his worried face... :(

Jeongguk seems to be in such a good mood!! He must be really happy and relieved to be finally graduating and leave school and fully concentrate on his career now :’) its a once in a lifetime thing so I hope he enjoys his graduation with a big smile on his face and leaves that place with only good memories ;; ♡

You shouldn’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to Viks - dialogue credit to @foxymaple

Forgive me for the messy writing

Bon Voyage ep 1 highlights
  • 1 minute: no white t-shirts for jungkook
  • 3 minutes: "taehyungie is handsome so he's filming a drama"
  • 5 minutes: yoongi remembers to pack medicine for everyone
  • 8 minutes: fascinated by check in machines
  • 14 minutes: jimin forced to carry jin's bags
  • 17 minutes: "do we have to borrow a credit card?"
  • 20 minutes: jimin loses his bag
  • 24 minutes: bts loses jungkook
  • 26 minutes: what are automated doors?
  • 27 minutes: namjoon makes a bad pun. jin is the only one who laughs
  • 30 minutes: jimin finds his bag!
  • 34 minutes: namjin go grocery shopping (+birthday shopping for jungkook)
  • 36 minutes: jimin sacrificed to sleep in the living room
  • 37 minutes: sugakookie excited over sharing a room
  • 38 minutes: jin really doesn't want to room with namjoon
  • 39 minutes: jungkook tries to learn how to use the washing machine
  • 42 minutes: hobi joins in on learning how to use the washing machine (neither of them is very good at it)
  • 44 minutes: happy coming of age day jeon jungkook!
  • 45 minutes: jimin excited to beat up jungkook
  • me at the end of this mess: what about poor taehyung who has to do this all himself?

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hello this is ur daily bird ask saying that i love you and here is your daily bird smorch *smorches u* thank u for having me and remember to hydrate

i love u!!! i am very hydrated bc i just spent like 2 hours lying on my bathtub trying to help my snake shed and i got soaked

in other news today, the 10-year-old girls i work with tried to set me up with a cute stranger that dropped by. apparently his name is either Joe or Bo or the person they asked, a relation of his, just said “no,” lol. there was a brief moment where he was /not/ dating material because one of the girls thought he was wearing sandals with pants, which she says is “lazy.” but it’s fine cause he was wearing steel toed boots (don’t ask me how you mix the two up). when asked if i would date him, i pointed out that i’d said maybe 10 words to him so no. they decided that’s fine, he’s cute and they will share him…


OK may I just point out one thing:

Ash has all these people (and countless friends who are not in Kalos) rooting for him

While Alain has only her:

And it’s sad.