his vein is like poking me in the eye

‘Work It Out’

Rated: M

Genre: Taehyung x Reader (Y/N) SMUT

Warnings: sexual tension, dirty talk, daddy kink, inappropriate language, lots of foreplay, KINKS, sex toys, edging, degradation and etc.

Word count: 2,848

For: @raisa-eletae ~

Ok…. First of all, I’M SO SO SORRY IT’S LATE. I’ve been incredibly busy and life has been getting in the way so bad. I’ve been wanting to write this for ages, and I’ve been thinking about It most days. I feel so bad, and I hope you like the fic and accept my apology. I’m terribly terribly sorry I feel so awful.

P.S ~ (From this, you’ll probably be able to tell i’ve never been to a gym, since I take dance lessons often, there has been no need. So sorry if this isn’t entirely accurate, this is my ideas and views hehe ;3 )

Prompt: so i wanna request a tae smut where he’s my gym instructor, where the smut is dominating..and story with much sexual tension and foreplay?  

~ 9.00am ~

Dragging your feet heavily towards the entrance of the gym, you gently dabbed at the sweat droplets which trickled down your forehead in bucket loads, you hadn’t even participated in any form of strenuous physical activity yet. God only knows what was in store for you this cold, bleak Monday morning.    

You had been under a lot of stress recently, balancing both a part time job and a massive heap of never-ending work. You figured a good round of exercise would be perfect to relieve the anxiety, whilst improving your strength and stamina.       

Entering the gym, you immediately felt out of your comfort zone. Sure, you’d attended gyms before, but this was a new gym which was constructed in the town centre. Everyone, and you could see that it really was EVERYONE, had at least a large amount of muscle. Everywhere you looked you could see veins popping angrily out of biceps, or toned calves that caught your eye. You hadn’t yet been assigned to a gym instructor, and you felt really odd and out of place here.

It felt as if everyone was staring at you, since you hadn’t yet settled on any equipment to use, so instead, placing your large water bottle on the stall, you slumped down, busying yourself with re-arranging your gym playlist.

A loud coughing sound drew your attention away from your phone. Slowly bringing your gaze upwards, you were almost face to face with an impossibly attractive man.

His pools of melted chocolate stared deep into your eyes. You couldn’t help but notice how his headband showcased his forehead beautifully, where tousled locks sprang free and stuck imperfectly down and matted to his sticky forehead. This guy obviously took exercise very seriously. His eyebrows were a little darker than the sandy golden wave of his hair, accentuating his face and giving off a manly air about the gentleman.

Were you still staring? You didn’t care. You wanted to drink in all his features, the same way that he was staring at you. Wait.. He really was staring back at you? What did this guy want?

The man began to nibble on his plush bottom lip, which jutted out in almost a pout. The peach tint to his lips would soon be red raw if he didn’t stop the nervous chewing.

You noticed further glassy beads trickle down the long, elegant neck. His Adam’s apple bobbing, leading to – oh my god.

There was no shirt to be seen. Instead, the sweat trail travelled down past his broad shoulders and ended up on his golden sweet chocolate abs. His navel glistened like gentle moonlight on the lake’s surface, the scattered little hairs leading towards his pack- you mean his sweatpants.     

‘So…. you must be Y/N’.

You managed to meet his eyes again after they had drifted towards his area. Your throat felt dry, and your heart was beating rapidly. The adrenaline coursed through your veins and intoxicated your body. You felt limp, helpless under his stare.   

‘Yes, yes I’m Y/N. I’ve booked a session, but I don’t have much experience, since I’ve never been to this gym before and-’

You interrupted by a deep, husky baritone melody.   

‘Ah, Y/N, Y/N…..’ he repeated your name like a mantra. ‘Such a gorgeous name, I wonder…. is it as sweet as you?’

You were speechless. Stuttering. You tried desperately to form coherent sentences, but you were tongue-tied.    

The man stared back at you, his eyes now heavily hooded and checking you out, undressing you with his eyes.   

‘Oh my dear Y/N… Experience doesn’t matter at all. I’ll show you the ropes.’ The man, Taehyung you came to find from his name badge, backed you against the gym mirror. He pinned you down with no way of escape. Not that you wanted escape, that is.   

He leaned to the shell of your ear, licking furiously and whispering lowly:

‘Don’t worry. You’ll gain all the experience you need. Let’s just say, It might be a bumpy ride. But this gym membership comes with the FULL package….’     

You could feel him smirk against the damp skin on your ear lobe, where he had been sucking and nipping carefully, working his way towards your collar bones where he bit down more harshly. This elicted a soft whine from the back of your throat.

He only snickered in response, roughly grabbing you by the hand and pulling you into what seemed to be a private gym suite, adjacent to the public gym room.

It was dimly lit, and included not as much gym equipment and apparatus as before. Something felt off, but you couldn’t place your finger on it.

You didn’t have much time to think however, before you knew it, Taehyung had harshly slammed his lips onto yours. He massaged his tongue with yours, sucking and exploring your mouth. Exchanging each other’s tastes and softly sighing.

As you broke away for air, a thin string of spittle attached the two of you, before it dripped down your chin. This was a work out in itself, you thought. The pair of you were already working up a sufficient sweat from the heated make-out session. You had no idea where this was going, but you knew it was going somewhere good.  

‘Well where were we…. Ah yes, the work out. Well, let’s start in building up your arm muscle. Or should I say, lack of it…’ He teased. He moved down to nip at your neck, laving his tongue over marks he made in this area. Deep plum purple and charcoal grey bruises stained your fragile skin. With a harsh spank of your asscheeks, he proceeded to pull you fully down on top of him.

Your lacy panties hidden under your workout shorts were already becoming soaked, and the session had barely began. You loved being submissive, being thrown around like a helpless rag-doll and being DEMANDED to obey your master.

‘Get up, your doing push-ups overs over me. Stay. Still. Kitten…’ he punctuated each words through gritted teeth, before breaking into that all too familiar smirk, his long tongue merely teasingly poking out between his teeth.        

This proved rather difficult, since you were already shaking fruriously from the lust coursing through your veins. Tae was a massive distraction, you could say.

Somehow, you hauled yourself up fairly steadily hovering over the sexy figure below you. His eyes pierced your own like daggers, his expression challenging and daring. There was an almost psychotic look in his eye, but you always had a thing for the crazy ones. It was hot. All too hot. You were losing grip of reality and your head was spinning.

As you began your push-ups, It was as if you forgot Tae was there. The air was stuffy and humid and your head was pounding in rhythm with your push-ups. Silence.

Silence indeed. That was, until you heard an unnatural electric sound. Sort of like an electric wire, but you figured your head was probably amplifying background noise and you were being irrational.      

All of a sudden, you felt lengthy, slender fingers grasp your workout booty shorts, slowly so so slowly pulling them down your thighs.

A sharp yet sickly sweet pleasurable feeling hit your clit. It was so much at one time. You let out a guttural moan, followed by tiny whines. You bit your lip, trying desperatley to suppress your groans.

A vibrator. That devil. Tae only went and turned up the vibrator setting to an alternate speed. A few short, high pressured bursts followed by the killer…. A long drawn out vibration stimulating your clit just right.

You were now panting uncontrollably, the small puffs of air caressing Taehyung’s neck like a bittersweet summer’s breeze.

You opened your eyes once again, staring deeply into those chocolate sparkling pools. He has that red manic flame dancing in his irises still.

‘How does it feel Jagiya? Keep pumping you little slut don’t stop for daddy now do you want to build up muscle? You don’t cum until master says. Understood?’

You were so close to tipping over the edge. So close to the sweet release which you longed for. But you were being denied of this. The gateway to heaven.

‘Y-yes Ahhhh T-Tae Oppa ohmygod shit oh fuck-’

‘Damn fucking right I’m your Oppa. Your Daddy. Your Master. Your… 

E V E R Y T H I N G.’ he drawled, honey dripping from his vocals.

You just hummed, incoherent noises spilling from your little lips.

‘Use your words whore.’

‘Da-dad-dd-y’ you stuttered. You were almost tipping over the edge. No words were forming, instead jewelled sweat beads cascaded off of you. They decorated Taehyung’s cheeks perfectly where they landed, creating a dewy pattern which framed the art that worked tirelessly beneath you.    

‘My slut can’t speak now? Does Daddy need to teach you speech? Punish you? Teach this baby a lesson?’  

The vibrator cut off just like that. Your nerve endings were tingling and you felt on the verge of tears. The pleasure pooling in your depths came to an uncomfortable stop as your body trembled, trying to recover from this torture.

‘Squats. Now. And NO moaning. If you moan, you don’t get dessert, and trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this rock candy.’ He chuckled saucily.   

Your eyes trailed Taehyung, leading to said candy. He began to palm that candy, he was already very hard in his grey sweatpants. You noticed it twitch in anticipation and you felt your mouth begin to water.    

Taehyung then charged towards you, ripping what was left of your booty shorts. Now said shorts were in tatters, and were twirled playfully and experimentally on a singular digit of the prince’s gorgeous sculpted hands.    

You were fully exposed, besides your sports bra.

Tossing the booty shorts aside, Tae strutted towards you, looking all dominant, like a predator stalking his prey. He picked up your discarded lace panties from earlier, and examined the large wet spot which had developed.   

‘Tsk….’ the man tutted impatiently. ‘Are you always this horny? Your juices dampened your underwear before any direct stimulation. Such a dirty baby girl.’

Tilting your chin up and drawing all your attention onto him and only him, he grapsed the panties and deeply inhaled your unique, sensual arousal scent. He then kitten licked at the patch of arousal, making sure to moan short and hotly in between savouring your special taste.

He was trying to rile you up. Get you to moan and beg for him. You were trying your hardest to stay strong, but this demon was testing you.

‘SQUATS I said. NOW.’   

You began to squat, your ass facing him. Tae kept a firm hold on your panties as he ogled your ass from behind.    

SMACK. A loud spank echoed around the private gym room.

‘Mmmmmm I didn’t realise my babe was so thicc. I can’t wait to plant my face in between your asscheeks as you sit on my face.’

Dirty talk was such a big turn on for you, and you returned to biting your now extremely chapped and abused lips. Small streams of blood gathered in the sensitive skin’s cracks and crevices.   

After what seemed like forever of you muffling your moans and groans, the spank session ended.

‘Good girl’ Tae stroked your dimpled cheeks tenderly, his soft and gentle soul making a quick appearance. It didn’t last long.  

Reaching for the bottom of your sports bra now, he dragged the item over your head and attached his warm cavern of a mouth directly to your nipple. He squeezed and fondled with your soft mounds of flesh. It was as if he knew your boobs and nipples were particularly sensitive areas for you. 

He continued laving his exquisite tongue over your nipples appreciatively, making small pleasurable grunts and growls.

You were then forced onto a horrifying looking contraption.

‘This is the chest press machine.’ He returned to using a deep growl when he spoke. You had to admit, It turned you on even more than already just listening to his low voice, if that was even possible at this point. ‘SIT.’ He commanded bluntly. You shivered violently.

As soon as you sank down into the chair, Taehyung didn’t hang around. Prizing your legs open, the man leaned forward into your wet paradise. That same tongue darted out and began massaging between your sticky folds. 

This time, you simply couldn’t help but whine, your eyes screwing shut. You grabbed a hold of the mop of dishevelled sandy hair, yanking Tae’s head towards your clit.

Taehyung hummed in return, sending pleasure waves to your core as you shuddered at the vibrations. You could feel him smile against your clit as he brought his digits up to harshly collide with the sweet spot.

He began to finger you roughly, travelling back to your opening and sliding two fingers inside of you without warning.


‘Not yet Princess. Not yet. Be a patient princess for master.’

He continued eating you out, spreading your juices around. His face, a painted work of art. He glistened under the dim gym lights. Every now and then he would lick a long, wet stripe with his skilled tongue and blow puffs of hot air on your pulsating core. 

‘You taste so good Jagiya. Just like I imagined. I know a yummy babygirl when I see one.’ He winked.

That bastard had the audacity to wink.

‘Fuck oh fuck oh f-fuck Tae Oppa I’m not kidding shit stop oh my f-’

Taehyung halted all his movements. Your legs were frantically quaking and you felt so fragile in that moment. One more touch, one more kiss, this would truly be the end.

A husky laugh resounded in your ear.

‘Oh little slut you thought this foreplay was over? You thought wrong. See that gym exercise ball? This will be your last…. little challenge let’s say. Put on a show for daddy. Your master. Ride that ball like it’s Oppa’s dick.’   

Oh you’d show him alright.

With the little ounce of energy you had left, you flounced over to the exercise ball, slowly straddling it teasingly. You began to rub yourself up against the gym ball, groaning louder than ever before, continuing on by bouncing yourself up and down obscenely. 

You were in charge now, and it felt amazing. Taehyung was smitten. His jaw? On the floor. His hand found its way back to his cock straining angrily against his sweats, as he massaged himself determinedly. 

‘Mmmm Daddy your cock fills me up so good. So thicc. I’m so full of you. Harder Oppa just like that uhhhh fuck me with your huge dick right there yes ohgod yes.’

Taehyung couldn’t wait any longer. You had edged each other enough. This was the final straw. The next moment, you found yourself tangled on the floor with Tae, attacked with passionate kisses, shoving his tongue in your mouth and sharing your unique taste.

The man whipped out a skipping rope from god only knows where, tying your wrists together which restricted any movement. Being back to your submissive state, excitement built within your system as Tae pulled a small bottle of lube out of his back pocket.

‘Really Taehyung? The number one item on a gym trainer’s list is lube in case you get a lucky fuck?’

Tae just swiped his tongue over his swollen lips, wetting them. Damp strands of his messy hair stuck firm to his forehead, the headband now serving no good purpose.

Stripped of his sweatpants and boxer shorts, his cock stood proudly flush against his stomach. The angry head was readily leaking pre-cum, looking like the most delicious treat.

He lined up with your slick entrance.

‘Ready now baby girl?’

‘YES god fuck me now. Take me. All of me.’  

With the signal, Tae glided swiftly into you, bottoming out almost straight away. You felt so good, It was just like all of your wildest fantasies.  

‘YES OHMYGOD YES you’re so tight Y/N, so perfect for me, your pussy is so wet for me you love this dick don’t you mmmmfuck’

‘Wanna cum for me? Say my name Y/N say it now.’

‘Ah Tae-Tae TAEHYUNG DADDY let me cum I want to cum I’ve needed this for so long I’m gonna gon-’

With Taehyung’s final harsh thrusts, you exploded your creamy mess everywhere.

Tae dipped his fingers into your cum and sucked on the coated digits as he too came inside of you, warm and sticky as white spots blurred your vision.

The pleasure blinded you completely.

Planting a kiss on your collarbone whilst rubbing your sore frame, Tae whispered sweet nothings into the shell of your ear as the two of you clung onto each other, drifting into a state of heavenly dream.

As the artificial gym lighting faded around you into pitch black, you prayed for the gym caretaker, likely to find your lewd position, piled naked together, surrounded by nothing but love. 

~ I hope this was what you wanted, I started this in Summer I’ve just been crazy busy and again I’m so sorry ~

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Boyfriend era prompt - post-coital pillow talk, just after their first time since getting back together. You can decide where in the timeline this takes place :)

an allusion to gordon in this ficlet, but it’s not explicit - literally just a brief implication of what happened.

If Robert was honest, he wasn’t entirely sure what to do with himself, now he’d done the awkward cleanup, condom wrapped in tissue and thrown into Aaron’s bin, his boyfriend lying in bed, under the covers now.

Easing his boxers over his hips, Robert settled under Aaron’s duvet with him, figuring it would feel less odd if he just went with it.

(The sex hadn’t been odd, that had been perfect, but the aftermath of their hookups had always been getting quickly dressed, and Robert going back to his life with Chrissie, but his life was here now, with Aaron - so they had some new post-sex habits to learn.)

Propping his head up with his hand, Robert looked at Aaron intently. “Are you okay?” he asked, genuinely asking. It had taken them a while, to take the next step, to have sex, and well - Robert wanted to make sure Aaron was okay, like really, completely okay.

“I’m not broken, Robert,” Aaron shook his head, duvet pulled up around his chest, his hair sweaty and plastered to his forehead. “Of course I’m okay.”

“I just wanted to be sure,” Robert said. “This - this was big, you know?”

He wasn’t sure how to phrase what he wanted to say, wasn’t sure how you put that sort of question into words that wouldn’t hurt, or harm, because that was the last thing Robert wanted to do.

Aaron was quiet for a second, thoughtful. “It was a little overwhelming,” he admitted, shifting a little closer to Robert. “And not because of him, because it’s you, Robert, and I never thought I was going to get to have this with you again.”

Robert let out a breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding, the niggling worry he’d felt as he’d come down from his orgasm, to a serious expression on Aaron’s face, gone. “So it was okay?”

Aaron snorted. “Do you want me to stroke your ego or summat?” he questioned, poking at Robert’s stomach. “You know how I feel about sex with you.”

Robert grinned. “Remind me.”

“You can fuck off if you just want me to tell you about how good you are in bed,” Aaron rolled his eyes, checking the time on his phone, the artificial light harsh in his dimly lit room, the two of them illuminated only by Aaron’s bedside lamps, something soft, and romantic about the lighting. “It’s late.”

Robert squinted at his watch, shrugging slightly. “I don’t feel like sleeping,” he admitted, energy coursing through his veins. He’d thought about this, being with Aaron again, getting to have sex with him again, a lot.

They’d been back together for well over a month and a half now, and they’d done stuff, sure - hurried handjobs in the morning, swallowing each other’s moans with desperate kisses, starting slow, slower than their relationship had ever been, but this, tonight, it had been their first time.

Second first time, if the world would allow Robert a second to be unbearably cheesy, because everything about it had felt like a second chance at a first, the slow movements, the lingering touches.

Robert had fallen in love all over again, as he’d been able to watch Aaron’s forehead crease up, expression heavy with pleasure as Robert did what he’d always done best with Aaron, take him apart with his hands, his mouth, his dick.

They’d always gotten the sex part right, even if they’d never done much else right, and Robert was glad, really, that they’d taken so much time to get to know each other again over the past few weeks, before they brought sex back into their relationship.

Everything felt more real, this time around.

Because it was real, he supposed.

“Me neither,” Aaron admitted, shuffling a little closer, legs tangling with Robert’s. His skin was warm, against Robert’s bare chest, the soft material of his boxers brushing against his thighs, making the hairs there stand on end.

Robert moved, grinning at the undignified huff that Aaron let out as Robert forced him to move a little, so he could hook an arm under him, and around his back, pulling him close to his chest.

He didn’t much feel like leaving any space between them, not tonight.

Aaron wrapped his arms around Robert’s back, digging his chin into Robert’s shoulder. “I’m really glad we’re doing this,” he said quietly, Robert able to count his every breath, feel the rise and fall of his boyfriend’s chest against his own, Aaron’s heartbeat regular, and real. “I’m glad we’re giving ourselves a real chance.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t give it to you sooner,” Robert said, practically breathing the words into Aaron’s ear, apologies tinging his every word. He’d never be able to make up for all the things he’d done, all the ways he’d done wrong by Aaron, but moments like this, where he could hold him close and make him feel good, and safe, well - it felt like the universe was giving him a chance to do something worthwhile with his life, do something good.

(Loving Aaron was something good, something that gave him the confidence, the strength, to be the person he’d refused to ever be, out, and happy, and maybe proud, one day soon.)

“You’re here now,” Aaron replied, pressing his lips to the cool skin of Robert’s shoulder, his grip on Robert’s back tightening.

Robert pulled the duvet up around them a bit more, lips pressed to the side of Aaron’s head. “I’m always going to be here for you, Aaron - from now on. There’s nowhere else I’d want to be.”

Aaron was quiet for a second, before he laughed, the sound shockingly loud and brilliant in the otherwise quiet room. “I didn’t realise sex made you so soppy,” he teased, Robert rolling his eyes good-naturedly in response.

“Quit the teasing,” Robert drawled, sleep finally feeling as though it was going to come, his eyes fluttering shut. “Or I’m not going to bother rocking your world like I just did ever again.”

Unwilling - [EXO] Dr!Baekhyun Au

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[A/N] /trips over nothing/

Everybody knows the bad habits you’ll have after many years of wearing a pair of glasses is to rub them with any kind of fabric you can get your hands to.

Being someone who couldn’t make sense of a number 10 meters away, glasses is like your limbs and your boyfriend, the ophthalmologist, eye doctor in layman terms, is used to you using his doctor coat to wipe you glasses.

‘Why you do that…you’re ruining the lenses. Everything is scratched,’ he took a look at your glasses through the lights at the hospital’s cafeteria. 'Baek-kie…’ you called and he always responds with a gentle ’…hmm?’

'If. Okay, if. An assumption… not an actual problem, just 'if’. If there’s a setback, regarding our wedding. A minor one, a small teeny tiny thingy happens…’ you drag.

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*offers plate of cookies* So reader is guitarist/vocalist in an up-and-coming band on tour with Asking Alexandria. Reader and Ben spend the whole thing flirting, and near the end of the tour Ben & reader are off at a bar getting tipsy. Ben gets a bit excited, the two have sex in one of the buses, and in the morning Ben asks reader out all sweet-like. Pretty please and a million thanks!! <3

*Gladly accepts cookies and noms them viciously* I have another request for a ben bruce smut but nothing specific sooo I hope it’s okay if this answers that, too c:

“Y/N!” a familiar accented voice yelled. “You and the guys are coming out with us tonight!” 

“Yeah,” I replied loudly, not turning around as I messed with my guitar.

“It wasn’t a question,” Ben’s voice came from right behind me. I jumped a little and turned to find him standing behind me with a smirk. I smiled at him.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t Mr. Bruce. Come to make fun of me some more?” I asked playfully.

“Saving most of that for tonight,” he replied, giving me a heart-melting grin. “Short stuff.”

“Hey! Not very nice,” I told him, feigning hurt. Ben grinned evilly and leaned in so he could whisper in my ear.

“Just think, since you’re already so close to the ground it won’t be so bad when you get on your knees for me,” he said, an edge of lust to his voice. I felt my cheeks turn pink and I slapped his arm, laughing lightly. Ben just grinned and walked away. “See you tonight. You better look hot,” he called over his shoulder.

“I always look hot!” I yelled back.

“Very true,” came his reply. I just shook my head and grabbed my things to head to the bus. If I wanted to look really good then I needed to start getting ready. I was still sweaty and gross from our performance. 

~A few hours later~

I grabbed my phone and ID along with some cash and stuffed it all into a little clutch thingy I had, heading over to AA’s bus with the rest of the band. We climbed on and headed for a club downtown. I sat next to Ben on the bus and we talked the whole ride there, laughing and kinda flirting a bit. 

Okay, flirting a lot. As soon as we met before the tour there was an instant connection between us. So much sexual tension and chemistry shifted between our bodies every time we were around each other. The entire tour had been nothing but a flirtationship for us. Now, as we sat together on our way to this club, I noticed Ben’s eyes sometimes trailing to the hem of my dress, biting his lip as they did so. I smirked to myself, knowing this outfit would drive him crazy throughout the night. 

“Alright, lets go fuckers!” Danny yelled as we pulled up to the place. We cheered and got out, piling into the building. We all got drinks and a big booth for us all to fit before heading to the dance floor. I stayed behind to watch the others. When Ben noticed, he came back and sat with me, ordering another beer. 

“Feel like being anti-social or what?” he asked. I shook my head, taking another swig of my drink.

“No, I just need a bit more alcohol in me before I go out there and dance,” I told him. He laughed and went up to the bar. When he returned, he had a whole tray of different drinks.

“Well, then lets get started because I’d like to dance with your fine ass before the night is over,” he said, eyeing me happily. I giggled and obliged, grabbing another concoction. Ben and I drank and drank until finally all the drinks were gone. We were laughing obnoxiously at each other, the poison running strongly through our veins.

“You are so very funny,” I slurred, poking him in the chest and nearly falling over into his lap. We laughed some more.

“Are you drunk enough to dance yet?” he asked. I nodded and he grabbed my hand, leading me to the floor. Ben’s hands found my hips and our bodies swayed in unison to the beat of the music. Eventually he turned me around and pulled me to him. I began to grind into his hips, earning a few groans in my ear, which really turned me on. After a bit more of this, Ben whispered something about leaving in my ear and I nodded happily. With excitement, he pulled me outside and then onto the empty bus. 

Before I could say anything, Ben’s lips crashed onto mine. Our bodies slammed into a wall, our hands roaming each other fiercely. Our kissed was sloppy, but passionate. His tongue tasted like whiskey and I loved it. Ben’s hands went around my back and grabbed my ass roughly, making me gasp and giggle at the same time. He smiled against my mouth.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said, his voice low and husky, turning me on. I knew I wanted him. I had wanted him from the very first second I saw him. With a boost of confidence, I ran my hands under Ben’s shirt, forcing it over his head with his help, and then back him up to the couch. He pulled me down to him, lust in his eyes, so I was straddling his hips. Then he began to kiss my neck, biting and sucking and leaving marks, making me come undone. His hands ran up my thighs to the hem of my dress, pushing it up. Then they traveled up my sides and over my shoulder blades until I heard a zipper being undone. He stood me up and I let the dress fall off my body, leaving me in just a black lacy thong and my feels. His eyes raked my figure and I blushed slightly. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered, pulling me back to him, but not down to his lap. I moved to take off my shoes, but he stopped me. “Leave them on.” He smirked and gripped my hips, tossing me onto the couch and then climbing over my body. 

~In the morning~

I woke up wrapped in an unfamiliar blanket. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and galnced around a bit. I was in an unfamiliar bunk. I laid there confused until memories of last night returned. 

Dancing with Ben; coming back to the bus; all the alcohol; making out; seeing him shirtless; my dress slipping off; his lips all over my body; screaming his name as I-

I smiled at the thought of it, a slight blush dusting my cheeks. I was in Ben’s bunk then. But where was he? I woke up alone. I pulled back the curtain and peered out. I couldn’t see him, but I could smell food. It was then I realized how hungry I was. I uncovered myself, seeing I apparently had on one of his shirts and a pair of shorts, and hopped out. 

“Good morning Sleeping Beauty,” Ben greeted from the small kitchenette thing. He was standing over a plate of pancakes and frying some bacon. 

“Morning,” I mumbled with a grin. He planted a kiss on the top of my head when I walked up to him, his arm snaking gently around my waist. “What are you making this for? And why are you even awake?”

“I got up this morning to make a special breakfast just for you and I,” he said with a smile. I blushed visibly, making him chuckle deep in his throat. 

“Special?” I asked.

“Yeah. I thought, uh, after a special night that you deserved a special reward..” he said awkwardly.

“Reward?” I scoffed. “Do you think I like did you some kind of favor or something..?’

“Oh god, that came out so wrong I’m so sorry,” he rushed out. I was so lost. “I haven’t really done this before I guess so I’m a little nervous, uhm, I meant like a, uhm-”

“Ben, calm down. It’s okay,” I said, placing my hand on his arm. He took a deep breath and looked down at me with those gorgeous eyes.

“What I’m trying to say is I want to ask you out. I would like to actually date you and call you my girlfriend and…stuff,” he told me, biting his lip and shifting his weight as he did so. A smile crept across my lips.

“And you were trying to do it with pancakes?” I asked. He nodded and blushed slightly. “Well, I accept because I really love pancakes.” I stuffed one into my mouth playfully, making him laugh and pull me in for a hug.


Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean gets angry when you take a solo hunt.

Warnings: Cursing.

Requested by anon~

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“There’s some food left in the kitchen, and call me if anything goes wrong”, Dean explains while packing the rest of his things.

You roll your eyes. “Dean, I’ll be fine. Relax.” You follow him to the bunker door as he begins to step out.

“Oh, and don’t you dare take that case in Arizona when we’re gone, understand Y/N?” Dean warns, shrugging the straps of his duffel bag on his shoulders.

“Whatever, Dad”, you cross your arms across your chest at his overly protective behavior. You were an adult now for Petes sake; you could take care of yourself.

Before he leaves, he takes you into his arms protectively, kissing the top of your head.

“Bye Baby Sis.”

You slightly cringe at the nickname, but melt into his arms anyway. Of course Dean meant a lot to you, but you didn’t want to be sister-zoned either.

“Bye Dean. Be safe.” You nuzzle into his warmth a bit longer, any past annoyance with him fading away.

Dean reluctantly lets go of you and heads to join Sam outside. The bunker door slams shut and silence fills the room.

When the clock reveals 1 hour has passed, you grab your own duffel bag and drive to Arizona, taking the case Dean had specifically told you not to take.

The hunt had been fairly easy. Two werewolves, but nothing you couldn’t handle. They did manage to give you a long cut on your cheek, but it wasn’t major.

You pull up to the bunker and cringe and the black Impala parked. Dean and Sam were supposed to be back in 2 weeks, not just 1.

It’s 4 AM, you remind yourself. They’re both probably sleeping. You could save this lecture for the morning.

You creak open the door as quietly as possible and slip in, heading towards your bedroom. Phew, there’s not a sound- Just Sam’s quiet snoring. You quickly make your way to your bedroom, gasping when you see Dean sitting at your desk.

His fingers are aggressively tapping the wood, eyes scrunched in concentration.

“Uh, hey, Dean”, you start, but he cuts you off.

“Where were you?” His fingers abruptly stop, instead clenching into a fist. Fierce green eyes pierce yours, and you can’t help but look away.

“Had to go to the store”, you lie, even though you know Dean’s figured it out.

Dean abruptly stands up. “Bullshit.” He strides over to you and observes your cut. “Let me guess, cat scratched you on the way home Y/N?”

Anger and frustration boils in your veins at his attitude. “Fuck off Dean. I’m not a child”, you seeth out, backing away from him.

“You sure act like one!”

You stride over to him, poking his chest with force. “You have no right to tell me what to do.”

Forcefully, he grabs your wrist and pins you against the wall, making you gasp in surprise. “Fucking let go of me-”

“If you ever got hurt, I’d kill myself, Y/N!”

His voice seems to echo throughout the room, and a deafening silence is heard after. Dean quickly releases you when he realizes his own choice of words.

Your voice is meek, but breaks the silence. “Do-do you really mean that?”

Exasperated, he runs his hand through his dirty blonde locks. “Yeah. I do.”

Your eyes soften as you take a seat next to him on your bed. “Hey, I’m sorry for taking that case. I know how much you didn’t want me to take it.”

He looks up at you, eyes a much gentler, calm green now. “I’m sorry for being such a controlling ass. I-I just don’t want you to get hurt, or worse. You mean too much to me.” His hand slowly makes it way to yours, fingers intertwining with yours.

The words “baby sis” fill your mind, but there’s something in the way he touches you that tells you you’re something much more than a sibling to him.

Sudden confidence fills your body, and you lunge forward and pull his lips on yours. He makes a surprised grunt, but soon melts into the kiss, gently cupping your face in his large hands, making sure to avoid your cut.

You have to admit, you’ve never felt safe until this moment- tight in Dean’s arms.

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Innocence at Hell: Draco Malfoy One Shot {Requested by Anon}

Request: Could you do an imagine where y/n and Draco liked each other and were best friends but they y/n thought it was impossible so she had a boyfriend. And she starts acting weird and missing classes and turned out her boyfriend was beating her often. And she tries to hide the scars and bruises but Draco finds out and got really mad. Something with that plot please<3

A/N: Domestic violence is a reaccuring problem in our world. Innocent people are getting beaten up on a daily basis. It’s such cruelty. If you or a loved one is experiencing any abuse of some sort, please tell someone. If you ever need someone to talk to, my ask box is always open. ♡

Trigger Warning: This one shot contains some detailed abuse. If you are not immune to reading this kind of material within fanfiction, I strongly suggest that you do not read it. 

Your P.O.V

“(Y/N), could you pass the salt please?” Draco asked me. I passed it to him.

I took a look down at his plate and saw the overflowing sea of mashed potatoes. I giggled as he delicately sprinkled the salt onto the mushy mess.

“Need anymore of a mushy crisis?” I teased him while poking my fork into a piece of dry spinach and reaching for my goblet.

“Oh, shut up.” He said back, laughing. Draco scooped up a little bit of the potatoes and pointed it towards me.

“Open up.” He said.

I opened my mouth and the spoon went in, revealing the overly salted and gooey potato to fill my mouth. I gagged a little.

“You alright?” Draco asked, worried. He yanked the spoon out of my mouth and out it down on our houses’ table (which is Slytherin), and examined my face.

“I’m fine.” I lied.

“Good.” He softly smiled. He awkwardly went back to his food as I gulped down pumpkin juice nervously.

I know what you’re thinking, You’re really that vulnerable over a little spoon of mashed potato?

Well, truth is, that is absolutely is not the case. Draco Malfoy, the most hated and feared by the Gryffindors, and the most prized out of all the Slytherin’s, is my best friend. Our fathers work in the Ministry of Magic together. Coincidentally, they both also work in the same department.

Although, my father isn’t really debatable and strict about the whole “Purebloods rule and Muggles need to die” crap. Even though our blood line is pure, we treat everyone the same.

Ironically Draco didn’t seem to mind that. Throughout the countless times I’ve asked him why, he always replies with the same answer.

“There’s something so tolerant about you. You do have massive differences with my perspectives in our world, but there’s something so different and bright about you that’s holding me back. It’s such a strange feeling, but I oddly love it so much.”

Confusing boy, isn’t he?

Throughout the long years of knowing each other, we’ve touched every area that a possible friendship like ours can approach. We’re inseparable. Nothing can come in between us. Trust me, Pansy has tried that so many times in the past.

The most notorious thing about our friendship is that he has me feeling a very special type of way. About 2 years ago, during our fourth year at Hogwarts, I started noticing different things about his presence and his personality.

Draco’s eyes started to glisten in the sunlight, and in the shade of the moon. His smile would light up any room no matter what level of depression it was under. It was unstoppable. His personality began to beam with wonders, and I started to fall desperately into this new and evolved Draco Malfoy.

Sooner or later, I realized something. I realized that these aren’t things that I just found, these are things that have blossomed into the feelings and nature of love. I realized that I fell in love with my best friend, and I didn’t even know it.

Of course, he was the one who didn’t know. He never seemed interested in me, in that way.

It breaks my heart to see him talking with other girls, and with the girls flirting with him. It lets me know even more that I have no chance with him, and that his heart will be taken by one who is more worthy enough to give him love than me.

Unfortunately, a year later after finalizing my feelings for him, I gave up. I turned to another person.

I started seeing a guy named Richard Rixton, a quite popular boy from Ravenclaw.

He caught my eye during a lecture from Professor Trelawny during Divination, twinkling his eyes in such a fashion that I almost fell off my tiny little stool. He was everything I dreamed of in a boy, well, besides Draco. Richard and I went out on our first date a week after meeting. He seemed sweet, and caring, so, I decided to give him a go.

Everything changed a month later.

Richard started getting angry. He started getting angry at the most simplest of things, mostly done by me. He began to control whom I was allowed to hang out with, what time I have to see him, and even what I’m allowed to wear. He became the father no one ever wanted to have.

He even deprived me from my time with Draco. That hurt me enough to resort to such negative thoughts that I don’t even comprehend to this day.

One of his habits is that he likes to curse at me, and call me names. Whenever that we’re alone, Richard would always yank my hair and call me a baby, claiming that his tug wasn’t “strong at all.”

The worst part is that, he became physical with me. Extremely.

He’d also say such bad things about my father and his work with the Ministry. He’d tell me that my father is a good for nothing twat, and that I’m the same exact thing. The things that Richard say would hurt me incredibly deep down inside, and I cousins control it when I sobbed in front of him.

“You dirty little bitch, stop fucking crying!” He would scream into my face, yanking me up by the collar of my robe and slapping me across the face multiple times. I’d continue to cry even more at the pain I was enduring, pleading to God that someone would help me from this massacre.

“I said stop!” Richard would scream at the top of his lungs, smacking me so hard that I would fall to the floor. This was our nightly routine.

I didn’t tell anyone about this. Not even Draco. I couldn’t. I threatened Richard multiple times that I would tell Dumbledore or McGonagall about this situation, but he always threatened back that he would kill me before I said anything.

He even performs the Cruciatus curse on me from time to time.

Draco has become suspicious during some points during this horrifying timeline. He always asks me questions, and stays close to me whenever he can. I’ve made him believe purely that everything is okay and that I’m fine. I feel like such a bad friend to see the smile on his face and knowing that that’s constructed out of lies told by me. I hate myself so much.

Richard and I have now been going out for five months. Multiple scars and bruises have evolved all over my arms and body, providing me thoughts and questions on how I should cover them up. I’ve resorted to wearing many long sleeve sweatshirts and shirts, and wearing my robe during the most unnerving times.

I couldn’t take this anymore. I had to do something-

“(Y/N), why do you wear long sleeves so often now? It’s almost the beginning of summer.” My thoughts were interrupted by the voluminous voice of Draco, whom was finishing the last of his potatoes.

“I-erm-I get cold easily these days. You know, the chills.” I spurt out, nervously fiddling with my fingernails as I bit my lip.

“Really? Because I remember that you said that you hated the heat, and it seems like you’re sweating.” He chuckled, grinning as he softly brushed his hand onto my forehead. I shivered.

“Well yeah, but,” I started to reply back, pulling on my sleeves, making sure the scars and bruises weren’t visible.

“People change.” I said, sternly. My fingers were fidgeting again.

He mumbled a quiet “oh” and awkwardly looked away with an incredibly sad look in his eyes. Draco’s expression let out the sight that he felt and knew that something was wrong, but something was blocking him from finding out.

I was about to say something until I felt someone grab my hand. I looked up.

It was Richard.

He had such a devil like look in his eyes, and his pupils were expanding by the minute. His face was red as a tomato. His veins were easily visible on his forehead, easily poking out. I knew this look too well.

When Richard gave me this look, it meant that I did something wrong. To society, it’s something that could be brushed off and not cared about afterwards. To Richard, it’s as if a bomb had just gone off.

His eyes darted above my head. His face immodestly softened and looked overly innocent. The persona that was present was the sweet, and loving Richard everyone at the school knew. I was the only one who knew about the extremely dark side of him.

Due to the abnormality of seeing a soft expression on his face, I was shocked. His eyes weren’t even on me anymore, it was at Draco.

“Oh, Draco! How lovely to see you this afternoon mate, would you mind if I borrow (Y/N) for a couple minutes? I’m sure it wouldn’t harm a bit.” Richard said, the immobilizing fake tone of innocence splashed all over his face. I cringed and rolled my eyes, causing him to clutch my hand and make me whimper.

I could sense Draco’s eyes on me. I wasn’t looking at him. I was looking at the floor. My back was facing him, while my face was squishing from the pain Richard inflicted onto my arm.

“It’s ok.” Draco said. I could hear the sense of sorrow in his voice. Tears began to well up into my eyes as Richard pulled onto my hand, and led me out into the great hall.

Richard was uncontrollably pulling my arm, causing little yelps on pain to escape from my mouth. While traveling through numerous corridors, tons of looks were given to the both of us from multiple Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs. Granger even gave me a look of worry.

Richard led me into a dark, deserted, and dusty corridor. I looked abandoned, and completely filthy. No light was allowed inside, besides the patch of loose built wood peeping beside the window. He let go of my hand and slammed me onto the wall, his hand beside my neck.

“You little slut. Fucking whore, you think that you can talk to other guys without my permission?!” He spat in my face. His teeth were gritted as his grip on my neck tightened.

“I-I-I didn’t-” I started saying. I felt a sharp pain glide across my cheek. I shut up instantly.

“Shut up you little whore! You only speak when I tell you to, is that clear?” He yelled. I nodded.

“What the fuck were you doing talking to that Weasley kid yesterday, huh? Were you fucking him in secret?” He spat, clutching onto my side and making me gasp.

“Answer me!” I yelled. He slapped me across the face again.

“N-No. You should know better than to accuse your girlfriend of such things like that.” I said to him. The pain and fear were mixing together uncontrollably.

“How dare you speak to me like that?!” He shouted. He slapped me multiple times, again. Richard then lifted a bit of my robes up, and shifted his hand under my shirt. His hand began to pinch and twist a bit of skin on my hip. I began to scream in horror and pain, but that only made him pinch harder.

“STOP RICHARD, YOURE HURTING ME!” I screamed out, tears pouring down my face as he continued to pinch my hip ever so hardly, earning multiple slaps from him.

“You seriously think that I care if I hurt you?” He laughed out, twisting the bit of skin in his hand even more.

“I couldn’t care less about you. I told you I loved you just to get into bed with you. You were so desperate to get love, right after Malfoy rejected your sorry fucking ass.” He chuckled evilly, choking me slightly as his hand pinched the other side of my hip.

The thought of Draco made me cry. The thought of him not knowing and blaming himself for all of this makes me feel like I’m the one that’s hurting him, I’m the one that’s causing this whole thing, and worst of all, that I deserve this pain. I deserve everything.

Richard threw me onto the ground. My nose hit the stone cold floor, causing it to bleed. I screamed out in pain even more. I knew it was broken.

I looked up to meet the sight of him pulling out his wand. His eyes were flaming again. I knew what was going to happen.

“No,no. Please, Richard, I beg you-”

“Shut up, you filthy cunt! You fucking deserve this pain. You’re nothing but a foul whore. That’s all you’ll ever be. No one will love you, (Y/N). Remember that.” He spat out to me, his grip on his wand becoming tighter.

My nose started to hurt tremendously. I cried out in pain while holding my nose, thinking that it could be some way to heal it. Blood was dripping uncontrollably, and I started to feel dizzy.

“P-Please Richard, Please-”

CRUCIO!” He shouted.

I screamed in agony and pain. It was unbearable. It felt as if the bones from my feet had gone up to my stomach, and my legs had twisted into the other direction. My insides were twisting and turning, and churning into the heat that was the curse. My head started pounding tremendously, while blood was seeping out of my nose.

I couldn’t take it. I felt like I was dying. I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to just sit there, and take the punishment. The punishment that I didn’t even deserve.

I’m dying.

The force of the curse had only gotten stronger from the pleads of pain escaping my body, almost burning up in fear as it approached it’s maximum power. I screamed and cried, desperately yelping for some one to help me.

“No one will save you, (Y/N). You’re trapped.” Richard whispered into my ear, lunging his wand closer to me, causing the curse to become even more powerful.

I knew I was going to die. This was it.

EXPELLIARMUS!” I heard someone scream. I heard Richard gasp.

PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!” I heard the the person say again. I felt a loud thud against the ground.

I felt an arm snake around my hips as another snaked around my legs, lifting me up and speeding me down the corridor. I met with the sight of Draco. I soon realized that he was the one that stopped Richard from nearly killing me.

He saved my life.

“H-How did you find me?” I asked, my breathing becoming a bit hard. My eyesight went a bit fuzzy.

“I was worried about you, and the look of Rixton’s face when he took you. I heard the noise and I found you.” Draco said, panting.

“(Y/N), you’ll be okay. We’ll be at the hospital wind anytime now.” He reassured me. He was running through multiple corridors, until he finally arrived at the wing, meeting the sight of an extremely baffled Madam Pomfry.

“W-What happened to (Y/N), Mr. Malfoy?” Pomfry asked, helping him carry me to the closest empty bed. She immediately put a wet towel on my forehead and offered me water.

“I’ll explain later. I’m going to Dumbledore. I think I have something that he’d like to hear.” Draco said in a serious tone. I was shocked, he always despised Dumbledore and his actions. Why is he going there now?

Before Madam Pomfry could say anything, he quickly kissed my cheek and ran out.

“I’ll see you soon, love. Everything will be okay.” He said to me before running out.

At that moment, I blacked out.

5sos Imagine: Calum

You smirked at your best friend Calum as his head rolled onto your shoulder. He was so drunk he could barely keep his head up right. The boys had decided to come round to yours to celebrate their release of their new album. You hadn’t planned for them all to stay over but considering how drunk the four idiots were it would be stupid and irresponsible to send them home at night in their condition. You were a little tipsy but had stopped drinking a while ago finding it more fun to just watch them all in their drunken state then anything else. You had already posted a few keeks and the fans were in tears of laughter at their behavior, you knew you would get an earful tomorrow when they saw it all online but right now it was too funny to not film them.

“I’m mad Y/N.” Calum pouted next to you. You bit your lip chuckling at how utterly adorable he looked. Smirking you met his gaze trying not to laugh as his eyes drooped.

“Why are you mad Calum?” You asked with a grin. Calum placed his hand on your knee patting it a few times before turning his head back to you. He hiccuped loudly before pouting again.

“Because I’m jealous.” He stated as if it was obvious. From the floor Luke giggled knowingly and shared a look with the rest of the boys. You narrowed your eyes suspiciously, the five of you were best friends and there were never any secrets between you so of course you wanted to know the secret joke here.

“Why are you jealous Calum?” You asked again with a giggle. Calum patted your knee again before rolling his head to the side to look over at you.

“Calum I don’t think you should tell her-”

“No Ashton, Y/N needs to know. I want her to know Ashton I want her.” You frowned in confusion, what the hell was he talking about? You stared at your best friend in confusion.

You’d known the idiot for your whole life, he’d been your best friend since childbirth. Sure he was hot and sure you did used to have a little crush on him when you were younger but you moved on when you realised you could never be with a guy like him. You had a boyfriend now anyway, you’d only just started dating but for some unknown reason Calum didn’t like him. He never liked any of your boyfriends. You simply put it down to him worrying that you wouldn’t have enough time for him and eventually forget about him all together. But you knew that would never happen, Calum meant to much for you for that to ever happen.

“You want to know why I’m jealous Y/N? Because that prick you call a boyfriend gets to touch your boobs and I don’t, he doesn’t deserve your boobs I do.” He said with a pout. You snorted a laugh at his words before rolling your eyes. You always knew Calum was a boobs guy but you never thought he’d go for yours.

“Calum you’re my best friend, if you really want to touch my boobs then I guess I can make an exception this one time.” You giggled a reply however Calum was shaking his head still not happy.

“No I don’t want to be your best friend. I want to be your boob friend!” He shouted like a five year old. You laughed at his words, boob friend? How drunk was he?

“My boob friend-”

“Yes your boob friend. I want to touch your boobs and your butt, and I want to kiss you, and hold you and cuddle with you, and make you laugh, and have kinky sex with you.” Your smile faltered at his words and you blinked. What the hell was he saying? Did he really feel this way?

“I think you mean… Boyfriend?” You suggested the word curiously. Calum grinned happily nodding his head at the word and your jaw dropped.

“Yes that’s it, your booby-boyfriend.” You stared at him with your mouth wide open.You never knew he felt this way. Sure you had a little crush on him but that was years ago? You never thought he’d return the feelings and now-

“He doesn’t love you like I do.” You froze up completely at his words. You didn’t know how to react. A few years ago you would’ve done anything to hear those words and now, now you’re left feeling confused. The questions rocked through your mind; how long had he felt this way, did the other boys know, why hadn’t he told you sooner?

You watched still in shock as Calum passed out on your shoulder next to you snoring loudly. You whipped your head around to the other drunken idiots who were trying to sneak out the front door.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?! What was he talking about?” You whisper-hissed to them. Michael and Ashton pretended not to hear you before stumbling out the door. You turned your gaze to Luke staring at him with a pleading glance.

“Wait till he wakes up Y/N, I think you should hear it all from him.” He murmured before following the boys out the door.

You cursed quietly before moving off of the couch. Placing a pillow under his head and pulling a blanket over his sleeping form you sighed staring at your best friend. He meant the world to you, it would kill you to lose him. You loved him as a friend yes but the more you thought about it the less you were sure. How did you know it was a friendly love you were feeling for him and not something more, after all you you did care for him like that once? Those feelings never truly go away forever.

But what about your boyfriend? He was a nice enough guy but there wasn’t a spark, you figured you’d just wait until you finally felt something more for him but it didn’t seem like that was going to happen. Being friends with Calum gave you more of a buzz then going on a simple date with your boyfriend, and you knew it shouldn’t be like that. The guy didn’t deserve that.

Picking up your phone you dialed his number, he picked up on the forth ring in a bored tone. You explained to him your situation, you hated to do this over the phone but the relationship wasn’t working out anyway. Luckily your now ex-boyfriend agreed with you, he jokingly wished you good luck with Calum before you both said your goodbye’s. It felt as if a weight had been lifted off your shoulders, not that your ex was much of a chore anyway.

You sat down on the couch next to Calum gently stroking his cheek with your thumb, he sighed in his sleep at your touch before shooting his arm around your waist pulling you to him. You fell in front of him and his legs entwined with yours pulling you closer, you tried to wriggle out of his grip but gave up. He was too strong even in his sleep. Sighing you pulled the blanket up higher above the both of you. You’d sought this out in the morning, Luke was right you just needed to sleep on it and wait till he wakes up. Taking one last look at Calum your gaze dropped to his lips and your breathing hitched. Maybe you were in love with him?

The next morning you were woken up by a loud groan in your ear. You cracked your eyes open to see Calum basically lying on top of you. You were surprised you could still manage to breath with the weight of him.

“Calum.” You whined pushing at his shoulder. He groaned again moving his head before pausing. His face was mere centimeters away from yours, his eyes lingered on your lips before he licked his own hungrily and glanced away. Your heart beat sped up not only from the close proximity but of the action his just performed, best friends don’t stare at each others lips like that, do they?

“I can feel your boobs against my chest.” Calum mused with a giggle. You rolled you eyes then bit your lip down hard. You could feel his morning wood pressing hard against your inner thigh making you squirm. You tried moving your hips not liking how close ‘Little Cal’ was to your core.

“Y/N stop moving.” Calum groaned in your ear. You ignored him but gasped loudly when his hard on came into contact with your clothed entrance. Calum let out a low growl before grabbing your hips roughly and looking you dead in the eye.

“I said, stop moving.” He growled out with dark eyes. You stopped moving but whimpered when Calum sat up rubbing himself up against your entrance in the process. You watched as he ran a hand through his hair before standing up blushing.

“Sorry Y/N I just- It’s early in the morning and these things happen.” Calum stuttered out keeping his back to you. You saw him trying to fix his jeans to hide his problem which only made you giggle.

“How much do you remember of last night?” You asked suddenly remembering the words he said. Calum glanced over his shoulder rubbing his forehead before shrugging and sitting down next to you.

“Not much why?” He responded curiously. You glanced away biting your lip and ran a hand through your hair. You wanted to talk to him about this but you didn’t know how to approach the subject.

“I broke up with him.” You said instead not looking at Calum. His head whipped to stare at you and a grin broke out onto his face. You glared at him rolling your eyes.

“Calum you could be a little supportive and not look so bloody happy about it.”

“Right, sorry.” He smirked clearly not sorry. You sat up closer to him and you watched as his eyes flickered over your body, his warm brown eyes lingering on your breasts.

“Calum you’re staring at my boobs.” You stated with a smirk. Calum blushed before looking away and rubbing the back of his head embarrassed. You edged closer to him and almost laughed when he pulled his arms over his crotch to hide his obvious hard on.

“Are you horny?” You asked in a teasing tone as a giggle escaped your lips. Calum shot you a glare making you laugh harder before he pouted looking away as a small blush crept up onto his cheeks.

“Y/N!” Calum whined when you didn’t stop laughing. He pouted and you giggled poking his cheek with your finger.

“Don’t be such a baby, it’s normal for 'Little Cal’ to visit you in the morning.” You cooed with a smirk. Calum shot you a glare not liking your tone of voice.

“Excuse me Y/N I’m hardly little.” He said defensively. You bit your lip as a surge of confidence ran through your veins. Leaning in forward you whispered softly in his ear.

“Prove it.”

You leaned back slightly to see Calum’s eyes widen in shock. He gulped visibly staring at you not believing the words you said. You bit your lip cupping his cheek and his eyes fluttered shut at your touch.


“What Calum? I thought you loved me?” You murmured. His eyes snapped open in fear and he froze up. You crawled and straddled his lap keeping your hands around his neck. You’d never been close like this before. Sure you sat on his lap and cuddled him countless times but not like this, never like this.

“How?” He choked out, his voice thick with emotion. He looked so terrified, you’d never seen him look so vulnerable before. Calum looked so scared at the thought of you rejecting him, shooting him down, he looked so scared to lose you.

“Last night, you told me. You were drunk and you told me that he didn’t love me like you did.” You admitted to him. Calum swallowed keeping his hands clenched by his sides. He glanced away avoiding your gaze and you frowned. You wanted him to wrap his strong arms around you and pull you close, you wanted him to look you in the eye but he didn’t. He just stayed silent and deathly still, not even daring to breath.

“Is it true?” You asked quietly. Calum’s jaw locked into place and he shut his eyes. You could see him trying to control his breathing, you wanted to take the fear away, tell him that you did also care for him.


“So what if it is?” He spat out gruffly. His usually warm brown eyes met yours now cold and uninviting. He let out a harsh laugh shaking his head and you grit your teeth. You hated when he did this, when he acted like nothing hurt him.

“Stop it Calum-”

“Stop what?” He asked with a sickening grin. You glared at him feeling angry, he always did this when he was hurt or scared he was about to be broken. He flips a switch inside and puts his guards up, never letting anyone in.

“Stop this, stop acting like nothing ever hurts you. I would never hurt you Cal why are you acting like this?” You shouted shoving at his chest slightly. Calum looked unaffected by your blows and rolled his eyes.

“Y/N please, I know you don’t love me back so just stop with the whole-”

“You’re wrong.” You blurted out cutting him off all together. Calum stopped and stared at you for a split second before shaking his head. Tears began to fill his eyes and he glared at you darkly.

“That’s cruel Y/N, don’t lead me on like that.” He bit out shaking his head. His hands came up and covered his face and he leant his head back on the couch. Your hands fisted in his shirt determined to prove him wrong. It was true you did love him, you always had, it just took you a long time to figure out which kind of love it was you felt for him. And you were sorry it took so long.



“Just shut up and listen.” You snapped annoyed he kept interrupting you. His hands fell away from his face and he stared at you, his eyes slightly red from tears.

“I used to like you, when we were younger but it was clear you never felt the same way back. So I moved on but, jesus Calum I always loved you and it took me a long time to realize that- that I don't love you I'm in love with you.” You admitted. Calum’s eyes searched your face for any signs of deception but he never found any. His gaze softened as your hand reached up to cup his cheek. His hands gently rested on your hips and you shivered instinctively at his touch.

“You love me.” He stated with a smirk. Your smile fell from your face and you shot him a look pouting.

“If you tease me then I’ll go profess my love to another band member, maybe Michael will appreciate me more-”

His lips slammed down on yours cutting you off. Your hands curled in his hair and his large hands pulled you closer to him not letting any space get between you both. You couldn’t help as a tiny moan escaped your mouth making Calum smirk into the kiss. You would’ve rolled your eyes if your head wasn’t already spinning at his touch. Your ex never had this effect over you, it shocked you how much you reacted to his touch. Calum broke the kiss leaning his forehead on yours as you both panted heavily.

“Like hell am I letting you go profess your love to someone else, not after I just got you. You’re all mine Y/N and you’d do well to remember that.”

Forgotten Feelings - Negan Imagine

anonymous asked:
Could you maybe do a Negan fanfic where he falls for the reader? Like, really falls for her and maybe it’s like the first time he’s had a real connection that reminds him of what humanity was like before the apocalypse began?

‘Yeah ‘scuse me, we’ll continue this later.’ Negan walks away from the man who only minutes ago had his attention about something important. A settlement of survivors he’d come across in a place called Alexandria, it’s usually something Negan would want to hear about but the man had been distracted for a few weeks now. He shakes his head and walks away. The corner of Negan’s mouth pulls up at the sight of you, he doesn’t come over to you straight away, he stands and watches you from a distance. Since you were brought back to the group after a routine run of a nearby town, you’ve occupied his every thought. As if sensing him you look up and wave in his direction. Negan feels relieved that he’s not so close to you, so you don’t see the colour that rises to his cheeks.

‘Hey.’ You say smiling up at man who welcomed you into his community, with no questions asked. You look into his eyes and feel as though there’s no one else in the room. He tilts his head and smiles back at you ‘Hi…How are you?’ You shake your head trying to be as normal as possible, he is a very good looking man, but he’s also the leader of the community and no doubt he doesn’t have time for silly little crushes from the people he’s trying to keep alive. ‘Good..you?’ Negan nods his head and puts his hand on your arm, you feel a jolt of electricity run through your body, and your mouth feels warm and tingly. ‘I’m glad I saw you..I wanted to ask if you’d eat with me this evening?’ You’re slightly taken aback by his words ‘What?’ Negan takes his hand away and shuffles his feet ‘Oh nothing funny..Just to get to know you better. I like to do it with everyone who joins.’ Your heart drops a little at these words. You mentally kick yourself for thinking it could be something more, nodding your head you smile at him once more ‘Sure, what time?’ He notices her face change but doesn’t want to misread anything ‘Sunset.’ He says smiling. You smile at him once more ‘See you later.’

Negan is pacing back and forth in the large studio room, he’s tided the place up, conscious that he wants to make a good impression on her. He looks at his reflection once more, he’s opted for a checked shirt and jeans. He’s brushing his hand through his hair when he hears a knock at the door. He walks over to the door and takes a deep breath before opening it and feels the breath leave his body. She looks beautiful.

You look at Negan and can’t help but smile, he looks so good in the shirt he’s wearing and you feel a smile play across your mouth as he takes you in. You opted for a plain black skater dress and tied your hair up when it was wet so that it dried with loose curls. You threw a shawl around your shoulders to keep the chill off ‘Come in.’ You walk over the threshold and look at your surroundings, you hear him close the door and feel your nerves flair up. ‘Can I take that?’ You feel his hand brush against your shoulder and as you turn around you don’t realise how close he is. He looks you in the eyes as he pulls the shawl from your shoulders, there’s an energy flowing between you and if you had the courage you’d reach up and plant a kiss on his mouth. ‘Thanks.’ He smiles at you once more and drapes your shawl over a coat hook by the door. ‘Sit down, get comfortable.’ You head towards a sofa that’s in front of a fireplace and settle yourself down, suddenly aware that the dress you’re wearing is a little bit shorter than you were ever used to. ‘It’s not much but I’ve been saving this for a while.’ He uncorks a bottle of red wine and pours a glass, the glugging sound almost convinces you everything is still normal in the world. He passes the glass to you and notice him blush as your fingers brush against his.

He looks at her and can’t get over how beautiful she is. Since the world slipped into hell he’s felt cold and hatred fill his veins and his mind has been filled with the most incomprehensible thoughts, but he feels different with her. She’s like the warm rays of sun that poke through storm clouds. He smiles as he watches her take a sip of the wine, she closes her eyes and breathes out through her nose. ‘Good?’ You nod your head and smile at him, your entire body relaxes with that first hit of alcohol ‘Oh yeah, thanks.’ He takes a pull of his drink and looks at you intensely ‘So…Tell me about you before all of this.’

You’ve been talking most of the night, and you see the first light of the sun start to break out above the horizon. ‘I never would have guessed.’ You nod your head and yawn. You’re so relaxed that you rest your head against Negan’s shoulder, you feel his body tense momentarily but it passes quickly enough. ‘I guess we all ha…’Before you can finish your words you feel sleep envelope you. Negan looks down and sees her asleep, he feels a warmth swell in his chest and he just wants to reach out and hold her. He doesn’t want her getting a stiff neck so he stands up gently and scoops her up in his arms. He carries her over to his bed and places her down onto it. He pulls off her shoes, leans down and gently strokes her face with his hand. She stirs slightly in her sleep and Negan freezes. Your eyelids feel heavy and you see Negan looking at you, you reach up and grab his hand. ‘Come lay down with me.’ You pull his arm ‘Ok.’

You shuffle over on the bed and a few moments later he lies down on his back, looking at the ceiling. You prop yourself up on your elbow and look down into his face ‘What’s wrong?’ You ask sleepily. He shakes his head ‘Nothing..I just don’t want you thinking I’m being inappropriate.’ You smile and flop down on the bed again, draping your arm across his chest and nuzzling your head into his neck. ‘I don’t think that..I want to be close to you.’ Negan’s whole body is tense and still, he feels his heart skip a beat. He turns to look at you, and you stare into his eyes. You reach up and touch your hand against his stubbled cheek and jaw, Negan closes his eyes and opens them again. You feel something pulling the two of you together and when his lips gently press against yours, you push yourself closer to him. The kisses he plants on your mouth are soft and slow, one hand gently cupping your face. He pulls away and looks into your face ‘What are you doing to me?’ All you can do is smile at him as you settle your head on his chest and fall into a peaceful sleep, his arms wrapped around you protectively.