never imagine your favorite male character becoming a dad

don’t picture him seeing the baby for the first time

refrain from thinking about how he worries and frets over his significant other during labor

abstain from notions of him realizing that he helped make this tiny squishy potato-person and holy shit how cool is that

and above all, eschew ideas about him holding his new child and excitedly whispering “i have a son/daughter” over and over again between giggles as the dorkiest grin spreads across his face

Then & Now: Zico Edition

Headcanon: Doll finds out that the manager doesn’t turn on the heating in the pizzeria to save money even if it’s cold as hell outside so they start knitting a ton of warm scarves and mittens and hats for Mike and Jeremy. Jeremy loves his scarf because they are so warm and soft and made with so much care and love and aaahhhh

It’s 2:30 and i am drawing this and i am squealing over the image of him being buried in a pile of self-knitted clothes. This precious ace child ruined me ;~;

I blame Rebornica for their cool AU and Jere’s cute design


if you’re concerned about frederick chilton’s well-being clap your hands