his voice is perfect i just can't

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So, I just found out that Yuuri's Japanese voice actor can sing and I can't help but imagine that Yuuri can sing as well??? Like, he has such a BEAUTIFUL voice and the first time Victor hear him singing he's just crying because he's so moved and he can't believe how his boyfriend can be so perfect

Oh my gosh give me a moment, I’m dying. Imagine Victor lying on Yuuri’s lap and falling asleep to Yuuri singing. Imagine Yuuri humming while Victor cooks and he helps out, imagine Yuuri singing in the shower and Victor reading a book while he wants for him to finish, imagine both of them singing along to a song while the drive into the sunset dude I’m dying

It's Not Wrong to Dream About Prince Charming

You know what I hate in society? People telling girls it’s wrong to fantasize about a perfect guy. That it’s wrong to have these unattainable standards that men have to live up to. I understand, every human has their flaws and men are included in that. But my Prince Charming is out there and you can’t tell me what I can or cannot expect in my future husband. Maybe he will have flaws, a lot of them. But they won’t be anger, stubbornness, or pride. My true love will not call me names, tear me down, or make me feel less than he is. My future love will be only love and only kindness and only gentleness and loyalty and patience. He will not raise his voice at me for no reason and he will not wrongfully punish or abuse our children. Maybe this man doesn’t exist in the modern world. Nobody is perfect. But I will hold every man I ever meet to this standard of what a man should be. And if they don’t measure up, that’s their loss, not mine. Not all men are monsters, but I’m done kissing frogs hoping they turn into a prince.

-Searching for You

Highlights of the February 18th SPG Concert!
  • Long post warning! So sorry ya'll. @~@"
  • -Spine pulling on the bottom of his vest a bunch in the beginning of the concert.
  • -Hatchworth's goodbye video! (Aka Hatchy walks a very long, very lonely road to find some gold fish.)
  • -Rabbit and Zero getting really sidetracked talking about broilers and chicken and food in general.
  • -Spine getting very annoyed at his siblings for not taking their banter seriously.
  • -Spine getting legit ragey (like oh no, he's mad now >: 3c )
  • -Overdrive being played out as an energy drink that's horrible for robots. (And Rabbit throwing up on Spine after Spine drenched himself in Overdrive cola)
  • -the choreographed dance that went with Overdrive (also, everyone mcfrickin dabbed and I'm still not over it)
  • -Zero almost activating Spine and Rabbit's self destruct sequences before Steam Powered Giraffe (Reprise)
  • -Spine broke down, was thought to be dead for a bit, and then woke back up to sing Diamonds (also, Zero booping Spine after repeatedly slapping him).
  • -The repeated "Love" tidbit before Honeybee
  • -Rabbit, dramatically: ~LOVE~!!!
  • -Spine, sauvely: Love?
  • -Zero, comedically: LoVe?? *cough* loVE??! LOVE??????
  • -Just, everything Zero did, joking about being Hatchworth, showing off his personality, his beautiful voice...(he was too perfect I'm sorry ^//♡//^)
  • -Spine actually petting GG during Diamonds tho(😕)
  • -Qwerty sang the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme again
  • -I'm sure there was other stuff I just can't remember, but the show was great. (O yeah, and the video I took of me giving Spine a Lightning McQueen >: D)

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can you write another that's like the reader is a costar on SM:H and it's kinda like the song Satisfied from Hamilton where Haz is Angelica (giving up the girl) and Tom is like Eliza (getting the girl) but there are still super strong feelings between reader and Haz. And the one you just wrote was perfect- I can't. Sorry for bugging ya!

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Storyline: (x) 

I also thought of this song while writing this: (xx)

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You sat, perched classily on the stool in front of the bar. Chatter was surrounding you as your eyes scanned the wall of various bottles of aged liquor. A man, dressed suitably in a black vest, sat beside you. His eyes met yours briefly, giving you a smile that made your heart flutter.

“Hello, darling.” He spoke breathlessly, his voice was soft, with an elegant accent. You returned the smile. The bartender came over then, asking for his poison. After taking your orders, since you were dry, the well-dressed man turned to you.

“What’s a lady like you doing sitting by herself?” He asked, subconsciously bringing his pink lips in between his teeth..

“No man can quite get it right.” You answered, giving him a sly smirk.

“Get what right?” He asked, leaning in closer to you, his eyes playful. You didn’t answer as the bartender slid over your guys’ drinks.

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Song of Forgetting
Brian d'Arcy James, Jennifer Damiano & Jessica Phillips

*Not my audio*

Song of Forgetting - From Next to Normal on Broadway, May 17th, 2010

This rendition of this song is probably the most heart-breaking one that I’ve heard so far… It was Brian’s first day back in N2N so that’s probably why it’s particularly emotional.

Don’t imagine your bias as a new father. Don’t imagine him being handed your tiny daughter for the first time, eyes full of wonder, his smile brighter than the sun as he whispers, “Hello, beautiful.” Don’t imagine him holding your hand as he rocks her to sleep, humming a lullaby with his angelic voice, stroking her chubby little cheek gently as her eyelids flutter shut. Don’t imagine him looking up at you, your sleeping baby in his arms, tears in his eyes as he murmurs, “Jagi, she’s so perfect. I didn’t think it was possible to be this happy, I just…. I love you both, so, so much. I feel so lucky, that I get to protect and love two of the most beautiful girls in the world.”

  • me : *gigling over kyungsoo's picture, kyungsoo's voice, kyungsoo's video*
  • mom : so, is this your crush ?
  • me : *le gasp* what? mom, no. yeah kyungsoo bb is hot, cute, adorable, handsome, and perfect, his voice is just so, ugh, like honeydew, and his personaly, reserve and dorky but caring-
  • mom : *rolling her eyes*
  • me : --ehm, yea, what i mean is, i love him but not in romantic way and i can't love him that way, i am not allowed
  • mom : ...okay *start to regret this conversation bc she knows i won't shut up*
  • me : because he has jongin, they are in love. i can't. nobody can't love him like jongin. and kyungsoo loves him back.
  • mom : who is jongin?
  • me : *play exo MV and point at jongin when he is doing hipthrusts* he is the perfect guy for kyungsoo. they are in love. they will build a family together, live in the house on the green grass with 3 adorable dogs play on the yard
  • me : *start showing kaisoo gifs, pictures and videos*
  • mom : *sigh* *stare at me with 'do i have to do this' face* *watch the videos and see the picture*
  • mom : nah, they are just friends, they're just being playful.
  • mom : okay, maybe, they're a lil bit too close and touchy-touchy...
  • me : they are in love. they are banging.
  • mom : um, okay. just don't sleep too late and don't forget to turn off the wifi before you go to bed. *slowly walk away from me*
  • me : NO. My feeling was hurt bc you questioned KaiSoo's love. I need to spazz over them now and read fluffy KaiSoo fanfics to heal the feels. I am gonna stay up late.
  • mom : *sigh* that's nice, dear. *close the door *mumbling something about not raising me right*

i won’t show mercy on you NOW; a fan mix for Aleksander Morozova’s journey through darkness and his quest for the sun [LISTEN]

[POV] THE DARKLING, with some female voice inputs by the Sol Koroleva


The strangely dressed man, just a dozen or so feet in front of him, let out an exaggerated sigh as he pulled his crossed feet from the desk and let them drop to the floor. He placed a finger in his book to mark his place and looked up at Thomas, making no effort to hide his annoyance.

“How many times do I have to repeat this?” the man said, his nasaly voice a perfect match for his pale skin, thin hair and skinny body. And that suit. That stupid white suit. Oddly, his words weren’t muffled at al by the barrier. “We still have forty-seven minutes before I’ve been authorized to implement Phase Two of the Trials.

Please show your patience and leave me alone.“

The Scorch Trials; 2015 [x] [x]

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Prompt: every Sunday night Evan and Jon have some alone gaming fun night and AHHH I can't explain it I tried writing this out myself but I'm trash but this is how the first part went that explains it perfectly "FUCK YOU!! HAHAHAHA” blasted in Evans ears while playing GTA, it was just Evan and Jon, not recording just playing around and having fun. They did this every Sunday, just so get together and forget about life. Jon even used his good mic so Evan could hear his real voice. It was perfect."

Jonathan was spoiled. Every week, every day, every hour, he’d wait for Sunday evening to arrive. When he woke up on Sunday mornings, his heart leapt with pure excitement. Of course, he’d do his errands, distract himself in any way possible until the sun set and his phone buzzed. A familiar name popped up and Jonathan would be at his computer in seconds, logging on to Gmod or GTA or whatever fun game they had planned for tonight.

His hands would shake when an invite popped up on his screen along with the regular incoming Skype call. It was a little bit pathetic, but he didn’t care. This was his escape. His only night to talk about his problems and laugh way too much. Certainly an escape of sorts, a tiny vacation. His own, beautiful, short-lived world. His and Evan’s world.

“What’s up, loser?”

Jonathan grinned, “Nothing much, idiot. Just ready to play some games per usual.”

He could hear a thumping noise coming from Evan’s mic, almost like he was nervously tapping his fingers on his desk. “Well, I was thinking maybe we could talk about something a tad bit different tonight. Nothing serious. Actually, yeah, it’s kind of serious.”

It would be a lie if Jonathan said his palms didn’t get more clamy than usual. Or that his breaths became uneven. He managed to let out a shaky “alright” before putting his controller down. A thousand thoughts ran through his head. The biggest one being a question: “What if he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore?” 

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olicity's first kiss oh man it holds such a special place in my heart. the way he whispers her name just before kissing her bc he can't let her think that he doesn't love her. the way he cradles her face so tenderly and his slightly hoarse voice when he says 'don't ask me to say that i don't love you' and and the intense pain in his face when she walks away and hiS HANDS STAY ON THE AIR EVEN AFTER SHE'S NO LONGER BETWEEN THEM ohmygod why am i so emotional why is my otp so perfect fuck

It still takes my breath away. Whenever I watch The Calm, the beautiful hope and light at the beginning, when Oliver finally asks her out and she says yes, and then they go on their date and things are so wonderful… but they aren’t ready, Oliver’s not ready, and so of course everything goes to hell.

But their feelings are real, so real, and that kiss, that beautiful perfect first kiss, it is so perfect and so Olicity.

And the way they linger, the way they both linger, taking those few seconds to really, truly believe that this is everything they can have… breathing each other in, savoring that feeling, how they tasted, how something so soft and gentle can crack their foundations so much…

And then… and then reality steps back in and shatters the moment, especially when Oliver admits to being in love with her in the most ass-backwards way only Oliver Queen can.

Oliver just bared his soul to her but Felicity knows - they both know - that it wasn’t in the right way, that it wasn’t what they both deserved, and that doing this halfway wasn’t going to be enough, ever.

And she leaves, leaving Oliver standing alone, desperately trying to stay in that moment forever, to keep it - to keep her - just a little bit longer.

I love it so much! It’s the perfect Olicity kiss - so full of love and hope and desire and need and want and trust and everything, but at the same time it’s so tinged with pain because it can’t happen.

It’s the perfect first kiss, I’ll never be over it either, anon!

I always say, “Goddamn it, Oliver!” during this scene because I’m in the midst of an emotional attack that only my OTP can deliver, but then I calm down, because I remember that it’s just a delicate and beautiful prelude to this:

And then I’m saying, “Goddamn it, Olicity, I cannot handle you!”

TW Preference: Break ups and Make ups [Part 1]
  • A/N: Making this into two parts. Part one is the Break up, part two is making up. This was a request. It's not that great but I hope you like it! xx
  • Stiles: He was late, again. It was the fourth time that month that he had completely forgotten about the plans he had made with you and was off who knows where doing who knows what with Scott and the Pack. You were so tired of this. He didn't even seem that sorry when he would call you up the next day to apologize. It really wouldn't bother you that he liked to help his friends as much as he can, if it hadn't been for the fact that you were is girlfriend but was beginning to feel like a second choice rather than a priority. So you decided to tell him that, which was the start of the fight you two were currently having. "I just don't like being your second choice all the time Stiles!" "Well I'm so sorry for trying to help out my friends y/n. Really sorry." he replied back sarcastically. "See! That's exactly what I mean! You're not even sorry are you? You don't even care that I'm breaking up with you!" you shouted, tears welling up in your eyes. That made him start to pay attention. "You're what?" he asked, his voice still sounding somewhat stern. "I'm breaking up with you," you repeated, the tears falling freely now. "I'm no one's second choice." With that, you turned on your heel and walked away.
  • Scott: Every girl has her insecurities. Who knew that yours could tear your perfect little relationship apart. "I can't do this anymore Scott." you said quietly, looking down at your feet. "What are you talking about y/n? I swear we weren't doing anything!" he said loudly, looking at you. The other day you had caught him in his room alone with none other than ex girlfriend Allison Argent herself. They weren't doing anything when you walked in, just sitting there. But they had been getting strangely close recently and you felt as if he still had feelings for her. "I know, and I trust you. I just don't think I can keep feeling this way." you speak, still looking down as a few tears start to spill from your eyes. "Feel what way?" he asked, voice full of concern. "Like I'll never be good enough." you reply, looking at him for the first time since you pulled him aside during Lunch. He was about to pull you into an embrace when you took a step away from him. "I think it would be best if we just broke up." you explained, voice shaking. "You-you don't mean that." he said softly, the pain in his eyes evident. You just nod your head in response. Looking down once more you reach out to squeeze his hand one more time before letting it go and walking away. That was one of the hardest thing you've ever done.
  • Derek: "Do you realize how incredibly stupid that was?" Derek shouted at you as you held a ice pack to your head. "I'm sorry that I was trying to help! I didn't see you doing anything useful!" you shouted right back. "I had a plan y/n! Then you had to show up and ruin it all just like you ruin everything!" Screaming matches between you and Derek were pretty normal. You both had different ways of approaching situations, which led to some clashes. But he had never said anything that stung the way those words did. But you wouldn't let him see that he caught you off guard. "Oh I ruin everything? Really?" you yelled back at him, standing your ground. "Yes! You just waltz up thinking you're so powerful and indestructible and you can save everybody when you can't! You can't because you're weak and human! You can't do anything and you can't save everyone!" he shouted, his chest moving up and down rapidly. You stood there quietly, mouth open slightly, dropping the ice pack. "Well then," you said, quietly. "If I'm really that weak and useless then I'm obviously just holding you back." you reasoned, tears starting to pool in your eyes. "Y/n I didn't-" "We're over Derek. I don't want to hold you back anymore." You said, grabbing your things and walking away.
  • Isaac: He had changed. He wasn't the same sweet and gentle Isaac you had known before. Once he got the bite he became this arrogant, jerk, who was like a stranger to you. One day he just went off on you when you asked him what his problem was. "You're my problem! You're always on my back complaining about everything little thing I do and I'm tired of it! I'm tired of you!" he yelled. You were shocked, his words cutting you like knives. He automatically softened up after his outburst. He reached out to touch "Y/n- I-" he stopped once he saw you flinch away from him. "Isaac- you're-you're eyes...you changed like-like...you were gonna attack me." you spoke quietly, cowering away from him. He took a step back in disgust. He was disgusted with himself. He was turning into a monster and had even made you, of all people, afraid of him. "Just-just stay away from me." he spoke harshly, his face hardening again. "Isaac-" "No!" he yelled before running off. After that you broke down into tears, and at the same time he did too.

The One That Got Away

Dirty Harry Styles Imagine by lovezaynlikealovesong

‘Okay, Fine’ you said after throwing harry’s black shirt back into the closet, 'don’t wear it, its just that…it suits you more and I wanted you to look good tonight’ 'what do you mean, I don’t look good always?’ he asked in an annoyed voice. 'I didn’t say that, Harry… I meant to say tha-’ 'I know what you mean (Y/N)!’ he said picking up his belt and giving you one last look before leaving for the party 'you coming or not?’ he asked raising his voice. You hated when he was this way, well no one likes it but, it was extremely upsetting, and that too on christmas eve as well as Lou’s birthday party was making it even more worse. 'Of course I am baby’ you replied trying to calm him down a bit, but it didn’t help…not a bit.You shrugged it off and gave a last look in the mirror to yourself.'like you mean the 'baby” he murmered, thinking you didn’t hear it,but actually you did. He opened the door for you, as he always did, giving you the hint that he still cares about you. But you were too involved in the argument to notice that, it was way too difficult for you to take your mind off the mini fight you both had been having in installments for a pretty long time, and you knew that these were just warm ups, teh real thing was yet to come, but tonight? no, it can’t be,  you thought to yourself, you were pretty sure. 'Thank you’ you said, but not with feelings, it was now sort of a routine for you, Harry opens the door, you say thank you. 'What happened?’ you asked confused, he was just sitting there, on the driver’s seat, not moving an inch, 'Look, love I’m sorry’ a sudden smile plastered your face but you tried to hide it,'Harry…you know what? lets just act like nothing ever happened, hm?’ you said letting the smile now show. He nodded in reply with his cheeky smile. He turned to you saying 'I love you, (Y/N)’ you smiled and placed a soft kiss on his cheek, 'please don’t ever leave me’ he said just a second after you pulled from the kiss, 'huh?’ you asked faintly, assuming he didn’t hear it you made your way back to your seat. He never said before, not even when you both had the worst of fights, not even when you nearly 'left’ him once, this statement of his was just getting you to worry, a lot. Half way through the ride, you got a text, and your mobile was kept on the dashboard, in front of Harry,'could you please see that for me?’ 'Babe, I’m driving’ he said passing you your phone 'Here’ he said, weirdly, reading the sender’s name, his smile immediately disappeared  he frowned, yet again. He gave him a confused look and took the phone from his hands at the same time. ‘James’ you read, you couldn’t quite get why he did that after reading ‘James’. Something in that text made you chuckle, you replied,he replied, you replied, he replied, and it kept on like this. The car stopped with thrift making your phone slip from your hands and fall on the car floor, you thought he’ll make the move, but he didn’t, instead he stepped out the car  not giving a damn about you and your phone and making his way into the party.You were now sure, He. was. pissed.and the strange part was you were not even sure what the reason was. ‘Hey (Y/N)’ Eleanor greeted you with the cutest smile ever, you both had become bestest of friends she had helped you with harry most of the time when the ‘Larry’ rumour took swift. ‘What’s up with harry’ she asked wrinkling her eye brows, ‘I’m asking myself the same question, El’ you replied ‘hmm… okay anyways, this is Angela’ she said pulling you towards some her friends and introduced you to them, you could sometimes see from the corner of your eyes, a guy the same guy everytime, stalking you. It was a bit weird at times but you didn’t bother much really.


'Aahh!’ you screetched softly as the vodka trickled down your throat burning your passage and making way to you stomach. 'You’re really funny, Will’ you said chuckling a little.'Well, I like you too’ he said you gave him a sudden stare and your face turned serious. What an asshole, Harry thought, he loved you way too much to let go but seeing you with another guy was just unbearable for him, it was just the party and he people who were keeping him away from pulling you in for a 'forever’ kiss. 'Hey, do you mind a dance?’ the guy asked you, 'umm…I don’t think so, I’m dating someone and we just… things are not great between us and-’ 'Yes, of course that Harry guy you’re dating, well if he’s mad at you…’ he slowly moved towards your ear and whispered 'why not make him jealous?'you looked at harry and smiled. 'I cant bare this anymore!’ said Harry,banging his glass on the table.He was completely drunk and had lost his senses, but when a person’s drunk that’s the time he does what he wants and he wanted you, to feel you and make you feel loved and kick that 'asshole’ out of the way, just you and him. He was with the boys on the balcony and could see the bar from the view clearly and there you go, holding his hand as he pulled you from your seat to the dance floor, you recognised something familiar, smiling you said over the loud music, 'this is my fav-’ It’s her favourite song harry thought, and a sudden telepathy made you both exchange glances and there he was, furious, brisking his walks towards you. 'What is this?’ he said getting a hold of your wrist and pushing the man back and coming in his place. 'Harry, please, listen to me, I-’ 'No YOU listen to ME! you’re coming home with me now!’ you couldn’t understand what he meant, what about louis? it’s his birthday, how would he feel? right now Harry and you were more important than louis’ birthday bash, you came greeted stayed but just didn’t say a goodbye. It’s okay he won’t mind. 'Who do you think yourself to be?’ shouted Harry in his perfect voice, pushing you against the car door. 'Harry I-’ 'What’s happening there?’ you heard a heavy old man’s voice, you figured it was the police and decided to leave. 'Was that the Jason guy?’ he asked in a voice full of hurt.'Harry ple-’ ’(Y/N)! was he or was he not?’ he asked pressing the accelerator harder. 'No, no he wasn’t, I had just met him’ you replied 'and you’re off dancing with him, a stranger whom you had just met and you can’t dance or even talk to your boyfriend once, whom you’ve known for 8 months?’ 'Babe, I’m sorry I dont know- I-I just don’t know whats gotten into you nowadays!’ you continued 'you’re just so-so… hard to be with, you talk to me rudely,you don’t talk to me the way you used to and everytime I look in your eyes all I see it hate nothing else’ you stopped and realized what you just had blurted out of your mouth. 'I can’t believe you just said that’ harry said hitting the brakes and the car stopped right in front of the house you both lived in for 5 months now.You both moved in, you threw your purse on the couch, you saw harry taking his belt off and coming towards you and lifting you bridal style, but not the usual soft and fragile way but the harsh yet passionate way. He swiftly threw you on the bed not caring if t hurt you or not, he was hurt and wanted you to make up to him, and this was his way.'Harry, what is your prob-’ and he cut you off with a passionate kiss gradually slipping himself onto you, so that he can face you and ou can face him. His hands were snaking on your waist and his eyes were just staring at your beautiful face studying all your expressions. He slowly moved his hands to your busts, he knew it was turning you on and he was right. 'Harry, I don’t wanna do this…’ you said pulling away from the kiss. ’(Y/N), you can’t decide everything we do in our relationship’ he said breathlessly,'you hurt me (Y/N), more than you know, you’ve been really bad, and I’m going to punish you, you deserve it bitch.’ you were lying, w-h-i-t-e l-i-e. You wantd him so bad, you didn’t even know that yourself,  and him getting harsh on you was even more of a turn on.'Harry I-’ 'Shut up! will you?’ he said in his harsh voicehe literally tore your shirt apart, and pulled your jeans down and threw it somewhere. All you were left in was your undergarments.He pulled you closer to his now bare chest, 'No other guy can touch you’ he said with soo much lust and passion in his eyes that you couldn’t resist a kiss but he pulled away, and didn’t let you kiss him. He got up attacked straight at your chest, gosh! he was making you feel so good. You held him so tight, it felt like if you let go of him you’ll collapse. He slowly moved to your your busts and instead of unclipping your bra, his anxiousness just tore it from the back and he threw it aways not letting go of your skin’s taste. You were going crazy, so uncontrollable 'Don’t enjoy it you whore, it’s your punishment’ he knew you were enjoying it and that it was no more a punishment but a pleasure. He had to make it worse for you, to give you the lesson. he left your skin and pushed you hard on the bed, even the push gave you the feels. He slowly kissed you on your cheek and moved towards your ear, 'Don’t move even a bit now, if you break the rules I’ll make it even worse’ he left off with an evil grin and slowly started to leave love bites on your soft point. Unacceptable, you had to move, you couldn’t contain what he was doing to you, it so overwhelming. Both his hands were stretching onto your and held your palms in place squeezing them so tightly, you went crazy his arms were sliding on your armpits and it felt so good, you couldn’t help but arch you back a bit. You felt something, on your right wrist you couldn’t quite tell what it was, and you were way too overwhelmed to even figure it out. 'I told you not to move bitch.'He was now tying your hands, it was way too much now. 'Harry, ple- SHIT!’ you screamed as pushed in one of his fingers into you, it felt so good, you moaned loudly as he added one more to it. He was now thrusting, staring at you not blinking a bit, 'you’re so beautiful’ he said, your body was responding way too well for him to lessen the punishment. ’(Y/N), I told you not to move’ he said with celnched teeth as he pushed another finger into you, he was doing you so hard and it felt so good you just wanted to hold him, tight and never let go. 'Harry, please let my hands be free’ you said looking into his eyes, he was still moving you, you know how hard it was you to keep your eyes open. 'Tell me you love me’ he said pulling his fingers out it felt so bad, you didn’t want him to stop. 'Of course I love you Harry’ you said 'I know you dont mean that’ he said pulling your hands harshly out of the now loose cloth from which he had tied your wrists. You immediatly pulled him for a kiss, it was long and passionate, his hands were all over you, snaking slowly on your waist, to your busts, and finally to your clit, he moved slowly from your lips to your neck to your busts and started to taste them, he left bites all around your nipple and you arched your back giving him even more access. You pulled his hair which made him groan, he slowly and gradually moved to your stomach and left wet kisses all over your tummy, and finally now he was eating you up, he licked all around your clit your body could not at all control itself, he was making patterns with his tongue so softly that it was tickling, it was so overwhelming, you punched your fingers into his back and that. that was the thing that turned him on so much that he couldn’t contain it and bit your clit'Harrryyy!’ you screamed as you cumed and arched your back lifting your face almost to his and you both went down back to the bed together with a kiss, your lips were moving in perfect sync, and he was into you in no time, 'I’m sorry’ he said as the pain made you scream, 'I deserve it'you said breathlessly,'hmm… you do’ he said clenching his teeth and pushing himself completely into you 'Aahh! Harry?!’ you screamed 'how did that feel?’ he was hitting your G-spot so hard without even coming out, just pushing himself in more and more 'Harry, t-that hurts’ you said, it hurt really bad, but at the same time it felt so good.'That had hurt me hundred times more than this, (Y/N)’ he said pulling himself out, you heaved out really hard. Harry harshly kissed you, your eyes were closed you felt every inch of what he was doing to you, he was really making you fall more for himself, and he was succeeding. Slowly he started to push, in and out, all that time he was just kissing, biting and licking you shoulder line, one of your hand was in his hair and the other was busy clenching your nails into his back, everytime he was just pushing in pure passion. 'Ha-r-ry, I c-can’t t-take it anymore’ you said in parts, heaving out. 'Cum, NOW!’ he ordered, this order was not hard to follow. You were so close but didn’t say anything before just thinking it would piss him even more. You juices mixed together and he didn’t leave you at all, he wanted more of you, you too wanted to feel him even more. wow! he thought to himself looking at you, your hair were all around your face spread out on the bed and your mouth opened begging for his lips’ flavour. He kissed you softly on your lips, and whispered ’ I love you’ in your ear and kissed again under your ear and pulled his hair. You both just lay on the bed for like one minute. As he slowly picked you up, not leaving your body you both got up together, never losing the eye contact, and now your back was resting on the wall behind the bed, he pushed himself closer to you and without pulling out he was again doing the same thing. 'You’re-mine’ he said pushing in again with clenched teeth, it hurt but he was so close to you his heavy breaths were just enough for the hurt to turn into pleasure. Again, you both had your second round now this time, all the time his tounge was exploring your breasts, you were so overwhelmed, you pulled his head towards yours and kissed him hard, hard enough for all the feeling to be shared, he growned biting your lip, he had reached his high, 'not now Harry, pl-please’ you said catching your breath, he bit your nipple, really hard, trying to control himself you moaned extremely loud and let your juices mix again. He left his hot breaths on your chest and reaching your lips and licked them and finally kissing them, you were too weak now to kiss him back but didn’t pull away you were just pushing in for more. ’(Y/N), I love you baby, please don’t do that again to me’ 'I won’t I p-promise’ you said with utter difficulty. 'I love you’ you said hugging him tightly.