his voice is beautiful ;a;

Suga is a lead rapper and a song composer for the group. He is an important part of what makes BTS what it is, just as any other member. 

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Appreciate his sick rapping skils because this boy spits fire let’s be honest here

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How he manges of have such a distinct rapping voice and composes such beautiful music for his group. I thought his solo song for Wings, First Love was just so breathtaking. It’s his expression of how he confesses his first love was the piano and music. 

I also think it takes a lot of character to do some of the things he’s done. Such as being open about his experince with depression and anxiety. As well as the hardships he’s been through and looking at where he is at now is just a blessing. 

His precious little smiles 

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his bond with his fellow members is so wonderful to see honestly. Espescially because he tends to keep to himself sometimes it’s nice to see that he gets along with them so wonderfully 

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Can we also talk about how hardaworking he is?! BEcuase Holy Heck!!! He works himself a lot to the point it’s become pretty common for him to be seen sleeping and boy does he deserve his sleep. 

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Min Yoongi is a wonderful member of the group and contriutes so much to them. If the group didn’t have all the members they have now, it just wouldn’t be the same. That applies to all of them members. 


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my mom's comments on dear evan hansen, act one
  • Does Anybody Have A Map?: "'you're not going to school high, connor.' 'perfect, so then i won't go'" that was me in high school. haha, HIGH school.
  • Waving Through A Window: this is sort of like 'the room where it happens' also his voice is beautiful
  • For Forever: so evan is talking about his boyfriend? (me: no) sounds like he wishes that boy was his boyfriend
  • Sincerely, Me: "i rub my nipples and start moaning with delight" are you absolutely sure they aren't in a relationship
  • Requiem: "i gave you the world, you threw it away" i DID give you the world and you threw it away (me: ouch) sorry
  • If I Could Tell Her: i wish you had a nice boy that used your dead brother to connect with you (me: i don't even have a brother) not yet
  • Disappear: that's not true. i can name at least four people who deserve to be forgotten.
  • You Will Be Found: wow

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You can see it.It's right there.He talks about H's film and then he talks about how what Niall says melts his heart.And we all know he loves both of them.We can hear it in his voice but just look at his face!His damn beautiful eyes!How they shine when he talks about how proud of his baby he is.Look at that smile and that fond he wants to hide so badly but he can't because you say Harry and his body knows.

it’s always been a different kind of fond when he talks about harry which is what made them stand out to us in the first place and it’s still there even after all these years

Chesters death is fucking painful. I put on Linkin Park as soon as I got into my car this morning after hearing the news, and as I tried to sing along to the words, I just burst into tears. I cried all the way to work. The voice of my childhood, the man who gave so much meaning to music, who helped me find my passion for it, hes gone. And I never got the chance to hear his beautiful voice live.