wooper sprite rating

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this one is so happy it’s almost a little creepy? but it’s still adorable so i forgive him. 8/10


okay this one is creepy. 7/10


similar to silver, but in full color and a bit less creepy! good job. 8/10


it’s the same sprite again 7/10


Really nice, i love his :O face, makes me smile. points for the backsprite animation too because it’s probably one of the cutest i’ve ever seen. 10/10


he’s smiling now! how cute!! :D 10/10


it’s creepy again. but also, adorable? 7/10

black/white/black 2/white 2

i love this one, this wiggly little boy warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. really good. 10/10

xy/omega ruby/alpha sapphire

look how happy he is! looks like he’s dancing to some sick tunes or just having a really good time. i love him. 10/10

BIG BANG Reaction to seeing their girlfriend crying over their song ‘girlfriend’

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TOP- I feel like Seunghyun would just want to hug you and cuddle with you. He would find it so heart warming ‘‘Aww, Y/N…….,’‘ how much you liked the song. Specially because he rapped it with you in his mind, this would be such a sweet and adorable moment.

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Taeyang- This boy, he would already see you as the most adorable human in the whole world, so this would just make him so proud and happy, the smile on his face, god. At the same time, he would feel kind of guilty for making you cry. I feel like he would also ask you if you wanted him to sing it, right at that moment. ‘‘Baby, want me to sing it to you?’‘

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GD- Jiyong would get a bit shy, I think. Nonetheless he would find it really cute how much you like the song, he would just hug you and aw at how cute and fluffy you are ‘‘You’re so cute,’‘ being extremely happy to know someone like you. I feel like he would make songs about you as well, he would make them quite secretive though, so only the two of you would get that the song is about you.

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Daesung- I feel like this guy would tease you about it, I mean he would obviously find you really cute and stuff, but since we’re talking about Daesung here, he would definitely tease you about it. Not in a mean way, he would tease you by always quoting the song ‘’Yes you’re my girlfriend, you’re my one and only.’’ He would still be really happy about you liking it, since he did sing all of that with you in his mind.

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Seungri- This dude though, he would have no chill to be honest. He would be a smiling mess, all while he would be trying to kill you by giving you the tightest hug ever possible. No but in all seriousness he would be so happy and glad that you liked it ‘‘So…….you liked it?’‘, since he tried really hard to make it so you would enjoy it.

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caspar is so cute and when he smiles his whole face lights up and his eyes go all crinkly at the edges and his cheeks go all adorably scrunchy and it feels so happy and warm and its makes everyone else want to smile bc its so infectious and you almost feel like you can only look at him from the corner of your eye because he is as bright as the sun and you’ve always been told not to look directly into the sunlight 

Twenty Kids (BTS’ Kim Taehyung (V) x male!reader)

Rated: G

Written by: Admin L

“To the couch!” Taehyung proclaimed and threw himself over the back of said piece of furniture, landing on the cushions with his arms outstretched for me to jump into. I laughed into my hand and collapsed into his warm hug, cuddling against his chest. He looked down at me and chuckled. “Ah, so cute.” His grin widened. “Our kids would be so adorable, just like their dads.”

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Oh gosh these recent vids keep making me smile so much :'3 Like, the pancake vid? I love it how, as the vid goes on, Mark just slowly drifts closer and closer to Ethan and Ethan just doesn't move but stays there. Imagine him loving Mark's body heat bc his small body is always kinda cold and especially his hands keep getting cold no matter how hot it is and having Mark there just makes him warm, god bless these adorable boys -V

inhales v softly

mark is basically a beefy space heater and ethan is vv weak for it, so his natural instinct when mark edges a lil closer to him is to either stay there bc he’s warm or to get impossibly closer bc he loves to be warmed up when he cant himself


“I am a human too!”

Being Called Oppa (GOT7)

Hello~ the mysterious shy anon here! ^-^ i love your account a lot! ♡ Can I request a reaction for GOT7 to a cute girl calling them oppa?”

I am scared that I am making this too short, ahhh sorry everyoneee :’o

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He’d bite his lip in an attempt to hide how adorable he thought it was. They would look up at him with the most adorable expression and he’d have to fight everything to not hug this girl to death.If they’re lucky, he might even pass a comment expressing how cute he thought they sounded. Not a lot of things make JB noticeably flustered but this is one of them.

“How am I supposed to stay cool when you say that?”

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(this lil’ shit ruins me is2g)

He’d have a calm exterior, as always. A small but warm smile would appear on his lips as his eyes remained fixated on the girl before him. But, the longer this girl was close, the more his exterior crumbled. He’d have to cover his face in his hands or make a silly expression to hide the growing crimson shade in his cheeks. He may not entirely show it, but he loves it.

“Aish, don’t make me blush.”

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Something about his deep blue eyes, messy blonde hair and adorable freckles makes me feel all these happy feelings. His smile and laugh warms my heart and makes it beat a little bit faster. I don’t talk to him as frequently as i used to because my face turns warms and my voice stumbles and crackles and my fingers shake and my heart beats so loud he can probably hear but he wouldn’t care, everything that makes me nervous he does with ease.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #136
I cried when I heard about Alan Rickman’s passing

I rarely even bat an eye when I hear about the deaths of people I didn’t know personally. But for whatever reason, this hit me hard. I’m sad for the Harry Potter fandom. I feel like there was always an opportunity for more projects. For seeing those actors on screen together again. I don’t know in what capacity, I just feel like we lost something today.

Here’s the bigger thing that I hadn’t realized…

I had the intention of meeting him one day.

There aren’t a lot of actors/writers/celebrities that I would even like to meet, but Alan Rickman was one of them - even before he took on the role of Severus Snape. I just adored him as an actor and wanted to shake his hand and see his warm kind smile directed toward me.

And it’s making me take a look at how many things I want in life, but have done next to nothing to create.

The places I wish to travel, the people I want to meet, the things I want to create…

I checked in with my Mom for some guidance this morning and the message I got from her was “Oh you’re gonna meet him one day!!!”

She practically shouted it at me :) I believe her.

There’s always something to look forward to on the other side of a loss, after all.

But there’s also this massive opportunity to move our lives in the direction of our dreams. Always <3

In honor of Alan Rickman, I am going to sit down and take a good look at my list of things I currently intend to accomplish in my life, and to make plans. I don’t believe in regrets. I don’t believe you can ever completely lose out, because I think everything unfolds in the time it is meant to…

But I also believe that we can create our lives in a way that has us lit up, purposeful, and with a feeling of satisfaction that we did what we could in the time we had, and that we had a great time doing it.

Cheers, Alan. You are so beloved by so many.