Close Your Eyes//Theo Raeken

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44: “Close your eyes”

Italics are Y/N’s thoughts :)


I didn’t know what to expect when Theo asked me out here..

“Hey, meet me in the woods tonight at 8” he said “I want to show you something” he said.

What a lovely idea.

Maybe he found out that I liked him and wanted to reject me while I was alone, or maybe murder me, I haven’t decided yet.

I stood there alone in the dark wood, the sound of leaves rustling in the crisp autumn air filled my ears. My mind wandered as I waited for Theo, thinking about the blue eyes I could get lost in forever, his strong arms to wrap around me in the cold upcoming weather..

Geez Y/N, quit pining, he doesn’t even like you like that, or at all as far as I know..

I was pulled from my daze when I heard a stick snap behind me and my heart dropped

You’re out here alone.

In the woods.

At night.

Before I could react, two hands reached around my head and covered my eyes. I could recognize Theo’s scent almost instantly, so warm and inviting.

“Guess who?” he asked. I could even hear the smile on his face as my heart melted.

“Very funny Theo, you almost scared me half to death” I laugh while reaching to bring his hands down.

As I turned to look at him, I lost my breath. He looked amazing in his soft red flannel; plus a leather jacket and a smile like his? I think he is trying to kill me.

After the embarrassingly long time I took gawking at him, I finally pulled myself together.

“What did you want to show me?” I asked, trying to clear my throat inconspicuously.

“Okay, but first give me your hand” he said. My heartbeat sped up so much when our hands met, he must’ve heard it.

“Alright, now: close your eyes”.

I did as he asked, and followed him as he led me through the trees. After a few minutes of Theo making sure I didn’t break an ankle trying to follow him, he slowed and let my hand go. In the few seconds of silence, I heard Theo’s rapid breathing. Was he nervous?

“We’re here. Open your eyes” he said, voice much softer than usual.

My eyes flutter open and I almost can’t believe the sight before me.

Theo, with a nervous smile on his face and a picnic basket in hand, a blanket spread on the soft grass, candles lit surrounding the palette before us, and stars shining brightly in the dark sky.

I was speechless.

I think a little too speechless, because the surprised look on my face didn’t fade until Theo’s voice filled my ears.

“D-do you like it?” he asked.

I’ve never seen him like this, so uneasy and vulnerable.

He’s cute when he’s nervous.

“I-I love it Theo. It’s beautiful.. Did you do this all for me?”

“Of course I did, I wanted tonight to be perfect” he said.

I walked over to him and laced my arm through his.

“It is Theo, it is” I replied, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Writer’s Note: Hi everyone!! I’m so sorry I haven’t been super active, school is super busy and stressful, but I’m going to try to post more often. As always, thank you for the request anon, and I hope you like it!

Cassandra Pentaghast - Sneaking up on Cassandra Pentaghast, the Seeker, the woman of nails required a will of iron. And a death wish. She’d be training, as she usually is. Sword swinging, sweat dripping down in her face. Most questioned why she trained fully clothed, in her armor, when most would at least strip down a layer of armor. But she liked the challenge, the weight on her shoulders, back and chest. It was a game she used to play with Antony, seeing how fast you could move with metal weighing you down. Surely, if he were here, he would be proud to see that she hit almost as fast as a rouge. As previously mentioned, one would have a death wish if they planned on sneaking up on her. The Inquisitor moved fast, just barely dodging the sword that would swing around. Her eyes would be sharp, lips thin and taut. The expression would melt away, shock replacing it. Then distaste. “Inquisitor, please, announce when you are- Oh!” The shock of lifting her up and off her feet would bring that shock back to her face. Her eyes would be wide, feet dangling. She had received hugs before, but not one so…tight. Her armor kept her lungs safe though, and her feet would gently touch the ground. She’d be at a lost for words, cheeks slightly red, expression confused. “It is…good to see you to Inquisitor. But if you have time to waste, you can train with me.” Poor, poor Inquisitor.

Cassandra Pentaghast (Romanced) - She would be less on edge when training. Not so intense, training out of habit and not necessity now. She would not be so quick to whirl around, sword raised, but she would turn sharply, face curious at the approaching steps. And then she would smile, slowly and small, but a smile none the less. The Inquisitor visited more and more, exchanging small flirtations, or simply wanting to talk. Occasionally, he would manage to convince her to step away from her vigorous training regiment to gently press soft kisses on her face, lips and hands. By the look in there eyes, this would be one of those times. She was already setting her sword to the side, but squeaked when her feet were clearly no longer touching the ground. The woman was no common maiden but her cheeks would be red as she was held close to his warm chest, The Inquisitors chest. Shame would heat her ears. People could see! But the soft kiss on her lips would melt away her worries and she’d bury her face into his neck, whispering a soft half hearted insult.

Solas - Most did not linger in his room, the silent and intelligent elf occasionally intimidating, peculiar or odd. That, and no one felt so calm around him, the mysterious out of nowhere individual who had made his way into the Inquisitor’s inner circle with his intelligence and words alone. When he hears feet lingering, though, his eyes would slowly rise. The Inquisitor. A friend, someone he didn’t need to don a cold appearance to. He would rise, bare feet padding on the stone floor. “How may I be of assistance?” A simple one. one that did not warrant a hug. He would panic, for a moment, but he would soon relax as he was squeezed gently. He’d grunt softly, gently patting their chest until he was put down. His eyes would be curious, cautious as he raised an eye brow. “Inquisitor, I don’t need to point out how odd it would be if one of your staff saw you embracing the elf.” If an elf he would say ‘the apostate’, if an elven mage he’d simply continue looking on with curiosity. Once the Inquisitor left, he would smile ever so slightly, fondly, sitting back down at his seat.

Solas (Romanced) - The fade was a beautiful place. A place away from prying eyes and prying people. If a mage, it would be a simple thing to find her and pull her to the dream like Haven, suspended in a timeless and beautiful sunset, if not, he would tug her slowly out of her dreams, pulling her into his arms. The silence that would reign would be a warm one, eyes gently regarding each other, lips twinged ever so slightly. He would not be surprised as he felt the artificial gravity changing and shifting and he’d chuckle, happily going into her more than capable arms. She’d huff, coaxing his legs around her waist and arms around her neck and just like that she’d carry him around. He found it charming, really. And it was no negative that it kept them close and warm in this fake haven. He would close his eyes, pressing a soft kiss against her neck as she chattered on about stuffy nobles or annoyances in her travels or business as Inquisitor.

Varric - It had to be some sort of unspoken rule, don’t pick up a dwarf. It’s belittling. Hah, that one was good. But still, it was considered disrespectful. But did the Inquisitor care? Of course not. Breaking social laws when you make them came hand in hand. The hearth would be alight, warming his hands and toes. He was used to the clomp, patter and tap of feet as they passed by, his current station in the main hall made sure of that. But when he heard those feet coming towards him, it could only be Hawke or the Inquisitor. He turned on his heel, a smile curling on his lips. And then he’d see the arms. No. Oh no. The humanity. Being so far off the ground gave him a bit of vertigo, but the totally un-amused expression on his face hid it. “Haha. Very funny. Picking on the dwarf because of his height. That’s nice and all, but I enjoy the ground Inquisitor, and I’m sure you like having clean clothes. You should put me down before we both regret it.” With record pace he was set down. A smile would tug at his lips and a soft chuckle in his throat though , of course, as he waved the Inquisitor off.

Vivienne - Now if the Inquisitor didn’t have a death wish with Cassandra, they surely had a death wish now. It was easy to find the woman, sitting at her balcony, sipping on wine and talking to some Duchess of where ever and a Duke from how come, to the Inquisitor the only who that mattered was Vivienne. They’d probably loose their steam half way through, watching her eyes flick over to them. They’d slow their pace, lips going from their wide smile to a smaller, more nervous smile. “Hello Darling. There you are, I’ve been looking for you. Madame, Ser, if you do not mind.” She’d wave them both off, her polite smile turning into her sharp one, a chuckle leaving her lips. “The woman got her title from buying it, not earning it, and he is no nobleman. A merchant who knows how to primp himself, surely, but no nobleman. I wasn’t truly looking for you, just looking for an excuse. What do you need, Darling?” They’d hesitate, hands twitching. Well, it’s now or never. The Inquisitor would lunge forward, holding the woman to their chest. And then they’d lift her up, giving a small twirl. And then they’d slowly set her back down. Fear, anticipation and regret would thrum in their ears but then, oh. She was smiling. “Yes yes Darling I’m happy to see you too. But such affections should be saved for the private company of friends, not outside in the open for all to see. I trust you will not make this mistake again?” Her eyes would go hard, lips thinned and eyebrows raised. Just happy to be escaping with their lives, they would nod and be off on their way to their next hugging victim. Vivienne would watch, silent, eyes going warm before she returned to her wine.

Iron Bull - Truly the Inquisitors biggest challenge yet. Literally. The Iron Bull was a man who could surely weigh up to a druffalo, and being on the receiving end of bear hugs ends today. They would walk into the Tavern, a stride in their step and a thrill of anticipation would curl down their back. They’d stand their, arms crossed, gazing down at the Iron Bull. “Bull, I want a hug.” The Inquisitor would say, a smile curling on their lips. Who was the man to deny such a sweet request. He’d rise from his chair, chuckling deeply as he opened his arms, prepared to lift them off their feet. But then he would grunt, deep and breathless as he felt the most crushing hold on his chest. And then he gasped. The last time he had been off his feet was when a dragon had knocked him clear across a field. But this was not a dragon. His hands would fall to their shoulders, holding on tight, grinning wide as he watched their feet step back shakily. He expected to be dropped right on his ass. But their feet stood still. Their knees stopped shaking. And they stood perfectly still, nuzzling him. Nuzzling. The Tavern was dead silent. And then righteous applause, screams even. The shout he’d give as well would be the loudest, a deep and rumbling laugh would leave him. The Inquisitors red, yet proud face would be the most endearing thing he’s seen since Krem woke up with a cow lick.

Iron Bull (Romanced) - It was usually Bull in charge. The man was naturally dominant, what could he say? But the Inquisitor had something else in mind today. They would wander into the Tavern, eyes flitting around until they landed on the large grey mass. Weaving through the masses to his true goal was an easy task and they would smile. “Come with me?” They’d say softly, and Bull’s friendly exterior would melt, a warm chuckle on his lips. “Of course, Kadan.” From there most knew to get out of the way, and get the closest ear plugs they could. The trek to the Inquisitors room was one that was welcome, adding to the tension, to the silent foreplay of their eyes raking over one another. Once in the room, the Inquisitor would be quick, grabbing Bull’s thighs with a soft grunt and lifting him up, pressing him against the wall. The Iron Bull? His eyes would be wide, blinking slowly. And then he’d grin. “So that’s how it’s gonna be, huh? Alright. I’ll make you work for it, though.” The entirety of the Inquisition would weep, for no one got sleep that night,

Sera - She would be in her room, easy to find, mumbling softly as she fiddled with a jar. She’d snap to attention when she heard someone enter the room, throwing the jar out the window with a half innocent smile. Screeches could be heard and a faint buzzing. “Wasn’t me. Gravity done did it. Not me.” She’d say, predicting some sort of lecture. But all the Inquisitor could do was give a deep sigh and a fond smile. She’d then get suspicious. But her suspicious would turn into wheezing because she should not be so far off the ground. A wheezy chuckle would leave her lips and she would kick her feet back and forth, demanding to be put down. They do exactly that. Her bum hits the ground with a thump and she hisses, blinking. “Okay okay. Guess I deserved that.” Her smile would be contagious and warm and the Inquisitor would smile right back. 

Sera (Romanced) - Up to no good, as always. She wouldn’t be quick to react or jump. Most knew not to come into her room unless they wanted to get a prank or two. But Inky? Well, they were always welcome. She turned on her heel, shaking the jar of bees in her hand and a manic grin curled on her lips. “Ya up for som- Oh! Oh. Hehehe.” She’d let her feet dangle, and she would gently throw the jar onto a stack of pillows she ‘borrowed’. Thin arms would wrap around her neck and she’d press a soft kiss against the Inquisitors lips, sighing softly. “If ya wanted some sugar you could have just asked for some. Near got a face full a bees!” The Inquisitor would huff, showering her with kisses and dragging her off to the roof, where they could sit and cuddle. 

Blackwall - The man had claimed the barn as his own, his place of sleep, his place of wood work and his place of relaxation. He had somehow ended up having it all to himself, though that was not his intention. He wanted to make it clear that he was a soldier like any other. But of course, only special treatment for the Inquisitor’s inner circle. Speaking of the devil, the person in question would saunter in. He’d smile, dusting himself off as he walked over slowly. He’d open his mouth to address them, but well, he didn’t get much of a choice. He was a heavy man, muscle and body wise, but the Inquisitor proved to be more strong than that. He coughed softly, face going red as he dangled for a moment. “Well. Ehem. Hello to you too, Inquisitor.” His feet hit the floor, looking on with a half smile. The Inquisitor would be pleased with that, grinning.

Blackwall (Romanced) - The barn had become more than just his lodging. It had become a memory, a reminder of the night he did his biggest wish and largest regret. Now that he thinks about it, it was foolish. Anyone could have walked in. He shook his head at the thought, grunting softly. But he would be knocked out of his thoughts, eyes slowly turning as he heard the foot steps. Say her name, and she comes. “My lady.” He murmured, already heading over to lure her into a hug or a kiss. And he got exactly that. He blinked, though, because she had a hold of his wrists, he wasn’t able to take control. He watched curiously, his back hitting the wall. And she lifted him up. His face went red, a deep and hearty chuckle left his lips. His legs rested on her waist, an arm slung around her shoulder, and the kiss was soft and light. He’d have it no other way.

Cole -  “Warm, soft and safe, in your arms they can’t hurt, in your arms they are safe. They would have to bend and break your fingers, destroy and shatter the bone. You want to protect us, you want us to be happy, you love us. You want a hug. I would like one too.” The Inquisitor would smile, eyes slightly sad as they picked the boy up. He felt frail, thin. It worried them as they gently rocked on their feet. Cole’s ghostly arms slid around them, giving a warm hug. He said softly, eyes downcast. “You do not need to worry. We are safe. You keep us safe. You help. And we love you too.” The Inquisitor isn’t crying, your crying.

Dorian Pavus - Ah, the pursuit of knowledge. Truly a noble pursuit, really, one of the few out there that remained forever in the ambiguous grey area. You could read to learn how to fight, cook, to kill, to pray, to debate or to help you with a particularly troublesome blister on your arse. And where was Dorian? In the library, of course. His fingers skimmed over the titles, occasionally sighing or rolling his eyes. Truly, the Inquisitor didn’t read these? They were all so…dull. And uninformative. Really, they had to have their own special collection hidden away in that room of there’s because no one but a Free Marcher would pass this off as readable. He heard footsteps, but paid them no mind, continuing his browsing, fingers being wretched away and was that the ground with his feet not on it? Why, yes it was. He noticed the awful beige color of his kidnapper and he chuckled. “Oh my. A poorly dressed brute is carrying me off. Someone, help.” The Inquisitor chuckled, setting him back down. “Predictable. No one helped. My captor themselves had to set me free! Very predictable.” He shot Mother Giselle a look, turning back to his reading.  

Dorian Pavus (Romanced) - Reading had become a lot more complicated now a days. Not because he had lost his will to study, of course not, knowledge was power and he wanted that as much as he wanted gels for his hair and mustache. But, his mind had been on other things. Other someones. An other someone. The Inquisitor. The man was truly something to marvel at, muscle and charm. He sighed softly, holding a hand to his chin. He didn’t even notice, didn’t even hear his approach. The Inquisitor pressed against him and he chuckled, pressing right back. “Oh my. Is that a staff or are you happy to see me?” He would purr, head tipping back for the softest of kisses to the Inquisitors chin. He predicted the next part, feet being swept off the ground, an arm under his knees and one on his back. He laughed heartily, eyes twinkling. “Sweeping me off of my feet like a maiden? I’m already deflowered, you know, your fault of course.” Mother Giselle’s poor eyes. 


Notes: @real-life-dragon-age-trash Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! This was a pleasure to write. Took me an hour. loved this prompt. Love you. 

Please stay with me tonight (Draco x Reader)

You can read Part 2 here!

It was two in the morning when you finally decided that you crawl out from your bed after hours and hours suffering. You went to bed early because you were tired, but when your soul is exhausted it’s not something that sleep is going to fix. You take on a big hoodie and tiptoed out from your dorm, went down the common room to the dungeon’s corridor. It was a silent but snowy night outside, so when you were on the third floor you sit up on a window sill and started staring the landscape.

Sixth year at Hogwarts, but something has always tickled your brain. You loved here, you had a lot of friends - even from other houses. And yes, it was a big deal, because most of the students was prejudiced towards the Slytherins. You hate that, because you loved your house. There were mean people in there, yes, but you also got some really good friends, even your bests. Despite of this, you decided that you’ll show that you’re not what everybody thinks of Slytherins. You were kind with others, helpful, and sometimes saved those innocent first years from your abusive housemates. Firstly they didn’t approve that much, but your tounge was sharp and your mind was quick, so after a bit time everybody decided that it’s better if they’re not messing with you. You didn’t like to hurt other people’s feelings, but your ego never lets to shut your mouth if somebody started picking on you.

As a pureblooded Slytherin, your aunt was very proud of you, although you never really cared about blood status. You tired to be kind with everyone. Like a Hufflepuff. Sometimes you were brave like a Gryffindor, you studied nearly as much as a Ravenclaw, and you were proud and ambitious like a Slytherin. And because of this, you felt you don’t fit in anywhere.

You heard footsteps in the distance, so you placed your hand in your wand, just in case.
The shape came closer, and you saw the boy’s pale face. The face that look much paler on the snowy night’s light, the face that could look even scary if his lips didn’t smirk at you when the blue-grey eyes recognised you. The face that you loved and hated to see at the same time. 

„What are you doing here, darling? It’s almos three in the morning.” - Draco asked, smirk still on his face, but also looked concerned.

„I could ask the same for you.”

„You see, I’m a prefect, so I have to. In the other hand, you should be on your bed. I should punish you…” - he winked at you, smiling. Always the jokes. You didn’t answer, you wasn’t in the mood for jokes. Especially not with your crush. Because who else could be your crush than the boy who think nobody is good enough for him? The truth is, you were hopelessly in love with him. You always had a little crush on him since your first years, but in the last two years it’s just grew bigger. It started when he accidentally caught you crying; you didn’t tell him why and he didn’t forced you, but he comforted you. From that day, you had a lot of deep conversations and he opened up to you completely. You could finally see that he has a soft side and how much he deserve to be loved. Despite of this you didn’t tell him you felt in love with him. He was too important to you now, and you didn’t want to scare him or ruin your friendship.

„Are you okay?” - he continued after you turned your head from him. You were just about to cry, and you were sure that if he didn’t stop to push you, you’ll cry. He stepped closer to you and gently put his hand on your back - it was enough you to shiver. Even if he was your best friend, he almost never touched you or hugged you in front people; he didn’t like the idea that others may accidentally realize that he has a soft side and his heart is not made from ice and stones.

„I’m okay, Draco, just coudn’t sleep. That potion test coming soon and you know, I’m overstressed and all, so I’m just came here.” - his face expression told that he didn’t believe what you said. You didn’t even believed what you said. 

„Stop it, Y/L/N. What’s happened? Is somebody hurt you?”

What’s wrong? Well, everything.

 „No, of course not. I rather going to sleep. Night!” - you climbed down from the window sill and were about to go, but Draco caught your wrist, a bit too hard, and pulled you closer to himself. He slowly make one more step closer to you and released your wrist, but a moment later his hand was on your cheek. Now you were really close to crying.

 „Sweetheart, even if you’re a good liar, I know you too well”. - Not well enough, because in that case you should know that I’m crazy for you. „So, please tell me, who hurt you?”

 „Nobody, really.” – You brushed away his hand from your face. – „Just…” - you started and looked up him in the eye, in his beautiful, grey eyes that looked like a morning sky after a big storm. His face was serious, he really cared about what you wanted to say, and it was enough for you to stop talking and hug him. He was speechless, and you hugged him so hard like you were afraid that if you don’t, you will falling.

 „Y/N…” - he wishpered, very quiet, while he was place one of his hands on your waist, and the other on your head, gently stroke your hair. „Talk to me, darling. Tell me what’s wrong.”

 The fact that he is holding you in his arms, the feeling of his touch and his gentle words melted you; you didn’t want to cry anymore, you just wanted to be in his arms.

 „I’m tired, Draco. Everybody think that I’m so pleased with my perfect life, but I’m not. And I miss you, I hardly see you nowadays. Please don’t leave me you too.” – your voice was low, and a memory of your dead family makes the tears fall out from your eyes, down on your cheek. Draco gently pushed you away with a confused look.

 „What do you mean? „Me too”?”

 You never talked about your parents to your friends. Not even with him. Now you felt you should.

 „My family…” Deep breath. „My father was an auror. He was very obsessed with capture every Death Eaters. He was way too much reckless.” – Tears falling down on your cheek, but you stayed calm. The pale boy cup your face one of his hands and wiped of your tears.

„Two years ago dark wizards killed them along with my nine year old brother.”

 There was a deep silence, and you was about to say something, when he asked you.

 „Why didn’t you tell me? Or anyone?”

 „I don’t wanted you or anyone else to feel sorry for me!” – you cried. – „I didn’t need that. I only need that you to stay close to me!” – your voice was desperate and tearful. You wonder when was the last time when anybody see you in this condition; probably sometime in your childhood.

 „Listen, love.” – his stormy eyes looking at yours, and maybe if yours wouldn’t have been tearful, you’d saw that his was full of tears too. – „I will never ever let you go. I’ll never leave you alone, you hear me? If you need me, come to me. I won’t push you ever again, love.” – he pulled you closer, kissed you on your forehead, and you couldn’t say a word anymore, just sobbing in silence. His calm voice and the way that he called you love made you relaxed. He could always find a way to comfort you.

He accompanied you back to the Slytherin common room. You sat down on a couch, pointed on a fireplace with your wand while you murmured „incdendio”. The fire warmed you up immediately. Draco was still holding your hand, since you refused to let him go even for a moment in the hallways, but now he pulled away.

„Please stay with me tonight.” – you said quickly with a trembling voice. Firstly he stared at you like he doesn’t want to, but then he smiled at you, picked up a blanket from the couch, and sat back down next to you. You pulled up your legs on the couch and placed your head on Draco’s shoulder while he embraced you and slowly stroked your arm.

„Don’t keep secrets from me, Y/N. I want to help you, and it hurts if I see you like this way. I’m so sorry that happened to you, I couldn’t even imagine… but you really shouldn’t suppress your feelings.” – he whispered, his head againts yours.

„Funny that you’re saying that, Mr. Always Express My Feelings.” You could sense that he was smiling even if you didn’t saw his face.

„Yes, very funny. Now promise me that you’ll always talk to me if something or someone hurt you.”

„Okay. I promise.”

You hated to lie to him, but no way you’ll tell you’re in love with him. There were silence after that and both of you fell asleep.

What you didn’t know is he had a very same problem with his feelings about you.


Pretty Icicle

A/N: hi there! here you have a little warming up shot with our little, handsome and lovely bastard - Jacob Frye. i hope you get warmer after reading, because i’m freezing. i dedicate this shot to to my amazing friend @ohlookahiddenblade !

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: fluff

‘’I’m freezing.’’ You said shakily trying to warm your hands with breath. ‘’I’ll turn into icicle in a few minutes.’’

‘’Pretty one icicle, I have to admit, love.’’ Jacob said going into the car. There was a grin on his lips, which you wanted to wipe off his handsome face.

‘’Ha ha ha, very funny Jacob.’’ You indued him with sarcastic retort and hid your hands beneath your arms. ‘’Why this bloody car isn’t heated?’’ you asked more yourself than him.

Jacob chuckled lightly and took off his top hat and coat putting it aside on the armchair. You weren’t looking at him. You drew in your face in your arms, feeling like your nose was ready to drop off any minute, if you wouldn’t warm it right away. It might have been the coldest winter in your life. You couldn’t remember, when was cold like that recently. The sound of bending springs pulled you out from your thoughts. You looked that way and saw Jacob, comfortably lying on the bed. 

‘’Care to join me, love?’’ Once again, a smirk appeared on his face, which at the same time annoyed you and made your heart beat faster.

Jacob was a very attractive man, it couldn’t be disclaimed, although his personality and jokes were quite irritating. Nevertheless, since you met him, becoming a member of the Assassins, you liked him immediately and with the time, that affection evolved into something deeper.

His brow rised up in urgent and questioning meaning.You bit your bottom lip, but recognised it as a not bad idea, after all. With slow steps, you approached the bed, where he was lying and clumsyly scrambled onto it, making him chuckle. You squirmed. Your cheeks became even more pink, but carefuly snuggled in his broad and wiry chest, placing your head on his shoulder. You were surrounded with his scent. A mix of gunpowder, alcohol and mint. You put your palm on his torso and setteled better, while Jacob snuggled you harder into himself, encircling you with his long and thick arm. He inhaled deeply. The warmth radiating from his body, instantaneous transfered on yours, giving pleasant feeling of tingling. A small smile crept on your face and you closed your eyes.

‘’Mmm, I could get used to it.’’ He sighed, gently massaging your arm.

‘’Mmhmm…’’ slipped from your lips, not quite processing his words. But when you understood their meaning, your cheeks flushed bright pink and whole body stiffened, causing a light chuckle from Jacob lips again.

He propped his chin on the top of your head and started making small circles on it. You closed your eyes and gave up to the feeling. To be honest, you could get used to be in his arms. You felt safe in them.

Then, you sensed how his large, warm and rough palm took your small one and placed an almost impalpable kiss on it. Your eyes opened in one second and you hesitantly lifted your head, looking at Jacob. His lips were twisted in a smile, but not that one, he usually wore. That one was shy and gentel.

You were staring at each other for a while. The corner of your full lips rised up a little and you had an embarrassed expression on your face. Jacob released your palm and brushed some strands of your hair from your face. Automaticly, your hand softly touched his cheek  while he closed his eyes and snuggled into it. Your smooth fingers, delicately carressed his skin, whereupon you felt his chopped, warm and dry lips on the inner side of your palm.

He opened his dark eyes and you stared at each other and your faces started getting closer and closer. You felt nervous, but desire to feel his lips upon your own was stronger than that. Your eyes were drifting between his hazel ones and his lips. After moment of hesitation, Jacob closed the gap gently touching your lips, like giving you a chance to back away. But you didn’t want to back away. Reading this as an answer to keep going, Jacob deepened the kiss. Moves of his mouth became faster and more grabby. His hand rested on the back of your neck, moving you to him to the limits. You pulled up your body and leaned your weight on the side of his chest. Your palm scooted over from his cheek and tangled in his thick, dark hair. You heard a laud moan escaping his mouth and it made you smile. You nibbed his bottom lip tenderly and that was his time to smile. He deepened the kiss even more and slid his tongue into your mouth. Shivers ran through your back and your palm balled on his hair. Your tongues were massaging each other eagerly, giving pleasure you have never experienced before. Both of you started feeling the lack of oxygen and didn’t want to break the kiss, but the need of air finally won. You broke away, breathing heavily, smiles on your faces. Jacob leaned his forehead against yours and gave you quick peck on the nose. You blushed and noticed blush on his cheeks as well.

‘’Once warmer, don’t you think, love?’’ He chuckled quietly and kissed your lips.

‘’Absolutely.’’ You smiled shyly and snuggled your face in the crook of his neck.

Jacob strong arms pull you in tighter, placing you on top of him. He flanked you with his arms and nestled into him. ‘’I could really get used to it. With you.’’

You gazed at him and kissed his jaw. ‘’Me too Jacob, me too.’’

A/N: YAY! i made it with only two pages! really, impossible is nothing :D hope you liked it! requests are open all the time! and thank you for lovely and encouraging messages! X

I Would Wait

Paring: Dean x Reader

Request: Hey beautiful, I love you writing and I have a rather personal oneshot request. When I was 8yrs old, I was sexually molested and nearly raped by my uncle… It’s been 15 years now since it happened and yet it still haunts me. I can’t see myself in a relationship with anyone cause I’m afraid of being hurt again. I sometimes wonder if the the term “making love” even exists. Could you write me a fic where Dean loves the reader and wants to show her? Fluff and smut please! Thanks so much, you rock!

Warnings: trigger warningmention of past sexual abuse, College AU, smut, fluff

Words: 3468

Note: Thank you so much for having the courage to share this with me anon! It really gives me a push to write more when I find out that I have the ability to hopefully help someone through a difficult time. I actually know someone very close to me who went through this, and I hope that this helps. I love you, and always keep fighting. 

Ahh sorry it’s so long!! I really like this one, and I wanted to make this as real as possible. Also, it’s a College AU because I couldn’t really picture hunter Dean the way I wanted, especially after the season finale.

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@freedthedark / starter call 

      His forehead was pressed up against the seemingly invisible wall that halted his path. Crashing his fist to the barrier, he exhaled a harsh laugh with a bitter smile forming across his face. 

          ❛ Hah––Very funny … ❜ he spoke sarcastically through his gritting teeth, ❛ ––now, how’s about you let me out of here 

Alternate “You”niverse (10/14)

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Summary: Another one of Starks failed experiments causes a rift in Universes causing their Actor selves from another Parallel Universe to come through. Steve has to face Hayley, the women that looks like the girl from his past, Tony has to deal with another him & you have to put up with another set of Avengers. 
Warnings: Swearing, fluff moments and breaking the 4th wall A LOT!
Admins Note: I had a dream about this, I told Angie and she has basically helped me write it by giving me title ideas, ideas in general and telling me what I should and shouldn’t put in. Not really a specific plot, just that Steve doesn’t know whether to move on and it’s made more difficult with Hayley Atwell coming through the portal also, Bucky has to put up with being in love with you but seeing Sebastian make better ground & Wanda is forever crying over Aaron & Everyone keeps getting Scott Lang and Paul Rudd mixed up.  This will probably end with Bucky x Reader getting together, also be prepared for me to mess you up- Rosalee

Anything to do with Bruce x Nat is not mentioned, as if it never happened, because I kinda wanna imply Clintasha throughout the rest of this; let me know what you think. Plus, filming for Civil War has finished but they are preparing for Infinity War, hence why everyone was together, so they aren’t filming but reading the first copies of the scripts. Just wanted to clear some things up for this part - Rosalee

Alternate “You”niverse Part One |Alternate “You”niverse Part Two  |Alternate “You”niverse Part Three  | Alternate “You”niverse Part Four
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 |Alternate “You”niverse Part Six
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“Pietro?” you frowned, you didn’t understand how this was possible, he had died during the battle with Ultron in saving Clint and a little boy.

“If you say that stupid catch phrase, I’m gonna scream,” Steve tell him sharply, Pietro’s short chuckle rang through the silent, shocked kitchen. “But… how? How are you here?”

“Well, I am not dead, that’s the main thing,” he stated clearly, walking into the room fully “my body was healing itself, too slowly for my liking, Dr Cho said I still had a pulse; it was faint and slowing but she managed to kick-start me back up and I’ve been in a temporary coma as my body healed itself.”

“Someone should go get Wanda plus the others,” Natasha commented and you nodded in agreement with her, knowing everyone would want to see Pietro, you were still slightly stunned by this; despite only knowing him for a few short days, he was still a friend and one you had felt grief for.

Hayley stood up, stating she’d go round up some of the people, Natasha following after her to collect Tony and Vision plus Bruce from the lab. You walked over to Pietro and hugged him gently, he chuckled and hugged you back, pulling back and speeding to Steve’s side and patting his shoulder, only now realising Chris.

“I know I was gone for a while but since when did you have a bearded twin?” he asked Steve, you snickered as Chris laughed loudly, nudging Steve with his shoulder who just sighed.

“Actually, about that, Tony opened a portal to another realm type thing and a bunch of alternate us came through, hence the bearded me,” Steve sighed gently.

“Chris Evans, actor,” he held out his hand to Pietro who just grinned and shook his hand.

“Pietro Maximoff, superhero, I guess.”

“брат!” everyone turns to the door to see Wanda, grinning as widely as ever, a few tears trailing down her cheeks as she runs to Pietro who has already rushed her into a bone crushing hug, everyone slowly fans in; Pietro smiling at them but not ever letting go of his sister, in fear he won’t ever hug her again.

“Apparently, Stark already knew of this news, so he is staying down in his lair,” Natasha walked in, Vision trailing behind her along with Bruce and Bucky, you sat down at the breakfast bar watching as everyone greeted Pietro.

“Tony had told me but a part of me believed it wasn’t true,” Wanda sighed, pulling Pietro to Aaron, making a very confused Pietro slightly freaked out “this is Aaron, he plays you.”

“Yo, Stevie-baby,” Sam slaps Steve upside the head, Chris chuckles along with you, “wanna come along with me on a quick jog? Get away from the drama?”

“That sounds pretty great,” Steve sighs out, standing up and patting Chris on the shoulder “catch you all later, gonna go lap, Wilson.”

“For an old man, you sure got a cocky-ass mouth!” Sam grumbled following Steve out of the kitchen, leaving yourself and the others to chuckle at their bickering behaviour.

“I’ll catch my brother up to speed with everything” Wanda smiled gently, dragging Pietro from the kitchen, along with Aaron and Elizabeth following after them.


“Loki is played by a good friend of mine, Tom, Tom Hiddleston!” Chris explains to Thor who are both sat in the living room, watching something random on the TV, Paul Rudd and Chris Evans sat also but more focused on the television than the actual conversation happening.

“Is he anything like his character, my brother?” Thor asked, glancing at himself, it didn’t really shock Thor all that much; he knew about the different realms of the universe, of course, another him did kind of freaked him out but it wasn’t as odd as everyone made it seem.

“No, not at all,” Chris chuckled “Tom is an Englishmen, very well spoken, like Loki in that respect but their personalities are far more different and Tom is a very complex person; whilst he is very kind and gentle, he also has a very playful nature to him, making him some ways a lot like myself… he’s actual an adopted Hemsworth brother at this point.”

“This Tom sounds like a nice man, I’d very much like to meet him, sounds like he does the portrayal of my brother correct,” Thor grinned and Chris nodded in agreement “I’d like to know how much of Asgard they had gotten true, I assume they go by the books they have written on our laws, not much of that correct is either.”

“I think they got it as accurate as they could, the final piece is always amazing, it’s mostly green screens and I never see it till editing is over but I think we do Asgard justice.” Chris nods.

Thor begins to describe Asgard and it’s people, slowing bringing Paul and Chris Evans into the conversation, all asking questions about his home and what it’s like; questions Thor is only willing to answer, he never really gets to talk about it too much, other than the few times Darcy has asked and to have people who are from a different universe ask, it was very much entertaining.


“ON YOUR LEFT!” Steve raced passed Sam for the sixth time, well to Steve he had run six times around the National Mall, for Sam, it was the third lap and he was only slightly getting more pissed off with his best friend.

Grumbling to under his breath as he watches Steve running in the distance, that was Steve’s jogging pace, or so he tells Sam but today everything was going to change. All those times Steve had poked fun, mocked and yelled that stupid line was about to come crashing down, Steve had no idea about the plan Sam was plotting and now that he had another him… well, it seemed like the perfect chance.

As he jogged, he pulled out his phone, sending the text and waited. Steve had no idea he has been jogging with Anthony, not Sam, like (Y/N) he was clueless on who is who, only making the plan work a lot sweeter than Sam expected.

A whooshing sound came from above, Anthony glanced up to see Sam fly above him, a look of determination coming across his face and he sped up to Steve. Steve frowned when he heard a familiar, yet strange noise; he glanced up and over his shoulder seeing Sam, Falcon using his wings.

“ON YOUR ABOVE, OLD MAN” Sam yelled, flying over Steve, making Steve laugh but slow to a final stop; resting hands on his hips, breathing heavily as Sam landed a few feet away, a proud and amused smirk settling across his best friend’s face.

“Very funny, Sam, you got Anthony to trick me?” he asked slightly baffled by his friend, who simply shrugged, high-fiving Anthony once he met up with them.

“I just decided to give you a taste of your own medicine and I feel prett-ay good about it” Sam smugly grinned, nudging Steve who crossed his arms in defeat, “that will teach you to think twice about messin’ with me.”

“Okay, okay,” Steve raised his hands in defeat, his own smirk settling in “but, I still beat you on foot.” He sped off, causing Sam to yell after him and Anthony to laugh at them both.


“Are you bringing a date to the wedding?” Chris asked Sebastian, who had now joined him in the kitchen looking for food.

It’s silent for a few moments as Sebastian plans his words, he hadn’t really thought of finding anyone to go with him, he wasn’t exactly seeing anyone exclusively or at all and he didn’t want to show up with some random girl; it was a special occasion between family and friends.

“No, I don’t think so,” Seb shrugged at his best friend, who nodded lightly, a thick silence settling between them both. Sebastian had always suspected Chris knew or had an inkling, he just never wanted to ask or state it, maybe cause he didn’t want to admit he may be the reason for Sebs single life or out of respect for Sebastian not having to admit he was in love with his best friends fiancée; whatever it was, he was grateful for it.

“Well, maybe you should,” the tone of Evans’ voice hung in the air, both locking eyes with each other and a small hint of a smile came upon Chris’s face, “wouldn’t want you leaving with the maid of honour.” He joked light-heartedly.

“Hey, boyo’s” you yelled entering the kitchen once more, mugs in both hands, you had been sitting down in the lab with; Tony, Vision, Bruce and Bucky watching them work on fixing the portal.

“Hey, (Y/N),” they both say at the same time chuckling at one another.

“What you two talkin’ about? Anything interesting?” you placed the mugs into the sink and then lent your elbows beside where Chris stood making a sandwich, glancing at Seb and then to Chris.

“Discussing wedding stuff for Chris and his fiancée” Sebastian spoke without really thinking, widening eyes and looking at Chris who just sighed and looked down at you, you had raised eyebrows in question.

“You’re getting married and I only find out now?” you asked astonished by this revelation, Chris sighed and nodded gently, “Well, who is she?”

“Uhh-well, about that, she’s kind of… well, to put it clearly, she’s uh, hmmm-“Chris shrugged “she’s the alternate you!” he came out right with it, after stumbling over his own words.

It took you a few seconds to fully register what he had said to you, glancing at Sebastian who just nodded with a small smile; you widened your eyes slightly but smiled. You never thought you’d, well alternate you would be marrying alternate Steve but in some ways you could understand.

“Oh. My. God” you mutter “that’s… wonderful congratulations and to me, I guess.” You laughed.

“I know it’s strange, it just sort of happened, can’t really explain it” Chris sighed, going back to making his sandwich, you shrugged and grinned.

“I get it, I am so happy, that’s so sweet” he chuckled and nodded “I bet the wedding is going to be magical… OH MY GOD! We gotta get you back, I must be freaking out, planning a whole wedding whilst you are god knows where!?” you yell slightly, both men raise their eyebrows at you, chuckling slightly.

“Actually, you told me to stay out of the planning just to show up on the day.” Chris smiled.

“That does sound very much like something I’d say” you mutter, Sebastian laughed loudly at that comment, only nodding in agreement with you.

“Although, I do have a few ideas if you wanted to hear them and make sure they are good or not?” Chris asked a small shrug of his broad shoulders, you nodded with a smile.

“I’ll leave you both to it” Sebastian sighed, getting up and out off of the stool, you waved slightly at Seb who did the same and left the kitchen to find Bucky; set on making Bucky tell his feelings to you soon, he didn’t want the alternate him missing out on the chance to plan a wedding with you.  

“Whatever it is, it better not involve a horse and carriage” you sternly warn, Chris widens his eyes and sighs.

“Forgot you hate cliches” you both chuckle at that with one another.

(Please, tell me what you think. I work really hard on these parts and I would very much like to hear what you think of them, also you want to be tagged, let me know. Thank you for the suppport. - Rosalee)

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BTS maknae line reaction to seeing their s/o prank the hyungs

BTS Maknae Line Reaction To Their S/O Pranking The Hyungs


“Jagiya you shouldn’t prank suga-hyung that’s so bad” he’d try to sound serious, but would fail because he couldn’t help but laugh when you tickled suga’s hand and whip cream ended up on his face. He’d find it very funny and very cute that you would still play pranks on people .


“Ah jagiya you should let me join you next time” he’d pout for a second, until he looked over at rap monster face seeing all the little doodles you did on his face which would make him burst out in fits of giggles. Tae and you would be the ultimate prank couple all pranks in the dorms would start with the two of you, it would be very cute ^.^


“Jagiya what are you doing with jin-hyungs caramel apples?” he’d ask, you’d pause speaking slowly “replacing them with these caramel covered onions it’s a prank” you’d say worried he’d tell “jagiya you gotta do it like this” he would help you with the prank, but wouldn’t be able to stop smiling/laughing, he found it cute and liked that you loved to play pranks just like him.

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GOM + kagami reacting to falling on top of their crush in an empty hallway, like in one of those cheesy romance movies. Thanks! :D

Kuroko: Is a little nervous and embarrassed and apologizes quickly. He’s not normally clumsy, but perhaps he was a little too busy looking in your eyes instead of watching where he was going. You were a little too embarrassed when you heard that to be upset.

Kise: Oh this was totally on purpose, you knew it, just from the way he never let your back hit the floor. He didn’t even try to hide his intentions as he grinned, nose inches away from your face. And then he just got up and offered his hand with a sneaky grin on his face.

“Very funny,” you said, accepting it and standing back up again.

“I’ll buy you a drink as an apology, if you agree, of course.”

“Make it a meal and a drink and I’ll consider it. Maybe.”

“And if I add ice-cream to that?”

You just stared at him for a few moments, and then giggled. “We’ll see.”

Aomine: He saw the trick worked for Kise so he tried the same thing. It went well, until the point where he fell right on top of you and practically kicked all the air out of your lungs. Unfortunately, he looked way too satisfied to begin with so it earned him a punch in the jaw. He did manage to talk you into buying you a drink though. As long as he swore to never ever do something like that again.

Midorima: He never would have been clumsy enough for it to be an accident nor sneaky enough to do it on purpose. So when Takao made it his personal duty to push him on you, it was really, really hard to be mad. Especially with the bright red blush he had on his face as he profusely apologized. 

Murasakibara: The thing was… When Murasakibara tripped, everybody knew it. You were the one who knew it best, though, because there might have been one time he told you he’d crush you, but you’d never quite taken it literally. Until now. So when he lifted off of you with no care in the world and said, “Looks like ___-chin isn’t as squishy as I feared,” the only thing you could do was stare. “Thanks… I guess.”

Akashi: Akashi Seijuro did not trip. He did not stumble. He did not miss his step. And certainly not in front of you. So when in a momentary loss of balance while climbing up the stairs, which you didn’t know how it happened, you noticed his hand wrap around your waist, you were a little worried. Or rather, a lot. Maybe you got dizzy and never noticed? Well, that would be bad. But then you saw his other hand firmly holding onto the handrail, trying to pull back both of you, and all you could do was look at him with the blandest possible expression.

“Smooth, Akashi-kun. Very smooth.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” he replied, pulling you up firmly and helping you catch your balance again.

“Well, thanks, I suppose. For getting me out of a mess you pushed me into in the first place.”

The look he gave you made it clear he was far too amused to be upset. “You’re very welcome, _____-san.” Then he walked off as if nothing ever happened at all.

Kagami: He was hardly the clumsy type, but around you, that was all he ever seemed to be. So when he accidentally fell over you, he was so shaken up and nervous that he really only stopped flinching around you when smacked him on the shoulder and told him you’re now even. Even after that, it was hard for him to look in your eyes. 

Minicat. 2464 words.

Prompt: Person B knowing they’re undoubtedly about to die within the next few seconds, likely from the gaping wound they’re bleeding out from. Instead of calling for help, they phone Person A and carry on a casual conversation as if nothing is wrong, making sure to mention how much they love them before their time runs out.

A/N: Much love to seargentbutternipples for babysitting me back when I started writing this fic a few weeks ago. Sorry it took so long to finish bb <3 

With an audible groan, Tyler dropped to the ground behind a nearby crate, hissing as a sharp pain shot through his abdomen as he agitated his bullet wounds. He slowly sat up against the crate, careful not to hurt himself any further, hand pressed against his injuries in a feeble attempt to stop the bleeding. He took slow deep breaths as if that would somehow lessen the pain or prolong his dwindling life, but he knew his efforts were useless.

There was no surviving this. Tyler knew next to nothing about first aid, but knew there was not a thing he could do to save himself. He could try his best to stop or even slow down the bleeding long enough for the rest of the guys to come and find him, but even if they did manage to get to him on time, there wasn’t anything they could do. Three bullets were lodged somewhere in his stomach and knowing his luck, at least one had probably clipped a vital organ, and there wasn’t a single member of their gang that was qualified enough to safely remove them. They could maybe manage one bullet wound, but definitely not three.

He was fucked. He was well and truly fucked, and there was nothing he could do about it. The Grim Reaper was coming for him, and all he could do was sit back and wait.

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This. This is hilarious.


ME AND MY BESTIE LIZZIE LITTERALLY TOOK TURNS WITH EVERY FEW SENTENCES SO GIVE AS MUCH FEEDBACK AS POSSIBLE! (It would be greatly appreciated) her tumblr btw is >>> ( Elizabethdallasyass2.tumblr.com ) As the sun came in through the window that was in yours and Jacks bedroom, yoi turned to jack to see if he was awake yet. When yoi turned over, you were met with the beautiful, sleeping face, that you called your boyfriend. “Jack, are you awake?” You asked while running your fingers through his morning hair. “I am now” he groaned before turning over, looking you in the face. “Sorry, I’m bored” you said with a sly grin on your face. He sighed while smirking. “So you just had to wake me up didn’t you?” He questioned, peaking one eye at you as the other was hidden from the pillow. “I’m sorry babe. But you know we still need to do some last minute Christmas shopping.” You replied, still playing with his hair. He groaned and said “Ok. Where did you wanna go?” “I was thinking we could go to the mall and just look for some stuff for the boys. If we don’t do it today, it’ll never get done.” “Alright babe. Whatever you say.” He told you with a smile on his face. “Now get dressed! They are suppose to be over for dinner tonight so we should get going soon!” You said already jumping up, putting your house slippers on. “Babe look!” Jack said while you slid on your skinny jeans. “What?” You said quickly running over towards him. You looked out the window he was looking out. “Its snowing!” He said with a child-like tone in his voice. “No way! This is so cool Jack! But this is not gonna keep us from shopping if that’s what you want” you said the last part sternly looking him in his eyes. “Ok, ok! We’ll still go y/n if that’s what you want. But dress warm, ok?” He told you as he pecked your cheek. “Of course Jack! How about you wear your beanie, ya know the red one? That’ll look good on you.” You suggested as you werr putting on your Christmas sweater. “I was actually thinking about wearing that one” he said with a grin. “Good” you mumbled before sliding your boots up your legs. “You ready? ” he asked. You nodded before following him out the door to the car. “Its freezing” he mumbled as he just the drivers side door while you slid into the passengers seat. “It’s so cold! Can you turn up the heat please?” You asked as you both got settled. Jack obliged to your command and turned up the heat. He also put on your favorite radio station, ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift blasted through the speakers. As jack drove to the mall, you sang along to all the songs on the radio. In your own little world, you barely heard the constant chuckle coming from Jack. “What’s so funny?” You asked him. “You’re so adorable.” He said taking his eyes off of the road for a second. You blushed slightly leaning back into your seat. You looked over towards Jack as he sang softly to the song, his head bobbing every once in a while. “Stop looking at me its creepy” he jokingly said while continuing to look forward. “I can’t help it. You just look so good in that beanie.” You told him, not once taking your eyes off of him. Jack just smirked, turning the radio back on. As he was looking for a place to park, you snatched his beanie from his head and put it on yours. “Y/n! Give it back!” He pouted. You just giggled looking at his now crazed hair. “Y/n come on my hair is like everywhere now!” He said. He kept a small grin on his face to let you know he wasn’t being serious so you just opened the door right after he parked, making sure you were a good distance away from him. Running between cars and dodging other people, you tried to hide from jack. Thinking you were safe, you got up from your hiding place and started walking into the mall. All of a sudden you got picked up and spun around, but you weren’t scared cause you knew it was just Jack. “Jack!!” You screeched “Put me down!” “Not until you give me back my hat!” “Fine!” He set you down so you could take off the beanie. But when you saw his hair it was hard not to laugh at all of the snow in his crazy hair. “Oh you think this is funny?” He questioned pointing at his hair. Your eyes widened as he reached out at you, tickling your sides. You couldn’t breath you were laughing so hard until a car honked at you. You both jumped slightly realizing you we’re standing in the middle of the road. “Oops” Jack said with a grin before grabbing your hand and quickly walking into the mall. “Thanks for this” he said snatching the beanie off of your head before setting it on his. You huffed heavily, blowing the fallen hair out of your face. “Alright, let’s get started!” You said excitedly clapping your hands together. “Ok, I know jack said he wanted a few sweaters and some vans, so… I guess we can go check out the sweaters first.” Jack told you while you both walked hand in hand into a small men’s apparel shop. “How about this one? It’s Aztec print, I know he likes that kind of stuff.” You said while holding up the sweater for jack to see. “Eh, I guess that’ll work” he said giving you a slight nod of assurance. You just tossed it over your arm before looking through the rack of sweaters again. “While we are looking, what do you think the other guys want?” You asked, glancing up at Jack. “Um, I wrote it all down on here…” He said as he looked through the notes on his phone. “Ok, let’s see here. Nash wants a new hoodie. Cam wants some t-shirts. Sammy wants vans. Taylor wants bandannas, and finally Shawn wants a phone case.” Most of the boys lived where you and jack did, but a few if them were visiting family for the holidays. You groaned at the thought of how much money you two would spend on all of this, but looking at Gilinsky made all of that go away. As you both were browsing the store, you snuck up behind jack and once again, took his beanie. “Dammit (y/n)!” Jack groaned playfully. You quickly ran and hid under one of the cloth racks. “(Y/n) I will take you to taco bell if you give me my beanie back” jack whispered, looking around for you. You kept your hand on over your mouth trying your hardest not to make a sound. Trying to see how far he’ll go, you said “I want 20 dollars and Starbucks.” “How about 10 dollars, Starbucks, and a kiss?” He asked you. It did sound intriguing, but you didn’t give in. “Not acceptable.” You told him, still hiding. “Ok, ok. 10 dollars, Starbucks, a kiss, and we can go shopping for more beanies for you to steal from me.” Jack said with a smirk on his face. You poked your hand out of the clothing, knowing he was close enough to see. “Deal” you said. You felt his hand grip onto yours tightly before he pulled you out of the rack. “Now, the beanie” he said with a smirk. “Fine” you mumbled handing it to him. “You grabbed his hand before tugging him to a table that had beanies laid across of it. "Alright. Pick a few out Y/N, any you would like ok? I need to finish getting the boys their stuff. Love you babe!” Jack said then gave yoi a kiss on your lips. You ooked around on the table at the different types of beanies. There were red, blue, black, silver, “SWAG”, “#HASHTAG”, and Christmas ones. You grabbed the SWAG one and a few different Colored ones. You also grabbed one for yourself. “Jack I got them” you said walking up behind him. “Those are nice. I like them” he said observing the new beanies you had picked out. “Yeah but that ones still my favorite” you said before grabbing the red beanie off of his head. All Jack could do was laugh while shaking his head. “Ya know what Y/N? Just have it! Looks better on you anyways babe.” He told you as he continued to smile. All you could do was laugh along with him as you walked to the check out line. “So did you get everything for the boys Jack?” “Yeah.” You put everything up on the counter and waited for everything to ring up so you could find out the total. “Ok guys! That’s 85.60.” “That’s not too bad…” He mumbled as he looked through his wallet to get his card. “Here you go Ma’m” You linked your arm in Jack’s as he watched the lady behind the counter Swype the card before handing it back to him. “You guys have a nice night!” She said smiling at you. “You too” Jack said before you both made your way to the car. “Has anyone ever told you that you are truly an amazing person?” You gleamed. “Yeah. My side chick tells me that everyday!” Jack said with a smirk plastered on his face. “Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny Jack.” You said looking at him sternly. “Come on babe, you know I’m kidding! I love you, do you still love me?” He pouted. “Well I don’t know about that Gilinsky. I mean, you still owe me 10$, Starbucks, and a kiss.” You told Jack with sass laced in your voice. “Oh about that, I was lying” he said with a smirk. Your jaw dropped as you slapped his shoulder slightly, squinting your eyes at him. “I’m joking I’m joking!"he said while chuckling. "Here is the ten” he said pulling a 10 dollar bill out of his waller. You took it while squinting your eyes at him. “Ok, let’s go to Starbucks!” At Starbucks… “Y/N, what do you want?” Jack asked as you both waited in line at Starbucks “Can you get me a {ENTER DRINK} please?” “Of course baby! How about you go sit down and I’ll bring it to you.” You went to go sit down and waited for Jack to bring your drink. “Here you go sweetie” Jack said as he gave you your drink. “Thank you Jack!” You said with a smile “ but you do know you still owe me a kiss?” You asked him questionable, raising an eyebrow. Jack leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was sweet and slow and you never wanted it to end. His hand traveled up your body to your check then suddenly, he took the beanie. “Your such an ass Gilinsky.”
Get Used to This

Prompt: What if the 12x07 cuddle scene had gone a bit differently?

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine except for the ungodly amount of fluff, we all know Shonda’s not that nice.

After the drama with Torres and Penny, all Amelia Shepherd wanted was a big burly man. Luckily, she knew exactly where to find one. She walked down the hall, eventually slowing to a stop in front of their on-call room. Their on-call room. Technically it wasn’t theirs, but it was the perfect halfway point between her office and the ER, and the amount of time they spent in it should count for some sort of ownership. There was a secret law among the staff that when Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Hunt were both at the hospital, that room was to stay clear and nobody was to say anything about it.

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Knock Knock

Michael’s POV:

“Have you guys heard from y/n?” Ashton’s voice rings out over the tv that’s blaring in front of us. I shake my head no, watching as Calum and Luke do as well.

“I thought she was at that party,” Luke sits curled in a blanket on the couch cushion next to me, legs up by his chest, intensely watching the show. Ash is using his legs as a backrest, scrolling through twitter.

“Probably,” Calum gets up, heading to the kitchen. I wiggle around, trying to get comfortable.

I go to text y/n; it was odd that she hadn’t text any of us since the party started. She’s our best friend and is usually constantly sending us shitty jokes and asking us to bring her coffee.

As I pull up her contact, there’s an odd knock on the door. It’s staggered, no rhythm and it’s constant.

“I’ll get it,” I offer, abandoning the TV and heading to the door.

When I swing it open, I’m met with a sharp knock on my forehead.

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Road Trip Convo's (N.M & J.G preference)

| Requested by anon: Please, could you do something cute with Nate? And another one with Gilinsky? Thank you cutie ❤️❤️❤️

(I thought it would be a little smarter to do like a a little preference ☺️)


“All my bitches got real hair chillin’ with top down like aaaayoooo!” Nate and I sung out loud.

“That pussy’s my lobby.” Nate turned his face to me and winked.

“Very funny, Maloley.”

“What? Do you want someone else’s pussy to be the lobby?” He teased.

This was going to be a long ride.

“You’re disgusting!” I yelled, making sure he heard me.

“You love it!” He smiled, making his dimples show. Nate turned down the volume. “So, I have a question.”

“And that question is?”

“Porsche or BMW?”

“Porsche! What the hell is that question? It shouldn’t even be a damn question, you stupid.” I was obsessed with cars I could never afford.

“Really? But a BMW is fucking rad, babe.”

“Oh, then you haven’t seen a damn Porsche, Nathan.”

“BMW over expensive ass cars, baby girl.”

“So a BMW isn’t expensive?” I asked widening my eyes.

“Well, the price is acceptable, the price of a Porsche is even worse. If I want to buy you a nice car in the future, it should be realistic!”

“Wait what?”

“Nothing.” He quickly covered up.

“You are not going to buy me a fucking car! Never!”

“What? Trying to be a sweet boyfriend!” He chuckled.

“I don’t fucking care! You are not buying me an expensive car!” I said while playfully slapping him.

“Alright, alright.” He gave in while smiling. “What about a Lexus?” He softly mumbled. I shook my head.


“I see nobody, nobody but you-ou-ouuu.” Jack slurred while driving. “So I loooove when you call unexpected!” He tried hard to hit the high note, but his voice cracked. I giggled a little as he glared at me. “Hey, hey! No laughing here!”

“Puberty much? Little 18 year old.” I teased him. I was 19 and I loved to tease Jack with his age.

“Don’t even go there, (Y/N).” He shook his head.

“Make me.” I teased a little more.

“I will, when we get to the hotel.” He placed his hand on my thigh and circled with his thumb.

I slapped his hands away. “Yeah, like you said, in the hotel.”

I hate to admit it, but Jack made me horny very easily. And he knew it. “Alright, let’s play a game.” I nodded in acceptance. “Would You Rather, horny edition.” I started laughing and threw my head back. “I start. Would you rather have me eat you out or fuck you?”

“I can’t do this.” I said while laughing even harder. Jack and I got comfortable with each other really fast, so sex wasn’t a subject we were both ashamed of. “Both, though.”

After a while of ridiculous questions he intertwined our hands. “I love you.” He randomly said.

“I love you too, you horny little shit.” He smirked at me and kissed my hand.

| Let me know if you guys would like me to do more imagines like this! :)

MAGcon Preference #1

Mornings Part 1

Cameron: A sweet aroma filled your nose as you slowly got up and sat up straight in your bed. “Goodmor-” you cut yourself of when you realised that you were laying alone in your bed. You got out of bed and went downstairs. The house seemed completely empty. “Cam?” you called. “I’m in the kitchen.” You walked in the kitchen and were immediately greeted by the wonderful aroma of pancakes and fresh coffee filled your nose. “Wow” you gasped as you noticed the homemade buffet he had just set up. “Good Morning, beautiful.” he said as he walked passed you and gave you a quick peck on the lips. You just stood there in awe thinking to yourself how you ended up with such a perfect boyfriend. “Are you going to join me?” “Oh, yeah. Sorry.” You sat down and had breakfast right after the two of you said grace.

Matt: 11:48 AM, you read on the clock and let out a sigh. You turned the TV off and went back upstairs to wake Matt up. “Matt” You yelled. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” you whispered to yourself. You sat down on the bed next to him and shouted his name one last time to see if he would wake up. He jumped up in surprise and almost fell off the bed. You started laughing uncontrollably. When you finally caught your breath you noticed that he was staring at you with a straight face. “You done?” he asked and you nodded. “Why did you do that!” he shouted and made strange hand gestures and a silly face. “Because you were being an asshole.” “I was being an asshole!?!? You just scared me half to death.” You both started laughing at his sudden lash out. “You promised me that we would have breakfast at ihop.” you said as you pouted. “Okay, let me get ready and we’ll go.” “What? Matt, it’s too late for breakfast now.” “It’s never too late for breakfast.”

Shawn: You were awoken by a soft tune. You opened your eyes slowly and saw Shawn playing his guitar on the patio. You walked outside and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. He smiled and continued playing like it was the most simplest thing in the world. You sat down in front of him with your chin in your hands as you watched him play. “She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear.” He sang softly. You were singing along with him in your head when you realised that you were currently in only a large T-shirt and you got his joke and you could see the smirk on his face. “Oh haha very funny, Shawn” you couldn’t help but laugh along with him. “They’re not American Apparel either, smartass.” You yelled behind you as you walked away, still laughing.

Aaron: “Y/N. Y/N, Y/N.” Aaron said repeatedly while poking your sides. “What, Aaron. It’s early.” “No it’s not, you’re just being lazy.” “Ugh” you said as you pulled the covers over your face and tried to get back to sleep. You felt the weight on the bed get lighter and heard footsteps. After a while you heard footsteps again, you poked the top of your head from under the cover and saw Aaron with a bucket of ice cream in front of him. “Are you serious? You know that’s not healthy right?” He continued eating the ice cream while watching TV with a blank expression on his face. “Did you bring me a spoon?” “Here you go.” he said as he handed you the spoon. You scooted closer to him and laid your head on his shoulder while the two of you enjoyed your ice cream and the movie.

Sammy: You were tossing and turning unable to fall asleep. You grabbed your phone to check the time. 4:13 AM. You let out a tired sigh. “What’s wrong?” “I can’t sleep.” “Why not?” “If I knew why I wouldn’t be awake right now.” “I can help you.” Before you could react to what he said you found his lips on the crook of your neck leaving a trail of wet kisses. A soft moan escaped your mouth. His lips traveled from your neck to your breasts and to your lips. As the kiss got heated you found yourself sitting on his lap and he was taking off what little clothes you had on. The room was filled with grunts and moans. You let out a loud moan as you both climaxed. You layed on top of him as you both panted heavily. “Sam, I don’t think that helped.” “What do you mean?” “I mean that now I’m even more awake than I was before.” “Does that mean that you’re ready for round two?” jfc Dear Lord forgive me for i have sinned.

Wishes Old and New

Summary: They aren’t the best with people yet somehow they find each other. Katniss has never stayed at a school long enough to  make friends. Then Peeta happens. He’s all blue eyes, blushing cheeks, and braces and he makes her laugh. Until the day he makes something else twist inside of her entirely. But what could have been is bitter and no matter the wishes made on stars real life tears them apart. Ten years later Katniss  keeps seeing a face that brings her to her knees. A little lust, a little lie, maybe even a little luck and who knows…maybe wishes just take ten years to come true.

Rated : M For some sex and language kids.

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Bucky Barnes - We’re in Trouble

Request: Can you write a Bucky imagine where the reader is either Nat or clint’s sister and they catch her kissing/making out with Bucky? Thanks!

Warnings: Swearing, anger, fluff, light smut

A/N: Keep the requests coming! and if you want a part 2 tell me please!

For the past two years you had worked for the avengers being their personal nurse and being the little sister to the one and only, Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton, well let’s just say it’s not the easiest thing considering that he was way too overprotective of you when it came to you having dates or boyfriends.

For the past seven months you and the metal armed soldier had been together in a relationship, secret relationship anyways, no one knew about the two of you and it was amazing that you managed to keep it a secret for that long.

- 7 months ago -

“Hey Y/N  can you come here for a second” you hear from behind you, turning around you realise that it’s Bucky

“Sure, you didn’t get into a fight again did you?” you reply as worry set in, knowing that this soldier tends to get into fights quite frequently

“No, no nothing like that…yet” he says with a smirk on his face

“Oh ha ha, very funny” you give him a sarcastic look as you walk towards him and into the other room

“So what did you need?” you turn to him

“Well i wanted to thank you, for everything you do.. you know since you’re the one patching us up and i would really like to take you out sometime, if you’d like?” he looks into your eyes, with hope in his.

“You know what, i’d like that very much” you smile as bucky embraces you holding onto your waist with your arms around his neck

“Just don’t tell Clint, you know how crazy he gets with this kind of stuff” you whisper in his ear

“I’ll deal with that” Bucky says with a smile across his face

- Present Day -

You and Bucky were in the avengers tower in the home theatre where you decided that you needed to show him the Lion King, after the film you started to talk about how Clint was starting to pull practical jokes on everyone in the tower and that lend to you standing up and start asking the question you hated asking Bucky because you never knew what his answer would be this time.

“So when are we going to tell people about us?” you ask with your arms crossed, you’ve always hated keeping things from your brother, you’re even more scared about telling others because you’re scared that they may judge why you’re with him

“Soon, i promise” he replied while grabbing your hands and pulled you down so you end up straddling him

“You’ve already said that Buck” you whine

“I know, i know but you have to admit that Clint is scary when he goes all overprotective brother on you.” he says as he takes your hands and intertwines them.

“I know but it’ll be better than him catching us or someone else telling him” you mumble as you move in for a kiss

As soon as your lips pressed together you pressed your hands fell against the soldier’s chest with his hands moving towards your back pulling you even closer to his body. As the kiss gets more heated Bucky moves from your lips to your neck, making you feel weak and feel like you’re on cloud nine

“Mmm, buck maybe we should stop” you try to reason with

“Why? - Tell - me - that you - don’t - want - this” Bucky whispers against your neck placing kisses after every word.

Throwing you head back in pleasure as he bites on your sweet spot, you try to form a sentence but you end up letting out a moan making Bucky smirk against your skin. This boosts your confidence so you cup his face and smash your lips with his and ripping his button down shirt open revealing his chest which ended up resulting in bucky gasping out of pleasure which you did on purpose knowing that he loves it when you take control.

“Hey Y/N- OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK?!” you push yourself from Bucky’s chest knowing that voice anywhere making you land on the floor.

“O-oh hey Clint, how’s it going?” you reply from the ground kicking yourself mentally

“Oh don’t you dare, what the HELL was going on? Care to explain SOLDIER?” Clint barks at Bucky, who you were pretty sure was about to pass out

“Uh-um well, there’s something you should know” he manages to get out with a terrified look on his face, but then again Clint was basically turning into the Hulk. Thank god he wasn’t the Hulk.

“Oh, really? Something i should know? LIKE YOU HAVING YOUR TONGUE DOWN MY LITTLE SISTER’S THROAT WITH YOUR SHIRT RIPPED OPEN!” he screams at the terrified man

“No no it’s nothing like that-”

“Would you care to explain?” he interrupts bucky and turns to you

“Ok Clint, maybe you should calm down?” standing up during the process and walking towards your brother

“NO! HELL NO! MY LITTLE SISTER WAS KISSING A KILLING MACHINE! A MONSTER! HOW CAN I CALM DOWN?” he yells in your face. The remark about Bucky being a killing machine and a monster made you snap, he didn’t get to say that about him.


As you regained your breath back you look back to Bucky seeing a shocked expression on his face and look back at Clint who looks disappointed in himself making you feel like shit.

“Clint, i’m sorry i didn’t mean to yell-”

“No it’s ok, you’re right” as soon as those words slip through his mouth it left you in complete shock

“You’re right, he has trusted me and i’ve trusted him. I just- when i saw you two, i-i guess i forget that you’re bound to meet someone that makes you happy and knowing his past i guess i freaked out. I’m sorry Bucky”  

“It’s okay, it’s not like i don’t know what i did, i’m sorry we didn’t tell you sooner” Bucky stands up to place a hand on his shoulder to comfort him

“As long as you don’t hurt her, you’ll be fine” Clint says jokingly but with a real threat behind it

As you let out a sigh of relief, you slump back onto the couch and close your eyes

“So … how long has this been going on?”

“7 months” you hear Bucky say without even thinking

You quickly open your eyes knowing this isn’t going to end well

“7 MONTHS?!!!!!”

Well so much for the unbothered Clint in this situation.