Hairstyles and realizations

I think the greatest sin of the Universal Century, however, is that we were never shown Anavel Gato’s custom Zaku II High Mobility Type in action, because look at this ugly puppy

w h a t can you imagine this thing darting around battlefields untouched, killing dozens of opponents with frightening ease? Because it’s what happened. Imagine dying to this ugly shithouse.


Explain to us about the Sunday shoot out and how exciting that could be.
Yeah it’s going to be great. We want to make it great for people to watch. You know, a lot of people coming down might not know the players that are playing in it but when you see a format like this in front of your eyes and it’s coming down to it… It’s like a stroke play and a match play format, every game goes down the last hole. We want to create like a stadium atmosphere for all the family and you know, because these guys are going to be the stars of the future. There’s four guys playing here at the Masters this week that came from the Challenge Tour. That speaks for itself and these guys are going to be superstars and they want to play in front of crowds so we want everyone to come down. It’s free, there’s gonna be food festivals going on. It’s just a great family day out and it proved it last year to me and we can’t wait to get involved this year. x


- Michelle Hodkin.

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teru meeting fishmob: "what the fu-"

this images name in my drive is Im Sorry and I do think its very accurate