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20 Luke please

You need to wake up,” You groaned, shoving Luke hard in the back. “I can’t do this without you.” He mumbled something incomprehensible and curled further into himself, cocooned in the big white blankets of your bed.

“Luke. Get. Up.” 

He poked the top of his head out of the blankets when you shoved him again, “I know you say you need me, but you’ve said that before about more intimate things and then.. not really need me much at all, babe.” He smirked, proud of himself for his little joke but you rolled your eyes, yanking the blankets away from his face and down his torso.

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In which the gif describes the exact facial expression on his face when he realises how close you and your mom have gotten while he was away XD

/PS. Hereby apologising in advance for such a corny ending I’M SORRY I RLY TRIED OKKK

“Really? You’re not gonna help me with this?” You muttered under your breath as you held the two pieces of clothing you’ve painstakingly filtered out of the abandoned pile on the floor to your body in front of the mirror, then turned around to look at Bobby who had just been laying in bed watching a movie.

He barely casted you a glance before turning his attention back to the screen, mumbling, “Mm…the dress looks nice I guess.”

“You didn’t even look at me…”

“It’s not my fault you look good in anything,” He laughed, finally giving you some attention as you walked to stand in front of the screen to block his view with the cutest pout on your face.

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Ok here we go: few years back I was driving with my scooter and a car didn't see me and crashed into me (i wasn't hurt, had a few bruises) and when the driver of the car came to ask me if i was ok the only thing i said to him was "fuck i'm going to miss my math class :D?? Like I hate math?? Why would I care about that :D ah I still laugh when i think about that, his face was very funny looking after I said that :D Sorry if this is not understable because english in not my first language ,:d

Oh God, I really hope you weren’t really hurt! And don’t worry your English is perfect!!

I can relate to this on an spiritual level, because I once was trying to learn how to skate and I fell. My head went first because she’s competitive and I lost my memory, but according to the friends who dragged me home I had like two heads and I was talking about funny stuff.. I am not even funny irl… so I guess I need a concussion to drop some jokes.