his will is really strong and he has inspirational quotes to boot


Inspired by and based on @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl​‘s Dangan Thieves AU with Nanami and Hinata, I made my own contribution with everyone’s favourite (or at least the majority of people’s favourite) ultimate lucky student! I tried to make the confidant screen similar to the way the AU creator made their one with Nanami and Hinata but mine looks so much messier because I’ve never done stuff like that,,,and of course the second picture is a rough sketch of a phantom thief Komaeda fghjkl and the third is my attempt at a sprite edit

I made a few details on how I think it would go in this AU…I think Komaeda would play a role perhaps similar to Futaba, but only in the sense I think that he’d probably have a palace of his own which you would have to go through to get him on your team actually…!! but I haven’t decided on all the details for the palace so I decided not to include it (yet)

but again the AU credit goes to @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl entirely, even this post is structured in a similar way!! all I did was make the details for Ko and edited/drew the pictures above

honestly this is just…hellishly self indulgent.

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Some Thoughts on Nesta’s and Feyre’s Relationship

I hate Nesta in ACOTAR and ACOMAF. After reading ACOWAR, I was still on a fence about her. In fact, I felt kinda uneasy when someone expresses his/her love towards her, cause I still couldn’t forgive Nesta for how she treated Feyre (she has layers, sure, but I still couldn’t not dislike her).

BUT, i’ve thought about her a lot these days and found that she really grew on me and I felt like I was wrong for refusing to see other parts of her. In this post, I am going to compile all the moments that changed my opinion on Nesta and her relationship with Feyre for the better.

Nesta is very proud, that much is clear. She also has the tendency to turn a blind eye towards something she didn’t like or she’s not affected by personally (more about this later on). I think, when it comes to Feyre, Nesta just wanted to reach out to her but doesn’t know how. Nesta also showed a great deal of respect towards her sister, and, sometimes, be inspired by her. Don’t you ever tell me that Nesta doesn’t love and care about Feyre as much as she does Elain. She just have a different dynamic with Feyre.


1. When Feyre asked her to cut some woods or sth, Nesta refused. But, the next morning, Feyre found out that Nesta has cut some woods, anyway. This, to me, is the first inkling on Nesta’s internal conflict between her pride and vulnerability. 

2. Nesta made a hurtful remark about Feyre’s “masterpieces”. I hated Nesta for using sth that meant a lot to her sister to, tho not deliberately, hurt her. However, let’s not forget that, the first time Feyre went back from the Spring Court, Nesta asked Feyre to TEACH her how to paint. This is important. I don’t think that Nesta had a particular interest in painting. I think that she was aware of the hurtful comment she directed at Feyre and wanted to let Feyre know that she didn’t mean it, that she didn’t actually belittle her skill. She wanted to let Feyre know that, in fact, she thought Feyre is good enough that she wanted to be taught by her.

3. Nesta went to the wall to look for Feyre. This is already a strong proof of Nesta’s quiet love for Feyre. However, this passage further confirmed it :

What happened to Tomas Mandray?” I asked, the words strangled.

“I realized he wouldn’t have gone with me to save you from Prythian.”

Nesta never loved Tomas, I know, but at the beginning, she was very adamant about marrying him, even after Feyre told her over and over again to not marry him (cause Nesta hates feeling like a burden and she wanted to get out of the house and took care of herself). Anyway, one would think that her breaking up with Tomas isn’t about Feyre at all, that she was only doing it because she was worried that, comes a time when Elain needs help, Tomas wouldn’t help her. But, if that were the case, Nesta would not have broken up with Tomas right then and there. She would have just went back, and broke up with Tomas only when he wouldn’t help Elain. However, what actually happened next showed that Feyre meant as much to her as Elain.

4. Nesta talked to Feyre about her complete disappointment towards their father, she said,

“He let her die. You would have gone to the ends of the earth to save your High Lord.”

I always have a feeling that Nesta understood Feyre more than she let on ; this quote is one of the inklings that I got. 

5. “What do you think you can even do to help? He’s a High Lord—you’re just a human.” That wasn’t an insult, either. A question from a coolly calculating mind.

This is how Nesta showed her concern. She did the same thing in ACOWAR.

6. “But Nesta held my gaze. Unflinching.”

“Prythian!” my father and Elain blurted. But Nesta held up a hand to silence them.

My sister helped me, then opened the wardrobe to pull out a heavy tunic and pants and boots. I slipped into them and was braiding back my hair when she said, “We don’t need you here, Feyre. Do not look back.”

What this whole scene showed me is that Nesta respected Feyre and has always been aware of her strength. Instead of holding Feyre back, she let her do what she wanted. The same thing happened in ACOWAR, when Feyre went to find the Suriel and Nesta didn’t tell anyone about it. She respected Feyre’s need to go unnoticed and she believe that Feyre really could do what she wanted to do.

This scene also showed that Nesta truly wanted to be there for her sister in her own way.

8. “Try to send word once it’s safe. And if it ever is … Father and Elain can have this place. I think I’d like to see what else is out there, what a woman might do with a fortune and a good name.”

Don’t ever tell me that Nesta didn’t care about Feyre. She was worried about Feyre, but she didn’t want to prevent Feyre from experiencing more than what their little village could offer.

9. Another detail i’d like to point out is that Nesta hired a mercenary to take her to the wall “With the money from [Feyre’s] pelt.” Before this, I thought that she just spent all the money Feyre gave her, but she actually saved them and used them to get to Feyre.

10. This one we all already know, but I’ll include it anyway.

“…If he would actually go out and fight for us. I couldn’t take care of us, not the way you did. I hated you for that. But I hated him more.”


There wasn’t a lot of details about them in this book. However, I found one it the short story from the Target Edition.

“How is my sister?”


“So busy she cannot deign to visit, it seems”

This was the first thing she asks Cassian. Again, don’t you tell me Nesta didn’t care about Feyre or that she wanted nothing to do with her.


1. Remember in ACOMAF when Feyre didn’t look comfortable with eating human food and Nesta made a curt comment about it? In Acowar, during dinner, Nesta said to Feyre that she know understood what she meant by food tasting differently. I see it as Nesta’s way of apologizing.

2. Of course, the scene in the library where Feyre asked Nesta why she pushed everyone away except Elain. Then Nesta closed her eyes and took a deep breath before starting to answer Feyre (THEN OF COURSE IT GOT INTERRUPTED). Nesta closing her eyes and breathing deeply before answering means sth to me. it tells me that she also hates how badly she has been treating Feyre. I NEED TO KNOW WHY. NOW.

Also, Nesta told Feyre how she didn’t know that Feyre really couldn’t read, “I thought you could read as well as we do”. She neglected Feyre during her hunting years, now she found out that she had no idea Feyre couldn’t read. I saw this as Nesta being upset for failing her sister again.

3. Before Feyre and the rest of the Night Court when to the Summer Court to fight with them, Nesta asked, “What do you know of battle?“.

4. That time when Nesta said to Feyre, “You look beautiful” before they went to the meeting with the High Lords. I love her ease in the way she conveyed it. Slowly, guys. She’s reaching out.


Nesta was so riled up when Feyre asked her to talk to the HIgh Lords about what happened to her. However, in the end, she decided to brace herself and talk about her story because she didn’t wanna be remembered as a coward.

Nesta said : “It was some distant thing, war. Battle. It…it’s not anymore. i will help…if I can”

Then she also said : “You went off to battle for a court you barely know-who barely see you as friends…And when I asked you why…you said because it was the right thing”

Earlier, when I said Nesta has the tendency to turn a blind eye towards something she didn’t like or she’s not affected by personally, this is what I mean (Also, tho I can’t find the passage in the book, I swear Nesta said sth along the lines of “Isn’t there someone who could do it for me?”. I forgot what the conversation was about tho. You can even blame this side of her for neglecting Feyre all these years). Now that she’s in the midst of war, she decided to be involved and Feyre is the one that inspired her greatly to finally open up herself and be braver.

6. At the meeting with the High Lords.

“To be close to the Walls-and human lands”

At this, Nesta and I exchanged looks

Idk what else to say about this. it was just a nice moment worth mentioning.

7. “But beneath the wall, I witnessed children-entire families-starve to death”

She jerked her chin at me. “Were it not for my sister… I would be among them”

This is soooooo important. Nesta didn’t sweep Feyre’s sacrifices under the rug, okay? Again, she just didn’t know to to show Feyre how grateful she was.

8. Nesta told Feyre about her “cost” of being a fae : seeinng Elain suffered while she went unscathed. Also, she told Feyre she couldn’t get into bathtubs anymore because it triggered her memory. This was after Feyre to her about her fear of close spaces. Feyre has become someone Nesta could really confide in and I love that.

9. The night Elain got kidnapped. Feyre rushed out of the tent to look for Nesta.

“…she was already there, hurrying for me..”

It was Feyre she ran to first when she sensed that sth is wrong.

10. When Az, Feyre, Elain, and Briar arrived safely at the camp, Nesta SPRINTED towards Feyre FIRST, hugged her, and said “Thank you”.


SO, GUYS. I do believe that Nesta loves, cares, respects Feyre and she has been trying to reach out to her and be there for her in her own way. This is really an interesting dynamic and I’m excited for what’s in store for them in the next book. 

I would like to reiterate that I hate the spiteful side of Nesta. When her father lost his fortune and couldn’t (or wouldn’t) take care of them, and after she and Elain was turned into Faes. I get that, especially the whole fae thing, it was a freaking difficult thing to deal with, but she was still awful to everyone. So, I am very aware of the terrible things she’s said and done. I don;t think she’s a saint or anything, but I want to see her redeem herself. I don’t even expect her to literally apologize to Feyre (that would be such a DRASTIC change), but I am hoping for more moments like these.

On a side note, I think Nesta’s dynamic with Elain has its flaws as well. I’m still not sure about this, and some of you might disagree. I feel like Nesta sees Elain as some fragile little flower. Her protectiveness towards Elain feels a bit much to me. She didn’t include Elain in the matter about Prythian in ACOMAF (In the short story with Cassian, we know that Nesta doesn’t want Elain to be involved). There are other details as well but I can’t remember now. Anyway, again, we’ll see what happens in the next book.

Overall, I can see how their relationship is taking shape now. I expect Nesta to continue to be very doting, gentle, and protective towards Elain. However, I think Feyre is gonna be the one that she confides it the most, that understands her better, that inspired her the most.

Tell me what you think. I would love to talk more about their relationship.

…You’re asking me to hand over my guilt to some complete stranger? Please tell me you’re joking. Like you said, I dirtied my hands with a crime, and I can never take it back. A life lost will never return. The past does not change. The least I can do is remember. I will always carry this with me. The pain is mine. And you can’t have it.
—  Yuuya Sakazaki (Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star)
Technically Speaking

Tech!Killian/Misfit!Emma Fic based off of this post. Tagging @jscoutfinch @xhookswenchx and @trueromantic1 for letting me invite myself into this conversation. 

Special thanks to @snow-into-ash who beta’d for me despite having an actual life this week, I really appreciate it!!!

rated T for language

She’s zeroed in on the stinging of her knuckles when the hall monitor grabs her by the collar of her flannel.

“Seriously, Swan?” It’s Leroy. It’s always Leroy, and the idea of calling hall monitors by their first name to establish equality is the weirdest thing she’s ever heard. She doesn’t need to feel equal to a middle-aged grumpy man.

“He grabbed my ass! I don’t hear you saying ‘Seriously, nameless-jerk-who-can’t-keep-his-hands-to-himself.”

“My name is August!” Mr. Nameless-jerk yells. Honestly, the anonymity was working for her. Now there’s an actual person, with a name, having a flathead screwdriver removed from his bicep. Now there’s a set of parents who are going to flip out and get her expelled from another school.

“No one asked you, August!” she shoots back and he actually flinches. He doesn’t seem so handsy now. If he starts to act like the victim here, she’ll be forced to stab him again.

“You know the deal.” Leroy shoves her like suddenly violence is okay. She brushes him off and marches out of shop class towards Principal Mills’ office.

When she gets there, there’s this boy dressed in all black, with his dark hair and a sad expression. She slumps on the bench beside him and he brings his knees together to allow for space. It’s more than the grown men on the city bus do on her way home, so she figures he’s worth a chat.

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Rated T

Woke up this morning and decided to write an impromptu Rebelcaptain fic. Inspired by the sparring scene between Mako and Raleigh in the movie Pacific Rim. Hope you enjoy it!

(may also inspired by this awesome quotes from @wynonasrider )

Read it in AO3.

The girl fell to the mattress with a loud thud. She squinted in pain, trying to get back to her feet but a wooden truncheon already pinned her neck down. The small crowd around them clapped and murmured in amazement.

“What do you learn today, Private?” Jyn removed the truncheon and offered a hand to help the young recruit, still lying breathless on the mattress, which she took with gratitude.

“Size is not an excuse, Sergeant.”

“Good. That’s it for today, then.” Jyn gave her a nod and with that the girl soon joined the other recruit grouping at the edge of the arena, limping and soaking in sweat but otherwise alright. A few bruises might appear tomorrow, but at least she learned her lesson.

A few Rebels spectators who was attracted by earlier display of skills her awed smiles and small pats on the shoulder as Jyn made her way to the bench where her training equipment lied. She waved her hand to Bodhi who stood in the doorway still with his orange pilot suit, clearly never missed any chance to see something he called ‘Jyn in action’.

She threw the wooden truncheons on the bench, leaning down to pull out a drinking bottle from the equipment bag only to find another spectator leaning on the nearby wall with crossed arms and warm brown eyes when she stretched back up.

“I thought you were busy with your debriefing,” Jyn gave him a smirk before lifting the drinking bottle to her mouth.

“And I thought you were training recruits, not dueling them.”

She shrugged. “That’s how Saw trained me. Made you learn faster.”

“Shouldn’t you let her spar with an equal partner?” Cassian made no effort to hide his cheeky smile.

“Well,” Jyn now sounded a bit annoyed. “First of all, she complained about how her size disadvantaged her from another recruits. And, since no one is smaller than her, I’m the only one who can properly teach her how irrelevant her argument was.”

“Ah, I see. I’m just trying to forget that you once mentioned how they were ‘too soft’ and that sometimes they needed to ‘get their ass beaten’.”

Jyn raised an eyebrow, slowly putting the drinking bottle back to her bag. “Are you criticizing my training method, Andor?”

Cassian fully smiled now. He enjoyed getting under her skin and Jyn’s short temper made it easy to do so. “Of course not. I’m just saying you shouldn’t be too hard on them, otherwise they’ll all runaway.”

Jyn’s expression turned as cold as Hoth’s surface outside. Her green eyes trained on him like a hunter to its prey and Cassian struggled with the desire to push her onto the wall and kiss her hard.

“Is that so?” Jyn suddenly spoke up – loud enough to attract the attention of everyone in the room. He silently cursed himself for forgetting how unexpected she could be.

“Captain Andor here argued that my training method is too hard while I disagree,” she continued, grabbing her truncheons before walking three steps backward without breaking eye contact. All eyes were on them now while Cassian tried to maintain his calm demeanor. He noticed that Bodhi had disappeared from the doorway.

“Why don’t we left it for everyone to decide, while Captain Andor would perhaps be willing to volunteer in the assessment?” Jyn shot her an innocent look and tilted her head towards the arena where she sparred the recruit earlier.

The crowd gave encouraging murmurs as Cassian straightened himself. Half of him really wanted to excuse himself by using his higher rank and everything associated with it, but the other half also realized that he brought this situation to himself.

So this time, he let his pride made the decision.

The murmuring crowd broke into loud cheer as he shrugged out of his jacket and proceed to remove his tunic and boots so that he’s now equally dressed with Jyn: barefoot with only standard black singlets and trousers. Cassian noticed how Jyn’s eyes grew brighter before she turned around and preceded him to step into the arena. He picked up a medium length wooden staff from the weapon rack before joining her.

The amount of spectators circling the arena had suspiciously increased, amongst them are Bodhi who seemed to have returned back into the training bay with Baze and Chirrut stood closely behind him. While Jyn already gained fame in close quarter combat, little was known about Cassian’s skill in it. However, all Rebels were required to have combat skill so that they do not always depend on blasters, and he’d always choose a medium length staff to be used like a sword since he could easily control it with one hand.

“Four strikes mark a win,” Jyn said as they moved towards the center of the arena. “I won’t go easy on you, Andor.” She added in a low voice so only he can hear it.

“I didn’t expect you to, Erso.” Cassian replied, and they made a salute gesture before taking their respective stance.

The crowd went silent, waiting for the first strike to be launched.


“He’s gonna lose. I mean, I know he’s good but this is Jyn’s area.” Bodhi stroke his chin nervously as he switched his gaze from Jyn to Cassian.

“The Force moves equally strong within them,” Chirrut said with his all-knowing smile.

In front of him, Baze crossed his arms and let out a snort. “I say the Captain has his own tricks.”

“But still…I think Jyn would win in the end.”

“We should see first what Captain Andor can do.”

Bodhi turned his gaze up to see Baze, his expression turned serious. “I want your protato wedges. I know you sneaked a lot of them from our last mission’s ransom.”

Baze stared back with the same intensity before shoving one hand to him. “Deal.”

He took the hand and shook it.


They clashed with in a series of quick moves. Jyn took the advantages of having two weapons by peppering him with alternate attacks from every side. First point was easily won by her when her truncheon landed mere centimeters from his jaw. The crowd responded with a low ‘oooh’.

“Have you eaten yet?” Jyn gave him a pretentious concerned look. Cassian rolled his eyes.

He quickly memorized her pattern on the next attack and managed to avoid the same mistake. This time he decided to use his staff’s length to keep her away.

She tried to close the distance but stopped abruptly upon realizing the staff’s end was already touching lightly at her stomach. He grinned.

Next waves of attack almost ended in a draw but managed to attack Jyn’s footing and she fell unceremoniously to the mattress with Cassian’s staff pointed to her chest.

“Is your foot alright?”

His smirk was quickly evaporated as Jyn left her truncheons to grab on the staff, swings it hard—along with the surprised Cassian—down to her level. She nudged his chin with one end.

They met again with even more quicker and deadlier attacks. One time he had to lay flat to his chest on the mattress as Jyn now uses every limb to corner him. Another time, it was Jyn that had to throw herself down on her back as Cassian’s staff almost got a clean strike to her head.

She got an upper hand at first, her truncheon stopped at the pulse point in his neck, but she risked her distance and he easily draw their score by circling her, enjoying his short lived revenge by nudging her low bun with the staff’s end.

A defeat will hurt anyone’s pride, so they took a moment to return to their stance, standing at a safe distance between each other. Cassian watched her chest rise and fall with each breath, green eyes burning dangerously and he suddenly aware of the sweats running from the base of his hair down to his spine.

They surged in together for one last attack.

There were no more moves that had not been memorized by each other, so what’s left is a competition of stamina. Jyn was physically exhausted while was mentally drained. Cassian focused his entire energy to get close enough to her, lifting her up and slammed her down to the mattress (again).

Jyn let out a surprised groan, but before she could get up, he jumped on top of her. Using both feet to keep her arms on her side, Cassian dropped down on one knee, his staff stopped just above Jyn’s throat at the same time he felt one of her truncheon’s end—held out like a blaster—on his waist.


“You can have half of my protato wedges,”

“Really? I mean, it’s okay, Baze. No one wins or loses so it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Exactly. But I want to honor our deal. I will give you half, and I will not repeat my offer again.”

“Um, okay, thanks, Baze.”

“Actually, Baze,” Chirrut put his hand softly on Baze’s shoulder, “I won the bet. The protato wedges are mine.”

“And how’s that possible?”

“I told you both earlier that the Force moves equally strong within them. I was implying that the fight will end in a draw.”

Even Bodhi stopped his walk to turn around and face Chirrut.

“I believe that cannot be qualified as a part of the deal.”

“He’s right. Anyway, you didn’t shook hand with us. The handshake seals the deal.”

“And how am I supposed to know you were shaking hands? I’m blind.”

Bodhi groaned. “Oh please, not the ‘I’m blind’ excuse again.”

Beside him, Baze only shook his head and mumbled lowly. “If you really want the protato wedges I’ll smuggle another bunch of it later.”


Jyn was halfway to their quarter when she heard footsteps from behind, getting closer towards her direction. She didn’t stop. Seconds later she felt a hand touched the small on her back followed by Cassian’s breath, hot on her ear.

“I have one last strategical meeting to attend to,” His voice low and husky, building a familiar pull deep in her gut. “But when I return, I want your lips on every spot your truncheons get its strikes.”

She smiled.

“I expect nothing less in return.”

The quick kiss he planted to her temple seals the deal.


LayerPaint on Note 8 tablet. Supposed to be a doodle, I got carried away, and I think I overdid it on the colours … They’re also not quite to scale against each other D: In terms of height it should really be Enki > Raizen > Yomi > Yusuke > Mukuro. Oh well.

I think all the demon kings are so badass. They’re all quite different, but you look at any of them, their stories and attitudes and approaches, and think, damn right that’s a king! Plus, their interactions are potentially so hilarious. Or maybe it’s just my brain and my passion for oddball yet familiar family type relationships/dynamics and silliness …

So, LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I THINK OF THEM *start of another rambling essay full of caps lock and lols and hahahas and Yusuke everywhere*

In case it’s not obvious, all quotes below are paraphrased.


Alas, he’s dead. But always and forever a badass. Not only the most powerful character seen in the series, plus a leader who inspires astounding levels of blind dedication and loyalty, he’s a visionary to boot. And I’d like to note that being able to control your descendants at will through your shared genes is pretty badass lol. I’m sure when he was young 1000+ or so years ago he was probably just as obnoxious, impatient and crazy as Yusuke. He’s certainly every bit as good at bashing things and witticisms/giving attitude even leading up to his deathbed lol. On a more serious note, his story is quite lonely and sad, but you never see him give that away outwardly. It must have hurt him terribly when he and his friends split hundreds of years ago on their human-eating disagreement, and then for him to die without ever finding his lover’s reincarnation (in the dub they basically describe her as achieving enlightenment and escaping the cycle of rebirth, but in the Japanese and manga all he says is that a woman like that isn’t reborn that often).

I could write more about the depth of his story and what the dub stripped out but this is getting loooooong and we need to move on to …


I adore Enki! For me, he’s a little like the Kuwabara to Raizen’s Yusuke. Raizen’s old fighting buddy and the King of all demons - at least until someone else wins the tournament. But I think he fills the role perfectly so I never really bother imagining anyone else there. And let’s be real, if I were ever in a situation where I accidentally summon a demon king (????) I’d sure hope to god he’s the one who shows up. He’s basically everyone’s favourite super chill jolly old uncle. I love his interactions with his wife and with Yusuke, and the part in volume 19 when Yusuke calls him up about the Spirit World terrorism threat and he’s on his stomach getting heat patches applied and goes “I wanna come help too! But I overworked and threw out my back” and Yusuke’s all “Hahahah take it easy you’re not that young anymore”.

It’s such a natural family conversation … between two S-class powerhouse demon kings lmao … I loved it TpT


Honestly, I think Yomi is a douche lol. Of all the kings he was the most sly and personally ambitious, trying to take over all three worlds. And definitely you got the sense that Mukuro and Raizen hated him more than they hated each other (considering Mukuro says “HE’S EVEN MORE LOATHSOME THAN RAIZEN” and Raizen was like, “YUSUKE WHEN I KICK THE BUCKET GO ALLY WITH MUKURO” lol …). But then he gets better after Yusuke reminds him what fun it is to punch things mindlessly! And after he realizes that being a parent and running around after a brat kid is hard work and becomes more humble lol. Anyways, regardless, his story and his powers are badass (surviving an assassination attempt, being blinded and growing four extra ears and being able to hear and detect everything around him is hella impressive). And he always maintains this really suave impression all the way through even when hilarity is tearing down the house around his carefully laid plans hahaha.

Another dumb story: when I first heard his English dub voice, I could not stop laughing. It’s an excellent voice choice, and the acting is great too, it’s just … The type and the inflection reminded me so much of one of my clients. FOR GOD’S SAKES YOMI QUIT CALLING ME AND BUGGING ME ABOUT YOUR WEBSITE LEARN HOW TO USE GOOGLE


I think Mukuro is a fantastic character, and an incredible addition to an already pretty excellent female cast. Her backstory is so dark, and her character is created so strong, tough and beautiful. The part where she reveals her ravaged right side and says, “This is my favourite part of me, I don’t want to heal it”. BAD. ASS. Also, despite how outwardly calm and cool she appears, her attitude/mentality is, as Raizen notes, similar to Yusuke’s and she can be just as rash and impulsive. I love that she always seems so entertained by, and in agreement with, Yusuke’s antics, and that she clearly enjoys his brand of crazy and wherever it drags everyone. Seriously, her immediate reaction to That Crazy Ass Proposition was basically “Hell yeah HIEI TELL EVERYONE I’M IN *dissolves kingdom instantly thus giving Yusuke’s idea all the support and leverage it needs and preventing Yomi from killing everyone*” while Yomi is all “GODDAMMIT MUKURO WHAT THE ******”. YES. Not to mention her conversations with Yusuke before and during the actual tournament and her “What this is great!” reaction when he let loose from the very beginning in his fight against Yomi.

I am of the opinion she and Yusuke get along fabulously. I don’t understand why there aren’t more Mukuro and Yusuke shenanigans. Well, I do understand, because they’re busy people and have lots to do with other characters for people to write about. But it’d be AWESOME


OH MY WHO IS THIS UPSTART WHIPPERSNAPPER TURNING THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN hahahha. Do I need to say anything more than I already have about this wonderful dumbass? (the answer is yes lol) He already took over my life when I was in elementary school and now my sketchbook and tumblr as well … Anyhoo, the only half-human and the baby of the demon kings in power and in age. Considering everyone else in the elite Makai Kings club has several hundred years on him, he’s doing pretty good. And doing a great job of dragging all the old folks around with him lol. Sometimes I feel like, you know how families get together and the smallest most charismatic child says or does some stupid idiot thing and all the adults/grandparents/whatever are so amused like, “awwwww isn’t that cute?” and then everyone starts repeating it or doing it? Kind of like that. OK, maybe not really, but … kind of like that. lols

Like I said before, in my mind, he and Mukuro constantly troll Yomi while Enki is all “hohoho you kids” hahaha

So umm yes more demon kings please :>

anonymous asked:

hey! just wondering, why do many cristiano fans not like messi? is it simply because of the whole rivalry/competition between them? or has messi done something that people don't like? i know many messi fans hate on cris because he's "arrogant" and stuff, so why do many ronaldo fans not seem to like messi? i know there are many cris fans that respect messi but im just wondering if i'm not aware of something messi has done that people don't like him? thanks! :)

Phew ok this will be a lot so heads up.

I respect Messi as a talented footballer, don’t get me wrong, but he’d be a flop if he left Barcelona. When it comes to the Messi v Ronaldo thing it’s all about playing preference (if you take the rivalry seriously and don’t judge it on Cristiano’s fancy hairstyles). I like Ronaldo because he is complete. He can score goals from freekicks, his left, his right, his head, his knee. He will lap back and help defense. He will play midfielder. Messi…. he stands around usually and waits for someone to pass it to him. IMO it’s been proven that if the play isn’t centered around him, he’s worthless. Anyone that knows how to kick a ball would score a ton of goals if you CONSTANTLY received the ball from all of your team mates.

On a personal level I, again, choose Ronaldo. Messi fans tend to label Cristiano as “arrogant.” Yes… he is arrogant. Not in the way they try to make it seem though. He knows he’s a good player. He knows many women think he’s attractive. Yet they blame him for recognizing that fact? I don’t get it. But what a lot of people tend to overlook is ALL the AMAZING things Cristiano does for people. He’s donated SO MUCH MONEY to charity. He donated one of his golden boots like wow? I mean that’s crazy, I’ll admit I wouldn’t give that up. He doesn’t have tattoos so he can be a bone marrow donor. He paid for a life saving cancer treatment for a child. Like I could go on forever. But let’s stray away from the whole tax deduction stuff and get to the real shit. You see a person/child run onto the field Messi cringes away. (I have seen footage of him being decent but yeah still I’ve seen plenty where he’s acting like a little dick). Ronaldo? Always takes the time to appreciate them. Always is super nice. My favorite case was one that happened last summer in the USA. A younger guy ran onto the field and embraces Cris and they talk for a good 2ish minutes? That guy told Cristiano he thinks of him as a father figure because his father left him and he was an inspiration to him. Cristiano keeps all the security away to talk to him about it. After that since the guy was an adult he was put into jail and Ronaldo wrote a letter to the police HIMSELF asking them to drop charges. The guy could’ve gotten deported because of this. Ronaldo had a back up plan however and said he’d pay for his education if that happened.

Let’s talk about some of the really shitty things Messi has done, shall we? Well last summer Messi set up that Messi and friends game. Well his agents sold tickets worth $2500 a piece to meet him after. Messi never showed up. Never gave a reason. Never gave their money back. Broke a lot of his fans hearts. That sure is a good role model there. I will also direct you to my favorite Messi skill video: (x) so lovely of him to intentionally shoot a ball into a crowd of Madridistas. Can I also throw in that when Cris ACCIDENTALLY shoots into a crowd and hurts someone he makes up for it by signing a shirt and giving it to them as well as just APOLOGIZING, but Messi does no wrong so why should he apologize? You could also read this report: (x) can’t promise it’s worth a grain of salt, but I have heard things like this before and it claims to be from a reliable source. Honestly, I think he’s a shit human being as well. Not everything is at it seems.

You also have to appreciate all that Ronaldo has been through in his life and yet here he is the best player in the world. His dad died when he was 21. He sat through his mom fighting off cancer (and then donated 100000 to the hospital that saved her life so they could better their cancer center). He’s under CONSTANT criticism. Yet he takes all that and grows from it. He doesn’t let it pull him down, he uses it to become stronger. He’s my hero. I’ve been through a lot in my life, a lot of similar experiences as Ronaldo, and he inspires me to push through it and keep going. 

I BEG you to look read up on him. Learn all you can about how amazing he is. I really can’t describe how much this man has changed my life and how in debt to him I am. 

I’ll end this with my favorite quote:

“Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable.”