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please do more of actor taehyung and beauty guru yoongi dad <3

(there was actually like over 10 request for this Au but if i put them all here the ask would be a mile long lolz Just everyone who requested it know i saw them!)


Although he acts like he’s this really mysterious “hard” actor to the public, when it comes to Yoongi, Taehyung is just soft. The beauty guru just brings out this playfulness Taehyung’s never really shown before and Taehyung fans are actually thankful for Yoongi because of it. 

Yoongi likes to upload teasing snapchats videos of him laying in bed in his cute lace panties and too big tee shirt and he’ll zoom in enough so people can notice the rose tattoo that everyone knows is Taehyung’s before moving the camera back up to wink.  

One time he even uploaded a video of his head resting on someone’s stomach and he laughs as he lifts the shirt up to kiss against the lipstick kiss mark Taehyung has tattooed on his hip. Of course fans go crazy and love it because that’s another tattoo Taehyung is well known for. 

Taehyung himself loves just watching his baby. He loves waking up early in the morning, before he has a recording somewhere, and watching the way Yoongi sits at his vanity and ties up his hair so he can begin doing his makeup. Yoongi can totally tell Taehyung is staring and he makes sure to lock eyes with Taehyung in the mirror as he applies some light lip gloss so he can blow Taehyung a kiss after. Taehyung literally hides his face in the blanket because Yoongi is so cute. 

Taehyung himself isn’t really big on PDA but when people suddenly start accusing him of using Yoongi as a way to boost his name in the media since he has a new movie coming out he really pulls out all the PDA just because he’s annoyed. His favorite thing to do is grab Yoongi’s ass because he loves the way Yoongi acts like he hates it but at the same time blushes and pushes his cute lil tush into Taehyung’s hand more. They’ll be out on a date and Yoongi will be wearing something tight and body hugging and Taehyung just can’t help gripping that precious peach in his hands and giving a nice grope while kissing Yoongi’s cheek. (YOONGI LATER SMACKS HIM FOR FUCKING UP HIS HIGHLIGHT WITH THAT KISS) 

They are actually #couplegoals af though even the media makes a post about how cute Yoongi’s habits are when he’s with Taehyung. The fans and reporters have noticed when they are at award shows and sitting together, Yoongi will run his long nails gently up the side of Taehyung’s neck and through the baby hairs on the back of Taehyung’s head while they chat quietly. Taehyung grins and leans closer into the soothing scratching because his BABY IS THE CUTEST OKAY. Fans scream over the way Taehyung’s tattooed hand looks as he grips onto Yoongi’s thigh even when he’s talking to someone else or doing something he keeps one hand firmly on his babe’s thigh because he needs to hold Yoongi always. 

Yoongi does hella bomb fashion vlogs and hauls videos and some really super detective fans notice Taehyung wearing some of the shirts Yoongi’s shown off in his videos and later ask Taehyung about them. Taehyung just grins. 

“Yoongi likes to pick my outfits because he’s picky.” 

Yoongi rolls his eyes. 

“Because if i let Taehyung dress himself he’d look like a grandpa who got dressed int he dark.” 

You all know when Yoongi gets acknowledged for all he does in breaking gender roles and being proud of who he is, Taehyung is the first one right there cheering his baby on and clapping the loudest. He does’t care about his “mysterious” image at that moment all he cares about is clapping and screaming Yoongi’s name and making sure Yoongi knows how proud he is of him.

zimbits stole my heart; stucky owns my soul:  a list of headcanons

a.  Eric “Bitty” Bittle is the great-grandson of a Howling Commando on his Mama’s side.  Mama Bittle proudly displays the picture of Baby Bitty being cuddled by Grandpappy Dugan…. seconds before he ended up spitting up on the poor man.  It’s one of those embarrassing family stories that Bitty will never live down.

b.  So it’s totally inexplicable as to why Bitty apparently resembles Steve Rogers, at least when Steve is being incognito and being “bitty” himself.  As far as Steve knows, he’s not related to Dum Dum (”THANK GOD” - Bucky) but there’s a surprising number of people who’ve mistaken Bitty for Steve and vice versa - Tony Stark among them.

c.  According to Sam Wilson, it’s easy to tell the two apart even when Steve is currently “bitty-fied.”

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Steve Rogers – > Little shit from Brooklyn

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Eric Bittle - Pie-making angel from Georgia

(Sam is well aware that this is a biased opinion but Steve does not give him pie and pie is all important.)

d.  Of course, Bucky maintains that he can tell them apart merely by looking at their respective…. butts.  (Of course, he would always recognize That Ass.)

Jack:  OI!

Bucky:  Hold your horses, kid - I’m just saying That Ass is a goddamn national treasure and I would know it anywhere.  Not that your own babydoll doesn’t have a cute tush of his own but Georgia peach versus Romanian plum, y’know?

Jack:  This is a very disturbing conversation and I’ll never be able to look at peaches and plums the same way again.

Bucky:  ** petpets him ** Attaboy.

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But like also after that one video with the workout lady, Taehyung is basically a confirmed ass man and Yoongi has the cutest lil butt i wonder how many times Yoongi has to smack away hands that wanna hold onto his cute litl tush. 

Like he just wants to reach his fucking cookies that are on the top shelf but now there are hands groping his bottom and all he can do is sigh. 

“Can you at least get my cookies, you little shit.” 

Taehyung giggles and gets down the box before going right back to holding onto his bf’s cute butt. 

Also when he’s just trying to live his life and walks through the living room and suddenly there’s a loud *SLAP* he yelps and turns around to see a laughing Taehyung winking as his own hands come to hold onto his now sore bottom. Seriously Taehyung just slaps it constantly when Yoongi walks by the elder is like on alert for his bf.

Even when they cuddle and Taehyung has his head rested on Yoongi’s lower back he’ll turn his head to bite into a cheek and okay that’s actually hot but really a warning would be nice Yoongi just groans. 

(i just need fics for certified ass man Kim Taehyung and forever annoyed Yoongi trying to protect his cute lil bum)

Reasons i love luke hemmings

Remember all those times i said you literally were not ready to talk luke hemmings and my love for him with me? Well. I think nows a better time than ever. Here we go..

- his singing (obviously): luke’s singing was the first thing to draw me in with this kid i remember watching his old fetus covers and absolutely falling in love with fetus luke’s voice (like honestly fetus luke has my heart) and now that he’s grown into his voice more and has learned how to use it he’s honestly one of my favorite voices in music in general. Aside from his stage and recorded singing that video of him singing in 5sosonthewall????? Like that was just his normal, casual, singing-for-no-reason voice and wowowoww it literally gave me chills i can listen to that boy sing for days

- his sense of humor: anyone who knows me knows i love lame jokes that people normally respond to ‘shut up’ with and luke is full of those types of jokes! Which he clearly gets from equally adorably lame parents. But he’s not only lame nacho cheese jokes and bad puns, he can also be quite witty and it all comes natural so much so that he doesn’t even realize he’s being funny half the time until someone laughs (then he gets all proud and cute and in his head is probably like ‘damn hemmings, you are one funny guy’ like please i love him hes such a dork)

- he’s so smart!: he likes to downplay it a lot which i honestly will never understand but it’s okay because the other boys do enough bragging for him they love making sure everyone knows their little brainy boy is the smartest in the band and he likes documentaries and he managed to finish his schooling all while this big life changing career started to build around him and wow im honestly in such awe of him and his character as a person which leads me to my next one..

- his personality: he’s literally one the sweetest most gentlemanly-est teenage boys you’ll come across. It’s literally just in his nature to be nice to everyone and kiss boys cheeks no hesitation because they’re fans too and why wouldn’t he kiss their cheek? I bet not kissing that fans cheek hadn’t even crossed his mind for even a second. He also does this thing where he tries to make fans feel a little more at ease when they’re especially emotional with like little jokes and hugs and aws and are you okays and hes just so sweet please bless liz and andy because they raised such a lovely boy

- his laugh!!!!: there’s laughs where he throws his head back squeezes his eyes shut and sounds like a loser and there’s laughs that are more giggles and i dont know which i love more because both are so adorable to encounter and you cant help but fall a little harder for the nerd every single time

A few more lil things:

- his cute feetsie thing he does

- his literal ocean of eyes

- the cute lil white spot on his front tooth

- his cute lil boopy nose

- his adorable knobby knees

- his cute lil tush

- not necessarily his beard but his proudness about about it

- ..ok the beards pretty nice

- the cute pout he does in selfies

- the lil one eye squint he does when he sticks his tongue out

- hiS dIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- the way his hair curls when it grows out!!!!

- his cute lil tummy

- his super broad swimmer shoulders

- his chest freckles!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!

- the crack in his voice when he sings with everything he has

- his general stage presence

- his growing confidence 😍

- his love for his family and the way he’s super family oriented

- his love for his old pup molly!

- his music taste

- his really weird faces he likes to randomly make

- the fact that he’s literally those huge dogs that think they’re tiny lap dogs

Got a bit carried away but how someone could literally hate this boy is absolutely beyond me????? Feel free to add some of your own favorite luke things!!!! (:

What it would be like to date Jeon Jungkook;

** i know this is late but i was sorting ot my university application and it is finally done so FEEL FREE TO SED ANYTHING NOW BECAUSE I AM FREE!”

• When he hugs you, you hanging at least a foot or two off the ground so you have to hold on for dear life.
• Beanies
• Dubsmash
• Sings ‘beautiful’ to you
“So, I can call you shesus”
• He’s quiet majority of the time because he’s shy around you even though hes been in the same room as you pee.
• Gazes at you while you are concentrating. His floppy hair over his eyes while he does the lil kookie smile.
“Y/N? Why is jimin so obsessed with me?”
“Because you’re a gorgeous piece of ass kookie”
• When you two are out in public, he holds your wrist instead of your hand.
• Cuddling, arms wrapped tightly around each other. He grasps your back, squishing you against him and he’d holding on to you like he will never see you again.
• When he is sad, he will lay his head in your lap and press his face into your abdomen with his shoulders shaking.
• Foetus Kookie pictures
“But baby, you look so cute ;)”
• When he first stayed over, he wore cute flannel pyjamas.
• Eventually getting matching flannel pyjamas but being sworn to secrecy to not tell the boys.
• When you leave your phone with him, he changes your lock screen to a picture of him.
• Adds Snapchats of you two onto your story so that all the males you have as friends will know that jungkook is yours.
• Late night swimming or skinny dipping.
• Kissing his nose.
• Running your hands through his hair.
• Collarbone goals.
• Gets jimin to help him pick out lingerie but then makes him swear to never picture you in it.
• You sleeping in his bright yellow donut hoodie.
• Jawline
• Kissing his jawline down to his collarbones then his mouth.
• ^^ blushing jungkook
• Then ^^ Dominant jungkook
“You’ll have to pay for that”
• He gets you singled roses
• Hair up
• Sings to you softly but passionately
• Dance parties
• Game nights
• Sulking kookie when you beat him
• When kookie is asleep, he fold you into himself and wraps his arms around you to feel your warmth. You rest your head on his chest and he sighs with content with a small on his face.
• He loves it when you wear dark red lipstick (Major turn on for him)
• Date nights, both inside and out.
So things like, fancy restaurants or rock climbing for when you go out but when staying inside, its movie/ program marathons like American horror story or once upon a time.
• Flowers, it’s rare for him to buy you flowers but when he does! It’s a complete surprise.
• Incredibly hot sexy time
• He likes to run his hands down your bare back, around your waist and up between your breasts and then settling on your shoulders to pull you in for a deep kiss.
• Showering together in the most innocent of ways and then not.
• When you’re stressed and angry, jungkook will calm you down by holding you and singing softly till he hears your even breaths indicating that you’re asleep
• He begs his managers to take you on tour with him so he wouldn’t miss as you much as would have done.
• Lap dancing.
• BJ
• Running your hands through his soft hair.
• He plays with your hair, like plaits it and stuff.
• Let’s you take countless selfies on his phone but he never deletes them because he treasures them.
• He sends you messages when you are asleep because he is on the other side of the world promoting.
• He gets extremely jealous when another guys tries to talk to you.
• He loves your body.
• Your plump lips always welcomes his.
• He loves you
• And your cute little tush
• You always touch his butt
• You like his butt
• Kookie has butt goals

“Y/N, only you can have my butt, my butt belongs to you, i belong to you”

some kylux butt headcanons (or as i call them, buttcanons):

-kylo is an ass man, and he’s obsessed with hux’s. how couldn’t he be? it’s adorable. kylo can look at puppies and kittens all day and feel practically nothing but one glimpse of hux’s cute little tush and his heart leaps and his face turns red and he has the uncontrollable urge to squeeze it to death.

-as cute as hux’s ass looks, it hurts. kylo’s pretty sure hux has knives for bones. that’s why he avoids having hux sitting directly in his lap where kylo’s thighs are in danger of being gored (he’d much rather have hux straddle him which puts his ass in Optimal Grabbing Range)

-speaking of grabbing, kylo takes whatever chance he can get to touch hux’s ass. when they makeout he palms hux so hard he whines. when they’re walking side by side he slides his hand into hux’s back pocket. he even goes so far as to suggest they add spanking to their list of regular sexual activities (hux accepts.)

-hux is more fond of kylo’s pecs than anything, but he can’t help but be mesmerized by how powerful and muscular kylo’s butt looks. he’s pretty sure it could kill a man. ( “maybe it has.” “for the last time ren, stop reading my thoughts.”)

-hux makes a habit of patting kylo on the butt when he’s proud of him. kylo likes to flex his muscles suddenly and watch hux’s face turn red.

-when hux wakes up one morning with his face buried in kylo’s chest and both kylo’s hands cupping his ass he realizes that, even if it’s not love, it’s pretty damn close. (and if he slithers a hand around to rest on kylo’s butt in turn….well, kylo is none the wiser.)

You Know I'm Waiting For You (klaine 1/1)

summary: Blaine Anderson didn’t expect that being a shopping buddy for his ladies needing lingerie leading up to February 14th would end with him meeting a totally gorgeous employee who might be the solution to his currently single Valentine’s Day plans, but hey, you had to go with the flow.
notes: Title from Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out. Happy Valentine’s Day! A03 


“I’m thinking garters,” Tina said, fingers running along the lace. “I got the idea at La Senza, but of course I couldn’t buy there.”

“Tay Tay, don’t you think those accusations of ‘twelve year old stripper chic’ are a little unfair? They have some nice pieces,” Blaine tried, faltering slightly under her glare.

“Camo print with pink lace and rhinestones,” Tina stated flatly, arms crossed. “Camo print with pink lace and rhinestones.”

“I admit, that one was a bit tacky, but the lacy red teddy …”

“Would only fit a tiny person.” Tina tossed her hair over her shoulder. “I’m a full-bodied goddess of a woman, and I need clothes that show it. So: garters?”

“Garters,” Blaine agreed, and Tina picked them up, then wandered over to another section of the store. Victoria’s Secret was pretty busy (as you would expect in the days before Valentine’s) and they had to dart around groups of women and the occasional mildly uncomfortable looking man. Blaine, holding Tina’s shopping bags, had a slightly harder time navigating the crowds and by the time he caught up with her again she had turned a corner and was talking to an employee.

A totally gorgeous, jaw-drop-worthy employee. A totally gorgeous, jaw-drop-worthy, male employee. Blaine gulped.

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I bet Louis is in love with Harry's cute little tush. When Harry's lying on his front, Louis pulls the blankets down and talks to it, "Everyone is always talking about MY ass, don't know why when this masterpiece is just waiting to be worshiped by the Gods, so perfect. Fits so well in my hands Haz." Then he thinks on it for a minute. "Nah, I think I prefer it this way. Where I'M the only one allowed to worship and touch." And Harry just lies there blushing as Louis trails kisses up his spine.


…they are literally perfect for each other

-Sara x