Pretty Icicle

A/N: hi there! here you have a little warming up shot with our little, handsome and lovely bastard - Jacob Frye. i hope you get warmer after reading, because i’m freezing. i dedicate this shot to to my amazing friend @ohlookahiddenblade !

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: fluff

‘’I’m freezing.’’ You said shakily trying to warm your hands with breath. ‘’I’ll turn into icicle in a few minutes.’’

‘’Pretty one icicle, I have to admit, love.’’ Jacob said going into the car. There was a grin on his lips, which you wanted to wipe off his handsome face.

‘’Ha ha ha, very funny Jacob.’’ You indued him with sarcastic retort and hid your hands beneath your arms. ‘’Why this bloody car isn’t heated?’’ you asked more yourself than him.

Jacob chuckled lightly and took off his top hat and coat putting it aside on the armchair. You weren’t looking at him. You drew in your face in your arms, feeling like your nose was ready to drop off any minute, if you wouldn’t warm it right away. It might have been the coldest winter in your life. You couldn’t remember, when was cold like that recently. The sound of bending springs pulled you out from your thoughts. You looked that way and saw Jacob, comfortably lying on the bed. 

‘’Care to join me, love?’’ Once again, a smirk appeared on his face, which at the same time annoyed you and made your heart beat faster.

Jacob was a very attractive man, it couldn’t be disclaimed, although his personality and jokes were quite irritating. Nevertheless, since you met him, becoming a member of the Assassins, you liked him immediately and with the time, that affection evolved into something deeper.

His brow rised up in urgent and questioning meaning.You bit your bottom lip, but recognised it as a not bad idea, after all. With slow steps, you approached the bed, where he was lying and clumsyly scrambled onto it, making him chuckle. You squirmed. Your cheeks became even more pink, but carefuly snuggled in his broad and wiry chest, placing your head on his shoulder. You were surrounded with his scent. A mix of gunpowder, alcohol and mint. You put your palm on his torso and setteled better, while Jacob snuggled you harder into himself, encircling you with his long and thick arm. He inhaled deeply. The warmth radiating from his body, instantaneous transfered on yours, giving pleasant feeling of tingling. A small smile crept on your face and you closed your eyes.

‘’Mmm, I could get used to it.’’ He sighed, gently massaging your arm.

‘’Mmhmm…’’ slipped from your lips, not quite processing his words. But when you understood their meaning, your cheeks flushed bright pink and whole body stiffened, causing a light chuckle from Jacob lips again.

He propped his chin on the top of your head and started making small circles on it. You closed your eyes and gave up to the feeling. To be honest, you could get used to be in his arms. You felt safe in them.

Then, you sensed how his large, warm and rough palm took your small one and placed an almost impalpable kiss on it. Your eyes opened in one second and you hesitantly lifted your head, looking at Jacob. His lips were twisted in a smile, but not that one, he usually wore. That one was shy and gentel.

You were staring at each other for a while. The corner of your full lips rised up a little and you had an embarrassed expression on your face. Jacob released your palm and brushed some strands of your hair from your face. Automaticly, your hand softly touched his cheek  while he closed his eyes and snuggled into it. Your smooth fingers, delicately carressed his skin, whereupon you felt his chopped, warm and dry lips on the inner side of your palm.

He opened his dark eyes and you stared at each other and your faces started getting closer and closer. You felt nervous, but desire to feel his lips upon your own was stronger than that. Your eyes were drifting between his hazel ones and his lips. After moment of hesitation, Jacob closed the gap gently touching your lips, like giving you a chance to back away. But you didn’t want to back away. Reading this as an answer to keep going, Jacob deepened the kiss. Moves of his mouth became faster and more grabby. His hand rested on the back of your neck, moving you to him to the limits. You pulled up your body and leaned your weight on the side of his chest. Your palm scooted over from his cheek and tangled in his thick, dark hair. You heard a laud moan escaping his mouth and it made you smile. You nibbed his bottom lip tenderly and that was his time to smile. He deepened the kiss even more and slid his tongue into your mouth. Shivers ran through your back and your palm balled on his hair. Your tongues were massaging each other eagerly, giving pleasure you have never experienced before. Both of you started feeling the lack of oxygen and didn’t want to break the kiss, but the need of air finally won. You broke away, breathing heavily, smiles on your faces. Jacob leaned his forehead against yours and gave you quick peck on the nose. You blushed and noticed blush on his cheeks as well.

‘’Once warmer, don’t you think, love?’’ He chuckled quietly and kissed your lips.

‘’Absolutely.’’ You smiled shyly and snuggled your face in the crook of his neck.

Jacob strong arms pull you in tighter, placing you on top of him. He flanked you with his arms and nestled into him. ‘’I could really get used to it. With you.’’

You gazed at him and kissed his jaw. ‘’Me too Jacob, me too.’’

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HVC birthday edit that doubles as wallpapers. If you use, please say so in the tags!

Happy Birthday to memeboy Vernon! At first i was a little standoffish about liking you because you sometimes seemed like you were acting unlike yourself  when really i just had to get to know the real, Hansol. The kid that loves bubbles, funny faces, and expressing himself through his raps. A very sweet kid that loves bringing his hyungs up and making them smile as well as a boy that loves to make his fans happy and only wants to make them proud to be a fan. A kid that felt ashamed and felt selfish for joining a tv show that had bad results and feeling guilty for bringing down the name Seventeen even though no one was upset. A kid that loves his family and his brothers and everyone else and a kid that always seems to put others before himself. A kid that always works hard and never settles for good. I hope you take care of yourself and you learn to care for yourself more. 
사랑해, 최한솔.

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In which the gif describes the exact facial expression on his face when he realises how close you and your mom have gotten while he was away XD

/PS. Hereby apologising in advance for such a corny ending I’M SORRY I RLY TRIED OKKK

“Really? You’re not gonna help me with this?” You muttered under your breath as you held the two pieces of clothing you’ve painstakingly filtered out of the abandoned pile on the floor to your body in front of the mirror, then turned around to look at Bobby who had just been laying in bed watching a movie.

He barely casted you a glance before turning his attention back to the screen, mumbling, “Mm…the dress looks nice I guess.”

“You didn’t even look at me…”

“It’s not my fault you look good in anything,” He laughed, finally giving you some attention as you walked to stand in front of the screen to block his view with the cutest pout on your face.

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20 Luke please

You need to wake up,” You groaned, shoving Luke hard in the back. “I can’t do this without you.” He mumbled something incomprehensible and curled further into himself, cocooned in the big white blankets of your bed.

“Luke. Get. Up.” 

He poked the top of his head out of the blankets when you shoved him again, “I know you say you need me, but you’ve said that before about more intimate things and then.. not really need me much at all, babe.” He smirked, proud of himself for his little joke but you rolled your eyes, yanking the blankets away from his face and down his torso.

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