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Niall Horan - “Love Song” Imagine

Just a short little blurb for ya! 

So as soon as I saw Niall’s Billboard photos inspiration struck and I got into full on Niall girl talk with @eversincecheshire and texted her this long ass idea based off of this picture so, me being me, decided to write it. People have been asking for Niall so.. here ya go. Enjoy!

It was Niall’s day off. No meetings, no time in the studio booked, and so the two of you decided it was the day the two of you would get your long list of to-do’s done. You were going to deep clean the house, the two of you were finally going to finish decorating your office and you were finally going to get rid of the layer of dust that had formed on shelves and tables.

Of course though, once it got down to actually having to do it all, you simply didn’t want to. Niall was off doing laundry, and you were tidying up the living room. You had lugged out the vacuum and were going to make the rug nice and clean but as you organized the books and random items you came across a notebook you had once seen Niall scribbling in often.

You decided, after flipping it open and reading over some lyrics, to delve a little deeper into it so you plopped yourself down on the floor, your back leaned against the couch and began to pour over the notebook. You took in the scribbled over words, the little phrases of music doodled next to certain strings of lyrics. It was all fascinating to you as Niall very rarely let you see his music until it was almost or completely finished but it was so fascinating to think about holding it all, his ideas, his notes, his inspiration, right there in your hands.

“What ya doin’, love?” You look up as Niall walks into the room, having come to investigate not having heard the vacuum when you had told him that was your next task. “Is that me notebook?” He questions, seeing the item in your hand. You grin and nod. “Must’ve left it on the shelf.” He grins as well, knowing how much you loved his music. Taking note of which song you’d had it open to, he decided he would let you hear it. It was one he had finished writing a few days ago, actually. It had changed a bit from this first scribbled down idea but the gist of it was the same.

“You gonna play it for me?” You question as you see him reaching for one of the guitars he had in the corner. Niall honestly had a guitar in every single room, apart from the bathroom. He even had one in the kitchen because who knows when inspiration would strike, he had to have one in arms reach at all times. You didn’t mind, you loved moments of him playing random bits of a new song, or covering a song you both loved. It filled the silence and often led to the two of you dancing together in the middle of whatever room you were in.

“I jus’ might.” He grins at you as he comes over, sitting himself down on the ground beside you, leaning close to you to look at the notebook still open in your hands. He takes it in, making sure he was thinking of the right song before he grinned at you. “It’s changed a bit, bu’ still the same, really.” His fingers then begin to move over the strings, the notes floating effortlessly from his touch. He gives you one more smile before he begins to sing. You bite at your lip as you take in the words he is singing.

You hadn’t heard this song before, maybe a little bit of the music playing from his office as he worked out the kinks or occasionally while getting ready for the day or in the shower he would hum out tunes but it was hard to differentiate between his own songs and just random songs he heard recently and had stuck in his head when all he did was sing the melody or a couple notes here and there.

This song though, it was soft, the music flowed effortlessly, and as you took in the words of love and adoration for that someone special, you knew it was about you. He sang of being in love, finding that one person he was always going to be with, enjoying the fact that he got to wake up beside her everyday. In short, the song was very clearly, and without a doubt, about you. You can’t keep the grin from your face as you lean over and bury your face in his shoulder as you close the notebook and toss it onto the coffee table in front of you.

As the song comes to an end, his playing and voice growing quieter, you bury your nose in his t-shirt, taking in that comforting and oh so familiar scent that was purely and simply Niall. Once he finished the song, he sets the guitar down, his arms wrapping easily around you. His lips press into your hair as he pulls you a bit more into him.

“You like it?” He questions then.

“It was the best song I’ve ever heard.” You tell him honestly, lifting your head up to look at him. You see his blue eyes shining with love, that same sense of adoration he just sang about radiating from his entire being and you knew you returned it. There was no one like Niall, and no one else you would ever be with. Niall was your forever, and clearly after that song, you knew he thought the same.

“Glad you like it then.” He grins at you before his lips are on yours. The kiss was gentle, his lips soft and loving against yours but as you turn a bit, your fingers tangling in his brown hair, pulling you a bit closer the feel of the kiss changes, as does the air around you.

He pulls you up and into his lap as his lips move against yours. His large guitarist hands press into your back after they slide up and under your t-shirt, pressing your chest against his. Your arms tangle around his neck and you have to keep the sigh that so desperately wanted to fall from your lips at bay as his tongue greets yours. His fingers dig into your skin, both of your breathing starting to grow faster as the kiss intensifies and you knew that any and all thoughts of cleaning and running errands as planned was out the window.

Dating Luke

-forehead kisses

-picking him up at the airport

-”I’m never letting you go, you know.” 

-Having to right away get something to drink because Luke is a caffeine addict in denial 

-”Luke coffee stunts your growth.” 

-”Y/N we both know I’m a giraffe,” 

-Holding his hand as you drive home

-”Can we break in the bed?” 

-Swatting him for his crude comment but knowing fully well you two will be getting up to something 

-Hacking his twitter and posting a video of him singing Nickleback in the shower


-Trying to convince him to dye his hair lilac

-”I’m not dying my hair that colour! I’m a manly man,” 

-“LuKE you get scared if we pass the halloween section at wal-mart,”

-Trying to unpack for him but he just keeps kissing your neck and mumbling to leave it for the next day

-Giving in and breaking in that bed

-Waking up next to him in the morning with raspy voices and nose kisses

-Making coffee in his shirt 

-Going into the family room of your guys’ flat and finding him strumming aimlessly on his guitar

-”I wrote this song for you one night. I got like really lonely and it just came out,” 

-Sitting and watching the dork you love singing and getting nervous because he loves you so much and finds it hard to say in any other way except in song

-Couch sex

-Shower sex

-”Babe you okay? Like god I love you so much,” 

-Watching 5SOS interviews and teasing Luke about how red his cheeks get when the interviewer asked questions about you

-”Y/N wears the pants in the relationship. Luke is totally wrapped around her finger.” 

-”You’re a dork.” 

-”You’re a nerd.”


-”If this whole banding thing doesn’t work out I can always be a comedian.” 

-Giving him the most serious look when he thinks he can be a comedian

-Random staring contests

-”Hey your face is beautiful who wouldn’t want to stare at it in random times of the day,” 

-Going to the VMA’s with him, and after Luke taking a whole bunch of pictures with the band, he goes to you, and shows you off because he still can’t believe he got the girl of his dreams

-Watching with pride as 5SOS goes up to accept their awards 

-”Y/N is not the inspiration for the title She’s Kinda Hot. Y/N is really really hot.” 

-Ashton giggling, “And Luke’s just a little bit little bit whipped,” 

-Blushing at the dork you love

-Him surprising you and taking you to a All Time Low concert

-”Rian looks hot tonight,” 

-”Wait a second here-” 

-Kissing him to remind him he’s the only boy you’re going home with tonight 

-Meeting 5SOS fans with Luke, and taking pictures of him and the fans because you know how much he loves them 

-Being in an intense game of Mario Kart, and beating Luke

-”Y/N stop doing your happy dance for two seconds and look at this,” 

-Rolling your eyes and looking at Luke, but regretting you didn’t look sooner, because he was holding a little gold ring 

-Crying and nodding yes and holding him so tight to you because you love him so much and now he’s yours 

ashton michael calum

small things to love about seventeen:

lee chan: him admitting his inspiration/admiration for michael jackson

hansol: his little hilarious laughs/love for his sister

seungkwan: his cheekbones when he smiles/diva sass

minghao: his beautiful rainbow of colored hair over the years/dog hugging

mingyu: cutely spoken english/loudest of the group

seokmin: his huge happy smile/cringey aegyo

jihoon: his eye smiles/cringe reactions 

wonwoo: when he runs his fingers back through his hair/happy little claps

soonyoung: absolute passion he holds for dancing/sense of humor

junhui: the shy little smiles/dances he gives

jisoo: the softness in his voice when he picks up his guitar/gentleman

junghan: his rendition of the pikachu song/angelic smile

seungcheol: amount of leadership he takes/how good he looks in fitted shirt