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8th House: The Unknown and Transformation

The 8th House is like the darkness of the ocean: It is the depths of the human psyche, the parts of humanity that we so often glance over due to our struggle to accept them, and the things we deem too terrible to speak of. Ruling over sex, the occult, death, and the beyond, this is not a House one can simply gloss over, and yet human instinct pushes us to only look at it in a shallow way. How can we ever hope to grasp the concept of the depths without delving into them?

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“Choose Me” (ft. BTS’ Suga) - Yoongi’s Alternate Ending

a/n: If you haven’t read the series, I suggest that you read it first before scrolling. Here is the much awaited alternate ending to Choose Me. Please read the premise before proceeding. Enjoy! This brings back a lot of feels for me personally and hopefully to you as well! 

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance/CollegeAU

Pairing: ReaderxYoongi

Summary: It’s the number one rule: you should never fall in love with your best friend or worse, Min Yoongi. With love in the equation, it becomes much difficult to find the right answer. Is it really true that you can’t choose who you fall in love with?

One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Nineteen Point Five Twenty Twenty One Twenty Two (END) Epilogue

Premise: If the reader were to end up with Yoongi, the series would have ended at Chapter 21 and the following is how Chapter 21 would have looked like if Y/N and Yoongi ended up together. Jimin’s feelings still exist, but if the story had ended with Yoongi, I would have included a scene in the epilogue of Jimin nonchalantly saying, “You know, I used to like you.” or smth like that. I will not do an epilogue for this anymore because that’d be spoiling you guys too much. (jk but really my brain can’t handle it anymore.)

“Oppa!” you exclaimed when you Jin in his black gown and cap. You tried waving at him, but your hands were full. He beamed at you and jogged over. “Congratulations!”

He laughed and hugged you tightly before pulling you to his side. “어, 고마워 우리 귀여운 동생이~”

You beamed at him and handed him a bouquet of flowers and small box of cookies. “Congratulations for graduating, oppa! You finally graduated!”

“Ya, what do you mean finally?” he scolded as you linked arms with him and began walking. “For your information, I was only delayed by a term.”

You nodded along, “Okay, okay, it’s your graduation. I will laugh at all of your jokes during your speech later.”

He frowned at you and you only laughed again. “But seriously, congratulations. I’m kinda sad that you’re leaving.” your grip on his arm tightened unconsciously. “I mean, you’re like my real brother, I’m going to miss you nagging at me.”

“Wa…” he let out in disbelief. “..you must be so happy.” Jin noticed that you had another bouquet tucked between your arms, so he nodded towards it. “Who’s that for? The other guy?”

“Yeah, his name is not banned anymore, you know.” your wrinkled your nose at him. “He’s graduating too, so I’m here to congratulate him. You know that he doesn’t have a great relationship with his parents.”

Jin shrugged in response. “Fair enough. Are you happy though? Will this make you happy?”

“Hmmm…” you thought for a second. “You know, by now, I thought I’d still be confused and sad. I thought I’d regret the decision I made, but strangely, I’m just… fine. I’m not jumping for joy everyday, but I’m not crying either. It’s really weird, I guess time really heals all wounds.”

Jin glanced down at you and patted your head. “That’s great, that makes me feel relieved. You know what, no more boys! Boys just suck the life out of you.” you giggled, shaking your head. “Don’t tell me… Wait, it’s still him? After all these time? I thought you didn’t want to…”

“I don’t know. Maybe? Now that I took a step back from all of them, I finally realized the true answer. After all the trouble it took to arrive at that answer, I just want to take my time and heal. I’m letting the story unfold by itself.” you two started to walk more slowly as you approached the graduation hall.

“What about all that talk about choosing the one you love?” Jin raised his eyebrow at you, but you only looked ahead.

“It’s not that I’m not choosing him, it’s just that I’ve gone through so much and have been hurt for too long just to make this choice that I don’t want to ruin it just because I rushed into things.” you let out a huge breath, feeling as if you had just unloaded a heavy burden off your back.

Jin broke free from you and held you within arm’s length. “Look at you, eo? Look at where you are, look at where you started… You’ve come so far and you’ve grown so much.”

You easily felt the tears well in your eyes. “I couldn’t have done without you being there for me. Thank you so much, Seokjin-oppa.” your lower lip jutted out as you tried to hold in your tears.

Jin laughed boisterously, his infamous ahjae laugh that didn’t suit his face, and ruffled your hair. “Aigoo, you’re still a crybaby. You’re a big girl now, you don’t need me anymore.”

You smacked his chest and headed inside with him to the graduation hall. He gave a splendid speech as the outgoing student council president and brilliantly turned an ahjae joke into an inspiring quote.

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” he asked and everyone was prepared for the punchline. “…because it wasn’t afraid to take risks.”

The crowd exploded in cheers and you clapped along. Jin sent his patented hand kiss for the last time and got a standing ovation.

When the ceremony had ended, you searched through the crowd, looking for one person. Somehow, it felt like deja vu. You were always the one looking for him and today, you were looking for him as well.

Finally, you spotted him with a number of girls congratulating him and his thesis mates taking pictures with him. You watched from a considerable distance quietly. You waited for him to notice you and when he did, you waved the bouquet at him.

Min Yoongi, with his black hair and perfect skin, always looked good in black, but seeing him in his graduation robes somehow made your heart swell with pride, but with such surge in emotions also came memories of that night six months ago…

“I don’t know.” You sighed, answering his question by another, “Someone once told me that you can choose who you can fall in love with. Do you believe that?”

“No.” he paused. “Well, actually… I don’t know.”

“Why? Why not?” you pressed, trying to meet his eyes which were looking at your hands.

“I’ve never loved anyone but you.” his gaze was sincere and warm in contrast to his cold touch. “Y/N, you’re my best friend and it took me a while to realize, but I know it now. I made you wait for such a long time, but we’re here now and you don’t have to do anything, I will come for you this time.”

You inhaled with closed eyes, his words brought back the answer that you lost, “Jimin… He… He once said that we all do unfair and selfish things for love. Do you also believe that?”

“Yes. If I didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be saying all of these if I didn’t think that I don’t deserve a second chance.” Yoongi pleaded you with his eyes, something that you were seeing for the first time in your life.

You were quiet for a very long time because you sorted out all the possible answers that you could give Yoongi until you realized… he didn’t need an answer. “Exactly.” The word was out before you knew it and you could see Yoongi’s pupils shaking, trying to search your face for explanations. “You see, I don’t believe that. Love should be selfless… I just, I don’t why you’re doing this to me!” your voice shook until it died down to a whisper. “왜, 윤기야? 지금 왜? Why didn’t you hold onto me when I was giving myself to you? Why are you trying to get me back now when I finally moved on from you?”

“I…” Yoongi was flustered, it was obvious that this was not the answer he expected. “I…didn’t have a choice.”

“Bullshit, Yoongi.” you spat out and shot out of the chair. “You always have a choice, I had a choice… a choice that led me to you a long, long time ago.” The image of the picture on your table suddenly crossed your mind. “I decided to love you and I spent years doing that because I thought that once I made my decision, I couldn’t change my mind, but now…” you tried to catch your breath. “I think I can, so I’m choosing for myself. I choose me. Believe it or not, in the past few months that I wasn’t with you, I learned how to live. I stopped waiting for you the moment you chose to look the other way. More than anything, I chose to move on. Thank you for loving me and letting me love you all these time.”

You took slow steps towards him and he looked at you with a lopsided smile. “Did you get me flowers?”

You chuckled at his mocking tone, glad that you were able to talk to him like this again. “No. Jimin got you flowers as an apology for not being able to come since he’s performing for that end of the year thing tomorrow. He’ll try to catch us at dinner though.”

He shrugged and accepted the bouquet nonetheless. “Thanks anyway.”

“Congratulations on graduating.” you smiled genuinely at him and he received it graciously with a slight nod. “Come on, I’ll buy you jjajangmyun.” you turned around to leave and Yoongi caught your wrist.

“Can’t it really be me? Can’t it be me again?” The way he enunciated each word already told you how much he hesitated to ask.

You turned slightly, just enough to look him in the eye. “I… also don’t know. I’m sorry.”

He nodded. His crestfallen gaze hitting the floor faster than raindrops hit pavements. It’s not that he didn’t know that he hurt you. In fact, he knew too damn well. It’s not he didn’t understand that you needed time, he did because admittedly, he knew he also benefitted from the six months that he wasn’t with you, but ultimately, he didn’t know if it was worth it.

He didn’t know if you were still in love with him as he was in love with you.

And if Yoongi wanted to avoid something, it was you slipping from his fingers again.

As he watched you walk slowly away from him, his heart constricted at the rather familiar yet unwelcome sight of your back. He no longer wanted to see such a view, he’d much rather walk side by side and hold your hand and kiss your temples. All the things that he denied for himself.

But not anymore, so he walked with quick strides until he was by your side. In the blunt manner that he always did, he took your hand in his. You flinched, turning to him with a look of surprise. You met his gaze then stared at your interlocked fingers before looking at him again.  

“What are you doing?” your voice was soft and yet the way it lilted in the end told Yoongi that he was hurting you again by keeping his mouth and eyes shut.

“Y/N, I can’t… I can’t let you go. I can’t pretend that I’m not in love with you any longer than I already have in the past.” his grip tightened on your fingers and at this point, your heart felt an old erratic pattern, one that it has learned and forgotten and learned again many times over. “Please…”

And it was at that second that you finally listened to the rhythm that your heart sang.

Your heart beat for Yoongi, as simple as that.

You pried your fingers away from his solid grip and Yoongi felt like he was socked in the stomach. He looked at you with glassy eyes that have never held such confusion, agony and a mixture of a thousand prickling emotions at the same time.

“I’m not going anywhere, Yoongi.” you smiled genuinely and maybe painfully too. You weren’t swimming in euphoric bliss, but somehow, as you closed the distance between you and Yoongi with your arms wrapped securely around his neck, you knew you’ll be fine. “I’m going to try again. I sincerely believe that we went through all that pain, so that we could be like this; so that we could hold each other like this.”

Yoongi’s trembling hands wrapped around you, burying his face in your neck. His graduation cap fell as he hugged you close, the tremors from his hand, travelling the expanse of his whole nervous system.

“Yoongi, you’re shaking.” you muttered as you patted his back.

“I’m not.” was his stubborn reply. “I’m happy.”

“Fair enough.” you laughed and Yoongi didn’t know how much he missed the sound of your unabashed, unforced laughter.

“Y/N… You know I’m not letting you go again, right?” his already quiet voice dropped a decibel lower and you finally understood that he felt as much pain as you did, if not ten times over. “You can’t hold me now and decide that you’re going to change your mind later–”

“I know, Yoongi.” If holding him closer means you can also caress his already fragile heart, then you were going to do just that. “You’re a little late, but thanks for choosing me.”

He chuckled, finally pulling away to brush and flatten your unruly hair. “I’m not choosing you when you were the only choice from the beginning. There was no contest, Y/N. You’re the only one.”

You smiled, you kept smiling and you didn’t realize until Yoongi wiped the lone tear from your eyes that you had been waiting for those words all these time. “Finally…”

Finally. Finally was the word that rang in your head when Yoongi inched closer to your face. It was the words you whispered when his lips hovered over yours until he kissed you.

Finally, he chose you. Finally, your fates crossed again.

You will be faced with many choices in life and sometimes you will make the wrong ones, sometimes the right ones. Some days, you would think that you don’t have a choice, but you do. It’s okay to make mistakes, to stumble and to lose your way because at the end of the day, if it’s the right choice, it will come through.

You will be happy. You can be happy.

Choose to be happy.

End of Alternate Ending.

Closed for Business

600 Follower Celebration Fic for @casownsmyass and my Kink List #16 Dry Humping.

Summary: Dean is getting ready to close the bookstore at 9, when an incredibly attractive blue-eyed customer walks in.

warnings: Destiel, dry humping, frotting (thru clothes), surprise ending! (lol)

word count: ~1400

Dean was nearly done with his shift at the bookstore, having put all of the shelves back in order and swept the floor.  It was three minutes until 9, so he went over to the cash register to start counting the till.

He finished counting quickly, making notes in the books on the day’s earnings.  He had just turned to lock the cash drawer up when the front door jingled, signaling a customer.

“Hey, sorry but we’re clos-“ Dean started, turning toward the door.

Standing there, looking absolutely delicious, was the most handsome man he’d ever laid eyes on. Piercing blue eyes were watching him, and the messy dark brown hair on his head just begged for fingers to tame it, or mess it up even more.

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anonymous asked:

Any Junkrat headcanons you might have. It'll help feed my family pls

Tried to find my old ones but looks like they are lost to the wind aha.


- Had issues sleeping due to an always over active mind and being skittish to what’s going on around him, he won’t sleep much but he can run on very little sleep.

- Laughs when angry and sad, the latter being awkwardness from the situation and not knowing how to process such an emotion so it comes out in choked sobs and giggles.

- Very smart just stuck in his own mind alot, can’t keep to one thing for very long which is why he is impatient and a very fast worker, if something can’t hold his attention for long then he’ll loose interest.

- No table manners which would drive the people of Overwatch insane, chewing with mouth wide open, talking and letting food just fall out, he doesn’t give two fucks.

- No volume control, blunt as anything with his views, he’ll tell people how it is because he’s never had to curve his words in the past, always better to be up front then deal with mindgames.

- Has some degree of schizophrenia, either from being so manic, so smart or the radiation has simply fried his brain.

- Has a low and dubious moral compass, has done very bad things without a sense of guilt, due to having to do whatever to survive he doesn’t really have a sense of right and wrong.

- Stronger then he looks, suffers shoulder and lower back pains but ignores them best he can.

- More then likely lost his limbs due to his own bombs or a run in with cannibals. 

- Good head for numbers, can’t write or read but works everything he needs to out with drawings and little marks he knows the meanings off.

- Feels the cold like whoa, will cuddle up and hug anyone who is close to him in an attempt to get warm.

- Dark and morbid sense of humor, his jokes can offend and upset those with a fragile sense of self.


- Is Bisexual but prefers females, there wasn’t a real reason to be fussy in the outback anyway, a fuck was a fuck regardless of what the other was packing, was just stress relief.

- Is like a jack rabbit, hard, fast, awkward and clumsy pace, mounts like a horny dog and goes to town, he will cum fast but he can keep going after.

- More of a fan of sex then foreplay so don’t expect too much romance or gentle petting before hand, he will at least make sure someone he cares about in the bedroom is satisfied.

- Doesn’t shave, it’s patchy in places just like on his head. His dick is long but not very thick.

- Shooting blanks, radiation and all that

- Loud, grunting and growls, dirty talk even if it just is ‘mine mine mine!’ very possessive, often a top.

-Bites, alot, anywhere and everywhere, enjoys leaving marks, can sometimes be too rough and draw blood more often then not.

- Has no gag reflex which is a plus but those sharp and jagged teeth and lack of delicate handling can be a real hassle.

- Has a decent sex drive, being a man in his mid 20′s he’s up for a hump when a chance shows itself.

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little space and age regression are not the same thing :o im saying this bc being an age regressor in the ddlg community can be really dangerous :( i used to b in it for a while

How can it be dangerous? It’s something I am in total control of. I choose who is my Daddy. I choose him as a boyfriend. I choose to be his little and when to be little around him. I am not forced into anything or made uncomfortable. If your talking about the online aspect, I can block people. It is true that sometimes people say hateful things that really hurt my feelings but I choose to view them. I am always in control so I’m sorry but I really don’t she the danger. Sorry, I’m not trying to sound rude please excuse me for being blunt.

Absolute Beginners [Bucky x Reader] Part: 2/6

Second Chances Series

Title: Absolute Beginners

Pairings: Bucky/Reader, past Bucky/Natasha

Rating: PG-13/T

Summary: Bucky is trying to save himself. You are trying to save yourself from heartbreak.

Originally posted by stormxpadme

Stuff is about to jump off, I’m just saying. Expect long chapters after this one. Time to bring the plot.

Part 1

Part 2:

You stared out the window of the car Steve had recently ‘borrowed’, enjoying the flurry of lights passing by. Clint was behind the wheel, and you could tell he had something he wanted to say. Since you were pretty sure what it was about, you continued to focus on the view.

“Why do you always get to drive?” you sighed with a tiny pout.

“Seniority,” he chuckled. “Not to mention, last time you were in the driver’s seat, you totaled the SUV that Fury had just upgraded.”

“A bad guy blew it up, how is that my fault?” you huffed. He grinned and shook his head, and you both fell back into a comfortable silence.

“So when are we going to talk about Nat?” Clint interrupted your thoughts with unwelcome bluntness.

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My girl - Nate Maloley (and Swazz)

Requested:  That Swazz and Derek was so good. Can you also make one with Swazz and Nate?

[A/N: I hope you like it, it was weird for me to write it but I hope you like it anyways.]


Nate and I were at his place, he was smoking and I was turned on by the fact of that view. He was such an attractive man, he was hot as hell. His hands were caressing my legs that were resting in his lap lazily. The couch seemed to be perfect for me, it was pretty comfortable.

The smell of the weed started to surround the place, but I liked it so much so I really didn’t care. I wasn’t the type of girl who used to smoke a lot, maybe once or twice a month. Especially when I was with Nate, he always offered me a blunt so we could share it.

Nate leaned on to rest his head in my chest while he placed one of his hands in my stomach, playing with the bottom of my t-shirt.

“You haven’t kissed me today” he mumbled against my chest, biting one of my bobs and then licking the cleavage. He left the blunt in the ashtray, and moved me onto his lap. His hands went to my ass, he pocked it and his lips met mine hungrily. We weren’t dating, at least not officially. But we did not involve with other people, and I knew that.

Nate always barfed about how hot a girl was and how much he had liked something but then Derek always told me how whipped Nate was with me. And I knew it, because he just barfed to make me jealous. And I barfed about talking to hot guys when in reality the only one I ever cared about was him.

Before I got to realize what was happening, Nate has already removed my jeans and his trousers. Leaving me in my shirt –which was removed afterwards- and my underwear. And he was only with his Calvin Klein bpxers.

“I should post a picture about you putting #MyCalvins” I giggled, “cause hot damn, baby boy” I giggled.

“We should, you’re wearing them too.”

He grabbed his phone and took a picture of his boxers and my panties, me sitting onto his crotch. He fucking instagrammed that picture quoting #MyCalvins,

“Imma kill you, no sex for you”

“No, baby. I’m sorry” he said, grabbing me and touching my clit with his fingers and rubbing it making me moan loud. “That’s my girl” he smiled. “Moan for me” he said placing me on the couch, removing my panties while he fingered me hard and leaving soft and wet kisses in my inner thigh. I grabbed Nate’s hair and pulled more to myself, and I knew he was smiling when his tongue met my clit.

A lot of moans left my mouth, and my body shook while Nate pleasured me. Until he stopped and he unclasped my bra and I removed his boxers with my feet. His mouth covered one of my boobs. “Fuck Nate.”


“Just leave” Nate groaned to Swazz, trying to cover me.

But he didn’t leave, he approached us.

And Nate introduced himself on me.

“You can look, if you want” Nate said and I shook my head but Nate started to thrust so fast I couldn’t keep it, I looked at Swazz who had undressed himself and was jerking off. I didn’t know what to think, whether to laugh or to get mad at Nate. Moans left my mouth so freaking fast.

“Is Nate making you feel good?” Swazz asked, approaching us even more. “Damn, Y/N, you’re so hot, I knew you were but damn.”

Nate groaned. “Answer him, mama”

“Yes, oh fuck Nate, again. THERE!” I screamed moaning, trying to catch my breath. John massaged my shoulders and then one to one of my boobs squeezing the nipple and making me groan.

“Good, baby” John said. “Are you close?” he asked, Nate buried his face on my neck thrusting himself so hard I had to scream. I knew he was a beast, but damn. I saw how John started to touch himself again, and I tried to help him. I don’t know why but I thought that the fact of John being there made Nate so fucking damn rough it was incredible to think about it.

“Y-y-yes” I moaned, my hand working on John’s boner but not for so long because Nate was fucking me so damn rough I had to dig my nails on his shoulder. “C’mon mama, cum for me”

“Oh Nate” I moaned, I arched my back probably showing my boobs to John and making him bite one of them while Nate thrust in me hard. I wasn’t going to be able to walk the day after, but I didn’t care. “I’m close, Nate” I told him and then I started to shake. My whole body was shaking so bad, he was still thrusting in me leaving hickeys on my neck, moaning softly.

We both cum, and then Swazz cum as well.

Nate covered my body and kissed my temple. “Tell me how the fuck am I going to be able to walk tomorrow” I asked him, he laughed. “I’ll be here for you, I can eat you out all day to make things easier for you.” He smirked.

John excused himself then. “We have just had a weird threesome. I can’t believe this happened” Nate said. “I’m so embarrassed” I mumbled against his neck. “Don’t be, mama. If you excuse me, I have to do something.” I covered myself with my clothes and I laid on the couch, thinking.

“YOU PIECE OF SHIT NEVER, AND I SAID NEVER TOUCH MY GIRL. I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU IF YOU TOUCH HER AGAIN. YES WE ARE DATING NOW” I heard Nate scream and I smiled to myself, he came back smiling. “Well… Hum…”

“Yes” I said.


“I’d like to be your girlfriend, I know you don’t cuff but-“

“Thanks God you said yes. I’ll never let John or any other boy touch you like that, I just let him because he is the LAST boy who will ever touch you apart from me” I nodded and smiled, then he kissed me.