things roleplayers/roleplays can stop doing now

*DIVERSITY1!!!! - five kpop faces. 40+ white ones. game takes place in new orleans. “but i don’t know how to write a black person”, ok but you know how to write half werewolf vampires tho??

*mythology!!!!!!! - everyone is greco-roman myth based. everyone. my dad. your dad. look, we get it, we get it, you fucking love zeus and his wacky antics and mt. olympus and you think its so decadent and witty and special but guess what?? zeus! aint! special!!!!

*omg isn’t he so hot???? - no, becca, for the last time, he looks like if paper were a person. isn’t he supposed to be a bad guy anyway?? why do you care so much? my character is his enemy/victim. she hates him.

*please stop shipping every jason momoa character with your emilia clarke characters (pic shipping) - i get it. the khaleesi ship was cute. you got feels. we know. we all fucking know. pls stop trying to make my momoa character date your clarke character, i don’t care. this game takes place in los angeles, not westeros sweaty :))))

*please stop white washing face claims - just because they’re light skinned doesn’t mean you can get away with saying they’re from a lost tribe of werewolves from russia when in real life they’re half black :))))))

*Harry Potter - please, i’m begging you. there are other books. just pick one. i am tired.

shinhwa performed i pray 4 u, this love, sniper (+more but i focused on those, ill remember more later probably)

dongwan spoke english and it wAs ADORABLE, junjin had secondhand embarrassment and it was precious, he kept laughing and hiding his face with the cue cards

when their intro was playing it said that they started as six and will end as six (it also said we are one omg) ♥

i threw hearts @ minwoo while he walked towards our section and he winked at me like !!!

shinhwa was very thoughtful of their fans and introduced themselves 4 times (one for each side of the stadium)

hyesung looked @ our section a couple of times, as did junjin - eric and andy didn’t look at us very much (tho andy looked @ other sections)

minwoo was definitely the fan service king of the night ♥ every time i threw hearts or waved he would smile back and god im in love

shinhwa’s fan engagement was so funny, when asked which american artist they wanted to be noticed by they said whoopi goldburg HAHA

during the q&a we sang happy birthday to minwoo and junjin (half in korean and half in english?)♥

at one point the mc asked where shinhwa would like to visit and a fan screamed “MY HOUSE!” so they laughed and said “her house”

when asked what artist they wanted to collaborate with i screamed whoopi goldburg and they were like “oh is she any good?” to the mc and they talked amongst themselves and agreed whoopi goldburg lOL

junjin is going to release a solo album soon!

they also talked about how they didn’t expect to have this many fans in LA

they used the fans “my house” response for alot of the questions - like when they were asked “where do you want to perform next”

when they were asked where they want to be in 5 years the same fan yelled “my house” and the other fans yelled “her house” too and they laughed hard but dongwan made an x with his hands

the mc accidentally announced that shinhwa had a hi-touch and everyone got really excited but then she was all jk and everyone was sad

shinhwa (especially dongwan) are very attractive in person ♥

shinhwa was very charismatic and the entire stadium was screaming for them! ♥