his voice is an angel

bts positivity

- golden maknae on top
- drinks banana milk over alcohol
- sweetest vocals 100/10
- soft mischievous bunny boy
- deserves all the love in the world

- a fluffy ball of happiness
- loves to make his members laugh
- vocals are heaven sent
- brightest smile ever
- loves fans so much

- literally a walking angel
- has the voice of an angel
- thinks of his members first like an angel
- pure angel
- did i mention he’s an angel?

rap monster
- great composer/lyricist
- brain mon
- can’t cut onions
- his dimples are everything

- your hope, your angel
- actual ray of sunshine
- mood maker
- has the most amazing personality 
- talented as hell

- his lyrics are deep
- so is his voice
- he swears but it’s kind of hot
- loves to sleep
- pulls off every hair color

- mom of the group
- loves to eat lots
- great cook
- has a heart of gold
- sings beautifully
- gives his 100% to all 


leedonghwa615: Just came back after the end of my shift and I miss my dongsaeng all of sudden … ^^ [c]

[Greased Lightnin’] also sits a bit lower in my voice, which is a challenge for me. I may be crazy, but it’s easier when the song is higher!

Aaron Tveit, US Weekly (x)

The sequel five years in the making to: “Aaron has this uncanny instrument where his voice doesn’t break - he actually wants things written higher for him!” / “'Make it more difficult!’ right?” / “It’s more comfortable for him, actually, he says.” - Tom Kitt, 2011 (x)

Tumblr BTS Stans
  • Seokjin Trash:Look at BTS' Mother Princess Seokjin at it again. He's got an amazing voice- those shoulders man! Even Jimin wants to sit on them.
  • Namjoon Trash:This right here is a rare specimen known as the rapmonster and his superpowers are freestyling like a boss and having ridiculous but somehow still stylish fashion sense (we lied. We don't know what the fuck hes thinking sometimes)
  • Yoongi Trash:Grandpa Yoongi don't give two shits. He just wanna sleep. Let the baby sleep. Look at how cute he is though with those gummy smiles and mint hair. Mint Yoongi.
  • Hoseok Trash:Actual ray of sunshine. How can you compare a star to the literal sun that is Hobi? Our hope? That smile could cure cancer and dont get me started on his dimples.
  • Jimin Trash:Voice of an Angel, personality of an Angel; would take care of an Angel if it fell from heaven because he's been there done that. Cute little mandarin orange. Did we mention hes an angel?
  • Taehyung Trash:We.. we have no excuse for him. He's both a genuis and an idiot and never somewhere in between. We dont get the blurry selcas either but they're hot as fuck so keep em coming.
  • Jungkook Trash:Hes such a meme! Get that ugly mug out of her before I kiss it. Literal Cinnamon roll. Damn what did puberty hit you with, a yacht?

Ever since the boys and Cas escaped Hell, you knew something was off with your angelic boyfriend. It was just little things here and there; mannerisms that Cas never usually did. But you brushed it off. Cas has been under a lot of stress lately. With Heaven and the Darkness and Metatron.

You ordered the angel to stay in the bunker for a few days.Seeing Lucifer in the cage must have rattled a few things. But Cas didn’t seem to mind staying; in fact, he went off on his own to research the Darkness, despite you and the boys reading just about every book in the bunker.

It was a few days later when you no longer recognized Cas. It might have been Cas’ face and his voice, but the angel was no longer your boyfriend. While you stared at the vessel in dismay, it was Lucifer who was sneering at you. “I’m surprised you didn’t notice sooner, Y/N. Either you don’t really care about little Castiel in here, or I’m a better actor than I realized.”

You shook your head, a powerful wave of grief threatening to make you cry in front of the Devil, but you looked up, instantly locking your gaze with the blue eyes that were so achingly familiar. “So Cas is still in there?” You demanded.

Lucifer nodded and crossed his arms over his chest. “Oh yeah, he’s here. Screaming his wings off. But you won’t ever see him again.”

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Blackout (cover by Pickwick)

this is absolutely wonderful and you need to listen to this it is beautiful

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Donghyuk, Chanwoo and Yunhyeong's reaction to their gf always asking them to sing her to sleep (because I love their voices and I would probably ask them every night lol) thanks~, you are awesome!


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*hugs you asap and sing you a lullaby*

Sleeping + you + singing = his faves. So singing you to sleep would be one of the things he loved to do. Yunhyeong wouldn’t even mind if you ask him everyday. But maybe he’d feel sorry if he couldn’t be there with you due to his schedule or practice.


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Dounghyuk would be similar to Yunhyeong. He would love it so much that you actually enjoy listening to his voice just like everybody. Donghyuk would find it cute the first time you shyly ask him to sing you to sleep, but he’d get used to it after a couple of days. Donghyuk would laid you in his embrace, stroking your hair and send you to the dream land peacefully accompanied by his sweet angelic voice.


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“What? Like… I’m singing beside you until you fall asleep?”

Honestly, Chanwoo might lost at first. He would need few more minutes to understand what you requested earlier. But we all also know that he is a kind guy, so he’d let you lay yourself on top of him and put his arms around you. Those shy smile would occasionally appear in between his singing.

Now my life is sweet like cinnamon

by squibby

Louis lives in a small town and is picked on constantly, he meets a shy, anxiety ridden boy with pretty eyes and a voice like an angel and his life suddenly doesn’t seem so dark.

Inspired by: Radio by Lana Del Rey xxx

Words: 1593, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’ http://ift.tt/1UZFD0S

Someone in my facebook feed just shared this video and I’m crying my heart out of nostalgia and love. RBD’s tour in 2006 [omg, it was 10 years ago!!!!] my favorite one that was recorded into a DVD (I went to the concert in São Paulo, not Rio as in the video) and “A Tu Lado” brings me a lot of great memories. I love RBD so much, it’s a forever and ever thing. It doesn’t matter that it ended YEARS ago,  their memory will always bring the best of me and of an awesome part of my life ♥♥

AND of course, by the end of the video there is Poncho and his emotional speech about humanity and justice. It’s so him, my love <3