I was working with a chiropractor, making a self help video video series for his Youtube channel. Each episode shared tips, stretches, and other pieces of advice.  

It was going well until we recorded his episode about decreasing sodium intake.:

Client: You have to avoid salt. You see, salt is made up of sodium and chloride, and both are highly volatile chemicals.

He continued with a series of similarly bogus reasons, while I watched on in disbelief. I didn’t really feel like explaining basic chemistry to a grown man with several college degrees. I tried to edit out some of his most egregiously false science in post.

I quit the following week when he started recommending coffee enemas.

> Want to know if freelancing is for you?

On Sonja (SKAM)

I feel that Sonja is judged a bit too harshly by many people. Yes, she the way she talks to Isak is really mean, but everything she does is because she loves Even. Think about it: They have been together for four years. Even even claims that no one knows him better. She has been through his episodes and seen him at his best and seen him at his worst. She knows how to handle those situations and worries about him (e.g. she tells him not to drink too much on Halloween, because she knows that alcohol is a trigger).

When Even tells her about Isak she probably told him that he needs to come clean about his illness to Isak. However, after Isak tells him in the locker room that he can’t have mentally unstable people around him, Even at first distances himself again from Isak, because he probably knows that Sonja is right. Later he goes back to Isak but decides to keep his mental illness a secret, because he fears that he might lose Isak because of it.

So when Even breaks up with Sonja, she is of course hurt, heartbroken and jealous of Isak. Nevertheless she tries to call Isak to inform him about Even’s Mania, because she is afraid of what might happen if there is no one to take care of Even or that Isak’s ignorance could lead to a dangerous situation for Even. Even intervenes and Sonja is probably quite anxious.

When Isak calls Sonja to tell her that something happened to Even, her fears come true. Despite the fact that Even left her, she directly takes a Taxi to meet Isak, makes necessary calls (she was probably on the phone with Even’s parents or the police) and then goes off to find him (I just assmume that, because I find it curious that she doesn’t take the taxi back but goes off - to the police station maybe?).

Her reaction towards Isak makes sense: She feared that something like this was going to happen and tried to prevent it. Isak is the reason why Even left her. Even though she is still heartbroken, she deeply cares about Even and wishes him to be well. Isak’s ignorance of Even’s mania contributed to how the evening turned out. So of course she is mad at Isak and therefore says these hurtful things.

*sf9 members are given the task to wake each other up”

juho: awoken

bread: stolen

members: gone

baek juho is forcibly removed from the bedroom

ok but can we talk about how even’s biggest fear just came true? 

he reached out to isak after his episode which is such a brave thing to do i am so proud and isak told him to stop texting him. his biggest fear and the reason for hiding his disorder was exactly because he was afraid that isak will leave him and not want anything to do with him

and i know isak is confused and he’s already researching and he would come to accept even but right now all even knows is that the person he loves rejected him because of his mental illiness and that hurts so much

especially because right now even he’s probably getting down from his high and his depression is hitting him, him trying to convey his feelings through lyrics breaks my heart. all he wanted was things to be like his dreams, someone to understand him and save him.  Even Bech Næsheim  is so much more that his disorder and he deserves everything and more

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I don't know why but this epsiode didn't feel like Bobo's usual epsiodes to me. Did you also get the feeling that he wasn't as insightfull as usual? Not to mention the horrible "Cas is clueless" jokes

Oh, I really liked it. I came out of it with a renewed love (which I didn’t think was POSSIBLE as I already love them so much :P) for Cas and Dean and… well, everyone, even Crowley tbh :P I was cheering out loud at several parts. I nearly CRIED at Sam holding open that door while Lucifer shoved on him like… Season 7 metaphor or what? Sam holding himself up saving as many people as possible while Satan is trying to crush him? Aaaaaaaah.

I think the insight was either spent on the LA mockery (which was hilarious) or on a very subtle existential dread, which I have always felt is Berens’ trademark mood, as it were. His episodes deal a lot with very dark themes like suicide and the crushing emotional weight of living and struggling to get through the hard times, and this one was no different - only it was Lucifer who eventually blurted out all these words while literally melting down in front of our eyes. It was such a chilling commentary on being alive in 2016 I almost don’t know what to do with it, especially since fandom blogging through these dark times is essentially being a “distraction addict” as he accused everyone of being :P Like, ow, right where it hurts. Thanks, Berens. 

I didn’t think the “Cas is clueless” jokes were that bad anyway - I immensely enjoy Berens writing Cas and if he hadn’t written 9x06 I’d probably stick this as my favourite Cas episode of his… Just for that line about Dean looking like a lumberjack :P (I am also quite fond of the show bringing back “hey assbutt” because the specific context is always Cas vs assbutt-y archangels - they don’t make it into his default insult or try to “BAZINGA!” it or anything :P I like to think Cas is extremely proud of his contribution in Swan Song and remembers it equal parts “Holy crap I did that” waking up at night in a cold sweat level horror, and “holy crap I DID THAT” pride… :P It’s basically used after that to remind Lucifer that Cas is actually a force to be reckoned with, like, “REMEMBER ME?” which is an extremely Cas trait because Cas’s smug face is a good face :P Anyway I haven’t seen anyone complain about that but I remember some people doing so after 11x10 so I’m just… getting a foot in the door to defend it or something idk) 

Anyway. I thought the hotel room scene was inspired… One of the things I liked about the immediate reaction from Cas, was that so far in the episode Cas had been acting a lot like the “new” Cas of recent years - very emotive, shoving back at Dean as much as Dean gave him shit about how he dressed, visibly dying of frustration around Crowley… Despite everything, though, Cas is still Cas, and one of those things is that no matter what the show’s shoved on him in ways of exploring sexuality, he’s not just disinterested but it doesn’t really form a part of his world view. The rest of the characters walking in that room immediately think “wild sex party all around this room” and Cas sees the trashed room and assumes it had to be a fight. I am ALL FOR preserving his precious innocence :P This is a very consistent Cas trait, so the thought put into not having him go along with the “obvious” explanation for the room was entirely in line with a long history of writing Cas less intuitive about sexual things than the other characters. 

And relating to that but as the intro to the next point, Cas knows they’re searching for LUCIFER. Who hates humans, would much rather kill them than fuck them, and is expecting danger, bad things like, you know, a tooth in the bathroom, than for Lucifer to have been just apparently indulging in human things. He’d quite reasonably expect there to have been some altercation than what apparently had happened instead. So re: breakfast, the whole premise of the episode, including the misleading PR beforehand, was that Lucifer had some horrible dark PLAN he was enacting. The “THERE IS NO PLAN” meltdown was a shock twist that Lucifer has no idea wtf he’s doing and everything we saw him doing before that was just thrill-seeking living in the moment, acquiring followers and killing them just because he could but with no actual goal to USE them for anything. 

Now, they didn’t know this, and they were really worried Lucifer was planning something (and the fact he wasn’t of course doesn’t mean those people were in any less danger, but like how the venue was secret, and the guest list random, Lucifer’s “plan” was all wild and scattered and ad hoc so it was very hard to pin him down, because there was no process behind it). So again, if they were EXPECTING Lucifer to do something terrible, and maybe have some dastardly but understandable plan, then finding a hint of it in spells and books and so on around the place would be a perfectly reasonable thing to expect. 

Cas is probably the most proficient at random important spells the like Lucifer would know since we’ve seen him do angelic-level magic many times (while Crowley knows human witchcraft) so he was again thinking on that level - what is Lucifer doing, through my experience of being an angel and knowing Lucifer, and what you CAN do if you put your mind to it. If you’re expecting spells and the worst of Lucifer, a harmless hippie superfood breakfast with carefully instructed proportions is probably indistinguishable from a spell, especially as in the olden days widely sourced and rare ingredients from around the world would be exactly the sort of things that would only be combined for important magic - globalisation and the food industry pushing mystery exotic superfoods from around the world has accidentally created an environment where people are eating what looks to an ancient angel the sort of stuff you’d only combine or even OWN or know what they were, for some sort of ritualistic purpose. Again, it’s social commentary wrapped up in like 3 or 4 layers of Cas’s characterisation that goes back all the way to the start.

Maybe they shouldn’t have done 2 in a row like that, but I found both incredibly entertaining and extremely well-thought out Cas moments. 

(As for Lucifer calling Cas a dullard - it’s not the same thing when other characters make such accusations at each other as moments which show don’t tell him being “clueless”. Every time someone calls Cas stupid or useless, or calls Dean a blunt weapon, or either of them an attack dog, it’s the characters within the narrative insulting them, and the point is that we as the audience bristle defensively and go “no they’re not!” but for the character in the story, they may take it personally and be upset by it, but it’s purposeful for us and them to push back against, always fuelling a wider arc, usually one where the characters personally struggle against these feelings and manage to address them one way or the other. 

I would say in this case, Lucifer reminding Cas of how he felt while he was inside him, is bringing up Cas’s depression from season 11, reminding us it’s still there, by the fact that these feelings are still “worth” commenting on, narratively, and therefore to give us an insight into Cas’s internal landscape as a part of the ongoing story, if all the little moments like that “….. yay” didn’t manage to convey that Cas is still openly struggling with these issues. And, as part of that, the fact he’s openly struggling with them is not the story shitting on him by leaving him cold and unloved: it’s deliberately telling us he FEELS cold and unloved, which makes it a part of the story rather than writerly neglect forgetting to write the scenes that coddle him… We can argue about how much we feel this ever gets resolved or if they try to resolve it, they do it badly or insensitively (which was a fair criticism of 11x23 and the car scene when we didn’t know if that was the end of it for this arc or not) or of course if it drags out too long, but the point is that the writers aren’t being careless about Cas this way or Sam and Dean have some accidental agency in neglecting him - it’s not “their” fault… 

TBH until I got to tumblr I didn’t realise people would be upset that they’d “let” Cas go fight Lucifer because I thought Dean had showed exactly as much concern about Cas doing that as would be expected from him (i.e. over and above what anyone else was doing, though not sobbing and clinging to his lapels begging him not to go since they did understand he had to do it :P) and I had actually felt pretty elated about that moment as a good little Destiel moment showing Dean cared. Actually, since I watched 5x04 the other night, one thing I thought of was Dean accusing 2014 Dean he’d send his friends to die - “Cas too?” obviously setting him aside. 2014!Dean is LYING to the rest of them about the danger and using them as a distraction, and that it’s to their obvious death (though, unrelated, pretty sure 2014!Cas knew that anyway) while in this episode even if it’s superficially similar he sends Cas in to fight Lucifer when it’s SO dangerous they’d easily be killed save for Lucifer’s mocking mercy, obviously Cas knows exactly what’s going on, volunteers for it, feels the burden of responsibility that they try and argue him out of, and so on and so on completely changing any comparison to him being “sent” in to die… They understand they have to do very dangerous and potentially fatal things in order to protect the world, and that no one else will, and that Cas would have the best chance against Lucifer of anyone)

Anyway, I wasn’t sure about this episode from the premise and was mostly looking forward to Dean in a leather jacket, and I ended up enjoying it more than many episodes for a long time, so I’m sorry I can’t share any negative feelings about it… I actually thought it was fantastic, and I hope instead I can maybe try and help you feel better about it >.> 

Evak Drabble 6 Prompt: Manic

It’s not- It’s sometimes hard for Even to focus clearly during one of his episodes. This one is relatively the worst he’s had since his diagnosis and t hurts, it hurts, because Isak was there to witness it.

Isak was never supposed to witness it. He was too good, too pure, to see that side of Even and he knows that now Isak is gone from his grasp forever. God he just wants to see him . He wants to explain to him that Even wanted to tell him, wanted to let him know that sometimes shit happens in his brain and it he just-

He just wants Isak and now Isak is gone.

Stop texting me.

The words burn in the back of his mind and he thinks, no. I can’t stop texting you. You’re my princess Vivian, my Juliet, my tragic love character and we were supposed to make it damnit. We’re supposed to be okay.

But clearly they’re not, because Isak isn’t here right now beside him and he probably will never be again.

The tears come unbidden. He cries because he’s frustrated, fucked up, tired of his own mind not being in control enough to stop this from happening. He saw the signs of his own mania reflected in Isak’s expressive face and he tried, God had he tried, to keep it under control but sometimes his head gets too loud and usually Isak is a balm for this, but the panic of almost losing him triggered something and now when he thinks Isak, he thinks desperation, of intent to show this boy who quiets him that he loves him.

He loves him and he wants Isak beside him. It’s just too bad that Isak doesn’t want the same anymore.

Oh god he can feel himself winding down, going into the second stage of his mind’s fucked up illness. All at once he’s feeling heavier and heavier and it’s like the weight of the world is crashing down and he’s drowning in it.

He thinks of Isak’s face when he got back to school the night week after he kissed Sonja. He thinks of the quiet pain of that morning in the kitchen when he was so afraid that Even was going to let him down yet again.

Does he look like that now?

The tears slow to a stop and a numbness takes over him.

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no but when he said "it's one of my dreams"! EVEN JUST DREAMS OF BEING SAVED FROM HIMSELF and now i'm dead again


Do you know what I would love? A scene where, when Isak is realising just how … all the signs have been there from the start, that that bit Even said, about “I’ll save you” and “You save me” and that it’s one of his dreams, to be with Isak in a safe place, plays as a voiceover in the back as Isak FINALLY realises what Even means.

That Even, just before his manic episode, basically laid his heart out on the line asking and telling Isak that he needs him. That in his dreams, he dreams of surviving with Isak. That he WANTS to live. Because he ISN’T alone with Isak.

And THATS when I want Isak to basically RUN to see Even, because he’s realised EXACTLY what Even meant then.

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I don't like Sonja at all right now either tbh, and I'm kinda mad that so many people are still defending her :/ What she said was so fucking hurtful especially when it was pretty obvious that Isak was worried sick about Even. If Isak now thinks that he was just one of Even's "obsessions" or some kind of toy that he played with for a while, or that Even's episode is his fault, I blame it on Sonja. She was _completely_ out of line.

say it louder🗣

listen listen i know everyone hates sonja right now ok but what you have to understand is that she has obviously stuck with Even through the thick and thin of his mental illness (something really bad must have happened if Even needed to stay at school an extra year) and she obviously loves and cares about him (she came out in the middle of the night to find him) now imagine loving and supporting someone for four years, when you could have walked away because you were also jsut a kid growing up and dealing with your own issues, but instead you looked after this guy and supported him and dealt with his manic episodes and his depressed ones, just to have him turn around and tell you he doesn’t want you anymore before flying into a manic episode.

can you understand why she might be hurt and scared and lashing out? she obviously cares deeply about Even’s safety ok, she’s not the devil. She’s only 19 she’s not perfect or an expert on mental illness so just give her a break yeah?

Even’s feelings for Isak are honestly so so interesting to me. Of course I firmly believe they’re valid, I firmly believe that Even is in love with Isak, despite what Sonja says. But it’s a complex thing like I’ve never seen before on a show. It’s quixotic at times and also bogged down by his fears surrounding his mental illness. I do think part of it is exaggerated, like the moment about the wedding which was the gradual beginning of his manic episode. But we also have seen Even pull away from Isak because he’s afraid of being perceived as nothing more than his illness. It’s why he ran back to Sonja before, because she’s known him for years and that relationship was probably very formative in how valid his feelings are, and it was probably the first time he’d felt real love.

But his feelings evolved, like everyone’s, and now he loves Isak. And maybe sometimes that love is an exaggerated idealism, but it’s so incredibly real. He’s fighting his insecurities to be with Isak.

I just think it’s powerful and amazing to see the two conflicting ends of a spectrum clash in such a beautiful, incandescent person. And I hope in the end he gets the world.


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Are the texts that they post on their page supposed to appear on tge episodes? ❤

Hi! No, the text they post is an added part of the storyline.

WHAT IVE GOT SO FAR (spoilers)

Isak texts his mom and tells him about Even. hes nicer than he was with his dad
he sees even. they go to a hotel and sexy times. when theyre eating even talks about marrying isak and other stuff like that. isak is getting the vibe that something is up. they go to bed, and even cant sleep. hes being really restless so he goes to get mcdonals butt ass naked isak realizes hes not wearing any clothes and goes after him. he calls sonja i think and she says that even is manic and is in one of his episodes. its worse when he abuses drugs/alcohol and last year he tried to memorize the Quran. she said that he doesnt really love isak, its just some sick idea he has in his head