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Ok harry talk: what if the missus and Anne had an un-agreement about something like Anne wanting harry and the missus to start trying for kids and the missus says that that's non of her business or something like that

She didn’t mean to explode on Anne in such a fashion.

She hadn’t meant to yell at her over the Christmas dinner. She hadn’t meant to yell for her to keep her nose out of their business because it didn’t concern it. She hadn’t meant to yell that she felt suffocated with all of the questions about the future she thought about with Harry. She hadn’t meant to ruin such a delicious dinner with a change in her attitude. She hadn’t meant to storm off and slam the bedroom door in her wake. And she hadn’t meant to make Anne cry when she thought no one was listening.

She didn’t mean to hurt Harry in the way she did by telling everyone that babies weren’t something she saw in her future - because she was lying. She saw babies in her future. Lots and lots of them. Green eyed and curly haired babies that resembled their father and looked so much like a mixture of all her favourite people in one bundle of joy. She didn’t mean to hurt his feelings by hurting his mother’s feelings in the manner she did - because, truthfully, she was scared. Scared of thinking too far ahead and planning something out that would, potentially, never happen if things were to go awry.

She wanted things to work out for their future. She wanted to marry him. She wanted a family with him. But the want was so big that it feared her that it may never be fulfilled.

Harry’s angry when he comes to bed. He doesn’t even acknowledge her and he barely touches her or gives her a goodnight kiss and a cuddle. Because he just can’t face it. And even though she was feeling guilty from the moment the words left her mouth, she was feeling even worse now that she had seen the consequences of what she’d created.

“Harry,” she whispers, perched on his windowsill as she strolls around the bedroom and collects the pillows from the previous night, “Harry, please, don’t ignore me. I’m sorry, okay? I don’t need you making me feel any worse than I already do. I panicked. I got scared. I yelled and I fled. I shouldn’t have and I can’t even bring myself to face your mum right n-”

“S’a good thing she doesn’t want to speak to you then, isn’t it?” He bites harshly, looking over his shoulder with a stern glare set on his features, “you were out of order to say what you said. You made her cry! You made my fucking mother cry! It takes a lot to knock my mum back, you know? You were nasty. Cruel. You weren’t my girlfriend back there. I don’t even know who that was back there!” He yells, chucking the pillows onto the bed and harshly pulling down the trousers on his hips, “if I were you, I’d lay low until morning. I can’t even look at you right now. You make me sick.”

“Then where do I go?” She whimpers, standing to her feet as he grabs a pillow from the bed and pushes it to her chest, “where am I going? You can’t stand to look at me so where do I go?”

“Anywhere. I really don’t care,” he grunts, shooing her out of the room, “sleep in the car for all I care. I don’t think my family want you anywhere in this house right now.”

And with that, the door shuts in her face and she’s left in the hallway. Tears dribbling down her face, her chin wobbling, mascara running and her foundation turning patching and streaky. Her chest aching as she looked down the hallway and saw Gemma standing in her room, looking towards her with a broken smile on her face, her arms opening up as the missus stalked into the room and into the comforting arms. Her bedroom light flicked on with Michal still in the bathroom as he readied himself for a nights sleep.

“Mum gets a bit overbearing sometimes. I know. Especially when it comes to babies and having grandchildren and when marriage is on the cards. And Harry just gets protective over her when someone gets a bit nasty towards her. Always has done,” she coos, brushing her thumb over her cheeks and wiping away the moisture, “what you did was crazy. Never did any of us expect that from you. We were stunned. But what Harry said? That’s not true. You may have done something horrible but we don’t expect you to leave the house.”

“I owe everyone an apology. Especially your mum,” she whispers, her voice broken as a sob wracks through her, looking at Gemma as she gives the missus a gentle smile, “I want to marry him, Gemma. I want kids with him. God, I want everything with him. A perfect future. I just panicked and yelled and let everything go and I didn’t even mean any of it.”

“I know,” Gemma smiles, “you think I don’t know my own brother and his girlfriend, huh? The love you both have is insanely huge and I know you can work through any obstacles to get to where you want to be in life. You’ve changed him into a man we’ve always dreamed of seeing. He’s so in love with you. And I’m sure it panics him a little bit, too. Never has he had such a full-term relationship with someone so this is all something he’s probably overwhelmed with.”

“He hates me,” she gulps thickly, “should have seen him. He couldn’t get me out of the room quick enough.”

“I saw everything. I heard everything. I’m sure Mum heard everything too,” Gemma rubs her arm softly, before gently pulling her with her. Down the hallway and towards the top of the stairs, “I’ll come with you. We’ll go and see Mum and we’ll make amends and then you’re going to come up and see Harry and you’re going to keep us all up tonight with makeup sex. No baby-making. Just you two and your silly fights being made up.”

The walk into the living room is painful. Aching. And as soon as she sees Anne sitting on the sofa, she feels a fresh bought of tears flood from her eyes. Catching Anne’s attention as she shoots up from the sofa and instantly pulls her in for a hug, shushing her softly and swaying them both from side to side as she cries into her shoulder and holds onto her tightly. Inhaling the delicious scent of her new perfume and instantly feeling like you were home.

“You’re okay. It’s okay. All is forgiven, I promise,” she coos softly, “you’re okay. I’ve got you know. I promise you, we’re okay. I overstepped my boundaries and that’s not okay. I may be Harry’s mother but that gives me no right to intrude in a relationship that isn’t mine. I get excited. I can’t wait for what happens between the both of you and it excites me to think he’s found someone to settle with.”

“I don’t think he will,” she cries, “I was so horrible. I really was. He doesn’t want to see me or speak to me and I don’t blame him, Anne. I upset you. I made you cry. I yelled at you on Christmas Day. That’s unfair. Especially since you welcomed me into this house and allowed me to make it my home too. I’m so, so sorry for everything I said,” and her voice comes out raspy and croaky, “I love him. I want to marry him. I want kids with him, Anne. I want to give you grandchildren and I want to be your daughter-in-law. I just panicked because,” she gulps back a sob, “because I want it so badly and I’m scared that it won’t happen if we think too much of it. He hates me. I don’t blame him.”

“You think I hate you?”

She swings around on her heels, seeing Gemma sitting on the stairs with a sheepish smile on her face, Harry standing ahead of her with a face that looked like it was about to crack. Tears stains on his cheeks and his eyes rimmed with red that looked sore and aching to be closed for a rest.

“You think I hate you? You think that I don’t love you? You’re so mistaken with that,” he whispers, reaching his hands out and taking hers in his hold, “I love you so much. Christ, it scares me to love you this much, too. I want to marry you and I want kids with you. But, not right now. I want to enjoy us. I want to have fun with what we have,” he pulls her to his chest and buries his face into her hair, “you yelling at my mum made me so scared that things were going downhill. That that was the end for us. I don’t want that. As overbearing as my mum can be on babies and grandchildren,” he smiles towards Anne, “she knows we’re not ready for that step just yet.”

“All is forgiven,” Anne smiles, “I promise. Now, I think we’re all a bit tired so let’s go for a good night sleep and we’ll enjoy Boxing Day as we do normally. A fried brekkie, movies all day, cookies and homemade turkey and stuffing sandwiches for lunch.” xx

Skyline Proposal // Jack Maynard

This was it.

 This was the weekend Jack was going to propose to you. After years of dating and many “when’s the wedding” jokes, Jack was finally going to ask you to be his wife.


  This is how Jack has been feeling for the past few days. He has worked so hard to make this weekend special, the thought of it not going just perfect terrified him.

  “Mate, calm down everything is going to be perfect! Your making US nervous for you”. Conor pleaded as he watched his younger brother pacing the living room of his flat. “She’s going to walk in and immediately know something is up”

“Bro, how am I supposed to calm down…In two days I’m going to be proposing to y/n. I’m either going to be coming home the happiest man alive, or absolutely heart broken.” Now it was Joe’s turn to role his eyes and stand to Jack’s level, placing his hands Jack’s shoulders shaking him slightly. “Jack, it is no secret to anybody how in love the two of you are, she’s going to say yes. Stop doubting yourself.”

 Everybody’s eyes snapped towards the door when the sound of your voice echoes through the apartment. “Jack I’m heeeeere, What’s all the excitement about” Jack’s face instantly breaks out into a huge smile at the sound of your voice your instantly greeted with a warming hug from your boyfriend and a chorus of hello’s from all the boys. “I have a surprise for you!” Nervously, Jack hands you an envelope and watches closely as you open it, and gives a sigh of relief when your face lights up.

 “Are these tickets to Manhattan?! Oh my God Jack thank you so much! When are we leaving? I” The excitement in your voice is enough to make Jack laugh in relief….at least you like phase one of the plan. This wouldn’t be the first time you’ve been in America, but it is the first you’ve ever been to Manhattan, and knowing your slight obsession with the City that Never Sleeps he knew this would be the perfect place to propose. Every detail has been planned perfectly, all the way down to the hotel he reserved 6 months ago at the most revered hotel in Manhattan due to it’s perfect view of the Manhattan skyline.


 After a rushed packing job and a very long plane ride later the two of you finally make it to Manhattan. Walking into your hotel room, your jaw drops and a gasp falls from your lips. This is the most beautiful room you have ever seen. Two floors, huge balcony, and a bedroom to die for. 

 “Jack, it’s beautiful! You’ve really out done yourself this time Maynard” Spinning around you wrap your arms around your boyfriends neck pulling him in for a kiss. “I wasn’t settling for anything less than the best for you, love” wrapping his arms securely around you, holding you close Jack has never felt so sure about anything in his life. This is what Jack wanted for the rest of his life, you. All of  you and very soon he would prove it to you. “let’s sleep, we have a week here. We can’t take full advantage of the city while we’re exhausted” Leading you to the bedroom, which has been covered in rose petals he takes advantage of your shock and wraps his arms around your waist and whispering in your ear “I love you. So much” “Oh, I love you too Jack.”

 With one last passionate kiss the two of you spend the rest of the night, passionately in each others arms.

For the following two days the two of you made full of your time in Manhattan until the last night there, which Jack insisted on the two of you staying in for the night. “Get ready babe, we’re actually having supper somewhere special tonight” Smirking Jack leaves you with your curiosity and plenty of time to get ready as he rushes to the roof top restaurant, which he booked for just the two of you tonight, to make sure everything is on its way to perfection. Your favorite food, and chilled champagne waiting in the middle of a roof top restaurant with the most superb view of the skyline that he could have ever hoped for. Rushing back downstairs to the room he makes it just in time to see you walking from the bedroom, looking beautiful as ever in your lovely dress and perfectly fixed hair.

“Is it to much?” You asked bashfully thinking that you may have went a bit over the top for a dinner which you didn’t even know what entirely was going to be. The love in Jack’s eyes when he looked at you was the only answer you needed to know that this was going to be a special night, you just didn’t know how special. “Your look perfect Love. Come to the rooftop, we’re having dinner with the stars tonight” grinning he locks his arm with you and leads you up the elevator and outside to what your were sure was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. As your feet take you over to the edge of the balcony to take in the full beauty of the city, tears brim your eyes. This is perfect. When you turn to express to Jack how much you love this, he is already knelt on one knee and your hand flies to your mouth realizing what is happening.

Y/N, I love you. I’m in love with you. We’ve been together for four years and They have been the best four years of my life. Each day my love for you grows and grows, your the most beautiful woman I know both inside and out. Sometimes I find myself asking what I did to deserve such an amazing, loving, caring person. Your beauty is unparalleled. I cannot…I do not want to imagine a life without you. I would love nothing more than for you to give me the honor of being my wife. I can’t promise to be the best husband, but I promise to be the best I can be and put you first before me. Y/N, will you marry me?” 

Your heart is beating so fast and loud your sure Jack can hear it, and your voice is caught in your throat, over filled with love that tears fall down your face and all you can do it nod your head. Nod and giggle when he jumps from his knees and wraps his arms tightly around your waist spinning you around and kissing you with the largest smile you have ever seen on his face.

“Of course I will marry you. I love you so much Jack any world without you just isn’t worth living. Yes, yes a million times over I will marry you” In that moment everything was perfect. The world stopped spining and it was just you and Jack, and the promise of forever  

To Love and to Hold

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Summary: Ya’aburnee (Arabic) - Means ‘you bury me’. This is the hope that a loved one will outlive you to spare yourself the pain of living without them.

Warnings: Reincarnation, major character death, mention of suicide, mention of sex, mention of alcoholism, violence, a lot of angst?

Word count: 4155


A/N: This is my fic for the Languages of Love challenge hosted by @howlingbarnes. I wish you a happy birthday, Kayla, and I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of you. Anyway, I’m really proud of this fic, I honestly think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written but I wouldn’t have gone past the first sentence if it hadn’t been for @princessaudreybea’s endless support. This one’s for you, Audrey!

He meets her for the first time in 1434. She is walking through the village, a basket full of bread and pastries between her arms. Men and women alike stop as she goes, dazed by the magnificence of her smile. Bucky’s just passing through, looking for work, but from the moment he sees her, he knows he’ll never leave. Not unless she leaves with him.

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Heart By Heart

A/N: I’m back!! So sorry for the long wait but here it is, the Cody Christian imagine, based on Heart By Heart by Demi Lovato. xx

Request :  heyyy may you write a cody christian imagine based on hear by heart by demi lovato??

Pairing : Cody Christian X Reader 

Word Count : 864 words


When your soul finds the soul it was waiting for
When someone walks into your heart through an open door 

I woke up feeling my husband’s arm wrapped around me. I lazily shifted my head up towards the nightstand where the clock stood. I peeked at it and saw it was a little half past eight.

These week has been a hectic one, I’m so glad it’s Sunday already.

I turned around slowly to see Cody, my husband, sleeping peacefully. I admired him, he looked so contented. I gently caressed his cheek. I can never get tired looking at him.

It’s been almost a year since I got married to Cody. Life since then has been perfect, although we had few ups and downs, but we still managed to make it work. This is because of our love for each other.

He slowly opened his eyes and smiled softly at me.

“Good morning, baby.” He said with his raspy voice.

My heart fluttered. His morning voice always does that to me.

“Good morning.” 

“I’m so tired, I’ll just cuddle with you all day today.” He sighed.

“Me too, but I’m hungry.” I pouted.

“Please don’t go, cuddle with me for five minutes?” He said, showing me his puppy-eyes.

“Uh okay.” I chuckled.

That five minutes turned into an hour, but I didn’t mind at all, rather I enjoyed it.

When your hand finds the hand it was meant to hold
Don’t let go
Someone comes into your world
Suddenly your world has changed forever

After a lazy morning we decided to watch a movie. We cuddled up on the couch. I was on his lap practically. Our hands were intertwined. I looked at how perfectly it fit. I smiled at our intertwined hands.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Nothing.” I replied back smiling. Then started playing with his wedding band.

I wasn’t even paying attention to the movie, I was just admiring him. The way he laughed and the way he was watching the movie with so much concentration.

He looked down at me and kissed me on the forehead softly.

No, there’s no one else’s eyes
That could see into me
No one else’s arms can lift
Lift me up so high
Your love lifts me out of time

“It smells amazing in here, whatccha cooking my love?” I asked Cody as I entered the kitchen after taking a quick shower.

“Your favourite lasagna and chocolate pudding for dessert is almost done as well.” 

“Oh my god babe, you’re the best!” I gushed.

“Only for you my love.” 

He fed me and we talked while enjoying a dinner. We did this after a long time because either he’s away for filming or me busy with work.

“The dinner was delicious, thanks bestest husband in the world.” I said kissing him.

“You’re most welcome bestest wife in the world.” He chuckled.

When you’re one with the one you were meant to find
Everything falls in place, all the stars align
When you’re touched by the cloud that has touched your soul

After dinner we head towards our living room.

Cody sat beside me on the couch with his glass of wine. Leisurely leaning back, holding me close, I felt his hand grab my side tighter.

“I love you so much” He whispered quietly into my ear.

“I love you more.” I replied back.

“Impossible.” He shook his head.

I just laughed, we both looked at each other’s eyes. As if memorizing every detail about each other’s face. He kissed me again and soon he suddenly became quiet.

“You okay?” I asked rubbing his arm gently.

“Sooo, I was meaning to talk to you about something…” he started saying slowly.

“What is it babe?” I asked.

“I-I want-…” He was stammering.

“Cody, you’re scaring me, what is it?” 

“I want to start a family with you Y/N.” He blurted out, grabbing my hand.

My smile grew wider.

“I was meaning to ask you the same thing, but I thought you’ll want your schedule to be less hectic before you want a baby?”

“It’s quite on the hold so I’m ready now.” He said relieved.

“Can you imagine mini us?” I said fondly.

“Absolutely.” He said smiling widely.

Cody and I talked about how much we wanted to have kids, long before our engagement.

Many nights were spent where we cuddled together in bed, my head on his chest as we both talked sleepily about how much we both wanted kids. 

We even listed few potential names.

Someone comes into your life
It’s like they’ve been in your life forever

If few years earlier someone said to me that I will be this happy in future, I would’ve straight up laughed at their face.

But that soon changed when Cody walked into my life. He could’ve had any girl he wanted but he chose me. I still couldn’t believe it. I was just a normal fan girl but destiny had other plans. 

And you know my heart by heart.

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OQ prompt: "You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning to cuddle?" :)

She knows who it is even before she opens the door and she’s terribly sleepy but her smile is warm and genuine when she finds him just as drowsy standing on the porch in a hoodie and sweatpants.

“You know you’re not supposed to see the bride before the wedding.”

“I see no wedding dress.”

“What are you doing here?”

He huffs a frustrated breath as he stuffs his hands into his pockets and tells her, “I miss you.”

“It hasn’t even been 12 hours, Robin!” she exclaims but she’s touched and terribly so to know that he feels the same as she has because, she won’t admit it, but she’s missed him too tonight.

“In a few hours, I will be promising to spend the rest of my life with you, Regina Mills. The reason being that I am happiest when I am by your side.”

“If Mary Margaret catches you, I doubt ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ will be too far off.”

“She doesn’t scare me.”

Her lips purse as she raises an eyebrow and tilts to lean against the door jamb, still not allowing him inside despite her wavering resolve. “David covering for you if she wakes up?”

“Henry, actually.”

He steps closer, chuckling with her, before his hands find their place on her hips and he tugs her a little closer to him.

She stumbles a little in surprise, palms pressed to his chest for balance and a small gasp of surprise catching in her throat at the realisation that he’s bare chested beneath his hoodie.

“You’re throwing my son into the firing line?” Her voice is a little breather than she’d like, always so affected by him, as her fingers slide down the zipper a little so that she can swirl the tips over his warm skin.

He shrugs, “She wouldn’t dream of harming her grandson.”

“I don’t know, this whole thing has sent her a little crazier than usual.”

His smile goes tender then as he rocks them side to side a little, wrapping his arms around her and pressing a kiss to her forehead as he points out, “Because she wants everything to be perfect for you.”

“I’m marrying you, Robin,” she whispers, tilting her head back so that she can see those wonderfully warm and loving eyes, swallowing down her self-consciousness and confessing, “it doesn’t get any more perfect than that.”

The kiss he bestows upon her speaks far more than any words ever could and she’s smiling when they part for he follows such a tender display with those playful little pecks that she loves terribly. “Will you allow me inside for some pre-marital cuddling?”

A frown creases her brow at that as she scoffs a laugh and asks, “You knocked on my door at 1 in the morning to cuddle?”

His answering, “Naked,” is so wonderfully foolish and almost petulant - as though he can’t believe she’s making fun of him for trekking all the way over here for such a thing - that she can’t help but laugh even as she rolls her eyes and pulls his hands from her waist to begin tugging him inside with her, glad to love and be loved by him for the rest of their lives.

"Marry me?”

// New follower prompt. Post ME3 Destroy ending, Shakarian. More fluff rather than angst. Making up for this morning, I guess!

It had been weeks of suffering through her waxing and waning consciousness. Some days she was awake for a few hours at a time, others she would show no sign of ever opening her eyes. The best doctors in the galaxy were taking care of Shepard, but it didn’t stop one particular turian from worrying, no matter what the rest of the crew said.

“If I’m up in that bar, and you’re not… I’ll be watching. You’ll never be alone.”

She just had to say it. Garrus didn’t want to imagine a life without her, but her injuries had been so severe; third degree burns to half her body, first and second degree covering most of the rest; her left arm, amputated, unrecoverable form the damage it had suffered; pins and bars to support shattered bones; hemorrhaging in several internal organs. But she was alive. Breathing. Barely.

Some days he would just talk to the empty room, not knowing if she was awake enough to hear it. Little things. Talking about their friends that survived the Normandy’s crash. The ones that didn’t. About his family on Palaven and wanting to take her to meet them. He’d been lucky. Both his father and his sister survived. Shepard survived. Many of his friends survived. Sure, there were some that didn’t… but, in the grand scheme of things, he knew he was lucky.

Today was one of Shepard’s better days. She had been awake enough to try and eat solid food in the morning. It had stayed down without too much trouble. Though she did sleep through most of the rest of the day, she was awake now to watch the blazing red sun dip below the smoggy horizon.

“It’s still a mess out there, isn’t it.” Had it been three years ago, Garrus probably would have answered, not realizing her questions were usually rhetorical. He’d learned. “How bad was it?”

“Pretty bad. Could have been worse - you know, fate of trillions resting in your hands alone. You’re a hero to just about everyone left.”

“Just about?” Shepard glanced back from the window to look at him without turning her head. The cracking scabs on her neck would always cause momentary discomfort. This healing wasn’t as clean as Lazarus.

“Can’t make everyone happy.”

She spared a laugh, stifling the cough that followed with the prototype arm that had been fitted to her shoulder. It wasn’t perfect, but it was enough for now. “I supposed not. Risk your life for a galaxy, and there’s always someone who will complain. Let me guess, it was Sparatus?”

It was Garrus’ turn to laugh. “Surprisingly not. He’s been especially quiet since Palaven fell. I think he finally learned his lesson to actually listen to you for once.”

“I doubt that. I’d expect the Reapers to come back from the dead before I get any concessions from that Turian.”

“We are stubborn!”

Despite the pain and uncomfortable stretching of still healing skin, Shepard managed a smile, slowly walking her hand across the blankets to find his and grasp it tightly. “Not always a bad thing…” The excessive tire returned, washing over her body almost like her systems were shutting down one by one, a ship going dark. A haze covered her eyes that they all had begun to recognize.

“Listen, Shepard–”

“What now, Vakarian…?”

“I, uhm, well… I know this is a bad time, but…” It was a human expression to have ‘clammy’ hands, but that was certainly how Garrus felt at this moment. Everything they’d been through couldn’t prepare him for this moment. He’d rather face down a Reaper like she did on Rannoch.

“Say it Vakarian, or I’m going to sleep.”

“Marry me?”

The words blurted out of this throat before he could take them back. Now that they were out, both of them sat frozen trying to comprehend the situation, and understand what was said. Shepard turned her head to look at him fully. “Say that again.”

“Uhm…” he hesitated, getting that telltale Shepard glare as he rubbed his hands together. “Marry me?”

A long moment of silence stretched between them. It was neither good nor bad, his own heart hammering in his head, running through every possibility of rejection. She could hate him for ruining what they had. Or chase him away. Or tell him she doesn’t care about him like that. Or tell him that she still loved Kaidan more than him.


Every thought in his mind ground to a screeching halt. “What?”

“Sure. But, you’re going to ask me again, and next time you’re going to have a ring.” The way she said it was so deadpanned, like he should have seen it coming, but this was about the last thing he expected to hear.

Something wasn’t adding up, no matter how many times he ran through it in his head. “Wait, what? I thought you hated that ancient tradition? Thought it was demeaning and antiquated?”

Shepard just shrugged, a grin splitting her face. “Sure, but that was before I had a impressionable turian lover that would spend probably his entire salary on one. Besides… I’m sure you can find a scene from Fleet and Flotilla to make it just perfect.” Those lips curled into such a shit eating grin that Garrus knew he’d been played.

“I’ve been had! Alright. Ring, soundtrack, someplace with a gorgeous view, and somehow make it a surprise. I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

“Consider it practice, Vakarian. I won’t go easy on you, just because we’ll be married.” The exhastion was returning, muffling her voice and making her eyelids heavy, though she stubbornly held eye contact with Garrus as long as she could. “I love you, Garrus.”

His nose brushed against her forehead as he kissed her to sleep. “I love you too, Shepard.”

long way around (jane/kurt  fanfic + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 4. past/history/memories

series: what i never knew i always wanted (very vaguely)


long way around

He paced around the block for a third time, trying to work up the nerve to enter the coffee shop across the street. He stared at it for a long time but then turned to make the trip around the block for a fourth time.

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and hit the first number in his favorites list, unsurprised when she picked up after the first ring.

“Are you OK?” Jane asked immediately, not even bothering with “hello.”

He felt better just hearing her voice. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“I don’t know,” Kurt answered honestly. “I don’t know if I can do this.”

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ok I seriously love romeo. when I read this in freshman year everyone hated him bc he was so sensitive and emotional but that was what I loved about him. even though I'm a girl I relate to him so much bc of that and he thinks with his heart far more than he does with his brain. I love how he is so different from the other boys in verona bc he doesn't want to fight, and I love his contrast w juliet. it's like they're fire and water or the sun and the moon like I just love his character so much

THANK YOU. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one in the world who loves Romeo’s personality. Let me just ramble about him because I absolutely love this boy.

He lives in such a dark, abusive, coercive society, doesn’t he? A society that does not allow its citizens to achieve freedom—a society that despotically forces the men into violence, war, bravado, machismo, and this empty, meaningless concept of a dehumanized man that should have no feelings, no fears, because otherwise he is unmanly and shameful. It is a society that does not accept those men that do not behave as such. Look at the deification of machismo in the opening dialogue between Sampson and Gregory. Look at Mercutio’s constant mocking of Romeo for choosing to be a lover and a poet rather than a fighter:

Alas poor Romeo! he is already dead; stabbed with a white wench’s black eye; shot through the ear with a love-song; the very pin of his heart cleft with the blind bow-boy’s butt-shaft: and is he a man to encounter Tybalt?

Look at the way the Nurse urges him to ‘man up’: ‘Stand up, stand up; stand, an you be a man’. Even Friar Lawrence shows his contempt for his unmanly attitude:

Art thou a man? thy form cries out thou art.
Thy tears are womanish; thy wild acts denote
The unreasonable fury of a beast.
Unseemly woman in a seeming man!
O ill-beseeming beast in seeming both!

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Sangdo as boyfriend

- sangdo is the real definition of romantic!!!
- seriously, he even won the most romanticist award during toppdogg project so need i say more??
- he is also a real gentleman <33
- like he always hold the door open for you, doesn’t let you walk on the side of the road and offers you his jacket when it’s cold
- he’s such a gentleman that even ur friends find it hard not to have a crush on him
- like that one time you caught your friend staring at him and you were like EXCUSE ME BISH DAS MY MAN ?? Lol kidding
- an actual angel
- HE IS NICE TO EVERYONE!! To his members, to kids even to stray animals and you had to drag him that one time he wanted to adopt a stray cat you saw on the road
- he is a vip member of the cinema so expect movie dates all the time
- and when i say all the time, that means you will have movie dates every week watching all the new releases!!
- and even that employee who sells tickets at the cinemas recognize the both of you lol
- he is also the sweetest boyfriend ever!!! Like forehead kisses and back hugs and holding hands <333
- BUT he is not the type of person to rush things and he wants every moment to be special so your first kiss only happened on your 1st month of dating when he took you out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate ur first month~
- sangdo also enjoys photography so expect him to always bring his camera on dates
- and he would take stolen pictures of u when you’re doing something and you’d be like “NO DELETE THAT I LOOK UGLY!!!!” but he refuses to do so bc “you are beautiful in any angle” asdgfhskla
- and tbh his camera is just full of ur photos!!!
- and deep inside your thankful bc your instagram feed actually improved bc of him LOL
- ofc he let you use his camera from time to time so that you can take photos of him too
- and although he’s a bit shy, you take couple photos too!! Like you kissing him on the cheeks or him hugging you from the back and then he gets giddy whenever he opens his phone cause u set it as his wallpaper~
- and him wearing his rings is your fetish ok bye
- because he is literally perfect, when you introduced him to your mom, your mom immediately liked him and was like “marry him” when he was out of earshot LOLOL
- because tbh, he is the perfect husband material; like he is well-mannered, very kind-hearted, very respectful, dresses well and HIS VISUALS ARE NO JOKE!!!!
- and have I mentioned that he has a voice of an angel????
- and he’s very humble about it!!!!
- like he can sing almost every song like it’s his own and u were super proud of him when he got to sing those OSTs for comeback mister!!!
- and you thank Yano for composing “sweetheart” for him~
- Sangdo is a big fan of Eric Bennet and it made him really happy when you told him that you downloaded his songs on your phone!!
- and remember that time when Pokemon Go was released????
- and you and Sangdo were like outside for like 2848100 hours just so you can catch a pokemon
- and then u saw him looking problematic so you we’re worried and was like, “what’s wrong??” but turns out he’s contemplating wether he should book a ticket to Jeju cause there’s a rare pokemon there
- but he’s like "BUT JAGI THAT’S A MEWTO!!!!”
- and even when the pokemon go hype was over he still kept on playing it
- and that one time he asked you to go for a walk at like 10pm bc he wants his pokemon egg to hatch !!!!!
- Anyways, a lot of ppl mistake Sangdo as a foreigner
- and sometimes you also wonder if he is (even thou u know he’s not) bc sometimes he just acts like one lol
- as i said earlier, Sangdo is romantic af so expect that he’s the same in bed
- when you first did it, he kept on asking u if you’re really sure abt it cause he doesn’t wanna hurt you
- and you’re like “for chrissake babe just put it in!!” ok im kidding u didn’t say it like that
- sangdo smells really good especially when he just took a bath!!!!
- and you love hugging him and burying ur face to his neck and inhaling his scent
- and leaving a trail of soft kisses and nibbling on skin bc the sound that he makes when ur lips touches that sensitive spot below his jaw…. ok i’ll stop here
- sometimes you wonder how a guy like sangdo came to like you because you’re just you.. and there are a hundred girls out there that he could get easily
- and he gets upset whenever u feel that way and whenever u feel insecure!!
- he would look at you in the eye and hold your hand and tell u sincerely that you are the only that he wants and all those girls are nothing compared to you!!!
- anyways, having sangdo in your life makes you really grateful bc he’s the person you can turn to whenever your down, and just seeing his face or hearing his voice over the phone makes you instantly happy
- you can tell him everything and he’s going to listen to u, he’s going to give you sincere advices and he’s just basically always there for you
- and although he looks like he always has his shit together, sometimes Sangdo also has his moments when he feels like nothing is going his way
- so you do your best to make him feel better and cook for him his favorite food
- to make it simple, you guys always got each other’s backs and your relationship is very healthy!!
- and everyone is just envious of your relationship and your friends ask you wether the rest of TD members are like him too lololol

Ever Since New York Pt 14

This is it. And this chapter is below average I am so sorry. I really struggled, I don’t know if it’s because it’s the end or what but it was hard. Which also meant my editing was half ass so forgive me if anything is a mess. But that’s a wrap. Honestly, thank you so much to everyone who was ever read this, even if it was just a sentence or a word or anything. The support has been amazing and I am forever grateful :) I have another fic under way guys, so keep an eye out!And thank you thank you again and again. I will miss writing these guys.. May have to do some codas eventually if anyone is interested :) love you aaalll.

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They tell everyone the next day. Hal is happy, congratulatory. Alice is less, but she will get there. Polly is ecstatic. Fred is chuffed. Veronica squealed and Archie cried. Although, he’ll deny it.

“Bro, it’s about time.” Jughead can hear the choke in his voice, the sob that he’s holding back. “But you’ve upstaged me. Now V is going to be even less subtle.” Jughead couldn’t help but laugh. To be fair, Archie did have 6 years that weren’t lost to him, so it’s his own fault.

After they’ve made all the immediate phone calls necessary, Jughead fell back into the couch, exhausted. He was grateful for everyone’s congratulations, but god was it tiring. Betty perched on the edge of the couch next to him, bringing her arm to brush his hair from his face. She’s got a look on her face that Jughead knows too well.

“Jug, I think there’s one more phone call you need to make.” Betty offered him a small smile and handed him back his phone. He sighed. There wasn’t much point in putting it off any longer. He just nodded back and sat up. He searched his phone for the the number, he wasn’t even sure if it would be the same. It had been a while.

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Dude the food

Paring: Jared Padalecki x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: pregnancy, a lil fluff, mentions of fighting

I just felt like writing something. It’s the first time I write something like this, so please don’t blame me if it isn’t that good! XD

Reader finds out she’s pregnant and panics, since she and her husband Jared have been fighting lately.

Your sob mixed up with a laugh. Your feeling were all mixed up. Was this good or bad? You kept staring at the five pregnancy test, all showing positive. A tear rolled down your cheek. You had to tell Jared eventually.

You two have had your problems the last couple of weeks, fights. You were wondering whether he would leave you because of this. Maybe he did not want to have anything with you anymore.  “You are being paranoid,” you whispered to yourself as you sat on the stairs, thinking. You remembered the day you two met. It was on the set. You were new, just the assistant. However, you became friends with Jensen and Jared pretty fast. Jensen loved you like a sister. But Jared, Jared had this look in his eyes. A look that you got lost in, you were confused what it meant. The first time you saw each other, he had this look, and you just couldn’t get your eyes off him. You became friends, close friends, and at a party, you accidently confessed your love for each other. You got married 3 years ago. He was perfect, and you loved him.

Tears rolled down your face. ‘I can do this’ you thought, stood up and dried your face. Jared was in the kitchen cooking. He saw you, and he got that look in his eyes. It was love. He smiled, and that was it. You broke down. “Hey, hey, hey (Y/N). What’s wrong? “He said, and just by the sound of his rough, worried voice you calmed down, looked at him and smiled. “ I’m so sorry Jared. For every fight. I just, I don’t want this to end. Please don’t hate me,” you said, your voice cracking. “(Y/N), I want this to last as well. I’m sorry, none of this was you. I don’t hate you”. You looked down. He brushed your hair from your face. “I want to show you something, close your eyes,” you said and he closed his eyes. You fished the pregnancy test out of you pocket and put it in his big, strong hands. “Look” you said and he opened his eyes, looking at you. You nodded at the test in his hands. He looked at it for a long time and placed it on the table. You were starting to get nervous.

He finally looked up at you, tears in his eyes and mouth open. “I… I’m going to be a dad? ”. You nodded, smiling. He pulled you into a tight hug. You could hear him cry. You were overwhelmed, this was much better that you thought. “We are having a baby,” he whispered in your hair. You pulled back, looked him in the eyes and dried his tears from his beautiful face. “Yes Jared. You and I are going to be parents” you said and started crying too. He put his hands on your face, pulled you close and kissed you. It was passionate. You were happy. Both of you. You smiled and pulled back. “Dude the food,” you laughed at him. He smiled confidentially. “You think I care about the food. (Y/N), we are going to be parents”.  

cheesepots  asked:

Hello (。・ω・。)ノ if it's not much of a trouble, could you do prompt no 77 and 47 for raydan x kenna? (with kenna being the one who said it) i love your writingg (灬♥ω♥灬)

No problem at all! THank you for the compliment, here you go. 

The Only Choice
By Misha

Disclaimer- Not mine. I am just borrowing them for a little while and will return them unharmed.

Author’s Notes- This is a challenge fic using the dialogue prompts “Are you jealous” and “it’s ok, you’re cute when you are angry”. This is set a couple days after Raydan and Kenna’s wedding. I find jealousy hard to write because there is such a fine line on what is understandable and what is concerning, but I think I did ok.

Pairing- Raydan/Kenna

Summary- Raydan witnesses a moment between Diavolos and Kenna which triggers his doubt and insecurities about his place at Kenna’s side.

Rating- PG

Words- 996

“King Diavolos,” Kenna greeted with a smile.

“Your majesty, just the person I was looking for,” he told her with a smile of his own, “we’ll be departing for Lykos soon.”

“Have a safe journey,” she bade. She had grown fond of Diavolos in the short period of time she had known him, he was much more than just his father’s son. “Are you looking forward to going home?”

“Sort of.” He said with a shrug, “the last time I was there, I was in the dungeon, so it’ll be nice to be back in my own chambers, but then there’s that whole ruling thing. I can’t believe I’m king.”

“I can,” Kenna said sincerely, “you’re going to do a great job.”

“You’re just happy that Zenobia’s not going to be running the place,” he teased. Kenna simply shrugged, not bothering to deny it. “I know that the Knights of Abanthus have caused a lot of pain and damage during the last few years,” he said after a moment, the teasing note disappearing, “but those days are behind us and you have my solemn vow that Abanthus is committed to peace and that we look forward to forging a lasting alliance with Stormholt and the other realms of the Five Kingdoms.”

“We look forward to forging a strong relationship with Abanthus,” Kenna said sincerely.

Diavolos took her hand and kissed it. “Be happy, Kenna, you deserve it.” She thought she detected a hint of wistfulness but it was gone so quickly that she might have imagined it.

“I will,” she assured him and, on impulse, she leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “I hope you find happiness as well, Diavolos, you deserve it.”

He shrugged. “As I told you once, I’m not sure what that feels like, but for you, I’ll try.”

Kenna watched him disappear down the hall and then turned back towards the throne room. As she entered the room, she became aware that she wasn’t alone.

“Sneaking in the shadows again,” She teased her husband.

He simply shrugged. “It’s a difficult habit to break, besides you learn so much from the shadows. Until now I hadn’t realized just how friendly you and King Diavolos were.”

Kenna stiffened at the accusation. “What are you implying?” She assumed he had witnessed her kissing Diavolos’s cheek, but she had nothing to hide. It had been a friendly gesture, nothing more.

“Just curious as to what sets him apart from your other allies?” He queried and she could detect anger in his voice, which was ridiculous. “I’ve never seen you embrace Queen Rowan, for example.” Despite the harshness of the accusation, something in his face made Kenna soften.

“Raydan, are you jealous?

“Can you blame me?” He asked after a moment. “He’s the man you should have married. It would have been the perfect match. He’s a king in his own right, head of a powerful kingdom and marrying him would have boosted Stormholt’s fortunes and ended all the tension between your kingdoms.”

“Maybe, but his father tried to assassinate me and I killed his brother,” Kenna reminded him, “I feel like the family drama alone would have put a big crimp in a romantic relationship. If I’d wanted one, which I didn’t.”

“Are you telling me you weren’t attracted to him?”

“I didn’t say that,” Kenna said honestly, “he’s an attractive man.” She’d been honest with Raydan about her one kiss with Diavolos, which had happened before there had been any commitment between him. “I enjoyed kissing him, it was nice. But that’s all it was. Nice. It didn’t make my heart melt, didn’t fill me with longing or make me ache for more. Only one man’s kiss can do that to me.”

She stepped closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He instantly wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer.

“Maybe Diavolos would have been the better political choice,” she admitted, “but I refused to pick my husband based on politics. I didn’t want a convenient marriage. I wanted to marry for love and I don’t love Diavolos. I love you.

“And I you,” he told her, staring into her eyes, “more than I could put into words and because I love you, I should not have doubted you. It was very foolish of me.”

“It’s ok, you’re cute when you’re angry,” Kenna teased and then her expression softened, “Raydan, it’s ok to be vulnerable sometimes. You don’t have to hide your emotions, not with me. But you also have no reason to be jealous. Diavolos is a friend, but that’s all he will ever be. Yes, I embraced him because I care about him, he saved my life. But my feelings for him will never compare to what I feel for you.”

“I know,” Raydan said, leaning forward to kiss her forehead. “I guess I still have a hard time believing that this is real, that you chose me.”

“Always,” she assured him, “You are the only one I want by my side. I think I’ve known that since that first night in the garden, but it took me a while to admit because I was scared of what I felt for you. Scared that I could love someone so deeply.”

“I loved you as soon as I saw you,” he told her quietly, “but I told myself that you could never be mine, that a flirtation was the best I could hope for. So I flirted and stole kisses and told myself that it was enough, all the while knowing it wasn’t. I wanted so much more, even though I told myself that I couldn’t have that, that you could never be mine. Then… Against all odds, you chose me and I still feel like I’m living in a dream.”

“It’s not a dream,” she assured him, “it’s real life. Our life, the one we are going to share, and I can’t wait to see what it brings.”

-          End

A Little Lesson in Joy: Part Two

Authors’ Note: Happy Mother’s Day to all of the beautiful mommies out there one and all!!! The time has come for Rafael and Natalia to welcome two new Barbas into the world!!! But naturally there will be some drama first!!! @vintagemichelle91 and I so hope that you enjoy!!!

          “Guess we’re having the reception at the hospital.”

           Despite Fin’s lame attempt at a joke, Rafael instantaneously shifted into frantic father mode. Snatching the bouquet from Natalia’s palms, he tossed the flowers to Rollins.

           “Now you’re the bride, Barba?” Rollins quipped.

           “Does this mean that you’re next in line, Amanda?” Carisi teased. Focusing on them for the smallest of seconds, Rafael saw the other detective blush, but just as quickly turned his attention back to his wife.

           Yet he still heard them speaking…

           “Sonny, this is not the time or the—”

           “I’m only fooling around, Amanda,” he said.

           “It does mean that someone else has to get married, Momma,” Jesse pointed out as Rollins groaned, and Lucia said the flowers looked like a perfect fit in her hands.

           “Can we all please focus on the fact that my wife is in labor?” Rafael’s voice rose an octave, and he winded one arm around Natalia’s shoulders, his hands finding their way to hers as she clutched her belly…

           …and softly laced her fingers in his.

           “It’s okay,” she murmured, shooting him a quick smile. “I… I kind of wanted them at the wedding. Guess they sensed that much.”

           “And I think they’d appreciate it if their father was a bit more civil in the presence of his friends,” Lucia said. Rolling his eyes at his mother, Rafael turned away from her, not in any mood for her words of wisdom.

            And no chance of saying anything else when Alessia rushed forward.

           “Oh, Natty!” Alessia cried, taking hold of her free hand. “We should have waited. Or done it sooner. But I didn’t—”

           “It’s on me,” Trevor cut in. “We should have eloped or—”

           “Well I wouldn’t have wanted that,” Alessia said.

           “Me neither,” Natalia said. “It… it was a lovely ceremony. And I… I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the…”

           But they were going to miss the reception. Her legs wobbled, and she breathed deeply. Rafael continued to ease her towards the door, suddenly surrounded by every other guest.

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michael and lindsay’s relationship is so perfect, mostly due to the fact how healthy their relationship is. like yeah sure michael likes to talk shit to lindsay and it sounds mean in the way he insults her, but like you can tell that not a single insult is filled with malice and you can hear the fondness in his voice. like honestly you can’t be with someone, date them, live with them, and then eventually get married to that person without there being some kind of teasing or lighthearted banter. like michael is so in love with lindsay like i am watching the always open episode with lindsay in it and they were talking about memorable dating experiences, and barbara was talking about how michael wouldn’t stop talking about lindsay and how she was so cool and it’s just…they are so perfect for one another. 

Dating Daehyun would include:
  • shipping daejae
  • no, like actually you can break up with me if you marry Yongjae on the spot you got it
  • the two of you loving to tease the ones* you love the most
  • *Jongup and Himchan
  • his voice being absolutely perfect to fall asleep to
  • and wake up to
  • and get dressed to
  • and shop to
  • “What am I, some glorified iPod to you?”
  • “You also have nice bone structure.”
  • “Aw thanks.”
  • Matrix era being your favorite because wtf does he have a choker on his neck holy crap whoa no god that hurts
  • arm muscles.
  • aRm mUSclES
  • back hugs at all times
  • “Hey, could you order breakfast?”
  • “It’s six at night.”
  • “Pancakes.”
  • cute annoying pet names
  • “Huggie bear.”
  • “My smoogilly woogily.”
  • You, Dae, and Yongjae just being those three of the group.

“I Hope You’re Satisfied” (sequel)

Angelica Schuyler x Reader
Words: 390
Request: Angelica x Reader wlw fic, like Angelica is hung up on Alex and they comfort each other? Sincerely a lonely bisexual.        

I really like writing femxfem… just saying.

good morning people. i am super hung over and like exhausted because ya girl didn’t get any sleep and regrets all of her decisions (i sent so many weird messages)

moving on, today will be a day of writing because I’m being abandoned again by a certain asshole and i’m going to have nothing to do. that being said, i’m not drinking vodka again.

have a good day / night everyone. more will be posted soon. requests are open, i’m just being super slow at writing them.


“Angelica, he doesn’t deserve you. There are a billion other fish in the sea, and they swarm you like fresh meat. You’ll be fine.”

“I don’t think that’s how the quote goes, but you don’t get it,” Angelica said, grabbing the pillow from beside her and covering her face with it.

“Look, maybe confronting him will make you feel better. He is here courting your sister after al- that’s probably not the best thing to say right now, is it?” You said, biting your lip slightly.

Angelica let out a long sigh. “I don’t know. At the Winter Ball I thought I had truly found the one, but I had to give him up. The way Eliza looked at him… she was helpless. I couldn’t take him away from her,” She said, her voice being slightly muffled under the pillow.

“Why don’t we talk to Alexander about his friends? They were all charming enough,” You suggested

“But much like Alexander, they’re not rich. If Eliza marries into nothing, I have to marry into money. Peggy can’t be expected to, she’s too young to understand,” Angelica said, sighing.

You frowned, hugging Angelica tightly. “I want you to have happiness and I want you to find the perfect person.”

“But there isn’t a perfect person. They all want to achieve something. Men are rats,” Angelica said, sitting up. “They only do what they do so that they can gain.”

“They can’t all be like that. What about Thomas Jefferson?”

“That man is the worst of all. When I meet him, I will be having stern words,” She stated, crossing her arms. “You know, sometimes I question, why men? They argue amongst themselves and get nothing done. They often seem intolerable.”

“Are you just having a rant on how females are better or are you going somewhere with this?” You asked, smirking.

“Of course I’m having a rant! What do you expect? We should be an equal society, but men always come out on top! Literally. What if I wanted to initiate sexual behaviours? What if I want to be the one to kiss first?”

You moved forward quickly, pressing your lips against Angelica’s. She froze, closing her eyes and slowly kissing back. After a few seconds, you moved away.

“Maybe if you are intolerable of men, women are the way to go.”

The one promise you made to yourself when Harry proposed to you was to not become Bridezilla. Which, for the record, you didn’t become Bridezilla. Harry, on the other hand.. Were Groomzillas a thing?

“I told the bloody caterers we wanted risotto to go with the beef tenderloin, but they jus’ texted me the final details and I read that they paired the beef up with pasta!” Harry cried out, scrolling through his phone before his fingers were flying across the keyboard to sort the ‘mess’ out. 

“I’m sure no one will mind if they have pasta instead of risotto.” You raised an eyebrow, glancing up from your bridal magazine. You were currently in the process of choosing a bouquet, and even though there were basically a million options to choose from - You weren’t worried. They were just a silly bush of flowers you were going to toss to the crowd afterwards. (Harry told you he really liked the red roses. Several times.)  

“I swear, if they screw up one more time I’ll-” 

“Alright, I have the cake samples! All ten samples right here for you.” Y/F/N interrupted, pushing a trolley across the room. “Was a bit of a hassle cutting out a slice from each cake perfectly but-” 

“Y/F/N, what in the bloody hell is that?” Harry furrowed his eyebrows as he inspected the cakes, his eyes glued on something that looked like- “A fucking tart?” 

“I like tarts.” You hummed, Harry picking the plate up before you had a chance to steal a blueberry from it. 

“In the history of weddings, I don’ think anyone’s ever had a wedding tart. Y/F/N, when I put you up to this task, you told me you could do it.” 

“I can do it! There are ten samples sitting in front of you right now!”

“Cake samples - Not tart samples!” 

“Cakes, tarts, they’re really the same thing if you think abo-” 

“They’re not the same thing! Jus’- Oh my god, just get it out before I throw it out the window.”

“When did you become such a brat?!” Y/F/N huffed, giving you a ‘please do something about this’ look before she was dragging the trolley out of the room. “I’ll just eat all this fucking cake by myself, then! And I’ll especially enjoy the fruit tart!”

“Y/F/N, I’m seriously going to-”   

“Harry, you need to calm down.” You snapped, offended that he would treat Y/F/N in such a manner when all she was doing was helping you guys choose a cake. Wedding tarts could’ve been a thing! 

“How can I be calm?? People can’t do anything right!”

“Harry..” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes - He really was being a brat.  

“I’m sorry..” Harry whined, letting you pull him into a hug. “I jus’ want this t’ be perfect.. For us.” His voice was muffled as he nuzzled into the crook of your neck, his arms wrapped around your waist. “I haven’t signed off on the venue yet, the catering is out of control, we need to figure out the seating arrangements and-” 

“Harry, I couldn’t give less of a shit if we get married in a dinky little bar in Vegas! All I care about is that in a couple of weeks, I’m going to be the luckiest girl in the world because I get to come home to you.” You smiled, Harry sighing as you pressed your forehead against his own. “You just need to take a breather, okay? We’ll figure everything out soon enough - You’re lucky there are people out there that are still willing to help after you yelled at them over the phone. Ooh, and I decided on the red roses.” Harry laughed lightly and shook his head, leaning down to give you a quick kiss. 

“Red roses are a good choice.” There was a moment of silence before he spoke up again. “But, um, we’re not actually going to get married in Vegas, right?” 

“Dear god, no.” 


gif isn’t mine!

so. link’s always been really shy about his voice. he’s always tried to say as little out loud as possible, using gestures and body language to communicate, giving one-word replies, and keeping what he does say out loud to a single sentence or less. 

zelda’s used to this is and is completely okay with it- they’ve had plenty of very long and very meaningful conversations, so she knows that he can say a lot without speaking. she’s content with how quiet he is- it’s the perfect silence

but late one night, a few years after they get married, zelda’s just finished a mountain of paperwork. unusually, link hasn’t come to her office to take her back to their chambers to sleep. so she heads back by herself. and when she enters, she hears link. singing quietly. gently rocking their baby in his arms. and for the first time, she wishes she could hear his voice more often

A/N: Pre-wedding talk with Luke because you’re both itching to see each other.

You pace back and forth in your dressing room, the tension eating away at you from the inside out. The freshly manicured nails you paid for are nearly all chewed away. Your bridesmaid nagged you to be careful, but the magnitude of this life changing day just made them too irresistible to not gnaw at. Sweat is pouring out your palms, and despite reminding yourself over and over how much money you had spent, you find yourself wiping them on your clean white dress. For the past ten minutes, you’ve been watching all the guests wander into the church– friends, family, other loved ones. But none of their faces is going to make you feel better. None of them is the one you want to see right now.

A knock, knock, knock pulls you out from your thoughts, and you hear someone call your name from the hall. The sound is muffled through the thick wooden door, but you can already tell who it is.


“Yeah. Babe, I know I’m not supposed to see you, but I just needed to hear your voice.”

Whoever made up the superstition that it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding clearly must have loved torture. Only 24 hours have passed since you last saw Luke. Yet, with the weight of the future ahead of you two and all the bridesmaid whispers of wedding night fun, those 24 hours apart might as well have been an eternity. The simple fact that you couldn’t see your own husband-to-be made you want to see him all the more, and it’s a safe bet that he’s suffering just the same agony. Neither you or Luke truly believes in the superstition. But the groomsmen did, and his buddies made it their personal mission to keep him from you. They turned themselves into the secret service, eyes on the groom at all times. And even if it wasn’t for them, Luke wants to be surprised when he sees you walk down the aisle. For the whole month you had the dress, he was well-behaved and didn’t sneak any peeks at it. So you doubt he wants to ruin it now by seeing you.

“How did you manage to escape the Men in Black?” you chuckle, leaning against the door.

“Wasn’t too hard. Mikey was on watch duty. Pulled out my Gameboy and that’s all it took.” He pauses for a second. The obvious question to ask him is why he even brought his toy with him to the church. But with his nervous presence radiating through the other side of the door like a bomb, you figure you shouldn’t focus on that now.

“Is the anticipation killing you too?”

“I’m absolutely dying. I just, I-I need to feel you somehow.”

Cracking the door open a few mere inches, you slip your hand out, easily finding his. Once his knuckles graze yours, he grabs hold tight of your hand quicker than a scared lost child. Fingers get intertwined together, and it’s sweaty palm against sweaty palm, the pre-wedding jitters taking a toll on both of you. His thumb strokes the back of your hand until he finds your ring finger, then he slowly runs it up and down, imagining what it’ll feel like with the wedding band paired beside your engagement ring.

“Is that better?”

“Yes. A lot,” you hear him smile, already so much more at ease now than he was a moment ago.

“Luke, how long do you think we have until they realize you left and we’re caught?”

“I don’t know. Maybe two, three minutes tops.”

“Oh,” you sigh, damning the clock on the wall for going so fast. But you have to take what you can get. “Then, can you please do me a favor?”

“Anything you need, love.”

“When I walk down the aisle, can you just tell me to go slow? So I don’t completely fuck up and trip or something.”

Luke’s airy laugh filters in from his side of the door, accompanied by a reassuring squeeze to your hand. “Sure, I can do that. Will you do me a favor too?”

“What’s that?”

“When I see you, can you try not to look too perfect? Because if you do, I swear I’ll say something stupid.”

“I’ll try not to. Maybe I’ll derp a bit” you chime.

Just then, you hear a sudden roar of men’s voices shout out in chorus, “There he is!” A storm of heavy footsteps comes barreling down the church’s marble floor.

“Fuck, I’m busted. I’ll see you when we get married, okay?”

“Okay. I love you Luke.”

With a soft press of his lips to your fourth finger, he coos back.

“I love you too, derpy.”

Touchy (Feely)

Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, Mulligan

Summary: Alexander’s friends are teasing him, but he misunderstands their words.

A/N: I made myself super emotional when I wrote the end of this? Based on the second half of this.

Words: 1 040

“‘Cause if the tomcat can get married-”

Alex shook his head, but couldn’t keep his grin at bay. His friends - newfound, wonderful, never thought he would have people like them - were ridiculous, but in the best way possible. He didn’t expect anything less from them on his wedding day.

“-if Alexander can get married-”

His grin grew. Married. He was a married man. Married to the best of wives and best of women. He longed to see her, to touch her, to be with her as a married couple. This was the best night of his life.

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