his voice in this moment.... oh god

The vampire looked from the golem to Vimes.
“You gave one of them a voice?” he said.
“Yes,” said Dorfl. He reached down and picked up the vampire in one hand. “I Could Kill You,” he said. “This Is An Option Available To Me As A Free-Thinking Individual But I Will Not Do So Because I Own Myself And I Have Made A Moral Choice.”
“Oh, gods,” murmured Vimes under his breath.
“That’s blasphemy,” said the vampire.
He gasped as Vimes shot him a glance like sunlight. “That’s what people say when the voiceless speak.”

– Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

But imagine, if Harry heard voices, what do you think Sirius would have heard? Yes Harry lived a shitty life he lost his parents and Cedric (up until that moment) but Sirius, oh my dear god Sirius, he lost his blood brother, his brother, Lily, Marlene, Fleamont, Euphemia, half of the Order, he would have been so drawn to the veil, he probably would have walked through it willingly if he hadn’t fallen in the first place.

I made myself extremely sad.

I Give Up - part 25 (A Baekhyun Series)
”I know who your boyfriend is. End it NOW or his career is over for good. I have pictures and a buyer.”


Your hands were trembling as the small piece of paper rattled in your grip and you could hear Baekhyun calling your name over the phone. His tone grew more and more alert the longer you remained silent until you forced your throat to make a sound to let him know you had not disconnected the call.

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Distance Accident

Submitted by @deanandsamsbitch (I hope this one is okay too!!)

This is the fifth time that Jensen has felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket. The scene they were filming was almost done and once the director yelled cut, he immediately grabbed his phone and looked at the number. His head tilting in confusion at the unfamiliar number. His thumb went over the little phone icon thinking about calling back, whoever it was it had to be important if they called this many times.

However the moment Jensen made up his mind about calling back, the screen turned with the green and red circle appearing; the number was calling again.

“Hello?” Jensen hesitantly answered the phone and the voice on the other end was panicked yet relieved to hear his voice.

“Oh my- Jensen thank god you answered!”

Jensen looked up over at Jared with his brow furrowed, “Gen?” The moment Jared heard his wife’s name leave Jensen’s lips he was over there in a split second, “What’s going on? Are you okay?!”

He heard her take in a deep shaky breath, “It’s…Jensen, it’s about Y/N…”

“What wrong with Y/N?!” Jensen’s voice rising as he started to panic, he turned his head slightly to see where the director was just in case he needed to leave in a rush. The way Gen sounded so frantic on the phone wasn’t a good sign and he had the strongest feeling something horrible happened to you.  

When she didn’t answer right away Jensen spoke up again, fear evident in his voice this time, “Gen!? What is going on?!”

He waited another minute and that’s when he heard her quiet sob, “She was…she was on her way home from a friends house and-and a drunk driver hit her head on. She’s in critical condition Jay…she’s-she’s really not lookin’ good.”

Jensen felt as though his knees were about to give out, which eventually happened. Jensen fell to the floor, one hand sticking out to stop himself from falling all the way while the other kept the phone to his ear. Jared was trying to get him to spill what was going on the moment he hit the ground but Jensen didn’t hear a word. His ears were ringing and everyone sounded so far away. He didn’t know what to say as his heart sank straight into his stomach, feeling as though he was about to throw up; he couldn’t lose you.

Jensen was always scared of this happening, well, not this entirely but something bad happening to you while he’s in Vancouver.

Gen’s voice firmly speaking to him finally brought him out of his trance.

“You need to get here Jensen…and fast.”


This is honest to god one of my favorite moments of this entire book.

1.  OBI-WAN IS ALWAYS THINKING OF ANAKIN.  Even when they’re not together, Obi-Wan still hears his voice and the mocking comments he makes and is just COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FOND when he thinks of that little shit.

2.  “Please be so kind as to return it that way this time.”  THIS TIME.  Even the requisition droids are like OH FUCK KENOBI’S HERE WE’RE NEVER GOING TO SEE THAT CITIBIKE AGAIN and Obi-Wan’s just such a dick about it, the ironic salute, like, yeah, no, that’s not happening and he does not give a fuck about it.  OBI-WAN IS MY FAVORITE FOREVER.


Breathless Sherlock stares at John, who stands before him, with one hand stretched out after him.

“Sherlock…”, John says again, with choked voice.

And then Sherlock sees it. The blood that slowly appears on John’s shirt. 

He stares at it. Dazed.
Then he suddenly feels the weight of the cold gun in his right hand again.
He stares down at it.
His eyes widen.

Oh God.

“No,” he breathes. “No…”

He looks at John again and in this moment John sways and then fells slowly to the side.
Sherlock drops the pistol and bustles forward. He catches John before he reaches the ground and sinks down with him. He embeds John’s head into his lap and babbles incoherently while he grips his mobile phone to call an ambulance.
The calm voice of a woman asks him what he needs and he nearly chokes on his words. When he finally ends the call, he looks down at John through tears.


John looks up to him and smiles wearily.
Sherlock stares at that smile and then it comes over him again - the realization that HE did this to John. He shot John. He hurt John.
Oh God…
He begins to sob.

In this moment John reaches out a hand to him to touch his cheek.
“It’s alright, Sherlock. It’s alright…”

“I’m so sorry, John…Please…I’m so sorry…,” Sherlock stammers and the tears start to roll over his face.
“I thought you were…I thought you were HIM…and…”

“Psst,” John makes and lays a trembling finger on Sherlock’s lip. “Everything will be alright…”

“What can I do, John?”, Sherlock asks desperately.

“Just stay here,” John mumbles and suddenly his eyes start to close. “Stay…”
The hand on Sherlock’s face slowly sinks down and lands on John’s bloody stomach.

There is so much blood, Sherlock realizes with shock.
He hastily presses his hands down on to the wound.
“Stay with me, John,” he pleads. “Don’t leave me. I need you. You…I love you, John. I love you.” The words are there suddenly and he feels like a great weight is taken from his chest. “I love you,” he whispers one time more. A tear trickles from his chin on John’s face. 

And then suddenly John opens his eyes again for a short moment.
He stares up to Sherlock with a stunned expression on his face.
Then his lips open slowly and he whispers barely audible: “I…love you…too…always did…Sher…lock…”
And John closes his eyes again.
The shadow of a smile remains on his pale face.

Sherlock sits there, applies pressure to the wound and doesn’t know what to think anymore.

Sometime he hears the sirens of an ambulance.
And sometime there are medics who gently pulls him away from John.
Sometime there is a blanket over his shoulders and a cup of tea into his hands.
Sometime there is the hospital.
And sometime he waits until he’s allowed to see John.

After hours a nurse comes to lead him to John’s room.

And there he is.
Pale, but very much alive. John.
He smiles at Sherlock and quietly says “Hey.”
“Hey,” Sherlock says back, huskily.
Then he enters the room and he has the sudden feeling that he experiences the start of a new era.


The screaming had stopped once more.“Are you doing that?” Harry asked, in regards to the … screaming. He didn’t know how the other could possibly be doing it, but … The Monster opened its mouth properly for the first time, under Harry’s scrutiny. Its lips stretched wide and cavernous, revealing teeth sharper than any he’d ever seen. Even those of the wolves that hunted in the forest. They were startlingly white, and between them rested a black, snake-like tongue. The screaming hit him a moment later – the voices spewing out of the Monster’s mouth, as if they were trapped in his throat. Harry blanched. He stared, wide-eyed, unable to look away from the sight. After a moment, the Monster’s teeth clicked shut once more. Back to a pleasant smile, and silence with it. Oh god. Harry swallowed. It looked like the Riddle. Almost. Same handsomeness, same form – it was as if the painting had sprung to life. Except … not quite right. Instead of the gorgeous, albeit cold, blue eyes that Harry had seen in the painting, these were like obsidian ink. Then, in sharp contrast to the bloodlessly pale skin that had been creamy and healthy in the painting, the Monster’s veins dipped to the same darkness as his gaze. Coupled with his dark clothing, he looked like an old black and white photograph. Something sucked dry. Only his lips, vibrant and bloody, had colour. It smiled. “There are six of us,” it answered, leaning against the door but not stepping in. “You’ve met the Beast, the Riddle, and You-Know-Who here.” Unlike Voldemort’s voice – high and cold – the man before him had Riddle’s voice, pleasing in its baritone.“And you’re the Monster,” Harry clarified. “Quite,” it murmured. - Kisses Cursed


You took a support from the table when you recognized the voice.
“Cas? Cas, oh my God, are you okay? Where have you been?” you felt relieved to hear his deep voice. It had been two weeks since you last time heard about Cas.
“I’m… I’m sorry, (Y/N). I’m at the hospital, I…” his voice sounded painful.
“Wait, what? Why you’re at the hospital?” You burrowed your brows, sitting in the chair next to table. There were a long silent moment and you thought the call had ended, but finally you heard Cas’ broken voice again.
“I… I lost my grace, (Y/N)… I can’t heal myself… I… I need your help.”

NurseyDex - 157 - The Printer

—– Come request your own fic here —– Prompt List –

157. You’re the only other person in the room when I break the printer and I’m panicking.
Nursey heard the telltale sign of doom the moment he clicked the printer.  High and screeching, the entire thing seemed to be spasming like he had opened the gates of hell when all he had wanted was to print a paper for class.  It was just his luck that this would happen to him.

“Hey dude, what the hell did you do?” A voice called from behind him.

“Oh thank god,” Nursey gasped, “I have no idea what’s going on.  Can you help me?”  Nursey was sure he must look so pitiful at the moment, but her just didn’t care.  Pride went out the window when you only had 20 minutes until your next class and a midterm to turn in.

“Here,” the other boy said, pushing him aside to take a look at the machine.

“I’m shit with tech stuff, so any help would be great,” Nursey said as he watched the boy take in the scene.  Nursey wasn’t sure that he had ever seen him around campus before.  He was sure he would have noticed someone that tall with that much red hair.  His freckles were kind of cute too, but that wasn’t really the point.

The guy seemed to largely ignore Nursey as he poked and prodded around.  Then with triumphant “aha,” he pulled a mangled piece of paper from within the printer’s mechanical depths.  

“It was just a jam, dude.  Should work just fine now.”

“Thank you so much.  My life would have totally sucked if you hadn’t come along.  Just think “failed miderm” and you might understand my plight.”  “Hey,” he added, how about I buy you a coffee or something to say thank you?”

“Oh, it’s no big deal really,” the red head replied.

“No, I mean it.  Here’s my number,” Nursey said, scribbling it out on a scrap of paper.  “Just text me whenever and we can go to Annie’s or something.”  

“Sounds like a date,” the other boy smiled.

Nursey blanched.  “I mean no – I wasn’t trying to…pull you or anything.  I just wanted to say thank you.  Though…if you wanted to make it a date, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Alright, I’m free after 3:00, I’ll text you and we can see what happens.”


“See ya man,” he called back.
Unknown Number: Hey, it’s Dex from the printing room.  How does 3:30 @ Annie’s sound?
Me: Sounds good…see you then! :)

anonymous asked:

May I please have Suga, Asahi, Hinata, and Noya waking up with their s/o? Whether they did anything the night before is up to you~!

SUGA | He wakes up before you.  He doesn’t try to, it just happens. But he doesn’t mind.  These moments in the early morning are some of his favorites.  The sun barely peeking over the horizon, your back pressed against his chest, the smell of your perfume all around him. Yeah, these were some of his favorite moments. Suga takes a deep breath, inhaling your scent and feeling his body relax as he exhales.  He wraps his arms just a little tighter around your waist, pulling you even closer to him. You’d make a small noise, and he smiles at the sweetness of your voice. 

“What’s today?” you said softly, not even opening your eyes yet.  

“It’s uhm,” Suga thought for a moment, “Saturday… I think?”

“Oh thank God,” you said as you turned around in his arms so you could bury your face in his chest.  Suga chuckled softly, tucking a few stray strands of hair behind your ear.  He kissed the top of your head as you entangled your legs with his.  

ASAHI | You blinked your eyes a couple times, trying to get your vision to focus as your body began to wake up.  You noticed that what you were laying on felt very warm and smooth. You were confused. It didn’t feel like you were laying on a pillow.  

You lifted your head slowly and noticed that you were laying entirely on top of Asahi; your legs tangled with his as you used his chest as a pillow instead. You smiled as you looked up at his face, still peaceful with sleep. You laid your head back on his chest, loving the way his body was your own personal heater. You glided your fingers along his skin, tracing little circles on his chest. You felt him begin to stir.

He took a slow, deep breath and stretched his arms over his head.  He held that pose for just a moment before exhaling and lowering his arms back down. His one hand rested on the small of your back as the other slid behind his head.

“Good morning,” you said softly, a delicate smile on your lips.  Asahi smiled lovingly back at you.

“Morning,” he replied, voice still raspy from sleep.

HINATA | You could feel soft breaths tickling the skin of your chest as you began to wake up. You slowly opened your eyes, not really wanting to get up just yet. You had fallen asleep with Hinata’s arms around your waist with your back pressed against his chest. But somehow during the night, it seems as though you had changed positions. You smiled to yourself as you looked down at Hinata.  He looked so precious, even with his face basically buried in your chest. You delicately stroked his soft, orange hair. He began to fidget, nuzzling into your chest even more. He released a quiet hum as he began to wake up.

You watched as he started to open his eyes. It took him a moment before he realized what he was shoving his face in. He blinked a couple times before looking up at you and then back down at your chest… and then back up at your face. He laughed nervously as blush began to spread across his cheeks.

“U-uhm…” he stuttered, slightly pulling away from you. You giggled.

“Good morning,” you said with a smile as you kissed the top of his head.

NOYA | When Nishinoya wakes up and notices that you’re still asleep, he couldn’t help but stare at how adorable you were. You looked so peaceful as you slept. One of your hands lazily rested on your stomach as the other laid delicately beside your head on the pillow. 

He leaned on his forearms and rested his head in his hand as he watched you, a small smile on his lips. Your closed eyes twitched slightly and you made a gentle noise. That does it. You’re too cute. 

He gingerly leaned over you, and placed a soft kiss on your forehead. A grin spread wide across his face as you let out a dreamy sigh. Your eyes slowly begin to open.

“Morning,” Noya said with a smile as you looked up at him. Your smiled back at him, unconsciously draping your arms around his neck.

“Good morning,” you said as you laced your fingers in his hair, teasing the back of his head with your nails.   Yuu leaned in closer and buried his face in the crook of your neck, tangling his legs with yours in the process. He took a deep breath and sighed as you felt his body relax against yours. 

“We don’t have to get up today,” you started, “do we?”

“God I hope not.”

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Bog ;) and also Alan Cumming

This is in response to the little aside I put on that Strickler one, isn’t it? You’re a sassy one, Anon ;^D


Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

God, Y’ALL KNOW MY FEELINGS ABOUT BOG, OKAY? If you’ve followed for, like, ANY length of time, you know my feelings about this Handsome Scaly Fucker, this Scaly Backed Nerd Puppy. But here, have some especially choice pictures…

(My FAVORITE moment of his, he’s being such a BRAT here and I love it XD) 

( “Immmmpressive!” Oh my word, stop it you sassy smartsass XD) 

(Eliza voice: “Oooooh, look at those eyes…!”) 

(Oh God, someone help him)

(Oh God, someone help ME)

(this Fairy was literally trying to kill him and NOW LOOK AT HIM, SO IN LOVE, SO LOST, “You don’t stand a chaaaannncce…!” ) 

(God, someone help my poor son before he throws up from sheer nerves) 

…and a sampling of some of my feelings and thoughts regarding this dearly beloved dork: 

…I think that just about sums it up, yeah. 

Alan Cumming

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Alan is one of those people whose sheer raw talent would make me…VERY intimidated to approach him, let alone talk to him? Like, this man is a goddamn gift. He’s this Broadway Star and Bisexual Angel who is just, like, RAW TALENT and NERVE and SKILL and CRAFT and is one of those Born and Die Performers, and my admiration of him is SO immense that I basically wouldn’t know what to do with myself and would probably just tie a knot in my tongue if I ever met him? 

That being said, he’s a wonderful paradox, because YES, he is searingly sexy AND gorgeous AND classically handsome, and he samples a bit from each plate and then may or may not go on to smear all of them into a beautiful mess–

–and yet he’s so damn cute? Like, his voice does this thing where it gets all sing-songy and he’s eyes have the cutest little crinkles and can do this thing where it’s both adorable and sly. He’s a heck of a man, and he knows it, and thankfully he uses it for good more so than sin. But we like it when he uses it for sin too, don’t we…?

Originally posted by fallontonightgifs

Damn right we do XD

“A gold coin says he misses,” Fenrys rasped.
“Save your breath for healing,” Aelin snapped.
“Make it two,” Aedion said behind him. “I say he hits.”
“You can all go to hell,” Aelin snarled. But then added, “Make it five. Ten says he downs it with the first shot.”
“Deal,” Fenrys groaned, his voice thick with pain.
Rowan gritted his teeth. “Remind me why I bother with any of you.”


—  Empire of Storms
Beautiful Sounds

Relationship: Matt Murdock x Reader

Word Count: 375

Requested by: Anon

AN: I had so much fun writing this tbh. Some of this was was inspired by Strange Love by Halsey. This is the most sinful thing I’ve ever written ever. I don’t know if I will do anything like this again. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Even though Matt couldn’t see you, he could still make you feel beautiful with just the sound of your name falling from his lips. He made you weak in the knees and melt oh so nicely every time he spoke your name.

Matt always had a lovely voice and when put to work, it had you squirming.

His lips moved so sweetly as he kissed your neck, small moans escaping them and curses tainting them. He was honest to god an angel, not the devil but in these moments when the two of you were alone, crawling and moving in the dark, hands and lips roaming each other with heat slowly building between the two of you, you weren’t sure if he was an angel. His hands knew your weak spots and where to make you squirm and shiver the most.

Your moans mixed with his in your stupor of pleasure as you moved above him. He was warm and his body hard unlike your softness. Matt didn’t mind, not at all in fact. He smiled at the sounds that you made because of him.

You dragged your nails down his back when you felt just a little too much friction but the sound of pure delight that made its way past your lips spurred him on to continue his movements.

He laughed as he said your name, gripping your hips just a little harder as you went limp against him, breathing heavily but content. After all, it was his goal to make you collapse in a pile of warmth and pleasure. He continued for just a few moments to finish himself. It wasn’t hard to do, his senses were always so on edge, especially in these moments.

Matt laid you down beside him. He couldn’t see you, something that he very much wanted to be able to do, but he could tell that your eyes were starting to close by the sound of your heart. It was starting to slow down along with your breathing.

He pulled you close and wrapped you and him in a blanket tightly. Matt threaded his hands through your hair, his hand stopped at your back. His hand drew patterns on your back and you smiled against his chest.

punishment | lay [ long ver. ]


Originally posted by hansuol

genre: SMUT 

warnings: fem!dom, handcuffs, blindfolds, orgasm denial, basically a lot of kinKEY SHIT

“ You need to be taught your place ”, she spoke in his ear, drawing a whimper from his sweaty self. “ I-I ”, Yixing moaned out, but a scoff from the girl kneeling next to the bed he was on stopped his cracking voice. “ Did I say you could speak, babyboy? I didn’t. So… why are you speaking? Hmmm… ”, (y/n) stopped for a moment, a smirk grazing her lips after that. Trailing wet kisses down his neck, (y/n) spoke into Yixing’s skin, making him shiver. “ Does babyboy perhaps want to be punished? ”, she questioned. “ Answer me, Xing, and don’t lie, you know Mistress doesn’t like it when her babyboy lies ”, the amused tone of her voice brought his hard bulge to be even more prominent.

Yixing’s naked body glistened with sweat, his dick hard and red, the veins on it very easily spotted, all of the muscles in his body tensing, his breathing heavy. “ I- I do… ”, he said, his voice cracking in between moans as (y/n) slowly traced her fingers over the pulsing vein on his hard member. “ Do what, baby? ”. He exhaled deeply, controlling himself not to cum over his Mistress’ fingers, as he knew only then he’d be in for it. “ I want t-to be pu-nished, Mistress. I w-wish for you t-o make me b-beg a-and scream, I w-want y-you to mak-e me regret being a bad boy~ ”, he stuttered, and in return she wrapped her hand fully around his member. “ Good boy ”, (y/n) cooed, “ But I still don’t think you deserve to cum, hmmm… I have an idea.. Tell me, Xing, what did you do to deserve punishment? ”.

“ I, I touched myself, even t-though Mistress didn’t allow me to ”, Yixing whimpered out, softy tugging on the handcuffs that restrained him from touching his Mistress. He wished to see her, to feel her, but the blindfold and restraints had his senses isolated, until he felt one hand being freed from the cuff. “ Now, babyboy, sit up ”, he did as he was told, the freed hand being used as support. “ Now, baby, since you like touching yourself so much, go ahead and touch yourself, but don’t you dare cum, Yixing. Understood? ”, (y/n) ordered, and he shivered at the thought of even worse punishment than what’s he’s been given until that moment.

“ Now, baby, give your Mistress a show ”, she said and he obeyed, stroking his hard member slowly, his fingers now coated with precum. “ You’re allowed to make noise, babyboy ”, she traced the backside of her hand on his cheek, and instantly, drawing a long, breathy moan from him. “ Ah- Mistress ”, he moaned out, his hand picking up to pace, torturing himself further because he knew he wasn’t allowed to cum.

“ Yes, Xing, such a good boy for me, aren’t you? ”, (y/n) kissed up his neck, leaving soft love bites here and there. Taking his hand away from his dick after a while, she cuffed it back to the bed, making Yixing whine. “ Now, now, don’t be a brat, baby, you’ve been good the entire time. Now, Mistress is going to ride you, hard and fast, just how her babyboy likes it, right? ”, she asked and he nodded, but a soft slap to his abdomen made him realize she wasn’t happy with his answer. “ Yes, Mistress, please, j-just like that ”.

His head was still thrown back, ever since he was ordered to touch himself. (y/n)’s legs were now on each side of his hips, her hand gripping his member and lining it with her entrance. Slowly, she started bouncing up and down, drawing long and painfully high moans from the boy.

“ Mi-stress, faster, please ”, he begged, and, for a change, (y/n) obeyed his pleas. To his suprise, she even took off the blindfold, giving him a clear view of her. Riding him faster, she could feel every touch his dick made with her walls, the friction causing her as well as him to let out louder and louder moans, both edging closer to their release, and picking up the face with every thrust.

“ Almost there, babyboy, almost there ”, (y/n) groaned. Yixing’s handcuffs started rattling as he pulled on them, his wrists probably hurting by now, not that he seemed to care. In this situation, pain was something he cherished. “ You’re so pretty, Xing, so pretty for Mistress ”, she cooed, her hands firm on his abdomen for support as she bounced up and down, fast and hard.

Soon enough, (y/n) felt the way too familiar knot in her stomach unravelling, her warm liquid engulfing Yixing’s member and burying it even further inside her, and she came with a scream of his name. Soon enough, he came as well, his angel-like voice moaning loudly as he finally found his release after the long night.

(y/n) collapsed next to Yixing after taking off his handcuffs, their sweaty bodies cuddled together, as she traced random shapes on his chest. “ I’m sorry for touching myself without your permission ”, he breathed into her hair, and she chuckled. “ Don’t lie to me, Xing, you wanted to be punished and you know it ”.

“ True, I do like your punisments, Mistress ”.  

How to make a ghost of a poet:

Drink all the ink from their pen and hate the black staining your tongue.

Give them words but take their voice away the moment they try to scream into the night.

Make them chase their inspiration into Tartarus. Blind them with your presence.

Leave your fingerprints on each of their notebooks. Leave your blood on their lips. Laugh as their palms cannot push out anything but your name.

Touch them with light in your hands. Tell them the road to home starts with you. They will study you; find every hidden path to your heart. They will search for pomegranates inside of your bones that they will force into their bloodstream.

Make them apologize for falling in love. Make them apologize for feelings human. Make them apologize for feeling.

Write someone else’s name across their chest. It will burn their skin and curse their existence.

Laugh as their scars start to get deeper. Laugh as the battle lines become fog and sweat becomes thick and wanting and haunting.

Write their demons back to life. Hide them under the bed where you first made love.
When you leave,
Steal your name.
Steal your veins.
Steal your kiss.
Steal your touch.

—  Dictionary for lovers. Part 2.
Road tripping with Harry.

“Love the way you give it to me” you sing with Harry while dancing around on your seat. “Last night I lay in bed so blue” he would have his moment, his voice a bit raspy from all the other singing from earlier. He is tapping the steering wheel with his fingers along the music. “Oh I forgot to tell you, I have a new joke” Harry says, his dimples showing. “Oh god, it’s really bad isn’t it?” you ask him and he gives you a ‘are you serious’ look. “I promise you it is really good. What did the ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, it just waved” Harry looks at you for your reaction, which is giggling from embarrassment. You don’t know why you are dating this idiot. “That was so bad!” you say mid-giggle.

“I’m bored” you tell Harry. It’s the fifth hour of driving, and you’re getting sick of just sitting still, besides stopping at gas stations to go buy snacks and use the toilet. “We’re almost there” Harry says, giving you a little smile. You just sigh and look back at the road. You and Harry were driving away from everything, you just wanted to relax for a few days and that’s why you were going to a really nice hotel. “You have been saying that for the last hour” you complain. The Sun is setting, making the sky to a beautiful pinkish lavender color. There aren’t that many cars on the high way, sometimes it felt like it was just you and Harry. You loved the intimacy between you and Harry. His hand was on your thigh, his thumb rubbing small circles. He made you feel so good, so calm.

“We should play a game” Harry says after a while of silence. “What?” you ask, not giving a hint of interest, since it’s probably one of those stupid games only Harry likes. “We take turns saying different animals through the alphabet, I’ll start. Alligator” you look at Harry, laughing slightly and shaking your head. You bury your face in your palms. “C’mon, you were bored, let’s play a game. Now say the next one” Harry says, and tries to pull your face out of your palms. “Okay, okay. Uhmm.. Baboon” you finally say and see Harry’s eyes sparkling up. “Hey you know my baboon joke-“ “Yes Harry I know your fucking joke!” you cut him off. He turns his head to face you, his eyes wide and his forehead wrinkly. “Wow,” he chuckles “somebody is feisty”. You give him a look and lean to the car door, trying to get a good position because your back is aching from all the sitting and bad posture.

You look Harry up and down, he looks so comfortable in his big sweater and sweatpants, you want to cuddle him and kiss all over. You notice a little bulge and decide to have some fun with it. “Let’s play my game now” you say, getting in a better position so you’re closer to Harry. “What? We didn’t even finish mine” he protested. “Your game was so boring, mine is fun” you grab his face and Harry pouts playfully. Your hand slides down his neck, tickling him. It travels all the way down his chest to his bulge. You palm him through his grey sweatpants and Harry adjusts himself. “Y/N, stop” he says, giving you a warning look. “Shh baby, this is my game now”.

Your hand goes under his pants and you feel, that he isn’t wearing any underwear, just his own soft skin. You take him in your hand and start stroking slowly. Harry is calm, but his breaths become deeper and he keeps running his hand through his hair. You tighten your grip and start to go faster and a groan leaves Harry’s lips and his head flies back. “Babe, keep your eyes on the road, you don’t want to crash the car” you say teasingly. When a red light comes, you put your seat belt behind your back and take the chance to pull Harry’s pants down. “Wha-“ Harry says in confusion. You dip your head down and do a bold lick on his shaft. Harry’s other hand is keeping your hair out of the way, as you hollowed your cheeks and took as much as you could in your mouth, and what you couldn’t, you stroked with your hand. “Oh fuck yes, yes..” Harry moans, words getting caught in his throat. His legs are trembling a bit and to make him see stars, you massage his balls with your other hand. He groans loudly, pulling on your hair. You feel the car stopping, you look out of the window and see that Harry had pulled over. “Get your pants off” he says, voice so deep and sexy. “What?” you ask innocently. “Get them off now”.

Harry pulled his seat back while you were busy taking your pants off and dropping them on the floor. You sit on his lap, grinding your hips against his. He is fiddling with the hem of your sweater and says “This needs to come off” you pulled it over your head and Harry started the leave kisses on your chest, nibbling the sensitive skin while his thumb rubbed your clit, making you moan against his skin. “So wet for me” Harry says, and adds a finger inside of you. You look into his now dark eyes, which are hungrily eating you out. He starts to tease your entrance with the tip of his dick, which is now the same color as his lips, a nice cherry shade. “Harry please” you cry out. “What baby? What do you want?” he asks you innocently. Just when you are about to answer, his dick is inside of you, and you sink all the way down on it. Your hips buckle and he groans “Fuck”. You start to bounce up and down, feeling every vein on his dick. It feels so good that you think you’re seeing stars. You start to feel the burning sensation in your lower stomach build up, and you start bouncing quicker and deeper, your moans getting uncontrollable. Harry’s hands slide down your back to your hips and smack your ass. And that’s when you really see stars. You start clenching around him, and Harry’s eyes fly back. Your hips are shaking so much, that it feels like an earth quake. You’re grabbing on Harry’ hair, moaning against his lips. “Fuck Y/N! Your pussy feels so good” Harry praises you. Once you’re down from your high, you start to slowly grind on Harry. You know so well, that he is close too. Sweat is running down his forehead, his lips in an o-shape. That prominent wrinkle between his brows showing, eyes closed. “About to cum, baby? Huh?” you whisper in his ear. He is only able to hum and nod through his moans and grunts. “I’m gonna cum, gonna cu-“ Harry exclaims. Then you feel his warm wet release inside of you, and he just keeps coming. He is not able to speak. His hands are gripping on your ass, surely leaving marks for tomorrow. When he is done, you comb through his hair back with your fingers and start to leave small kisses around his mouth. “Well yeah, your game was better” Harry says chuckling.

Maze Runner Cast  - Imagine

Playing Tag with Thomas, Will and Dylan

“They couldn’t get far away”, you mumble to yourself smiling. The camera man follows you carefully. Matching to you words you hear familiar voices from the room right next to you. “We have to be careful. (Y/N) is really clever and fast”, Dylan warns his friends.
It’s hard to suppress the laugh in this moment. “Maybe this wasn’t the best hiding spot”, Thomas replies sighing. Like a ninja you sneak into the room. The three boys haven’t seen you yet. “(Y/N) will -”, Will wants to say something, but you interrupt their nice conversation, “Oh, boys!”
Their shocked faces are just priceless as you start to chase them through the room. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!”, you hear Will mumbling over and over again. With his heavy boots he is the slowest of the boys. Clever as hell you take a shortcut through another hallway. The blond haired actor turns around surprised to see where you are gone. This is your chance to get him.
“Gotcha!”, you yell laughing as you attack him with a tight hug from behind. “Are you crazy?! I got almost a heart attack!”, Will comments the situation heavily panting. Because of the hug you can feel his fast heartbeat. “Sorry, couldn’t help myself”, is the last thing you say, before you continue your search for Dylan and Thomas. They had enough time to hide again.
You make your way back to the main hallway just to see Thomas standing around. Apparently he’s waiting for you to chase him. A slight smile appears on his lips as he starts to run away from you. The bad thing is he’s faster than you have thought. At least you get help from Will who cuts off Thomas’ way.
A bit surprised he climbs on a table to escape from you two. “Hey, no parkour!”, you exclaim laughing, while you grab his leg. “Come on, get down here”, you add and hold out a hand for him to grab. “We never said that parkour isn’t allowed”, Thomas says chuckling as he jumps down from the table.
You put your hands on your hips, “Dylan is the last one. He’s probably long gone. Hiding somewhere.” The actor proofs you wrong. “Oh, really?”, the three of you look at Dylan who’s standing in the door frame. The silence lasts just for a brief moment. “Get him!”
As fast as you can you follow Dylan along the hallway into the main room of the house. He slows down knowing that he won the game already. Panting you jump onto his back which causes the two of you falling to the ground. “Ah! She attacks me! Help!”, Dylan exclaims laughing. “Woah, nice tackle!”, Thomas compliments your skills. “Yeah, remember me the next time that I never play with her again”, Will adds chuckling and grabs your hand to pull you back onto your feet.
“Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all week”, matching to your word you bow playfully. “I think we chase (Y/N) now as revenge?”, Dylan asks with an evil grin on his lips. Shocked you take a step back, while you raise your arms in defense. The three actors look at you smiling. “That’s actually a good idea”, Will agrees.
“Guys, come on. I’m a girl!”, you giggle nervously, but it doesn’t help at all. Without a further word you turn around to run away from them, but you are too slow. Will wraps his arm around your waist and throws you over his shoulder. “Hey! Let me down!”, you punch his back playfully.
“I have a better idea. We should tickle her!”, Thomas pinches your side grinning. Laughing you push his hand away. “Stop it!” Will puts you back onto your feet. “Alright, alright. I’m kind of hungry. I’ll pay to make it up to you, boys”, you give them your best smile. “Oh my god! I love you!”, Dylan says dramatically and puts his arm around your shoulder.
“I love her more!”, Will joins the silly game like Thomas, “Nuh-uh! She’s my girl!” All of them try to get as close as possible to you. “Hey, hey, there is enough (Y/N) for all of you. Let’s get something to eat”, you say laughing. Yes, you are a lucky girl. You don’t have one date, you have three guys by your side at once.

More? xD

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Okay, but that moment in TFA when he takes off his helmet and says "tell me about the droid," there's like this sexy metallic undertone to his voice. I need to hear him say Rey's name in TLJ with the same purr to his tone!

Oh god yes. I can not wait until we hear him say her name.

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I posted a bit more cause it needed context

“Gawain,” he says, hoping the quiet panic in his voice doesn’t register. Then: “Eggsy.”

“Harry? Fuck, oh God–” And he sounds so relieved, a frantic tremor that seems to echo for a moment through the comms; distinctly timid and shaken beneath the barely wavering voice that Harry has to grip the back of a chair to keep himself upright, fear threatening to pull him under.

“My dear boy, focus.”

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