his voice is truly amazing

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Viktor had a relationship once- why not? He’s hot and people confuse him and his usage of mascara- when he was young. The details are blurry to Viktor these days, but he was too excited and he was delusional with the prospect of love back then, almost a cringe worthy moment for Viktor when he remembers these things late at night.

It was how you would imagine it. Viktor, looking back on it now, wondered how seemingly enthusiastic he managed to be in the two year long crusty ‘relationship’ they had. There were these little sprinkles of affection, shy blushes and the kind of exploration young crazy teenagers do during their young crazy lives, but there was nothing special about it.

He was an art major. Viktor figured they were compatible, two pieces of puzzles sliding together in delusional harmony, with Viktor’s artistry out on the ice and his on his canvas.

What made him special, amongst the other folders of exes he had locked away in a metaphorical file cabinet, was the fact that he was the one who stayed the longest.

Viktor was a fucking whirlwind. Nobody could keep up his tiresome training schedules, his absent meals, the long hours spent at the rink. His ex wrung it out as far as possible, trying hard to be understanding and patient at first, until finally, he broke.

“You’re… You’re too much.” He finally hisses after another failed date night. Viktor doesn’t have the heart to deny the statement. “You’re fucking selfish. You… You revolve around nothing but the ice! No hobbies, no ambitions, nothing but that stupid gold fucking medal you always win anyways.”

Viktor doesn’t flinch, doesn’t feel anything at all. He was right. He was right.

“And then what? What happens when your body tires out, huh Viktor? What happens if you lose?” He says, there are tears brimming his eyes. Viktor doesn’t have the heart to well up a tear. “I tell you, you’ll regret it. You will have nothing.” 

When he walks out the door, Viktor realized that he had nothing the whole time Not even the satisfaction of being complete.

When Chris asks him if he had any plans to get into a relationship anytime soon, he’d laugh. I don’t have the time. He’ll say. Nobody is willing to stay. His mind pleads.

And then comes Yuuri.

He realizes many things: Yuuri was an even bigger whirlwind. He was deadly and dangerous and beautiful, Viktor had felt the thrill of standing in the eye of a storm when he holds Yuuri’s hand, when he sees his smile. He was beautiful. He was deadly.

Yuuri spends even more time in the rink than him, eyes focused and determined and Viktor watches in awe from the side because he felt like he just got crushed by an avalanche and Yuuri wasn’t even breaking a goddamn sweat. He was fragile and strong, loud and quiet, an enigma Viktor has yet to solve. 

Yuuri was beautiful. Yuuri was perfect.

He’s perfect when he takes Makkachin out for walks, when he looks over his shoulder and tosses Viktor a teasing little smile, when he wakes up in the morning with bed hair and crusty eyes, when he’s crying and broken and Viktor doesn’t know what the fuck to do and Yuuri calls his bullshit out for it, when he skates, when he lets Viktor hold him, when he’s Viktor’s.

Yuuri was his.

Yuuri would stay.

One day, while in a hotel bar as he waits for his dearest, he spots someone across from him with the eyes of a ghost from his past.

“I’m opening up a gallery somewhere.” He says when Viktor asks the standard how are you out of sheer politeness. He hasn’t changed, maybe getting edgier and manlier, finally not the young art major he used to be. He has grown. Viktor has grown too.

“The… The Japanese man. Is he…?”

Viktor smiles, purposely setting his hand on the marble counter to show off the gleam in the golden band. The memory of Yuuri sends another warm flutter in Viktor’s heart. God, it’s been years. “Engaged.”

He smiles and nods, seemingly happy for them.

“You love him, truly.”

Viktor purses his lips around his glass. Of course he does, why wouldn’t he? Yuuri was kind and beautiful and smart and all his.

“The moment I mentioned him… you looked like the happiest man in the world.” He says, shaking the glass in his hand, swirling the amber contents. Viktor does not feel any resentment in his voice, but he feels cautious at the incoming topic. “You’re truly happy. It’s amazing.”

Viktor narrows his eyes, just for a fraction. “What made you think I wasn’t?”

He raises an eyebrow. Are you fucking kidding me? Viktor couldn’t blame him. “Your eyes shine, you perk up, and hell, I didn’t even notice that your smile was heart shaped before. Now your grin is bigger than ever.”

Viktor cracks a smile, leaning back against the counter. 

He sets the glass down, smiling softly. “I’m happy for you.”

Viktor’s happy too. Truly. He was right. And for once, he was glad that he didn’t decide to stay.

“Do you want to come to the wedding?” It was a little weird to invite your ex to your wedding, but Viktor wasn’t one to follow social norms. 

He accepts before finally leaving, one last goodbye between them.

Yuuri finally arrives a few moments later, cheeks flushed and burrowed adorably under a scarf. God knows how torturous Russian weather can be. “Who was that?”

Viktor smiles, kissing Yuuri’s knuckles before lacing their fingers together. “No one of importance.”

During their wedding, Yuuri dips him in for a kiss. Viktor never wanted to let go of the moment, but they crumble on the floor laughing. Chris was discreetly installing a pole in the banquet room and he had to prevent tears more than five times in the past two hours. Yurio resentfully gives him tissues from the sidelines 

Viktor might’ve thought that he’ll never get the satisfaction of being complete, thought that he’ll never stop being a whirlwind, but Yuuri carries him away and swept him off his feet, launching him into the air laughing and giggling.

He spots him in the crowd, talking to the girl he brought with him- possibly his now girlfriend, Viktor thinks she’s lovely- and they connect gazes.

He smiles, raises a glass like a toast.

Viktor raises his own glass back.

Viktor was happy. Viktor was complete. Viktor was satisfied.

honestly the more i think about it i’m glad liam will be the last one to release his music because it’s like the grand finale to an amazing show of talent because liam is so incredibly freaking talented and he will FINALLY get the recognition & the appreciation he truly deserves because his voice is amazing, his songwriting skills are phenomenal & his stage presence is bewildering and soon he’s gonna be releasing music, tour dates, merch & i am gonna be a puddle of joy & pride on the floor, i can’t wait!!

Josh Ramsay Things


-to be more specific when his voice gets raspy during that part in One Love

-when he smiles

- his hair (u are in love w/ his hair too. admit it)

-the candy apple pants

-his pants in general bc he has some bombass leather pants

-his confidence


A personal tribute to Chester but also to the whole band.
Linkin Park always was such an important part of my life, so I also made one of the best experiences ever to go with my best friend to one of their concerts.
I will never forget that evening, neither Chester and his amazing voice.
You truly will be missed although your music is never going to leave us.
Rest in peace Chester, you always were a hero but now you’re a true legend.

listen but like,, alec lightwood serenading to magnus bane? pls think about this bc i think about it all the time whenever i hear any song ever? just imagine him shyly getting on the stage bc izzy and jace both encouraged him to go perform bc there was an open mic in the bar they were all at, saying that they grew up hearing him sing frank sinatra in the shower and how truly amazing his voice is. so alec thinks about it for a second and then he looks over at magnus, who’s just laughing at something that clary said and sipping at his martini, looking as beautiful as ever, looking carefree, looking happy. so he thinks of the song he’s been hearing everywhere on the radio, so he decides to go for it, without even telling magnus what he’s about to do, he gets on the stage before the sudden rush of courage leaves him, grabs the mic, throws a “starving by hailee steinfeld” over his shoulder to the band behind him and starts to sing. he starts to sing bc he relates to every single word and bc he wants everyone to know, he wants magnus to know how he makes him feel: how he makes his heart flutter, how he makes him smile so much his cheeks hurt, how he makes him cry bc of the absolutely amazing, wonderful, loving things he does, how he makes him wanna stand at the edge of the world and scream bc he cannot believe how in love he is and how happy he is. and so he sings, and he sings and he sings and he stares at magnus as he sings, he stares at magnus as everyone woos and cheers and sings along, he stares at magnus as he slowly walks down the stage and puts the mic down, he stares at magnus as he moves closer, grabs his hands and whispers the last line to him, so cheesy and typical and extra and knowing for 100% that simon is snapchatting all of this: “something inside me’s changed, i was so much younger yesterday.”

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I honestly felt like I was invading his privacy in a way watching him perform that song like that

It was very quiet and all you could hear was Harry and his guitar. It was so good. The look in his eyes, the sound of his voice, it was truly amazing.


This is my second time seeing Taeyang perform and his voice never fails to disappoints! Every song he sang was truly beautiful and amazing!! Especially when he sang his old songs like “Wedding Dress” ughhhh so good so beautiful so dopeeee :)))))


70 years ago today in Stone Town, Zanzibar, my favorite person was born.
Farrokh Bulsara, a boy that would grow up to be a legend. A man with the most powerful and extraordinary voice. The beautiful and captivating human being that we know as Freddie Mercury.

He is my inspiration and my role model. He gave me a new life. If there’s one thing that never fails to cheer me up, it’s him. He has changed my life in such a beautiful way.

Most people know Freddie for his masterpiece, Bohemian Rhapsody, but he contributed much more to the world than that.

He was a genius when it came to songwriting but he was also an extremely charismatic frontman and he put on a show with the way that he would strut around the stage in a theatrical form. He’s known to be one of the greatest frontmen of all time. 

He was an amazing pianist, which he didn’t believe, I’ll never understand why. He could also paint and draw, his work is incredible. He was fucking fabulous. He’s still fucking fabulous. I mean, look at the stuff that he wore! Fab.

He did things that no one has ever done, things that can’t and won’t be done again. Like bringing opera and ballet to rock and roll.

He rode on the shoulders of Darth Vader, Santa and Superman multiple times. Who else has done that?
He even performed with The Royal Ballet.

Freddie was incredibly strong. He continued to make music until he literally couldn’t anymore. He was in the studio when he could barely stand. That’s how dedicated he was to his music and to his fans. He didn’t want to leave this earth without giving everything that he could. I admire the strength that he had.

His life was cut short but it’s not like he didn’t live it to the full. He always said that all he wanted in life was to be happy and have a good time and from what I’ve seen and heard, that’s exactly what he did and he didn’t give a shit about what people thought of him.

It’s weird because it doesn’t always feel like he’s gone. He was filled with so much energy and had such a powerful presence, I guess that’s what makes me feel like he’s still around. He’s forever alive in our hearts.

The world will never see another Freddie Mercury. I mean, they’re doing scientific studies on his voice to figure out why it was so amazing. He truly was a gift to this world. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

It’s sad that the world has been deprived of the work that he still had inside of him but I’m grateful for the amazing things that we do have from him and the fact that he was ever here at all.

So I wrote this excessively long message because Freddie should be celebrated today and everyday.

We’ll celebrate you forever. 
Happy Birthday, Freddie ❤️

Ignorance isn’t Bliss

Summary: hunger games au where Dan and Phil meet in the ring and happen to fall in love with eachother at a deadly cost.

TW: major character death, minor mention of suicidal thoughts

tags: angst, hungergames!au

authors note: you guys are going to hate me for this. 


Our love story was a tad bit unconventional. I mean, being surrounded by a figurative and literal clock of death 24/7 doesn’t really let you have a lot of cute moments right? The Hunger Games to put it bluntly, sucked. This whole damn capital sucks and making children kill each other sucks. However what sucks the most is the fact that it so happens I’m in love with someone in the ring. What sucks even more is the fact that I may or may not be the one that has to kill him.


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Had the best week in nyc. Ended up seeing all the Hedwig performances this week (whoops!) and have loved seeing Darren settle into the role. Can’t even imagine how fantastic he’s going to get as the run goes on. Hes already started playing with the role, adlibbing some stuff and interacting with the audience more.

The way he switches between the different characters he talks about seems so effortless. What you can’t tell from the audio recordings is it’s not just his voice which changes. When he switches to Luther or Tommy his whole body shifts, he holds himself totally differently, it’s very impressive.

His voice is just amazing, Midnight Radio is just so beyond words, he truly fills the whole theatre with his voice, and he and Rebecca sound great together.

You really do forget that it’s Darren you’re watching on that stage, he really has the whole audience immersed in Hedwig and her story, and has had a full standing ovation every show. Already counting down to coming back for closing week.

Personal highlight for me though? Hedwig making out with me during Sugar Daddy on opening night. Unexpected but definitely not unappreciated!

brendon was literally born to perform live. it’s where he truly shines. his voice on its own is amazing but his energy and presence onstage is the most breathtaking and powerful thing i’ve ever seen. i cannot believe i really witnessed it