Haechan having a short s/o

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Request: Can you please do a like a donghyuck version of the dating a short s/o CAUSE THE OTHERS WERE SO CUTE AND I LOVE THIS BLOG AND ALL ITS ADMINS XXX

A/N: i hope u enjoy this<333

  • haha
  • good luck
  • no rlly good luck w being short while dating hae
  • he’s gonna use your shortness against u
  • forever
  • trying to reach something from the highest shelf??
  • rip he’s going to put it a shelve higher
  • and he’d just laugh as your eyes widen when u see what he just did
  • “i h8″
  • and he’s only gonna give the thing he wants if u give him a kiss
  • when u kiss him he’s gonna be all like
  • “oh wow didn’t kno u love me that much”
  • and he’s gonna give u the thing u wanted
  • not before stealing a quick kiss tho
  • “what no i didn’t kiss u lol wys”-hae
  • back hugs
  • he loves giving you back hugs
  • especially when he’s tired!!
  • he’d nuzzle his face into your neck
  • and your hair would cover his face
  • ur like a teddy bear to him tbh
  • he also loves it when u give him backhugs tho!!!
  • he loves how your arms are so smol that u can barely wrap them around him
  • ok but
  • sometimes he’d suddenly give u piggy back rides when u give him back hugs
  • and you’d fucking scream bcs
  • and he’d just laugh and continue running around
  • the fact that he has to lean down to kiss u
  • is so funny to him???
  • like??
  • ‘how can a person be so smol’
  • which is why he always laughs before he kisses you
  • cutie
  • he’d have you saved as ‘smol idiot’ in his contacts
  • don’t forget the hearts
  • in other words!!!
  • he’d be a cute but sometimes !!! bf about your height
  • it’s another part of u that he loves w his whole heart
  • but shhh don’t tell him u know now
  • <3

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ML christmas post reveal
  • Chat noir: Merry Christmas, My lady. (Pulls out mistletoe and holds it over his head)
  • Ladybug: (looks at him and smirks. She snatches the mistletoe out of his hands and throws it off the roof)
  • Chat noir: Oh... I guess you don't....
  • Ladybug: (Grabs his face, and kisses him hard, that chat noir does the leg lift.)
  • Chat noir: (Is released from kiss) I-I-I
  • Ladybug: You don't need a mistletoe to kiss me silly kitty, just ask. (Heads off to building, as Chat melts like a puddle)

some hearthstone and blitzen headcanons:

  • hearthstone doesnt like it when blitz grows out his beard a lot because its really scratchy
  • hearths parents never approved of them being together
  • blitzen was the one who made the first move
  • even tho blitz made the first move, hearth is the first one that “said” i love you 
  • blitzen gave hearth his scarf very soon after he saved his life and thats why the elf treasures it so much
  • hearth is the only one that can bake so blitz always relies on him when he wants something sweet
  • hearth used to be (and still kinda is) super embarassed of pda and once when blitz kissed his cheek in public he hid his face in his scarf for like ten minutes

Your first kiss with Matty Healy would include:


- Him being really smug after he kisses u 

- “You’re good at that, I think I love you.”


- His arms being completely around your neck because he waNTS YOU CLOSE TO HIM AH

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Can i get some angsty akashi, aakashi(hq), aomine, kise and nijimura please? Sorry it's so vague, maybe something like they think s/o is cheating or s/o thinks the guys are cheating but with a happy ending with them all realising it was just a mistake?

I don’t do Haikyuu!! tho… and since there are four characters, I’ll give two paragraphs for each and different prompts too :) and I might’ve…made it…angstier…than intended…im sorry

AKASHI: He held onto your hand, kissing the back of it and smiling down at you. “It’ll be okay, I promise you.” His gaze dropped to his own hand, seeing the tremble of his fingers. Fuck. He closed his eyes, praying to God for strength. It was as if this scene was straight out of his memory, a deja vu he never wanted to face. Only this time, his mother’s body was replaced with yours. Weak and fragile. Gone was the woman who lived and breathed energy. In her place laid a woman who could barely twitch her finger, who couldn’t even smile at him.

“I’ll be here for you. Always. I promise you.” Despite the near to nothing chance of your survival, Akashi held on to hope. He held on to hope because he believed in you. He held on to hope because he had faith that you would get better. He held on to hope because he had nothing else.

AOMINE: You were both children at the time. Young and wild. Young and fragile. It was as if you two were untouchable, merely two creatures shielded from the outside world. He was happy and so were you. He’d never felt a love that bloomed so fast and too uncontrolled. Untamed and free. A love that bloomed much too fast and too savage. Maybe heaven envied the love you both shared. So they swept you away into the wind.

Now he stood by the shore, cursing the three years since your voice last echoed into the oceans. The waves tickled his feet before slipping away. You were always like the water. You came rushing fast into his life, washed him over with your love and dedication, before you slid away from him once more, carried by the winds of time. But now he had faith in love and perhaps the unknown. He had faith that the unknown could be beautiful and magical. But he also had faith that the unknown could take away what was once beautiful and magical. – inspired by Annabel Lee by Edgar Ellen Poe

KISE: Never have lived in a daydream world. You knew that love could be painful and agonizing at times but could also be beautiful when fate was on your side. And for a while it was. Kise was wonderful, everything you ever expected, desired and longed for within a man. And you were lucky — oh so lucky — to have met him.

Then the accident happened. The accident that took him away from you. You stood from afar, wondering how fast things could change, wondering how time could erase the bitterness before letting it crash back into you. He had forgotten everything with the accident. His proposal. His anniversary dates. His love for you. And then he met someone else and fell in love. And you couldn’t do anything but watch because he was no longer the man you knew because he had moved on. And you knew you had to too. You just didn’t know how long it would take to remove him completely from your life. And you wish you did.

NIJIMURA: Nijimura smiled at you when he came in. “Oh, you’re back.” Your sweet voice rang in his ears. He approached you and peeked over your shoulder to see a boxed meal. “Didn’t have time to cook today,” you said apologetically. He shook his head, reassuring you that it was okay. He ate dinner quietly, smiling and talking about his day.

When he slipped under the covers that night, he waited and waited for you. And waited. And waited. And he remembered the day you left him. And he had done the same. He had waited. And waited. And how he sat there, oblivious to the fact that you were gone. And you were still gone. His breath caught in his throat. You were gone. You were gone. He buried his face in his hands and wept. Because he couldn’t do anything more.

Can we think about myrtle beach lore tho. I feel like everything just fell together for them that night. Like can you imagine the look of realization on Brendon’s face, standing with the water up to his and Ryan’s chest, looking up at Ryan before Ryan leaned down to kiss him. Like??? Especially with the moon shining down on the water and then separating themselves from all the others, and you know Ryan would want the first time to be romantic af

blurb: skincare with dan and phil

okay so with DAN you’d be in their huge bathroom and you’d have opened your toiletries bag onto the counter and there’s like thirty different tubes and bottles and this asshole just dives for the pore strips bc it’s the only thing he recognizes so you use them and he yells when you pull his off and then he’s like “okay make my face smooth as a baby’s butt i literally want my face to feel like a child’s bare ass” and ur like ok howell im just gonna exfoliate like three layers of skin off before i can start

PHIL would be so cute tho you’d have put all your products on the counter in the order you used them and he’d be inspecting them like “this is like a science experiment oh my god there are MULTIPLE CLEANSERS what does oil based mean” and he makes you put everything on his face and he’s got that dopey face on when he closes his eyes so u just kiss his lil nose b4 applying the serum


KI: What do you think? (about the lip ring)
YJ: I want to kiss it

the twins and i 😁
right after this pic was taken i stood up and larry looked me up and down and was like “damn you look nice” and then he wanted to hug me so we did. when we hugged he buried his face in my neck and ended up kissing it. i swear i almost fainted. my heart was beating so fast and my hands were sweating. bruh i had major heart eyes lmao. he had me so zoned on him i forgot lau was sitting right there :/ he’s a damn charmer that guy. ngl he really made my night tho. they both did. brought back feelings from when i first became a fan 😭😭😭

Things I say about Hux

1) Awww look at his cute little murder baby face!
2) Bow to the Evil Ginger Space Wizard
3) Hot Damn Starkiller
4) Fuck give me Hux covered in blood and savage
5) Shit, that speech turned me on
6) It’s such a ridiculous speech too.
8) Fuck, that uniform. And Hux. Fuck Hux. But Uniforms tho, AM I RIGHT?
9) His hair has been kissed by the light of the suns he destroys.
10) Hux. So evil. So pure. My child.
11) All hail Emperor Hux.
12) Emperor Hux 2016.
13) Fuck.
14) Shit.
16) WHY does he not say LOATHSOME in the speech in the book? It’s the best part.
17) Competent villain. DO YOU SEE THAT? COMPETENT. VILLAIN.
18) He gonna rule the galaxy one day. Gonna happen.
19) DISNEY don’t you dare kill him before it happens. Only after. If you must. And I know you must. ;.;
20) …please, don’t make Kylo kill Hux, it will break me.

Jungkook Likes To Tease~~

So during Sukira Kiss the Radio-BTS link:https://youtu.be/OOmpagJUbV4(starts around 12:57)

Jungkook was cutely teasing ChimChim about him smoothing his hair back.

What I found most endearing about this brief yet cute interaction was the tone they used around 13:17 where Kookie’s voice is teasing and Chimchim giggles too cutely.

Bonus: I just want you guys to appreciate BTS appreciating Jimin’s cuteness.(Hobie tho…>_> mind you his face was like this for a few secs it scared me, welp no one adores Chim more than Hoseok xD)

WAIT Jungkook seems to have had a lot to say to Jiminie that day.


I think I might kiss him. He’s right here. And his lips are hanging open (mouth breather) and his eyes are alive, alive, alive.

You’re so alive, Simon Snow.

You got my share of it.

He shakes his head, and he’s saying something, and I think I might kiss him.

Because I’ve never kissed anyone before. (I was afraid I might bite.) And I’ve never wanted to kiss anyone but him. (I won’t bite. I won’t hurt him.)