The Last Witch Hunter (2015) Full Movie 
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The modern world holds many secrets, the most astounding being that witches still live among us. Centuries ago, Kaulder (Vin Diesel) managed to slay the all-powerful Witch Queen, decimating her followers in the process. Before her death, she cursed the valiant warrior with her own immortality, separating him from his beloved wife and daughter in the afterlife. Her resurrection now threatens the survival of the human race as Kaulder, the only one of his kind remaining, faces her vengeful wrath.

  • Initial release: October 23, 2015 (USA)
  • Director: Breck Eisner
  • Running time: 1h 46m
  • Film series: The Last Witch Hunter Film Series
  • Box office: 124 million USD

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You can choose, Ashlee… Aden is the last one to fall because he puts up a much better fight, or he is the first one, because he immediately steps up to protect his ‘brothers and sisters’. I’m going with the second one :) We’re gonna have a slow motion shot of him like 

and then Ontari with a smirk and all the Nightbloods with a terrified look on their tiny faces. I know, I know… I’m Satan…

Bite (Part 2)

Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader
Vampire Smut AU
Word count: idk sorry. Alot.
Warnings: Pain, Blood, Cursing
One more part after this. I’m dead. Jungkook is so dominant in this it makes me very happy and weak I cant…. did u see his abs??!!

“Hello (Y/N), you’re here to donate your blood for people who can’t survive without it, for Vampyres.”

As her last words left her mouth, her face split into a calculating smile, showing her teeth as she did so as her canines dropped down and elongated into sharp, white points.

“Stop screaming.” Said the pretty girl with fangs. I hadn’t realized that the annoying shrieking sound that reverberated against the high walls was coming from me until I stopped, obeying her command.


My lungs filled with air once, twice, three times as I tried to process what I had just witnessed.

“Stay calm, no one is going to hurt you.”

I took one last deep lungful of air before releasing it slowly with an obedient “okay.”

“My name is Seulgi. I am a Vampyre. Vampyres exist, none of the ones here will harm you. If you agree, today you will be donating your blood to some thirsty people who greatly appreciate your sacrifice and we will also generously compensate you for it. Okay?”

“Okay.” My voice sounded foreign and strange but I could feel it coming from my own throat. The dazed feeling I had been under lessened once Seulgi turned to Jazmin and nodded her head at my friend who turned to me with a sorry expression on her pretty face.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you this before, we all are put under a compulsion to not tell anyone their secret. I was scared at first too, but when I saw Jin, he told me that he wouldn’t hurt me and that he’d be as gentle as I wanted. Plus, I really couldn’t resist him, I mean, he’s beautiful and charming and tall and his smile is just…, Anyways, they’re just like us except they, you know, drink blood to survive. And they pay you! Don’t you really need the money, or else you’ll have to drop out and get a full time job?”

I nodded my head and swallowed, her words still swimming in my head. Drink blood? Vampyres? Compulsion?

“(Y/N), do you trust me?”

I stared at her deep brown eyes, suddenly unsure of my answer, until I remembered how we had vowed to always protect and trust each other when were just kids.

“We’ll always look out for each other, okay?”

“Do you trust me?” she repeated. I knew my answer.


Her face lit up in a smile of recognition for our phrase and she took my hand in hers.

“Always. Okay, Seulgi, I think we’re ready.”

Seulgi spent the next 20 minutes explaining the contract and process to me so I fully understood my options before I signed a binding contract with their company which I found out is named HemCorp. The name made sense since their business was blood. I opted for the one time donation process for now, which she told me could be changed later, if I decided I wanted sign the year contract. It was all very business-like and professional, which eased my anxiety a little.

“I’ve paired you with two of our clients, Taehyung and Jungkook. They will only take half a pint each, which is collectively the same amount you would donate to the Red Cross. They are both very nice, sweet guys, if you have any concerns or boundaries just let them know and they will totally respect you. Many people experience a Blood Bond between themselves and the Donee, so don’t be surprised if that happens. Oh and one more thing, you can’t tell anyone about the donation process or what we are, okay? Okay. Now that you’ve signed the liability waiver, the confidentiality agreement and the contract, I’ll take you down to meet the boys.”

Jazmin and I followed Seulgi down the hall with the chandeliers and to a waiting room with another door where she punched in a security code. A high pitched chime sounded and a tiny green dot lit up and the door unlocked, allowing Seulgi to open it and let us through. As she led us through the maze of halls and rooms, I caught glimpses of people, men and women. It was easy to tell who were the Vampyre and who weren’t. They were the ones who were beyond beautiful, the ones whom you couldn’t help stare at as if their beauty put you in a trance. I noticed a muscular blonde boy talking animatedly to another boy who was taller and had a light pink cast to his own blonde hair. I heard the tall one say the others name as we passed.

“.. I can’t hang out today Jackson, but I should be free on Sunday..”

I looked in the doors that were open, curious as to what they held, peeking one room with an orange haired boy who was laying down on a couch, hands behind his head and one knee propped up. He winked when he noticed my eyes were on him and I sped up, passing his room.

“I put Tae and Kookie in the room next to Jazmin and Jin. I thought it might make you feel more relaxed if you knew your friend was on the other side.”

“Thank you, that does help, actually.”

Just then the door on the left opened and a tall boy with soft brown hair and a handsome face stepped out and embraced Jazmin with such warmth and gentleness, that I couldn’t help but smile for her. She melted into his embrace and I knew this must be Jin.

“Hello, you must be (Y/N), it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Jin.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you too.” I said, smiling as I shook his outstretched hand.

“Okay! Introductions are over, now we can go in. have fun (Y/N)!”

Jazmin was clearly eager to be alone with Jin and I laughed at her rushed attitude as she dragged him into the room and closed the door. Seulgi opened the door on the right and flipped the light switch, illuminating the room as we stepped inside. The room held a large bed on one wall and there was also a couch along one side and chairs and a table in the middle. The furniture had a dark stain finish and the linens on the bed were mostly in a dark red color, and large black planters held exotic plants like Birds of Paradise. A large furry, white rug paired with the dim lighting gave the room a warm, cozy, sensual feel. It looked like a very expensive hotel room.

“The boys will be here in a second. The rooms are soundproof for privacy so if you need anything just press this button next to the door and someone will come. I’ll see you in a little bit.”

She left with a genuine smile on her face and I was finally alone, standing in the middle of the room, unsure of what I should do with myself. I moved over to the bed and sat on the soft, plush comforter, but immediately stood up. The bed seemed too casual and sensual. I decided to sit in one of the chairs instead and stiffly awaited the two Vampyre that I would be ‘feeding’ tonight. The clock on the wall ticked slowly, mocking my nerves with every second.

Suddenly, the door clicked open and in walked two very handsome boys, both slightly taller than me. One had warm, golden skin, dark brown hair with golden highlights and had thick lashes that framed his dark irises. He wore a loose sweater and black leather pant with boots, just like me. The other looked slightly younger and he had shiny black hair, lighter skin, big innocent eyes, and pink lips. His clothes were more casual, a long black t-shirt, fitted ripped jeans and tan Timberlands. The one with the lighter hair made his way over to me and I stood up to greet him respectfully. He slowly circled me, drinking me in with his eyes before speaking.

“You’re very pretty… Hi, I’m Taehyung, this is Jungkook.”

His voice was deep and soothing, but also had a lightness to it as if he was always laughing. I liked the way it caressed me and it made me want to smile and laugh too. Instead of shaking my outstretched hand, he grabbed me, wrapping his arms around my frame in a warm hug that took me by surprise, but I hesitantly returned it. Jungkook simply walked up to me, shy smile on his face that showed his cute bunny teeth, and gave me a quick bow and a


“It’s nice to meet you (Y/N), Seulgi told us this is your first time. Do you have any questions?” asked Taehyung, genuine concern in his voice.

“NO SEX…I – um- I mean, let’s just keep it professional.” Taehyung smiled and laughed while Jungkook blushed and avoided eye contact with me.

“Okay, but you might not be saying that in a few minutes. But, let’s get started shall we?!” Tae moved onto the bed and sat on his knees, patting the bed in-between his legs, indicating for me so sit in front of him.

“Sit with your back against me and Jungkookie will be in front of you while I’m at the back. It’ll be easier that way.”

I moved onto the bed and sat rigidly between his knees, tense from the awkwardness of it all. Tae grabbed my waist with his large hands and quickly pulled my back, situating me even closer to him, my back flush with his chest and I could feel my cheeks heat with blood at his contact.

“Just relax (Y/N)…” his voice went even deeper than before and it had a honey smoothness to it, just like Seulgi’s had when I first met her. My body relaxed into his and the heady sweetness of his voice flowed into me, soothing my mind and my muscles.

“Good girl.” He purred into my neck. His rumbling voice stroked a small flame into existence inside of me and my body suddenly became deliciously warm. Jungkook made his way over, the bed dipping under his weight as he crawled next to me and straddled one of my legs, reaching for my hand.

“Thank you, noona. We really appreciate this.”

I was surprised by how smooth and manly his voice was despite how young and cute he looked and I smiled at the sincerity I heard within it.

“Y-You’re welcome. Im glad to help..”

My voice felt weak and broke a little at the start. I was painfully aware of Tae behind me and the way Jungkook was stroking my hand and wrist in slow, tickling motions that made my heart race and my body shiver with anticipation.

I was told the experience was unlike any other, being bitten by one of the Vampyre; slightly painful but mostly pleasurable. I was told it was almost like a drug, a high, where everything could be felt and every sense heightened. It was part of the allure that drew humans to the Vampyre and had them continuously returning for more, an evolutionary advantage that ensured the survival of their species. Even now, that built in sensor in my head for danger was buzzing, but I ignored that warning, instead reveling in the transic bliss that the two boys seemed to inject me with, with just a touch or a growl of their voice.

“I’ll go first, (Y/N), so we don’t overwhelm you. It’ll sting at first, but soon it will change.” said Tae right next to my ear.

I nodded to let him know I heard and understood because at the moment, I didn’t think my voice would be anything other than a pathetic whisper. His slightly cold fingertips lightly brushed the hair away from the side of my neck and I automatically tilted my head, giving him more room to work with. My heart beat hard and steady inside my chest and my breathing became shallow and fast paced but he didn’t bite down on my flesh just yet. Instead, his hand teased my cardigan until it slipped past my bare shoulders and fell down my arms, pooling around me and the bed. Jungkook helped me slip out of the soft material, pulling one arm out at a time. I shivered as cool air pricked goose bumps into my skin, one by one.

“You have beautiful skin…”

Tae’s voice trailed and he tapped his fingers up my arms and over my shoulders, squeezing and rubbing a small massage into my muscles before taking my face in his large hands and sharply tilting it in a dominant motion. He laid his warm lips against the smooth patch of skin beneath my ear and I braced myself, expecting to feel a sharp piercing sensation but I was teased yet again, by him gently kissing and sucking small discolored clouds into my flesh. An electric tingle coursed through my body and I feebly moaned as my nipples hardened and strained against the tight corset. A deep chuckle rumbled through Teahyung’s chest and I snapped my eyes open, suddenly aware of the lewd reaction I was having. My cheeks grew hot from embarrassment and even hotter from the hungry, lustful expression on Jungkook’s face as he watched the older boy torture me. His eyes were cloudy and hooded and his mouth hung open as he breathed deeply. But the most interesting thing was the pink tinge that stained the skin around and in the whites of his eyes, even his previously dark brown iris’s now held a burgundy richness to them. Blood Lust.

“Are you ready?” Tae’s whispered question tickled across my skin.

I hesitated for a second, moving my hands to tightly grip his thighs as he awaits my permission.


All at once, he snaked an arm around my waist and held my head steady with the other as his teeth scraped and then punctured through my skin and into the carotid artery on the right side of my neck.

At first, the pain is sharp and white hot as one would imagine, but almost immediately it slowly begins to morph into a brand new level of pleasure that you have never experienced before. It’s like listening to a beautiful song, or eating a decadent piece of chocolate cake. It feels like when your crush touches you or smiles at you for the first time, and also like the first day of spring after a cold winter. It’s riveting and all-encompassing and completely overwhelming.

I am breathing hard and loud as he slowly draws the warm blood from me, drinking me into his body, and I understand why someone would form a Blood Bond with a Vampyre. In the moment of feeding, you share such an intimate act with them. They give you so much pleasure and a heightened sense of awareness that most people couldn’t even imagine, but you also literally become one as your life source nourishes them from the inside out. It’s beautiful, it is addicting.

My skin burns and tingles, I can feel every tiny air current in the room and I can hear my own heart racing, I smell the woodsy and musky scents of each boy, as well as the shampoo that lingers in their hair, I can smell my own arousal that has begun to pool at my core. Small trickles of warm liquid fall down my neck every so often, only to be licked up by Taehyung’s heavenly tongue. Each time his wet, pointed muscles flicks over my sensitive neck, I whimper and squeeze my thighs together, trying to lessen the pressure building inside as much as I can, to no avail. At some point my hand gets lost in his soft hair, tugging sharply as each new wave of euphoria envelops me, and he groans deeply into my neck which only amplifies my arousal.

I aware of the growing erection pressed against my lower back that twitches every time I pull his hair, but I’m not opposed to it anymore, at this point I would welcome any relief that he could give me. All too soon, Tae stops sucking at the small punctures in my neck and somehow seals them so that I am no longer bleeding freely. His fingers tilt my head to his and I see him lick the last traces of my blood from his lips before he moves in to connect our mouths in a kiss, stopping just before they touch, respectfully waiting for me to decide if i am ready. I don’t hesitate and hungrily press my lips against his.

The kiss is hot and rough, and he almost immediately slips his tongue against mine and the slight taste of metal and salt fill my mouth. We are ravenous with lust, Jungkook forgotten until he impatiently grunts in disapproval.

“Not yet, Taehyung. I’m thirsty.” I can hear the strain in his cracked voice as he tries to control his Blood Lust. Tae reluctantly pulls away from me and I’m devastated that his tongue is no longer tied with mine, but I concede to Jungkook without hesitation as well. I offer the unmarked side of my neck, but he just gently pushes me until Tae is cradling my Upper body in his lap, a fluffy pillow placed under my head to keep me comfortable.

“I don’t usually go for the neck, I prefer the Femoral.”

I rack my brain, trying to remember where the Femoral Artery is. Jungkook scoots down the bed and removes my shoes and socks faster than I can see, his hands a blur, and then peels off my leather pants to reveal my simple black lace underwear. I try to cross my legs over myself in an attempt to be modest but Jungkook is so strong, too strong, and I can’t fight him when he roughly pulls my knees apart and pins my legs down. His eyes bore into mine while he slowly trails kisses up my left leg, sucking and licking knots of want into my stomach with each star burst that appears on my skin. The sight of it is so erotic and sexy and predatory, I become a panting, moaning mess underneath him. By now his irises are completely blood red and faint black veins appear under the thin, pink skin around his eyes. As he makes his way further up, he stops at the inner part of my upper thigh and moves my leg so it lays flat against the bed and he has clear access to my smooth, soft flesh.

“The scent of your arousal is almost too good to avoid, I’m not sure what I’m hungrier for at the moment…”

But clearly, my blood was more important since he chose to bite down harshly on my inner thigh, close enough to my core to make me whine and whimper in disappointment. Jungkook’s fangs are slightly longer and thicker than Taehyungs are, and they inflict more pain as he clamps down and sucks hard, but that pain fades just as it did before, replaced by an indescribable bliss.

“Fuck…Fuck…” I moan. Tae must find something in my weak voice to be concerned about.

“Are you okay, Love? Do you need a break?”

His hands cradle my face and I peer up at his as he looks down upon me, his bangs falling into his eyes and he looks so beautiful like that, so sexy that it hurts.

“I – I – I need you. I feel like I’m… going to explode…” I pant out, in a strained voice.

Tae smiles and his tongue teases at his lips before he speaks again.

“What do you need from me (Y/N)?”

He knows what I need, I can see it in the hot glint in his eyes as he drinks in my wrecked state, flushed and disheveled below him.

“I – I need you to fuck me, please…” I beg.

The smirk on his lips falters slightly and I notice his eyes shut as pleasure runs up his spine.

“Shit, you sounds so good when you beg. Jungkook, I think it’s time to stop now.” He orders.

But Jungkook has already stopped. Just as Tae speaks, he rips off my underwear and tosses the scraps of lace to the ground and runs a finger lightly across my slick folds and I cry out at how sensitive I am, gripping the bed sheets with one hand and Taehyung with the other.

“You little -!”

Jungkook cuts the older boy off by gripping my hips and yanking me down the bed until my bottom is at the edge and my legs are hanging around his shoulder as he kneels on the ground in front of my wet mound.

“I’ll be that you taste just as good here.” Jungkook purrs.

“I’m sure she does.” Taehyung agrees.

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Oh~ how about someone falling for Karamatsu's spiel and like actually swooning

This is probably one of my favorites, omg.

You were hanging out at the local coffee shop by yourself. You originally came because your friend heard that someone almost took a dump on one of the tables and wanted to see if it would happen again, but they cancelled at the last minute. So, you were sat in a corner, playing with your phone as you waited for your drink.

A bell jingled, signalling someone new entered the shop. You looked up to see a man who looked similar to your barista, except he was wearing these ridiculous glittery pants, an oversized belt, a leather jacket, and a tank top with his face on it.

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Runaway Prince. / Rp @ask-ryuzakitakahashi

The young boy ran as fast as he could using his demonic speed. He wanted nothing more than to be as far away from his realm as possible. What had he done? How could he have done that to his people?! No! It wasn’t his fault! It was an accident! He ran through every open portal not caring where he would end up. Blood dripped from his body, though there wasn’t a scratch on him, his clothes were soaked from it. Tears streamed down his face to the point that his vision blurred. The last portal he ran through was one that dropped him from the sky of all places. He let out a scream as he crashed through the roof of an old castle, hitting the floor as it broke, dropping him to the lower level.


A guard came in as he bowed to the demon lord who was with his sons. “Sire… My apologies for interrupting your family time, but we have something going on at the old castle on the other side of the city… Though we don’t exactly know it is…” He admitted.

Got7 and Making Out

Jackson :

  • this one is a naughty one i tell you
  • teases u soo much ugh it’s too much for u and u have just shut him up with a kiss 
  • wraps his arms around ur waist and pulls u closer with every kiss and at times grabs ur face while he leaves a trail of kisses down your neck 
  • leaves some hickeys here and there so ya better have some good concealer girl.. or the secret will be out.. oops
  • his kisses start with simple ones and and turn into full out makeout session which last pretty long bc he can’t get enough of u.


  • u know what they say about quite ones being the freaks?? well it tru
  • his kisses will go from rough to soft and vice versa
  • makes u sit on his lap and one arm is around your waist while the other one holds your face
  • this boi likes it ROUGH. fight me on dis right now punk
  • likes to be on top so he can tease the fuck out of u and loves to kiss ur neck wfoemwmfiefensms kill me
  • shaky moans and groans every time he goes down ur neck..


  • ohhh man he will be soo freaking playful with the kisses i swear
  • at first he just kisses ur cheek but then he starts to kisses ur jaw and then ur lips and then he’s kissing u with so much passion 
  • loves to bite ur neck to get a reaction from u and makes u warp ur legs around his waist 
  • likes it when ur on top that way he holds ur hips and just…. i’m not okay
  • stares into ur eyes when y’all pull back to get some air and gently rubs your bottom lips before kissing u again


  • at first his kisses are just little pecks on the lips but then slowly he gives u actual kisses
  • Eskimo kisses!!
  • likes to grab ur face while he kisses u and laughs in between the kisses bc he can’t handle u 
  • loves to playfully bite ur lower lip and tug on it
  • kisses the corner of ur mouth first and then gently ur lips.. is never too rough but enough to make u weak


  • his kisses are all over the place srsly
  • kisses ur entire face first and then kisses u on the lips
  • like u put his hands in ur hair and pull on it when he wants more of u
  • his kisses are always gentle and easy going but trust me he can make it rough af when in the mood *wink wink*
  • doesn’t mind whether ur on top or he is but doesn’t go easy on u with his neck kisses.. likes to give u hickeys..
  • little moans through the kisses


  • shaky i love u’s between kisses
  • mumbles through the kisses
  • playfully pulls u closer and leaves ur lips so ur the one who pulls him back into it
  • likes to kiss ur forehead and then go down kissing ur entire face before biting ur collarbone
  • his kisses are always enough with pressure to make u moan and his lips are soo soft
  • likes it when u wrap ur arms around his neck and run yo hands through his hair.


  • teases u soo much
  • leaves u in between kisses and likes it rough 
  • pulls u closer by tugging ur hair and wrapping his arm firmly around ur waist.
  • calls u “babe ur too cute” against ur lips
  • holds ur face with both his hands so he’s the one to control the kiss
  • makes u sit on his lap 
  • kisses ur neck all the time and leaves hickeys all over it
  • likes to put his hands under ur shirt and tickle u sightly and loves it when u pull him closer by the collar of his shirt..

Spoiler!!! If you haven’t seen Vol. 3 Ep. 11 (”Heoroes and Monsters”), you might want to watch that first.

So I was thinking about the last episode and I have some theories about RWBY.

1. Yang’s Arm: Jaune’s semblance has something to do with healing. We saw it back in Vol. 1, where he was injured and it healed him when he got punched in the face. Maybe, he’ll be able to heal Yang’s arm? If not, she’ll be able to get a robotic one, like Ironwood, but meh. 

2. Torchwick: I think he’s alive. I know, he was eaten, but he has his cane. Once the griffon lands he might be able to blow it apart and escape. It just seemed to simple of a way to kill him off.

3. Ozpin: He asks orders Pyrrha to bring back Ironwood, Qrow, and Glynda to help him fight Cinder. Ozpin won’t need the help to fight her. He’s probably the reincarnation of the old wizard, or even the same old wizard in the story. He needs them to help hold Cinder in place so he can take the maiden power back. 

4. Emerald/Mercury: One of them is going to switch sides. I’m leaning more towards Emerald. There has been signs of her changing sides, but nothing substantial. Mercury just might follow her, but I don’t see them both turning.

other marginally coherent thoughts, Bucky Barnes edition
  • is that a dream sequence? a memory? Who tf does that to Bucky? It can’t be SHIELD it’s practically dead so???
  • BUCKY BARNES IS OUT FOR BLOOD he literally looks so upset and ready to Kill and I’m just scared becasue what did tony dO (to Steve??? to Bucky??? in general???)
  • THAT SNOWY-MOUNTAIN BACKGROUND GIVES ME BAD VIBES OH NO THAT DIDN’T END WELL LAST TIME ALSO why the fuck is bucky wearing his hydra uniform??? Is this a flashback or did HYDRA somehow get Bucky again??? also I feel like Bucky’s eyes/face looks most winter-soldiery so far but also I might be reading too much into things
  • There are at least four different bucky outfits in the movie (that we know so far):
    • the red henley 
    • the original winter soldier uniform
    • the new one that we know and love
    • and whatever the fuck he’s wearing in that Highly Concerning opening scene
  • I am. inclined to believe that at least one of the two oddball uniforms (original HYDRA and opening scene) is probably a memory sequence or something of the sort. It seems. unlikely. that he’d have three different fighting uniforms in one movie. I am tempted to say it’s the opening because a) that fits very well with his HYDRA/Red Room narrative (complete with visual imagery of puppets) and b) from the end-credits scene, we already know Steve & Sam find Bucky once. I don’t think?? we’d have two we-lost-him-we-found-him narratives in one movie
  • I think this is it for now but I might come back with more

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Hov isn't dropping another album, and he doesn't have to. I can live with that. Do you think he will go on another world tour, though? One last ride ? Or was that the MCHG tour? *Jordan crying face* "They say 'they never really miss you til you dead or you gone'........"

A final tour is much needed - and I hope Hov understands this! I’d be looking at a long ass roadtrip if that was the case. Sidenote: Hov is probably the best rap performer we’ve ever had. I know ‘Ye goes off during his shows and has the whole artistic design on his side; but when you see Hov live you know you are seeing the GOAT who has perfected his craft over 20 years of performing. It’s just him, the Roc Boys, and a fuckload of hits and dope cuts. Jigga What!

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"Skela has it right. I don't know how she learned about it, but there is something called the HEDGE, and it's an amalgamation of Flowey's and Omega Flowey's. And, once it's at full power, it WILL consume timelines."


[The wolf perks his head up a bit at the robot’s voice, not turning his head to look at him just yet, still tending to Skela. After helping the smol skeleton out of her jacket and places it on the arm of the couch, he stands up straight and slowly turns to face Metasoul.]

* I know about The Hedge… It’s been a while since I last heard word of it…

* I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want anyone else in this timeline to worry, especially the little ones…

* But now Skela knows and I’m afraid that anyone else’s knowledge of The Hedge is going to draw its attention to this timeline sooner… And I can’t let that happen… It’s too soon…

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What do you think of the fans wanting/thinking Marco will join the Straw hats? Personally I'd love a ny excuse to see him again (other than anything that ends in him dying of course.) But i think I'd prefer it if he became part of the straw hat alliance/fleet rather than an actual part of the crew.

I hadn’t really seen anything regarding Marco joining the crew, and I don’t think he would.

But i do think that its a very real possibility that he/the remaining white beard pirates will become part of the strawhat grand fleet. One of white beards last orders to his crew was to support luffy, and ever since then i have pretty much always assumed that they would eventually throw thier support behind luffy, and so when the grand fleet was formed it was the first i thought of. The theory is further supported by the recent mentioning of them in the manga (because lets face it, there’s no way l uffys not getting involved in THAT )


My current wishlist from Wonder Festival….. I didn’t think they were all Nendo’s… but uh… lmao they are. I dunno if I’ll end up getting the Petit Vocaloids, because I dunno, do I need another Miku figure? :’v
Also not sure about Hotarumaru, depends how cute his other faceplates are. We’ll see.
I am deffo getting Sakura because I missed out on the last one, and Genos because I need more of the clingy toaster in my life, Shiro, because her design is cute as heck, and Tsukishima because ball is life.
Dunno about Kylo Ren yet either, if he has an actual face faceplate then heck ye buddy I am sold, but if not…. idk prolly not. :B

EDIT: Lmao how did I forget the Beat figma??? Because I am getting him too fo sure. So glad I sold some stuff to make more room for more figures. :’3

IwaOi Headcanon (or : me, slowly warming up to this ship)

Okay but hear this. Imagine Iwaizumi and Oikawa in their third year in Aoba Jousai (original timeline) and all of a sudden, Oikawa starts acting differently in the locker room. Normally he would be the one to talk too much, boast about how great his body etc., it would literally take him hours to get ready and he’d be the last one to leave. However, now he gets changed in some corner, facing the wall, all quiet and sneaky. He gets ready quickly and waits for the rest of the team outside. Iwaizumi is the first one to recognize this change in behavior, of course. He also remembers Oikawa taking a break from the activities, calling in sick but back then, he didn’t dwell on it much since Oikawa was the sort of person who has the ability to take care of himself but expects others to do it for him. Getting a bit irritated, Iwaizumi requests from the rest of the team to leave Iwaizumi and Oikawa alone in the locker room so he can get to the bottom of this.

After training, at last they are in the locker room. Oikawa senses that something’s off but he cannot quite put his finger on it. Iwaizumi closes in on Oikawa and asks if there is something wrong with him. Oikawa starts fidgeting and sweats unusually but thanks to the training session, it’s not visible for now. In a shivering voice he cannot control, tells Iwaizumi that everything is going a-okay. Iwaizumi, knowing Oikawa for a long time, pushes him into the corner, not believing him. Oikawa’s sweat is now obviously not because of the training,  he tries to come up with several excuses but Iwaizumi brushes each and every one of them off. Finally Oikawa’s back hits the locker room wall with Iwaizumi leaning on him, their faces are really close, he tries to push Iwaizumi out of his way, yet he catches Oikawa’s wrists and secures them on the wall, on top of his head. Tells him that he’s concerned because after getting sick the last time, Oikawa’s movements have slowed down and he always seems like he’s in some sort of pain. Oikawa can clearly read his expressions, Iwaizumi is angry and knows the reason why; he hates it when Oikawa tries to hide something even though Iwaizumi sees through his excuses. Oikawa bites his lower lip, blushes and averts his eyes, mumbling something that Iwaizumi couldn’t hear at first. Oikawa repeats : “Iwa-chan, lift up my jersey.”

Iwaizumi has hard time believing the thing poured out of Oikawa’s mouth at first but he notices that he is serious. Not knowing what to expect, with shaky hands, he reaches out to Oikawa’s jersey, tucked in his shorts and starts to lift it up. What he sees, is definitely the option he’d least expect from Oikawa : A navel ring. Nevertheless, Iwaizumi was more amazed at his own reaction than Oikawa’s because he finds himself in a dilemma; contemplating on whether to yell at the top of his lungs for getting it secretly and taking a break, lying about being sick or to get permission to touch his body because, damn, that black-ish grey piercing, shining on Oikawa’s silky white and flat abdomen looked like a black pearl, almost screaming to be noticed and explored.


Cliff Compton (w/ #Horrorshow) Vs. Anthony Toatele (w/ Kenzi Alexander)
WFW Step One [April 11th, 2015]

Indianapolis’ World’s Finest Wrestling only presented one show, unfortunately, but what a fun show it was. #Horrorshow, having already made three appearances throughout the night, were already celebrating with a pizza party before the main event had begun. The group, for one night only, consisted of Chase Matthews (who left before this match began), Nick Depp, the team of Shane Mercer and Chris Hall, and the main attraction, Cliff Compton. Compton steps into the ring with his Pizza Posse at ringside to take on “The Flowin’ Samoan” Anthony Toatele, with Kenzi Alexander. This began the feud between Jason Saint and Anthony Toatele that would last for several months, and would be the first time Kenzi and Saint met face to face.