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I freaking love my under-appreciated token het pairing, so here are some 100% positive roxygen things:

- John tries to pull pranks on Roxy all the time but she is simply too clever for him. After a lifetime of dealing with Jane, Roxy has this shit sorted. John pulls out all the stops and never manages to get her. She is his pranking white whale and he hunts her single-mindedly and she’s always one step ahead of his ass. Something about this is an aphrodisiac to him.

- Roxy def likes movies from the 80s and 90s, and John def likes console games. They’ve receptive to one another’s interests at first, because sure yeah Armageddon is a great movie/sure yeah I can totally play Smash Bros Melee! But they get drawn into the other’s passion and use it as a springboard to totally connect with the thing and so within a year, Roxy is riffing on John’s Con Air quotes and they’re getting their whole scenes together, and John and Roxy stay up until 2 AM finally 100%ing Super Mario World with John on the controller the whole time with no hints and they cheer so loud.

- John thinks that Roxy is for real the hottest girl he’s ever met and can’t believe that she’s interested in his doofy self. Roxy also believes that Roxy is the hottest girl he’s ever met, but legitimately finds his doofy self attractive af. Roxy likes interesting faces. Sure, John would never be Hollywood, but that’s 100% part of the appeal.

- Sometimes they have hard days where they get wrapped up thinking about GO. John wonders if he did the right thing, if there was a better way, if maybe he’d have learned to master his powers earlier, he could have saved everyone without rewriting. Roxy wonders if her friends miss their Roxy, whether they consider her a shoddy replacement, and once in a million years, she hates herself because she kind of feels that same way about them. John and Roxy are the only ones who understand what Roxy and John are going through. They’re the only ones who were there.

- Roxy finds out that John is the one who ectobiology’d them all into existence. Sees his pesterhandle. Realizes that holy shit there’s someone else in existence who is interested in ectobiology!! At first John is kind of bemused by her passion, but she gets him into it and they spend weeks holed up in the lab together trying to sequence the human genome to diversify their shoddy genetic variance in their group. John finds out that he’s a lot smarter than he ever thought he was. He also finds out that Roxy is a whole lot smarter than he’ll ever be.

anonymous asked:

It kinda feels like the whole reason Ford ends up being the damsel all the time is precisely because he's trying so hard to be the hero: He's going into these situations for all the wrong reasons and gets it trouble because of it. Meanwhile, Stan puts the safety of his loved ones before everything else, which allows him to persevere and be a hero.

Ford sees himself as a hero, maybe even as a coping mechanism to deal with all the mistakes he’s made. And he has one singular goal, to stop Bill. His White Whale, his obsession that is a single-minded focus for him, to the point where everything around him doesn’t matter as much. He relies on himself, because that’s what heroes do right? The lone cowboy, riding into town, saving the day. He’s been that for thirty years in the multiverse, relying solely on his own instincts. So he figures, he doesn’t need anyone’s help, this is his own battle, what he started he will finish. But if he put his own hubris to the side, he would see he does need help, because he can’t defeat an enemy this huge on his own.  His only hope is to be more like Dipper, and recognize he needs his family to help him get through this.