his wife is busted

Addressed to One Mrs. William Donovan

fandom: ars paradoxica

ship/characters: the donovans, leslie groves, chet whickman, assorted residents of polvo

words: 5285

for my dear @dunnetwins

notes: spoilers for all of season 1 of ars paradoxica. this fic requires so many notes, apologies to everyone at aP, the real people this fic is based off, and aP fans who are gonna be like ??? when they see this ksdljflg IM SORRY.

1. there are real ppl in this fic, but they are not portrayed at all like their real selves. i’ve messed with history Big Time. my deepest apologies to these people. and to anybody reading: please ignore reality. gwen groves is leslie groves’ second child, but for this story i swapped her and her brother’s birth order. bill donovan has been aged down, because i really dont think a 62 year old man could get hit by a car and be That Okay, or, frankly, live to 93. he’s been aged down probably too much to be realistic but. age gap.

2. where did this even come from? you may be wondering. during my first listen-through of aP, i was completely drawn in by bill’s 26th tape in ep 10i, when he tells himself to just ‘tell her what she means to you’. then, in my relistening of the show, sally briefly mentions bill donovan’s wife in episode 3. this threw me and my friend into Full On Conspiracy Mode and this story is the result of two possible explanations we came up with

3. nobody called leslie groves leslie. i dont know why. his family calls him DNO (deeno) and people who knew him well called him dick

4. i didn’t actually know bill donovan was a real person when i first started writing this

ok. i think that’s all. oh my gosh. will i ever write something for aP thats not super weird and niche? probably not. will we ever have enough aP fic for my niche fic to fall into the niche cracks? hopefully one day!

Ostensibly, Gwen Donovan’s place of residence was in Philadelphia, where her husband had been stationed since America had joined the war, working with the Navy. In reality, she’d only lived there with him for a few months before he moved her to his house in Polvo, New Mexico, a town no one knew existed save for the people living in it and, she assumed, high-ups like the President.

Ostensibly, Gwen Donovan knew her husband was there because of Lambert and Maraczek. She was never told otherwise, but she knew from the beginning there was something much bigger going on.

Ostensibly, Gwen Donovan was told a lot of things, but simple observance and common sense told her otherwise almost every time.

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today’s dnd session recap:

  • our ranger materialized a bear (proper name: jake the beefy bear) out of nowhere; we reacted appropriately
  • we returned to the sad farmer seeking information about his werewolf ex-wife; he was useless
  • our cleric busted down his door and we walked in on him reading his own almanac
  • our rogue then stole the sad man’s almanac, dooming him to never know the weather again
  • the rest of our party left in search of someone with magical knowledge while my paladin and our cleric stayed behind (the paladin to fix the door, the cleric to snoop around the house)
  • my paladin did too good of a job fixing the door, making the rest of the house look like shit in comparison
  • she began having a crisis and ended up listening to the farmer’s problems for over an hour
  • during which our cleric left to pet cows
  • (”i try so hard to do good and this is what happens”)
  • (”how could i produce something so straight?”)
  • our ranger completely fucked up an attempt to get a member of anderson cooper’s elf resistance to give them information about werewolf curses
  • we now have persuaded the sad farmer to lead us to the werewolf before she turns tonight, which will probably go horribly wrong
  • today’s causalities: jesrann’s dignity

A Day In The Life - 18th March 1969: George and Pattie Harrison appear in court on drugs charges.

George Harrison and his wife Pattie have an initial court appearance following their drugs bust six days earlier. The hearing takes place at Esher and Walton Magistrates’ Court. The couple is charged for cannabis possession, and are released on the surety of Apple’s press officer Derek Taylor. They return for the actual trial on 31 March 1969.

Lord Of The Bots- Chapter Two

Title: Lord Of The Bots
Chap Title: Dragon Den
Word count: 3k
Disclaimer: derpfire is the one who created this idea, she just gave me the A-Ok to write it so hell yeah this is the official story and storyline! But everyone is welcome to write their own for it! I hope you all enjoy!

The original plan of going in both Flynn’s vehicle and his wife’s car was a bust. When everyone arrived at the Elsa’s warehouse, the two explained how her car was in the repair shop for the weekend and they were stuck with one vehicle to make the trip.

That is how Tadashi found himself squished in the very back between four others, dying as the smell of cool ranch Doritos and sour punch straws getting sucker punched into his nose. The first fifteen minutes of the trip were a little squishy, but it was manageable. Then they stopped for snacks. Seriously, they should have made a plan for the snacks, because the stench of flaming hot Cheetos was over powering in the back of the car. With the A/C broken and the building heat in the car, the trip was going from being an attack on his nose to being down right unbearable. Tadashi wondered how much he would have to pay Merida to switch him spots so he could press his mouth to the small crack the window was open for fresh air.

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