his hair was so fluffy this show

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I just realized what would REALLY annoy Kylo Ren: if Rey were to pass along that Kenobi's NEW favorite among the current generation is ... Poe Dameron. He's a dashing hotshot pilot with fluffy hair, a penchant for dramatics, a sassy mouth, and an adorable (albeit foul-mouthed) quirky pet droid! AND he actually has a modicum of emotional stability! This is Kenobi catnip.

LOL! Oh God, this is so true. Obi-Wan shows up to help Rey with something, and then he just…keeps coming back, and posing handsomely and tossing his hair around in Poe’s general direction. He probably doesn’t even realize he’s doing it; it’s just a reflex. He is compelled to flirt with everybody, but especially anyone matching that description. 

Anakin is going to be pissed. HE is the best pilot. HE has the fluffiest hair LOOK AT IT OBI-WAN LOOK HOW IT SHINES. HE does the sassiest backtalking, HE is the most dramatic, and NO ONE has a better droid than HE does. Anakin is angry at Kylo all over again because they never would have run across stupid Poe stupid Dameron if he hadn’t screwed everything up for everyone again. 

Harry is Y/N’s philosophy professor.

Y/N is excited.

She’s in her last year of college, getting closer and closer towards graduation and achieving her degree that she’s worked very hard for. This fall semester is a light load, only a few classes and she couldn’t feel more carefree. One of her classes happens to be philosophy — a class she’s put off having because she knows it’ll just be some bullshit about life and why Greek philosophers want you to live your best life — and she signed up for it as one of her last classes of the day. She walks in, not expecting it to be full because who would want to take philosophy over world religion? (Philosophy was her last resort, and she’s not very happy about it. Hopefully she’ll be able to slide by with an A without trying). She takes a seat towards the middle, not exactly in the back to where she can’t see the board in the giant auditorium, but not in the front so the instructor can call on her. She wonders what the professor looks like; all she knows is his name — Styles, Harry, and that he has a PhD.

Whatever. He can philosophize about philosophy. How intriguing. He’s probably so boring, and the most boring looking-

Y/N nearly spits out her lemon and cucumber water when she sees the professor strut into the classroom. Tall, tan, gorgeous fluffy brown curly hair and a toned, muscled body. She literally feels herself salivate, having to wipe the corners of her mouth and the girl next to her chuckles, fanning her face to show she thinks he’s attractive too. Y/N watches him step down the steps (more so his behind that is perfectly round in his slacks) and the way his back muscles flex beneath his silky dress shirt. She leans forward in her seat, her chin in her hand and her eyes hooded as her breathing speeds up and slows down at the same time, confusing her but she can’t focus on anything right now except  the insanely hot teacher she’s been blessed with.

“Hello, everyone. I’m… Doctor… Styles.” He spaces out his words as he writes his name on the white board. “Although I’m not one of those pricks that’ll correct you if you say “professor” instead of “doctor”.” Y/N dreamily giggles, along with about every other girl in class (and a few boys). “I know in every other class, you went over the syllabus, and that is incredibly boring — the most boring thing in the world I think — so I won’t put you all through that torture. Just read it yourselves and come visit me during office hours if you have any questions or concerns.” Y/N likes Doctor Styles.

And Y/N is definitely visiting him during office hours.

The class dives into a discussion about the presocratics, Doctor Styles tossing out facts about sophists and their ideologies. “The sophists were generally more concerned with “getting your coin” as the lingo is today, more so then actually philosophizing. They taught for a fee, but what they taught was very interesting — or I think so.” Y/N breathlessly laughs, biting her lip, and trying to focus on his words while imagining how his head would look between her thighs. “They believed everything was an opinion and that everything was up for debate.” Y/N raises her hand. “Yes, you there.”

“So, did they believe that there was one fact and that it was that everything was an opinion? Or did they just sit around saying everything was an opinion and didn’t try to force it on anyone?”

The class gasps, some oohs going around. Doctor Styles freezes, puffs out his lips as if he’s thinking, and pinches his eyebrows together. “That… well, that… you see…” He fumbles over his words, making Y/N giggle because he’s so cute and his cheeks flush pink, despite being a college professor. “You might be a philosopher as well, with a question like that.” The class discusses amongst themselves, leaving Y/N and Harry to stare at each other as he tries to answer her question. “I think it’s safe to say that the sophists were thinkers, albeit a simple definition, but that’s about it. They thought you could discuss everything and not be wrong or right. Does that answer your question?” Y/N nods, although not really hearing what he said because she was too busy thinking about his cock looks like. I bet it’s big. Class ends quickly, everyone scurrying out leaving Y/N one of the last ones to leave, along with Doctor Styles. “I think I’m going to enjoy having you in my class.” He smiles at her before exiting, leaving her dazzled and embarrassingly trying to control her breathing before running to her dorm.


“You have Professor Styles? HE’S SO HOT!” Y/N’s roommate Sabrina gushes, falling onto her back on her bed and kicking her feet in the air.

Doctor Styles”, she corrects, “and HE SO IS, AND I TALKED TO HIM.” She tackles her on the bed, straddling her lap because the two have had a few intimate nights together over the years while studying over a glass of chardonnay — not a good mix — and are very open about their sexuality, feeling very comfortable with each other. “I asked a question in class, and he didn’t really know the answer to it! Felt like a proper philosopher.”

“You are pretty smart.” Sabrina taps her nose, making Y/N blush and she climbs off her before they start something they can’t finish. Y/N knows Sabrina sort of has a girlfriend, and she doesn’t want to get in the way of that. “And you have his class every day?”

“Yep! I get to see his sexy ass four days a week, I’m gonna dehydrate from drooling so much.” She giggles into her hand while walking to her mini fridge and pulling out a coffee she saved for today. “You took him last year, right? Do you know how old he is? He looks young.”

“He’s thirty-two. I asked him once when I went to his office hours. He’s very open at those times, I had some deep conversations with him.” She looks up as if reminiscing on them, smiling while doing so. “I wish I could take his class again before I graduate. I want to try to fuck him.”

“Sabrina!” Y/N throws a pillow at her, although she can’t deny she isn’t thinking the same thing.

“Oh, come on! You can’t say you don’t want him between your legs.” She spreads her thighs after saying, lifting her bottom half off the mattress and Y/N forces herself to look away before she gets too tempted to pull off her roommate’s shorts. Being a hormonal twenty-one year old should’ve came with a pamphlet.


The first month of the fall semester flies by. Y/N has yet to visit Doctor Styles during office hours, but she’s spoken in class every day, which is something she hardly does in her other classes. She just wants to hear Doctor Styles’ voice directed to her so she can have something to get her off at night (she isn’t even the tiniest bit ashamed, except for when she sees him the next class and feels her body heat up as she remembers rubbing her clit while thinking about his cock ramming into her). In class, they had an in depth socratic seminar about Heraclitus and his beliefs, and she plans on speaking about that for maybe two minutes during Doctor Styles’ office hours before changing gears and asking about his life — more so his dating life. She really hopes he’s single (even if dating a student is frowned upon, and that’s if he even likes her that way/is attracted to her).

She finds his office, ESED 2304 and checks the plate “Styles. PhD” before knocking on the open door. The office is quite big to just be used for tutoring, and Y/N has to look around a filing cabinet to see him sitting at his desk.

“Doctor Styles? May I come in?” She steps in anyway, walking towards him and he gestures with a wave.

“Of course you may. Y/N, correct?” She nods. “What can I help you with?”

“The quiz next week over the Pluralists, will that cover everyone we talked about, or just mainly Heraclitus?” She sits down in a seat in front of his desk, crossing her legs and praising herself for wearing a skirt. She hopes he sees her thighs.

“Everyone we talked about. Especially Empedocles.”

“Oh, yeah. He believed that love brought everything together, yes?”

“In today’s modern language, no. He just used “love” to describe magnetism.” He leans back in his seat, placing his right foot on his left thigh and Y/N feels her mouth water as the material of his pants stretch over his crotch, making him appear as if his dick is about to burst out. Y/N immediately feels her cheeks heat, shaking her head and letting her hair fall in front of her face. “Your hair is down.”

Y/N looks up, tilting her head to the side. “Huh?”

Harry feels put on the spot, placing his foot back on the ground and pulling himself closer to his desk to hide his erection that is definitely forming due to how tight her shirt is, noting two pebbled nipples poking through the thin fabric. He mentally shames himself for getting hard over a student, but he’s a young man and some of the students are near his age, and he’s unmarried. What’s he to do? “Oh, it’s just… you usually have your hair up, in a ponytail or bun or sometimes braids.” Y/N smiles while blushing, looking down at his wooden desk to distract herself from his piercing green eyes. “That was very unprofessional of me to say. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to notice such things, but-“

“It’s okay!” She wafts the air in a dismissive manner. “You’re just a very observant professor.” She bends down to retrieve something from her backpack, knowingly putting her cleavage on display and Harry leans forward a bit in his chair, although the creaking gives him away and he leans back quickly to pretend like he wasn’t just trying to get a good look at his student’s tits. She comes back up with a smirk, pulling her v-neck up which causes her breasts to bounce. “So, back to Empedocles. He doesn’t believe everything is brought together by love?” Harry shakes his head, trying not to focus on his head down there. “What about you?”

“What do I think about love bringing things together? I think it’s huplah.” Y/N pouts, raising her eyebrows and Harry thinks she’s the cutest student he’s ever had since he’s begun his career. “Not that love isn’t good! It’s great! But it isn’t the center of all things.”

“I think so.” She looks down at her feet, fiddling her thumbs. “Love inspires people, no? So why can’t it be the center of all things?”

Harry smiles at her. “I suppose you’re right. Maybe it’s just my past experiences that make me doubtful.”

“Oh? Have you had bad relationships?”

“The worst. My last girlfriend cheated on me with my cousin, and… oh gosh, I shouldn’t be telling my student this.” He slaps his forehead, laughing to himself.

“No, it’s fine! I don’t mind.” She has to squeeze her thighs together before the words my student filthy her mind. “I’ve had an ex cheat on me too, s’the worst.”

“It is…” They sit in silence for a few moments before he breaks it, feeling a bit awkward. “Well, umm, I have some papers to grade, so-“

“I ruined it, didn’t I?” She bats her eyelashes at him, knowing full well what she’s doing but she wants him to think she’s an innocent angel with big, pouty lips. “I’m sorry for bringing up love. S’my fault, really.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, darling. You’re fine.” Y/N almost chokes from the pet name, wondering if he said it purposely or if he calls everyone that and it just slipped out. Either way, she loves it. “We can pick this up during my office hours tomorrow though, okay?”

Y/N waves goodbye, walking out and swaying her hips to make her skirt flow side to side, knowing he’s looking at her ass and she smirks before disappearing out of the door.


The next day, Y/N’s usual seat is taken by a perky blonde and she rolls her eyes at her PINK backpack and PINK water bottle and PINK headband. She chooses a seat closer to the front, sitting next to a cute boy with dark skin and lovely, dark brown eyes, smiling at him and he does the same. Harry looks to Y/N’s old seat, his face pinching when he sees she’s no longer there but preps up when he notices her closer in one of the front aisles. Y/N waves and Harry gives a little inconspicuous head nod while passing around the sign-in sheet. Their new discussion is fairly interesting, captivating Y/N’s attention, and even the boy’s next to her. He speaks quietly to her, conversing about Zeno’s Achilles and the Tortoise analogy and Harry feels a weird rumble in his abdomen while watching Y/N’s face light up talking to some college douche. He prefers her talking to him about ideas she has, not a classmate. His mind goes before he can stop himself.

“You two in the corner, please speak up for everyone to hear or wait to discuss this on your own time.”

Y/N slumps in her seat, her cheeks reddening and the brown-eyed boy smiles awkwardly at him. Harry feels awful for putting her on the spot, but he can’t let that distract him. He has a class to teach.


Harry waits in his office for Y/N to stop by to discuss more about the upcoming quiz. She doesn’t show, and Harry feels like a proper dick.


Next week rolls around, and Harry’s upset to see Y/N sitting in the far back. He hoped she would sit near the front again so he could be near her, but she’s in the very last row, and he feels shitty. He thinks about writing her an email, but that would be unprofessional on his part. What would he even say? Sorry I called you out in class, please don’t be mad at me and continue to visit me during my office hours? He can’t do that, so he decides on a different approach. He hands out the quiz row-by-row, joking with the class how he needs the exercise of walking up the stairs. When he gets to Y/N, she doesn’t look at him, upsetting Harry further. He places the quizzes on her desk, tilting his head to see if she’ll maybe look up, but she still doesn’t. He exhales deeply, making her fidget in her seat and give him a sparing glance where he smiles at her, but she looks back at the quizzes, mumbling a thank you and writes her name at the top. He gives up, walking back down the stairs after giving out the rest of the quizzes and waits for his class to be done.


Y/N feels a bit weird not speaking to Doctor Styles for a few days, but she’s been very upset with him for calling her out in class like that. She thought they had a decent friendship (or professor/student relationship) enough for him to not embarrass her, but she thought wrong. However, she needs guidance on the essay due soon and is faced with no other option than to visit him during his office hours. She’s shocked to see his door is closed, about to walk away but he opens it for her, standing against the door frame.

“Would you like to come in?” He steps aside, letting Y/N make her way in shyly and toddle to the chair in front of his desk. “I’ll be sitting on my couch, if that’s all right.”

“Sure”, Y/N’s voice is low, flattening out her dress before sitting and she has to suck in a breath as Harry sits with his thighs spread, cuffing the sleeves of his button up shirt and he just looks so hot. She discretely clenches her thighs together as she crosses them, dulling the throb in her clit that has been caused by him for the past month.

“So-“ they say in unison.

“You go ahead.” Y/N speaks.

“I’m sorry for calling you out in class the other day. I don’t usually do that sort of thing.” He nervously wipes his sweaty palms against his slacks.

“It’s okay… I’m sure if I were a professor I would get annoyed by students whispering during my lecture as well.” She gives him a weak smile, smoothing over any creases in her dress.

“No, really, I am sorry. It made me feel awful to see you like that. I care about-“

Before he can finish, another professor bursts through the door, looking rugged and a bit sloppy, his work bag slung over his shoulder. “Harry, mate, did you get my email?”

He was about to tell me something, you jerk! And you want to know if he got your email?

Harry looks at the man with narrowed eyes, the wrinkles in his forehead showing. “Derrick, this time is scheduled for my students to visit me about assignments, and low and behold, I have one with me right now, so please come back at a later time, preferably tomorrow.” Y/N feels a shiver course through her body listening to Harry’s authoritative tone, making its way to between her thighs and she knows she has to take care of it before she makes a puddle in her panties.

“It’s all right!” She stands up, grabbing her backpack and slinging it over her shoulder. “I can come back another time. It looks like you’re needed.” She waves bye to Harry, earning her a small wave back but with a hint of confusion. She dashes to her dorm with one thought in her head: Harry. She plans on getting in her bed, slipping her hand in her panties and rubbing her swollen clit until she cums all over her fingers to the thought of Harry aggressively fucking her against the wall. His bossy tone really set her off, and she hopes she gets to experience her fantasy in real life. If only she knew how quickly it would happen.


Y/N’s sexual arousal has been insane. She’s gotten herself off every day since that day she had to run to her dorm, and it’s been a week. Her clit instantly throbs when she sees Harry in class, dressed in his tight-fitted slacks that hug his bottom and make it seem like his crotch is being held prisoner, ready to bust out of the material; the way the first few buttons of his shirt are undone and how he usually ends up rolling up his sleeves throughout lecture… Y/N feels like she’s bound to explode any day now.

On this particular day, she knows it can’t be healthy — not even to sexologists — to masturbate three times a day (maybe it is) and to refrain from thinking about Harry’s pretty green eyes looking up at her from between her thighs, she takes it upon herself to go to the Target down the road. She doesn’t really need anything, she just needs to be out of her dorm and she thinks shopping mindlessly will help her. She doesn’t even take her car, she walks the mile to really get out of her own head and orders a strawberry refresher from the Starbucks inside once she gets there. It’s very humid outside — due to the rain coming soon — and Y/N wishes she drove as she hears the rain coming down on the roof as she walks to self checkout with an eyeliner in hand. And wouldn’t she know it, after she pays, she sees Harry walking in her direction towards the door, holding two grocery bags.

“Y/N!” He greets her with a smile, making her feel all mushy inside and a bit lower south. “How’ve you been? Haven’t talked to you in a while. You stopped coming to my office hours.”

She feels a little self conscious by how she looks right now: workout shorts, a v-neck, and her hair in a messy bun with pieces every which way. She’s usually very put together when she sees Harry, but right now she looks as if she just woke up. “Oh, yeah, I’ve just been feeling a little sick.” She fakes a cough in her hand, knowing it sounds stage but Harry plays along.

“That’s too bad. Maybe you should take off some time from class.”

“No! No, I’m not that sick, I’m just-“

“But you’re sick enough to stop visiting me?” Try sounding a little more desperate. “To ask about the course work?” That’s better, you idiot.

“Yeah, well no, well…” She exhales sharply, rubbing her arm with her free hand. “I’ve just been busy.”

“I’m just messing with you, darling.” There’s that pet name again, and Y/N’s tummy is doing flips like he called her something more intimate like baby or summat. “I like giving my students a hard time.” He walks with her to the exit, pulling up his hood on his jacket when he sees the rain. “It’s really coming down, huh?”

“Shit”, she curses under her breath. “I need to get a Lyft.” She pulls out her phone, about to tap on the app but Harry’s voice interrupts her actions.

“You don’t have a ride?”

“No, I, uh… I walked here.”

“You walked here? From campus?” She nods. “That’s a whole mile, darling. Have we got ourselves an Olympic athlete?” Y/N chuckles, shaking her head and tucking a piece of hair behind her ear that fell out of her bun. “Well, I can save you the money and give you a ride? How’s that sound?”

Y/N looks up in amazement and bewilderment. Should she accept a ride from her professor who she so deeply wants her to fuck her? Fuck it, it’s raining. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Course it’s okay! I’m on my way back to campus anyway. Gonna eat dinner in my office and grade some tests.”

They walk to Harry’s car, putting their bags in the backseat before getting in, and Y/N clears her throat. “I think I failed that test.” She pouts while buckling her seat belt, catching Harry staring at her and she blushes slightly.

“You most certainly did not. I graded yours earlier today, and you got an 87: B plus.”

“Really?” she squeals, “Holy shit! I really thought I failed.”

“You did really good.” He chuckles at her words, driving back to campus and parking in the administration lot. “What’re you doing right now?”

“Me?” She knows she sounds dumb right after she asks.

“Yes, you.” He smiles, wanting to reach out and pinch her squishy cheek. “I have some extra noodles that I won’t eat by myself. Want to share? And maybe… philosophize about stuff?”

Y/N must he dreaming. Harry, her professor, wants her to eat noodles with him in his office while talking about life?

“That sounds good!” She feels giddy — absolutely giddy — and walks with him to his office. He unlocks the door, letting her step in first and he lets the door close, which she pays no mind to at all. “Can I sit on the couch?”

“Be my guest.” She plops down, her thighs widening from the pressure of the couch beneath her and she feels self conscious again, deciding on sitting criss-cross with her hands in her lap. She wants to ask if she can take her shoes off too, but she doesn’t want to push it. She’s about to have dinner with her professor, for goodness sake! He walks over to her with a container of noodles, some vegetables thrown in and her tummy grumbles. “Hungry?”

“She never shuts up.” She pats her stomach, as if telling it to be quiet and takes the container from a giggling Harry. “Thank you.”

“When’s the last time you ate?” He sits down with her, fairly close and Y/N’s heart rate quickens.

“I had a drink from Starbucks at Target”, she says while scarfing down a few bites.

“That’s not food.” He chuckles before taking a bite. “You need to remember to eat. I know college is time consuming, but you have to remember to take care of yourself, too.”

“I know, I know, it’s just… I have so much homework every day and so many things to read, and I have this fear of failing every class this semester and not graduating in the spring and it’s just very… tiring.” She plays with her noodles with her fork, stirring them around.

“You seem stressed.”

“Very.” She sighs. “And all the articles you have us read don’t help!” She teases him, swatting him on the shoulder is a very playful manner as if they’ve known each other for a long time.

“I’m trying to broaden your mind!” He speaks through a mouthful of food, making her laugh into her hand. “How about this: you come and talk to me during my office hours when you can, and I’ll help you interpret Plato’s dialogues.”

“It’s a date.” She says without thinking, and lets her words marinate in the space between them before realizing what she’s actually said to her professor. “I mean, not a date! I just mean, that, well… you know… it’ll be our time together, and… oh gosh that doesn’t sound better either, does it?” She places her palm on her cheek, feeling how hot it is and she frowns when Harry smiles at her while chewing a bite of broccoli.

“When’s the last time you went on a date?” He places his noodles on the floor a little ways from his feet, grabbing hers as well and doing the same. Y/N looks down at her lap, playing with her laces on her shoes and mumbles something under her breath. “What was that?” He ducks his head, looking at her face more clearly and she meets his eyes.

“I haven’t been on an actual date since my boyfriend cheated on me. I don’t really know why… I guess I’m just scared. So lately I’ve just been having meaningless sex, and… I really shouldn’t have told you that.” She places her head in her hands, feeling absolutely embarrassed.

“S’all right. Don’t be embarrassed.” He rubs her knee, making her breath hitch and he pulls his hand away, trying to play it off as if he didn’t just massage her bare skin. “Anyway… you haven’t been on a date in a while, then?” She nods her head. “This may be personal, but it’s for a sexual study I’m apart of at this campus, so if you don’t mind answering, that would help a lot. Is the meaningless sex more or less satisfying than with someone you have an emotional connection with? I ran a survey last year and 60% of students said no, that it was less satisfying. How do you feel?”

Y/N nibbles on her bottom lip while thinking, making Harry go mad and have to look away before he starts plumping up in his tight trousers. ”I’d say the same. Usually – and most of the time if it’s with a guy – it’s quick and I don’t get off, but of course they do. And I’ve learned that most guys like cuddling if it’s a one-night stand, I’m not sure why though because after it’s done – for them I mean –”, she rolls her eyes, “I want to get out as fast as possible, but they want to cuddle and kiss.”

Harry pushes the images of Y/N receiving neck and chest kisses from a mystery man out of his mind, trying to formulate his question for a follow up. “So you never… finish with men?”

“Hookups with men, no, but with my last boyfriend he made me cum every time. I guess, for me, it’s just about emotional connection and the other person taking their time with me. But, when I get myself off, time isn’t really a factor because I can do it in five minutes sometimes.” She reaches into her backpack and pulls out a water bottle to drink from. “Does my answer help your study?”

Harry’s mouth is dry, very dry – a drastic contrast from how his boxers feel, sticky with precum from how much his cock has swelled up since beginning this conversation. He crosses his legs, hoping she won’t notice but she smirks as she takes another sip of her water. “That… that definitely helped my… uh… my study. Thank you.” He swallows thickly, wishing he had something to drink and Y/N must be a mind reader (or she can just see how flustered he is) because she hands him her water while chuckling. He drinks about half, not even hesitant to drink from the same bottle as her because he’s thought about kissing her for a while now, and a particular part of her down south, especially when he’s alone in his condo at night with only his hand to satisfy him. “Five minutes? Really?” She blushes and nods. “There’s no way.”

“Yes, too, there is! I swear!” She gets up on the couch on her knees, making her shorts ride up her thighs and Harry stares at them shamelessly. “I did it today! And the second time it only took me two minutes! Then again, it was right after the first but still!”

“The second time?” He smirks at her, lifting a thigh onto the couch so his body is turned to hers. She turns crimson, looking away and nodding. “Who’s gotten you so riled up to where you have to do it twice?”

“Don’t make fun of me!” She swats his bicep, grasping it for a second and feeling his toned, strong muscles beneath the thin material. She squeezes it without giving it a thought, really, and moves closer to him. “You’re really buff.”

“Yeah?” He smiles smugly, flexing his muscles and Y/N feels the puddle beginning to form in her panties.

“Yeah”, she answers breathlessly, “Like really buff. Feels like a rock.” He looks at her with narrowed, dark eyes, admiring how her hair is messy and her face is clear of any makeup that she usually wears, and he thinks she’s the prettiest girl he has ever seen.

“You’re gorgeous.”

Y/N’s eyes meet his, not sure if she heard him right and moves even closer so their knees are touching. “W-What?”

“You’re gorgeous”, he repeats. “Absolutely gorgeous.” He caresses his thumb across her cheek, Y/N’s eyes fluttering closed and her breathing slowing, enjoying the gentle touch. “I bet I could make you cum faster than five minutes.” He throws all caution to the wind – not caring about any rules regarding to professor/student relationships because he’s a philosophy professor for Socrates’ sake, and he’s going to live his best life.

“I’d like to see you try”, she tempts him, laying her flirting on thick because she really wants to see his cock and know whether it’s cut or uncut (she wouldn’t care either way, just wants it in her mouth).

“Oh, really?” He flips her to her back, flattening his body atop of hers and looking directly into her pretty eyes. “I could get you off with my fingers alone, in less than five minutes.” Y/N’s blush travels down her chest, Harry looking down at her cleavage on full display and he lowers his head to the swell of her breast, kissing it. Her breathing staggers, her thighs shaking and Harry lifts her head to gauge her reaction. “Are you comfortable with this?”

“Yes.” She tangles her fingers in his hair, finally feeling how soft his glorious curls are and she wants to take a nap in them. “Are you gonna kiss me, Mr. Styles?”

He grinds his hips against hers as he kisses her for the first time, swiping his tongue across her bottom lip and she parts her lips. “Good girl”, he mumbles against her tongue, sucking on it and Y/N emits a whine from deep in her throat. The kiss is heated, full of sexual tension that Harry is finally releasing from looking at her tits in class every day, or watching her walk up the stairs in class in her skin-tight jeans, her ass looking amazing and perfectly round for him to bite into. He really wants to do that, but he’ll save that for a different time because right now he has something else in mind. He breaks the kiss, a smacking noise filling the almost nonexistent gap between them. “Will you touch yourself for me?”

Y/N puffs out her lips, upset they’re not making out anymore, and Harry has to peck her plushy lips a few times before pulling away completely. “I want you to touch me.” She pleas, bringing his head back down to hers and kissing the corner of his mouth, then his cheek, then his jaw.

“I do, too, baby, but it’d make me so hard if you did it in front of me, for me to watch. Then, after you cum I can make you cum. Okay?” Y/N nods, watching Harry crawl down her body and rest himself between her thighs. “Can I take off your shorts for you?” She hums her agreement, being rid of them and her panties in a matter of seconds and the cold air of the office makes her buck her hips up, dangerously close to his mouth. “This is so fucking hot. I’m gonna guide you, okay?” He feels himself leak in his boxers, raising himself up to his knees to unbutton his pants and push them to his knees, his cock springing out and Y/N’s thighs spread wider, wanting it inside her. He’s big and thick, just how she imagined him all those nights when she was working her fingers in and out of herself, and a thick vein runs up the course of his shaft, ready for Y/N’s tongue and she reaches out to touch it, causing Harry to shiver and gawk at how her small hand moves over his swollen cock. “I’m gonna get myself off while telling you what to do, okay?”

“Okay”, she moans when he brings her hand to her center, extending two fingers to her clit and she squirms when he puts force on her hand, making her begin rubbing.

“Now slide your fingers down and fuck yourself with them.”

He wraps his fist around his cock, moving it up and down as she slips two fingers into her wet hole, gasping at the fullness. Harry’s mesmerized, pumping himself quicker to the erotic sight, making him twitch in his hand. She watches him as well, trying to go slow so it’ll last, but seeing her sexy professor work his cock over in his hand is really setting her off. She pumps her fingers faster in and out of her tight hole, wishing it was filled with Harry’s beautiful cock, and just as she feels she’s near the edge, Harry gives her another instruction.

“Now go back to your pretty clit.” He sounds breathless, fucking his hand a bit faster but not by much, just enough to make him go crazy and he tosses his head back momentarily. “Get it all wet for me.”

His demanding tone sets her off more than anything, wishing he was saying these things into her ear. She whimpers pathetically – not really caring though – and feels inexplicably close as a drop of precum falls from his cock down to her thigh, making her roll her head to the side in her euphoric state and gasp into the cushions as she scoops up his precum and rubs it over her clit. Harry hiccups a breath, his hand a blur and he’s coming before he can get a warning out. He splashes it across her stomach and a bit on her clit, working it all out of himself by focusing on the tip and a schlicking noise fills the air, making it that much more filthy. Y/N throws her head back, her thighs widening rather than trying to shut as she cums and her fingers rub her clit insistently, never stopping until she can’t take it anymore and her whimpering stops.

“Fuck.” Harry rests both hands on her knees, staring at her between her legs and how lovely his cum looks painted on her skin. “You with me, baby?”

“Uh-huh”, she murmurs, biting her lip as his gaze meets her face and she gives him a loopy smile. “You gonna make me cum now?”

Harry stuffs his face between her thighs as his answer.


The following few days in class are wonderful.

Y/N sits in the very front, something that Harry is grateful for but also thinks is a curse. Grateful because he can see her beautiful face up close for an hour and a half while teaching, but a curse because he gets distracted during lecture and looks like an idiot in front of the class, making Y/N giggle but Harry just fucks her in his office afterwards.

“You like making me distracted, don’t you? That’s why you sit in the front?” He pounds into her, holding her thighs wrapped around her body as he fucks her against the door.

Y/N can’t even reply, simply because Harry’s cock is too good for its own good and has her mind a muddled mess every time it’s in her pussy. She moans into his neck, biting the skin and begging him to go faster, to make her cum around his big cock because it’s the only one she ever wants inside her again and he has to pull out and set her down on her knees so she can swallow him down her throat.

“Same time tomorrow?”

At the end of today’s class, however, Harry’s nervous. He’s had a question rattling his brain since Y/N let him watch her touch herself in his office, and he doesn’t know if she will feel the same way. His palms get sweaty as she approaches him towards the podium as everyone clears out.

“Hey, cutie.” She looks around to make sure the class is empty before reaching up and kissing his cheek. “You lectured really well today. I learned a lot about Plato’s second Republic.”

“Do you want to go out?” He’s abrupt with it, focusing all his attention on hers and praying she says yes. Harry thinks Y/N is amazing and smart and wants her completely, in every way, not just sex.

Y/N smiles hugely, jumping up and wrapping her arms around his neck as she smears her lips against his. “Yes, I want to go out!” She squeals, swaying both of them back and forth as she looks at him dreamily.

“You do? Really?” Her smile is contagious, spreading to Harry’s face so much so his dimple peaks through.

“Yes, really! Couldn’t you tell?” He picks her up and sits her on his desk, standing between her thighs and sprinkling kisses all over her face. “I guess, now, I have to change my schedule for next semester.”

“What do you mean?”

“I chose you as my ethics professor.” She pecks his nose as she plays with his hair, running her fingers through it to widen the curls. “But I suppose it’s not very ethical to have my boyfriend as my professor.”

“Doesn’t seem so bad to me.” He slips his hand beneath her skirt, petting her over her panties and her thighs part further. “We can do this after every class.”

She grabs his hand, despite how much she really doesn’t want him to stop, and pushes it away. “Not here”, she giggles. “This turns in to a trigonometry class in”, she checks her phone, “five minutes.”

“I guess I’ll just fuck you in my office, then.” He sighs dramatically with a hand to his forehead. “What a burden.”

“After we eat!” She licks her lips. “I’m hungry and want a sandwich. We can get it at that little bistro down the street, mixed in with all those little shops! Ooh, and then we can window shop!”

Harry’s the happiest he’s ever been.

Making out with... Haechan


Anon: No one requested a making out with haechan yet so I thought I would - after reading the first kiss w/ haechan and making out with mark I’m so soft for a cute shy haechan

Anon: if it aint too much too ask can u make a making out with haechan ndnxxnx im so flustered asking this

Anon: Hey!! Make out w donghyuck? Innocent ofc 💓💓💓

Anon: would be really nice if you’d do a make out with haechan too 💖

Since Mark’s was so heavily appreciated (thank you for that btw!) I decided to post Haechan’s sooner than expected too! hopefully y’all like this, and don’t worry - it’s very fluffy and cute and beware for shy Haechan (ya ikr wtf) 💓also its quite long srry

Originally posted by donghyukslee

  • Your relationship with Donghyuk would be a very playful and teasing one
  • It’s very likely that you’d have started off as best friends
  • Or at least, your relationship resembled one strongly
  • So there wouldn’t be much kissing or PDA or skinship of any sort
  • Of course it wouldn’t mean he didn’t care about you or thought of you as a friend rather than a girlfriend
  • But it’d be a subconscious, mutual decision
  • Neither of you were ever that into it and you weren’t intending to start doing so soon
  • However, saying this, further into the relationship
  • As the pair of you grew more mature and your feelings for one another became deeper,
  • Haechan would need more of something to how his affection and love towards you
  • The teasing and jokes you shared were great to him, of course, but he’d be scared of losing you or not showing enough emotion physically to you
  • As if he needed something new and exciting to express his feelings
  • So he’d start doing just that - skin ship
  • You’d notice how he’d start holding you’re hand more, wrap his arms around your waist instead of your shoulders, tuck strands of your hair behind your ear occasionally
  • You’d know what he was doing and what his intentions were, which would make your heart go all soft and think of him as fluffy whenever he did so
  • You couldn’t help but blush whenever he touched you softly like that, your heart racing and your palms sweaty
  • Haechan would act so casually and it’d annoy you so god damn much
  • How could he possibly show you this kind of affection, without reacting like you awkwardly?
  • But really he’d be freaking out, cursing himself for not being direct enough or affectionate enough
  • He’d just wan to show you his feelings but he was also scared of rejection
  • He didn’t want you to turn him down or reject him, so only took baby steps
  • Eventually there’d be more cuddled, then more kisses, starting with your forehead, then cheeks, then nose and then lips
  • Soon skin ship would be so natural to you two
  • Kissing and cuddling one anther would be a normal thing unlike months before where it was basically nonexistent
  • And with more skin ship, means making out
  • The first time yo made out with Haechan, it was the most awkward and weird experience of your life, worse than your first kiss with him
  • Neither of you would know what to do or how to kiss for “making out” time
  • It’d be a casual date for you, just laying around chatting at the NCT dorms whilst the other members are out shopping for things
  • He would go in to kiss you, just like any other time - just a sweet and soft peck
  • And when he pulls back, he’ll stop moving when his face is only a few inches away from you
  • Staring at one another, you watched as he glances at your lips, a subtle way of asking if you were okay with what he was going to do next
  • You licked your lips, your breathing starting to become heavier and faster
  • Haechan gulps, wiping the palms of this hands on his pats, before awkwardly placing one on your hip and lacing the their one with your hand
  • Slowly you both lean in, eyes fluttering shut
  • And he’s so close that you can hear him quietly breathing heavily like you
  • Your lips meet and linger for a few seconds
  • There’s literally no movement or emotion in the kiss, not that either of you were trying to not put any into it
  • It was just because neither of you knew what to do
  • You’d open your eyes, lips still pressed to Haechan’s stiffly, and you cringe internally at the awkwardness of the situation
  • He looked so painfully cute and being this close to him meant you could see that his cheeks were tinted pink in embarrassment
  • Eventually, you wouldn’t be able to hold it in, but would start giggling, pushing him away from you and covering your face with your hands
  • Haechan looks at you, a pout forming on his lips and a look af sadness across his face - he’d think you were laughing at him which was kinda the case but okay
  • You’d try to tell him, but it would be virtually impossible so he’d have to wait a couple of hours sulking before you told him, to which he sighed in relief and found it amusing too
  • But anYWAY
  • yes ik i didnt end that well and it was rushed bUT
  • Haechan would always be shy before and after making out with you, but somehow he was the complete opposite when he was actually doing it like ???
  • I can guarantee you that he will have asked the older and only the nicer members for tips and probably went on wiki how for some advice and practised on the back of his hand lmao
  • Which really worked for him and you could tell
  • Although the next few make out session after your first would be a little stiff as well, very quickly they’d blossom into really nice and meaningful sessions
  • He’d like it if you were leaning on something like a wardrobe or table or kitchen counter because it’d mean he could control the kiss plus the other members said it would make your heart flutter which was definitely the case
  • Haechan would be so gentle and sweet with you, as if, if he held you too tightly or kissed you too roughly, you’d just break
  • He’d also be very slow and steady, not making things too heated and keeping it fluffy and with just the right amount of passion
  • One hand would cup your face, his thumb gently rubbing your jawline which would cause you to naturally loosen your jaw and relax
  • And his other hand would play with your hair, a gesture which would make your heart race
  • His kisses would start off very short and very many of them, just pressing them to your lips and smiling in between them
  • But then they’d become longer and slower, his tongue occasionally brushing your lips to pry them open
  • And no, not for PG reasons jfc
  • Sometimes, he’d slip his tongue into your mouth, but this would be very rare and the moment would quickly pass
  • He’d have a sudden jolt of confidence to do something daring, but then the thought would scare him and cause him to retreat back again
  • Not that you would mind, if he was uncomfortable, then you’re weren’t going to say anything to make him awkward
  • anyway back to it
  • He’d use his jaw a lot, so much so, he’d even complain about the pain he was having after
  • He couldn’t help but move his jaw whenever he kissed you, in attempt to make the kiss deeper and somehow press his lips even closer to yours
  • Humming occasionally, the vibrations would send shivers down your spine, making Haechan chuckle at your easily blushy self
  • He’d also be a fan of kissing your jaw srsly he has some kind of creepy and satanic obsession with it its not healthy
  • He’s always peppering kisses along your jaw and down your neck, teeth nibbling on your collar bone as a joke causing you to raise your shoulders instinctively and giggle
  • He likes to hold your face/hair but he’d also like holding your sides and giving them a quick squeeze every now and then
  • This would make you jump and squeal from how sensitive and ticklish you were there, and he’d blush at you getting all blushy at him
  • Also, one last note before we go to blushy/awkward/weird Haechan again,
  • I think his lips are super soft and well-cared for
  • He probably doesn’t want to embarrass himself and do something wrong
  • He just really wants to be a good boyfriend and make sure you actually do like kissing him and being with him
  • TBH he probably worries all the time about your relationship
  • Scared that you’ll leave him or something, so he tries his best to be the best he can be
  • Which you really admire and love about him, and try to do the same back
  • After making out with Haechan, expect him to literally stay away from you
  • He’d feel so awkward and stiff afterwards, as if he committed a sin or something
  • Internally prays for his sins too
  • He’s also freaking out about what happened, shocked that he gained the confidence he did
  • Really red faced and you can literally see drops of sweat rolling down his face
  • Best thing to do is let him be and not dwell on it
  • Since he’ll always comes and find you later to basically smother you in affection and apologise and say he loves you and aWE
  • he just really loves you
  • And even though, he’d usually show his affection by teasing you and making fun of you like friends would,
  • It’d be in rare moments like this that you’d realise how much he really does love your guts you

Making out with… series

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Can you please bless my dash with some soft Jikook fan art? I need it rn


let’s go baby♥ 

  • let’s start with THE fanart. This is. Golden. Perfect. Amazing. I love this. 

Originally posted by puzzlepeace

  • Orange hair Jimin + bunny Kookie = help me I’m melting

Originally posted by tooruqueen

  • This brings me inner peace. Look at them: Jungkook with his comics and Jimin scrolling through Twitter, probably. Ideal date right here. (LASO THE PUPPY???? IM SCREAMING)

Originally posted by theashina

  • This is more a Jimin fanart but we all know where this is from. *cough cough* honeymoon

Originally posted by soydaufu

  • bih. BIH. 

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  • Everytime is a good time for booty slapping amirite??

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Don’t forget to show love to the artists that made these beautiful fanarts!!!


So it’s 1/1 New Year’s Eve according to the Lunar calendar, and since here at my place it’s kind of a big thing, here’s Sefikura wearing Vietnamese aodai LOL.

Btw, I just saw a post saying it’s the year of the Chocobo (aka year of the Chicken lol) but then you can say that it’s the year of the Cloud ahahaha.

I’m sure someone has done this before but please consider a Marichat/Adrienette Tarzan AU where Adrien grows up in the jungle, but instead of being raised by apes, he’s found by black panthers. He finds a snarky brother figure in Plagg, runs around the jungle like a panther, swift and agile and stealthy in the night. He knows he’s different from his brother, but he doesn’t know why. He has seen humans, and though he seems to have the same kind of head and arms and torso and legs as them, he doesn’t look like them, he doesn’t think he’s one of them, not really. The colors of his skin and hair are unlike the other humans hunting in the jungle, with their dark bodies painted and their sharpened spears pointed at Adrien’s animal brothers.

One day he stumbles on the crash site and finds the plane. Plagg somewhat tries to steer him away, but Adrien is drawn to the strange jagged metal. He slinks into the plane and finds a photograph–though he doesn’t really know what a photograph is, he’s innately sharp enough to work out that it’s some kind of painting. He’s elated to find that the humans on it look quite like himself, not like the other hunting humans he’s seen. One of the humans on the photo is a tall man with short silver hair and intelligent eyes, and the other is a woman long flowing hair and a gentle smile. Adrien’s heart pangs at the sight of them, though he doesn’t know why. And then there’s another human, a cub–a baby–sitting on the woman’s lap. This little human has fluffy hair, and bright eyes… It eerily looks like Adrien himself, when as a boy he used to look at the clear, still water of the watering hole before the other animals came in.

With a jolt Adrien realizes what the photograph is, and what the destroyed state of the plane means. He looks at Plagg, so many questions hammering in his chest but nothing getting past his throat. Plagg says nothing, but, in a rare show of affection, rubs the top of his head on Adrien’s shoulder.

Meanwhile, Marinette has been sent into the jungle to cook for a scientific expedition. While Mme. Mendeleiev is mostly a camper, she’s too busy doing science things to eat, much less prepare meals, thus the need for a cook. And while Mme. Mendeleiev is an intense, rather acidic personality, Marinette is given time to walk around the perimeter of the camp and sketch. One day she dares to stray a bit farther than she usually does, and chances upon a ladybug resting on a leaf. She very carefully hunkers down on her belly to inspect it before it flies away. With keen eyes, she commits the scene to memory: the exact shade of red, the number of spots, the way the light fell on the trees, and the green, green eyes in the shadows– 

Marinette gasps, freezing in place. For several moments, nothing moves, not even the air nor the little ladybug resting on the leaf. And then the body that owns the green eyes inches forward. Her heart pounding against her ribs and the ground below, Marinette drinks in the sight of the figure before her. Dirtied hands, lean but strong arms, fair but slightly tanned human skin, dazzling golden hair, and the most curious green eyes Marinette has ever seen.

Edit: Aaaand I’ll be putting all related drabbles and things in the #feral!adrien au tag.

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maya why is lotor so pretty

okay i know you’re not looking for an actual analysis but me being Me, here i am and here i go 

Why Lotor Is So Goddamn Attractive: an essay

  • where tf do i start……
  • his eyes.
  • they’re the perfect shape to give him that smug, attentive aura and he has vertical pupils when he feels threatened i mean?? how fucking cool is that 
  • his eyebrows. elegant. expressive. so sharp he could stab a dude with ‘em. just thick enough to accentuate those magnificent eyes
  • pointy ears. they’re ideal. not too extreme, but still long enough to be alien
  • his nose is also perfect in size and shape
  • that goddamn hair 
  • i can’t show this in screenshots but the way it’s animated makes it look so fluffy
  • also it’s white, so that contrasts the sharp design of his facial features nicely. it’s a soft colour, unlike black - which is also neutral, but would give his character design an edgy nuance and make his face appear smaller at that. so white is really the perfect choice here, adding just a touch of softness to his otherwise Pointy look.
  • his thin face structure.
  • he doesn’t look overly masculine while still maintaining that menacing undertone and i hate how fucking attractive that is
  • f a n g s
  • my ridiculous fang kink aside, you’ve seen him smirk?? right????? do you have any idea what it does to me????? he just g r i n s and it gives him such a cocky, confident attitude 
  • claws
  • retractable claws
  • i’m gradually growing more frustrated because his character design meets all of my aesthetic kinks 
  • it’s not fucking fair
  • look how cute he looks here:
  • this should be illegal. he somehow goes from threatening to adorable in the span of 0.8 seconds and I. Hate. It. 
  • then the hair again. it’s like a velvety cloud, framing his face perfectly and i just really really really really wanna run my fingers through it 
  • also that ridiculous bang in his face? i know i like to make fun of it but it truly makes his character design even more compelling 
  • he’s not overly expressive most of the time but that stupid strand is always moving, always tricking you into paying close attention to his face. ngl, ‘s pretty well done 
  • not to mention, the armour design does a lot to add to the overall impression. his face is yellow/purple/white but the outfit is blue/orange/black, so his colour scheme is contrary but also complementary 
  • truly flawless
  • and on top of all that. he just has to go and wield a sword and be so goddamn good at it 
  • let me end this mess of an analysis by forcing u to look at his perfect face once more 
  • how dare this stupid cartoon alien make me fall for him. the sheer audacity
  • that is all



• Waking up to the strong smell of coffee every morning
• Coming home to a sea of papers flooding the living room
• And finding Spencer somewhere amongst the mess
• And practically having to drag him from his work to bed
• Spencer constantly speaking during TV shows, pointing out all the scientific flaws
• Him constantly spewing facts
• Doing fixer up projects whenever he’s home
• He’s really absent minded so he’d probably be in the middle of something and then just walk away and you’re left to clean up his messes a lot
• But even though it’s annoying, it’s kinda cute so you don’t always mind
• Dealing with his crazy schedule and being woken up in the middle of the night with a quick good bye kiss
• Cuddles all the time
• Fluffy haired, pajama Spencer
• Comfoting him whenever he has nightmares
• Indulging in bizarre midnight snacks
• Teaching him how to bake and cook
• And the smoke detectors going off every time he attempts to make dinner
• Him inviting the team over a lot for get togethers
• Random sloppy kisses as you pass by in the hall
• And lots of “I love you”’s

Monthly Fic Rec May (x)

Louis is the best older brother anyone could ask for. He knows this because he’s agreed to help chaperone his younger sister’s school trip to Rome. As it turns out, Italy is full of surprises. Fizzy’s Italian teacher is surprisingly hot, Rome is surprisingly interesting, and Louis is surprisingly falling in love with more than just the city. 

The one where Harry gets roped into a four-day camping trip with the boy who kissed him and never called back.

The one where Louis just wants to win Trivia Night so he can get some free food, but he can’t because a certain guy with fluffy hair takes home the prize every week - except for one. 

Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week. 

The study was to see if two strangers could live together for a month and fall in love.
Louis is allergic to peaches, Harry smells like peaches.
Louis just came for the money.

Keep reading

Harry's reaction to becoming a father.

Okay, I’m sorry in advance, BUT THIS HAS BEEN IN MY MIND ALL DAY.

Harry is slumped back against the sofa, his long legs crossed and covered in tight black jeans, a phone wrapped in his big hand, his eyes glued to the screen.

You walk up to him, a wide smile spread across your face, holding the pregnancy test behind your back. Standing in front of him, you circle your hips and lift yourself up on your heels, until Harry looks up to you.

“Wha’ is it, pet?” he asks, an amused smile on his face. He has puffy under eyes, and curls spread across his forehead, and a light scruff covering his chin and jawline.

Without a word, you hand him the pregnancy test, and he hesitates at first, thinking, is it what he thinks it is? Are you serious?

“Tell me what it says.”

“It.. it has two red lines.” he reads in disbelief, looking up to you wide eyed, and his mouth falls agape.

“You’re going to be a dad, Harry.”

Harry gets up on the second you speak your words, his eyes getting glossier from the tears of joy and amazement.

“Wha’? Are yeh serious?” He asks hastily, feeling his heart starting to beat faster. You nod to him, and that’s when he loses it.

He crouches down, hiding his face in his palms, soft cries leaving his lips. He’s mumbling something, something in the lines of:

“Oh my god. I can’t believe this. I’ve waited so long, and now it’s happening.”

You also crouch down to him, tuck a curly strand of hair behind his ear, and stroke Harry’s hand with your thumb, asking him to show you his face.

He finally reveals his now even puffier red eyes, flushed out cheeks and trembling cherry lips, that are still curved up into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

“I’m gonna be a dad.”

Okay but can we talk about Misha. Misha is one of the nicest and purest people to ever exist in our time. He tries to change in this lost, destroyed world as much as he can and on a daily basis. But can you just look at his almost angelic face? Look at his ocean blue eyes, look at how sincere they look. Look at his fluffy hair and how is just looks so simple but so extraordinary. Look at how his head is tilted in the cutest way possible. While he is just probably answering a question without any intentions of looking this way, he is being an angel. Hs saves lives. Not only in the show, but in real life. He saved a lot of us before and he may save others in the future. A lot of us know this, a lot has felt, and a lot more has experienced it. He made us laugh, he made soms happy. Hs supported families. He supported a lot of people and helped them to have a better live. No one has ever been rejected by him. He just accepts everyone, no matter of their race, gender, sexuality, or religion. And I think we need more people liks Misha in our fucked up world.


We’re not going to bury the lead here: Bob Ross’ hair was actually straight. Just ask his longtime business partner Annette Kowalski, who knew Ross better than anyone — he had just gotten out of the Air Force, and was unsuccessfully trying to make a living as a painter, she says.

“He got this bright idea that he could save money on haircuts. So he let his hair grow, he got a perm, and decided he would never need a haircut again,” Kowalski explains.

Before he could change it back, though, the perm became his company’s logo — Ross hated it. “He could never, ever, ever change his hair, and he was so mad about that,” Kowalski says. “He got tired of that curly hair.”

But viewers never got tired of Ross or his show The Joy of Painting. With his soft, hypnotic voice, he’d bring his viewers in close as he created 30-minute masterpieces — distant mountain ranges, seascapes, forest scenes, always with those happy little trees. He’d sling his palette around, blend the titanium white paint, whisper about his life in Alaska, then gently tap his fan brush to create a canvas full of fluffy clouds. With his partly unbuttoned chambray shirt, his halo of tight curls and his soothing demeanor, Ross was a fixture on PBS.

Re-watching the show decades later — it’s now streaming on Netflix — The Joy of Painting still feels like a personal art lesson. And yet the oil painter we spent so many hours with remains a mystery. Ross led a private life and did only a few interviews during his career.

The Real Bob Ross: Meet The Meticulous Artist Behind Those Happy Trees

Photos: Bob Ross Inc.


home is you — newt [tmr]

summary: in which newt wakes y/n up differently than any other day in the glade. [010318]

song inspiration: your song - elton john.

warnings: none, just a cute little drabble full of fluff.

word count: 1.1k


IT SOUNDED SWEET, like honey. Sweet, like the way the warm, morning sun shone in through the window of the Homestead. Sweet, like the way you would listen to him laugh so endearingly or the way he smiled at you like no one else was around. Sweet, like the way he would look down upon you with his hazel eyes gleaming with affection and happiness. Sweet, like him. 

It was so adequate of love, like your heart. So full of love, like the way he would promise that everything would be okay. So full of love, like the way he would hold you close whenever he could - whether it was by the fire or under the stars or cuddled up in bed. So full of love, like the way he kissed you. So full of love, like your tender relationship. 

It was a whisper, like a gentle breeze of calm wind. Whispered, like the way he would bring serenity to you when you struggled to find it amongst nightmares. Whispered, like the way he would tell you just how beautiful he thought you looked. Whispered, like the way he would tell you he loved you. 

It’s a little bit funny, this feeling inside. I’m not one of those who can easily hide,” Sweet, loving, and whispered it came. You recognised the tune in your ears, and the words being the first thing you awoke to on that morning in the Glade had you already smiling so attentively into the fluffiness of your pillow and your cheeks tinting a faint vermillion with glowing affection. 

You felt the callous pads of his fingers gently tracing patterns on the bare skin of your back, the action evoking a trail of goosebumps to arise on your soft skin in their wake. You felt his breath graze your lower back, his lips pressing a soft kiss there just after and you had to clutch your bottom lip between your teeth to abstain from gasping aloud with surprise. 

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so me and @partyhardwithharold were chatting when I had a sudden realization that Georgi was kind of good-looking and I got curious what he would look like if he had his hair down then THIS happened and we noticed that he looked like Yuuri and Viktor’s child if they had one and boom!

Russian Family AU (happens after ep 12)

Imagine Viktor and Yuuri adopts Georgi as their child
• Yuuri and Viktor adopt everyone under Yakov’s tutelage
• Yurio is disgusted (and a little jealous) and goes into HISSING MODE
• Yuuri bringing some katsudon for them to try AND OH MY GOD YURIO WAS RIGHT THIS IS AMAAZING!
• Mila as the daughter who always kisses up to the parents
• She always shows off cuz praises from Viktor and Yuuri are so warm and fluffy and stuff
• Icerink Parents doting on their daughter (Yurio looking disgusted)
• Georgi is that child who responds well to praise so they give him special attention
• Especially since Anya broke his heart </3
• Viktor consoling him
• *shoves georgi out of his room where he was sulking 24/7* “GET OUT THERE AND GET ANOTHER DATE!” “WE BELIEVE IN YOU BABE!”
• …then Viktor and Yuuri secretly follows him around
• Yurio: “Y'all are nuts, I’m going home” Viktor pulls him back “Learn a thing or two from Georgi” “but I already have Otab- OH SHIT NO
Yurio hasn’t really told any one that he was official with Otabek
• Then they stop the stake out to interrogate Yurio cuz HOW WHEN WHY
• Yuuri’s the chill parent while Viktor’s overprotective and in denial
• So Georgi’s long gone and they walk back cuz THIS CONVERSATION IS NOT OVER.
• but then Yurio point out Mila and Sara’s relationship
• Viktor: “WAIT WHAT YOU TOO?!”
• Everyone in the Family is gay (except for Georgi probably)
• Imagine Yakov and Lilia coming back and seeing the chaos
• “why did you bring Lilia?” “As a friend.” Viktor: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) wink wink nudge nudge
• They lock them in the ice rink
• Lilia doesn’t know how to skate so she falls
• *Insert Typical “Falls Into Arms and looks Into Eyes” moment
• “Yurio are you crying?” “I’M SWEATING THRU MY EYES”
• Georgi’s like “ah…rekindled love…”
• Lilia bonding with Yuuri cuz he used to do ballet
• Yurio being a sulky child because he’s the Prima Ballerina
• Ballerina Squad™

Someone write a fic for this please. Would read 10/10

I can’t find a good gif of that old “Shit’s Fucked” music video, but if I had one, it would be here.

This is my D&D character, DinRaali. He’s an elf wizard with really shitty people skills and a bad habit of adopting every npc he comes across. The list of things he’s enlisted in his personal Din army are, but not limited to; A Goblin named Bob Dole, a warboar who is convinced that he is her piglet, a very fluffy harpy, A unicorn that’s on fire at all times, An orphan boy (After forcing his father to shoot himself), and a dog that is secretly the hulk, but with a lot more hair. 

I haven’t drawn basically anything in over a year now and life is showing no signs of letting me fix that. Sorry guys, I’m doing my best.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Zombiezuku, Ch.2

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Chaotic Entrance Exam is chaotic

Izuku is not quite sure how this happened, but Kacchan is dragging him up the path to the gates of U.A. High while a pretty girl chatters at them. Also, Izuku is floating. This seems like a pretty important fact to mention. Izuku rarely defies gravity on his own.

“Keep him that way, Roundface,” Kacchan had grunted and started dragging the floating Izuku by his tie after the girl had used her Quirk to save Izuku from tripping. “Can’t run off to be fucking stupid that way.”

“I could sleep like this,” Izuku had realised.

The girl found that very funny. “You’re not nervous at all, huh?” She’d laughed sheepishly. “I’m so excited!”

“I’m just dead inside,” Izuku explained to her.

“Deku’s a fucking idiot, is what he is.” Kacchan looked like he was contemplating chucking Izuku into the sun.

He still looks that way now, actually. Izuku should probably not tempt fate.


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