Imagine Going Clubbing with William Johnson and Shay Cormac in a Modern Day Setting

“It’s gonna be fun, Johnson,” said Shay as he led his colleague towards the door of his favourite dance club.

William rolled his eyes. His idea of fun was a little different. At first, they were simply chilling out at this fashionable sushi bar, drinking imported beer, chatting about current affairs, and getting to know Y/N, their new ally. They were doing whatever it was respectable Templars might be doing in their leisure time. And he was enjoying it.

Then Shay just had to suggest that they hit the dance club, and Y/N just had to agree enthusiastically to it. And he, despite not being a big fan of loud music and drunken dancing, just had to come along.

“It’s so loud in here,” said William as soon as they got inside, “too loud.”

“No, it’s not too loud,” Shay shouted to compete with the throbbing beats from the DJ booth, “You’re too old.”

Y/N tried her best to hide a snicker, and said, “He’s not that old.”

“Then he’s going to come and dance with us,” said Shay, “Right, Johnson?”

William chuckled, shook his head, and took a seat at a table. “He’s right. I’m too old for this. I’ll look after your bags and watch you two make a fool of yourselves on the dance floor.”

Then they order a drink, and then another. After a while, Shay took his drink to the dance floor and beckoned Y/N to follow him there. She liked dancing, and she was pretty sure she liked Shay too, so she followed him.

“Is it really a good idea to leave him there?” she leaned towards Shay’s ear and asked.

He grabbed her waist and pulled her close, “What do you think?”

Now, they’d had physical contact several times during their training, but not like this. Never like this. Shay was obviously drunk. Not that she minded. She smiled as she put her arms on his shoulders. They moved their body to the light, shadow and sound.

In his eyes was a gesture that called her lips upon his. She leaned closer and kissed him. On her lips was a flavour that called his tongue into her mouth. Maybe it’s alcohol. Or maybe it’s her.

“Shay…” she whispered.

After a few songs, Shay excused himself to the restroom, and she was back at the table with William. “Is it awkward seeing your teammate like this?” she asked.

“Cormac? No. He said he had quite a reputation back in his Assassin days, and now he just proved that.”

“Oh!” she laughed. She didn’t exactly have a reputation of innocence herself. In fact, if instead of Shay, William were to kiss her, she wouldn’t object. She had a feeling that he’s not as uninhibited as Shay, though.

It’s been a while, and Shay still didn’t leave the restroom. Y/N was curious, so she excused herself and went to the restroom, taking a peek at men’s room. She didn’t see him behind closed toilet booth door, but she did hear him.

“No, seriously, what did you think you do? She’s an ally!” Shay was talking to himself. Y/N had to laugh. It’s just a kiss. It didn’t have to mean anything. Even if it was more than that, it still didn’t have to. As long as they had what each other wanted, they’d still be allies, kisses or no.

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So Erik likes listening to trashy pop while making breakfast in the morning, eh. Does he sing along too? What's his favourite song to dance/sing along to?


fuck i swear i actually had this in my headcanons somewhere BUT I CAN’T REMEMBER THE SONG AND I’M TOO LAZY TO GO DIGGING THROUGH THE FUN FACTS TAG.

i can guarantee you he’d bop to these though:

single ladies (beyonce)
wake me up before you go go (wham)
shut up and dance (walk the moon)


odorite au. during the early stages of their rivalry, noiz does this dance and outfit combo to mock koujaku and give him a big nice fuck you.

he redesigns the kimono making it way more modern and revealing. he picks a fast paced ddr-style song, his favourite. he dances exaggeratedly and smirks knowingly several times into the camera.

of course, koujaku is furious. what an immature brat! and thus the tention rises.

noiz is so very pleased with himself

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Thank youu <3! I don”t really know this group for the moment but i’ll try anyway :)

  • My first bias: Jimin 
  • Your current bias and why: Still Jimin, I love his voice and dancing
  • Favourite song:  Sick & Bulletproof
  • Favourite MV: Sick
  • OTP: I dont have one ^-^
  • Member you think has the best smile: Jimin
  • Favourite choreography: Sick
  • Favourite era: This one is the only one i know x)
  • Do you own any merchandise: Nope
  • Have you seen them live: Nope
  • Favourite voice/singer: Jimin & Rap Monster
  • Favourite dancer: Jimin!