his wig though

What’s in your bag beard - Albus Dumbledore Edition

Dumbledore: I heard there was this new trend at my school, that everyone shows what they’re carrying around every day. Since I am the headmaster, I thought I should join in.

Dumbledore: They taste like liquid Sugar.

Dumbledore: Let’s go on.

Dumbledore: Another thing that’s very important to me:

Dumbledore: Music can be quite useful to ease up a tense situation.
I want to introduce you to someone.

Dumbledore: Obviously, a school as big as Hogwarts needs a lot of money, so it’s always good to have a Niffler or two with you.
Let me look for more.

Dumbledore: What the fuck is this?

Dumbledore: How could I forget about this?!


Dumbledore: Baby shoes. Not at all for nostalgic reasons

Dumbledore: Look how tiny they are!

((OOC: Dumbledore out.
In the usual Sami-style I’m late to the party. But you know? Save the best for last ;) Luckily my thread will probably not be the last of this series
Anyway special thanks to @kapitan5o​ for having this amazing idea! And my admiration to everyone who did this so far, y’all were incredibly creative!
Now I’ll shut up))

💕 happy valentine’s day 💕

my viktor wig arrived just in time for an awkward, cringy valentines picture and i thought “well it’s not like i have integrity on this website to begin with” so have fun with au where viktor has bad hair and roller skates


Yo check me out, I did a thing earlier. :D got the emblem on the front (totally didn’t realize it would be so white, but I like it anyway) so I was able to do a proper costest for Wrench! It’ll be complete once I get some jeans to tear up, finish the shoes, and make the bracelets. So excited!!!

I think one of the most lovely and unexpected things that has happened since dying my hair bright colours is that the people who give me compliments about it in public are almost always the kind of people who, before I did, I would never have expected to approve of it or say that sort of thing. Like the 85 years old lady on the metro I sat next to, the traffic warden who I was walking past on the street, the very strict teacher I was always afraid of at school who I met in the super market; it’s really eye opening and has made me rethink my own prejudices about peoples taste.


L i f e    i s    h a r d … perhaps happy?