the signs as eccentric Shakespeare-themed quotes from my theatre troupe:
  • Aries: Yes the wives of Windsor are merry, but are they happy inside? Are they emotionally fulfilled?
  • Taurus: Trinculo can't hold his liquor, that's why Stephano left him for a half-fish demon.
  • Gemini: Be gentle with Yorick! Or Ivan, or Lin-Manuel Miranda or whatever his name is, he came from Target.
  • Cancer: As if Othello would be caught dead in a onesie.
  • Leo: My father would kill me if I was in Titus Andronicus, but I would also give my left hand for a role... you see my problem.
  • Virgo: And we all know why scenes end without a set change? *unified chant* So they could relight the lanterns.
  • Libra: Make Phebe a lesbian! Make everybody gay! I don't care.
  • Scorpio: Try me, Prospera! *crash backstage* Oh, shit.
  • Sagittarius: Get out of my face with your Oxfordian bullcrap.
  • Capricorn: We can't perform it as well because Shakespeare only hired magicians for his troupe...
  • Aquarius: Ferdinand and Miranda are just Romeo and Juliet with heavy lifting.
  • Pisces: The Bard is witty, alright! Also a douchebag!
My fault - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested)



Request: Dylan O'Brien/Shawn Mendes My name is Brie Sporty, helpful, Sassy & Sarcastic Sad imagine (Dylan is my best friend & Shawn cheats on me with Camila I go to Dylan & he just got in a fight with his gf tells me its my fault I leave get in a crash & die

Brie’s POV

“No, no, no, no.” It becomes a mantra in my head as I make my way out of Shawn and I’s shared apartment. I can’t get the scene out of my head.

Shawn, Camilla, our bed, no clothes. I can’t do this.

I run down the stairs as quickly as I can, I grab my jacket with my keys and bolt out the door.

“Brie! Brie! Baby let me explain!” I stop and slowly turn to face Shawn. Anger boils up inside of me as I see Shawn clad in only a blanket holding it for dear life around his waist.

“Explain!? I’m pretty fucking sure you did enough explaining for today Shawn! And don’t you ever think you’re allowed to call me ‘babe’ ever again!” I slam the door shut right in his face and fast walk to my car.

I get in and take a deep breath; I lay my head against the steering wheel and let the tears cascade down my face. I loved him and this is what I get in return. All those nights, I asked him about Camilla,

“Don’t worry babe, she’s just a friend,” just a ‘friend’ my ass. Oh god the memory keeps going through my mind; he was fucking her when I came in on our bed. The bed we had our first time, the bed where we cried holding each other as Shawn was just about to go on tour again. I can’t believe he did this to me. I always did what was right-

My thoughts were cut off as I saw Shawn open the door and step outside. He was dressed in an unbuttoned flannel, the flannel I got him for his birthday, and a pair of jeans that he couldn’t even be bothered to zip. He ran towards the car.

I put the keys in the ignition and began to reverse out of the driveway. Shawn came up and started banging on my window.

“Stop the car Brie! Don’t you dare leave!”

I flipped him off before speeding towards the only house that would let me in. Dylan’s.

Finding Dylan’s house wasn’t hard, it was getting my legs to get out of the car that was hard. After many times, I was able to get out. As I made my way over to his front door. I stopped in my tracks. Yelling was heard Dylan’s and another female’, Brittany, his girlfriend’s to be exact.

I heard someone throw something, and then there was silence. The door was opened only for it to be slammed closed. I could even hear the hinges fall out. There stood a red faced Britt looking down at her hands, it seemed as though she didn’t know I was here.

“Are you okay?” I asked quietly hoping she could hear me.

Her head shot up at the sound of my voice.

“You! I hate you! You’re the cause of this! Stay away from Dylan!” She screamed in my face before heading into her car and speeding down the driveway and out of sight.

The door then opened again to reveal Dylan, dressed in a white t-shirt, and grey sweats.

“Britt it’s not like th-” Dylan stopped and gave me a confused look, then glared at me like I was the person he least wanted to see right now.

“Brie? What the hell are you doing here? Actually no, just come in,” he opened his door wider so I could get in. Dylan then glared at me and slammed the door shut. I jumped scared by the noise.

“Coffee, tea anything you like?” He placed one cup on the kitchen counter before angrily hurling it at the wall. I gasped in shock and took a step to go and help him.

“No you, you stay away from me! You’re the reason she’s going to leave me! She thinks we have a thing or something! Brie I love her, I can’t lose her! So please if you want to help me, just get out,” he ended it calmly.

I knew I had no right to stay so I left. More tears fells down my face and soaked the collar of my shirt. I got in the car and weakly shut the door. I took several deep breaths and leaned against the head rest. Tears tear and more tears, blurred my vision as I started the engine. I wiped my eyes before heading back to the road.

I had nowhere else to go. I just drove and drove and drove, hoping, wishing I found a place to stay. My parents left to go to Australia for their anniversary. I moved out to Pickering, leaving all my friends behind, just so I could be with Shawn. I can’t believe he had sex with her. Was I not good enough? Did I not meet his standards? Was this the first tim-

Shawn’s POV

Camila left, without even apologizing for making me lose the love of my life. I was so mad at myself. Everything that was breakable I threw and broke. The pictures of Brie and I lay on the ground with shattered glass. I stopped as I became too weak to continue. I help my head in my hands. They were soaked from all the tears I cried. I looked at my hands to find cuts, from the glass.

I can’t believe I did that! She was the love of my freaking life! And I let her go, just like that. God I’m such an idiot.

My phone ringing brought me back from my thoughts. An unknown number popped up on the screen. Hoping it was Brie, I picked it up.

“Hello?” I was shaking, I couldn’t even hold the phone properly.

“Hello is this Shawn, Shawn Mendes, boyfriend of Brie Walters (A/N: sorry I didn’t know your last name so I just made up one)?”

It wasn’t Brie the voice was one of a women, she sounded strict, but calm.

“Yes, this is he. What’s going on?” I was biting at my nails now

“Miss Walter’s was in a car accident off of Ontario Highway 407.” the sound of her terrifying calm voice filled my ear. But then, right then, I knew how it felt to have my heart torn apart.

My phone hit the ground with a small thud; I could faintly hear the voice asking me to stay calm. Then everything was gone. Every noise, every colour, everything just disappeared, it was all white noise fading out.

My hands shook as my legs gave way and I fell to my knees. Water droplets fell on to my hands. I touched under my eyes to notice waterfalls of tears escaping my eyes.

“Sorry sir, she didn’t make it. It was an instant death.”

That one sentence that brought my whole world crashing down. She didn’t make it. It was an instant death. What is instant, it is 3 second or 10. It’s not instant; you still have 3 seconds of pure pain. How is that a comforting thought? Did her life flash before her eyes? Did she think of me? Every thought I had stopped and my mind focused on one thing.


Memories of us. In high school, she was the one giving me the idea of making a vine in the first place. She always made sure I practiced the guitar; she knew how much I wanted to learn, so she kept pushing me. She was the reason I made all these friends I have. She was the reason I even met Camila. Camila, oh god, the last time I ever saw her was when she was driving out of our driveway trying to get away from me and Camila. I can’t even think her name, let alone say it. It makes me sick. Her last moments with me were when she saw Camila and I on our bed. No, no, no, no. It’s my fault. She wouldn’t even be driving if it wasn’t for me. She would be here, cuddling with me due to having a bad day.

I killed her.

A/N: This is does not mean I hate Camila in any way, I just had to write her in