The Untold Story Chapter 36: When the Kaleidoscope Twists, a downton abbey fanfic | FanFiction
The final chapter

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He laces his fingers at the small of her back and she breaks away from him, her hands still cupping the sides of his face.

“I’ve never been more proud of you, nor loved you more than I do today,” she whispers.

Her eyes are a startling color of blue, and it takes his breath away.


“These steps were constructed in 1723. Credited to…to Italian architects. Really, built by Russians.
Serge…Ivanoff. Now, Serge also had a mother: Yagoda. Who introduced him to classical architecture and whom he revered as his muse. Unfortunately for Serge, his mother died in the middle of construction.”

"I wonder, how many times have I given you the same warning now? Do you know, Lord Phantomhive?"

His Butler, Fulfilling His Duty | 10/10


Hang in there, Usagimodoki /(・ × ・)\


I’m not shitting tho, his “portrait necktie” is an actual merchandise from COSPA and sold for more or less Y5,000.

One time our shop’s regular customer made a special order for this Homura necktie and that was honestly one of the most hardcore fandom item I’ve ever laid my hands on.

Will be doing DMMd comic thing every week from now and will start drawing other characters as well coz I’ve only been drawing Noiz and Aoba since I got into this fandom (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

Dan’s eyes are too pretty to not draw