his voice when he speaks is just ugh

monsta x when you play with their hair

Minhyuk - would get shy and start giggling. He would love it and think that it is very cute then he would start to relax under your touch. “If you feel tired, just stop…” ‘Do you really want me to stop?’ “No… continue please y/n…” 

Wonho - would instantly lean into your touch because he would be enjoying it way too much. He would close his eyes and smile widely, making appreciative noises from time to time. “Now I know why you love it so much when I play with your hair y/n.. this is so relaxing…”

Kihyun - would ask what you’re doing at first but he would never at any moment would he ask you to stop. After a few minutes, he would grab your hand and kiss it tenderly before letting go and mumbling, “please carry on…”

I.M. - would stiffen at first because you have never played with his hair before. Then he would start to like it and he wouldn’t mind it at all anymore. When you stop and try to get up he would whine. “No…! where are you going???” 

Jooheon - would be more than okay with it and it would actually help him to concentrate on what he is doing. But eventually it would make him yawn and feel sleepy. “Shall we go to bed? It will be my turn to play with your hair until you fall asleep…” 

Hyungwon - would actually fall asleep while you’re doing it and he would wake up when you suddenly stop. He would look at you with half-opened eyes and speak with his adorable, sleepy voice. “Don’t stop baby and don’t ruin my hair okay?” He would joke. 

Shownu - would close his eyes as soon as you start doing it and when you ask him if he’s sleeping he would say “No, just resting my eyes.” But afterwards when you come back from the bathroom, he would be snoring softly already.

Okay, This Is New

Hey everyone! This is Superboy, who looks like he can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll. He’s rather new to feelings. Enjoy!

Warnings: None - not even swearing this time! Just fluff!

Your name: submit What is this?


When one comes across a beautiful boy - silky black hair, eyes like the sky, muscles to dream about - who is currently death-glaring at the wall, the smart thing to do is walk away.

But whoever said you were smart?

Besides, you’d known Conner long enough to know that was his ‘thinking’ face, not his ‘I’m literally going to end you’ face. They were hard to tell apart at first, but he wasn’t in a dangerous mood right now. So you plopped down on the bench beside him, staring over the water of the Cave’s docking bay.

“S’up, Supes?” you said, swinging your legs.

Ever eloquent, he shrugged. Wow - he must be really focused on something. Your stomach fluttered. God, he was cute. You slid just a little bit closer. 

“So….” you began. “What are you thinking about?”

“Why does that matter?” 

You giggled and put a hand on his arm. “That’s what people do when they like each other,” you said. “That’s how you get to know someone; you talk about what you think and feel, what you want to do and what you’re afraid of.”

Conner tensed, lips pressing into a line. “That sounds kind of….invasive.” 

You shrugged. “Not if it’s freely given.”

“Hm.” He narrowed his eyes, the muscles of his jaw working. Then he stood abruptly. “I have to go.” 

Just like that, you were alone. Hmmm. There was no denying he was gorgeous, but he was undoubtedly odd as well.


You set the hot casserole dish on the counter, then shut the oven door with your foot. You sniffed the steam that rose from the dish. Mmmm. Perfect. The lasagna smelled great – and there were three more in the oven, so it should be more than enough for the team.

“Hey, gorgeous,” said Wally’s voice from behind you. “Have I died and gone to heaven, or is that Italian you made?”

“If this was heaven, I wouldn’t have had to cook,” you deadpanned, taking the second casserole out. “And stop that!” you added as his hand hovered over the first one. “Wait your turn like everyone else, Speedy.”

“Kid Flash,” he complained. “Come on, you know I hate that.”

“And I hate when you steal my food, but here we are.” You shrugged.

“What, you’re going to eat all that?”

“No. It’s for dinner for the whole team,” you said pointedly. “Actually, can you go get everyone? These are ready.”

“Your wish is my command, lovely one,” he replied, bending to kiss your hand. Then he was gone in a flash of yellow.

It was a few seconds before you felt eyes on the back of your head; you turned.

“Hey, Superboy,” you said with a smile. “Ready for supper?”

Conner didn’t answer; at his sides, his hands were clenched into fists and every line of him was taut. His eyes were steely.

“Conner?” you called. “Aren’t you hungry?”

His lip curled; without a single word, he turned on his heel and stormed away.

Your shoulders slumped. It was hard for him, you knew that, but it still kind of stung that he wouldn’t even try your lasagna. If we were being honest here, you’d made it mostly for him.

Oh well, you thought. He’d be hungry later, that was certain; you took one of the dishes from the counter, wrapped it up and hid it in the fridge. Nobody needed to know there was more.

You sat cross-legged on the couch in the lounge, reading a magazine. There weren’t any windows, but you knew it was late. Very late – holy-shit-is-that-the-SUN?! Late. The words were blurring on the page, you were so tired; there were scratches on your face, dirt and grass stains all over your clothes, and you were pretty sure your hair was a lost cause at this point. You really should go shower and get into bed. Kaldur had told everyone to do so at least an hour ago, when you got back from the mission.

But you didn’t move; moving required energy. Energy you didn’t currently have.

What even was this magazine, anyway? You blinked. Oh, your lip was bleeding. Bummer.


You looked up, your heart giving a little jolt. “Conner! Hey, what’s up?” You shifted on the couch, patted the seat beside you. “Couldn’t sleep?”

He stood in the doorway, frozen. Like you, he was still dressed from the mission – his hair was messy, there was blood on his face and knuckles and his black t-shirt needed a wash. His face was thoughtful and serious, as usual, but he hesitated. “I – nothing.” He turned to go.

“No, what is it?” You stood up and ignored your protesting muscles. “Is it nightmares? I get those sometimes.”

He crossed his arms and looked down at the floor. “No. Not a nightmare.” He sighed, and stepped closer, into the room. “I thought about what you said.” Oh, he was so cute.

You tilted your head. “About….? Oh! You mean about how friends talk about their feelings?”

He nodded, short and sharp, but wouldn’t meet your eyes. “We’re…we’re friends, right?”

God, he sounded so lost. And the hesitation in his voice when he asked…poor, poor baby. “Of course we are. Always, Conner. Come sit with me.”

He sat, leaning forward with his arms on his knees. You didn’t say anything, just waited. He’d talk when he was ready. Around you, the Cave was night-time quiet – dim golden lights on the striped walls, softly humming electronics. You lifted your knees back onto the couch.

“It hurts,” he said abruptly. “I get so angry sometimes. It’s like I can’t even see straight.” He didn’t look at you as he said it, but glared straight ahead at the floor.

You reached for his hand; his skin was rough and warm under your fingertips. “It sort of feels like you’re not you anymore, right?”

He turned his head toward you; his eyes, so brilliantly blue, were bewildered. “How do you know that?”

If it were anyone else, you’d consider the question rude; but this was Conner. He was still learning.

You shrugged. “I guess…I’m just making a guess,” you said, rubbing your thumb across the back of his hand. And he isn’t moving it away, you thought excitedly.

“Most people feel like that sometimes.” You stopped, frowning. “You’ve never seen a tired three-year-old when you tell them no, have you?”

“I’m six months old,” he pointed out.

“Hm. Well, it’s not fun, especially when you’re the babysitter.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Are you saying I’m acting like a child?” He took his hand out from under yours.

“No! God, no.” You mentally kicked yourself. “All I’m saying is that most people have years to learn how to deal with strong emotions – and even then some grown-ass people act like babies when they don’t get their way. You haven’t had nearly that, and everyone’s expecting you to act as old as you look.”

He was silent for a minute. When he did speak, his voice was small. “So…so you don’t think I’m – ugh. Never mind.”

“Hey,” you said gently. “I think you’re doing pretty damn well, all things considered.

He looked at you, sidelong. “Even when I want to pick up Kid Flash and throw him off the side of the mountain?”

You let out an unholy snort of laughter. “I’m pretty sure everyone wants to do that sometimes – don’t get me wrong, Wally’s great, but he does not stop talking.”

“That’s not why,” he muttered. He hunched his shoulders. “He – I don’t know, he just does things, and it makes me angry but not…not in the way I’m used to. It feels different. New.”

You cocked your head; something stirred in your heart, just the barest edge of a flicker of hope. “Conner?”

“He kissed you,” he burst out. “He acts like you’re his or something, and you’re not. It – it’s not right.” He finished with a huff, and along his cheekbones there was a faint flush.

It wasn’t a flicker anymore – there was hope there, definite and real. He was jealous.

“Wally just does that,” you explained. “It’s just his idiot way of…giving compliments, I guess? I don’t really know. But I can promise you there’s nothing between us.”

For the first time that night, he gave you a fleeting smile – just the slightest upturning of the corner of his mouth, but it set you heartbeat skittering. God, he had a beautiful smile.

“Nothing?” he asked, rather shyly.

“Nothing,” you whispered. The air between you felt sparkling, charged, electric.

“Then I – could I maybe -”

You leaned forward and closed the space between you, cutting him off. Your lips met with the sweetest of kisses, short and brilliant.

You’d kissed people before, but the look on his face was new – new as fresh snow, and full of absolute wonder. He stared at you like you were a diamond, and it stole the breath from your lungs.

“Okay,” he murmured. “This is new.”

Colloportus (Locked Doors) [M]

Taehyung x Reader
Harry Potter AU
Word Count: 4,780
{Request Filled}

His warmth radiated inside the Hufflepuff common room, competing and effortlessly winning against the magical sunlight that was always present within our homey dorm. It reached each corner, wiping the dust from the floor and window sills like a fresh spring breeze. I couldn’t help but stare at the honey highlights in his rich chocolate hues hair, the smooth line of his neck, veins pulsing with hot blood that called to me from across the room. My mouth watered with want, my heart fluttered with affection, my brain buzzed with an overload of stimulation that made me forget how to use words around him. The few occasions we had conversed, albeit they were short, highly awkward ones thanks to me, he had always been completely nice and sweet. And that smile, god that smile. The way it took up his whole face and packed so much joy in one motion, it punched the air from my chest instantly.

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ok but please take a moment to imagine the possibility of combeferre being deaf

courfeyrac and enjolras becoming fluent in sign language just so it’s easier for the three of them to communicate (particularly in high-stress situations)

combeferre tapping courf’s shoulder during meetings when enjolras starts talking too fast for him to read his lips and courf catching him up

combeferre who is really, really great at speaking but still gets nervous that someone will critique him solely because his voice is different and is a little intimidated by public speaking because of it

courfeyrac signing horrifically dirty things at combeferre when he gets up to speak in front of les amis and enjolras choking on his drink (followed immediately with laughter from feuilly and grantaire and they’re all just??? when did the two of you learn sign language?????)

just !!!!!!!!! combeferre being deaf is a really important hc to me idk

4soju  asked:

“You’re hot when you’re mad.” with jimin!

The second you walked through the door of your shared apartment – kicking it open with the toe of your shoe only to have it swing open against the opposing wall with a loud bang that could make anyone flinch in fear, and finally slamming it back shut just as intense – Jimin knew you were pissed beyond what he would call your boiling point.

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there-is-humor-in-sarcasm  asked:

Yay~ ask box is open! Can I request Rikkaidai getting a love letter from their crush in their shoe locker? But the boys catch them and their crush tries to hide the note but the boys takes it and reads it? Thank you very much!

Aww, that’s such a cute idea. I hope you like it, love. <3


Yukimura smiled when he watched you trying to put a letter in his locker. He calmly walked up to you and gently tapped you on your shoulder. With a little shriek you whirled around, your cheeks slowly flushing when you saw him stand in front of you. You quickly tried to hide the letter behind your back, acting as casual as possible “H-Hey, Yukimura-san!” Yukimura chuckled, crossing his arms in front of his chest “Hello… What were you trying to do with my locker?” He already had a pretty good idea what you were hiding, but it was just too adorable to see you blushing and squirming in front of him. Your eyes widened and you backed away a bit “N-Nothing… I better go now.” Yukimura had a gentle smile on his face and you thought you managed to hide the note from him, but with a quick move Yukimura stole the letter out of your hands. You watched in shock how he opened the letter, eyes quickly scanning over the words you wrote. You clenched your fists, inwardly dying out of embarrassment. Yukimura glanced from the letter to you, his face expressionless. You wanted to turn around and walk away, already feeling humiliated enough. Yukimura started to feel a bit bad for teasing you so much and gently grabbed your hand to stop you, his eyes shining with happiness “No need to be embarrassed (Name). I shouldn’t have teased you so much. I’m really happy about the message and I would love to ask you out on a date.”…


Sanada wondered what you were doing when he saw you standing in front of his locker, obviously trying to put something inside. He walked up to you, but you were too busy to even notice him. He awkwardly cleared his throat, trying to catch your attention. When you turned around and looked up at him, your cheeks slowly turned red. You quickly pushed the letter back in your bag when Sanada spoke up, “Are you not feeling well (Name)-san? Your cheeks look red maybe you should go to the nurse.” You quickly shook your head, not realizing the letter slipping out of your bag “I’m fine… completely fine… haha… I-I have to go to do… s-something.” You walked a few steps away when Sanada saw the letter on the floor, he bent down to pick it up “(Name)-san wait… you lost something.” Sanada turned the letter in his hands, seeing his Name written on it. You had turned around when you heard Sanada call your Name, but you were too slow to stop him. You shouted out a loud “NO!” but Sanada had already opened the letter. You watched, frozen in shock how Sanada read the letter, his cheeks getting redder with every word he read. You both looked at each other with wide eyes until Sanada slowly walked up to you. He opened and closed his mouth for a few times before stuttering out “I-I apologize f-for reading your letter without your consent b-but I… I feel the same. I’m going to walk you home after school!” He didn’t give you the chance to answer and quickly walked away, leaving you behind grinning like an idiot. Thank god he read the letter.


Yanagi stood behind you, watching you fumble with the letter in front of his locker. Somehow you sensed a presence and turned around, freezing when you saw Yanagi standing behind you. Damn, you were sure that he still had practice and wouldn’t catch you put the letter in his locker. In your panic you tried to hide the letter behind your back, to be honest rather suspiciously. Yanagi tilted his head a bit before speaking in a calm voice “It’s nice to see you (Name)-san. What were you doing with a letter in front of my locker?” Ugh, you were bad at telling lies, but you couldn’t just tell him that you were trying to put a love letter into it “Nothing… It’s just a coincidence! It’s a letter from a friend. I didn’t even know this is your locker… haha, such a coincidence, right?” Yanagi raised an eyebrow “My Name is written on my locker (Name)-san and the probability is 86% that you are hiding a love letter behind your back.” You blushed but didn’t fight back when Yanagi pulled the letter out of your hands. He read the letter, a small smile playing on his face before he neatly folded it again. “Thank you (Name)-san. I reciprocate your feelings. To be honest, I wanted to confess to you today, so I hope you don’t mind me keeping the letter?”


It took you a long time to finally gather the courage to write a love letter. You actually wanted to confess in person, but you just were too shy. You were taking out the letter out of your bag when you saw out of the corner of your eyes how Yagyuu walked towards you. Oh god? What should you do? Should you run away? No, that would be too suspicious. While you were freaking out about what to do Yagyuu already closed the distance between you. You quickly rumpled the letter in your hand, trying to fight a blush. Yagyuu didn’t want to embarrass you, but he saw the letter hidden in your fist and he hoped this was actually what he expected it to be. With a soft smile he greeted you “Hello (Name)-san. I hope I’m not bothering you.” You quickly shook your head, stuttering out a “No.” Yagyuu gently opened your fist and took the crumpled letter out of your hand “D-Don’t read it!” Yagyuu’s eyes softened “But the letter is for me, why shouldn’t I read it?” You tried to think of a good reason, but Yagyuu already had opened the letter. You watched nervously how his eyes quickly scanned over the letter. Once he finished, he looked up at you “I planned to confess to you first, but seems like you beat me to it. I love you (Name)-san and I hope you will allow me to take you out.”


Kirihara ran up to you when he saw you standing in front of his locker. He loudly yelled your Name, making you jump. You quickly tried to compose yourself, why did he have to show up now?! “H-Hello, Kirihara-kun!” Kirihara grinned at you “Do you want to come and watch me practice today? Please? I promise I’m going to work extra hard if you come to watch me!” Usually you would be happy about him asking you to come but now you just wanted him to disappear. You shifted a bit, trying to hide the letter better behind your back “Uhmm… sure!” Kirihara looked a bit surprised, noticing you hiding something behind your back “What are you hiding (Name)? Show me! Show me!” You tried to decline it, but Kirihara already had snatched the letter from your hands. He turned it in his hands “Why are you hiding a letter?.. Oh, my name is written on the letter?!” You almost wanted to roll your eyes, he still didn’t get it. Kirihara ripped the letter open without waiting for your answer. His eyes went wide while he read the letter. Kirihara slowly looked up at you, his cheeks red. “D-Do you really mean that (Name)?! You like me? For real?!” His questions made you even more embarrassed but there was no point denying it now “Yeah… Would I write a letter if I didn’t mean it?” A wide grin spread across Kirihara’s face and he suddenly pulled you into a tight hug “I’m sooo happy! I really love you, too! Let’s go to the arcade after training, okay? I’m going to buy you ice cream if you want!”


You dug through your bag, desperately trying to find the letter. Damn, you spent hours writing it and you were sure you put it in your bag so where did it go! You almost screamed when you heard someone called your name behind you. You quickly turned around coming face to face with Jackal “Are you looking for something (Name)-san? Did you forget a book? I could lend you mine if you want.” You nervously smiled at Jackal and shook your head “No, no… I’m just looking for something but I already found it.” You pulled your hand out of your bag, somehow making the letter fall out of your bag. You almost wanted to cry. Really?! You couldn’t find the damn things and now it falls out of your bag?! Jackal being kind as usual immediately picked up the letter for you. He wanted to hand it back to you and you almost managed to snatch it back when he suddenly pulled the letter away “Is the letter for me (Name)-san?” Damn, he saw his name on it. Jackal quickly opened the letter and a small blush spread across his cheeks when he looked up from the letter. You actually felt kind of relieved once he read the letter, at least your feelings were out. Jackal’s eyes watered as if he was going to cry, but he had such a big smile on his face “T-Thank you so much (Name)-san. I’m in l-love with you, too. If you w-want I would like to invite you to dinner… I could cook b-but just if you want!” You had to smile about how adorable he was and gently grabbed his hand “I would love that!”


Marui leaned against a wall, watching with a grin how you pulled out a letter of your bag. Just before you could slip it into his locker, he went up to you and snatched it out of your hand.. You face went the same color as his hair when your eyes landed on him. You immediately tried to snatch it back but Marui held the letter out of your reach with a cocky smile on his face “Slow down (Name). Why would you take away my letter?” Oh god, that was just too embarrassing “Give it back!” Marui popped his bubble and wagged it in front of your face, quickly pulling it back when you tried to reach for it “You wanted to put it in my locker so what is the harm in giving it to me directly? Want to tell me what you wrote?” You looked down at your feet, giving up to get the letter back. He knew exactly what the letter was about and it was just mean to tease you so much. If he doesn’t feel the same he could just say it. You watched how Marui read the letter, would he tease you even more? When Marui looked up from the letter his eyes were a lot softer “Hey, don’t look so sad… Sorry for teasing you, but I was just really happy about the letter and you look adorable when you pout.” Marui gently tilted your head upwards “You are really cute and I like you for a long time. If you are okay with it, I would love to go out with you!” You wanted to answer, but before you could get out a word Marui’s lips softly brushed over yours…


You took deep breaths while walking up to Niou’s locker. You clutched the letter tighter to your chest, you can do this! You wanted to confess to Niou since forever. You even tried to confess to him in person, but you chickened out every time. After failing you confession so often you decided on an easier solution, a love letter. You couldn’t really mess up a love letter, right? You just wanted to slip the letter in his locker when suddenly Niou appeared next to you, whispering in your ear “Hello there (Name).” You jumped a bit and quickly stuffed the letter in your bag. Niou chuckled “Ara Ara… did I catch you doing something, (Name)” You blushed, feeling your nerves kick in again. You wanted to leave a love letter in his locker to avoid exactly that! Why did he have to show up now! You could feel your cheeks burn “N-No. I was j-just walking by!”  Niou grinned, waving the letter in front of your face, “It’s not nice to hide things, (Name)” How did he get it out of your bag without you even noticing?! “Give it back! It has nothing to do with you…” Before you even finished speaking Niou already had opened the letter. Niou read the letter with a mysterious grin “Aww, a love letter. That’s really adorable (Name).” With that words he turned around, leaving you standing by your locker. You heart fell, you should have known that he didn’t feel the same. Your head jerked up when you heard Niou call your name. He looked back over his shoulder, winking at you with the letter “I’m going to pick you up at 6 o'clock tomorrow for our first date!”

Behind the walls (Chapter 12)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,895

Warnings: Cursing!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: Let me know if you want to be tagged please!! Thanks for the feedback everyone. Also, shoutout to @bellejeunefillesansmerci for suggesting The Rape of Persephone by Bernini. Totally forgot this sculpture exists. Amazing artwork..

Tagging: @amxwxxld @shamvictoria11 @vashanatasha @your-puddin @gatorgal94 @dreeams-unwind @maece-rette @sandycoelho @bellejeunefillesansmerci @confidentrose

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anonymous asked:

Can we have a moment for pandas voice when he speaks japanese. Like it gets kinda agressive sometime and like i just melt KDBDKLSLDNFLAK and its so hOT UGH. Oh and your blog is 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Thank you!

Finally someone brings Seungri’s Japanese! Darn, that boy tongue in different langauges is life. 

I don’t know if people who don’t speak Japanese know this, but it’s utterly hard to sound natural while speaking it. There’s always the accent barrier and the fact that you can’t sound smooth when talking it. Japanese is mostly a manly language with many straightforward words.

Bae learnt Japanese ever since his high school days but his accent is too obvious. Even if he understands it and speaks it, the language just doesn’t sound beautiful. Top and Jiyong sound completely awkward when speaking it but oh well, they’re the least skilled in it. Daesung is pretty good at it but it’s Seungri that sounds like a freaking native. Not only that but Seungri mostly speaks Kansai-ben.

Meaning that he strays from the Standard Japanese. He said once that he watches many yankee dramas that’s why his Japanese sound a bit crooked but not anymore, now he’s just speaking honest Kansai dialect. And you know what’s the thing about Kansai-ben? It sounds like an angry-mean-masculine-rip-me-apart-right-now language. It’s just that hot for men. And that’s because it drops many formal expressions. Just the dialect for Seungri Haha

Here’s what Seungri says compared to standard Japanese: 

  1. Mo ii (It’s enough) —> Mo ii wa
  2. Nan desu ka? (What is it?) —> Naniyanen
  3. Hontou ni (really) —> Honmani
  4. Ikimashouka (Shall we?) —> Ikou ka? 
  5. Shirimasen/shiranai (I don’t know) —> Shiran
  6. Wakarimasen/wakannai (I don’t understand) —> Wakaran

I felt like I was doing a Japanese lesson there Haha but anyway, I wanted to outline that Seungri sounds especially great speaking a rough Japanese dialect from a native point of view :)

5ismysauce  asked:

I need to know the smutty thing you were thinking of because Jikook❤️

Okay. Well it came to me in like, a really short story. Here it is.

So BTS is having dance practice, and RM notices Jimin’s flexibility.

 "Jimin, how are you so flexible? I never see you stretch before practice.“

 Jimin just looks at RM and chuckles. And then looks at Jungkook, dead in the eyes, but with a mischievous smile.

 "I’m always well-stretched.”

 After that, Jungkook seemed a little flushed and flustered for the rest of practice, while RM was left in a state of confusion. Well-stretched?

Later on in the day, the boys decide go out to eat. But Jimin and Jungkook decide to stay home, claiming that “they’ll just eat something from the dorm.” RM is surprised. Usually those two are the first ones to hop in the car when they go out to eat somewhere. The other members are heading out to the car, and RM glances back at the two before he leaves, and notices that again, Jungkook looks red in the face and a little uncomfortable, and Jimin has this sly look on his face, and his hand his placed awfully close to Jungkook’s inner thigh. He doesn’t give it another thought though; Jimin is always pretty touchy.

When the other members get to the restaurant, RM notices that he’d left his ID at home, and asks a manager to drive him home so that he could just pick it up right quick. While they’re heading back down the road, RM remembers that those two are still at home. I wonder what they’re going to eat? I guess I’ll find out when I get there.

So RM unlocks the door and hears a thump. But he doesn’t pay much attention to it. It’s probably someone upstairs or something. He steps inside and notices that the kitchen looks untouched. That’s weird. I thought they said that they were going to eat something. But I guess it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t take that long to make food. I’m sure they’ll do it later.

RM grabs his ID, and is heading for the door, when he hears a loud thump, and a muffled groan. He stops dead in his tracks. That sounded like it came from Jimin’s room. Is he alright? Out of concern, he walks back to Jimin’s room to see if he’s okay. As he gets closer, Jimin’s groans get louder, and he sounds like he’s out of breath. There’s also this light slapping sound. Wow, is he sick? He’s right outside the door, and he hears another voice, and it sounds quite familiar.

“Why did you say that to Namjoon at practice?”

RM raises his eyebrows. Jungkook? Is that his voice? Wow, I’ve never heard him speak in that tone. He sounds so aggressive.

“I-I was just telling him–mm~ the truth. Ugh, fuck–”

Just what are they doing? Let me just take a peek..

And so he does.

And he finally understands what Jimin meant when he said that he was well-stretched.

Jungkook has Jimin against the wall, one leg on the ground, and the other ankle was resting on Jungkook’s shoulder as he pounds into him mercilessly, leaving Jimin struggling to hold on to Jungkook’s shoulders for purchase.

“Don’t lie to me. You were trying to get me worked up. I saw the look in your eyes.” Jungkook growls.

“Ugh~ You’re just–a kid, you get worked up easily–” Jimin groans.

Jungkook glares at Jimin and grinds his hips into him. Jimin’s head hits the wall and his mouth gapes open a little and lets out an loud breathy moan. “Ah–Jungkook–” Jungkook smirks. “Are you sure? I’m not the one moaning like a bitch in heat.” Jimin pulls himself closer to Jungkook and glares at him with lust-filled eyes. “Just shut up and fuck me.”

Namjoon decides it’s a good time to leave now, before things get more heated. He dashes out of the house as quietly as he can, and hops in the car. The manager starts the car and heads back to the restaurant. “Namjoon, did they eat well?” Namjoon glances back at the dorm. “Nah, they’re still cooking.”

That’s what I had in mind, soooooooooooooo yeah. Sorry if its weird, that’s what I had.

C: So I recently figured out who Kodak Black is. & Although I’m not a fan of his music, I find him very attractive. What pisses me off the most is when people make fun of how he speaks. He has a really heavy accent which is one of the many quirks I find attractive about him. But when you read the YouTube comments on videos where he’s talking, all you see are people saying “Does he speak English”? Or “What language is he speaking in?” Or they say shit about how “illiterate” he is. It makes me so fucking mad.

I bet if he had a British accent no one would be saying things like that. It’s just a fucking accent. Billions of people have one. But just because he’s a black rapper with grills on his teeth people wanna complain and start shit. Ugh. I don’t care though. I love his voice regardless.

Sorry.. I just wanted to get this off my chest.