his weed

lancesexual  asked:

lance has a marijuana leaf belly ring that he wears as a joke even tho he has never smoked in his life,,, and it's the one he was wearing when they found blue,, , , , so now he's stuck in space forever with a weed in his belly button and he's gotta carry that shame with him wherever he go

omg ok so like you know how in the first episode Hunk and Lance were gonna sneak out and hit the town, what if Lance put on that weed leaf belly ring because he thought it would make him look cooler (he probably bought it as a joke, but also it’s dangly and pretty and let him live) but then all that shit happened so he ended up in space, with that weed ring on his belly button and nothing to swap it out with. and that’s why he went to the earth nostalgia store in the Space Mall because he was looking for A N Y T H I N G else to wear. 

also imagine him so going to the space mall equivalent of claire’s bye 

this griffin has an unironic pizza tattoo, just told me his roommate is staying at his gf’s house this weekend and is abt to invite me back to his place (where he has a modern baseball tapestry hanging up on the living room wall and a defend pop punk sticker stuck to his laptop) to smoke weed and listen to his favorite band (Real Friends) and I’m gonna say yes