his voice is a miracle

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"Shion," there's a smile on Nezumi's lips when he gazes in Shion's direction, "you're truly a miracle," he breathes, affection and happiness colouring his voice.

                 a miracle? ( he knows better than most what those are, that one happened the night he had thrown open his balcony windows in a raging storm and forever changed his life ) surely that’s giving him too much CREDIT, he doesn’t think he’s doing enough to deserve that label. he’s still got so much to learn and experience, so many books to read and sights to see, he’s not nearly the person he wants to believe he can be, STUNTED as he was by a controlled childhood. anyone can be kind and compassionate, if that’s what nezumi was alluding to, and he himself knows that he can be selfish and greedy at times, by no means a perfect person. perhaps he means it’s a miracle that he’s SURVIVED his brush with death, but shion is well aware of the only reason he’s still sitting here, and it’s not due to his strength of character or will to live. ( a miracle? what more of a miracle could he want, than the one sitting by his side who saved him from a lifetime of MINDLESS obedience and misery? what’s more of a miracle than those soft emotions bleeding out into the atmosphere around them, tender and sweet? )

          ❛   .  .  . I don’t know if it would be right of me to accept those words, but I can think of a person of whom I’d share the same sentiment with.  .  .”


Parker’s beaten body laid on the hospital mattress, his brown eyes staring at the nurse who was adjusting his pillow behind his head, making sure he was as comfortable as possible. He swallowed the lump in his throat and turned his eyes away from the woman when she turned to look at him. Feeling her small hand on his shoulder, he swallowed again and stared at the roof. It’s going to be okay, Parker. You’ll get there. He couldn’t really nod his head, because of the position he was in, so instead, he just blinked, as if that would help. But then again, he didn’t really trust his voice at this point. It’s a miracle that you’re alive, sweetheart. Closing his brown eyes, he knew that he should consider himself lucky, but then again, how lucky are you when you can’t remember anything from before your accident? The doctor said you can leave tomorrow. Go back home. That’s a good thing, right? He turned his head and looked at the woman, his right eye filled with blood from exploded vessels. The nurse smiled weakly at him and nodded, as it was obvious that Parker didn’t really know if he was looking forward to going home or not. 

Russia and Germany holding their baby for first time!:

Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
He couldn’t believe his eyes, but he wanted to. He wanted to believe all of the peace in this moment would last forever. But one thing he couldn’t wrap his head around was the size of the child. They were so…small. Their entire hand barely held one of his fingers. This was the smallest human he’d ever seen, and it was all his to love.  
Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt-
They were crying. Three minutes in the world, less than one of those in his arms and they were crying. He shushed and rock, praying it wasn’t him the child already detested.
“Please…don‘t cry?” He begged, and by some miracle it worked. When his voice hit the infants ears, they quieted. And he fell in love.

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