey reaches out for Henry, and Henry takes his hand, lets Gansey pull him close. He presses a kiss to Gansey’s cheek, and the skin burns as it blushes. 

“We missed you.” 

“I missed you, too.” Gansey takes a deep breath. 

In the background, the song plays on. 

A Dance With The Devil

You dance with Darkiplier Image/mini story.

Slowly, you pushed the large door that led into a large dark room. You knew this had to be a ballroom considering the size of the room and very faintly you could tell the details around the room, white stone climbing up the corners of the room, like pillars that stood tall. Faintly in the darkness you noticed a beautiful chandelier that hung from the high ceiling above you. With each step into the room, you could feel the cold marble hit your bare feet, your steps slow, dragging slightly.

A bright spotlight shone, causing you to cover your eyes as they adjusted to the bright light. In the center of the room, you saw him, his suit black this time instead of grey, his hair still in place. Everything was in place, neat. His tie still red, tightened right up to the collar of his white shirt that made his hair look more black and his facial features more sharp. He rolled his neck, like he always did, in the seducing way he always did. When he did it, it always brought a heat up your neck and to your cheeks.

You began to walk over to him, your footsteps light and soundless as your bare feet continued to touch the marble flooring. You walked until you also stood in the spotlight, a few feat away from him. You watched his eyes look you up and down, admiring the way you looked in your dress. He smirked when he noticed your feet, he always loved it when you did little things like this and he knew you always did this because you couldn’t walk or dance in high heels. He also enjoyed the long blue dress you wore, blue always suited you.

He took a step forward, as did you, until the two of you were closer.

“(Y/N)” He spoke, his voice deep and raspy as he slowly took one of your hands in his, his fingers intertwining with your own as both kept your hands raised.

“Dark.” You said back, placing a hand on his shoulder as he placed his other hand on your waist gently. You watched him smile, a rare thing that you would see. It would always be a smirk or a grin but this time, he smiled and it was something that showed a different side to Dark, the side of fell in love with.

It was the same dance as always, the waltz. But the pair of you always found a way to spice things up.

You both began with light steps, your feet moving well with Dark’s lead. He always took the lead, no matter what. When you first started to come, you would argue, making him angry for the rest of the night. But now, you found it better to follow his lead. He was an excellent dancer, especially when it came to the waltz, his favourite dance. You kept you balance as he quickly spun you three times in a fast pace as you both continued to move around the ballroom gracefully. You enjoyed these moments, listening to the soft piano music as the both of you danced the night away, no words needed. The way Dark looked at you made you consider that he wasn’t always a monster, almost a human.

The spotlight continued to follow you two as Dark dipped your upper body back, pulling you back up and spinning you fast before placing his hand back on your waist, your hand on his shoulder. He placed one foot forward, while you placed on backwards, repeating this a few more times, you sometimes moving forward and him moving back.

Eventually the piano stopped, the spotlight still on as you both stopped dancing. You began to pull away from Dark, like you did every other night, but this time it didn’t happen. Dark didn’t let your hand go, keeping his fingers intertwined with yours as he sharply pulled you back in, your eyes widened as your nose brushed against his, your face so close to his you could feel his hot breath hit off your cheeks and nose.

“Stay.” He said in a low deep voice as he looked into your eyes.

“I wish I could, but you know I can’t.”

Dark growled under his breath before speaking, “I will find you, one day I will.” He was determined, you could tell by the tone of his voice. You nodded, ready to pull away and go, but you didn’t.

This time, Dark placed a soft kiss on your lips, pulling away as he whispered. “Until next time, my dear.”

You didn’t know what to do, you pulled away from him, your lips tingling as you ran for the large door, sunlight beginning to pour out of the large windows in the ballroom. You easily reached the door, your hand placed on the handle as you turned to see Dark one last time for the night. He smirked, knowing that tomorrow night would be interesting. He was back to his normal self, meaning you knew the night was over.

You opened the door, stepping out in the sunlight.

And that’s when you woke up.

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Can I request NDRV3 boys and fem s/o dressing up as superheros/villains? Thanks!

Yes! I love superheroes <3

NDRV3 Boys and Fem S/O dressing up as heroes/villains

Shuuichi Saihara:

- Of course he’s going to dress up as Batman

- And you’re his Catwoman ;)

- “Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! Isn’t this purrfect?”

- You make him do the cool back to back pose

- Good thing he has a mask, otherwise you’d see him blushing majorly

Kaito Momota:

- Guess who’s dressing up as Star Lord

- Complete with his Awesome Mix Vol. 1

- And his favourite Gamora

- “Dance with me S/O!”

- You roll your eyes as he pulls to dance with him to this amazing song


- You told him all about your favourite superheros which caused him to read all the comics

- “Come on Kiibo - kun! Show me what you look like!”

- You see him shuffle into the room, his armour is painted red and gold complete with a mask. Your very own Iron Man

- “You look beautiful Kiibo - kun!”

- “S-So do you… Miss Potts…” He then puts on the mask to hide his blush

Rantaro Amami: 

- “Come on S/O - san! We’re going to be late!”

- “Ahhh sorry sorry! Coming!”

- You walk into the room adjusting the horns on your helmet

- “Wow, Loki never looked so attractive before” he says with a wink

- “Same goes for you, Thor”

Kokichi Ouma:

- Do we really have to ask who he’s going to dress up as?

- The Joker of course!

- And you’re his Harley Quinn

- It takes him a while to readjust his laugh but eventually he gets there

- You even recreate that famous picture (You know the one)

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He wasn’t that much into superheros…

- But then you told him about Ant Man

- So you of course you became his Wasp

- The two of you spent ages creating your outfits, he made sure your wings were 100% accurate

- When you finally out the outfits on he was grinning so much. Cute :’)

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- It took you ages, and I mean absolute ages to convince him to dress up with you

- But he finally agreed…

- To dress up as Deadpool

- He then helped you with your Mistress Death make up

- “Maybe I’ll start reading comic books more…”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- Just like Shinguji it takes you ages but you manage to convince him to dress up with you

- “Look look Hoshi - kun!”

- You come out in a stunning Starfire costume

- He’s literally speechless and then you begin to giggle

- “You’re so cute… Robin” More blushing follows

imsfire2  asked:

Just wanted to say a couple of things: Thank you for that lovely drabble about Cassian and his layers of clothing! Thank you for going on with the Room-mates AU chapters in your drabble/short-fic collection! And if you would like a prompt for that AU sometime, how about Jyn coming in unexpectedly and finding Cassian listening to his favourite music and dancing in his underwear? Bonus points if it's thermal long underwear...

Aww thank you hun! Here it is, hope it’s ok :-)

also on ao3

Oh, and if you’re not sure what a onesie is (sometimes called “union suits”) here’s a pic

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One Sided Silence - Part II

@omeliafics, @amelias-universe & @mediterraneansummer here is Part 2! ENJOY! Part 3 will be up soon… 💖💖💖💖💖

In case you missed it here is the link to PART I

Anther week passed and Amelia hadn’t woken up. Addison arrived and that set everything in motion; the meetings with social services, doctors, nurses, family members… all to discuss what would happen to Luke if Amelia never woke up and where he should live in the meantime. Addison stayed in Amelia’s apartment while she was there, she looked after Luke and tried to give him as normal a life as possible. A life he was used to, a routine he would recognise; but he was 2 and all a 2 year old wants is their mom. When it became apparent to Luke that Amelia was not going to be there for him he began throwing tantrums: screaming, kicking, crying… it was understandable: the boy’s world had been turned upside down; his world went from being complete to being empty. The only time he would behave in a manner that reminded people of the happy toddler he used to be was when he was with Owen, Owen had become Luke’s everything. When visiting his mom he would sit on Owen’s knee, he wanted to eat with Owen in the cafeteria, he wanted Owen to drop him off at day-care, pick him up, play with him, talk to him… Owen was Luke’s temporary Amelia. Something about the way Owen tended to him and spoke to him, reminded him very much of the natural manner in which his mother took care of him.

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fatimaville  asked:

Band members teaching their s/o how to dance. Thanks dear

(you’re welcome!)

2D: Teaching him proves a struggle considering he has absolutely no coordination. His limbs seems to flail everywhere and he has no sense of rhythm. He enjoys it though and he never fails to make you smile

Murdoc: His only move is the pelvic thrust and trying to teach him anything else is a struggle. You eventually persuade him to try the tango and he somewhat likes it, even if he is constantly stepping on your toes

Noodle: She takes to dancing like a duck takes to water. She’s a natural and its a sure fire way to destress her. She likes spending time with you and being able to test out new dance styles

Russel: He used to dance a bit in the past but he’s a bit rusty now. His favourite dance styles are break dance and contemporary, he likes ballet but he likes watching it more than actually doing it 

First Love (Yoongi x Reader) Pt. 3

Synopsis: Hoseok has a daughter but things take for worse turn as soon as he discovers at what cost.

(A.N. This was suppose to be a Hoseok fanfic but I took a bold, maybe not so much, action that turned it into a Yoongi fic. Also, this is my first fanfic on Tumblr! Bare with me please, much love! X.)

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

“Why is she here?” Yoongi had taken Tae into the bathroom down the hall from the living room.

“Your daughter talks too much, that’s why.” Taehyung turned to face Yoongi who was still closing the beige bathroom door. He stopped, leaving the door ajar in confusion as to what Tae had said.

“So you brought the teacher here so it was to be a home parent conference?” This made him feel a bit stupid as he said it aloud to which  his husband slightly chuckled at. 

“No, babe. Rose starting talking about how the teacher was getting divorced and how she must feel lonely going home to no one greets her nor waits by the door for her arrival home. Just like you do when Rose gets home from school. This caused the teacher to start crying.” Tae awkwardly rubbed the back of neck as he watched the older male’s expression of embarrassment turn into an expression he had never quite seen on his partner’s face before. 

Yoongi huffed, turning his face to look at the quite interesting blue hues of the titled wall of the bathroom, decorating the sink area. 

“So.. You brought the teacher because she cried,” Tae couldn’t believe what he had heard from Yoongi. Yoongi has said it almost as if he could care less for this human being’s feelings. A divorce was horrid, they had friends before in this same situation and it was always Yoongi who aid their friends through the hardships of divorce because he really cared. But.. He just didn’t care about their daughter’s teacher, the young lady who had broken down before Jimin and himself as she choked, trying her best to cover her broken, contorted face from their sights but the damage had been done. They saw (Y/N)’s intimate feelings. The two older men were strangers to you, but you felt violated by having your wall completely demolished before them, so they could see the raw, ugly, putrid little girl you were. No more facade of a strong, independent woman who was a great teacher. No, they saw a girl suffering a horrid divorce. 

This left Taehyung astonished. He was lost as to what to say at Yoongi who was still looking at the blue titles, as if his concern right now was if he should remodel the bathroom again. 

“I-”, Taehyung really didn’t know what to say to his partner.

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Another headcanon dump

The boys love listening to Elder Kettle’s stories about all the adventures he had when he was younger.

Cuphead didn’t mean any harm when he made the bet with the Devil. He believes money will bring him and his family happiness.

If you insult one brother, if present, the other brother will leap to defend the other.

The boys are home schooled and kept isolated from the other areas in Inkwell because they are made of literal porcelain and Elder Kettle is terrified that someone or something could break them if they stray too far from Isle 1.

The boys love music. They listen to their grandfather’s radio all the time. Mugman has the voice of an angel but has two left feet while Cuphead sounds like a dying cat but can dance like a pro. It doesn’t stop them singing and dancing though.

Cuphead adores swing music. If he hears it, his body gains a mind of its own and he can’t help dancing.

But his favourite kind of dancing is tap dancing. He’s really good at it too. But he won’t perform in front of anyone else, not even his brother. However, Mugman knows he does tap dance and watches him practice anytime he can.

The boys are very protective of each other. This is because of their isolated upbringing, they only had each other growing up.

Depending on what’s in their head, the boys can have hair. Hot chocolate with whipped cream, any drinks with a foam and jelly can lead to a stylish hairstyle.